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Pakistani Fashion Latest Women Best Winter Dresses 2019 Designs

Pakistani Fashion Latest Women Best Winter Dresses 2019-2020 Designs

Hey summer tiresome people, had a long summer? Now craving for winters? Just like me, summer is just another Pakistani thing. So mostly our concentration is directed towards summer varieties but as winter is not so far and spring is already prevailing the sky. So what if we start moving towards winter’s stuff like food, clothing & other winter staff. Lets pack for it by looking the latest fashion wears as it’s been a long time with summer design we all want something different. Winter is the season where we mostly prefer to buy dresses by which we can get properly covered as well as look sophisticated too. Today we are sharing the Latest Women Best Winter Dresses Designs Collection 2019-20 by Famous Pakistani Brands.

Winter choices mostly include the designs on which its comfortable and stylish at the same time to wear cardigans upside the clothes. But our fashion designers know before their people speak & are bringing unique and amazing varieties for people of all age this winters like every year. Let’s have a look at Latest Women Best Winter Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020 by some of the salient brands:

Pakistani Fashion Latest Women Best Winter Dresses Designs Collection 2019-20

  1. Chinyere:

               Chinyere being a famous collection of all the time has been fascinating us every season either winter or summer, spring or mid breeze. Not only seasons but the collection has no limits for occasions too like eid, party, casual wears etc. Chinyere does not only serves for men but a number of its collections have been launched for women till now. Similarly, this summer Chinyere launched its stunning collection consisting of various designs like every year. How come it will not be doing the favour to winter. This winter chinyere is providing us with something different.

  1. AlKaram:

                 We all are well aware of the house of Alkaram. This fashion house has the variety of various things including clothing, bedsheets etc. Is specifically we talk about the women clothes than as in summer we bought a number of collections by Alkaram, probably we are going to do the same for winter just like last year when Al Karam launched its winter collection for women. Now after the successful response, this year Alkaram winter assortment has disclosed vol-3 collection. Al Karam textiles have presented 30 prints of unstitched format specially designed for new year parties for girls. Once again long shirts and kurti fashion are introduced having a mixture of contemporary and classic prints with a little modification of bottom wear with stretchy trousers and palazzo. The brand has introduced the ideal combination of embroideries & various prints on linen and pashmina. The color scheme for this latest collection of winter has slightly bright and prominent where the dresses are the creative blend of regional style, modern embroidery and uniqueness.

  1. MARIA.B:

         Beautiful and elegant just like the brand designer herself. After the success of the recent collections Maria. B is now launching its winter collections for women. Finally wait is over because this Pakistan’s no.1 brand has unveiled the latest winter collections. The outfits are stylish and are mostly best suitable for the evening outgoings such as candlelight dinners, parties, evening functions, bone fire etc. Sometimes designers are confused regarding people’s choice but Maria. B is the one who believes that only professionalists can do work and that is the reason why its collections are always highly demanded and loved by the customers.

This new collection consists of both stitched and unstitched clothes with very reasonable prices that one cannot consider them so high or so low. In this modern age, every woman and girl wants to look stylish by wearing simple dresses, same way Maria.B has always designed just according to people’s choice. Though this winter dresses collection generally specifies party wears, with the use of bright colours like black, maroon, purple, red, green just perfect for teenagers. Where on the other hand the collections for women is also available with soft and light colours elegant in their own i.e peach, pink, yellow, silver. It is to inform you all that these beautiful latest collections are now available at their outlets so what are you waiting for? Come one go hurry up and keep your dressing up to date.

  1. Khaadi:

              Khaadi is usually famous among us for its kurta awesome kurta collection.Khaadi has introduced the top khaadi formal wear collections. Previously Khaadi has been fascinating us with amazing summer kurta varieties and now winter dresses varieties are revealed by the brand.In this collection latest design, technical cuts and patterns can be seen. The kurta collection can be worn with pyjama, pencil trouser press, churi, jeans and other garments. With the superb collection of A-line shirts, long shirts women of all ages are provided with the most fashionable touch in their looks. The dresses are formal and casual as well as best party wears are also now available.

