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The 8 Best & Most Stylish Planners For 2019 You Should Get

The 8 Best & Most Stylish Planners For 2019 You Should Get

Nothing represents the organization, preparation, and control quite like a paper planner. Paper planners, unlike their digital counterparts, are better for your brain, and help users reflect, think creatively, and act with purpose. And yes, we know what you’re thinking, paper planners are for everyone! Even if you haven’t had luck with paper planners in the past, don’t let that stop you for reaping the benefits now. Paper planners are now more diverse than ever, with styles and designs perfect for every kind of organizer. So if you’re ready to orchestrate an outstanding new year, take a look at our pick of the top 8 planners for 2019.  

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner was designed to help others discover their passions and find joy from within. In addition to traditional calendars and daily schedules, The Happiness Planner also includes a happiness roadmap, regular reflection pages, and other introspective sections designed to help users practice mindfulness, find fulfillment and develop self-mastery. The Happiness Planner comes as a dated annual daily planner, an undated annual weekly planner, a 100-day planner, or a miniature insert planner.     

PurpleTrail Planners

PurpleTrail planners celebrate the designer within everyone by bringing their artistic visions to life. Planners are completely customizable and let users choose a custom start date, personalized labels, and more, making your planer uniquely yours. Whether you need a meal planner, parent planner, content planner, wedding planner, or traditional weekly or daily planner, PurpleTrail provides every customer with the tools for success. Planners come in two convenient sizes – 6×8 and 8.5×11 – both of which can easily fit into a purse, backpack, briefcase or day bag.  

Living Well Planners

Living Well Planners are created to keep every aspect of your life accounted for and in order. While each planner includes a detailed section for daily schedules and activities, it also focuses on organizing shopping lists and meals, budgets and expenses, phone numbers and contacts, important dates, fitness goals and whatever else in life needs a little order. Living Well Planners strive to be a single resource for all of your daily, temporary, and long-lasting needs, letting you focus on long-term goals while still managing the important day to day responsibilities.

Ink+Volt Planners

Planners from Ink+Volt are sleek, sophisticated, and designed with the goal-oriented in mind. Created to enhance personal progress and productivity, Ink+Volt Planners provide users with monthly motivation challenges, weekly journaling prompts, reflection and self-improvement areas, accountability and plan of action sections, and plenty of blank space for taking notes or brainstorming. Ink+Volt Planners come in 6×8 sizing and are sure to help you stay focused, track progress and stay prepared for whatever comes next.


If an hourly itinerary or a detailed daily outline isn’t quite your style than the BulletPlanner is the perfect fit. The BulletPlanner was created for listers and gives users just enough space to compile detailed to-do lists or important action items for every day of the week. BulletPlanners provide quick and effective organization, without having to account for every hour or detail of the day. These planners also have space to track and record important information like habit trackers, cleaning schedules, favorite recipes, holiday organization and more.  

SkyGoodies Doodle Planners

SkyGoodies Doodle Planners are made for the artist or kid at heart. Resembling a coloring book more than a traditional planner, SkyGoodies offers individual planner doodle pages to help you relax and unwind while arranging your to-do lists, notes, travel checklists, party planning, weekly menu, reading list, weekly planner and more. Doodle planners can be individually assembled through a series of customizable single downloads or purchased as an existing set of monthly planning pdf files.

Lauren Greutman Planners

The Lauren Greutman Planner helps users master organization, budgeting and financial freedom. Unlike a traditional planner, this tool arranges events around their expenses, making it easy to save money and stay within a budget. Lauren Greutman Planners recognize that life and money are inseparably intertwined, and both are more successful when planned together. This planner makes it simple to set aside grocery and shopping lists, track debt, establish a budget and record your expenses, all within the perspective of your daily habits and activities.

Poketo Planners

Poketo Planners are the perfect tool for the straightforward minimalist in your life. Planners are designed to provide clear, succinct and simple organization without the distraction or noise of extra categories or designs. Every planner includes a world map, sections for daily, weekly, and monthly organization, goal outlines, and an open area for notes or ideas. Poketo Planners are created to keep you composed under every circumstance. Each planner is open dated, letting users start whenever works for them and take time off as needed.  

