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Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Winter Dresses Collection 2020-21

Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Winter Dresses Collection

with hot beverages, few friends or dear ones, making every moment of our lives enjoyable and memorable. Winters are so much fun especially in our region where it comes for a very short time spam. So, where other preparations are on their way, it’s important to get your closet equipped for winter. There are many brands and designers who are introducing their seasonal collections, and one of the biggest is khaadi. Khaadi is one of the most leading and top notch Pakistani fashion brand. It has once again come up with its most anticipated collection for the season of winter. It includes some warm and remarkable fancier stuff like jacquard, khadi net, cotton net, linen, khaddar, etc

Winter has just arrived so the most awaited collection is. Yes, I am talking about the latest Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Collection. Everybody has got their eyes on it. The wonderful assortment of creative designs and fabrics. The whole series includes almost 30 designs. Some of them are pret ready to wear. Some are un-stitched. Now you can make your cold days alot of fun by wearing awesome dresses by Khaadi.

Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Winter Dresses Collection 2020-21

Presenting KHAADI X ESRA one of the special edition collections of versatile designs to suit every occasion. Choose from an array of vibrant designs and intricate embellishments rooted in our heritage, ranging from silk to chiffon and velvet, which lets you dedicate the facets of your personality with confidence. Esra Bilgic is seeming stunning in each design. And each design has its own unique creativity

This black velvet embellished and embroidered blouse looks ideal with the shimmery navy blue skirt. A perfect match for the winter festivities and weddings.

Yellow is the new black. Yes! this pretty yellow outfit with detailed sequence work on the shirt is best for the mayun/ mehndi functions. The dupatta is matched with contrasting colors of red and beige and goes very well. Esra bilgic appears to be drop dead gorgeous in this desi dress.

Looking for some casual yet fancy stuff? you’re right here. This blue and black outfit is a masterpiece itself. It has beautiful embroideries and an open style. It is styled with a waistbelt and black bellbottoms.

It is a light brown khaddar outfit with a detailed neckline, sleeves, and border. It comes with a color contrasting mustard yellow and green striped pants. Totally loved the look!

Esra Bilgic is looking stunning in this black dress with silver sequence work. It is perfect for parties and gatherings. It has bell organza sleeves and cuffed sleeve borders.


Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Collection consists of casual as well as formal dresses. It contains a ethnic 3 piece suits to modern tops and bottoms. The traditional embroideries and casual designs make this assortment very unique.

Traditional Semi-Formal & Formal Suits:

This line consists of three-piece ethnic dresses consisting of embroidered shalwar, dupatta, and kameez. The fabric will be winter khaddar, linen, jacquard, etc. Bold colors like green, yellow, orange, purple, red, maroon, blue, etc are used.

Trendy Casual Tops Designs by Khaadi X Esra

This line consists of funky tops and shirt styled in perfection. floral, traditional embroidery and tribal prints are seen. Each design ha

Open Style Shirts & Jackets:

These open style shirts and jackets just love. You can style them according to your choice and need. Plus they will keep you warm and stylish in this season.  You can wear them with jeans, culottes, bell bottoms, etc.

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Sania Maskatiya Best Bridal Dresses Trends Latest Collection 2021

Sania Maskatiya Best Bridal Dresses Trends Latest Collection

Sania maskatiya has nailed it again! We wonder how she manages to create magic out of everything she touches. Perhaps her super creative ideas bring life to every color she chooses or any fabric she tames. Her latest bridal collection is reflecting the same. Creating such an appealing piece of dresses by using just soft mellow hues is indeed something worth acknowledging here. Her taste reflects a certain elegance and a regal touch that mesmerizes every other fashion lover. Well! This new collection is a lot more to love, for not just the hues, but the cuts, designs, the combination of styles, embellishments and fine intricate use of embroidery works. While the whole collection has already hit the market and out of business, here is some exclusive insight highlighting Sania Maskatiya best bridal dresses, the masterpieces of this collection.

Sania Maskatiya Best Bridal Dresses Trends- Most Recent Collection 2021-22

Sania Mustakiya recent bridal collection 2019 consists of the best bridal dress trends with amazing patterns. The assortment contains pure ethnic taste with some western cuts and curls. Long floor-length gowns, crop tops, long shirts, lehengas, etc. Have a look at some of the trends.


This dress is something not ordinary regarding its design. A peshwas with lehenga is an entirely new venture to explore in the fashion world. Yet Sania has crafted with such skills that it has significantly amplified the beauty of that faun hues lehenga with fine work of embroidery. The floral patterns designed in long beautiful long whorls over the long pishwas frock are complementing the contrast with the lehenga. Whereas the delicate work in Zardozi and Dabka, using shimmery cutwork over the shirt, says a lot about the expertise of the designer.


