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What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds (and Why You Want Them)

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds (and Why You Want Them) (2)

As the name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are diamonds grown in laboratories, in chambers specially designed for the purpose.

But beyond that, what are lab-grown diamonds, and why do you want them?

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are called such because they have been synthesized in a laboratory. And growing a diamond is not a quick process. Crystallizing carbon atoms until they form a diamond can take from four to six weeks.

There are two chief methods by which a laboratory can “grow” diamonds: the high-pressure high-temperature method, and the chemical vapor deposition method.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

The High-Pressure High-Temperature Method

Growing diamonds via the high-pressure high-temperature method started in the 1950s. As the name suggests, it works by using a combination of high pressure and high temperature.

The HPHT method simulates the extremely high temperature and pressure conditions that drive the natural formation of diamonds approximately a hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface.

The HPHT Process

The following is the general procedure followed for creating lab grown diamonds via HPHT.

  • Place a diamond “seed” and pure carbon in a precisely controlled pressure chamber.
  • Apply pressure greater than 870,000 psi and a temperature of around 4,700 degrees Fahrenheit to the chamber.
  • The carbon will melt, and the carbon atoms will start adhering to the diamond seed.
  • The process will continue until all the carbons have crystallized on the seed, producing a mature, fully crystallized diamond.

To sum up, the HPHT method takes a small piece of diamond and uses high pressure and high temperature to grow it into a fully crystallized diamond.

Diamond growers also use HPHT for diamond color treatment.

HPHT can turn Type IIa diamonds with defective lattices (thus their perceptibly brown hue and lower-color grade) into practically colorless, high-color grade diamonds.

The Chemical Vapor Deposition Method

The CVD method also has its roots in the 1950s. However, at least three more decades passed before scientists used CVD to grow diamonds. And it took many decades more before the CVD method started producing gem-quality diamonds.

The CVD method produces large, square-shaped tabular diamonds. A single CVD run, moreover, can yield multiple diamonds. CVD also requires a lower temperature and pressure than HPHT.

The CVD Process

  • Prepare the CVD diamond growing chamber; this is a low-pressure (less than 14.7 psi) vacuum chamber.
  • Place a diamond seed plate at the bottom of the chamber. This diamond seed substrate may be a natural, an HPHT, or a CVD diamond.
  • Heat the diamond slice. The temperature could be from 1,292 to 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Let a mixture of hydrocarbon gas (usually methane) and hydrogen into the CVD chamber.
  • Use microwave (or laser or some other mechanism) to activate the gas mixture.
  • As the activated gas mixture comes into contact with the heated diamond substrate at the bottom, the activated gas will break down, and carbon atoms will attach themselves to the carbon in the diamond seed.
  • The process will continue until the diamond substrate becomes several layers thick. The longer the diamond is grown, the thicker the diamond will become.

The CVD diamond is then laser-cut into a cylinder. Then it may or may not undergo HPHT processing for color treatment.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Dig up any old chemistry textbook, and it should tell you that diamonds are carbon atoms that have crystallized in an isometric structure. It should also tell you that, in a diamond, one carbon atom is covalently bonded tetrahedrally to four more carbon atoms.

Lab-grown diamonds have precisely the same structure. They also look the same as naturally occurring diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds. So yes, they are real diamonds.

In fact, it is virtually impossible to tell lab-grown diamonds apart from natural diamonds, even upon careful scrutiny by the most experienced gemologists.

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are identical, chemically and physically. On an engagement ring, a Type IIa colorless natural diamond looks precisely the same as a Type IIa colorless HPHT or CVD diamond.

But unlike natural diamonds, HPHT and CVD diamonds are better for the environment and your bank balance.

Growing Diamonds in the Laboratory Is More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Diamond mining activities produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases. The process itself releases harmful carbons into the air, causing air pollution and contributing to climate change.

Moreover, diamond mining activities require removing large amounts of soil, which could lead to harmful changes in the natural landscape. Diamond mining also leads to incursions in the natural habitat of wildlife.

On the other hand, HPHT and CVD diamonds are grown in controlled environments, reducing the emission of harmful carbons into the air.

Lab diamond growers can use renewable energy sources in diamond synthesis to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Using HPHT or CVD diamonds instead of natural diamonds in diamond seeding can further reduce lab-grown diamonds’ carbon footprint.