  1. Warda:

             Warda, a well-known name in Pakistani fashion industry was first launched in 2006 and has been providing us with its most stunning collections by the years and seasons from then. After getting successful high demands Warda is now moving towards its launch in other countries of Asia i.e in India and UAE. The brand has recently revealed the high-class panoramic embroidery for the last winter. Warda prints fall-winter collection for this winter has also come with the fabulous chiffon and karandi prints. The collection consists of new styled stitched trendy long shirts with pajamas and trousers.The shirts being exclusively nourished with different prints and patterns seems to be best party wears. Warda is one of those names which offers premium fabrics at affordable prices.The chiffon, karandi, khaddar and silk collections for this winter are available in lovely bright colours and are best suited especially for the girls of young age. Here we go through some of the variety from this latest winter dresses collection for the year 2020.

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Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2019-2020

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2019-2020

Sana Safinaz is a premium luxury cloth retailer that provides with a unique clothing line for women. Due to the high quality & stunning designs, it is becoming the need of every eastern woman. This legendary cloth manufacturer took its first step in the fashion field in 1989 and since then it has achieved a large-scale fame especially in the last few years. A timeless, luxury and sophisticated designer wear that always come with best women dresses and unseen craftsmanship that has become the dream of women especially in Pakistan for every season & making the dream of the women come true the brand released its amazing winter collection volumes and now the most amazing shawl collection by Sana Safinaz is presented with the latest shawl designs. Here we are going to discuss the Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2019-2020.

These designer ladies have always taken care of the needs of consumers according to season just like shawl is needed in the winters and most women prefer to wear it as it has also become a huge trend of the season, so why not with style & matching according to your clothes?

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2019-2020

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2019 is quite impressing with eye-catching the play of colors and best women dress accentuated in ethnic, urban and tribal prints. The whole winter’s attire is a best seasonal package with a high dose of versatility and elegance in it. The dresses in this collection are made with fabrics like woven and marina, where shawls are made more elegant with fancy stuff, intricate embroideries, and embellishments of motifs that have enhanced their charm.

There are dresses like ultra-feminine Paisley to large contrast cashmere trees, monochrome floral to pretty motifs, trellis patterns to anthemion motifs, striking sub-continental paisley with elaborate geometry, in short, it is full of lovely and petrifying elements with a pair of complimentary shawls done with intricate detailing.

A cozy-yet-ethereal feeling of intimate winter gatherings, a mood tinged with the familiarity of vintage and the novelty of adventure. A muted palette studded with accents of bright electric color. You will fell in love with each design as every piece speaks its own dialect. From tribal and desi prints to the modern and traditional ones. This whole assortment is a statement of fashion and class. You will see the rich traditional embroideries with contemporary cuts and patterns.

You can get this stunning yet playful trend with its evergreen features for the whole chilly season from any Sana Safinaz outlet across the country and as there are extended branch stores in various cities of the country, so I think it is so easy to fulfill your winter wardrobe dream with Sana Safinaz Winter shawl series.

The prices are kept worth paying off due to the quality stuff and valuable trends it is offering. Furthermore, there are details of this winter shawl collection in the picture gallery below to make it the easier choice for you girls, hope you will love them. So keep on enjoying this chilly weather with style and sophistication. Thank-you.

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Khas Beautiful Winter Dresses Vivid Luxe Collection 2019-2020

Khas Beautiful Winter Dresses Vivid Luxe Collection 2019-2020

As the winters are around, so does our anticipation for the best winter wardrobe collection ever. The month of November introduces us with tons of new and exciting attire collection for the season. Those of you who are not ready to compromise both the quality and style should stick to this post as we are about to introduce you to the finest winter’s collection for ethnic wear in Pakistan- The Vivid Luxe-Winter 2019 by KHAS. The clothing line itself does not need any description as it has been maintaining its repute as the sensation of the fashion industry of Pakistan. Designers at Khas are determined to bring novelty, comfort, and style all in a single dress, that is why every apparel of this brand turns out to be a masterpiece. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the latest Khas Beautiful Winter Dresses Vivid Luxe Collection 2019-20

Khas Beautiful Winter Dresses Vivid Luxe Collection 2019-2020

The khas vivid luxe winter collection, as evident with its name, is going to bring you a spectrum full of colors in a single array. Each piece of this series is designed to bring variety to your existing seasonal wardrobe. the beauty of this collection resides in its wide-ranging prints, embellishments, dupatta styles, sleeves prints, and striking colors. Moreover, the entire winter dresses collection caters to the needs of all; you can manage to buy these beautiful dresses at three different prices start from just 4199 Rs to 6999 Rs only. The low-price range suits cover basic printed shirts with khaddar dupatta and the trouser, and as you move towards the higher price range you will find more of the embroideries and patchwork. In this way you ladies can select any based on your daily needs whether you looking for a suit to wear to a formal dinner or just picking up some good apparel for your work; it’s all right there!

