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Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Not everyone can create fashion. Today, one may find various fashion houses that influence our tastes, preferences, and attitude to things that surround us. Fashion creators tell what is beautiful and what ugly is. Nevertheless, it is a true challenge to become an expert who can create something worthy regularly. Here we are discussing the Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Only a couple of students who graduate from colleges and universities of design become designers. Others either work in stores and help to create average clothing or choose another career path. What fashion activities can boost a student’s creativity and prevent the loss of potential? An experienced group of professional essay writers from academic writing company gives five tricks that let educators encourage their students for self-development and unique discoveries.

Blogs, Vlogs, and Publics

It is hard to create fashion regarding the current trends and trying to avoid the already existing models, even though history has a spiral way, and everything has a tendency to repeat itself. What about writing? Before creating something, a person can try to discuss the creations of outstanding designers to understand their logic. What made them influencers? What inspires them? Did their past stimulate their creativity and talent growth?

When people write articles or make videos on social media, they ponder on each word. To avoid criticism and loss of followers, it is necessary to research and be aware of the smallest details not to sound foolish and ignorant. As a result, students receive precious knowledge and are ready to criticize their creations and models of their group mates.

After-Class Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

It is a great idea to encourage students to participate in after-class activities. All colleges and universities have clubs devoted to some historical fashion periods, activities like sewing, beading, knitting, and so on. Participants share their experiences and manifest their talents. Others check whether they can do the same or surpass others. Sometimes, a person is good at knitting but lacks ideas to create a model.

In this case, students can cooperate and create small teams for those who design and those who technically perform the sketches.

Sometimes such teamwork results in new business. Students get accustomed to each other and understand one another without words. They open stores that become successful in certain regions and often go beyond the geographical location thanks to their unique approach to modeling or customer service.


World-famous designers often search for assistants who can help them create or inspire them. It is necessary to subscribe to top-rated fashion houses and learn the latest news. Both educators and students can find events that promise unbelievable career opportunities and useful links.

Networking is beneficial. Advanced designers give lectures to students or invite them to participate in various conferences, fashion shows, discussions of trends, etc. Some students manage to manifest useful skills and talent on such occasions. Influential people notice them and offer to become a part of their fashion team. That is usually the first step to mind-blowing career growth.

Fashion Shows on the Campus Territories

Most fashion colleges and universities organize fashion shows for parents and students. They serve as a report of students’ achievements. To make such shows fruitful, it is necessary to invite brand representatives. One of the most important components of such shows is thorough and well-planned preparation.

First, educators need to think of selection criteria. They must create a program to highlight the most gifted students who will introduce their works on the fashion show.

Second, students are to be informed about the approaching event in advance. It will let them get ready for the competition and make them do their best to become a participant.

Third, educators need to contact fashion houses and invite their representatives. It is an excellent chance to advertise students and a fashion educational institution. If everything goes smoothly, such collaboration will attract investors and it will increase the rating of the college or university. Besides, students see a real chance to promote personal creations and networking. Such occasions are usually prospective for talented students who want to do practice in private and notable companies.

Shopping Days and Saloons

Shopping is one of the most favorite activities of students. It is the best relaxant. By the way, educators can use it for fashion investigation. The best way is to visit supermarkets with various brands inside. The task of students is to see all of them and define the current trend of each. Later, they should compare and contrast each brand house regarding the specialization (season clothing, male/female/kids fashion, accessories, market orientation, etc.).

Another activity is to have saloon days. In this case, students do not only create clothing but also network with other fashion providers who do nails, make-ups, hair, and pick-up accessories. All participants learn how to work in teams, agree upon the color and tone selection, and discuss items that fit or don’t.

Speaking about saloons, a cool idea is to make them thematic. For example, students need to create clothes out of paper, plastic, polyethylene bags, or follow the fashion of the 80s/90s, or prefer a certain color pattern, or create animal-like images.

The main criteria for the selection of fashion activities for students are to orient the needs of learners. It is useless to organize fashion shows for influencers if students are not ready to boast about their achievements and unique abilities. So, make it student-oriented.

