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Levi’s Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends & Fashion

Levi’s Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends & Fashion 2018 (5)

Levi's Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans TrendsLevi’s® Pakistan continues to expand its lineup of tapered jeans and introduces two new streetwear-inspired styles: the Hi-Ball Roll and Lo-Ball Stack. These jeans celebrate sneaker culture which is why Levi’s® produced two options, a pre-cuffed version—the Hi-Ball Roll—and an un-cuffed version —the Lo-Ball Stack. The Lo-Ball most notably has an elongated inseam that creates a stacked look at the wearer’s ankle. These jeans are all about maximum footwear capability. After all, no one wants a pant leg getting in the way of their fresh new kicks. Here we are sharing the hottest arrivals of Levi’s Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends & Fashion.

Levi's Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends

Levi’s Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends & Fashion

“Sneaker culture is a big influence on men’s style today. A lot of guys will pick their sneaker first and put their outfit together around their shoes. So, we designed jeans that work with your sneakers. They are tapered at the ankle and sit on the sneaker rather than flood over it. We have two versions, a cropped ‘roll’ and one that stacks on top of your sneakers. We also turned the volume up on the back patch and red tab.” —Jonathan Cheung, SVP, Global Design at Levi’s®

Levi's Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends

Hi-Ball Roll Jeans:

This ankle-revealing cut incorporates the current popularity of the tapered-at-the-ankle fit along with the versatility of cropped jeans. Designed to show off the most important of features—a hype-worthy pair of sneakers—the Hi-Ball mixes the seat and thigh of the classic 501® with the tapered leg-opening of the 512™. It also comes pre-cuffed to help guys achieve that perfect cropped length so that they can show off their stylish kicks—sneakers or otherwise. Finally, in a nod to the current logo-obsession of sneaker and streetwear culture, the Hi-Ball will feature oversized versions of the iconic patch and tab on the back.                   

Lo-Ball Stack Jeans:

Like the Hi-Ball, the Lo-Ball features the oversized patch and tab and is built for maximum sneaker visibility. Only rather than cuffed and cropped, the Lo-Ball has an elongated inseam that creates a sneaker-friendly stacking above the hem.

Taper Fit Cords and Jeans:

Revamped to give these ‘70s classics a modern spin, the 502™ and 512™ cords are, like their denim counterparts, slim through the thigh and tapered at the leg. With added stretch, they’re just as comfortable as they are stylish. When the leaves start turning, these colorful 14-wale cords are going to be tough to beat for that classic autumn-esque Wes Anderson look.

Download the Fall/Winter 2018 lookbook with hi-res imagery here.


Want more info? Drop us a line at Toni Hall,

About Levi’s® brand:

The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since their invention by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1873, Levi’s® jeans have become one of the most recognizable garments of clothing in the world – capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. Today, the Levi’s® brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Our range of leading jeanswear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries, allowing individuals around the world to express their personal style. For more information about the Levi’s® brand, its products and stores, please visit

Levi's Pakistan Latest Men Tapered Jeans Trends

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Importance of the Endocannabinoid System in Skin Health & Beauty

Importance of the Endocannabinoid System in Skin Health & Beauty

Did you know that cannabis can help to improve the condition of the skin? Not by smoking it, but with cannabis topicals – such as creams and lotions – that can be applied to the skin to work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. New research into this vital regulatory network has found that cannabis creams really can make a difference for those with annoying skin complaints, inflammation, and even localized chronic pain. While not proven, anecdotal reports also suggest the herb can slow down unwanted hair growth.

The potential benefits of cannabis creams and CBD:

The skin is actually the largest organ in the body, although we don’t often think of it as such. This organ is more exposed than any to the outside world, and therefore it’s important that we treat it with care. The skin synthesizes vitamin D and helps to control body temperature, as well as notifying us when our environment changes. As we age, the skin’s tends to deteriorate, but with the right attention, it’s possible to keep it looking youthful and fresh well into our later years.

Cells, hairs, and glands in the skin all have a responsibility to protect the skin from external forces. Following the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, scientists have found through additional research that the skin is packed with cannabinoid receptors – this means that cannabis, and specifically the cannabinoids in the herb, can interact with and therefore influence the skin. The endocannabinoid system typically operates with endogenously-produced endocannabinoids like anandamide. But the phytocannabinoids in cannabis bear such a chemical resemblance that they too can work with the endocannabinoid system.

The realization that cannabinoid receptors are all over the body has expanded the potential usages of medical cannabis significantly – the initial understanding was that these receptors were only found in the central nervous system and the brain. Now that we know differently, it’s important to recognize all the other areas where cannabis could make a positive contribution to our health.

The Endocannabinoid System Effect on the skin & Beauty:

The endocannabinoid system has a myriad of crucial functions that ensure the body stays in good physical and mental balance. It helps regulate appetite, pain sensation, mood, stress levels, immune system response, inflammation and much more.

Calms inflammation and regulates immune system response:

The skin is put under an immense amount of stress throughout a typical day – and for smokers, the free radicals subject the skin to even more harm. However, the immune cells found in the skin can help to limit and reverse damage caused. Endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids that link up with cannabinoid receptors in the skin can help to regulate inflammation by working with said immune cells.

In 2007, an animal study carried out on mice at the University of Bonn found that the inflammatory response when the skin was irritated was greater among mice without cannabinoid receptors than those with them. From this, we can confirm the theory that cannabinoids can influence inflammation levels in the skin. The study also revealed that mice with contact dermatitis experienced a rise in endocannabinoid levels.

Regulating sebaceous oil production:

In the right amounts, the sebaceous glands in the skin which produce oil can have a very beneficial effect for the body’s biggest organ. Sebum boasts nutritional value and can protect the dermis from germs. The acidity in sebum counteracts potentially harmful bacteria. This oil also has antioxidant effects.

Studies have found that the endocannabinoid system oversees sebum production and the functioning of the hair follicle. Sebaceous glands are connected with hair follicles, and therefore it’s essential that both are in working order, otherwise one will disrupt the other.

Can cannabinoids reduce hair growth?

A product that could slow hair growth would be a huge breakthrough for the cosmetic and beauty world, and helpful for those who are consistently having to deal with undesirable hairs.

Research into anandamide – an endocannabinoid likened to the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid in cannabis – has found that the chemical can influence hair growth. Therefore, THC can too. Apply a skin cream infused with THC and hair growth will be drastically reduced. Cannabis may even have an anti-aging effect, with anecdotal stories of people using topicals to manage wrinkles and to rejuvenate their skin on the rise.

How to effectively use cannabis on the skin

The most effective way to reach the cannabinoid receptors in the skin is to use a topical product – creams, salves, balms, and gels are all great. For those suffering from swelling or any type of localized pain, liberal application of the topical can help to reduce pain perception and inflammation in minutes. Traditional painkillers tend to be much slower to act.

Both cannabidiol (CBD) and THC can have positive effects on the skin – both have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, THC does not come with its usual psychoactive effects in a topical, because the cannabinoids stay mostly in the skin and do not reach the brain.

People who prefer a more gradual release of cannabinoids to give them longer-lasting relief may find transdermal patches may be preferable to creams. These are great for medicating with during the day when there simply isn’t the time or the means to keep reapplying a cream. The patches simply stick to the skin as nicotine patches do and begin influencing cannabinoid receptors straight away.

The specific benefits of CBD on the skin

In 2013, a study found that CBD decreased keratin 10 mRNA in the skin through the CB1 receptor-dependent mechanism – it was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. This research suggested that CBD could have a unique therapeutic effect on the skin that could help to remedy complaints and manage the symptoms of a disease.