Diamond growers can also take specific measures at every stage of the production chain to reduce carbon emissions.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Can Be Used for All Kinds of Jewelry

Since lab-grown diamonds have identical physical and structural qualities to mined diamonds, they have practically the same uses when it comes to creating fine jewelry.

So, whether you need a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, bracelet, pendant or some other type of jewelry, you can choose to use lab-grown diamonds and get similar results. The final outcome would be just as brilliant and beautiful.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Affordable

Naturally occurring diamonds have astronomical prices. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds cost only a fraction of what natural diamonds do.

Go for Sustainable, Ethical Diamonds

If you’re still conflicted about the issue of lab-grown diamonds vs natural diamonds, remember this. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. There is no doubt about this. Examine it under a microscope, and it will look the same as a natural diamond.

Opting for a lab-grown diamond is not settling for anything less. Instead, choosing lab-grown diamonds means going for a sustainable option. And it doesn’t hurt that lab-grown diamonds are so much more affordable than natural diamonds. 

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Skin Care

Get Your Skin Glow Game Strong – Tips & Suggestions

Get Your Skin Glow Game Strong – Tips & Suggestions

In the human body, the skin is the largest organ as well as the first line of defense against external pathogens. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that our skin remains in optimal condition. And let’s face it, our skin being part of our appearance demands that we pay attention to it in order to get a good physical outlook. We all do get to face skin issues at some point in our life, that’s why I am going to tell you all how to glow up and get your skin game strong using some rational suggestions intending to keep the glow game strong in the long run.

Get Your Skin Glow Game Strong – Tips & Suggestions

  • Diet
    It’s crucial to be attentive to your diet. Opting for healthy food like vegetables and fruits that are rich in vital minerals and vitamins as well as antioxidants boost up your skin as well as overall health. Eating with the goal of nourishing our body has its visible effect on the physical as well as the internal outlook. So, make sure to take multivitamin tablets and probiotics too.
  • Drink Water
    There is a strong link between adequate water intake and healthy glowing skin. Therefore, it is recommendable to drink 8 glasses of water each day.
  • Cleansing
    Cleansing your skin daily right after you wake up and just before you sleep is a sure shot way to keep the skin in healthy condition. Refrain from over-cleansing as this can rob your skin of its natural oils thereby instigating the skin pores to produce additional oil to compensate for the loss. You can work to find out a cleansing routine that goes with your skin and this can only be achieved by knowing what skin type you have.
  • Sunscreen
    Never ever forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out of the house as it protects your skin from harmful UV radiations that bring about photoaging.
  • Moisturize your way towards the glow
    Moisturizing is an essential step to lock down the moisture content in your skin which then promotes the manifestation of youthful skin. Moisturizers containing ceramides promote skin regeneration as well as protect it from free radical damage.

However, you can opt for a natural moisturizer, such as coconut oil as well which has anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative, and antioxidant properties and application of a few drops of this miracle oil on the skin can help you in getting dewy and healthy-looking skin.

Similarly, you can apply aloe vera gel for getting a healthy glow as well which also has excellent regenerative and healing properties. You can use these natural skin-soothing moisturizers without any fear of clogging the pores.

Seek expert help
If you suffer from recurrent skin issues that make it challenging for you to achieve glowing skin then they may point towards bodily issues such as hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, mental health issues, and other health issues all of which require an expert opinion from a health care provider.

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Latest Wedding Formal Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs 2021-2022

Latest Wedding Formal Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs

Bridal dresses are designed with great significance because of their super traditional outlook. We strive to pursue newer styles with a unique set of hues from the palette. Available in extreme varieties, Bridal dresses in the east have various new forms and trends. Out of these, Bridal maxi designs are trending the most, due to the sheer elegance and convenience you feel, when you carry them. There is great room to add your creativity to it to bring out your version of the ultra-stylish bridal dress. Be it your Barat or Valima, maxis are the perfect combo for your precious day. We are sharing the beautiful & Latest Wedding Formal Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs for all the brides-to-be.