When it comes to bridal dresses, red is a must to add-in. But the way Sania added red to her collection is not something usual. The dress with red lehenga is the finest piece of the collection, with heavy embroidery work in ivory, gold, and a bit of silver. The entire bottom is has heavy border, giving this lehenga a more royal touch. Whereas the shirt carries a mixture of various bold shades of red, gold, maroon. The border work on the shirt also carries floral embellishments.


This dress has the most charming and mesmerizing shade of orange which is so refreshing to look at and amazing to carry. Moreover, the work in gold and silver over the gown and dupatta is magnificent. The entire dress is crafted using mellow shades of orange, gold and white whereas the dupatta is sprayed and the four-sided border is greatly complementing those hues in the dress.


Other pieces of this collection include the variant styles of long shirts with lehenga, the very own traditional Pakistani Outlook. These dresses are also designed in mellow colors which mainly include pastel peach, faun, and soft beige, etc. the work over these dresses carries shades of ivory and graphite.


The White has its unique appeal. Hence keeping the significance of white in mind, Sania has also added white to the collection, in this fancy traditional style gown which has a bit of red in front whereas the rest of the dress is embellished with antique gold embroidery work. The lower half is double layered; the out light net layer is split from the front.




Sania Maskatiya Best Bridal Dresses Latest Collection:

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Skin Care

11 Simple Tips & Steps to Better Looking Healthy Skin

11 Steps to Better Skin

Many skin routines are everywhere, both online and offline. But the following simple tips can help stay on a safe lane while improving your skin color and texture. Whatever your skincare aim is, the eleven steps below, collected by Paper Helper, will get your skin to that flawless state you want.

11 Simple Tips & Steps to Better Looking Healthy Skin

  1. Consider Water: If you use soft water to wash your face. You don’t have to use face and body cleansers always. This is because soft water washes away most of the soap when used. On other hand, hard water doesn’t. This gives a reason to use more cleanser for those who wash with hard water. And, this can cause dryness. Using mild nonsoap products can help eliminate this issue.


  1. Consume Green Tea Often: Tea has an anti-inflammatory content that is the grounds for the soothing effect it has on blotchy skins. Cold tea will perform this trick as hot beverages can worsen the irritated skin and other symptoms of rosacea. Another benefit is that the epigallocatechin gallate in green tea can help stop wrinkling by prevention the destruction of collagen.


  1. Reduce Your Stress: Stress affects almost every single part of the body that includes the skin as well.  It increases the body’s production of the hormone cortisol. It also makes the skin oilier that is a major cause of its decreased ability to fight against acne development. Regularly involve yourself in meditation or stress control activities, like yoga to help maintain your skin and keep skin conditions in check.


  1. Stay around Favorable Air: Avoid smoky or air polluted environments as being around air pollutants is one possible reason for the release of the free radicals. It hastens age and damages the skin. Another thing to remember is the dry indoor air that can dehydrate skin thus keeping it dry. A humidifier is a solution to keep your room hydrated.


  1. Use Simple Toothpaste: Toothpaste that has tartar-control ingredients like cinnamon, may irritate the skin, and cause perioral dermatitis, a common condition for the skin. It looks like redness, pimples, and scales close to the mouth. You should use a simple toothpaste to avoid that.


  1. Always Use Sunscreen: Ultraviolet rays can penetrate and enter through the windows in your cars, home, and office. It can cause wrinkling and dark spots. Always protect yourself from this harmful ray by using sunscreen products.


  1. Keep an Eye on Your Dairy Intake: You might want to note this if you have symptoms of acne. Some health practitioners have found that women who take more milk easily have acne. Reasons for this are still unknown, but you might want to cut back on your milk intake and consider taking other foods to make up for it.


  1. Always Use Cleanser: If you have a dry skin, pay more attention to your face wash. You can use it to avoid dry skin conditions. Although, applying a moisturizer after once you have used a cleanser is still an excellent choice.


  1. Watch Your Hair Products: Some hair products like conditioners, and hair creams, contain waxes or oils. It can create acne and clog pores. Avoid them as much as possible. Use water-based hair products instead.


  1. Pay Attention to The Drugs You Take: If you notice your skin problems while taking a particular drug, talk to your physician so they can switch your dosage or drug. Some medications can cause your skin to act-up.


  1. Sleep Well: When you’re asleep, your skin gets to work and repairs itself.  But if you become sleep-deprived, it causes stress on the body. This is due to the release of more cortisol and adrenaline. It can trigger several skin problems. Make sleeping well a habit.

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5 Stylish Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers -Fashion Accessories

Pet Acccessories Ideas

Whatever the occasion, purchasing gifts for people can be a tough task. Finding something that they will love and appreciate is important and will make you feel better and more confident in handing over their present. If you are buying something for someone who adores their pet, then this can add a whole new list of gift ideas for you to choose from. The gifts can range from fashion to accessories and need to be suitable for the person you are buying for. For some inspiration, here are five stylish gift ideas for pet lovers.