From custom-made creations to straightforward scheduling, there’s a paper planner perfect for everyone’s style. Paper planners keep you focused, productive, and ready to take on whatever awaits, tomorrow, next week or in years to come. To unlock your creativity and improve your organization finds the paper planner this year made just for you.

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Silver Line Store’s Free Watches Grand Sale

7 Best Tips to Choose the Right Men’s Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

How to Spread the Cost of Christmas Shopping Throughout the Year


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Men Clothing

Silver Line Store’s Free Watches Grand Sale

Silver Line Store’s Free Watches Grand Sale

Well, it is proverbially said, time wasted can never be recovered. It is indeed correct since as the clock tickles, we cannot take back the hands of time but only enjoy the moments. It is, therefore, crucial to keep track of time regardless of the activity you have indulged. Being time conscious can save you a great deal and ensure you make maximum use of your time. Silver line is a market powerhouse that gives you the ultimate solution to all you timing device needs.

This platform spoils you for choice with a diverse range of free watches from elegant simple to luxury watches. Ideally, it always has something for clients of different caliber and walks of life. Besides, they also do product customization to fit your unique preferences and taste. This makes Silver Line Store your prime destination when shopping for watches for yourself, to gift someone special among other uses. What’s more, the luxury watches are great in aesthetics, but this is not to imply the function aspect has been deprived off.

What are the Silver Line Stores line products – free watches?

At Silver Line Store, there is a range of cheap watches that can be worn in formal to informal occasions. If you are looking for the stylish Equilateral Quartz watch, artistically made to be resistant to harsh weather conditions, Silver line Store just got you covered. If you are looking for the stainless masterpiece to wear around your wrist, the Stainless Timepiece has a unique wristband. The Minimal takes the shape of a diamond on the clock face, and the Classic Gentleman has masculine, friendly specs. this is a shop you should visit.

The diversity there is is a big boon to them. There are cheap watches for persons of all ages, all genders, and different tastes. At Silver Line Store, there is a promise that any kind of cheap to luxury watches is stocked. There are varied designs, simple to exotic that are eye-catching. Well, the aesthetics are not the only notable things – artistic design, the Silver Line Store watches are functional, durable, efficient and resistant to harsh climatic conditions.

How is it even possible that the Silver Line Store is giving away free watches?

Silver Line Store legit team is currently running a free watches offer. Yes, you heard me right, this will surprise you, but it is only found at Silver Line. However, to have the free watches, you just need to pay the shipping charges, and the watches will be delivered to you. Interesting right! We had such an awesome experience shopping at Silver Line and the quality is guaranteed. This offer is conditional though, maximum 7 products per customer. This means the silver line store runs this offer but will only allow 7 maximum per customers product, to each of its esteemed customers. Nonetheless, this is no cause to worry; this mega offer is one you cannot be hesitant about. The value for the product compared to the discounted shipping rates is any shopper’s desire. There is a significant amount of money one is saving, compared to the latter price tags on the same products. The Silver Line Store is definitely not a scam, grab your piece and enjoy your free watches at thesilverlinestore.

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7 Best Tips to Choose the Right Men’s Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

How to Spread the Cost of Christmas Shopping Throughout the Year Find the Best Prices, Deals, Discounts in One Place

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Recently released Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2018-19 is what we all were waiting for, together with the flavour of radiant shades and styles. Maria B is one of the most significant labels in Pakistan fashion industry who is well-known for its outclassed women clothing ideas and accessories, who is now operating and International fashion industry.  Maria b always acquires a huge effective response from the customers/people and everyone is genuinely liking and appreciating her every single design. Maria b launch seasonal as well as occasional collections like summer, fall, eid, evening wear, etc. Here we are going to discuss the latest arrival linen dresses collection consisting of three pieces unstitched women linen suits having jacquard printed and embroidered shirts. Plain trousers, woolen, palachi shawls, and dupattas.

Maria B designs are surely you can die for, the recent linen series is full of sophistication and glam. Each piece has its own charm. The designer created every single piece with much love that is pouring out. Maroon with white goes absolutely great. The embroidered shawls add more grace to this winter line. Maya Ali stuns in the shoot by wearing the spectacular designs. Let’s have a look.

Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2018-2019

These dresses are nourished together with embroidery and Epcot flowery /floral patterns and all these are appearing to be amazing on every skin tone of every age of women whether average or aged. Females can come across in this collection with the latest vibrant colouring techniques and ideas, gentle floral patterns in brilliant tones, fluorescent colouration and divine edges and borders. Here I have posted almost all the designs of Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2018-2019. All these dresses have delicate designs, bold colour patterns and soothing prints best for this winter season. It is now available nationwide as well as you can also order them online through their official website or

Make yourself more lively by wearing the cool-hued suits and stay warm. It is an unstitched assortment consisting of fabric from which you can easily make your desired style outfit like short frocks, long kameez, kurtas, etc. The embroidery motifs are so charming and presentable. Have a look at the photo gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest linen dress styles.

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Hair Style

7 Best Tips to Choose the Right Men’s Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

7 Awesome Tips to Choose the Right Men’s Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle that suits you can be hectic and time-consuming. There are numerous things that determine the right hair style for you and one of them is your face shape. Another thing is the hair itself. Your hair type plays a significant role when it comes to styling.

Note that a certain hairstyle may suit the shape of your face, while others may not. For instance, short and tight hairstyles are perfect for square-faced guys. It is crucial to understand that, your hairstyle should depict your personality as well as aesthetic. Also, your hairstyle should give you confidence and make you feel complete.

For that reason, picking the right men’s hair style should be a decision that you arrive at after considering a lot of things. If you have no idea where to begin, there are plenty of trendy men’s hairstyles to choose from online.

7 Best Tips to Choose the Right Men’s Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

If you are wondering how to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape, then this article is for you.

Just continue reading to learn more.


  • Determine the Shape of Your Face


First things first: Before you start selecting the right hair style for you, what is your face shape? Different people have different face shapes and the hairstyle that suits your friend might not suit you.

Determining your face shape is the most important and first step to help you decide which hair style is right for you. Once you know your features, the process of selecting the right hairstyle becomes easy.


  • Accept Your Hair


Before you pick your hairstyle, you also need to acknowledge your hair. Numerous things will determine how the stylist will do with your hair, including the density, texture, and movement. Remember, you might choose a particular hairstyle but the aftermath could be worse. For example, a hairstyle that suits best on thin hair might not work well on thick and curly hair. Therefore, it’s good to understand that some hairstyles are not for you before you begin selecting the perfect one for your face shape.


  • Consider Some Influencing Factors  


Once you have determined the shape of your face and you are clear of the haircuts to complement it, you know the texture of your hair; you also need to consider these persuasive factors.

  • Personal Style– As we have stated earlier that a hairstyle is something utterly personal; you need to determine the types of clothes you put on. Ensure to match everything so that you don’t look awkward.
  • Maintenance– How committed are you to that hairstyle you want to pick? Remember, different hairstyles require different types of maintenance and commitment. So, ensure you are ready to commit yourself to maintain that hairstyle you choose.
  • Products– Products form part and parcel of your day to day maintenance of your hairstyle. You need to know how much you will be spending on the hairstyle you pick. In this case, you will need to pick a hairstyle that requires products that you can afford to pay for and that will save you time.


  • Determine the Kind of Hair style You Want


Before you start selecting the right hairstyle for your face shape, there is that style you feel confident about your hair. What is it?

You may also ask your friends to know whether the style you want to pick suits you the best, or if you just need to change your current hair style and what changes should you make to look better. If your friends suggest that you change, let them suggest the style they feel could look more attractive.

Remember, at this point, some of your friends will recommend you some styles they have been yearning for. For that reason, you need to be careful since some of the suggestions may be unsuitable for you.

Most of the suggestions your friends will give you are of styles they have seen. They will simply associate your face with a hairstyle they have seen on other people so ensure to know why they think the particular hairstyle they are suggesting would suit you. You might as well ask them about the look-likes of the people they have seen with the hairstyle they are suggesting.

Besides your friends, you could browse online to search for hairstyles especially for celebrities and comb through the pictures until you get the right one for you. As you comb through celebrity hairstyles, ensure to find those that have facial features that resemble yours. Other areas you could consider getting inspirations are fashion magazines and sports icons.