Keeping in mind the importance of your wedding event, we brought out a whole collection of wedding Maxis and long-tail dresses designed by the most diligent designers of Pakistan’s fashion industry. Get ready to immerse in an immense insight into the very distinctive set of collections. Where style is marked by beauty and fashion is engraved into each of the dresses. Wedding maxis and long-tail dresses are inspired from the west, but with the fusion of eastern touch into it, it has gained an entirely different sort of appealing outlook, which creates a contrast with any other dress of its kind.

Latest Wedding Formal Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs 2021-2022

This year’s latest collection of wedding maxis for brides carry the variety designed by all the eminent fashion artists including Nomi Ansari, Tena Durrani, HSY, Deepak Perwani, and Maria.B. Soft hues with fine embroideries brought delicacy in style. There are several varied trends of maxi that are prevalent these days, which mainly include long-tailed maxi, A-line maxis, and flare maxi.

Wedding Bridal Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs

Wedding Maxi is also available in each category with certain variations. Chiffon maxis and long-tail dresses are the most common ones which are heavily embellished with Zardozi, tilla, Dabka, Zari, and fine thread work coupled with the use of contrasting stones on the front and back.

Embellishments are not limited to the neckline or the borders, but the whole maxi front is seemed to be adorned with fine embellishments from top to bottom. The use of dull gold, bronze, and dull silver is most common for embellishments as these colors give an elegant appearance to the dress.

However, the borders and the tails of these maxis are adorned with more prominent floral work and heavy embroidery as it seems to be the hallmark of every bridal dress. Sleeves of these maxis and long-tail dresses are kept either quarter, half, or no sleeves with the least embroidery over them. The most delightful series of hues for Barat includes ivory with red, pink with beige, dull gold, and monochrome red.


Formal Party Wear Maxi Dresses Designs

Formal maxi designs include different color patterns with heavy embroideries. Gotta, Tilla, and zari work are mostly seen with 3-d flowers, crystals, and pearls. Various maxi is given more volume at the bottom by adding extra heavy fabrics attached to it inside. Sometimes in contrast or usually monochromatic.

Pastel Colors Walima Nikkah Maxi Frocks & Gowns

Whereas for Walima event there is a whole world of choices on colors, like pastel pink, peach, green, move, purple, blue, etc. All these shades turn out to be quite fascinating when they are molded into a beautiful and alluring wedding maxi.  For nikkah and engagement functions you have shades of white and off-white. Let’s have a glance at the topmost trending designs of wedding maxi for brides for this year. Have a look at the Latest Wedding Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs posted below.

Light Embroidery Work and Plain Maxi Frocks & Gowns

If you have a semi-formal event then can go for a light embroidery work maxi frocks. They are best for teenage and college-going girls. Like as farewell and welcome parties, graduation days, dholki, and mehndi functions. A family gathering or friend’s wedding, maxis with embellished and embroidered necklines with plain flare are best.


Western Style Maxis Long Tail Dresses Designs

If you want something different as well as stylish then go for western eastern combo maxis. They have different cuts and flares with 3-d embellishments and detailing. You can add a fancy belt or drape a dupatta to give a unique outlook.


Photo Credits: Mahas Photography, Laam.

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Best & Popular Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs 2021

Best & Popular Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs

Pakistani outfits are one thing, but Pakistani weddings are among the most important and lavish rituals conducted all year. Glistening lights, vivid décor, exquisite cuisine, and mind-blowing wedding dresses are all part of this extravagant extravaganza. Of course, we can’t forget about the bride’s wedding makeup, which takes your breath away when you see her. Pakistani bridal dresses are stunning. During a Pakistani wedding, the bride is the center of attention, and all eyes are on her. Nothing is more important to her than looking her best on her most important day. Today we are sharing the Best & Popular Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs

The wedding may only take a few days, but the preparation begins months, if not years, before the big day. During the wedding season, the current bride-to-be is always looking over her selections for Pakistani designer dresses for each and every bridal occasion. In Pakistan, the wedding day lasts more than a week. It includes events like Mangni, Nikkah, Mehndi, Barat, Walima, and others.

The goal of this article is to help you choose the best Pakistani clothes for Barats and Walimas in 2021. Continue reading to discover some gorgeous wedding gowns that will make you seem stunning on your wedding day.