Personalized Items

Getting a personalized gift for someone is a thoughtful option for a pet lover. If you would prefer to purchase a fashion item, then you could get a pet owner a sweater or T-shirt with a picture of their pet, or something that reminds them of their pet, on it like these cat socks from fanatic. If you would rather purchase an accessory for their home, you could get a pillow or blanket with their pet pictured on it.

Pet Accessories 

The great thing about buying for a pet lover is that they will appreciate a gift for them that can be used by their furry friend. This can be in the form of a pet accessory, like a new collar and lead, a fancy pet tag, toys/treats, a cute fashion item for the animal, or the designer pet bed they’ve been talking about. This doesn’t have to be a serious gift and can alleviate the pressure associated with gift shopping.

Matching Outfits 

If your friend or family member really is obsessed with their pet, then getting them and their pet a matching outfit is a cute, fun and thoughtful gift idea. These clothing items or accessories can be customized to make a unique and stylish gift for pet and owner. This trend is growing, and you will be able to find matching bracelets/collars, sweaters, pajamas and more online.

Photo Pendant 

A photo pendant can be an extremely heartwarming present for a pet lover, especially if they have lost a pet recently. The classic photo locket can be a perfect gift option. However, for something truly unique and memorable, you should consider a personalized pet photo necklace. These are stylish and go with every outfit, while containing their favorite photo and memory of their best furry friend(s).

Printed Canvas 

Another great gift idea for a pet lover is a printed or painted canvas of their animal. This can be hung in their home and allow them to show off the best sides of their animals to everyone. You could go for a printed canvas of their favorite photo together, or a collage of their most-memorable moments. Or you could get a hand painted custom pet’s portrait that could lead to tears of laughter or tears of love.

These stylish gift ideas will be perfect for your pet loving friend or family member. There are so many options out there, you just need to add your own creative spin and knowledge to make it suitable for them and their furry friend.

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Teeth Bleaching Myths And Misperceptions You Must Know

Here’s why Online Clothing Shopping is Worth a Trial

5 Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable & Stylish

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Beauty Tips and Health Fitness

Teeth Bleaching Myths And Misperceptions You Must Know

Teeth Bleaching Myths And Misperceptions (2)

Teeth whitening is an act of self-nurturing that the average person employs to display their love of self, health, hygiene, and overall wellness. More people today have a concern for their general well-being from head to toe than ever before. If your teeth are stained or have any signs of decay, it can automatically give the first impression to those in your circle that you don’t take care of your hygiene as a whole. Find out the facts on teeth whitening/bleaching at

Unfortunately, teeth are their purest color when you’re a baby and then when the adults first pop in. From that point, they gradually discolor or stain. Not only does age progression contribute to yellowing teeth, but the food and drinks that you choose can bring staining to the enamel. In some cases, people practice poor oral hygiene, not only causing discoloration but the loss of tooth health.

Even if you do participate in brushing as directed, flossing, and gargling with the appropriate strength mouthwash, if you don’t indulge in a healthy diet, it won’t matter.

When you consume sugary snacks or junk and drinking sodas or juices in excess, it can lead to decay. Unfortunately, some of the healthy foods, like specific fruits that claim to be beneficial for whitening purposes, can play double duty in creating instances of degrading enamel. What other myths might be providing conflicting information to the masses?

Myths Relating To Teeth Bleaching 

As a rule, if you want access to reputable teeth whitening, it’s wise to use a professional dentist or whitening kit. You can check out their websites, just like  TrySnow, for a trusted, reputable resource. A specialist knows about caring for teeth you would have minimal experience using at-home remedies.

When it comes to the integrity of your teeth, you want to ensure the safety of the products and the expertise of the person providing them. There are too many misperceptions about over-the-counters and natural solutions with no genuine scientific evidence to back it and inconsistent anecdotal results. Let’s look at a few of these “myths.”

  • Coconut Oil As A Whitener: Coconut oil has an awesome reputation for a plethora of uses in health, beauty, cooking, and as a tooth whitener. The claims indicate that if you swirl the substance around in your mouth in what is an ancient practice of “oil pulling” found in holistic circles, the teeth will appear brighter. The technique traces back centuries actually, but there is no scientific evidence to back these claims.

That is in no way discouraging you from attempting the method. Anecdotally, there might be people who saw success with the effort. You will only know by trying. Each person is unique and will have a different result.

  • Toothpaste That Whitens: There is a wide range of brands selling whitening toothpaste, typically coming at a higher price point than your average run-of-the-mill options.

The recommendations suggest you should take the money you’re investing in these products and invest in a dental whitening procedure or professional kit instead. In order for a chemical to be effective in this aspect, it has to have contact with the tooth for a specific amount of time.

