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5 Essential Must-Have Items in Your Photography Kit/ Bag

5 Essential Must-Have Items in Your Photography Kit Bag

Photographs and photography have come a long way. Earlier, the camera used to be huge in size, and the photographs used to be black and white. Today, with the evolution of the human lifestyle and the break of social media, the level of photography has also evolved and improved. The camera has become compact, but its features are many. Pictures have become more vibrant and livelier than ever.

Five Basic Must-Have Items in Your Photography Kit/ Bag

No wonder why as per a survey, as many as 1.2 trillion photos were taken in the year 2017 alone! But the new era pictures are not the fruits of the camera only. These days, so many other accessories are required to take that one “Instagram worthy” photo. So, what are the 5 must-haves in your photography kit? Let’s take a look:

  1. Flash

This goes without saying, isn’t it? The first thing you need to include in your photography kit is a flash! No matter how feature-packed your camera is, if you do not accompany it with a good, powerful flash – it will just not help.

Out of the many advantages, the biggest advantage you are provided by a flash is flexibility. Shooting pictures at night? It’s okay, you have an external flash. Natural lowlight not working for you? Do not worry, the flash has got your back.

It is arguably one of the most important items needed for clicking good pictures. You just would not want to compromise with this item.

  1. Ring Light

You must have seen many social media influencers bragging about this one accessory a lot. And why not, ring lights are useful!

This is a new age necessity for yielding a nice picture. Ring Light is a photography accessory that is used to click highly professional photos. It basically is used for clicking portraits that look naturally illuminated.

They are available in many shades – white, yellow, soft pink, etc. Best part? A ring light costs nothing as compared to the lavish photos it generates. Get yourself a Ring Light Australia, and up your photography game a notch.

  1. Reflectors or Light Diffusers

Again, one of those items that must form a part of your gear. Light Diffusers or Reflectors, as they are called, are an amazing accessory essentially required for clicking beautiful photos in the daylight.

More often than not, one of the major issues we find associated with daylight shoot is the wrong direction of sunlight. We often feel the need to redirect the natural light or soften the intensity of the sunbeams.

That is when a reflector comes to your rescue. If you feel the need to click photos in the daylight and redirect the natural beams, light diffusers are all you need. Add this to your photography essentials as soon as possible!

  1. Filters

Let’s just pop the bubble – a good lens is sometimes not enough to click a photo that can make heads turn. So, what is that something that can uplift your photography game to another level? A filter is your answer.

Be it a UV filter, an ND filter, or certain color filters – your pictures will itself become a game-changer if you add any of these to your gear. Especially if you are a sucker for those aesthetic pictures of nature, adding this one item to your kit will work absolute wonders for you.

  1. Memory Card

Last but never least, do not forget to add a high-speed and spacious memory card to your kit. We all know the drill – a good photography session means a lot of high-quality photos.

It is only possible to run out of storage at such a time. Hence, it is always suggested to keep at least 2 memory cards with you at the time of a photoshoot. Believe me, it will prove to be amongst the most essential parts of your photography kit.

Over to you…

Regarding how photography has come up as a well-paid profession, knowing how to click good photos has become as basic as knowing how to write.

But photography is not just about the camera – it requires certain other accessories too. Here, we listed the top 5 items that you must introduce in your personal photography kit. Get these items added to your kit and gear up to click professional photos.

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Summer DressesWomen Dresses

Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection Summer Lawn Suits 2021

Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection Summer Lawn Suits 2020

Well, good news for the fashion lover and trendy girls, Sana Safinaz has just launched its spring-summer collection. As we know it’s the time of the year when we have to say goodbye to winter & hello to the spring breeze. No doubt, the unstitched lawn collection by the brand remains the most awaited ones of the season, but right now it’s time for  “Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection Summer Lawn Suits”. Most of the time, ladies prefer unstitched dresses as it helps to have a choice. They can get them stitched according to their preference and needs.

Like always, Sana Safinaz has once again brought a luxurious lifestyle through this collection. This season, the brand has refreshing lawn dresses with rich, gorgeous, and appealing designs and prints. I know it’s thrilling news for all the young girls and ladies over there waiting impatiently for the next launch.