A 2006 study found that CBD could help with the skin condition pruritus, which causes itchy skin. Twenty-two patients with treatment-resistant pruritus were given CBD medication, with the cannabinoid having a positive impact on 14 of them. All 22 tolerated CBD well, with the participants reporting an 85 percent decrease in itchiness.

CBD can also help with psoriasis, acne, eczema, dermatitis and other skin complaints which are notoriously tricky to treat. CBD can also help clear up rashes and redness and dryness. The antifungal properties of CBD can be harnessed to treat fungal infections. In a nutshell, CBD can be used to treat pretty much any skin condition with some degree of success.

Products made using CBD hemp oil that does not contain psychoactive THC is legal just about everywhere and in all 50 US states.

Final thoughts

Those afflicted with more sensitive skin’s complaints should be wary about self-treating with cannabis products, particularly if taking other medication. While adverse reactions with CBD and medical cannab, in general, are extremely rare, the science is limited and speaking with a cannabis-friendly professional who can offer tailored advice is a prudent move. The worst-case scenario is to unwittingly aggravate an already serious condition.

However, if just treating a general skin’s complaint then there’s no need to be concerned about using CBD. Those residing in legalized states have greater choice when picking a topical product, with a variety of cannabinoid ratios on offer – some creams will be rich in CBD, others in THC, with others having a well-balanced, one-to-one combination.

Prior to purchasing any CBD product, ensure that it has been tested by a third party. This will confirm the cannabinoid profile of the product, the full list of ingredients and the extraction method – the best cannabis extract products are made using supercritical CO2 extraction.

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Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs Collection 2018-2019

Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs Collection

Fancy frocks have a special place in our wardrobes. For every occasion, this apparel never gets out of our minds. With the variety of amalgamations of striking colors and designs, eminent fashion designers produce a whole new range of embroidered frock’s. Eastern frocks differ from the west in this perspective that the use of embroidery work and cuts of their designs are entirely unique and distinctive. It seems like a whole new world in itself. No one can imagine the infinite variety that can be produced using the same embroidery patterns and designs. Fancily embroidered frock collection is specially designed for the wedding seasons where each event demands a different attire based on its distinctive theme. We are posting the Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs.

Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs Collection 2018-2019

The trends for these fancy frocks are so divergent that it leads to mere confusion that what to wear and what to not? What colors to select? What cuts are to be used? What combination has to be selected? These are the questions that make you perplexed in each wedding season. Well! Put your worries aside as we are about to give a whole range of choices. Here is a complete collection of all the latest fancy embroidered frocks for weddings. This year, the complete list of most popular designers of Pakistan, HSY, Nomi Ansari, Tena Durrani, Maria.B and many others have kept vibrant series of Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs as a part of their latest couture. These are classified mainly into three different categories making it easier for you to opt according to your interest and choice.


Anarkali embroidered frocks are mostly inspired by the Indian culture, but now Pakistani fashion designers have recreated their version of the versatility of styles and designs. Anarkali frocks look more traditional and eastern moreover they have great volume. These frocks carry heavy embellishments around the neckline or on the front slits of the frock. Churidar sleeves with side motif embroideries create amazing balance in the dress. These frock dresses are designed in net as well as in chiffon with layers of fabrics used inside.


Peplum is very famous and loved by the girls. Basically, it comes from the west. In western fashion, peplums are firstly introduced along with jeans, gowns, palazzos, etc. In Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh; peplum fashion is introduced with little changes. Like embroidery patterns, stitching style and design. Like for formal wear, they are paired with lehenga, cigarette pants, tulip pants, etc.


Umbrella Frocks are true to form of frocks which have the great volume at their bases. These frocks when designed with heavy embroidery and embellishments using dabka work, zari, zardozi and tilla work, makes them look perfect for weddings. Fancy umbrella embroidered frock dresses are mainly preferred for wedding events because of their heavy flares. The upper portion of these frocks is kept under focus for embroidery and embellishments. Adorned with pearls and stones, these frocks are available in dazzling contrasts. The monochromatic range of these frocks is the epitome of elegance with style.

Latest Party Wear & Fancy Wedding Frock Designs Collection 2016-2017 (40)


Embellished with tons of sequin work coupled with the heavy lacework at the border, these angarkha frock dresses are a delight for every wedding. You can try these on mehndi, Barat and even on Walima. Based on the event each series has different hues combined with heavy or light embellishments. The color of the flares are either kept in contrast to the rest of the dress or kept the same. In each way, the overall outlook of these angarkha frocks seems gorgeously stunning.


Nowadays a sleek cut is implemented on frock dresses that enhance the beauty of the dress. Buttons, pearls or laces can be done along with the cut to beautify them. Front open dresses are kept wide and mainly have a double shirt attached with the dress that makes the royal appearance. You can go for a single or double shirt front open frock. Both will look good and stylish.


Nowadays maxis are very much in fashion. Girls and women prefer to wear long maxi style frock at weddings and parties. Whether you can go for a western style maxi with little or huge flare or embroidered net gown style maxis.


These days net and organza are the most widely used fabrics. They are used to create fancy and formal dresses. We have seen mostly the net is used to make gowns and frock designs. The front chest area is mostly seen embellished with stones and embroidery details while the whole dress is kept simple. Frills and flare can be added to beautify the frock. Below we are posting some of the designs so you can have an idea.


Here we have gathered some of the best red-colored frock collection for you girls. They are of different types and styles. I hope you will love viewing them. A jeweled or simple waist belt can enhance the beauty of the dress. Make a messy bun or curly hairstyle to go for a party or wedding function.


Silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics. Embroidery works and embellished on the silk stuff make it more worthwhile. Mostly bold colored silk fabric is used. Charmeuse silk, raw silk, and satin silk are widely used to make the designer outfits. We can see many outfits from the designer collections. Here posting three fabulous silk frock designs. First one is in purple color and the second one is maroon with beautiful embroidery details.


3-D Embellishment is in fashion at its peak. There’s a huge demand for it. So designers are adding flowers, stones, crystals, pearls, beads, etc. These look so stylish as well modern. You can also design your old outfit by your own purchasing these catchy items from the markets and then be placing them. You can see these beautiful styles posted here for getting the idea.


The white color is always considered to be the decent and sophisticated one. It defines simplicity and ethnic appearance. Here posting these amazing white colored frock designs for you. First one is net embroidered with lace detailing. The second one is a western style belted gown. The third one is beautifully front embroidered.


High low fashion is getting popular day by day. It looks so chic as well as modern. It requires a special cutting procedure otherwise you will ruin it. You can vary the length according to your choice. Keep it simple and give it a western cut or design it traditional with ethnic blend according to the requirement. High low frocks can be paired with churidar pajamas, tights, palazzos, pencil pants, etc.


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Top 15 Must Follow Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2018

Top 15 Must Follow Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2018-2019

The time of the year when the air gets filled with rejoicing and colours is just ahead of us. The most exuberant of all styles and trends will be on full display with the classic traditional overlay. You heard us right, Eid-ul-Fitr, is right around the corner as the month of Ramadan is quickly passing by. And as we entering the later weeks of the months, the tensions are turning high with regard to the appropriate style and trend to choose for the day. If you choose for the dress, then the matching footwear becomes a problem to decide for. Even if you choose both by yourself then the suitable jewelry gives you a new amount of confusion. Above all, if you even choose all with great efforts, the relevance of style becomes more challenging than ever. And that not new to few of us, it is the story of every men, woman and young kids. When it comes to Eid, we all want the special kind of outlook to garner all the praises for the day. So how about discussing all the ongoing trends to make your Eid even more special. From dresses to the styling of jewelry, accessories, bags, shoes, bottoms, and footwear. Everything fashion related is about to be explored according to the recent catalogues and collections. Some of the styles you might be surprised to see as becoming the part of your wardrobe. Here we are sharing the Top 15 Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends.