Best & Popular Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs 2021-2022

These are the best bridal and wedding gown designers in Pakistan. Pakistani wedding dresses are custom-made and overseen by top fashion designers. Each major designer’s Pakistani Wedding Dresses are elegantly embellished with embroidered handwork and high-quality materials. These are undoubtedly competitors in the realm of bridal gown design. Quality fabrics, color matching, material quality, stitching quality, and quality craftsmanship are essential requirements for these designers in the bridal gown marketplaces of 2021. A complete list of Pakistani wedding gown designers is provided below. The quality of Pakistani Online Clothing nowadays has exceeded beyond our thinking and has truly emerged as a trustworthy source of shopping.

Bonanza Satrangi – Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs

Bonanza Garment Industries has a 43-year track record of commercial success. Bonanza Satrangi designs feminine clothes with the intention of enabling women to feel comfortable in their own skin. It is one of Pakistan’s most well-known clothing brands. Down below you can find Pakistani mehndi dresses with prices or and vague idea of the price.

Maroon Bridal Suit:

This suit includes a hand-embroidered and block-printed gown, gotta embroidered pants. Furthermore, a shawl, raw silk and jamawar fabric, cut-front open gown with cigarette trousers. The maroon color is very traditional and eye-pleasing, it is perfect for women who love to dress within the norms. Pakistani wedding dresses online like these bring something unique to your wedding, so add this dress into your options for your wedding day.

Teal Bridal Suit

This costume includes a handcrafted piece infused with silver nakshi, 3D flowers, teeki stone and pearls, a handcrafted dupatta, organza fabric, and a cut-front open gown. The teal color is both modern and attractive, making it suitable for women who wish to dress formally.

Bonanza Satrangi Bridal & Luxury Pret Collection:

This assortment mostly features the mind-blowing styles of shararas with shirts, front open gowns, and lehengas.

Zaaviay – Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs

Zaaviay is Pakistan’s Best Women’s Clothing Brand, with an emphasis on long-term customer connections as well as strong ethics and principles. Zaaviay’s all-encompassing consumer experience has made an indelible impression on Pakistani females who value elegance and quality.

Gulnaaz- Gold Bridal Dress

This is a beautiful traditional maysuri net kurta with gold embroidery. The muse for this dress was Zara Noor Abbas who carried this dress elegantly. Zardozi, gotta, and thread work are used to layer the Pakistani Clothing. The lavishly decorated outfit is completed with a deep crimson velvet appliqué accent. It’s paired with a gold banarsi Dhaka pyjama that has hand embroidered on the border and overall booti. The look is completed by a stunning gold maysuri net dupatta with a heavy border on all four sides. Wear this to add a burst of color to your day while also boosting your confidence.

Rukhsaar- Mauve Bridal Dress

This dress is easily buyable on the Zaaviay Online Clothing Store. It is a mauve hand embroidered in gold and copper zardozi with rosey pink resham accents. Organza mauve dupatta with hand-embroidered borders, Chan booti, and raw silk green paltawa paired with pure raw silk mauve churidar with highly and fantastically intricate embroidered bodice, flare, boarders, and exquisite sleeves the outfit may be customized with a bag upon request. These Pakistani wedding dresses does not deviate from the rules, but rather dominates them by appearing gorgeous, and is an excellent choice for genuine fashion experts.

Zaaviay Wedding Wear & Bridal Collection

Zaaviay’s latest wedding wear and bridal series include masterpieces stitched to perfection. You will see the perfect artistic details and designer hard work in each design. Each piece has its own luxury and charm. Have a look at the image gallery just posted below.

Peshwas, Frocks & Anarkalis

Red Bridal Anarakalis & Lehengas

Sana Safinaz Best & Popular Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Brands & Designs

Sana Safinaz is one of Pakistan’s oldest businesses and deserves to be included among the top 20 clothing brands in the country. Above all, the vibrant designs and colors attract people to spend more money.

Silver and Blue

This dress has all the aspects of traditional Pakistani Dresses as well as the modern ones. Threadwork in blue and antique silver with three-dimensional designs on a pale blue tulle blouse lavishly embellished with tube beads, diamante’, pearls, and crystals. This avant-garde bridal gown was motivated by a strong desire for simplicity. Shirt in blue net with silver threads and blue colours. Diamonte, pearls, and crystals are used throughout Kat Dana’s 3D art.