This line includes a new line of Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection 2021.  That includes unstitched Lawn Suits that includes two pieces, three-piece lawn suits, single shirts, and Kurtis.

Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection Summer Lawn Suits 2021

Sana Safinaz is a very well-known and coveted trademark of Pakistan that always brings extraordinary and unique for its customers that are the reason its demand in the market is growing rapidly. It has modest outfits with attractive clothing styles. The main design focus is on the fusion of western and eastern variations because it is bold, gallant, and contemporary.

The queens of haute couture in Pakistan, Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Munir draw creations from their inspirations on a very creative level. In history, the brand has always provided ladies with brilliant collections for every season and festival. This time the dresses in Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection have breathtaking color contrasts.

The dresses are available in all the leading stores and online since Feb. So, the interval is over girls, grab your choice dress from the market before the stock gets over.

The dresses are modish and stunning, sort of casual, formal, and purposeful. It has thrown totally new and unique patterns of a new scheme. The brand has always maintained superior quality fabrics and this time even better fabrics are used than ever.

The use of pure chiffon and silk is made for handsome designing on motifs. Where the dupattas are appealing with their elegant prints.

Browse through the Muzlin Spring Vol 1 Catalogue: A romantic disposition of joy intertwined with floral embroideries, versatile prints and your quintessential spring palette.

The Egyptian prints are so inspiring and attractive to wear. The combos of shirts and dupattas are the real loveliness of Sana Safinaz outfits. I know everyone is going to love these eye-catching designs so what about having a look at it right now? And here you go.

Have a look on the image gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest designs. The S/S  Muzlin Lawn Collection has been released. Go hurry to your nearest outlet and grab your favorite article for this season!

Browse through the online Muzlin Spring/Summer 2021 catalogue and enter a world of endless possibilities. Choose your favorite lawn options for spring and summer, available in 25 designs in 2 colorways each, with a starting price of just Rs. 2,590. This assortment fulfills all the fashion needs of young modern women who want to be updated with the style. Each dress is designed with perfection. Inspired by nature and traditions. Overall a complete mixture of elegance and royalty.

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Summer DressesWomen Dresses

M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2021

M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2021

The most awaited and affordable designer dresses collection by the most famous clothing line of Pakistan, none other than Maria.B is out now in stores. It has made its name through its unique designing and exclusive style of fashion apparels for women and maintained its standard of quality over the years. Like every year, 2021’s latest luxury collection is exquisite with all the great hues and embroideries that will surely blow the minds of all the fashionista. Maria.B has blended the splendid mixture of colors with the amazing work of embroidery to fire up the latest deal of fashion and glamour. Here we are sharing the M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2021

The model seen donned into this exclusive collection. Each dress is seemed to be adorned with nice and soft shades like the faun, beige, metallic silver, graphite, brown, black, blue and many others as the name tells it. Creative with the dozens of fine thread work, these dresses are the emblem of beauty. From simple embroidered shirts with pencil trousers to the double front shirts, all are here to stun your gaze.

Maria B SS21 collection is an epitome of vivid spring blooms where vibrance meets pastels. With printed chiffon & silk dupattas that flow like the breeze on a perfect sunny summer day, you’ll be spoiled for choice with this wide range of eclectic prints.

M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2021

Varied in designs, M. Prints collection also available in bold black and maroon shades. The series of white dresses are pure grace and beauty, adorned with pretty floral embroideries, sequins and thread work. While the embroidery on shirt seems to be complementing the chiffon and silk dupatta. This collection is specially designed for upcoming winter and spring seasons. These dresses are embraced with beautiful laces in net and with cutworks at the borders.

The M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2021 in shades of brown with embroideries in gold, purple and blue. All the dresses have net dupattas with embroideries around the borders, which give the dresses an extra edge to carry them on any formal event either dinner or family party. Soft as the colors the clothes are designed with easy to wear and comfy fabrics that are a delight to every woman.

The prices are so reasonable than the usual as compare to other designer collections. The assortment really meets to the standards of quality and distinctive designs. As the brand is the most popular fashion label in Pakistan, so the prints and fabric speaks for their good and excellent quality.

Available from the outlets of Maria. B, these fashion apparel are going to steal the focus on every event and every walk. These outfits are perfect to wear in this hot sizzling summer season.