Top 15 Must-Follow Latest & Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2018

Eid is so full of wonder, it has its way of connecting people and spreading the joys of it. For such blissful day, the preparations should also be up to the mark, touching the highest bar of ethnic styling. For all the three days of Eid, the fashion we look for is traditional and purely ethnic in nature. Touching and reaching out to our roots, seems more desirable. Whether men, women or children, the classic style of shalwar kameez or other variants of the style are carried in every other home in Pakistan. And there are volumes of other styles that we all love to the core. So before we all hit the stores and markets for the ultimate Eid shopping, it important to explore all the possibilities and ideas of the latest Eid trends and styles. After having much of the fashion insight anyone can choose the best out of best, suitable to the occasion. So let’s have a quick view of the Top 12 Must-Follow Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2018, which will make you skip your heartbeat for a while and each one of them is worth a try.

  1. White off White Dresses:

The infamous white fashion is so on trend these days and the right kind of option to deal with the scorching summers and the dazzling Eid day. This color not only brings elegance to your dress, but it also calms the sight and feels refreshing to wear. For women white is designed in various styles, from frocks to maxis, to plain shirts and monochromatic white shalwar kameez. The all white dresses are a charm for many, however, if you are not that of a fan then adding hints of colours into its embroideries or in dupatta gives a fantabulous outlook. White dominates every part of the style and resonates perfectly with any theme. So it is a must-have for this Eid.

A classic white shalwar kameez, is what every men in style look for. White kurta’s also come greater demand. The neutrality of white makes it a seemingly interesting choice of men of all ages.  Whether they keep it simple or adorn it with some classic embroideries around the neckline or cuffs, the suit in white looks inspiring. These days, the plain shalwar kameez are often paired with waistcoats in good contrasting shades or with a decent men scarf. Anything you find suitable to pair the sheer simplicity of white, will look great on it. And that is greatest perks of wearing a white, you can carry it with almost any colour of footwear and shades.

  1. Simple and elegant:

Dresses that are simple elegant falls into the category which are lighter in texture and even lighter in embroideries. These dresses however include every piece of shirt and trousers which are crafted in either lawn, or chiffon or in cotton. They mostly range from casual to semi-formal dresses. However for Eid celebration at home or out with relatives and friends, they mostly opt for their amazing appeal and distinctive elegance. Such dresses are designed with decent straight medium length shirts and pencil trousers. The dupattas are printed in multiple hues and shirts are bordered with intricate embroideries. Go ahead and look out for the best one for yourself.

  1. Pastel shades are in town:

From popular and trendy designer wear to the market available pret suits collections, the pastel shades are creating a fine imagery of the fashion world in Pakistan. They swept into the trend and became increasingly popular due to their softness and delicate outlook. Especially, when you consider the weather, these shades seem like the right choice for every style of dress. Pastel shades mostly include variant forms of beige white, mustards, lavender, light blues, soft pinks and etc. The great think about these shades is that you can carry them even with white bottoms.  They go with every jewelry style and looks great with all forms of footwear.

  1. Go for Medium Kurtas, peplums & frocks:

One fashion that has taken the fashion industry by storm is the medium kurtas, peplums and short frocks. Kurtas have long in been in style, that we all know and for all the right reasons. They are decent, trendy and comfy to carry with any bottom type. But the frocks have recently gained much attention due to their exotic outlook. The voluminous short frocks are available in variety of styles, from angarkha frocks to Afghani ones and the ones with separate bodies and the drapes. The beauty of these frocks is that we look great with bell bottoms, straight pants, jeans, trousers and tulips. So if you are considering to wear any of those on this Eid, remember that you’ll be having a lot of choices available.

5. Tassels are Popular:

Tassel trend came as a wave and prevailed due to the quintessential effect they bring to the dresses. Even a simplest of the outfits can be turned into a masterpiece using tassels. The dresses in tassels varies from the ones with borderline tassels to neckline tassels. Mostly the shirts or frocks borders are highlighted using small or long tassels, following a similar or contrasting theme of the dresses. They can even be matched to the dress’ embroideries. Besides tassel dresses you can now even enjoy tassel jewelry with the custom-made tassel earrings and the special necklace. And to excite you more, tassel bags and footwear are also now available in many forms and styles.

  1. Shalwars are back:

That is so right, shalwar has hit the trend again. If you haven’t witnessed it yet then check out our exclusive sneak peek of the latest shalwar trends. The great part is that this time these shalwars are simple and uniquely elegant. They are neither too baggy in style and nor too trimmed and they look great with a variety of tops type, the peplums, the medium shirts, kurtas and frocks. Embroidered shalwars are gaining much popularity and available at every other store. The key is to balance the outlook of the shalwar, lies in the selection of palette and the type of the top. For heavy embroidered tops, always go from light simple and plain shalwars.

  1. Cigarette Pants Vs Boot Pants:

We all know how cigarette pants and boot pants have made us all stunned with their lovely and inspiring outlook. These pants have their way of adding grace to every dress. Whether they are simple, border lined or even laced, these pants are great for all types of dresses. They boot pants however, look good more with peplums or frocks. The cuts and stitches of these pants. Their shape is slightly curved and gives a sharp and bold outlook to the entire dresses. That’s why they are paired more with draping shirts. Cigarette pants are comparatively sleek and straight, thus go with simple shirts and kurtas.

  1. Phenomenal Khussas:

One thing that we all love about the traditional footwear in Pakistan is the khussa. These khussa’s look amazing in every variety and form. When you carry them with any dress they immediately change your entire outlook into an ethnic one. The variety ranges from heavy embroidered ones with beats and pearls to the shinning leather. There are new khussa’s in town, which are comparatively less traditional and can be seen at Mojari’s, they are plain, simple and luscious in outlook. Banarsi khussa are also a great option to add the regal colours to your outlook. They are available in many colours and some are even lightly embroidered around the edges.

9: Aim for light and elegant mehndi:

Now let’s talk about mehndi designs, as Eid is no Eid without mehndi for every other girl. This year goes for something simple and light. The heavy mehndi design days are now over or at least limited to just weddings, this is time to opt more minimalistic and urban style mehndi with lesser filling and more intricacy in the patterns. Elegant bails with floral patterns, finger only designs and delicate Tikiya’s that is all we need to get a good mehndi pattern on your hand. Quality is dominating the quantity this year. So do not go for full hand designs and keep it up to a minimum to give your hands a new treat. Photo Credits: Hennabyshei

  1. Bangles are forever:

Getting bangles for Eid is the century-old tradition among Muslim girls, the news of Eid Chand sighting is the news for all to get a new set of bangles for the special day. And why not, the gleam and glitters of the colourful bangles, mesmerize us all. There was a time when heavy bangle sets with loads of glitters were quite on trend but now the plain and colourful bangles are loved by all. If you like to create variation, prepare a set using two combinations of colours or try a contrasting combo. Adding shiny ivory and silver bracelets to the bangle set also looks appealing and unique. Whichever colour you choose, just keep it to the dress theme and it will balance everything out.