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Sana Abbas Beautiful Formal Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2021

Sana Abbas Beautiful Formal Eid Dresses Designs Collection

Sana Abbas LogoAn emerging name in our fashion industry, Sana Abbas is famous for her exquisite style of designing which significantly reflects nothing but sophistication. Modern women are perfectly symbolized through her excellent couture collection, encompassing from rich bridal wear to pret series. She stepped into the fashion arena of Pakistan in 2009, by opening a small yet distinct clothing line. Ever since then, the brand has been making a great success and has earned the big name for its craft. Sana Abbas’ collections have also been showcased at various international platforms including Europe, America and the Middle East where she generated waves of appraisals through her work. Her work was even showcased at the International Bridal Fashion Week at Atlanta, The Perfect Wedding UAE, Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza London and Bridal Couture Week 2015. Splashing colors encapsulated in intricate embroideries and meticulous designs give you immense pleasure when you experience her breathtaking collections. Today we are going to present the Sana Abbas Beautiful Formal Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2021-22

Sana Abbas Beautiful Formal Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2021-2022

Well, the good news is still left to break, Sana Abbas Beautiful Formal Eid Dresses Designs Collection is just being launched and available at its outlets. The collection is highlighting the recent trends and styles in the most tasteful manner, suiting to the needs of modern women. Short loose tops, peplum shirts, and classic bell bottoms are recreating the magic in that catalog. Decent embellishments with hints of contrasting colors are indeed appealing. So let’s have a sneak peek of the latest Sana Abbas Beautiful Formal Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2021. Presenting you the 12 Sana Abbas beautiful formal dresses designs. Here they are. Have a look.


It seems like the sky is blooming at night with that lovely white 3D floral adornments over a pastel pearl net shirt. The combination of off-white is creating an appealing contrast. The details over the neckline and those cut-out sleeves are admirable.  Straight pants with that pretty top would be the best match to pair.


Such beautiful use of the embroidered net in the most delicate style. It is woven with decent monochromatic lacework and embellished with fancy buttons and pearl embroidery all over its sleeves. A cute peplum top or a short frock would be best to style using this masterpiece where you can pair it with bell bottoms or boot cut pants and a chiffon dupatta.


Dainty is a meticulous display of fine net and lacework. It has a lovely organza frill covering its neckline. Its creamy; the rich color is boosted by the pretty handcrafted motifs with shiny white pearls. The shirt can be designed in a funky cute top.

4. CHER:

One-sided delicate, colorful embroideries in floral patterns is making this shirt incredibly fascinating. This ensemble of a white net shirt with a block printed back is one good combination to try on this Eid. The shirt can be coupled with smartly embellished pants.


Pink shaded floral embellished is adorning the shoulders and creating a magical contrast with the beige top. It is a quality beige net shirt with self-work. You can try it with boot-cut pants and pair it with a contrasting chiffon dupatta.


As the name tells it, this piece of fabric is refreshingly inspiring because of its appealing yellow. The shirt created in organza with intricate embroideries in yellow covering the entire shirt. Here too the pretty mustard is paired with soft white in boot cut pants.


Bewitching is another mesmerizing creation in pastel, with classic lacework and bordered 3D floral work in pink. The neckline and sleeves lined with frill work.


Pastel pink with luxurious lacework and heavy embroidery over the hemline is one gorgeous creation by Sana Abbas. Fine details on the sleeves and neckline are highlighting the pasty pink. It can be paired with frilled pants and a lovely chiffon dupatta.


Self-embossed organza nailed with intricate 3D embroideries with precise details on the neckline. The net sleeves are complemented with lace work which is also used in the hemline. You can couple this dreamy shirt with matching bottoms and a soft dupatta.


Minty fresh green is another great option for this Eid, as it is so going to be hot out there. This refreshing shade will cool you down a bit. It has self-embossed work with pearl embroideries and frilled sleeves. Motifs scarcely patterned over the front in great depth.

11. ONYX

pastels just got exciting with these amazing fancy pieces crafted under the label of Sana Abbas. Blossoming daisies are crafted along the shoulder line and around the neckline. The mix of daisies are lovely Moreover the detailed handcrafted work over the net is super glam.


Organza and silk is used creatively to design this piece of shirt. It has vibrant handcrafted motifs in the front which has pretty embroideries in gold and ivory. It will look best with navy blue bootcut pants or pencil trousers.

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Latest Formal Wedding Bridal Sharara Designs 2021 Collection

Latest Wedding Bridal Sharara Designs

Sharara is a dress that is worn by Asian bridals, Pakistani brides more specifically. It was once a trend, and now again it is becoming popular among bridals again in a fascinating way. The origin of this dress is from Lucknow, as this dressing was so common there throughout the epoch of Nawab. Not only bridals but young teenagers of India and Pakistani wear Sharara at different events. Because these days designers have made it so much trendy by designing it in various stunning ways and unlike before there is so much betterment in stuff now. It is bottom wear that is fitted with a top of legs to the bottom, presently looks like trousers but this ankle-length bottom wear is different from lehengas and trouser in various ways. Today we will discuss the Latest Formal Wedding Bridal Sharara Designs & Trends!