If you have a rising urge to try some unique prints, then Maria.B M. Prints dresses collection is one that you should be looking for, in the stores. The standard of quality, hues, embroidery, and use of fabrics definitely will not disappoint you.

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Hair Style

Want Healthy Hair? 7 Proven Tips & Tricks to Follow

Closeup on young woman combing hair

Haircare is an essential part of the overall health of our body. It is a true reflector of our fitness, besides being an absolute mark of our personality. Male or female – hair is one such asset that is equally important and valued by all. It is an important part of our outer appearance, which significantly affects our confidence level.

With the coming age of social media, likes, comments, views – we have become aware and conscious of our outer appearance. And hair is one of the most essential features of our face. No wonder why, as per recent research, the hair care market is expected to grow annually by a whooping CAGR of 8.7% by the year 2025!

But hair care is often not that easy. So, what are the 7 tips following which you can achieve the much-sought healthy hair:

  1. Wash it the right way

The daily outing and outside pollution make our hair all dirty and oily. To get rid of this excess oil and filth, we make our mane go through a lot of chemical abuse – in the form of shampoos, conditioners, serums, masks. But then again, washing the hair is no choice but a need.

So, what is the correct type of product to choose for washing off all the dirt down your hair? Well, the answer is – a shampoo that is free of harmful sulfates!

A sulfate-free shampoo from brands like RPR Hair Care ensures a mild cleansing of the hair without putting it through hard chemicals. In fact, go herbal as much as you can – aloe vera, castor, and onions are your best friends!

  1. Massage the scalp in regular intervals

Oiling and massaging the scalp every once in a while is necessary. You must have noticed white flakes appearing in your scalp, especially during winters. The reason is that your hair has lost its natural oils because of which your scalp has gone all dry. This is a mark of undernourished hair.

How to fix this hair problem? Massage your scalp with oils, leave it overnight and wash off the oil the next day. Almond oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil are a must!

  1. Restrict heat styling

Let’s just face it – in the era of selfies and groupfies, you cannot just do without styling your hair. And it is no news that styling is just not possible without heat exposure. Curling, straightening, blow-drying – these damages our hair to another level.

So, the best way to keep your hair healthy is by restricting heat styling to a certain extent. To minimize damage caused by blow-drying, make sure to keep the blower at a distance of at least 6 feet with the lowest heat setting.

  1. Chop off the split-ends

Your hair does not look as healthy as it should – thanks to the split ends. They are an absolute sign of malnourished hair. Split ends, if left unchecked, divide further into two strands of hair which makes the hair look frizzy and damaged.

Therefore, to make your hair look healthy, trim those split ends every once in a while. Post-trimming you will be able to witness the difference!

  1. Brush your hair

The tip we have all gotten while growing up! Brushing is a must and you should never miss out on it, no matter what. Invest in soft brushes and gently brush your hair every morning and every night before sleeping. Less the amount of tangles, the lesser the number of strands on your comb.

  1. Check on that dryness

Dryness reflects the damage to our hair.  While many products available in the market promise to fix that – the truth actually is that it cannot really be fixed, because hair is not living tissue. The only way it can be controlled is by taking good care of the hair and avoiding such situations that cause your hair to dry up.

  1. Diet needs to be checked

Obviously maintaining a balanced diet is important for the good health of our body. Hair is no exception! To enjoy the luxury of healthy, beautiful hair – make sure you follow a hair-friendly diet. Go for a diet rich in proteins and minerals. Eggs, butter, milk, nuts, seeds – eat these in apt amounts and make your hair look nourished.

Over to you…

Lustrous and thick hair is a dream for all of us. Especially, with the hype in pollution and radiation, taking care of the hair has not just become more important, but more complex too. Here, we listed the 7 tips we swear by for achieving healthy hair. Do follow these tips and make your mane game strong!

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Skin Care

Cosmetic Laser treatment for Sagging Skin in Sagging Economy

Cosmetic Laser treatment for Sagging Skin in Sagging Economy

People and patients today are opting for skin and laser cosmetic options, not for fashionable motives. Instead, the motivation behind any laser or skin treatment is their job. No matter your job, the importance of looking young and not having wrinkles or acne marks, or sagging skin is high.  It gives you an edge in your career, makes you feel assertive and self-reliant. If you are thinking of opting for skin and cosmetic laser treatment, here is all you should know about it.

