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Latest Bridal Shower Dresses Ideas 2019 – 40 Beautiful Designs & Trends

Latest Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Shower Dresses Ideas & Designs Collection

Way before the actual wedding celebrations, the most anticipated event which a bride enjoys the most is the bridal shower which makes a bride feel like princess for a day. Bridal showers are arranged with the festive colors and glaring shimmer which highlights the momentum of the wedding occasion. Thus the couture for the day has to be equally vibrant and full of charms.  These days the trend for theme showers is quite popular, where the bride to be along with her friends and family carries a similar or contrasting themes. The ideas for the wardrobe can be inspired from the seasonal variations and the classic regal, desi, western or ball styles.Here’s we are posting some of the greatest trends in Latest bridal shower dresses ideas 2019-2020.

Latest Pakistani Bridal Shower Dresses Designs & Styles

Latest Bridal Shower Dresses Ideas & Trends 2019-2020 Asian Pakistani Designs

The selection of the bridal shower dress, embellishments and the hues depends largely on the theme of the day. Over the years, ball gowns were greatly popular for bridal showers which were crafted in delicate and lacework. As of today, the trend is also evolving towards the desi styles which is introducing colorful saris and other desi dresses for the day. So what other popular trends are hitting the fashion this year, well scroll hard to find out more.

Theme white dresses:

White was like the most commonly celebrated theme of the year. From all in white theme to the bride only white, the trend has a charming sophistication and added elegance which fascinates most of us.  Frock and maxis in white bring out a wanted glow and shine to the bridal makeover. Moreover white complements the delicate embellishments on the maxis. The voluminous maxis in white are most inspiring of all. For bridesmaids such frocks or maxis are designed in minimalistic style, using less of the embroideries and layers. Popular options in white include maxis, shalwar kameez, peplums, crop tops with skirts and frock shirts.

Red & Maroon Gowns:

Red is the king of colors. Now a days there is a great trend of wearing all the beautiful shades of red like blood red, fresh, maroon, etc. You can use any shade of it. Red color has it’s own charm and beauty. These red and maroon bridal gowns looks perfect for bridal shower events.

Blooming spring colors:

Letting the spirit of spring shine on the day will spark the best bridal outlook.  Owing to the lovely shades of pink, these dresses give the softest look to the bride in the most charming manner.  Like a light and delicate maxi crafted in pink net. Chiffon maxis are also quite popular in pinks which are embellished with applique work, thread work or lace work. Besides maxis, lehenga skirts with crop tops and voluminous frock are also good to carry the shade.  The focus of the embellishments is significantly over the floral patterns and blooming petals. These patterns make this trend central to the bridal shower celebrations.

Pastel Soft Colors:

Hues like mellow peach, beige, metallic silver, ivory and mercury are highly popular for the bridal shower themes as such shades stand out best in any setting and give a distinctive outlook to the bride to be. Such dresses are mostly crafted in silk or sequin and also in chiffon. There drapes give a sleek touch to the dress. The bodice is crafted with nice lace work and embellishments around the neckline. No or half sleeves suit best to the cuts and stitches however net sleeves or chiffon sleeves are also a good choice to complement the dress.

Black dresses with Glitz:

One option that we never get tired of is elegant black. Maxis and frocks designed in black are perfect for bridal shower celebrations. The bold and glitz black highlights the glow of the bride to be and the delicate embellishments crafted on it.  With black we can almost use any color or shade to create a balanced contrast. However pink and ivory are most commonly paired with black. Embroidered belts, scarce motifs and delicate embellishments are used mostly to adorn the outfits. Silk, chiffon and net lace are ideal options to try in black. But be sure to keep the dress monochromatic while add the extra color through embellishments.

Blue Bridal Shower Maxis:

Blue never goes wrong. You can choose different shades of blue such as royal blue, sky, tortoise, navy blue, etc. Take a raw net from market, dye it simply with required shade. Choose a style. A wide bottom frock, long style maxi or ball gown. Just tell the idea to good tailor to stitch. You can make a beautiful dress of it with little adornments, pearls, laces, buttons, etc.