Sharara is paired up with choli or kurta along with dupatta. One cannot call it Patiala salwarbecause its plates start from knee and end at ankle giving a very cute, slim and beautiful look. In India, it is worn by women in routines, but in Pakistan, it is dressed at events. Eid events, parties, wedding functions are incomplete without this cute dress.

Latest Formal Wedding Bridal Sharara Designs & Trends 2021-2022 Collection

Small or medium-length Choli Shararas are much popular among brides, but these days it has earned fame among other beautiful girls attending the wedding too, of course not in the same way as the brides do. Though it is famous around the globe, Pakistan and India are the countries where it is very popular as ghagra and sharara lehengas were first introduced in this region of the world.

This collection contains a different variety of bridal wedding sharara dresses in delicate embroideries and adornments. Zari work, motifs, dabka, sequin, tilla work and distinct embellishments are done on these fancy dresses. Top Pakistani designers like Nomi Ansari, HSY, Nida, Fahad Hussayn, Tina Durrani, etc. have introduced these latest designs.

Nowadays in Pakistan Long Double shirt Shararas are more seen in fashion. They look so trendy and gives a traditional taste to weddings. Other than this lehenga shararas paired with short Kurtis are also in trend. Colors like peach, beige, off-white, light pink, dust, green, cream, red, etc. are seen.

Barat Day Sharara Designs:

The wedding is the time when people like to follow their cultures and traditions and hence perform rituals according to the traditions of their religion and culture; dressing is also one of it. Especially brides, who are the center of attention by everyone, they want to look unique and pretty along with wearing traditional attires, they want to wear an ethnic, beautiful and colorful stylish outfit that is why our designers have presented Barat sharara dresses designs in the prettiest ways than ever.

White Color Nikkah Day Sharara Trends:

Nikkah is the most important function in one’s life. Mostly white and a combination of white is loved on nikkah. Here we are presenting some white color nikkah sharara designs. So, let’s make this hard choice an easy one by showing you the latest wedding sharara dresses trends. If your wedding is going to be held in winter then the best option according to the most recent fashion is velvet choli along with sharara, embroidered with stones and embellishments. Furthermore, these images will help you get the whole style!

Mehndi Mayun Sharara Dresses Styles:

Orange, pink, and yellow combination sharara look so lively for mehndi mayun functions. They have their own charm and traditional beauty. You can either make a simple one by selecting your favorite plain cloth to stitch the sharara or make it heavy with embroidery and embellishments. Either make the shirt plain or shararas. You can also go for simple banarasi, chatta patti, net, foil work organza sharara.

Pastel Soft & Light Ivory Colors:

Light colors are always in fashion and forever loved. We are sharing some of the most prettiest trends of pastel and light ivory shararas for you to select your favorite one. Have a look!

Indian & Pakistan Latest Formal Wedding Bridal Sharara Designs:

The Indian wedding trends keep on changing and repeat themselves after some time. Shararas with long shirts are introduced and sometimes the short Kurtis type shirts, cholis, and kurtas are paired with bridal shararas. Here we have posted a wonderful collection of bridal shararas consisting of different kinds and colour combinations like red, pink, green, blue, maroon, etc. Top Indian designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Tarun tahiliani, etc. have presented these awesome designs of wedding bridal sharara dresses this year with the use of modern festive hues and fancy embroideries.

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Maria B Prints Latest Women Printed Dresses Eid Collection 2021

Maria B Prints Latest Women Printed Dresses Eid Collection

Maria B the Top Name in Pakistan’s Fashion industry. It is famous all over the world due to its elegant and wonderful outlets. The Maia B clothes and outlets have their own specific prints and unique designs. She had graduated from ” Pakistan School of Fashion Design” now known as “Pakistan institute of fashion Design” affiliated with La Cambre Syndicale Paris. During the study at fashion school, she always stood  first and got many awards due to her talent work. After graduation, she launched her fashion company which is the first professional fashion home in Pakistan. She is called one of the most popular Design Maker. Today we are going to discuss and feature Maria B Prints Latest Women Printed Dresses Eid Collection 2021. Basically it is the Volume 2. After the huge success of Maria B Prints vol 1 now second one is launched for Eid.