Most people brush rather quickly and don’t concentrate on each tooth individually for specific minutes at a time, meaning the whitening solution doesn’t have the opportunity to work.

  • Pineapple, Strawberries, And Lemons – Oh My: People prefer all-natural, organic methods whenever possible over chemically-laden or pharmaceuticals. That means most will use homemade remedies over a dental provider or any other more professional option. For some people, this means using fruit juices to whiten teeth, including pineapple, strawberries, or lemon juice.

These might seem like a great organic alternative, with pineapple actually having a natural whitening component. Still, the acid in the fruits with time will ultimately destroy the enamel of the teeth, causing the need for more extensive dental treatments instead of merely cosmetics.

  • Baking Soda/Hydrogen Peroxide = Safe Options: The consensus is these are simply not safe oral health options. There is a disruption of the good-to-bad bacteria balance by putting baking soda in your mouth, creating an oral health hazard.

Hydrogen peroxide instigates tissue damage through the development of free radicals. While these note to be potentially successful in brightening teeth, they are the worst possible choice for the job due to the damages they create in the mouth.

  • Drug Store Products: In professional dental practices and expertly crafted kits, the potency of the whitening gel is higher than what you find in the at-home kits. Specific strengths have the potential for causing irritation or sensitivity with your teeth, differing from person to person.

But this is why it’s essential to work with a specialist who brings experience to the table. The expert can create a “custom tray” that gives results specific to your particular needs.

The treatment will be more costly than a drugstore kit, of course, but you will see a vast difference in the investment that you make. And in reality, most patients are surprised at the actual affordability of the bleaching process, not to mention the peace of mind in knowing it’s safe and you will receive the results for which you’re hoping.

While it might tempt you to have your child’s teeth whitened due to staining from either poor hygiene or perhaps medications, but the process can be detrimental to developing teeth. Your child’s dentist can implement a treatment plan inclusive of a timeline for when the process could be a consideration.

Final Thought

Everyone wants to have a nice, brilliant, bright smile. It’s the way we initially say our “hellos” to the world. But, when it comes down to it, there is a time and place for all-natural-organic, home remedies or drugstore box kits, and then there is the option for investing in professional services. View this for guidance on how professional bleaching takes place.

When it comes to oral health and your teeth, whitening is definitely something you want to let up to the experts to maintain the integrity of your teeth and mouth health. You don’t want to take what you consider to be a poor situation and risk making it worse.


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Women Dresses

Latest Pakistani Cape Style Dresses Designer Collection 2021-2022


Dresses with capes have always been fascinating for everyone, it adds up to the grace of a dress and looks more royal in outlook. Well, capes were merely an idea until recent days, where the long gone trend is being revived using many different styles. Now capes are seen everywhere, with casual outfits, wedding dresses, lehengas, sarees, skirts, trouser with shirts and even over jumpsuits. Most of the capes are designed to be worn over the dress while others are fused with the shoulders of the shirt, in both ways, it looks equally appealing. There are many ways in which you can design a suitable cape for your dress depending on the style you are carrying. Let’s dive into more detail to find out more. Today we will discuss the Latest Pakistani cape style dresses in detail.


Latest Pakistani Cape Style Dresses 2021-2022 Top Designer Collection

We have selected beautiful collection of designer cape style dresses. The designers include Sania Maskatiya, Zainab Chottani, Fahad Hussayn, Erum Khan, etc. That is for casual, formal and wedding wear events. Have a look at the below-posted image galleries.



These dresses are the epitome of elegance and simplicity, designed using varied fabrics in chiffon, net, velvet, georgette, and organza. These capes are kept simple without any significant embellishments. Rarely some small motif in threadwork can be seen. Such capes are mostly monochromic in theme or either printed with contrasting patterns.


These capes can be worn over jeans tops, tunics, and casual medium length shirts. Dresses with skirts and crop tops are also designed using a gorgeous cape. This cape style dresses simply to complement the print and color of the skirts. For plain jumpsuits, capes are usually designed with bold prominent prints in chiffon.



These dresses include the range of tops with trousers, pants, bell bottoms, jumpsuits, and skirts. Such dresses can be carried every now and then over some special occasion. The capes are designed magnificently keeping the balance of embroideries and hues. The colors are kept soft, enchanting and refreshing at the same time. Wok in white, silver, beige, ivory and graphite gray highlights the cuts and borders of the designed cape. The embroidery work is either split into neckline or border area or consist of delicate small motifs or botis spread all over the cape.



These party cape dresses are basically the blend of two, which are flooded with embroideries but in a decent way. Swirls of delicate sparkly patterns of adornments can be seen around the neckline of the capes and at the borders. The length of the capes is kept long matching the length of the party maxi and gowns. Chiffon and net are the most preferred choice of the fabric for these capes. The addition of light embroidery around the lower border of the cape creates an enticing charm into it.