Bodycon Dresses:

Bodycon dress is a tight fitted dress which is made of stretchable material. Bodycon means body confidence. Basically it’s a western dress type now also trending in Pakistan, India and other Asian countries. Below we are posting some of the beautiful images of bridal shower bodycon gowns. You can take some ideas from them.

Cherish the Hues – Asian & Pakistani Bridal Shower Dresses:

Well there are tons of other striking hues including red, crimson, maroon, teal, mustard etc. which are incorporated into bridal shower dresses. Lavender and purple are the most adored hues which are fused into a voluminous net maxis, the bodies or embellishments are designed in darker shades of purple and plum with the a soft base of lavender. Alternatively for maroon, a darker base layer is crafted with embroideries or complemented with a decent leather belt. Such hues are also cherished with desi saris which are excessively popular these days.

Image Credits:  Pinterest, Maha’s Photography, Awais Javed, Irfan Ahson, Ali Ahson, Zain Ali, Wedding Visuals, Umair Ishtiaq Photography.

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Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses Collection 2019

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses Collection 2019

There are quite a few names in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Who have made their mark both for the Bridal wear and the Groom swear. MNR or Mohsin Naveed Ranjha design studio is one such name. Which has set its precedent through its quality work and unique styling. For years, Ranjha has been hailing the world of menswear and earned a great repute. And in recent years. The man with great aesthetic have stepped its feet further ahead and launched a number of collections for women.  The focus was largely on the bridal couture and the fancy party or formal wears. Working from the heart of the Pakistan, Lahore, the outlet remains full of gleaming dresses and sparkling hues around the year. Each year they evolve to bring novelty to the existing trends, and that is evident if you experience a glance of their collection. Here we’re sharing the journey of this great artist Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Pakistani Designer Dresses.

From fashion divas to television celebrities, everyone is Ranjha’s fan and why not so. This label has been providing a great many masterpieces for all sorts of events. Whether it’s the couture for the famous “billo” couture for Hareem Farooq or the Urwa Hocane, appearing in traditional styling in the movie Rangreza, the MNR label is everywhere to shine the brightest colors and the shimmering embellishments. The details and the intricacy of the apparels are exquisite. You might be familiar with most of his works if you follow all the fashion shows or bridal couture in Pakistan, as his work always takes center stage in all. 

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses Collection 2019

About this time of the year, the preparation for the wedding season gets to a see a full moon, and everyone is seen busy shopping for the nicely embellished dresses for all the wedding events. And Ranjha studios is the first place to seek for inspiring outfits and suitable couture. How exactly, one may ask. Well for one reason, this clothing label provides you complete variety regarding the events. Moreover, you get to experience both the traditional outlook and the modern one. If fully embroidered lehengas are their one specialty, then the nicely crafted maxis are the other. The work of the designer is quite synonymous with innovation. You would never need to care for the trend, as the label sets the trend itself. All you should worry about is the selection of the palette, favorite cuts and stitches and MNR will do rest for you.

Before delving deeper into the world of exotic style, it is important to understand the division of the latest collection by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha. The latest MNR collection for womenswear is offering three different types of dressing styles. First is the MNR couture, which is exclusively styled by the label and came under the spotlight through all the recent Fashion walks and magazines. Formals are also the part of MNR‘s extensive collection which are specially designed to meet the needs for party wears. Lightly embroidered with soft and mellow colors these formals are effeminate to the core. Here we will also discuss some ideas and designs which are carried out by real brides to give to some real sense of inspiration and admiration for the brand. Let’s have a look.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Pakistani Barat Brides:

There are many viable options available in the bridal couture, and each design is more appealing than the rest. The collection is a mix of ongoing current trends which includes, crop tops with skirt lehenga, bell bottoms with peplums, and long shirts with sharara and mermaid bridal lehengas. Each masterpiece is adorned with embroideries in a monochromatic scheme, meaning the beige dress is covered with soft and fusing embroideries in the same shades, and same goes with graphite or other shades. The red dresses are however an exception to this as those are embellished with the contrasting shades of ivory to spark a pretty contrast. 

mohsin naveed ranjha pakistani designer bridal dress

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Mehndi Brides/ Bridal Dresses:

When you look deeply into the details of the dresses, there is also a variation in the fabrics used. Some lehengas are crafted using light velvet; other makes good use of silk satin, brocade, chiffon, and georgette. Let’s break down the use of embellishments on the dresses. The magnificent dabka, zari, and zardozi work are most to be found on the apparels. The entire length of the shirts and the lehengas are embellished using their combination. Ivory thread work or use of pearl and cutwork was also used to spark the base colors.Then moving on to the pretty mermaid lehenga which gives a bride a nice fit and volume down at the bottom with the use of a number of prominent flares. The vividness of the colors of this lehenga makes it a perfect Barat outfit for the bride. Since the dresses are themselves heavy and filling, the use of extra loaded jewelry becomes much less.