  • Seek Help From the Experts


Once you have decided on all the above points, you need to get help from an expert. We hope you have printed some pictures of hairstyles you feel confident with. Take these pictures with you to the salon. Chances are that you will even get more suggestions that you or your friends are not aware of.

Remember, you don’t have to go to the most expensive salons. However, your top priority is to get help from somebody who will make you feel comfortable, who will guide you and advise you on the best hairstyle that suits you and your face shape, although, in the end, you are the one to decide what’s right for you.


  • Try It Out


After you have asked friends for suggestions, researched online for inspirations and obtained help and advice from an expert it’s time now to do the actual thing instead of dreaming about it.

Get a good hair stylist who knows the job and in this case, ensure to choose a person who knows men’s hair.


  • Ask for Feedback from Family and Friends


After all is done, you are on a new hairstyle; you can get feedback from all your friends and family. Ask each one of them to give his or her honest feedback. Ask them to tell the difference between your new hair style and the previous one. Does the new style outsmart that precious one? If it’s your first hairstyle, does it look great?

This way, you will be able to get excellent feedback on whether you should keep the hairstyle or change it to make it look better. You might even get suggestions on what products to use to enhance your new hairstyle.

Final Words

Until this point, we hope you are confident with your new hairstyle. We hope you have obtained suggestions and recommendations and your hair stylist has done their job to make your dream into a reality.

Do not forget to share this post so as to inspire others who are stuck like you were before you landed on this page.

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Christmas Gifts Ideas

How to Spread the Cost of Christmas Shopping Throughout the Year

The holidays are an exciting time of year, full of family, fun, and gift-giving. But the holidays can also be extremely expensive, and if you don’t budget well throughout the year, you can end up in a lot of debt, and with loads of stress to boot. Here are some tips for spreading the cost of Christmas shopping throughout the year.

How to Spread the Cost of Christmas Shopping Throughout the Year

Here we are sharing some of the important tips and tricks to spread the cost of Xmas shopping throughout the year. Give it a read to know.

Start Early:

One of the smartest things you can do when it comes to shopping for Christmas is to start early. This will help you avoid that last-minute panic of trying to find perfect gifts for everyone in the month of December, and, more importantly, will help you spread out your Christmas shopping costs throughout the year.

So, if you’re out shopping in July, and you discover a gift that would be perfect for your parent, friend, or significant other, don’t shy away form purchasing it just because it’s “too early.” Another approach to take with early gift shopping is to purchase potential gifts as you become aware of them. For example, if you see a great watch, or, even better, if you come across a great sale on watches, make a gift purchase – even if you’re not quite sure who it will be perfect for. By the time the holidays roll around, you’ll have a veritable suite of potential gifts to dole out to your loved ones.

At the very least, make a promise to yourself to start your Christmas shopping in October. That way you’ll have three months to spread Christmas shopping costs across, instead of just one if you normally start in December.

Use credit cards – but use them wisely:

Credit cards definitely come in handy over the holidays, when you tend to spend much more in a couple months than you do during any other average month in the year. However, if you’re not extremely careful about how you’re using them, including how many cards you’re using and the exact balance on each card, then this may end up being a huge pain come January.

If you get into trouble with credit cards and debt over the holidays, there are some banks and institutions that will help out people with low or bad credit scores. These institutions will allow you to pay a fixed monthly rate, and find a repayment plan that is feasible for your income. Or, you can consider a catalogue with pay monthly options.

Have a plan:

Another major pitfall of Christmas shopping spending is going into it without a plan. If you don’t have a set list of gift recipients or a clearly outlined budget of how much you’re willing to spend, then you are much more likely to overspend and go into debt. Do your homework ahead of time to make sure you have a plan for spending, and do your best to spread that spending over a longer period of time so it doesn’t all hit your wallet at once.

With these tips for spreading out the cost of Christmas shopping throughout the year, you’ll be able to save money, shop efficiently, and enjoy the holiday season even more.

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Sana Safinaz is a premium luxury cloth retailer that provides with a unique clothing line for women. Due to the high quality & stunning designs, it is becoming the need of every eastern woman. This legendary cloth manufacturer took its first step in the fashion field in 1989 and since then it has achieved a large-scale fame especially in the last few years. A timeless, luxury and sophisticated designer wear that always come with best women dresses and unseen craftsmanship that has become the dream of women especially in Pakistan for every season & making the dream of the women come true the brand released its amazing winter collection volumes and now the most amazing shawl collection by Sana Safinaz is presented with the latest shawl designs. Here we are going to discuss the Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2018-19.