For what you can get skin and cosmetic laser treatment?

If you have skin problems, like:

  • Sagging skin
  • Acne
  • Age spots
  • Cellulite
  • Cold sores
  • Freckles
  • Ingrown hair
  • Scarring or stretch marks
  • Laser hair removal for both women and men
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Laser facial

Both of these treatments are costly and require professional assessment. Let’s jump into a few questions that people have about skin and cosmetic laser treatment.

Patients looking for a facelift or laser skin treatment often have questions regarding it. It is best to know every detail before you go under the knife.

Questions that people have about skin and cosmetic laser treatment

Ques 1: Do laser technicians need licenses or training for laser treatment?

As of now, there are no standard or legal requirements for employing laser technicians. They might have a college degree or a certification for performing laser treatment. Though, when going under the knife for even hair removal, you want the person to have a medical degree. It is necessary because it ensures that they can assess and treat your skin woes properly. For people struggling with a unique skin condition, you should unquestionably ensure that the skin and laser treatment providing practice has certified staff.

Also, they should have certification regarding the proper use of laser equipment by its manufacturer.

Ques 2: What side effects can laser skin treatment have on the skin?

Laser treatment side-effects mostly include irritation and slight redness for a few hours. Few people can also get acne or skin discoloration. Though, few patients can get severe side-effects, which depends upon their skin type. Therefore, it is essential that before you get any treatment for your skin, you ask the medical advice about what effects it can have on your face.

Ques 3: Do chemical peels have side-effects on the skin?

Yes, chemical peels will lead to side effects like scarring and discoloration of the skin. These are common and get better soon. Also, ensure that you do not overdo chemical peel treatment as it can lead to sun irritation. It also increases the chances of photodamage from UV rays.

Complicated side-effects include hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. It is best to discuss the side-effects and how long the effects of the same will last with the cosmetic surgeon.

Ques 4: Can your medication affect the skin and cosmetic laser treatment?

There is a high chance that any medication you have taken in the past or currently can impact your treatment. Thus, it is best to disclose about the same. Also, make sure to let them know if you have any allergies for your safety.

Ques 5: After laser treatment, what activities should you refrain from doing?

Do not do any manual extraction at least for a few weeks, especially after undergoing laser treatment, like facial. It is imperative to follow this rule as it kills bacteria that have penetrated your skin deeply. If you squeeze them or more, it can open pores inviting more bacteria into your face.

Ques 6: Why should you consider skin and cosmetic laser treatment?

Beyond the reasons given above, patients often undergo these treatments to feel confident with their skin and body. Others may opt for it to improve the quality of life. For instance, getting rid of blemishes or vein removal treatment can unquestionably enhance your body and life quality.

Ques 7: What is the one tip that we should follow for best skin?

Wear sunscreen! Find a dermatologist approved sunscreen for yourself. It not only prevents your skin from UV rays, but also from pigmentation and skin cancer.

Wrapping up, the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry will see a growth of 5.6% in the coming five years between 2021-2025 as unquestionably people are opting for it to feel confident and improve quality of life. It is safe and with new innovations coming up, recuperating it from is quicker as well.

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Summer DressesWomen Dresses

Nishat Linen Spring Summer Collection 2021- Best Lawn Dresses to Wear

Nishat Linen Spring Summer Collection 2021- Best Lawn Dresses

Enriched with the beauty of summer blooms and accentuating designs, Nishat’s latest lawn collection Summer 2021 Lookbook is has been launched. Though it’s various catalogues and Television commercials (TVC) has taken the spot under the spotlight. The beautiful models have seen showcasing the bright and vibrant summer dresses by Nishat Linen. This year, Nishat’s collection turned out to be more exclusive and exquisite. Thousands of its customers are anxiously waiting for its finest series of dresses to hit the stores. Well, the wait has been over. Nishat has brought its fascinating series of stitched and unstitched lawn collections down to the pedestal of great quality and affordable prices. Today we will discuss one of the best lawn dresses collections of the season.