Celebrities Diaries & Fashion:

While discussing the exuberant collection, it is important to highlight the celebrities who love to wear moshin naveed ranjha‘s outfits. Itssignature gararas, pishwas, frocks, salwar kameez etc. These are not fully embroidered or heavily loaded rather they are adorned with fine lacework in contrasting shades. The volume is much desired, and the drapes and fall give the dress an amazing outlook. Check out the beautiful attires posted below and get inspired by the latest formal designs. You can also get the Eid inspiration from these suits.


When it comes to formal dressing, there are hundreds of possible combinations which you can try. But only we want the best of the best to suit the occasion. MNR studios, keeping in consideration the ongoing trends, season and demand, produces a line of well-suited apparels which are perfect for all sorts of celebration. Whether you are a lehenga lover or crop tops, or trousers with a peplum or simply the skirts, there are options available under the label of MNR. The most eye captivating is the use of multiple colors in one of your lehenga skirts. Such a vibrant combination of colors is then paired with monochromatic plain tops or shirts. 

It’s about time to discuss the apparels, bit by bit to help you find the perfect dress for the celebrations coming ahead. The charmer is the black crop with baggy net sleeves, paired with a nicely embellished skirt lehenga. It is filled with large prominent motifs over satin silk, and the border is lined with black velvet and layers of embroideries in thread work. The top of the skirt is also filled with intricate embroideries. Next in line the amazing display in mandarin. The dupatta is crafted in organza, and the dress with the embellishment is silk. The work in zari and zardozi is beautifully highlighting the curves of the trouser and borders of the shirt. Next in line are amazing trouser and with peplum combination in various different shades and contrasting colors. In some, it is red with decent blue, and in other, it is blue with black and gold. Beige with red is another pretty combination designed by MNR.


What stuns you with its immense beauty is the long pretty peplum dress in beige, carried by Maya Ali. The apparel is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. From its color to the drapes of the shirt, the long back and the smart trouser underneath it. Deeply and fully embroidered, yet to decent and simple, that is dress worth spending extra bucks. There are other dresses which will wow you further with their flashing colors like the multi-colored skirt lehenga paired with a white crop top. White ghararas are perfect for nikkah functions.

MNR has been working for years to put smiles on the face of the brides with the beauty and novelty of the dress he designs. The range of the bridal dresses extends from signature Barat apparels to the Valima, Mehndi and engagement dresses. Here are some of the pretty displays of the real brides being adorned with one of finest masterpieces designed by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha. The delicacy of the dupattas of these dresses is commendable. Each is designed in net or chiffon with fine work encircling the borders of the sheaths. Embellishments are a striking mixture of all forms of embroideries like dabka, cut, zari, and zardozi. 

The use of red in the dresses for Barat is amazing, as various shades are incorporate to create a nice blend. In some dresses, there is crimson red, and in some, the maroonish shades are more prominent. Sparkles red is also an available choice in this collection. The way these hues are paired with complementing gold, ivory, and beige is most noticeable. Greys, graphite, and silvers are also contrasted with shades of red to create a unique contrast. In all of these, one thing is quite common though, the vibrancy of lehenga is maintained by adding red to it.

Another genre of these apparels is the lehenga couture for Mehndi or Mayoon, which is basically the most splashing mix of various bright colors. Like scarlet blue with green or red. Dazzling hues paired with white tops or fully embroidered tops. The lehengas are mesmerizing as they are loaded with a number of colors all infused in the intricate embroideries. The Valima dresses are much mellow in this regard and represent the softest of the hues. Most of them are seen in cream, off-white, beige, light peach pink or pastel shades of a similar palette. 