  1. Inspiring hairstyles:

This Eid trying neat and tied will be need of the hour as we all are witnessing a sharp increase in temperature. So what options are available for a charming hairstyle? Well, there are all sorts of braids from messy fishtails, to the side braids, triple braids, French braids, we can try with any outfit. Braids will give a neat and classy outlook without putting much of the efforts. Depending on your dress, you can choose to either keep it messy or simple. In buns, the top knot option is more desirable, whereas messy buns can also go great with most of the dresses. Side buns are great for shalwar kameez and all sorts of ethnic wear. Besides all these options, if anyone still want to carry open hairstyle then keep it a half updo, or front braid style or side bangs.

  1. Jewelry tips:

Like we have discussed all the various trends and focused on the simplicity of those ideas, the same implies on the jewelry. To get some matching jewelry with the dress is no easy task, strolling from shop to shop. We all know the drill and it is hectic. But the perfect jewelry says a volume about our outlook, hence it is important to find the most suitable one possible. This year, the jewelry trends are also quite elegant and delicate. Simple necklaces with pretty and delicate pendants look amazing. To pair the richness of the Eid dress, the earrings need to be prominent and bold. Thus earrings bearing nice metallic work are great to look for. Bracelets should be simple and delicate. Chain bracelets are getting back in fashion. Photo Credits: Natasha Salon

13. Gharara & Sharara Pants:

Ghararas and sharara pants are very much popular for over a year. Pair it with a medium length shirt or frock and rock the eid look.  You can style it with either heels, flats or trendy khussas as per your choice.

14. Bold & Beautiful Colors:

Some people love to wear dark and bold shades. This also looks traditional on festivals. You can use two-tone dupattas, tie and dye shirts and multi-colored shalwars. Shirt having heavier and darker embellishments.

15. Front Open Jacket Style:

The front open style is always loved throughout the years all over Asia. It seems so trendy as well as chic at the same time. You can go for Front open shirts, gowns, jackets, maxis, frocks, etc. Here we are posting two amazing designs that you can opt for a festive look. Hope you have loved these 15 amazing Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends.

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Origins Latest Eid Dresses Festive Collection 2018-2019 for Women

Origins Latest Eid Dresses Festive Collection 2018-2019

Yes, it’s the Eid season! Preparations are at its peak, both genders males and females are interested in the workout to attain the best for them. Still having the busy routines, they are rushing towards the malls, bazaars, etc. to grab the desired goods. The essential thing to buy and prepare is the Eid dress that must be suitable and ideal to wear at the required festival. Nowadays competition is on its top; designers are doing their best to layout the perfect festival collections this eid, they are designing outfits just according to the latest fashion trends and styles. Up till now many Eid collections have been launched by famous brands and our blog, have also shared. Now it’s time for another incredible assortment, Origins Latest Eid Dresses Festive Collection is a beautiful glimpse towards the enchanting variety of ladies dresses. Origins are the brand dealing with women clothing, accessories and shoes.

Origins has men line and produces men eastern wear outfits. It is Brought out in 2010. ORIGINS is a Ready to Wear Lifestyle Fashion House that provides exclusive designs and never gets the compromise with quality. It is the brand of modern people who want an advanced sense of lifestyles and apparel. So origins are created according to the vision prompted by the mindset of the Modern Woman. However adopting the quite substance of traditions. A heritage determined by generations of perfect thread Manship in sub-continental eastern fashion. From the period of 5 golden years from start to up till now, it has got tremendous response among its beloved customers not only nationally but also touch the foreign concentrations. It produces it’s seasonal as well as occasional arrivals including spring summer lawn, fall winter, eid, pret, ready to wear, party wear, etc.

Origins Latest Eid Dresses Festive Collection 2018-2019 for Women

ORIGINS has now launched their festival arrivals naming it the “EID FESTIVE COLLECTION” consisting of hottest ladies wear suits in astounding patterns. The series consists of stitched two piece suits including embroidered shirt in lawn stuff with adorned jacquard panel. Necklines of shirts are embellished with thread work, and tassels are added to give a beautiful traditional look. Catching on festive eves will be perfect. Medium length kurtas have artistic prints, floral patterns, abstract art designs and some embroideries look so trendy to wear. The straight pencil trouser pants are the best match for them and also hit nowadays.

The festive colors are captivated including natural shades like navy blue, fresh red, electric green, beige, purple, off white, yellow, orange, peach, etc. This assortment has been launched and offered at all leading stores and online. A dress depicts one’s personality, so never get a compromise on it. Choose the ideal outfit this season for your formal wardrobes with origins best collection. Just have a look at the image gallery of Origins Latest Eid Dresses Festive Collection, I hope you will fall love with them. Stay updated with the latest trends and have a gorgeous life!

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Geo Ramazan Transmission 2018 Once Again Proved to be Best


Like previous years this time again Geo TV came with an excellent and unique Ramzan transmission which is known as ittehad Ramzan Transmission. In the moth of blessings Geo TV comes up to support the needy peoples along with this, there is a list of segments which are giving awareness to the people regarding Ramazan and Islam. We Visited and attended the Iftar Transmission and it was a wonderful experience .

From last few years Geo TV is running this successful streak of Ramzan Transmission as in the year 2018 the streak continues, and the management is willing to break all the records of the the previous year 2017.

In the year 2017, the transmission was on-air under the title of Dil Dil Ramazan, and that show was hosted by the renowned actor of Pakistani media industry Noman Ijaz along with the queen of versatility Bushra Ansari.

But this 2018, the whole format is changed as this year the transmission is titled as ittehad Ramzan Transmission. On airing transmission in both Sehar and Iftar with unique and impressive content.It was a wonderful experience being there , The set is really mind blowing.


Junaid Iqbal hosts the Sehar Transmission of ittehad Ramzan Transmission , as an Islamic Scholar, he discusses all the problems under the guidance of Islam and also presenting the solutions.

Further, the transmission of Iftar is hosted by  Sami Khan and Rabia Anum and the performance of these two celebrities as host is terrific in the result of this the rating of this transmission is breaking all the previous records.


Image by StylesGap/InstantLollywood Team

The famous personality in both Sehar and Iftar transmission is Owais Raza Qadri he is a renowned Naat Khawan, and he is famous on both international and national platform for his way of presenting a tribute to Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in the form of Naat.

In ittehad Ramzan Transmission Owais Raza Qadri is present in both Sehar and Iftar , he spread fragrance as he recites his famous Naats in both transmissions along with leading as judge in the Naat competition.

There is a series of different segments which are all related to the different perspectives of Islam along with this some deeds of kindness are also performed in this show to support the needy peoples.

Further, there is a segment of cooking in the Iftar transmission in which the renowned chef Naheed Ansari be the part of this transmission on daily bases and teach new recipes to the people. Along with this, she defines the benefits of all the eatables in the light of Islam in this way people learn that how these things are essential for us.

Large audience is interested to be there so they get registered and attend the live transmission.

At the end of Iftar Trasmission , Iftar Boxes are distributed among the audience to break their fast.


Along with all these factors, Naheed Ansari also teaches people how to mold your eating habits in this holy month of Ramazan, so you’re not going to face weakness due to fasting in this way she guides briefly that which type of food is compulsory for health.


Besides all these segments there is a list of other programs which includes many competitions in which peoples from different societies be the part of this competition and win many excellent prices. Further Roza kushai (breaking fast) of many children also take place on daily bases in this way they encourage the first effort of the children that they had successful full fill their goal.

Here is the list of segments which are the part of ittehad Ramzan Transmission


Qasas-ul- Quran :

Qasas-ul- Quran is one of the most informative segments of this show is Qasas-ul- Quran is hosted by Umair Rana the theme of this segment is related to the historical events performed in the Islamic era or the period of Muhammad (SAWA).

Umair Rana visits different places just like some particular mosques along with this he also visits great countries like Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. The fundamental purpose of this segment is to through light on the historical events of Islamic history and to teach people about the greatness of Islam.