It is one of the most pretty and affordable collections. It consists of two and three-piece lawn suits. The dresses are beautifully embroidered and printed with unique designs. Each suit has its own charm and elegance. Nowadays there’s a huge demand of organza and net dupattas so it is a big part of the assortment. You will see the floral, flowery prints, digital, ombre, tie dye, etc.

Maria B Prints Latest Women Printed Dresses Eid Collection 2021-2022

Maria B has presented many collections but today we are posting about Maria B Prints Latest Women Printed Dresses Eid Collection. It includes the wonderful attires in cotton stuff having alluring and elegant prints. Thie shirts have jewelled motifs, tribal prints with fancy laces and borders. We have posted this one for you to enhance your looks by wearing them, Hope you will enjoy the images and change your outlook by wearing wonderful dresses.These suits are best to wear at events and festivals like Eid, parties, etc.

Floral Printed Embroidered Suits:

It includes delicate flowery designs with embellished necklines and cotton net dupattas. It is definitely in fashion and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Jeweled Printed Shirts:

You can see the lovely and royal jeweled designs with regal motifs and patterns. This is giving us the traditional vibes plus it looks so alluring. These dresses are paired with silk and chiffon dupattas.

Tie-Dye Shirts & Dresses Trend:

Tie-dye is now huge in fashion. You will see the two lovely designs in Pink and Navy blue by Maria B. It has very charming embroideries on shirt pieces paired with white shalwars.

Floral Printed Shalwar Kameez:

The same floral printed shalwar kameez style is getting popular fame. Many designers have launched their own designs. You can see the ligh blue color floral fabric with soothing embroidery on sleeves and neckline.

Soft Pastel Shades:

You will see the vibrant, as well as some soft light colors, dresses in this collection like light pink, yellow, green, ice blue, light grey etc. They will pure summery vibes.

Dresses with Digital Printed Silk Dupattas:

Digital prints never go out of fashion. These suits with comfy and soft silk dupattas are giving us very soothing vibes for the summer season.

Made for free-spirited & bold adventures, Maria B Mprints Unstitched Eid II Collection lets you enter the modern world of eclectic prints – a new season with a new aesthetic. Click the images below to see the larger view.

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9 Top Fashion Trends for College Students 2021

Top Fashion Trends for College Students 2021 (2)

Colleges and universities are often mistaken for runway walk facilities, where students compete with each other based on either fashion. Especially, it concerns the first days at college. You come and judge others by their looks. Unfortunately, it is no longer a bad manner to overlook fashion trends among students but a normal practice. So, if you plan to surprise others with your sense of fashion, this article will help you understand how to look stylish.

Top 10 Fashion Trends to Be Posh at College

First off, let’s say that there is no accounting for tastes, and you can wear whatever clothes you feel like, and avoid any kinds of trends. On the other hand, if you study design, you should show yourself at your best. Based on the 2021 trends, you need to equip your wardrobe with the following clothes items.

#1. Jackets with Big Shoulder Pads

To look stylish in 2021, girls should find classic jackets with big shoulder pads. Ideally, you can even borrow your father’s or brother’s jacket that will be oversized for your body. You can combine such jackets with yoga pants (if the dress code accepts such clothes) or mom jeans. The whole look will correspond to the 80s fashion which is trending in 2021 too. As for the colors, the jackets should be in light blue, or brown colors. Yet, do not go crazy with all black colors.

#2. Head Scarves

Silky scarves for heads will be the ideal accessory for those who love adding fashion details. There are no strict requirements for scarves. For instance, it can be of a plain color or with some prints. Yet, try to avoid any leopard and other animal prints. Go for flower elements.

#3. Face Masks

Due to the pandemic, there is a fashion for face masks too. First, it is a great protection measure to avoid contamination. Secondly, it is an undoubted accessory that may match your overall look. As for the trends, a black mask is a go-choice. Beyond that, the black color will match with any other color.

#4. Pastel Dresses or T-Shirts

Both girls and boys should have at least one fashion item in pastel colors. Girls can find silky pastel dresses, while boys may wear pastel t-shirts. To be stylish, such clothes should be deprived of any prints or extra decorative elements.

#5. Small Purses

Again referring to girls’ fashion, small purses, especially in yellow colors may come in handy. Yes, you may agree that they won’t help you put all the books or notepads, however, as a bag for your personal belongings – it is a great tool. Overlooking the influencers’ fashion, such yellow purses can be either leather or fluffy based on your unique liking and preference.