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Nomi Ansari Latest Heavy Embroidered Bridal Dresses Collection 2019

Nomi Ansari Latest Heavy Embroidered Bridal Dresses Collection 2019-2020

Mesmerizing tints of hues, splendid work of embellishments and innovative designs, all are the trademarks of Nomi Ansari’s bridal collections. Each collection brings the far more inspiring set of ideas and novelty on its peak. This year’s most vivid collection of bridal couture has now taken the spotlight, representing the latest bridal wears by Nomi Ansari. He has his own unique and distinctive taste in setting up the combinations and contrasts which are reflected through most of his work. It is the reason he earned great name and fame within the fashion circle of Pakistan in a very short span of time. Today we will share Nomi Ansari Latest Bridal Dresses Collection!

The latest Bridal shoot for Nomi Ansari’s bridal collection brought into light the two heartthrobs of the Drama industry, the Gorgeous Maya Ali. Combined with her magnificent looks and charming personality the couture earned many appraisals at every pedestal. Especially when it comes to Maya Ali, she already had won the hearts of many with her fine skills and amazing looks. In just two years she has achieved many folds of success and respect. And she looked more stunning in this regal new collection by Nomi.

Nomi Ansari Latest Heavy Embroidered Bridal Dresses Collection 2019

Speaking about the collections, all the series representing the traditions of the Bygone era. Nomi has crafted each dress with a lot of skills and superb ideas. The use of rich, vibrant colors, well-defined motifs, and cuts ensured an everlasting impression.

Oudh is simply another name for the festive and alluring piece of a collection which has an infused touch cultural elements, designs, motifs, and silhouettes combined with the bit of a royal finish. Maya Ali is seen adorned in a dress carrying Swarovski embellishment over lehenga choli. The lehenga carries both the digital prints and the motif embroidered over it.

Lehenga Cholis are designed in beige, green, rust and multiple hues used in its fabrics and the embroideries. The work in gold with hints of multi-chromatic Swarovski embroidery looks magnificent. The lehenga carries great volume at the bottom whereas the choli is much cropped which complements the dupattas in yellow or beige adorned with heavy gold embellishments.

What makes this collection more regal and enchanting is that the whole dress is crafted with delicate handwork.  The fine handwork brought more elegance and decency into the suits in spite of the use of bright and striking colors.

Nomi Ansari each bridal dress speaks its own charm. Every outfit is designed with detailed conception and drafting. The colors, embellishments, embroideries and each detail speak its originality.

Nomi Ansari’s bridal dresses are not only popular in Pakistani but all around the world. Especially in India, Bangladesh, Uk, USA, Malaysia, etc. You can see a serious designer feel and aroma in his masterpieces. The labels include luxury pret, occasion wear, and wedding bridals.

Mawra Hocane is looking breathtakingly beautiful in these exceptional heavy embroidered bridal pieces by NM. The color combinations are so catchy and festive giving us the real wedding feels.

The Couture for Men cannot be neglected here, the splendid Sherwanis designed by Nomi Ansari are also exquisite. Whether it’s Crimson Red or Maroon or Green, all were complimenting the looks of perfect traditional Eastern Men. Embellishment over the neck collars and the use of fancy front buttons gave somewhat more traditional appeal to the dress. “Oudh” is already out now on the market and available on the all the national and international outlets including Dubai, UK, Singapore, US, Canada, and the Middle East. This collection perhaps has opened up the gates to the new ideas for your wedding plans. For every festive event of a wedding ceremony, Nomi’s latest bridal collection is a perfect option to opt for the best desirable outlook.

Nomi Ansari Latest Heavy Embroidered Bridal Dresses Collection Gallery 2019

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Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends 2019-20 Makeup Jewelry Hairstyle

Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends 2018-2019 Makeup, Dresses, Jewelry, haisrtyles

The rich inspiring Indian cultural tempts us all to look for its latest fashion styles and trends. Especially that bridal couture by India’s top-notch designers, in line styling trends, hairdos, makeup innovations and exquisite jewelry designs, your eyes sparkle a bit when you experience visualizing such a fashion outburst. By every hour on the clock, fashion is evolving into every dimension and to catch at its pace you need to get a hold of latest bridal lehenga trends that you can have from the gallery of Wedmegood. You can also find bridal wear designers in your city, jewelry stores, makeup artists, photographers and everything you need to plan your wedding at WedMeGood’s wedding planning app and site. Here we are sharing the Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends 2019-2020

Attention all brides to be! Stylesgap brings you the best of the Indian Bridal trends. A complete package to encompass all the bridal dresses, jewellery designs, makeup trends and latest bridal hairstyles, so fasten your seatbelts and grab on to this dose of fashion insight. Let’s wander through the streets of latest Indian bridal fashion for the year 2019.

Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends 2019- Bridal Dresses:

If you are a regular fashion reader, you might be aware of the diversity of the Indian styling trends. What is in what is out, basic designs for Indian apparels, but what you are not aware of are the latest bridal collections designed under some big labels like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar and many others, let’s peak in to find out the Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends, what they got new for this year.

Lehenga choli:

The most popular Indian bridal attire, lehenga choli never gets old. Every year it is blended with few add ups and it creates a magic. This year’s lehenga choli collection carries defining and phenomenal embellishments over the voluminous lehenga and gleaming work of dabka, zardozi and zari over the draping dupatta. The top is simple and contrasts with the theme. Most designers also pair lehenga choli with a shimmering chain belt in ivory of silver with heavy tousles.

Long Waist Belt  Dresses:

As waist belts are under the major spotlight this year, their infusion into the bridal dresses is also a common sight to see. But the way Indian designers have put these to use is remarkable. Pretty embellished gowns are paired with fancy glittering waist belts. This combo makes the dress look smarter and accentuates your natural curves in a decent manner. However, the entire dress is finely embroidered with work of zari over chiffon, organza and silk.

Saree Dresses:

The ever hot trending apparel of India has taken the trend into its fold. The richly embroidered sarees in ivory and silver are the next hit of the wedding season. These sarees are styled in various ways, with the added draping dupatta over the head. Show belt around the sarees also gives extra charms to the wedding dress.

Long Frock Gowns & Maxis:

From the finest collection by Manish and other, the puffy long maxi is also the coolest trends for brides to be. You can try these dreamy frocks at Valima or wedding reception. These are classy and modern yet the deep rich floral embroideries are giving them some heavy Indian dose.

Ethnic Ghagras inspired dresses:

If you are fond of traditional Asian Ghagras then you can try them this year. These are created using mild embroideries and more Gotta work over jamawar or silk. However, the shirts paired with these flared bottoms are rich in embellishments and mellow in hues.

Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends 2019- Hairstyle:

Here we are sharing the most famous and latest Indian bridal hairstyle trends.

Trendy Buns:

For an Indian bride, Buns works out to be perfect. Whether it’s the simply twisted buns, side buns, messy ones or the ones with heavy floral whorl around them, they all look equally good on a bride.

Bridal Half Updo:

For those who love to flaunt their lovely silky hair on the big day, can try these half updo styles. Here you can get a nice firm puff with side bangs and the rest of the hair are set aside to fall naturally. The bangs will make the face look curvy and young.

Braided style with Floral Touch:

Shimmering metallic brochures or pretty nice flower are another way to style your hair. You can have a typical Maharashtrian style long braid or go for modern Elsa style braid, but both will look amazing with the touch of delicate flowers.

Latest Indian Bridal Dressing Trends 2019- Bridal Makeup Trends:

The latest trends for the Bridal makeup speaks volume about accentuating the eyes. How you get your eyes done will decide the future of your makeover. Therefore the eyes are made more prominent with shimmering shadows and a mix of dark and light shades. Heavy liner with voluminous mascara is a must.
The shade of the lipstick should be according to the dress theme while opting for soft pastel colours is more preferable. To accentuate the lips, try for double shades to create dimension.

Bridal Jewelry Trends:

Glass studded Kundan is not the only fascinating thing in town, this year Indian Jewelry is on the move and brings the best of Meenakari, pearls, Jadua, lac and Panchchikam. Each jewelry type is there with glaring new designs, let’s find out.

Matha Patti:

Matha Patti is termed as the trademark of the Indian bride which is when designed in Kundan looks magnificent.
Pretty Nose Ring:
Large prominent Nose ring with heavy pearls or studded glass or emerald is another way to accentuate your Indian beauty.