Rose Pink

This Bridal Outfit comes with a stunning rose pink tulle Peshwas silhouette worn over a beetroot red traditional lehenga in raw silk with a rich gold design and outstanding handwork, this Bespoke Bridal blends the richness of the East with a Western sensibility. Our artists have worked long and hard to create a brilliant combination of gold and silver tilla, hand-cut sequins, zardosi, stones, pearls, crystals, and traditional eastern gota work.

Sana Safinaz Luxury Bridal Collection:

Sana Safinaz’s latest bridal collection features the perfect and luxurious ensembles in a modern rendition of classical elements. The outfits have a lot of embellishments refracting tube beads, gleaming crystals and shiny stones. They have stylish eastern cuts with the western blend. A monochromatic as well as vibrant look for the bride who wants to make a dramatically different style statement.

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Summer DressesWomen Dresses

Ego Latest Stylish Ladies Summer Kurta Dresses Collection 2021-2022

Ego Latest & Stylish Ladies Summer Kurta Dresses Collection

2006 is the year when Ego stepped into the market and proved its excellence of quality clothing over the years that came by. Ego is the house of style that is loved by girls of all ages. Dazzling colors and sparkling designs are the marks of their competence in the market. A variety of apparels available at its various outlets do not only carry appealing styles but are distinctive regarding their economical prices. Great quality at affordable prices, is the package by which Ego attracts some of its customers each season. Who wouldn’t love to carry the latest of ready-to-wear attires in comfy yet uniquely designed fabrics? Today we will share the latest and most exciting range of Ego Latest Stylish Ladies Summer Kurta Dresses 2021

This season, all of your nearby Ego outlets are soon going to be flooded with the variety of its summer apparel series including Kurtas, long shirts, tunics, dresses, shalwars and trousers. Ego’s pret collection for this summer is full of dazzling surprises, so get ready to amaze yourself with this inspiring new collection.

Ego Kurtas are very much popular and well-liked by the ladies all around. If you want to recreate your summer’s wardrobe and are tired of existing trends in the market, then go unique with the latest spring-summer collection by Ego. It has taken the level of style to a higher pedestal this year, let your Ego go high and embrace fresh colors with style.

Floral Printed Suits – Kurtas with Bottoms

Floral designs are very common these days. They look chic as well as modern. The floral trend is best for casual and semi-formal days. Either make long shirts or frocks with the same matching bottoms.

Ego Latest Stylish Ladies Summer Kurta Dresses Collection 2021-2022

Glitz and glamour become part of your entire attire when you opt for Ego. This clothing line has excelled in the newest of the digitally printed kurtas with creative series of designs. Available in lawn and cotton, these prints carry elegant floral work, block patterns, and border designs. Distinctive urban patterns on monochromatic shirts and multi-chromatic shirts is also a charm of this collection. A short glance at this collection will give you an idea of its stunning color amalgamations. Ego does not only provides series of shirts, but a range of tunics and fine dresses are also available there.

Jacket Style Koti with Frocks/ Kurtas

Jacket Kotis with frocks are always win. If you want a little fancier look then opt for an embroidered jacket with a plain frock. Otherwise, go for a printed one.

Embroidered Shirts & Pants

Shades of blue in peacock patterns, shades of pink in blooming flower patterns and shades of white in refreshing cool patterns are all here to stun your gaze. A bunch of threadworks can also be seen in plenty of apparel in this collection; these apparel are specially designed for formal events and occasions. For a night out, you can try darker shades of color which are beautifully designed with motifs of thread work on the fronts and back of each shirt and tunic. Either wear a contrast or wear a matching bottom; these pastel shades will stand out loud in your entire summer wardrobe collection. Have a look at this latest ladies embroidered summer kurta with the pants collection.

Printed Two Piece Shirts with Shalwars/ Pants

For daily routine wear printed outfits are best. Plus they are so budget-friendly. Make a short shirt with a tulip shalwar or pants. Printed peplums with tulips also look great.

Solids – Monochromatic Kurtas with Trousers

Solid fashion is going strong. Minimal yet best at its own way. monochromatic solid kurtas with solid bottoms seem perfect for an everyday look. You can choose this style for office wear or university.