#6. Blue Accessories

Boys-students can wear blue panama if again acceptable by their college dress code. Speaking of girls, they have a huge choice of blue accessories such as hairpins, earrings, bracelets among others. Note, there should not be more than 2-3 blue accessories.

#7. White Sneakers

Based on the fashion of the latest years, white sneakers are definitely the trending element of any look. They can be combined with girls’ dresses and boys’ jeans. Especially, it concerns high-platform sneakers that help one look higher.

#8. Trench Coats

Both boys and girls can wear pastel trench coats when it comes to windy and cold weather. They can be combined with white sneakers and small purses, as was hinted above. As for the materials, coats are better to choose in leather and suede.

#9. Oversize Pants

Similar to mom jeans for girls, a 100% fashion trend is oversized pants. First off, they are comfortable. Secondly, they are unisex. They can be worn with high heels, sneakers, and vans. Yet, if you have oversized pants, the upper part of your look should not be oversized. Combine them with a tank top and small accessories. There should be a balance.

#10. Old Brands

Old brands refer to some nostalgic fashion trends. You can grab some clothes from your fathers/mothers’ wardrobe including Guess t-shirts, or belts of Moschino among others. Note, such an element should be only 1 on your whole look.

That’s pretty it, and you can choose one trend for a certain day.

How to Find Inspiration?

It would be fair to say that students’ fashion is their face, strange it may sound. And, the famous proverb  – never judge a book by its cover – is no longer actual. Your friends or professors may remember you by how you look today. So, to not lag behind others in terms of trending clothes, you should regularly surf for inspiration.

The easiest way to find inspiration for college fashion trends is to refer to social media. Find students-influencers who daily post their looks for the colleges and universities, and grab some ideas for your fashion. Then, rely on sources where you can daily get updates on tips in trends. If you find all the trends not corresponding with your inner world, you can always create your own fashion. Yes, you can start making your own trends. For instance, instead of going for classic flower dresses, you can stick to black/white dresses with elements of nostalgic brands together. As for the boys, they can wear classic costumes but with white sneakers or go for Steve Job’s fashion – jeans and a black polo.

Keep in mind, time-consuming considerations on fashion trends may occasionally affect your studying progress. It particularly concerns when you are concentrating on clothes rather than your grades. If you missed some deadlines, or cannot cope with your papers, online academic writing services like CustomWritings may become your helping compass. Professional essay writers may assist you with many disciplines, and enhance your final grade at affordable prices, and on time, while you can do your fashion looks for the day. Still, studying should be always prioritized, and never put off for later.

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Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Journalism

Everything you need to know about Fashion Journalism (1)

We dwell in a fashion-conscious society. Right from kids to adults, everyone desires to stay high on vogue. Over the years, the fashion industry has come a long way. However, with changing times, the definition of fashion has changed.

The fashion industry has contributed to the global economy and given rise to plenty of career opportunities. One such professional field is fashion journalism which has grown. A fashion journalist utilizes their knowledge, skills, and creativity to keep the fashionista updated with the latest trends and news of the fashion industry.

Everything you need to know about Fashion Journalism

If you plan to opt for a career in fashion journalism, this post is meant for you. Here is everything that you need to know before embarking on your journey of becoming a fashion journalist.

What is fashion journalism?

Fashion journalism is that field that explores the latest fashion styles, trends prevalent in the market. Fashion journalists are the ones who gather information about these trends from fashion stylists and icons. Thus, they make the public aware of the upcoming designs in the market. In addition, the fashion designers provide information about fashion shoots, the latest launches, and the happening things in the fashion industry.

Eligibility criteria for fashion journalism

Anyone who wishes to make a career in the field needs to have particular skills and knowledge about the fashion industry. The market has various fashion academies such as J.D Institute, Pearl academy, NIFT, Symbiosis school of fashion technology for students wishing to make a career as fashion journalists. However, before enrolling in any college, one needs to get through the present eligibility criteria. Here’s a list of the eligibility criteria for fashion journalism.

  • The candidate must be an intermediate pass for admission in a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism.
  • Candidates must have a degree in English, fashion, or any qualifying course from a recognized university to enroll in a master’s course in fashion designing.
  • The candidate must have known about the latest trends and happenings in the fashion industry.
  • The candidate must possess good communication skills, both spoken and written, in accordance with a creative mindset and sound knowledge of the subject.


What colleges offer a course in fashion journalism?