Heavy Neck Choker:

Chokers are hit of the year, especially for bridal jewelry heavily studded choker gives a rich and bold touch to the bridal makeover.

Beaded Kundan Sets:

These necklaces are the fascinating display of pearls and beads. If you want something elegant and graceful then this necklace will do great.

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Elan Bridal Dresses Gowns Wedding 2019-2020 Latest Collection

Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017

The wedding season in Pakistan never gets off, and the desi bhangra’s on the desi beats never stop. One of the greatest perk living in the eastern society is to live through all of its beautiful custom and traditions. And these customs mark the wedding day as one of the most memorable events of one’s life. Every girl aims to get the best of bridal dresses to carry on her big day. In Pakistan, there is a whole series of brands and designer who bring out best of their couture bridal collection every year. Elan also stepped in to bring out a wide range of vibrant and stunning bridal dresses this year. We will share the latest collection of Elan Bridal Dresses Gowns!

Embrace yourself with the bright and exceptionally beautiful series of bridal dresses by Elan. Gear up the level of style and glamour on your wedding.

Elan, a fashion brand that made its name on international platforms, has now shown great success in Pakistan due to its fantastic touch of creativity and style in eastern wardrobes. The latest bridal collection by Elan emerged on the ramp at the L’Oreal Paris bridal couture week. This  Latest Elan Bridal Dresses Gowns seems like an epitome of style and elegance.

Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (11)

Elan Bridal Dresses Gowns Latest Wedding Collection 2019-2020

The whole collection is full of soft but ravishing hues. The whole collection comprises of shades of white, beige, silver, gold and ivory. Where the whole dress and its fabric is kept full of fine embroidery work including cutwork, pearls work, zari work with the touches of dapka. The fabric shines so brightly that any bride who would is done into it will look ravishing, most appealing and most prominent. Heavy Dupatta with full of embroidery work complements the dress so well. The dupatta of these bridal dresses is kept in the same shades as those of the dress instead of keeping a contrast. Touches of contrasting hues can be seen in few of the dresses.

Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (31)

Shirts of these wedding dresses are kept either long or short with long jackets. The light soft hues give these gowns a western and a delightful magical touch too. The lehengas are kept long with huge volume. To give volume to each lehenga, Elan carried out great research for selecting the fabric and the material. Layers of fabrics are used in lehenga’s to create large volume and to add flare to it. Some gowns carry various shades of red, green and black for lehenga’s and gowns that make them look even more attractive and alluring.

These dresses can be carried with light jewelry as they are already well embellished with loads of beautiful and shiny cutwork. Designed both for the wedding and the walima ceremonies. For those who would like to keep it red and bold can carry the contrasting series of a collection in red whereas for those who like to keep it dull and soft can carry white and other variants of this color. In a nutshell, Elan bridal couture for this year is going to excite your wedding season with its series of beautifully embellished wedding outfits. Have a look on the Elan Bridal Dresses Gowns designs posted below.

Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (35)

Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (2) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (7) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (15) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (14) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (13) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (12) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (17) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (19) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (20) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (18) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (16) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (21) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (22) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (23) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (24) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (25) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (30) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (29) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (28) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (27) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (26) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (33) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (34) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (5) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (4) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (3) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (1) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (6) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (9) Elan Bridal Dresses & Gowns Wedding Collection 2016-2017 (10)

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Safaf Fawad Khan Latest Bridal Pret Casual Collections 2019

Silk By Fawad Khan Latest Bridal Pret Casual Collections 2018-19

The fascination associated with this brand not only comes with the name of our favorite television star but the amazing quality, designs, and craftsmanship rendered the brand a fine repute in the Pakistan Fashion industry. Sadaf Fawad Khan is a combined venture initiated by the heartthrob of the country, Fawad Khan, and her talented wife Sadaf Khan. Although it has been few years, since when the clothing line first launched its collection but as of today, the SFK is symbolized with great quality and creative designs. SFK is popular for bringing diversity under a single umbrella and producing genres of crafted dresses both for menswear and womenswear. From the classic bridal dresses to the funkiest casual outfits, SFK is revolutionizing Pakistani fashion in its own distinctive style. Here we are sharing the Sadaf Fawad Khan Latest Bridal Pret Casual Collections 2018.