If there is a wedding event ahead and you certainly want to carry this cape style around then you need not worry at all, as hundreds of cape designed wedding suits are crafted to lighten up your celebrations. These capes are coupled with shararas, gararas, lehenga choli, wedding gowns, frocks, and maxis. Such capes are heavily embellished using the work of Dabka, Zari, and Zardozi and cut work. Such capes in chiffon carry heavy yet intricate embroidery work all over it borders in golden and ivory. Use of pearl work is also quite common these days.


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Abaya & Hijabs

Fancy Lace Embroidered Abaya Designs Latest Collection 2021-2022

Fancy Lace Abaya Designs Collection 2015-2016

For a Muslim lady, it is essential to hide her body and abaya is the best way to accomplish so. Where abaya helps to keep your body covered, it also is a very comfortable wear. Other than this purpose it has also become a fashion in Arab countries where women are not allowed to go out without wearing it, so they make it as a dress. Mostly Muslim women all around the world like to wear long abaya gowns and so to keep in mind this need of ladies; designers have presented various abaya designs to add a style to one’s look. Also initially abaya was worn in black color but these days many other colors are also seen in this wear. Here we are going to share the Fancy Lace Embroidered Abaya Designs for you girls.

From plain and simple to cuts and laces, there is a huge variety of abayas and gowns also was known as “Burkha” available just like other dresses. By the time new designs appear in the market as seasonal abayas trends and for the fact, some girls these days wear it as a fashion. So, enjoy these new experiences of abaya line by knowing about the latest trends of fancy abayas because different patches, laces, buttons and other embroidery materials are used to adorn abaya these days, and you will see that many well-known designers are introducing abayas line along with their famous clothing.

Latest Fancy Lace Embroidered Abaya Designs Collection 2021-2022

Black is the king color of abaya but it will do no worse if a multi-colour touch is added in designing it because everything has changed in this modern age with cuts, designs and embroideries rather than wearing a simple plain black one. Many famous Dubai and Arab designers have recently launched their unique abayas collection having innovative designs and creative designs having various patterns, traditional themes, and fresh color combinations.

Beads, diamonds, and ribbons are used extensively to add long-lasting beauty. In all new collections, the trend of covering a front area and neckline from heavy lacework is introduced along with stylish embroidery on sleeves. Obviously, an abaya is incomplete without a hijab or scarf, so matching scarfs are also available including brooches along with abaya.

Pretty Laced Gown Styles:

Brooches are also highly in trend these days and, in fact, it has become a trend or essential need with scarf or hijab and seriously when you see it, it looks beautiful Arabic look. Well, you can cover your body with these stylish gown wears no leaving the complex of not looking so good. Furthermore, have a look at these fancy lace abaya designs posted in the image gallery below.

Fancy Lace Embroidered Abaya Designs Latest Collection

Our take on this stylish abaya sounds a sovereign sensibility. It has a demure neckline that then glides neatly over the frame with a cinched self-tying fabric waist belt. It is made up of chiffon fabric and the overlay skirt adds boldness and has contrasting white doily lace adorned along the ankle-grazing hemline and cuffs with a scalloped edge.

This lavender color laced gown is full of style and grace. It has a v-neckline, a beautiful loose-fitting look that falls to a floor-grazing flared hem with antique-like lace on the cuffs and hem. Tie it with the identical belt to make a statement.

Black is always the winner. This full black marvelously stitched abaya which expresses absolute artistic dignity at its best. The abaya has a class with a finish of lace and grace with an affluence of lace details tracking down the front bodice. The subtle lace is used on the beautiful sleek kimono sleeves and has a belt feature around the waistline.

This pastel number with fancy pearls and lace embroidery at the sleeves looks so classy. It is perfect to wear for a day out functions. It comes up in front open style and stuff is chiffon.

This black front open gown with all over pearl detailing and lace embroidered sleeves is a must-have. The belt is added to give a slimmer and stylish look. It comes in two colors contrasted with each other. One is black and the other can be any lighter shade.

One of the most romantic and feminine pieces is this Rosa Antico Blue Lace Abaya. It is ideal for a head-turning outfit. Its crafted from a billowing skirt suspended by a belt insert and details rich floral lace embroidery all over.  The bodice is made from soft blue Nida, that is then lined completely over the abaya for perplexing coverage. It is decorated with antique roses on the hem and cuffs to give it a mesmerizing look.

Grey & black combination always look great. Stay classy by wearing this wonderful combinational gown having fine net & lace detailing around the wide bottom sleeves with a front open style and a belt.

Black Leaf like inner belt Open abaya dress has a practical open style with simple kimono style sleeves and cotton floral black lace on cuffs and hem of the abaya. Hidden inner belt feature is a drawstring belt with tassels detailing.