Embroidered Three-Piece Suits

The variety that this collection includes also has convivial kurtas, along with beige mix and speckled cotton kurtas tunics. Jhilmil kurtas, side box kurtas, and Anchorage kurtas are also available for all kurta lovers. There is all sort of assortments of summer polka prints, regal designs, and cool breeze style. So what are you waiting for ladies! It’s time to grab your bags and step out, let yourself buy a summer’s treat with the latest ego summer collection. Spark your summer with dazzling colors.

Funky Casual Tunics & Kurtas

Different color combo dresses with cuts and flares look casual. A simple kurta with a pop of color seems so funky. You can pair them with jeans, tights, and khussas. Sneakers will also go great with them.

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Fahad Hussayn Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses 2021 Designs

Fahad Hussayn Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses

The wedding is the name of the biggest celebration, joy, and love. It is what urges every single soul to look perfect. And if we talk about a woman’s celebration, she wants it all perfect from head to toe. Getting that wholly perfect look is not everybody’s thing, merely perfectionists get that standing outlook. As for the modern era is concerned, many people are working to make this art of classiness and perfection propagated over the globe. These people are called the designers! Yes, the community has always been working for quality, style, and innovation, but these days the trend of wearing brands has caught fire and it is considered a part of style statements to use those tags. Among those popular tags, resides one that has been producing art and aesthetics and has conquered this designer community with his majestic designs. Today we will share the amazing designs by Fahad Hussayn Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses Collection 2021

None other than Fahad Hussayn can master this art like this. FH couture purposes to offer elite class fashion garments and bridal goods splendor as the main features of it; and produces casual, formal wear, men dresses, women dresses, bridal wear, pret wear and occasional dresses for every new event. His unique conceptions portray fine art and traditional schema in such a refined way that one witnessing those designs, with no trouble, would find out the artistic thinking behind those creations. Blending up east and west his designing has eastern prints over western cuts, contemporary motifs over chic prints, and quality fabrics. Fahad Husayn with his traditional aesthetics has now launched a sophisticated and royal collection.

Ivory silk lehnga underneath a peplum jacket layered with corset all pieces intricately handcrafted with silk thread and zardozi embroidery draped with kundanzari sash with intricately hand-embroidered pallu. Net dupatta with jaal & four-sided hand embroidered border paired with wine velvet shawl with intricately handcrafted pallu & four-sided border
motif finished with hand made loop buttons & signature in-house finishes.

Fahad Hussayn Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses Collection 2021-22

Fahad Hussayn Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses Collection 2021 is a tremendous assortment of contemporary and intricate embroideries forming an amalgam of fine quality attires with amazing digital prints well inspired by artistic values. The fabrics include chiffon, silk, crinkle, Georgette, net, organza, sheer jacquard stuff. Dragging motivations from tiny articles, the prints of his latest release hold faces, flowers, abstracts and lot more fusions of hues & shades. Like all his assortments, Fahad has combined the western theme of dressing with the eastern aspire of printing and stitching.

Bridal Mehndi Dresses by Fahad Hussayn

Check out the amazing styles and designs of mehndi dresses, ghararas, lehengas, etc. Colors like yellow, orange, pink, off-white are used.

This Mustard gold floor-length two-tier gown is a must-go for mehndi/ mayun events. It is intricately handcrafted with thread and zardozi on the surface of pure silk with four-sided hand embroidered border net sash paired with maroon kundanzari shawl with four side zardozi border on gold silk applique, with custom metallic hand-made 3D embroidered waist belt. Finished with hand-crafted loop buttons & signature in-house finishes.

A hot pink Lehenga with intricate bronze and gold color embroideries. This hot pink is curated with vibrant yellow florals motifs. Featuring hand embellishment and zardozi. Accompanied by richly embroidered embellished dupatta and choli.

These yellow lehenga choli and Anarkali peshwas already give you the festive and dholki vibes. Whether it’s a sangeet night or any pre-wedding function. It is best for the brides to be.

It is a  beautifully embellished jacket with embroideries and paired with a poufy silk lehenga in similar zardozi work and a four-sided bordered contrasting pink dupatta, finished with signature in house finishes.

Shirts with Lehengas

Check out these alluring medium and long-length shirts with beautiful lehengas. The detailing, color combination and style, everything is so perfect. You can pick anyone for your big day.