Nishat Linen- Fabric of Pakistan:

Nishat linen is the trademark of fine designs and quality fabrics. Working for many years, this clothing line proved its competence in the industry and won the hearts of its thousands of customers. When it comes to style and trend, Nishat linen always stayed in the front row along with many other clothing industries in Pakistan. What it earned in return is the confidence and trust that people has in its standards of material selection and ever-lasting prints. So we are going to unveil the latest of its collection for summer 2021-2022 to let your imaginations go crazy.

As spring has just reached around the corner and the blazing sun is soon going to bring the heat waves everywhere, Nishat’s latest Summer collection is a cold breeze for all of its customers. As this series of dresses comprise of three-piece suits, two-piece suits, shirt pieces and kurtas. A variety of dresses is available in pure cotton while others are available in the mixed lawn or 100% pure lawn fabrics. Three piece suits are charmed with elegant, colorful printed chiffon dupattas with graphic floral or abstract prints.

Nisha by Nishat Linen Summer Spring Best Lawn Dresses Collection 2018-19

The use of graphics and block prints coupled with a touch of applique work over the shirts around the neckline and front borders look gorgeously stunning especially when you wearing it with vibrant drapes of your dupatta. This collection also has a series of summer pret kurtas, which carry equally beautiful prints and hues. These ready to wear apparels are great in style for formal and casual occasions. You can either opt for shalwar kameez or shirts with pencil trousers. Either of the designs will look perfect as long as the fabric carries the label of Nishat. The fusion of striking and appealing colors are the hallmark of this collection.

Surprisingly, the prices are extremely affordable compared to the high quality, unique designs, and distinctive hues. The price range for three-piece suits is starting from Rs-2800 only up to Rs4800. Whereas the kurtas are available in the reasonable prices. Who would want to miss such an amazing deal at such an affordable price? So ladies! It’s time to grab your purses and rush to the nearest Nishat’s outlet to buy yourself this exclusive summer treat of latest Nishat Linen spring summer collection 2021. Do not miss out or you will regret it. Have a look and get inspired by the best lawn dresses of the season. The suits have cambric/ lawn stuff with printed chiffon, crinkle, silk and jacquard dupattas.

2 Piece Printed & Embroidered Lawn Shirt/ Dupatta

2 Piece Printed/ Emb Lawn Shirt Trouser

3 Piece Embroidered & Printed Lawn Suits

Fabric Per Meter by Nishat Linen


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Cat Breed Guide – Breeds that Shed Little to no Hair

Cat Breed Guide – Breeds that Shed Little to no Hair

No doubt, cats are great to have around as pets. They are playful, often love to snuggle, and are loyal to their owners. However, many people find it annoying to have to deal with their hair when it sheds.

And for this reason, they avoid getting cats as pets. Of course, nobody would love to have cat hairs all over the house or pull out a strand from your meal, no matter how much they love them.

So, if you are looking to get a cat that will save you the stress of having to sweep away fur every few minutes, we have compiled for you a list of lovely feline breeds that do not shed much. Also, if you have a cat allergy but love having them around anyway, this might just be the list to choose from.

Let’s get into it!


Naturally, this cat breed has almost no hair owing to a gene mutation. The only places you would find strands are on its nose and some parts of its body. Cat studies have revealed the latter to be fuzz-like.

Now, many people think that because this breed sheds less, it means they are not expensive to maintain. That is not true. Cats use their hairs to absorb the oil that comes out from their skin, and because this particular breed is hairless, you might find the oil on its skin or its little home.

Check for simple ways to care for this breed.

Cornish Rex

Unlike the Sphynx, the Cornish Rex has hairs but they are usually short and curly, so they lie close to each other on the skin. The spotty waves on human hair paint a picture of what it looks like.

And because it is very short, it is hard for it to fall off their skin. This makes the Cornish Rex an eligible candidate among felines that shed little to no hair.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has short, curly, thin fur. Having thin fur makes it easier for you to groom them and reduces how often they shed. But this breed loves some TLC and attention.

So, it means you are likely to get some strands and saliva on you. If you have a cat allergy but love having cats around, you might need to talk to your doctor before you get this breed.


If you are looking for a cat breed that does not shed much and is also low maintenance, the Siamese breed is a good choice to consider. It has a short coat and does not shed very often. What’s more? You can also reduce how often it sheds.