These designer ladies have always taken care of the needs of consumers according to season just like shawl is needed in the winter season and most women prefer to wear it as it has also become a huge trend of the season, so why not with style & matching according to your clothes?


Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2018-2019 is quite impressing with eye-catching the play of colors and best women dress accentuated in ethnic, urban and tribal prints. The whole winter attire is a best seasonal package with a high dose of versatility and elegance in it. The dresses in this collection are made with fabrics like woven and marina, where shawls are made more elegant with fancy stuff, intricate embroideries, and embellishments of motifs that have enhanced their charm. There are dresses like ultra-feminine Paisley to large contrast cashmere trees, monochrome floral to pretty motifs, trellis patterns to anthemion motifs, striking sub-continental paisley with elaborate geometry, in short, it is full of lovely and petrifying elements with a pair of complimentary shawls done with intricate detailing.

You can get this stunning yet playful trend with its evergreen features for the whole chilly season from any Sana Safinaz outlet across the country and as there are extended branch stores in various cities of the country, so I think it is so easy to fulfill your winter wardrobe dream with Sana Safinaz. The prices are kept worth paying off due to the quality stuff and valuable trends it is offering. Furthermore, there are details of this shawl collection in the picture gallery below to make it the easier choice for you girls, hope you will love them. So keep on enjoying this chilly weather with style and sophistication. Thank-you.

A cozy-yet-ethereal feeling of intimate winter gatherings, a mood tinged with the familiarity of vintage and the novelty of adventure. A muted palette studded with accents of bright electric color. You will fell in love with each design as every piece speaks its own dialect. From tribal and desi prints to the modern and traditional ones. This whole assortment is a statement of fashion and class. You will see the rich Kashmiri embroideries with contemporary cuts and patterns.

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Pakistan’s one of the most leading brand and textile industry, AlKaram, famous for its outstanding prints and hues in the world of fabrics has now launched their winter series. Magnificent designs, embroidery works and beautiful cuts and laces have always been the trademark of this brand. Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2018-2019 presents you the best of, stitched and un-stitched clothes, including formal, semi-formal, ready to go and casual wears. Catalogs for Volume 1 and 2 are all out now in stores.

AlKaram always goes beyond the boundaries of criticism and puts in the new vision of creativity in each year’s collection. Great prints with affordable prices are the hallmarks of this season’s collection, the cost ranges from PKR 2400 to PKR 6500, drawing the attention of both the working women and the housewives. Al-Karam Winter collection is a treat full of warmth and astonishing lines of trends. The wide range including cotton karandi, winter khaddar, cotton linen with woolen shawls, resham linen, and resham twill provides you with the great variety to choose in accordance with any of the festive occasion.

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2018-2019

Alkaram promises to bring out unique creation along with the huge range of variety as well. Following are the various lines of designs that are all out now in markets. Catering to the demands of all, AlKaram always adds a hint of urban touch to the desi lines of garments. This year Al-Karam has raised the bar and launched a whole new range of vibrant colours and dazzling designs in AlKaram Kashmiri dress series. Beautiful and fresh hues with enchanting prints are all this assortment is about.

Alluring digital prints for winters can be now found in the whole series of Alkaram Winter Digital dresses. Whether its Cotton karandi or Linen Fabrics, Digital prints feature a trendy and super stylish outlook for your casual wears. Even the new range of 2 piece suits are also carrying beautiful and stunning digital prints.

Just like last year, this year Alkaram has again launched their marvelous and luscious range of Luminous series. As the name tells, they are all about elegance merged with vibrant arrays of colours. The fabrics available in this series are linen and khaddar with varying colors, from black to brown to purple, pink, yellow and orange. Shirts, either plain or printed both embroidered coupled with dyed shalwars.

What is next is the magic that is filled with extravagant designs blended with the oriental trends of the East. Alkaram dresses reflect the amazing culture with the hints of the modern style of wardrobes. AlKaram admires the wealth of the beauty of nature, the greenery, and the blooming flowers. Inspired by fresh ravishing views of nature, this line of fabrics comprised of amazing floral prints. Three piece suits having printed palachi shawls paired with viscose printed embroidered Kameez and matching shalwars.