This design is created from mesh embroidered lace with flowers on the lower back and bottom of the abaya, around the hem and on the sleeves. There is an inner rope belt to clinch and adjust in the waist. The full skirt turns to reveal sparkling gold lace embroidery. Pair it with a lovely clutch bag and heeled sandals for a special event to make a style statement.

This design is full of elegance and style. The combination of brown and black with exquisite lace detailing, open front style and a waist belt is best to wear for casual as well as formal routines.

Look at this beautiful frilled abaya with floral lace embroidery at the sleeves and bottom hem. Little pleats and frills are done on the front giving it a graceful and a distinctive look.

Images Source: Pinterest & Abayas Boutique

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Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs Collection 2021

Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs Collection

Fancy frocks have a special place in our wardrobes. For every occasion, this apparel never gets out of our minds. With the variety of amalgamations of striking colors and designs, eminent fashion designers produce a whole new range of embroidered frock’s. Eastern frocks differ from the west in this perspective that the use of embroidery work and cuts of their designs are entirely unique and distinctive. It seems like a whole new world in itself. No one can imagine the infinite variety that can be produced using the same embroidery patterns and designs. Fancily embroidered frock collection is specially designed for the wedding seasons where each event demands a different attire based on its distinctive theme. We are posting the Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs.

Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs Collection 2021-2022

The trends for these fancy frocks are so divergent that it leads to mere confusion that what to wear and what to not? What colors to select? What cuts are to be used? What combination has to be selected? These are the questions that make you perplexed in each wedding season. Well! Put your worries aside as we are about to give a whole range of choices. Here is a complete collection of all the latest fancy embroidered frocks for weddings. This year, the complete list of most popular designers of Pakistan, HSY, Nomi Ansari, Tena Durrani, Maria.B and many others have kept vibrant series of Latest Party Wedding Wear Frocks Designs as a part of their latest couture. These are classified mainly into three different categories making it easier for you to opt according to your interest and choice.


Anarkali embroidered frocks are mostly inspired by the Indian culture, but now Pakistani fashion designers have recreated their version of the versatility of styles and designs. Anarkali frocks look more traditional and eastern moreover they have great volume. These frocks carry heavy embellishments around the neckline or on the front slits of the frock. Churidar sleeves with side motif embroideries create amazing balance in the dress. These frock dresses are designed in net as well as in chiffon with layers of fabrics used inside.


Peplum is very famous and loved by the girls. Basically, it comes from the west. In western fashion, peplums are firstly introduced along with jeans, gowns, palazzos, etc. In Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh; peplum fashion is introduced with little changes. Like embroidery patterns, stitching style and design. Like for formal wear, they are paired with lehenga, cigarette pants, tulip pants, etc.


Umbrella Frocks are true to form of frocks which have the great volume at their bases. These frocks when designed with heavy embroidery and embellishments using dabka work, zari, zardozi and tilla work, makes them look perfect for weddings. Fancy umbrella embroidered frock dresses are mainly preferred for wedding events because of their heavy flares. The upper portion of these frocks is kept under focus for embroidery and embellishments. Adorned with pearls and stones, these frocks are available in dazzling contrasts. The monochromatic range of these frocks is the epitome of elegance with style.

Latest Party Wear & Fancy Wedding Frock Designs Collection 2016-2017 (40)


Embellished with tons of sequin work coupled with the heavy lacework at the border, these angarkha frock dresses are a delight for every wedding. You can try these on mehndi, Barat and even on Walima. Based on the event each series has different hues combined with heavy or light embellishments. The color of the flares are either kept in contrast to the rest of the dress or kept the same. In each way, the overall outlook of these angarkha frocks seems gorgeously stunning.


Nowadays a sleek cut is implemented on frock dresses that enhance the beauty of the dress. Buttons, pearls or laces can be done along with the cut to beautify them. Front open dresses are kept wide and mainly have a double shirt attached with the dress that makes the royal appearance. You can go for a single or double shirt front open frock. Both will look good and stylish.


Nowadays maxis are very much in fashion. Girls and women prefer to wear long maxi style frock at weddings and parties. Whether you can go for a western style maxi with little or huge flare or embroidered net gown style maxis.


These days net and organza are the most widely used fabrics. They are used to create fancy and formal dresses. We have seen mostly the net is used to make gowns and frock designs. The front chest area is mostly seen embellished with stones and embroidery details while the whole dress is kept simple. Frills and flare can be added to beautify the frock. Below we are posting some of the designs so you can have an idea.


Here we have gathered some of the best red-colored frock collection for you girls. They are of different types and styles. I hope you will love viewing them. A jeweled or simple waist belt can enhance the beauty of the dress. Make a messy bun or curly hairstyle to go for a party or wedding function.


Silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics. Embroidery works and embellished on the silk stuff make it more worthwhile. Mostly bold colored silk fabric is used. Charmeuse silk, raw silk, and satin silk are widely used to make the designer outfits. We can see many outfits from the designer collections. Here posting three fabulous silk frock designs. First one is in purple color and the second one is maroon with beautiful embroidery details.