Allah Walay:

Allah Walay is another very informative segment in this segment the host of the program call different Sufi personalities, and there is a secession of debate in which these Sufi personalities discuss the exciting events of their lives.

Along with this also teach people and tell them about the greatness of Allah further the also define the immense love for the supreme Almighty Allah T’alah to the humankind and define that love under the light of Islam.


Jaan Kar Geo :

Jaan Kar Geo is a particular segment for the children which is hosted by Warqah in this segment Warqah play the role of a storyteller and he summaries the different events of Muslim history. Further Warqah narrates these stories to the children.

In this segment, Warqah narrates different story each day, and he also told the children how to adopt these habits in the daily life and what was the hidden message present in the story for the whole Muslim Ummah.

CSR segment:

CSR segment is one of the most significant section in this segment many needy families along with sick people are called on the platform, and these are those special people who are unable to support themselves along with this these sick people are not able to full fill the dues of this medical treatment.

This segment is hosted by the hosts of the evening Rabia Anum and Sami Khan along with these many NGO’s are also involved in supporting these peoples and families, further live callers can also pay their part through call and help these peoples.


Dil Sey kehdo:

Dil Sey kehdo is a very informative segment this segment is a debate segment in which four different participants are sharing the platform, and they are presenting their point on the given topic.

And from these four participants, only one is selected who go in the next round while on the other side the three losing members of the segment are awarded different gifts which are sponsored by different merchandise and these include bikes and various home appliances.


Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma:

Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma is another segment which increases the knowledge of viewers, and in this segment, there are four different teams and these four teams pass through three different stages, and only one is going forward who score the maximum points.

The participants of this segment are also awarded different gifts, to encourage their confidence and to support them for being the part of this segment.



Sada-e-Hassan is another competition base segment, and in this segment, the competition is between the rising Naat Khawans. The total number of participants in this segment is three of these three two were eliminated, and only one will go for the next round, and this round is judge by Owais Raza Qadri.


Iftar/ Sehar:

In the morning sehari takes place, and in the evening iftari takes place in both segments the whole area is turned into a huge dining area where every person enjoy its sehir/aftari and all the food is of superior quality, and different companies sponsored it.


Alim Online:

In this segment different Alims of Islam are called to teach people about the rules and regulation of Islam. Further, the also take live calls along with this they even answer the questions from the audience side and these Alim brief the issues from all the perspective.


Khany me kia hai:

In this segment Naheed Ansari show his talent for cooking along with this she also guides the audience in different perspectives that what are the necessary things for a person how is performing fasting exercise.


Mera Pehla Roza:

In this segment Mera Pehla Roza, those children are invited who perform the first ever fasting exercise in their whole life. Here these children are also awarded gifts along with this they are also encouraged to continue this practice.


In the morning or at the time of sehir the starting time of ittehad ramzan Transmission is 2:00 AM till Sehri.

In the evening or at the time of aftari the starting time of ittehad ramzan Transmission is 2:30 PM till Aftari.

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Women Dresses

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection 2018

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection 2017

There is not a single shred of doubt that Pakistan’s Fashion industry is graced with few of the finest and talented professionals of the world. It has marked its existence through the work of these individuals. Emerging young and fresh talent is a fundamental reason behind the success of the industry. The work of these newly emerged artists is bringing new dimensions and ideas to the market, inspiring millions of others. As of today, we have many names, who stepped into the fashion arena a few years back and now they have garnered much success and fame. Misha is also among the few successful emerging fashion designers who is providing the world full of exquisite couture competing through the contemporary fashion styles. Misha Couture is providing all range of apparels, luxury pret, wedding formals, casual wear and amazing bridal couture. We are going to feature the best, and beautiful Pakistani Eid dresses Misha Couture Eid Collection 2018

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (23)

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection 2018

Speaking of her couture, Misha was spotted on the big launch of her amazing Eid pret collection 2018 on 26th and 27th May at DHA Phase 3, Lahore. The launch of this exclusive collection brought in light few of the most quintessential designs which will suit best to the needs of every woman of today. Ease and comfort were the major front liners which are promised through this couture. There were splashes of soft hues everywhere when she unveiled her finest work. Boot cut trousers, bell bottoms, pants along with printed chiffon tops, plain chiffon tops and embroidered shirts, were all on display, highlighting the great taste she has in fashion. Bottoms and tops are paired in alluring contrasts, so as to bring more appeal to the dress. Trying these outfits from Misha Couture on this Eid will surely give you a distinctive outlook.



One of the most appealing features of this collection was the chiffon tops, which are able in beautiful prints and colours. Some are adorned with front diagonal frills and tassels around the sleeves and border. These are thigh or waist length tops, which makes them suitable to be worn with boot cut pants or even with jeans.

Those with the ravishing and refreshing floral prints are paired with lovely white. Like the one with tonnes of blue and mustard flowers printed all over it. While others are simple with frilled neckline and bellow sleeve with layered chiffon and ribbons bows, like the one in pretty pink.


The series of embroidered dresses designed under the collection are mesmerising. These paired in amazing contrasts like black with white, blue with white, yellow with white while some are in pretty monochromes of white, pink and blue-gray. Embroideries on these dresses are an amalgamation of beautiful lace work, thread work and work in net. Few are embellished with motifs around the neckline and intricate pattern over the trousers.

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (18) Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (16) Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (11) Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (15)

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (19) Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (14)


Pretty jewellery was also on display in the breathtaking collection by Misha. Tassels paired with shiny crystals were looking fantabulous. Tassel earrings are designed in the variety of colours including blues, greens, black, red, mustard and others so that you could pair them with any of your favourite outfits.

TASSELS JEWELLERY- Misha Couture Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses (4)

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (24)

Misha Couture Eid Collection: Complete Designs

Beautiful Pakistani Eid Dresses Misha Couture Collection (25)

I hope you have loved this beautiful Pakistani Eid dresses Misha couture collection 2018. You can shop your favourite outfit from her official Instagram page at mishashahid_couture 

Colours can be customized and changes can be done. Order Now.

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27 Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2018

27 Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2018-2019
 Appealing mehndi designs are no doubt filled with unique opulence and are considered truly effeminate in the eastern part of the world. With the tradition, going back to many decades, alluring henna patterns have now become the cultural distinction of Pakistan and the east. Diversity has stepped in with the variety of styles in Arabic, Turkish, Indian and Pakistani inspired mehndi patterns. It has, to become the part of the culture that now no celebration is completed with a light or heavy dose of henna patterns. Weddings, especially are the occasions when a good and detailed mehndi designs for hands and feet become an absolute necessity for the bride and the bridesmaids. With such great demand, unique and neatly designed henna patterns are difficult to find. Keeping the latest trends in mind and following the right theme for the day, is the sure way to earn praises.

27 Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2018-2019 for Asian Brides

Like other streams of fashion, the henna art also shifts between various trends. As the years are passing by, the trends are moving towards more elegant and decent designs. Even for the brides, the designs are largely focused on central prominent motifs with more organized floral patterns. From the prints on the fingers to the patterns on hand, arm, and feet, everything is put together with complete syncing and coherence. Moreover, today’s henna art also incorporates such patterns which readily complements the embellishments of the dresses or balance it out. For instance, for a soft Valima wardrobe, the decent tikiya design with intricate borders suit perfectly, however for a sharp and sparkling dress the mehndi designs need to be more heavy, detailed and symmetric.
Whether to go for light intricate prints or get a filling mehndi motifs on hands, this is the choice which rests with you. However, checking out the Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection will steer you in the right direction. These designs are the recent hits of the season and garnered much attention due to their beauty and appeal. So let’s jump ahead and find out:

1. The Elegant Tikiya:

The famous eastern tikiya got a new twist in this mehndi design which is perfect for the latest bridal makeovers. For any celebration and variety of couture, this design deems suitable as it is a perfect mix of elegant and delicate twisted floral patterns intertwined in the traditional tikiya. For brides of today, tikiya is one design that tempts all, so uniquely crafted patterns like these are one great happy news for all. Carry it with a heavy bridal dress or light mehndi outfit, it flaunts every style.