Before having a sneak peek of this luxury winter dresses assortment of the season, let take a closer look at some of my personal favorites of this series.


It was the elegant black color scheme of this suit that first hit me and I was simply spellbound. In such a reasonable price range Rs you can get this beautiful design. It includes a linen dupatta, beautiful embroidered front, back,  dyed shalwar and embroidered lace. It makes a perfect suit to carry around at work.


As I was looking at this new winter collection, I was awestruck by the brilliance of its comfy design. The periwinkle is available at just Rs 5199, and it offers you a khaddar shawl, embroidered front, back, sleeves and a dyed trouser, and an embroidered neck patch. That’s right! All this at such an affordable price.



Let’s talk about another amazing design. Girls who love to carry chiffon dubatta around should definitely go for Oleander. It was the soft peach shade that first caught my eye, but then I was amazed by the use of fine details in its beautiful embroidered motifs. The suit comes with a Chiffon Dupatta, a Shirt, an Embroidered Motifs, Embroidered Patch for Neck and a trouser.


If you are looking for anything purple to add to your winter wardrobe then here is your chance to try this eye-catching design, DAHLIA. What not to love about this dress, from the embroidered patch to the printed line dubatta, the embroidered front, sleeves, and trouser, everything is fascinating.

Let’s take a look at some of the other fine pieces from this collection!

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Indian & Pakistani Neckline Gala Designs & Stitching Styles 2019

Indian & Pakistani Neckline Gala Designs & Stitching Styles

Some trends continue in fashion as they are culture. Where all other trends change, and in Asian fashion especially in Pakistan and India, kurtis and shalwar Kameez are always loved by the women. Continuing the discussion about this we will continue with the various styles and designs of Asian neckline designs. Kurtis are becoming a dress mark of Asian women, and there are various styles and pairing with it like trousers/ palazzo, pajamas, and shalwars, etc. Here in this post we are going to discuss the latest trends of Indian & Pakistani Neckline Gala Designs.

Indian & Pakistani Neckline Gala Designs Collection 2019-2020

These suits are commonly decorated with different cuts, ribbons, embroideries, both hand and machine, colorful crystals, threads, beads.  A-line and straight, bordered and non-bordered all styles and types. The Choice of style of neckline should be decided carefully, keeping in view your figure as well as age, so it can look elegant and stylish whatever style you carry. Mostly v-line is best suited to women of all age. Have a brief look on different styles and types of neck-lines. Today we are discussing the Pakistani & Indian Best and Stylish Neckline Gala Designs Collection 2020 for Girls which consists of very elegant and trendy neck patterns and styles with embroideries, laces, crystals, pearls and many more. They also contain fine thread work, glass work, kashmiri karhai and adornments.

Stylish Neckline Gala Designs for Kurtis/ Tunics

Mostly Kurtis are designed according to the order and taste of the customer, age, physic, and the occasion to wear on, formal, casual, house wear whatever. The latest collection of Indian and Pakistani neckline gala designs for kurtis  is a beautiful catalog of fancy, plain, embroidered and non-embroidered, V-shaped, round neckline, rectangular cut neckline, ban, collar, button, angrakha neckline. As per Indian wear mostly v-shaped, bann type, necklines with laces are worn in both formal and casual events. Others are also used but ratio of v-line is greater; and when trend turns to Asia especially Pakistan, ban, round and collar  are worn mostly. In both trends, the dress is embellished by stone, cutwork, embroidery, thread work, jamawar patches, applique, ribbons, laces and other motives available in a market for the decoration of dresses.