Silk By Fawad Khan Latest Bridal Pret Casual Collections 2019-2020

Every year, the brand launches the range of collections encompassing popular dress genres like luxury pret, bridal couture, menswear and casual collection. Silk Fawad Khan Latest Bridal Pret Casual Collections follow the latest ongoing fashion trends and merge them with the signature SFK style. Thus bringing out revolutionary masterpieces in form of each dress. This year too, SFK has proudly launched series of formal and casual wears which incorporates embellished fine silk paired with mesmerizing contrast. Well, it’s about time to end your anticipation through the sneak peek of all latest SFK collections.

SFK Luxury Pret:

Well, if you got caught up in the amazing display then it’s all because the collection is a perfect ensemble of shine and shimmer, packed with contemporary cuts and stitches. The designers maneuvered to highlight traditional ghararas pants, peplums, lehengas, bell bottoms and trousers with the use of exotic embroideries and with the fusion of zardozi, dabka, zari, beats and thread work. These embellishments incorporate least of extra hues and most of the elegant shades of lime gold, graphite, ivory, beige and silver. What makes this collection more appealing to the consumers if the variety of shades it has covered using evert single dresses. From darkest shades of black to the lightest of the creamy white, soft pastel peaches, pinks or greens, all is there to cater to the variety of the popular choices.

SFK Bridals:

The most stunning surprise, that had shaken the audience, came with the SFK bridal collection. This entire couture consists of an elegantly crafted voluminous dress which has the core filled with a royal and regal appeal. Lehengas remained the major center of the focus which is adorned with the full doze of intricate embellishments in zari and delicate thread work. The silk base made the dress even more charming to the eyes and the shades of pink, sea green and mustard looked captivating through the use of fine quality silk. The fabric is not just full of charms and shimmers but it also proved to be lighter to carry and easier to style up for the day.


The menswear by SFK is famous for the fine quality fabrics they incorporate and prominent use of motifs and carved buttons. Instead of traditional sherwanis, the collection consists of modern-day embroidered kurtas, waistcoats, Sherwani coats and shalwar kameez. This year, the central shade for motifs is apparently the elegant beige which is coupled with subtle white and graphite black. The button on the waistcoats or coats also took the attention when Fawad Khan donned into the amazing couture and or when shown on the cover page. Those ban collars and simplest cuts for sleeves captured rest of our attention. This collection is a mix of traditional heavy menswear designs and modern simplistic patterns, making it easier for all to carry to any formal event.

Casual Collection:

The casual collection is full of recent funky styles of kurtas, tunic, and trendy tops. The emphasis was laid on the colorful prints and the comfy fabrics which would make them ideal to carry in routine, to work or to hangouts. However, most of the pieces are already got out of stock due to the great popularity and demand for the collection. The simplicity of these dresses fascinated many whereas the quality inspired many others. As most of the big fashion corporates do not usually focus on the casual wears, SFK is now leading in the industry by infusing its innovative ideology into the heart of the casual wear styles. As trendy as they may look, they are also equally affordable and economical.

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Men DressesWedding

Latest Men Mehndi Dresses Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs 2019

Latest Men Mehndi Dresses Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs 2017-18

Marriages are one of the choosiest occasions for shopping and dressing. No one will ever mind wandering in thousand shops to buy one day dress, and the thing is that it is not only the matter of dress, it’s shoes, accessories and , and many, many more things. We Asians need six months of shopping for that three days event. But this is the culture; this is the beauty of the traditions. When we go shopping for bride, or attendants, we have a vast variety in every shop next step. But when it is the groom, there we need a little more effort to find an appropriate thing. Here we are sharing the Latest Men Mehndi Dresses Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs. We are here to help you out in this, and for this purpose we are presenting here some elegant and selective designs of mehndi kurtas for men.