2. Floral Motifs:

A design which can balance the finger patterns with the basic motifs of the hand are truly rare, but this one combines both well with a minimalistic style mehndi design. It incorporates the finger loaded tips with the descending floral looms and dotted patterns. It is not too heavy and not to light, just the perfect amount to suit the event.

3. The Amazing Contrast:

Contrast that stands out loud, is one good mehndi design which sparks the best of the bridal couture.  The dark henna impressions are balance out with archetypal motifs and prominent fillings. The motif highlights the center of the hands and the fingerprints descend lightly through the light floral blooms. The intricacy of the patterns complements the heavy embellishments of the bridal dresses, perfectly. Let alone these designs amplify the beauty of the hand. Keep it simple and elegant to balance out the heavy makeover for the day.

4. The Intricate Tikiya:

For an elegant Valima makeover, this light and intricate tikiya design suit best. It highlights the fingertips and that appealing nail paint with the dark and filling borders. Central intertwining tikiya pairs perfectly with the lined patterns on the fingers. Carry these amazing patterns with light and heavy jewelry on your special day. For a more appealing touch, the motifs can be extended up to the arms if you are carrying it with short sleeved shirts.

5. Archetypal Print:

Finger loaded mehndi designs are perfect to highlight the curves and tips of your fingers. Spark some contrast using mehndi filled tips and colorful nail colors on top. The loaded tip is tastefully paired with interwoven patterns using lines and curves, which extends down to the middles while gradually diffusing naturally. To add more to the charm, the tikiya pattern also follows the same intricacy and uses very fine lines mixed together to create a well-balanced round. These borders are bold and prominent filled with contrasting shades of lighter henna. This is how a heavy bridal mehndi can work out best with your pretty red dress.

6. Dark Infused:

This henna pattern is lately one of the most popular among all due to the appealing outlook of its darker shades and a well-balanced symmetry. It seems like an architectural marvel has crafted in the hands of the bride. Like many other tikiya patterns, it also follows the same basic structure but the dome-like shapes and the diffusing tips and swirls are adding most of the charms to the design. With brighter shades and colourful dresses, this mehndi designs will also make you popular among your peers.

7. The floral Backdrop:

A soft touch of swirling patterns is what a girl needs to pair with a light wedding dress. For those who do not like heavy and loaded mehndi pattern, they can definitely try this one. The intricate floral bail starts from the centre of the hand and extends down to the wrist. With full or quarter length sleeves, these henna patterns sounds perfect. The lighter the shades of the couture, the best it pairs to this mehndi design.

8. Alluring Tikiya:

This tikiya is the traditional set of encircling patterns rounded with extended tips and domes. The design is comparatively simple to design and doesn’t incorporate heavy patterns on the fingers. Just a single dot flower around the nails seems easier to design and lets you flaunt the beauty of your finger with full confidence. With a design as simple as this is perfect to carry heavy jewellery and many rings in the fingers. As brides need to carry lots of bangles and bracelets along with finger rings, the beauty of that jewellery does not stand out if there is heavy mehndi backdrop. But keeping it this way can also solve that problem.

9. Spiral Insignia:

Pallavi is one famous Indian mehndi designer whose work is famous for distinctively creative henna patterns. In each design, there is something special which makes it stand out from the rest. Moreover, there is also some customized or demanded motifs which are added to the mehndi landscape on a bride’s hands. Whether it is the name of the groom or story of their love, it is somehow gets depicted through mehndi design. Other than this novelty, this henna pattern is highlighted with prominent curling patterns which carry the shape of a various flower petal, loud and prominent.

10. Blooming Tulips:

Quintessential mehndi patterns with the blast of traditional ethnicity are the want of the day. This Mehndi pattern, in particular, is quite a dose of basic Indian henna prints which are crafted all over the hands covering the back. Instead of separating finger motifs from the rest, the design is fused together to give an overall alluring outlook. The centre is however highlighted with the pretty tulip flowers, bordered with dark and heavy filling. The doom are best to pair these flowers with along with the extensive twigs and the curling patterns.

11. Connected Motifs:

Again a beautiful combination of interconnected motifs is on full display which is tasteful highlighting the curves of the hands and giving them a subtle and elegant outlook. Though the design looks heavy overall the balance of outlines and no filling at all, give this pattern more edge over other bridal mehndi designs. It has more weight around the arms as the patterns are close and filled with a variety of symmetric designs, however moving upward towards the fingers it blends into a light and appealing criss-cross arrangement of pretty ‘bails’ The use of dots in between the rounded flowers is giving an amazing outlook to the design.

12. Peacock Patterns:

Peacock patterns are famous for their distinctive style and they have been in trend since the time immemorial. Indian henna art is almost incomplete without a good use of peacock motifs, so why not blend it together with other pretty designs and get something creatively unique out of it. Keep the same idea in mind the designers crafted this pattern and added the peacock patterns to the overall theme of henna in just the right amount and the right place. The design suits perfectly to the feet as the prominent peacock motif is centralized and surrounded by complementing patterns.

13. Assorted Patterns:

Such a neat ensemble of nicely created motifs. The combination of the wristband, the central tikiya, and the loaded finger tops is best for both sides of the hands. Such simple designs serve best for every occasion, be it weddings or Eid. Girls of all ages can try these without worrying about the suitability of the pattern as it goes with every eastern wardrobe. Here the central round of the tikiya is crafted in a variety of ways with India orientation but variation can be added by replacing these with any other floral patterns of your choice. The key is to create a prominent contrast by filling the areas around the borders within that circle.

14. Arabic Rose Prints:

Here is a pattern that takes your breath away with its sheer balance and beauty. A pretty design is one with a perfect combination of all forms prints brought together, and this pattern is parallel to that idea. It has lovely roses patterned together with criss-cross, block prints and rounded flowers. There is not a single style which is left out of it yet still the design looks simple and elegant enough.

15. Flaring Tikiya:

Tikiya’s with a well-crafted arm print is what every bride wants for the special day. Here the tikiya is not a simple beauty but it has flaring touch due to the curling extensions are drawn out of it. Every ring of the centre is paired with the designs on the arms and that is what adding the balance to this specific design.

16. Block Patterns:

Capture the day in the beauty of your mehndi design using this specific pattern as it can hold the date and symbols attached to your special day. Though this print is also focused around the centre and a heavy prominent tikiya in a more floral style, it is closely surrounded with bordered patterns which are stealing the focus and adding a distinctive charm to the design. Intricate swirls and curls are heavily used to fill up the spaces and it looks amazing.

17. Exclusive Portraits:

Drawing portraits in the henna art take us back to the old days when the bride’s hands were used to portray the beautiful story of their journey. The two better halves are drawn with a perfect chemistry which every bride would want to carry around. Further, the portraits are beautified with the use of side patterns and crisscross arrangements. Fingertips are highlighted with the filling effect.

18.  Bold and Prominent:

Another great way to add peacocks to the henna pattern is to use bold and dark outlines without any extra filling. The design is a beautiful mix of the peacock feathers on one side and the blooming flower petals on the other. Centred by a peacock the design gets a curvy charm. Fingerprints are kept simple to balance the rest.