Plain & Simple Neckline Stitching Styles & Trends

Simple buttoned, U- shaped and round necklines are very famous. Necklines are also made according to body shape, as collared, hooked, zipped or high neckline banns, etc. But whatever the style is, it depends on it how nicely and appropriately it is carried and designed. Simple necklines can be designed on frocks and Maxis more than the straight plain kurtis. Mostly stitching details are done to create a minimal look.

Pakistani Neck Designs for Casual Dresses

Asymmetric kurtas and dresses with applique work and hand embroidery are a new trend in both cultures, Zari work, net applique work, cora work, beads, diamontis, hand and machine embroidery in necklines has a good fame and is a thing that suits everyone, of any body size and age; contrary to the other designs of dresses and it always in fashion. Designers have solved all the problems of dress selection with respect to the body type, zipped for thin ladies, shoulder style for wide shoulder women and so on for all shapes. Necklines can be decorated as per own consent of the person, either buy motives that are easily and  abundantly available in market in a very good and wide variety, or can order embroidery of her choice or whatever she wants to wear is easily approachable.

Latest Indian Neckline Designs for Formal Dresses

When we talk about Indian trends, they usually want comparatively heavy work than Pakistan, more embroidery, more colors. Those women use these dresses for daily normal and casual life, as well as in different occasions like Holi, Divali, Rangoli, rakhi, dashehra, and pujas etc. with more bright and heavy work of beads, neckline designs with buttons and motifs rather than using embroidery. They look so appealing and attracting that every girl must get it preferred.

Fancy Embroidered  & Embellished Neckline Designs/ Wedding Wear

In casual clothing we use light embroidered necklines, light decoration with light articles of decoration. Like threads, aplics of velvet,  net, etc. but when it comes to formal, it becomes brighter, heavy , and articles vary diamontis,tilla,cora ,dabka, etc. are considered traditionally formal articles for formal adoration of party wear dresses. kurtas, salwar kameez, etc. It is something that is always in trend in all ages, eras, and seasons. Designers have made the sense of dressing very mature and decent in society, so here are some pictures of the latest wedding wear formal neckline styles discussed above.

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Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2019-2020

Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2019-2020

So, this is the beginning of autumn, winter season, the seasons of leaf shed, dullness as it is being thought from the ages. By wearing warm clothes, sitting in a window with a mug of coffee watching the brown leaves falling. Sounds sometimes boring. No need of getting bored wearing dull clothes ladies. We give you a complete collection, by which you can shine and look bright even in winters and enjoy the season without throwing your style and grace away. Presenting you a full catalogue of trendy designer wears, which will not only let your style go dim but also increase the charisma of your personality and make you stand out of the crowd with your charming style and elegance. And will make you feel perfect with your mug of coffee in your hand. Here we are going to share the recently launched Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2019-20.

So the most anticipated and Pakistan’s One of the leading duo designer brand Sana Shawani and Safina Muneer’s Sana safinaz latest winter collection has been launched and delivered to the stores for sales with the title of Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2019-2020”. A renowned brand that doesn’t need any introduction at all is very well established and versatile brand that is not only known for any particular area but have mastered designing and coloring all aspects of life. The tag was initially established in late 1989, and the name was inspired by the owners, Sana hashwani and Safina Muneer, who are the designer brand partners, as well as sisters-in-law in the relationship.

Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection

They transformed the Pakistani fashion into an international one by delivering excellence to it by their all-encompassing lifestyle brand has a great name in bridal couture line especially. As well as high fame in western, traditional, diffusion, pret, party, casual and formal wears and among all the categories of clothing. As they jumped into the retail business it unleashed a whole new level and is equally beneficial for the owners and customers as well. The name has various outlets all across Pakistan for the showcase of its creation at a huge platform, and it can reach more people.

Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2019-2020

This season Sana safinaz launched winter Muzlin collection, which includes unique and classy designs to add heat to your chilly days and nights with a warm flare of extravagance and beauty. Perfectly according to the needs and desire of the modern women, their constant strive of delivering their understanding in all lines of their creations make them more demand-able. This assortment includes un-stitched fabric that is designed perfectly and made of the finest material with amazing prints which is very suitable for winters.