When it comes to fashion journalism courses, several colleges are available in the market. Here is a list of the top-notch colleges from where you can pursue the course

  • J.D Institute

J.D institute is listed amongst the oldest fashion institutes in India. The institute has over 30 years of experience in the field. The institute offers diplomas, bachelor’s, and postgraduate degrees in the various sectors of fashion designing. J.d institute also has a postgraduate diploma in fashion communication for those aspiring to become a fashion journalists. The college is known for its sound education, high-quality equipment, and experienced faculty. For its contribution towards the fashion industry, the college has felicitated with several awards, including the U.K. Asian Business award, best vocational education institute of the year award, and times power icon 2019 award. J.D. Institute also offers Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication.


  1.     NIFT

National Institute of fashion technology is accounted amongst the top fashion schools in India. The institute is well known for its high package placements in top companies, including Amazon India, PC Jewellers, Meena Bazaar, Max Retail, Reliance Trends, and Future group. In addition, the institute has in fashion communication for fashion lovers. The prestigious college has gifted to the industry talented fashion designers like Ritu Beri, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Arora, and Rohit Bal.

  1. Amity School of Fashion Technology

Amity is a well-known brand known for its quality education, campus life, and wide range of courses. In addition, the Amity school of fashion technology offers a course a four years course in fashion communication. The foundation of the institute was laid with the vision of imbibing fashion knowledge in students.

 Future Prospects of fashion journalists

Pursuing a course in fashion journalism brightens the prospects of students. Here is a list of the various job roles that fashion journalists can consider.

  1. Writer

Fashion journalists can work as copywriters or fashion writers, even freelancers for fashion magazines, print media, and online portals.

  1. Photographers

Fashion journalists are versed with the knowledge of fashion photography. They can become fashion photographers for magazines, newspapers, online platforms, and even for celebrity forums.

  1. Fashion Critic

For those with a keen interest in fashion can consider being a fashion critic. A fashion critic communicates the opinions, analyses the latest styles and trends of the fashion industry.

  1. Fashion Reporter

Having a degree in fashion communication, one can become fashion reports. These reporters present fashion-related news and the latest industry gossips to the industry.

Did you get inspired by this post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Latest Eid ul Azha Women Fancy Dresses 2021 by Pakistani Brands

Latest Eid ul Azha Women Dresses Collections

As Eid-ul-Azha is coming just ahead and winter is approaching nearer, & for sure all of you are so damn busy in preparations of sacrifices but most of all the dresses especially women. Selecting an appropriate festive dress keeping in mind the season and occasion is one of the great tasks that most people can’t able to do. Most have decided & most are worried. But what’s the need of worrying when we provide you with the best of choices from your favorite brands. If clothing is the thing bothering you so much then don’t overthink. All you’ve got to do is to connect your internet and see these mind-blowing collections by various top-known brands. Today we are posting the Latest Eid ul Azha Women Fancy Dresses 2021-22 by Pakistani Brands

Latest Eid ul Azha Women Fancy Dresses 2021-22 by Pakistani Brands Collections

As we know, Eid is just a few weeks far. We are going to share the best, and Latest Eid ul Azha Women Dresses Collections. That will contain beautiful festive suits for the festive and wedding seasons.

Asim Jofa:

Where the name needs no introduction, Asim Jofa is fascinating us with the most amazing varieties of clothes from years & is the most demanding designer for women clothes. Asim Jofa is aimed at offering women’s clothing only. The brand has designed superb styling versions for women to wear on this Eid-ul-Azha. The collection is filled with each dress unique and elegant on its own. Unstitched three-piece suits have been put in the collection with long shirts, a pair of trousers, and salwar with dupattas. Shirts were having embroidered fronts & printed backs & 2.5 meters Asim Jofa silk fabric dupatta. This is due to the unique & traditional stuff by AJ that almost all collections launched yet are so much liked & loved by fashion lovers. Another best thing is that these dresses are not expensive and are easily purchasable. High standard quality designing, good use of fabric, and creativity are the fundamentals that make their collections eye-catching for others.


Charizma is a very well-known fashion brand that offers the latest dress collection for women. The brand keeps us updated on every occasion by the time by providing the latest designed unique dresses. Freshly it is offering Charizma latest Stunning eid collection for Women. This collection has luxurious dresses and beautiful as well consisting of long shirts, dresses in churi pajamas, shalwars, and pants. Most colors used by Charizma this eid are red, green, blue, and other slightly bright colors which are ready to give you a very fresh and stunning look.