19. Peacock Fantasy:

This beautiful peacock bridal mehndi design is so delicate and trendy to choose. As clear in the picture black color is used which looks so prominent and best for your wedding day.

20. Mirrored Display:

Another mehndi pattern which made use of fine artistry in the portrait images of the bride and the bridegroom. It seems like the beauty of both are captured in a mirror and bordered with a nice trail of floral prints. The rest is filled up by the filling lines, curves and swirling prints. Fingers are adorned with the crossing domes extending from one end to another.

21. Exuberant Floral Prints:

Intricacy reaches to a next level when you observe this ultra-delicate mehndi style which is loaded minutes and elegant interconnected rose flower around the central tikiya. It does not only use the light and thin outlines but also incorporated bold and heavy links in between. Especially those dots and the floral rings are a highlight with a heavy coat. The loaded finger patterns are nicely complementing the arm and wrist prints which are filled with minute curls and fillings.

22. Cross Garden:

With one central semicircular motifs near the wrist, the design takes a different approach using crisscross arrangements. These are not simple crosses but are adorned with shooting flowers in between. The style is good to extend throughout the fingers and takes up all the space. For simple yet heavy overdo, this design for the back of the hands seems perfect to carry around.

23. Balanced Murals:

It looks the heavy and pretty bridal mehndi design is produced using different sets of motifs confined into separate borders. Each set is overlying on the other diagonally, thus making it look unique overall. On the arms the design incorporated large, conspicuous and prominent flowers whereas moving towards the fingers it gets more fine and intricate, ending up to the fine lines crossing each other in perfect sync.

24.  Classic Indian:

This classic Indian foot mehndi design has the traditional touch as it incorporates the use of elephant near the ankles and flaring floral prints. It only depicts the ancient culture but highlights every element of that culture in its own specific way. With no filling and medium outlines, the design is good to carry on the special occasions.

25: Heavy Foot Pattern:

Like the floral criss-cross mehndi design for the hands, this foot pattern uses the same technique and theme which gives a filling and heavy touch to the overall outlook. It starts with the central prominent band of flowers which is bordered with the nice combination of the elegant floral network, extending down to the toes.

26. Full Bridal Doze:

Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, this mehndi style will equally tempt you all due to the heavy nature of its prints. Besides the traditional dotted floral patterns, there is also a good use of tulip art bordered with fillings around to the highlight the outlines. Fingers are heavily tipped with loaded filling which is then balanced with crossing prints extending down below. Such heavy designs look great with soft and pastel shades of nail paints.

27. Floral Intricacy:

Certainly a light and intricate design which goes best with the heavily embellished bridal dress. The twisted mehndi patterns start from a wristband and pointed motif, which is then bordered with the extending design covering the rest of the hand and fingers. Carrying the same design at the back of the hands also suit best as it is light and pretty to carry with heavy bridal rings and bangles.
Image Credits: Instagram, Henna By Pallavi  & Pinterest
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12 Must Have Simple Stylish Eid Dresses Trends 2018 to Follow

12 Must Have Simple Stylish Eid Dresses Trends 2018 to Follow

The year 2018 is about to get better as the biggest occasion of great celebrations is just a few weeks ahead of us. With the onset of Ramazan as the blessings tend to spread everywhere in the country, so does the worries for the Eid Couture. All the eminent clothing lines, brand, and designers have launched their latest Eid collections in the market and surely we all are overwhelmed with the immensity of designs and varieties. On one hand, it is always great to have lots of choices available for a nice outfit, while on the other hand, it is also a bit confusing for others. Well, with this article, we all can get a clear idea of the latest simple stylish Eid dresses trends and decide it for ourselves. Weather is the most important element which has a lot of say in deciding the clothing trends for us. As this year, Eid and scorching heat waves are coming hand in hand, we need to be smarter about our clothing choices. It is important to keep the style light and simple while keeping a bit of the glam.  A right choice of fabrics and perfect blends of colors is a road too well-styled celebrations.

Where most girls prefer simple and beautifully printed lawn dresses for the day, others are more interested in embroidered chiffons or printed silk. Well, there are numerous ways into which we can style our favourite type of fabric into the desired shape. This year there has been an influx of new designs, from simple medium length shirts to funky frocks and kurtas, every design is equally loved by all. Moreover, there is a number of bottom styles available to pair your tops with from fringe trousers to cigarette pants, bell bottoms, tulips, pencil pants and etc. Unlike many previous years, the patterns of styling for this year is quite different as there is no single design which is going to dominate the rest of the Eid trends rather, a number of styles are bulged up together to form the entire series of Eid Collections. Within a single Eid Catalogue, you might find a variety of designs with distinctive appeal and a different outlook.

12 Must Have Simple Stylish Eid Dresses Trends 2018 to Opt this Festive Season

Eminent brands of the country have now set into motion and there are tons of fashion lit Eid Ul Fitr dresses covering the pages of their catalogues. From Sana Safinaz to Nishat, Agha Noor, Khaadi, Maria B. Gul Ahmed and many others have launched the unstitched and stitched collections out there. Whereas the special pret suits are more preferred for the day. These pret collections comprise of all the possible designs from simple shirt trousers to frocks, peplums etc. Stylize the special celebrations with the colours of ultimate sophistication. Considering the weather, go for soft and pale colours for the day whereas bright neon colours are great for evening wear. Sharp and loud colours are great for the day however mellow shades of white and beige are perfect when crafted with minimal embroideries.

Enough with the words, it’s about a time where we jump to the styles of ultimate grace and beauty as we are about to present the 12 Must-Have Eid Ul Fitr Dresses for the year 2018. Explore the newest possibilities of looking classy and gorgeous in the dresses, filled with sheer elegance. With the complete set of accessories, each one of the following styles will garner you all the praises you need to make your Eid day special. Each day try a different style with a unique outlook and an entirely distinctive theme. Continue scrolling and discover how the experts have brought every colour onto the fashion canvas and brought amazing imagery into play:

Lawn Fever:

If you are probably planning to get a nice and comfy lawn dress to celebrate Eid this year then you are not probably along in this. Considering the temperature rise, this is the best option to go for. For celebrations at home, these suits serve best as they are comfortable to carry around even when you need to work in the kitchen. Though printed apparels are sufficient to meet the style need of the day, however, there are many varieties which are available with a little embroidery, lacework, applique and mixed medium sleeves. The refreshing shades in the lawn collections are mesmerizing and soothe you to the core. So if you are planning to get one for this Eid then start putting into some thoughts and start shopping.

Exquisite Chiffon:

Glancing at the fancy new Eid collection by Maria B. you would probably end up wanting a gleaming Eid dress for the day. Whether crafted with embroideries or in monochromatic shirts, chiffon has a texture that moves us all. These dresses also look great when designed in white or variety of its shades. It’s not just Maria B. in fact number of Eid pret collections are making excellent use of chiffon this year. The simple embroidered shirts are paired with flared bottoms. It is best to carry any baggy style, either if it is peplum or frocks. Mixed medium chiffon dresses are also in for the Eid style as they are designed by paired chiffon with cotton, lawn or silk.

Alluring Kurti:

Kurtis is next to new Eid trend in town. They are so comfortable and convenient that girls of all ages prefer them over all sorts of apparels. Moreover, Kurtis can be paired with any form of the bottom, so you get to choose any possible combination. As of the kurta designs launched by Pakistan’s top notch clothing line, they are exotic and amazing. Floral Kurtis by Agha Noor is going to be the next big hit of the Eid season whereas simple yet funky, the Kurta shirts by Khaadi, Nishat, Sapphire and Sana Safinaz are all making big news in the fashion circles of Pakistan. Either it is in home functions to outdoor Eid celebrations, these pro eastern Kurtis are perfect for each setting.