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses 2018-2019 Lyallpur Collection

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Lyallpur 1872 Collection 2018-2019

Another Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Lyallpur Collection for you people, seems like Maria B never rests? Han? If we consider that this all effort just for us, for fashion lover ladies and young girls. Maria B is defined with glamorous, elegance, contemporary, scintillating and chic trend provider.  One can say that the fashion industry owes a lot to Maria B. This gorgeous lady is a very wise trend reader who has always brought her seasonal collections after a huge research and analyzation about designs and styling.  Maria B is a real proud of Pakistan’s fashion industry as it has gained fame all around the world. This internationally growing brand has developed interests in many women to wear eastern clothes without hesitation no matter in which part of the world they are living because of the amazingly designed dresses by Maria B.

Let’s have a look at the queue for Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Lyallpur Collection 2018-19. As we always provide you with exclusive and authentically approved fashion news so never stop visiting and keep updated of new fashion. Just like today, we are posting a very recent collection M Prints features inspiring and elegant winter wear clothes.  Like last year Indian pashmina winter collection by Maria B got so famous among fashion lovers, we expect that this collection is also going to win hearts.

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Lyallpur 1872 Collection 2018-2019

In this assortment, the shirts are embellished with Asian elegance and different regions flavors. All dresses in this collection have the beautiful signature blend with influential and unique designs. The stunning designs with awesome colors are so damn attractive that one can never get out of the shop without buying at least one of them. The color scheme used is mostly the combination of bright colors like blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, purple, grey, etc. These dresses are a perfect choice for young girls especially.

All of these dresses contains multi-colored prints like red, blue, black, orange, yellow, green, brown, pink, beige etc. Khaddar and linen shirts are paired with printed winter lawn, chiffon, and tissue silk dupattas. Camric and khaddar trousers are added to these shirts.

The Linen Dress series also contain long embroidered neckline prints along with other designing patterns like lacework, ribbon work, and Kashmiri karhai. This latest printed series includes a wide range of warm clothes, innovation, and luxury. Through this collection, Maria B is directly dealing with Indian clients that are proud to Pakistani fashion industry that our designers are getting such demand and appreciation across the borders. Hats off to the creativity of Maria B, a unique, stunning and breathtaking embellishment and color contrasts in this Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection show the effort of the designer.
Have a look on these dresses comprised of sensational designs and admiring prints.

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ShoesWinter Fashion

Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Designs Collection 2018-2019

Latest Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Designs Collection 2018-2019

There are fewer brands in Pakistan that are considered as the fashion symbols for trendy and stylish foot wears. Established since 1986 Metro shoes are one the most favorite footwear brand of the consumers. It provides a large variety of fancy bridal, formal, casual, seasonal ladies shoes collection with pretty matching clutches and handbags. Moreover, men’s shoes series are also available. The brand stayed ahead of all in maintaining its name in the industry by offering sophistication combined with elegance. Even back in 2011, Metro achieved 24th annual achievement award for best performance in retails due to its high standards of quality. Not only footwear, Metro now offers bags, clutches, garment and even jewelry including other accessories too. Here we are sharing the Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Designs Collection 2018-2019

This season metro calls all the ladies, who prefer flexible and comfortable footwear to their latest series of winter collection. Fabulous, trendy and beautiful designs are its key features. This article will give you a review regarding the trendy footwear range. Make your choice and get yourself fantastic, comfortable, stylish and decent designs were matching with your dresses.

Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Designs Collection 2018-2019

The most awaited footwear of the winter season has always been high ankle shoes and boots with flat as well as high heels, so metro also laid its focus on those. Bringing out cool western style shoes that can go with jeans and jackets. In bold and darker colors, this collection will bring beautiful contrast to your outlook.

Ankle Boots & Cowgirl Shoe Styles:


Decent shoes, stylish sandals, trendy long boots, bold high ankle boots, cool wedges and pretty pumps, all are available at the nearest outlets of a metro in all the major cities of Pakistan. Women can keep up their style with the eye-catching designs. For casual hangouts, the team of metro worked out adorable pumps with soft hues and delicate designs. The latest winter arrivals also include wedges that rapidly went viral this year. You can carry these as formal and casual wears as well.