The combination of appropriate fabric and perfect designs gives this collection the eye-catching attractiveness for the customers who are looking for a stylish winter wardrobe. All the dresses are adorned with the intricate and gorgeous embroidery that is perfectly a compliment to the colours and patterns used along with the prints. It is available at all the national and international outlets, also with the home delivery offer to some specific areas where it cannot approach by outlet until now but soon they will and until now it’s available in all flagship stores of Sana safinaz.

Wrap yourself in this winter’s Muzlin collection featuring cotton satin, the warmth of linen and the softness of chiffon complemented by the luxury of silk embroidery with beautiful digital prints. A signature Sana Safinaz color palette consisting of deep solids offset with vibrant contrasting colors, this collection offers a versatile variety for winters. Traditional eastern patterns from Indian lace to arabesques combined with surprising colorways makes Muzlin a sophisticated and chic collection that will appeal to our loyal Sana Safinaz patrons.

here we are sharing the pictorial demonstration of the variety, which has the great combination of finest digital natural colours like green, yellow and combined with different tones of the colors of blue, red , black , white ,orange purple , brown and many more that you will see in sample photo shoot of models we are providing.

Take style cues from our fabulous Muzlin look book and see how we have upped the ante for chic winter dressing.

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10 Most Effective Ways To Prevent And Hide Dark Circles

10 Most Effective Ways To Prevent And Hide Dark Circles (3)

Dark circles may arise out of different reasons. The best step to take is prevention, but it is not always possible to stop them before they happen. If you need professional assignment help, hire experts who will guarantee quality work and, therefore, safeguard your grades.  Here today we will discuss the ten most effective and best ways to prevent and hide dark circles.

10 Best & Most Effective Ways To Prevent And Hide Dark Circles

  • Identify The Allergen Causing The Dark Circle

The causes of dark circles around the eyes include allergens that may be found within the environment you live or work. Isolate the allergens responsible for your dark circles and keep away. The allergens come in the form of foods, products used, lifestyle choices you make.

  • Enjoy Regular Good Night Sleep

Eye bags that arise are usually caused by sleep deprivation. If you want to keep sharp and tight skin around your eyes, you must choose to enjoy sufficient sleep hours. Create a sleep routine that allows the body to rest sufficiently and avoid prolonged fatigue.

  • Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet

The health of your skin and other organs in the body depends on the diet you choose. Eat a balanced diet with enough vitamins, minerals, and fats. Do not over-indulge or eat less than you are supposed to eat. The balanced diet will keep all parts healthy and eliminate the sagging bags around your eyes.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

A scaly and unhealthy skin causes dark circles around your eyes. Experts recommend that you take a lot of water to keep the skin supple and healthy. The amount of water you take will depend on your level of activity and body metabolism.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking is responsible for sagging skin. Primary or secondary smoking will leave you with terrible sagging bags around the eyes. Beyond causing sagging skin, smoking makes the skin dry and scaly.

  • Run From The Sun

Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun. The sun damages the skin, making it prone to sagging. Use tricks and skin products that will tighten your dermis whenever you expose the skin to the sun.

  • Treat The Eyes Using Natural Products

Avoid artificial skin products for your face. Water, lemon, natural oils, and cucumbers will give you smooth-glowing skin. Choose these products over chemical-based options.

  • Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the causes of sagging around the eyes. Relax, remain happy, and avoid instances of stress. Fatigue and internal stress will manifest in unhealthy skin.

  • Minimize Salt Intake

Salt has been cited as one of the causes of sagging eye bags. Enjoy the natural taste of foods by avoiding the addition of salt. You may add flavors to your foods to spice it up. In case you have to take salt, be moderate, and ensure that it cooks with your food.

  • Use Cucumber 

Cucumbers have been used to deal with dark circles for years. Cucumbers produce a natural sap that will clear the shadows in a flash. The use of cucumbers is preferred because it is a natural method, does not have side effects, and can be DIY.

The best way to deal with dark circles is to avoid them. However, once they have formed, use natural remedies to minimize side effects. Each person will react differently to the products and methods used.