Traditional & Colorful Bridal Silk Dresses – Lehenga Choli & Shararas

A Limited edition luxurious silk collection is also introduced by Fahad Hussayn in print museum and couture. It contains heavy embroidery work masterpieces with vibrant colors and designs. This series contains the silk shirt paired with ghararas/ shararas and lehenga cholis.

Double Dupatta Bridal lehenga by Fahad Hussayn.

The double dupatta trend is still very famous and considered to be royal. Both dupattas are chosen with different color contrasting combinations. One is heavily embroidered while the other is kept light.

For you to get inspired and get dressed up in royalty, we’ve brought the array to fill your formal closet by Fahad Hussayn Couture. So give a glance at the wonderful bridal collection below, choose the one you love, and grab that from your nearest outlet. For more information and dresses details, check out the brand’s official website.

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Women Dresses

Ayesha Ahmed Formals Party Wear Dresses Designs 2021-2022 Collection

Ayesha Ahmed Formals Party Wear Dresses Designs

The year is about to reach its climax, loads of festive occasions are coming in its way. As for girls, they all are anxiously waiting to celebrate such an occasion with the sparks of their colourful and dazzling formal wear apparel. Some formal wear collections by the most eminent designers of Pakistan are out now on display. Fashion websites and social networking sites are all flooded with the latest catalogues of fancy attires adorned with tons of embellishments dipped in Gold and silver. The use of some embroidery works in combinations of different hues makes this collection appealing to girls and women of all ages. Today we will share the latest Ayesha Ahmed Formals Party Wear Dresses Designs!

The search for a newer and more novel outlook drives us to pursue different designer wears with the special touch of their distinctive creativity. Ayesha Ahmed is a popular label of Pakistan’s most attractive clothing line, it covers almost all ranges of formal dressing and includes bridal apparel like anarkalis peshwas lehengas, ghagras, gowns and sarees.

So if you are going to visit a wedding celebration be it a barat or Walima, mehndi or mayoon or any other event Ayesha Ahmed is a young Pakistani newly emerging fashion artist who is working since a few years back. In such a few periods she has, gain huge fame and response not only in Pakistan but also in United Kingdom, United States, India, etc. Ayesha Ahmed has designed a full series of exciting dresses for you. Ayesha has her tastes in selecting the suitable palette for the contrasting hues of her collection.

Ayesha Ahmed Formals Party Wear Dresses Designs 2021-2022 Collection

Let’s glorify your wardrobe by adding the fantastic piece of attire from Ayesha Ahmed’s latest party wear dresses. These dresses are divided into different categories of silk dresses and chiffon dresses. The silk wears can be used for less formal occasions. They are embellished with delicate embroideries over the neckline and the sleeves.

Motifs of interesting thread and applique work are used to highlight the shirts. Plain silk coupled with printed dupattas and amazing embroideries makes this series a perfect attire carry out during any summer day out. Ayesha Ahmed Formals Party Wear Dresses Designs is full of unique styles and the latest fashion trends.

Bridal & Wedding Wear

But if you want to try to look all gorgeous and glitzy then there is a set of a whole new world of options created by Ayesha Ahmed for you. The series of colourful and embroidered sarees are great for women of elder ages. The sarees carry glaring work in dabka, zari and zardozi all in gold and silver whereas the addition of contrasting colours in the embroidered favours the prominence of sarees borders. Blouses are kept simple to highlight the elegance of the entire outlook. These sarees are available both in net and chiffon.
A fascinating range of party wear is still left to discuss.

This wedding bridal maxi looks so appealing. It is best for nikkah and walima functions. It is a light pastel pink outfit with beautiful embroidery and embellishments.

This range includes all the party wear gowns and frocks. These are designed with heavy embellishments with tons of flares which make these dresses look more regal and royal. The use of Zari work, pearls, stones, dabka work, zardozi, and tilla work over the shirts turn the outlook of these dresses more outstanding.

The collection has the latest of all designs that cater for the need of all kinds of customers. So if you are wondering how it would look, so don’t stop scrolling, as we give you few glances of Ayesha AhmedAyesha Ahmed Formals Party Wear Dresses Designs!

Semi-Formal Suits

Shirts with Dhaka Pajamas/ Ghararas

Embroidered Long Shirt Designs