Taana Baana:

             Where other brands are offering the latest collections by the time Taana Baana is also the one which is displaying varieties of every season. The elegant and beautiful dresses are being designed by Taana Baana not only for young girls but the ladies of all ages varying in colors and designs. This Eid, this women’s fabric store has launched a collection where the dresses will catch smart long shirts accompanied with churidar pajamas; one can also wear these shirts with jeans. The dresses are given the seam over the use of lace and pippins giving an amazing touch to the entire collection. Here we present some of the designs by Taana Baana Latest Collection.


         Elan needs no introduction as it is from one of the most famous brands which does not require any presentation. Being always known for the superior quality stuff and designs, Elan is now presenting an awesome collection for Eid too terming as Elan Fancy Silk and Chiffon Winter Eid Dresses for Women. While we see that the brand has beautifully managed to give luxurious clothing the whole summer, it is giving an extraordinary collection for this eid like every year. The shirts are mostly printed and trendy, by wearing you can look stylish as well casual. The fundamental products offering by ELAN for this eid are cool wear, formal and party wear as well.

Hope so you have loved viewing the Latest Eid ul Azha Women Dresses Collections by famous Pakistani brands. Keep visiting us for more.

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Walking Vs Running Shoes: The Ultimate Breakdown

Walking Vs Running Shoes The Ultimate Breakdown (2)

A shoe is just a shoe, and that is why it is so handy that we can wear them any way we like, isn’t it? Don’t be fooled by this outdated belief. Shoes have evolved into a niche industry, where science and technology have converged to the extent where there is a shoe that can be matched to almost any kind of activity – but why should you? Let’s take a look at the most popular kinds of physical activities, and why the shoes you wear, matter.

Look at what you love.

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of having to wear shoes that hurt your feet or found yourself wondering why your back hurt after running, the answer could be within reach. Chances are that you were wearing fantastic pair of shoes, but one which was wrong for the activity you were taking part in. The best hiking shoes in the world will be of very little efficiency if they are used for a dance recital, and despite the apparent similarities between running shoes and walking shoes, the same is true in this case.

Walking Vs Running Shoes: The Ultimate Guide

Your feet are your number one priority as soon as you get up in the morning. If your feet are out of action, almost everything else goes for a loop too – just ask anyone who has ever had to be on crutches! If you disregard the importance of activity-specific shoes, you place yourself at a very real risk of injury, malfunction, and non-performance. The shoe will not work in the way it was intended to, and the experience will feel lacking and unfulfilling.

The easiest and most reliable way to find a shoe that is “perfect” is to buy according to the activities you enjoy doing and spend a lot of your time on. Purpose-made shoes will always deliver a far better performance.


Protection is key

Shoes are crucial to protect your feet from injury and compromises such as cuts, sprains, strains, dislocations, inflammation, blisters, and bruising. Someone who walks a lot will benefit from lightweight yet supportive shoes, which cushion the feet and support the ankles.

Runnings shoes are a different story – while they should also be lightweight, they should ideally also incorporate mesh to allow for natural ventilation, to assist in cooling the heat that is generated by the activity of running. Attention should also be given to the sturdiness of the shoe, in spite of its lightweight nature. Too flimsy, and it will fall apart after only being used a few times. To tough, and mobility becomes an issue.

Don’t be shy to ask the shop assistants for help – most footwear stores have a high training standard according to which their staff are trained, to be able to give you the best assistance. Stick to your research, and don’t be afraid to try on as many pairs as you need – this is ultimately the shortest route to finding the pair of shoes that is best suited to your needs.

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Maria B EMbroidered Fancy Suits Heritage Collection 2021

Maria B EMbroidered Fancy Suits Heritage Collection 2021

Another alluring assortment from Maria under the label Maria B EMbroidered Fancy Suits Heritage Collection 2021. The pretty and most famous celebrity of Pakistan Ayeza Khan has featured this latest Maria B’s Collection. It consists of limited pieces of 8 beautiful designs. Each design has its own charm and uniqueness.  Motivated to make the weddings and events the most special in one’s life; Maria B’s brand is always present and working devotedly at their studio located in Lahore.  But this time in this event; an odor of twisted, florid, and different style was spread into the air of style by Maria B. her all the collections have their own meanings and created flawlessly. Maria B’s creations have owned the most popularity and fame. Even it goes out of stock most of the time even before releasing.

Embroidered organza center & side panel for front, sleeves and back. Embroidered Ghera and sleeves patches and laces for the shirt. It has jacquard gharara and zari net fancy dupatta with laces.

If you want to stand out at the next wedding event then this is the right outfit for you. A pretty maroon raw silk peshwas with all the good details to blow the hearts. Just look at the finest creativity put into the dress.