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Warda Pakistani Designer Winter Shirts & Kurtis Collection 2019-2020

Warda Pakistani Designer Winter Shirts & Kurtis Collection

Summer is now going to end; winter is arriving with its cool chilly breeze. After sharing too much summer collections by famous designers.Now it’s the time to talk about the fall/ winter stuff. People are starting their preparations for this cold season. Especially women, they always need something unique, elegant and stylish. Ever woman wants to look good, so dressing comes first in one’s personality. It depicts your whole character sometimes, so always be well dressed without caring that how much you’re depressed. Right now, designers are carrying out formulations for launching their new season arrivals. Warda is a famous Pakistani brand. At very first in Pakistan, WARDA designer has launched their Warda Pakistani Designer Winter Shirts & Kurtis Collection 2019-2020.

Now you need not worry about selecting most up to date dress that meets your fashion needs. We have something special for you. Yes! I am talking about the new collection that we are posting today. Other fashion brands like Maria B, Junaid Jamshed, Origins, Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed are also working out for releasing their hottest arrivals.

WARDA is a popular Pakistan fashion brand dealing with women & girls clothing. It always produces unique content with artistic prints and designs. It was founded few years ago, in such a short period; it has gained too much popularity among the people. Warda deals with lawn prints, winter khaddar, fancy silk, chiffon, crinkle, mareena, cotton, karandi, etc. fabrics. It has its textile mill that generates high-quality valuable cloth materials. Look at these beautiful Pakistani style winter medium length shirts with amazing color patterns and designs from the pret collection.

Warda Pakistani Designer Winter Shirts & Kurtis Collection 2019-2020

Warda Pret Designer Winter Shirts & Kurtis Collection 2019-2020 contains wonderfully stitched dresses, shirts and kurtis. The fabric is mostly solid khaddar, linen, silk karandi, marina, etc. Very beautiful color combinations are chosen along with amazing prints. Beautiful embroideries are done on the necklines. Digital printing, screen and dot printing is used in the dresses. Some are simple embroidered with printed back and well-adorned front panels. New stylish pant trousers are the part of this collection with dyed and printed dupattas. These dresses are best for your winters wardrobe.

You pick any suit for your casual wear as well as formal/ party wear. The series contains beautiful contrasted double shirt dresses, medium length kurtas, long shirts, stylish tops, kaftans and many more. Colors like yellow, orange, blue, purple shades, pink, red, black, brown, green, etc. are used. Beautiful tilla work, gotta and lace work necklines with delicate embroideries are the part of this dress series. The medium length monochromatic kurtas with colorful adornments are perfect for day out gatherings.


Short frocks and peplums are now in a great trend. You will find here some wonderful pieces. Pair it up with a funky jeans or pants and complete your casual look.

The front open black khaddar shirt looks so pretty. It is best for cheerful evenings and party wear.

2 Piece Ready to Wear Winter Dresses

Two pieces ready to wear dresses are also the part of this pret series. It includes stitched shirt and dupatta. Have a look below!

This assortment has been launched from the start of October and now available at all leading stores. Go rash your nearest outlet and grab your favorite article. Have a look on the listed below posted picture gallery and get inspired by the latest Pakistani designer winter shirts & kurtis designs!

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WARDA Latest Women Designer Winter Dresses Collection 2019-2020

WARDA Latest Women Designer Winter Dresses Collection 2019-2020

Enjoying the freezing wintry days? Look what StylesGap has got for you! Now the days to pass on the cold days with boring dresses and false fabric are over, the days of this century demand everything in cozy, trendy and quality assortment. So here! I present to you a common, famous, and well-known name of the fashion industry; Warda, serving the customers with premium fabrics at economical prices in almost every city. A  name in the fashion industry that in ensures your closet to have long-lasting clothing items is today brought to you. Here we are going to share another astonishing dress selection of the season WARDA Latest Women Designer Winter Dresses Collection 2019

WARDA Latest Women Designer Winter Dresses Collection 2019-2020

The designer Brand Warda, founded in 2006 owns the specialty of printed and ready-to-wear clothing for voile, lawn, chiffon, woolen, cotton, khaddar and silk for women in high quality and affordable price ranges. The success of a brand is not an unknown aspect; this tag is famous over the globe and known by everyone. Establishing its outlets in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Sahiwal, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Khariyan, Rahim Yar Khan, SWAT, WAH Cant, Mandi Bahaudin, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Jhelum, Sadiq Abad, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur and Gujranwala etc. the tag has always provided its customers an excellent experience be for Warda, it’s not only a sale but a relationship with the valuable customers. Knowing that winters have passed into our doors, every designer brand is releasing new collections for this season and so is done by WARDA.