3-D Embellishment is in fashion at its peak. There’s a huge demand for it. So designers are adding flowers, stones, crystals, pearls, beads, etc. These look so stylish as well modern. You can also design your old outfit by your own purchasing these catchy items from the markets and then be placing them. You can see these beautiful styles posted here for getting the idea.


The white color is always considered to be the decent and sophisticated one. It defines simplicity and ethnic appearance. Here posting these amazing white colored frock designs for you. First one is net embroidered with lace detailing. The second one is a western style belted gown. The third one is beautifully front embroidered.


High low fashion is getting popular day by day. It looks so chic as well as modern. It requires a special cutting procedure otherwise you will ruin it. You can vary the length according to your choice. Keep it simple and give it a western cut or design it traditional with ethnic blend according to the requirement. High low frocks can be paired with churidar pajamas, tights, palazzos, pencil pants, etc.


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Maria B Embroidered Formal Winter Dresses Collection 2021

Maria B Embroidered Formal Winter Dresses Collection

Winter has started and the wedding season has just begun. For women the most favourite work to do is shopping, yes young gals to average women; every lady loves shopping. As now the new season just arrives, markets, malls, bazaars, and stores are now full of winter wedding season stuff from clothing to shoes, bags, etc. Many designers are launching their hottest arrivals; some have unveiled, and some are just going to launch. Top Pakistani fashion brands like HSY, Zeniya Lawn, Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed, AlKaram etc. have released their arrivals at the end of winter. Now it’s time for Maria B, a well popular, established and widely recognized Brand, who has its deep roots in Pakistan. It is not only famous nationally but also got fame in the whole world including U.S.A-America, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and many other countries. Today we will share the Maria B Embroidered Formal Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021. It is the best gift for this period of time.

It deals with casual wear, evening wear, eMbroidered fabrics, bridal wear and party wear dresses. It has its labels as Maria. B. Lawn; comprising of wonderful designs of the spring-summer season. M. KIDS was dealing with casual and formal clothing for little girls and kids. Other than this it offers different accessories including jewellery, sunglasses, goggles, shoes, bags, etc.

Maria B Embroidered Formal Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021

Today we’re sharing the Maria B Embroidered Formal Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021. This assortment is loaded with the newest designs of fancy formal suits including ready to wear stitched and un-stitched dresses. The series contains velvet, organza, net, silk, jacquard embroidered suits. Lehenga Choli, Saree, Front Open Shirt, Long Shirt and Peplum are the styles most seen in this assortment. Bold and light colour combination is seen along with beautiful patterns. Delicate embroideries and patchwork are done on shirts and dupattas. The necklines are adorned with fancy Swarovski buttons. As we know Maria B is the only Pakistani brand who is the partner with the real Swarovski.

The hit maroon dress has a cotton net shirt with hand embellished velvet neckline and gota patches for sleeves and back/front. It comes with a tissue undershirt, jacquard trouser a full heavy worked raw silk shawl with detailed borders.

Salmon Pink organza shirt is fully hand embroidered and embellished velvet neckline with buttons, stones and pearls. It has tissues side panels and sleeves patches. is paired  with Fzari net dupatta.

The bronze peshwas in zari net looks so appealing. It has hand embroidered raw silk sleeves, zari net front back with velvet borders. Best for party and wedding wear events. Comes with khaddi net dubatta.

The zari and cotton satin mustard shirt with velvet embroidery details is a perfect fit for your winter weddings. It has a beautiful organza jacquard dupatta and pants.

This ink blue and coffee saree has cotton satin and chiffon diamante blouse with Gota embroidered organza sleeve patches and Foil weaved organza jacquard sari laces. It has Embroidered chiffon fall with spray, and finishing accessories.

Fresh peach and green color dress has hand embellished pure organza with diamante side panels. It is paired with woven lorex jacquard chiffon dupatta and cotton satin shirt lining.


This amazing assortment is going to release soon and the pre-booking has just started. Limited stock is available so get ready to reach. Go rush to your nearest outlet and grab your favorite article or book it online. This purple lehenga choli dress by maria b embroidered formal wedding edition is just love. The details and creativity speaks itself. The bold color combo is a perfect fit for fall festivities.

Be Trendy and let the trendiness follow you. Get ready for an incredible winter wedding season with MARIA.B. You can also shop it online through the official site at Have a look at the delightful image gallery just posted below and get inspired by the latest winter wedding wear formal suit designs!