Live your fairytale moment with this lovely pearl white frock. It has lorex embroidered fabric with karandi net dupatta and lorex cotton churidar pajama.

Maria B EMbroidered Fancy Suits Heritage Collection 2021

This Chic Maria B Mbroidered Collection is worth a million words of appraisal. The always working designer brand gave its audience more than their expectations. Unique digital printed skirts and plated lehngas with embroidery and beads work formed a twist in the formal dresses. This collection is an amazing amalgam of contemporary, eastern and western styles of older times. Make a statement at walima functions with this sliver grey fancy net saree with a hand embellished blouse. Have a look here.

Printed skirts with embroidered, stone, gotta shirts; lehengas with embroidered borders; flared gowns and frocks in beautiful pastel hues having light embroidery on upper area which gradually gets heavier to the bottom of the dress; front cut heavy worked shirts; straight fully stone worked shirts; double shirt styled dresses; and Maxis with superb fall, net and sequin work on bottom border and sleeves from this Outstanding ensemble by Maria B. Every single piece from this array has stayed true to its name in its color, make, flair, and design; making a women’s closet ready for weddings and parties.

Embroidered chiffon bodice front, sleeves, dyed back, and raw silk panels for skirt/ lehenga with velvet Patti.  It is paired with dyed chiffon dupatta with diamantes spray. It is perfect dress for bridal showers, baby showers, and bridesmaid’s dresses.

Stay elegant and not-so-fancy with this decent sky blue and peach suit dress for your next event. It has an embroidered organza shirt with zari net dupatta and jacquard pants.

If you have a mehndi event coming then you can choose this colorful outfit. It has hades of bronze, maroon, and pink. You can design a look shirt with gharara through it as shown.

Heritage Edition – Maria B Fancy Embroidered Dresses

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Fashion & Lifestyle Trends

How to Start Your Fashion Blog – Basic Easy Tips & Tricks

How to Start Your Fashion Blog

Bringing up the idea to run a blog about fashion? It is easier than it seems. Today, the technological boost doesn’t require special knowledge in a particular field to start writing on something specific. Indeed, if you want to reach your best goals with your blog on fashion, consider upgrading your writing skills. You can pass special courses, train yourself independently, or find such reliable writing service as to improve your confidence in writing any texts. Let us show you more helpful tips!

  • Develop a unique idea.

If you want to start writing about fashion, it is essential not to repeat others’ mistakes. When an author has their own experience in organizing fashion performances or working with brands, it is easier to find your niche. Therefore, move to the next step to compare whether your thoughts match with someone else and their blog, which already exists.

  • Analyze the market.

As you understand, readers appreciate originality. For this purpose, you need to walk through dozens of online sources and blogs on fashion to analyze their content. Write down all the essentials you want to borrow from others regarding design, web development, and technical implications. In this case, you need a professional programmer next to you to help you understand what can really be implemented and what is better to omit.

  • Consult with experts.

There are various industries to consider starting your fashion blog. As it was mentioned earlier, it is good to have a developer in your team if you want to build a robust website for your blog. It should be bright, attractive, and filled with relevant information. If you’re going to cooperate with a web designer, SEO specialist, and account manager, it is better to include these specialists in your team. Otherwise, you should cope with many tasks independently.

  • Plan articles in advance.

So, the platform is ready to be updated! What’s next? Add articles in the order relevant to a general subject, sub-topics, or another system you classify as content for publishing. It is a great idea to manage your articles and prepare them for publication before the last minute.

  • Connect social media.

Using other platforms to expand your audience is a vital part of blog development. It is good to create Facebook and Instagram accounts first to engage your potential readers. Write about your plans and what your blog is going to be about. The audience should understand the value of your blog and track its run date, updates, and other news you provide.

  • Promote your brand.

When your online blog becomes more popular, you can think about presenting yourself as an ambassador of some fashion events. At the start, you need to pay to appear in these events and show your potential to others. Propose your services to famous and less famous brands specializing in perfumes, cosmetics, clothing design, and others. It doesn’t matter how many rejections you get the first time; the main thing is to try and find out what you can get!

  • Cooperate with companies. 

You need to promote in your blog other companies’ products that are relevant to the fashion industry at this stage. For example, you can get paid for fostering new perfume or seasonal clothes and keep your blog interesting. It is also profitable for you as an owner to write reviews on brands and products and monetize your website instantly.

Good luck writing your first article! Don’t give up trying and take your chance to become a guru fashionista!

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