Simply use a cat comb to take out dead strands. If you are worried that you might be too busy to remember, you are not expected to remove the hairs every day. Once a week is just fine. You can click here to find out how to clean up cat hair.

Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is related to the Siamese breed. As a result, they have a couple of similarities. This breed also has a short coat and does not shed much. You could also reduce how often it sheds by removing its dead strands every week with a comb.

Note that this breed loves attention and therefore, does not like being ignored. This might not be the breed to consider if you are hardly around your home.


This breed has a fluffy coat. So, at a first glance, people do not consider it to be one of the cat breeds that do not shed much. However, feline studies have shown that they have low shedding due to their non-matting fur. And because of that, you do not have to worry about having cat hairs all over your apartment.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue has short, thick hair that hardly falls off its skin. Oftentimes, people think that because they look like they have a lot of hair, they must shed a lot. This is not true. The Russian Blue sheds for about two to three weeks, usually once or two times a year.

Also, their hair is so soft that if you make patterns on them, they don’t smooth themselves out until you do so with your hands.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is commonly known as a short-haired Persian. Just like the Siamese, this breed does not shed much and is low maintenance. As usual, because it has short hair, you can reduce how often it sheds.

Every week, use a cat comb to comb through its coat and remove the dead strands. If you do this weekly, it reduces the number of times you would have to sweep away cat hairs in your space.

Looking for where to buy cat care products? You can visit holista pet to know more about products for your cat breed.


Most times, people that have cat allergies ask for the breeds that shed less. It is believed that they do better with such breeds than those that shed a lot. However, cat studies have shown that the allergy reaction comes from the skin and saliva of the feline, not necessarily the hairs.

That means even if you get felines with less shedding, chances are that you will most likely still have reactions. So, you may want to consider checking with your doctor before you buy one.

If your reason for wanting a feline with little to no shedding is so you do not have to clean up after them all the time, that’s also fine.

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Summer DressesWomen Dresses

Khaadi Stylish Summer Kurtas & Dresses Pret Spring Collection 2021

Khaadi Stylish Summer Kurtas & Dresses Pret Spring Collection 2021

So girls the wait is now over, your favorite Khaadi summer collection has recently launched. One of the illustrious fashion labels of Pakistan, Khaadi has presented its fresh and new collection consisting of amazing hues and color combinations. Khaadi is a well-known fashion brand of Pakistan introduced in 1998 and is getting popularity day by day. It always provides fashion lovers with their seasonal needs of clothing that is the reason it is getting air not only in Pakistan but also in foreign countries. The talented designers working under this label have an amazing ability to bring something unique and creative that is appreciated a lot by customers, and that is why its demand is increasing rapidly by time. All the designer work for Khaadi collections is done by the technologically equipped studio, and different sort of art is depicted. Today we will discuss the most amazing Khaadi ready to wear stylish summer kurtas & dresses collection.

Like every year, once again the brand has given a stunning comeback of summer collection via these amazing dresses. A scenario of totally different lawn prints is given in this collection. The flawless and blooming prints of the stylish summer kurtas and dresses with the attractive color scheme will win everyone’s heart. All of these dresses are elegant, stylish and according to the latest fashion. Soft colors and mesmerizing prints will take you to the soulfulness of the summer season.

Khaadi Stylish Summer Kurtas & Dresses Ready to Wear Pret Collection 2021-22

The designers have beautifully added the touch of sophistication and refinery along with exhilarating patterns by the alluring embroidery embossed on the neckline. These ready to wear dresses are perfect for casual wear and formal wear. The shirts are available in both short as in knee-length as well as long length providing you the free choice of the best suitable one for you.

Also, shirts with full sleeves, half sleeves and sleeveless are available to radiant and lambent one’s personality & character giving a feeling of resplendent. Shirt with dupatta and separate pants are seen in the assortment. Like kurta pyjama, kurta dupatta, single kurta, and a full suit.


We have seen beautiful embroidery patterns, digital and block prints in this kurta pret collection. The floral prints are adding freshness to kurtas that make it perfect wear for summer. This collection is available in all Khaadi outlets and goof stores in Pakistan. Also, these dresses are available online for the foreign Khaadi lovers and for the customers who do not have Khaadi outlets in their cities. I am sure that after wearing these kurtas, you cannot pass through a crowd without getting everyone’s attention towards your dress. So, impress everyone with gorgeous print and embroideries as dress play a big role in depicting your personality. Furthermore, brace yourself, ladies, by wearing the beautiful kurtas from this collection.