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Latest Men Wedding Dresses Mehndi Barat Walima Collection 2021

Latest Men Wedding Dresses Mehndi Barat Walima Collection 2017-2018

Attention all the “grooms to be”, if you are struggling through all the shopping for your wedding and deciding for a memorable outlook for each day, then we feel for you as it can be the bit troublesome to opt for ease and class both at the same time. Weddings are not that simpler these days. Instead, it has become one big extravaganza with the spectacular display of colours and designs, so the grooms too have to match its pace. From the big reception to the mehndi ceremony and the auspicious nikkah to barat and walima celebration, every moment holds special significance, and you need to make them count. When it comes to the wedding ceremony, deciding for the wardrobe can be the bit tricky as you need something elegant, simple and yet uniquely designed with the rest. We are sharing the Latest Men Wedding Dresses Mehndi Barat Walima Collection.

Latest Men Wedding Dresses Mehndi Barat Walima Collection 2021-2022

So here is a sneak peak of the latest men wedding dresses mehndi barat walima collection so that you could stand out in a crowd with your appealing appearance and dashing outlooks.


Simplest of all the apparels, Kurtas are the delight of the Eastern couture and work best for mehndi & nikkah wardrobe. It has extreme variations in its styles, cuts and designs, which gives it an extra edge over others. Even in its simplest form, kurtas look fantabulous on man and amplifies their masculine looks up to many folds.

Kurta’s with Pajama:

For a smart traditional perspective, kurta with straight Pajama will suit you the best. Perhaps it is that one style which never goes out of fashion and takes you back to the Shahi regal era. White cotton kurtas in this regard will be a perfect option. You can also go for monochromatic prints in white or light designed motifs to add bit charm and spark to it. Cuffed rolled sleeves bordered with contrasting fabrics will make this dress even more captivating. The cuts and fits of the dress need special attention here and should be tackled with care.

Embroidered Kurtas for Men:

Embroidered kurta is always a right choice for Mendi/ Nikkah ceremony. It is quite in trend these days, as these are light and simple yet perfect for the occasion. Again white is the colour in demand and much praised for its decency, but you can also experiment it with elegant shades of grey, black and brown. The collars or neckline of the kurta is subjected to intricate embroideries with delicate motifs in thread work. Fine embellishments around the sleeves, motifs near front pockets and back are also much popular.

Kurtas with Colored dupatta:

To bring life to your nikkah and mehndi wardrobe, you can pair your white simple kurta dress with a coloured dupatta. These tend to complete your outlook and add depth and dimension to it. Red with white, black with faun, ivory, silver or grey, you can create any variation based on your preference and theme, you can even match it with the bridal dress. With simple plain kurta go for fancier dupatta while if your kurta is embroidered richly then go for simple dupattas.


Waistcoats for Men has become a fashion statement today. From the ramps of the fashion walks to the streets of Pakistan, waistcoats are seen styling up men everywhere. With no surprise waistcoats over Shalwar Kameez or Kurta also make a perfect Nikkah/ Mehndi outfit for men. Immense variation can be seen in the types and colours of waistcoats designed for the groom. Mostly it is rich, shiny jamawar waistcoats coupled with the simple white dress underneath. These waistcoats can also be embroidered to add more charm and grace to it.
Quintessential in style and ethnic in essence, waistcoats for grooms bring sheer elegance. Richly embroidered waistcoats with glaring motifs are another way to flaunt your style. Try to pair bold shades with lighter hues of kurtas to balance it out.

Sherwani Coat style:

An amalgamation of eastern Sherwani and the western suiting styles, bring you one iconic piece o a wedding outfit. Sherwani coats are in the game for quite some time, and each year, these are refined into defining new and unique dresses. Sherwanis are best for barat event. You can try the famous Jhodhpuri style in this version of Sherwani and can vary the length of the coat as per your preference. These are also available in medium to rich embroideries and all suit equally well to the groom. It encompasses your every taste in fashion and gives an amusing fusion of all.

Pant Coat suits:

Pant Coat suits can be chosen for barat or walima ceremony. For a fine manly outlook on your big day, wearing a suit is a good idea. It looks neat and classic, with an absolute grace which can enlighten the atmosphere around you. You don’t have to go for a tuxedo in this regard, there are plenty of other options you can try. For nikkah it can be bit casual, with variant cuts used like the American, Italian or the English cut. Brown, black or grey should be he colors in your preference. You can contrast these shades with lovely pastel hues of your shirt and ties. You can also pair your suit with a vest inside to make look more formal and proper.

Vest Suits:

If the idea wearing a complete suit on your walima and barat is little too much for you and yet you love to carry western outlook, then Vest suiting is perfect for you. Couple a fine and classic vest with a monohued shirt, a tie and a dress pant and you are ready to roll. It an amazing alternative of the traditional waistcoat style.

Latest Men Wedding Dresses Mehndi Barat Walima Collection

We have a gathered the fine image gallery of stylish outfits for your each event. Have a look on the below posted Latest Men Wedding Dresses Mehndi Barat Walima Collection. Hope so this article helps you a lot in choosing the right outfit for your wedding events.