Go Traditional:

It has been quite some time since traditional wear has hit the mainstream fashion trends in Pakistan. Almost no occasion is complete without some hints and colours of our ethnic wears. Sharara pants, peplum tops, fancy angarkha, gleaming shalwar kameez, baggy or tulip shalwars with short or medium shirts, these are all some familiar style trends and they are about to turn your Eid into a day full of glam and glitz. The traditional apparels also include Afghani shirts and special Afghani frocks. With the mere use of traditional embroideries, even a simple suit can be turned into a full-fledged desi outfit. Carry them with a nicely embellished khussa and you will look ravishing.

Short Frocks:

An immensely popular trend which is opted by most of the top-notch designers and brands while crafting their Eid collections. The idea of short frocks greatly resonates nicely with a classic voluminous outlook which looks great with smart bottoms. Moreover, short frock looks great on every height. Especially the girls with short heights look magnificent when they carry short but voluminous frocks. No matter what kind of fabrics you want to carry, these can be crafted using any texture, from lawn to cotton to silk or even in chiffon. With or without a dupatta, these frocks look equally great in both ways. There are ways in which you can add variety to the pleating style, short yolk frocks, medium yolk frocks and frocks with full pleats, all are equally in trend.


Asymmetric Styles:

The style which has garnered much of our attention is the asymmetric style in which the shirts of varying length and no prominent border shapes are designed. These dresses look phenomenal and uniquely distinctive. Low high shirts are also the most popular style of this trend. This Eid try these asymmetrical dresses with hints of embroideries around the neckline or some floral applique work.  The beauty of these dresses is that they can be crafted almost in any shape with the full extent of creativity. You can play with the size and shape of the sleeves and volume of the shirt. The bottoms are however kept simple and straight to simply highlight the tops and their design.

Digital Mixed Prints:

The infamous digital prints never go out of style and on every Eid, they return to the fashion catalogues with even more style and variety. As there is almost to end to human creativity, same is true for digitally printed shirts. The mix of quintessential floral patterns and imperial architectural designs makes these digital prints amazingly unique. For full suits, the digital prints follow a single theme and pattern which extends throughout the shirt, bottom and dupatta while a proper balance is kept between these three. For single shirts, the prints are more diverse and distinctive. They reflect an amazing contrast of both the regal and the casual.

Neon Display:

Dazzling bright colours and prominent bold patterns are going to blow your mind away and will make you skip your heart beat. This is Eid the fascinating Neon display will also be on the rise with appealing hue and simple block prints. In these outfits, the use of abstract prints is also popular and is greatly loved by the girls of young ages. Whether you design a long frock, shirt or tunic, these amazing colour will spark a mesmerizing look in you. Such outfits are great to carry with your favourite accessories and minimalistic style jewellery.

Archetypal Peplums:

We all can never get enough of peplums. That is quite true, as its fashion keep hitting back and back with new ways to amaze us. Peplum tops are going to be great for this Eid, which is evident considering all the latest Eid collections. Every other pret collection celebrates the beauty of peplum shirts with such a delight that you will definitely fall for them. To keep it more casual try something in cotton, lawn or chiffon, whereas fancy textures are good to make it more formal. Embroidered organza is also great to design good peplum out of it. When it comes to peplum, flared and voluminous bottoms are must to carry with. Bell bottoms and sharara pants perfectly complement them.

Loose Wraps:

Loose wrap dresses make excellent use of nice and decent wait belts. For those who love to carry belts, this option is definitely for you. However belts are not the only style to carry loose wrap shirts, tie knots are also used to carry them in alluring style. There are two ways in which such apparels are designed, firstly as a simple asymmetrical loose shirt and other as a loose upper. Both look good and goes with smart and fit bottoms. Straight pants and trousers have to be paired with loose wraps. With these dresses, convenience is surely guaranteed and you can look ravishing even without the use of heavy embroideries.

Silk Tunics:

The emblem of beauty and style, silk tunic are another name of class and sophistication. The soft and light silk is best to complement any body shape and type. Thus they are popular among women of all ages. The smooth and graceful silk tunics look enticing due to their mellow gleam. And if they are printed using a nice palette then the deal becomes irresistible. In silk, the tunics are designed in the good shape but with loose stitching and hanging sleeves. Off shoulder silk tunics and bellow sleeved are most popular ones. While opting for silk tunics, go for the ones with bold prominent prints.

Medium Length Shirts:

Surprisingly, the moderation has reached that peak in the fashion industry that the medium shirts have grown significantly popular among the masses. Length has always been the experimental element for the fashion industry and after quite long the medium shirt style has taken the spotlight. Whatever stitching style we may prefer, this length looks phenomenal on every one. Amazingly it also looks with all the bottom styles currently in trend. To bring diversity to the style, we can surely play with the style of the sleeves and the curves of the borders.

I hope you enjoyed these latest eid dresses trends. Keep following us for more.

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Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2018-2019

Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2018-2019 (7)

It’s now the mid of summer season, the incredibly hot weather is now at extreme in Pakistan and most of the countries. The Muslim world is enjoying the blessings of Ramadan Kareem and preparing themselves for the coming Eid festivals. Everyone demands and needs of some comfortable dresses in this sizzling and raunchy climate. As I have previously shared many Summer and Eid Collections by most desired and popular Brands and designers. Ladies are mostly searching for the outclass Lawn arrivals, there wait is now over. Yes Maria B has unveiled her Summer Lawn collection for the coming festivals titled as Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2018.

Maria B is one of the most talented, modern and extremely versatile fashion designers. She always produces wonderful layouts with innovative patterns and styles. She is not only popular in Pakistan but widely famous internationally in India, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UK, UAE, United and many other such countries. Eastern and Asian ladies well liked her designs, She has an outlet in the United States of America too. She produces worthwhile clothing for women, kids, and young girls. She categorized her products as all the lawn arrivals and collections in Maria B Lawn.

This pastel colored chicken kari shirt with shocking pink dupatta is a must have for the festive season. Pair it up with statement heels or funky khussa to make it look traditional for eid.

The Cotton dresses and stuff are displayed as Maria B Cotton, All the formal and fancy outfits for parties, evening functions, ceremonies are demonstrated as Evening Wear. What all kinda stuff and dresses for kids and children wear is displayed as M Kids, Trendy classy and cool accessories like glasses, bags, jewellery, shoes, purses and other girly items in M girl, and all the wedding wear attries in M Brides. The embroidered dresses are showcased in a Mbroidered collection. Maria b is one of the most preferred brands which is well liked by the modern women.

This beautiful maroon shirt with digitally printed silk dupatta looks so graceful. It has embroidered sleeves and a well-embellished neckline with threadwork and crystals. Match a pretty pair of jhumkas with this outfit to rock the eid look.

Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2018-2019

The suits have designs that are Mind Blowing; The Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection consists of very trendy and elegant printed sui with few embroideries, cuts and crevices.! “Revel in luxury” A scintillating melange of print and embroidery, these outfits perfectly features a perfection of culture and celebration.

The assortment further consists of ready-made fancy chiffon dresses and suits. The coloration patterns are such soothing, the mixture of Light and vivid colours are seen, mesmerizing embroideries will make your festival extra glamorous. Beautiful embroidered neckline with printed sleeves and borders is a plus to your formal lawn dress which is so luxurious and cool to wear. Here is the latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection, check it out and get inspired!

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