Mehndi is the most charismatic day of the whole event of the wedding, the day which has more space of enjoyment and normative formalities. Brides wear yellow or any related shade. While groom always has a question mark in his mind about, what to wear? First answer is shalwar Kameez or kurtas, and the second question that rises is which design and color? This is the real thing to be brain stormed on. Well, here in this article the kurtas we selected are very close to the typical traditional mehndi themes. This is actually a very good idea to match the dresses of the couple with the theme used in the decoration. Purple, pink, green, yellow, and violet are some colors which are liked by people these days for this day. Latest Men Mehndi Dresses Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs includes Kurtas from different Pakistani Brands like Nishat Linen, Dynasty, Zayn Rashid, Chinyere etc. 

Latest Men Mehndi Dresses Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs 2019-2020

Young boys love the outfits which are made according to their choices and mostly they demand modernity. Kurta salwar is the best dressing combination for boys as it looks traditional and gives a grace to men. But if they want to create a modern look then they can also wear these with jeans. The latest designs of kurtas of mehndi for men are modernistic and they are suitable for everyone who likes it. These will surely give you an attractive personality with their complex and beautiful designs. Digital printing and light embroideries are also done for the first time on sleeves, neckline and cuff-links to make them different them from others.

Everyone has its own choice so some boys love dark and bright colors while others like light colors. The prices of these mehndi kurtas are not so high and everybody can buy them easily from different shops. Here you can see their styles in the given pictures and choose one for yourself and I pretty hope that you will purchase one of them. These kurtas are available in different lengths (long, medium & short) so that boys will easily purchase one of them according to their heights. So if you have a mehndi coming ahead, go and buy one of your choice. Have a look at the image gallery just posted below and get inspired by the latest designs! Enjoy these graceful dresses and select your desired one for any coming event.

Latest Men Mehndi Dresses Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs

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Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs.

Perhaps the single most event that signifies an Islamic wedding is the sacred ceremony of Nikkah. It bonds the two into an eternal relationship of marriage which signifies its importance more than any. Nikkah is either held on the ruksati day or could be held separately. In the recent days, Nikkah has itself became an important and separate event to celebrate therefore it require an entirely different wardrobe both for the bride and her groom. It demands simplicity with beauty. As the bride cannot wear bold and striking colours before her wedding day, so the dress has to have that mild and soft alluring touch. Today we will discuss the Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs & Trends!

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (9)

The year 2019 has brought some new designs and trends for the ones who are looking for just the right kind of choice for their Nikkah day. The trend is ever evolving, so it has shifted more towards the traditional outlook. Frocks in fancy, Shirts with Churidar, Angarkhas, and chic style trouser with embellished shirts and adorned dupattas, all can be seen in the latest bridal couture for Nikkah ceremony. Each trend has, on the other hand, has plenty of variants like frocks are crafted in either double fabric style, or the bottom flared style and also in the slit styles. Whereas if you were looking to for something simpler than shirts with either trousers or churidar would be a perfect choice.

A couple after nikkah is celebrating happiness, groom is putting ring to bride’s finger

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (29)

Latest Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs 2019-2020Collection

The work of tilla, dabka, stones and beads looks great over each of the apparel. It has to be crafted in fancy so that could complement the outlook of the bride. Mostly the fronts are heavily embroidered with delicate beads or stone works, and it goes to the side of the sleeves where it connects to a nicely embroidered motif. Work on the neckline and the bottom borders creates the perfect balance in the dress. Bottoms can also be embroidered likewise, but you need to make sure to not to go overboard with this.

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (33)

In a nutshell, Nikkah day dresses can be created in the variety of inspiring designs based on your personal preferences and choices but to ensure a perfect Nikkah outlook, each bridal dresses need to be crafted with a lot of skills and care so keep it up to the mark. Down below we have narrowed down the top most trending Nikkah day wardrobes for brides. So just keep on scrolling as you are about to be amazed at all the latest styles of dress, embellishments, cuts and hues.

Nikkah Bridal Looks:

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs:

The colors available in the palette covers all the soft hues including the white, beige, ivory, rust, salmon pink and off white. Most preferred dresses are mostly monochromatic, only a single set of color opts as the theme line. Whereas dresses In dichromatic style looks far more appealing and mesmerizing as it invokes a perfect contrast and strikes the sight. Like white dress can go with red or maroon embroidered Dupattas, beige can go with copper, ivory can go with blue and number of other bold and dark hues. This idea is to set a tempting contrast to keep it low, simple but ravishing.