Appealing, Fancy and delicate high heels are always in demand irrespective of any season. As they are equally loved by women of Pakistan for festive occasions, especially weddings. Therefore, Metro present the whole range of fancy bridal flat and high heel with fancy clutches and jewelry too. All shoes are beautifully adorned with bright colors. Pink, brown, black, silver and gold are all available here. Highly attractive yet comfortable.


Collection for men’s footwear is also stylish and trendy. From western style shoes to traditional sandal styles, the metro provides all at very reasonable prices. Whether its collection for men or women the price for casual foot wears ranges from 1195 PKR to 2795PKR. Whereas the price exceeds moving to more formal and fancy foot wears.

Peep Toes:

Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Collection 2015-2016 (9) Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Collection 2015-2016 (10)

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ClothingWinter Fashion

Outfitters Winter Dresses Collection 2018-2019 for Men, Women & Kids

Latest Outfitters Winter Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Rough winters won’t be a problem this year, as the new Outfitters Winter Collection is out now. The latest Outfitters winter dresses 2018-2019 collection has been launched. The great style of fabrics and embroideries will alter your choice for your winter wardrobe. This latest collection is a perfect combination of modernity with elegance. Various varieties of jeans, cardigan, sweaters, shirts, coats and jackets are the quintessential part of this collection. The more vibrant hues and bright shades make it stunning and attractive.

When it comes to seasonal dresses for all age groups, Outfitters is one of the leading brands that comes to mind. From the casual wears to the formal dresses, from eastern to western, the Outfitters caters all the needs of its customers. In this article let us give you a great insight about the latest winter collection by outfitters.

Ethnic by Outfitters Winter Dresses Collection for Women:

The three pieces unstitched compilation for winters can be considered as the most up to date collection for women. It is a marvelous and stunning winter aggregation that has been recently dispatched from the house of Outfitters. Ethnic collection falls under the sub-label of outfitters. Ladies! Now it is time to alter your fashion trends and embrace the transition of style from long shirts and palazzo to the medium length shirts with cigarette pants and capris. The ravishing prints coupled with great material and fabrics by outfitters provides you the best of both deals. Ideal for women of every age Outfitters launches a whole new series of unstitched and stitched fabrics. All dresses are adorned with great self-prints and fine stitch works.


Latest  Western Style Outfitters Winter Dresses for Boys & Girls 2018

The Western Winter collection of Outfitters is one of a kind and when it comes to quality, no doubt it has raised the bar to international standards of fashion and style. Outfitters Winter Collection is well known for its bold and strong colors with comfy and warm fabrics. This range of clothing lines provides its customer not only casual wears but also dresses for men, women and kids.



Classy shirts with cool denim khakis along with fabulous jackets attracting men of all ages towards this latest collection. Beautiful floral printed shirts with the great variety of jeans and trousers are equally loved by girls and women. Along with clothing line, Outfitters has also launched a series of handbags, clutches and shoes that can go with your favorite outfits. Whether it’s tunics or tops, all varieties are embellished with bold hues including Grey, Green, Brown, Black, Red, Blue, and White.



Outfitters Winter Dresses Collection 2018-2019 for Little Kids (Girls & Boys)

When it comes to style, kids these are not willing to stay behind the lines. Every parent wants their kids to look as trendy as they do. So Outfitters brings a solution to this problem. Now every kid can get to wear best of the style and great material. They present you winter collections for juniors. This range of dresses is designed for both the little girls and cool boys. It has blends of shading. Outfitters Junior is acknowledged as the driving style brand for kids of all ages. The line of clothing provides you both for the occasional and festive events. Brilliant colors and striking cute designs are going to be loved by the kids as well. The dresses seem to be quite appealing and dazzling in an economical price range. The range includes Pants, shirts, hoodies and shoes for young gentlemen. Whereas for our young ladies, there are gowns, tops, tights, pants and shoes with delightful colors and beautiful prints. The junior winter collection is going to brighten up the closets of children of the ages 2 to 14. The range of shades includes Red, Green, Blue and Dark Chestnut Maroon.

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