Printed Latest Women Designer Winter Dresses

Bringing a real fashion to winters, the famous name has introduced a fresh and exclusive range of ready-to-wear and unstitched printed dresses under the label printed boho chic collection. This assortment possesses outfits made with thick and rich fabrics like Khaddar, linen, cotton karandi, silk karandi, and cambric in single shirts, 2 piece and 3 piece suits ranging from 1600 PKR to 4000 PKR onwards in price. Every single piece of this collection has a nice and unique print embellished with attractive motifs.

Embroidered Chikan Kari Latest Women Designer Winter Dresses

Unique execution techniques, cuts, neckline printed shirts, double shirts, and eye-catching color contrasts and combinations with a traditional look make every dress from the array worth spending for! This array has outfits to give a girl, funky and cosy look and to a lady, sophisticated nice look. Designed and stitched in a way that each dress remains trendy yet elegant; warda has fulfilled the needs of its valued and loyal buyers. So Ladies, grab your bag and rush towards your nearest store to dip your winter in style with these superb outfits. Embrace the grace with WARDA this season; explore the whole array in the beautiful display of them in the images below. Check these beautiful embroidered Chikan Kari dresses in amazing styles.

Khaddar, Linen and Silk Karandi Latest Women Winter Suits

Wool fabric is used to keep bodies warm in winters. Warda has designed a special embroidered series including woolen silk dress, linen, khaddar, marina in amazing prints and designs. Elegant patterns and different cuts can be seen in the assortment. I hope you will love this collection. Stay stylish and warm this winter season by wearing the exquisite designer suits.

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Mausummery Stitched Women Winter Dresses Designs 2019-20 Collection

Mausummery Stitched Women Winter Dresses Designs

Hey, ladies! As the winter season just arrives, I have shared some of the cold season stuff now bringing another most recent arrival by Pakistan’s most preferred brand. Talking about Mausummery, It standout amongst the most well-known and Popular brands of Pakistan dealing with valuable clothing for women. It provides high-quality fabrics in the different diverse variety of unique designs and prints. This brand always layouts it’s seasonal and occasional collections as summer spring, Eid festivals, event wear, Casual wear, formal wear, fancy party wear, winters, pret type and much more.  Just recently, this brand has outlined and propelled their Mausummery Latest Women Winter Ready to Wear Dresses. Here we are sharing the exciting range of Mausummery Stitched Women Winter Dresses Designs 2019-20 Collection.

Mausummery is a demanding fashion label which gives regular collections to ladies. They had end configuration and dispatched such a variety of shocking collections for upcoming Festivals and inter-season. It has been working in the field of style since the year 1997. This Line has been outlined and dispatched for the approaching occasion of coming Events and cold season. Mausummery has always picked up an incredible reaction from their customers from every type of collection. This line composed of brimming with embroidery and high ends. Dresses have alluring styles with a distinctive set of adornments, trendy cuts, and embellishments.

Beautifully designed necklines and printed borders, sleeves with chiffon and silk dupattas is the part of this assortment. This accumulation has been beautified with weaving and laces work, and unique embroidery work makes the attires of this selection worthwhile,  most delightful and Gorgeous. A few dresses are additionally adorned with exquisite prints. Amazing and Bright color tones might be seen in this accumulation.

Mausummery Stitched Women Winter Dresses Designs 2019-20 Collection

In embroidered classics series; there are two and three-piece suits that come in a stitched pattern. They are adorned with exquisite prints. Amazing and Bright color tones are included in this accumulation, for example, Fawn, pink, purple, and white. All outfits in this line are created with exquisite looks and shocking styles. You can make Long shirts, short, medium length shirts, kurtis, frocks, etc. anyone of your choice from the given fabric.

The collection is out now, you can either purchase them online or through any of the physical store/ outlet.  Eye-catching bold and light colors are contrasted to make an ideal coloration pattern, the winter prints, and designs are very soothing, and you will feel comfortable as well as stylish by wearing these trendy outfits. Now fill up your formal and functional wardrobe with these alluring prints and make your personality glamorous. Here below posted is the image gallery of this collection, have a look at these latest winter dresses and get inspired!