Fusion Tops & Frocks

Tunics/ Shirts with Embroidered Sleeves Trend

Angrakha Style Kurta Shirt

Straight Cut Long Shirts

Khaadi Pret Western Dresses – Tops/ Outerwear/ Pants

Shop these luxurious kurtas@

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Summer DressesWomen Dresses

Khaadi Latest Summer Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2021

Khaadi Latest Summer Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2021

Vibrant and exciting colors are the new style for the season. The coolest fashion vibe is all in the year. This summer gets you a load of funky designs and bold impressions with the latest summer collection by Khaadi. One of the most famous clothing lines of Pakistan, Khaadi is the house of surprise for its nationwide customers, as it always has something new, unique and highly creative. Bold colors with bold impressions come in the package when you opt for khaadi’s finest assortment. Where else to go when you can find yourself the best of the quality and best of the variety under one single label. Today we will discuss the latest summer lawn dresses designs by Khaadi.

You might be wondering How exclusive this collection could be? Well, get a hold on to your imaginations as we are going to get you to immerse yourself in the great detail and review about the khaadi latest summer collection. This assortment is going to excite you with its distinctive appeal and magnificent color amalgamations. Each year, khadi proves that how its experts are good at thinking out of the box and bringing something new and fascinating to its customers. Whether you are in your teens or your 20s or 30s, you can opt for this collection for a shiny summer day out.

Khaadi Latest Summer Lawn Dresses Trends Collection 2021-2022

Here we present you the latest summer collection by Khaadi. Which comprises of not only kurtas but also of long shirts and designed dresses. Khaadi lawn is famous for its cool, soft and light prints in eye-catching hues. Whether it’s pure 100% lawn or mixed lawn or even cotton, all type of summer apparels are going to be the charm of this season’s collection.

Carrying prints and impressions for stripes, block prints, zig-zags, twisted curls, and criss-cross patterns, the fabric seems great to make yourself a trendy summer outfit. To add a little formal touch to the apparels, Khaadi has brought a hint of floral motifs embroidered with the thread work over the shirts and kurtas.

Latest Summer Lawn Dresses- Printed Collection

Colors like pastel blue, navy blue, cream, beige, shades of green and white are seen blooming in this collection. It gives you great options and choices to carry on the occasion and your personal interest. Khadi also provides you with the dresses in different series of dupattas either with chiffon dupattas or in the lawn or cotton. These dupattas are available in a variety of prints and shades contrasting with the dress. Perhaps the entire assortment is one big bowl of trend and style which guarantee higher the quality with best affordable prices.

Khaadi is always famous for its amazing lawn prints and subtle embroideries. The floral patterns, abstract arts, geometric designs, etc are just astounding. The printed collection contains one piece single shirts, two-piece shirt/ dupatta, shirt/ trousers. Pastel colors are more seen this year. As they are perfect for the summer season. Most people prefer light shades so pastel is a good choice. For color-loving people, dark shades are also introduced.

Latest Summer Lawn Dresses Embroidered Collection

These motifs are embroidered with the borders, around the sleeves and the neckline of the shirts. Use of vibrant contrast in the thread work makes the entire outlook of the dress much more alluring. Something you probably wouldn’t want to get your eyes off. It is something you can carry on formal events or even on casual hangouts. However, the quality of the entire collection is completely up to the mark.

2 piece printed & embroidery work shirt & trouser

Just have an eye on the below-posted image gallery. I must say you will fall in love with each and every design. In the embroidered collection you can see the beautiful embroidery work sleeves, necklines, hem, and trousers. The red suit with black embroidery patches on the shirt and printed border is the best one to wear as a formal outfit. Khaadi produces all type of designs. Heavy embroidered as well as simple ones. You can wear these dresses for normal casual routines as well as formal days. You can see every color combinations. Each piece is a masterpiece of art.

Jacquard Two-Piece Suits- Shirts & Trousers

You can see the beautiful and shiny jacquard shirts in bold patterns and colors. We are falling in love with each design.

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