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4 Wonderful Reasons for Purchasing Maternity Clothes Online

4 Best Reasons for Purchasing Maternity Clothes Online

The ethereal feeling that every anticipating mom-to-be has if often second to none. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t any low moments. With one’s body changing rather rapidly, discomfort is bound to happen. It’s often a tricky time with lots to budget for right from creating a health plan for your bundle of joy to buying new clothes and other items for the baby. In all these, you need not forget about yourself. You can buy the ideal maternity clothes in Australia and flaunt your bump in the most delight able way possible.

4 Best Reasons for Purchasing Maternity Clothes Online

Flexibility in payment 

When you choose to purchase a maternity outfit online, you can enjoy a great deal of flexibility in payment. There’s no cause for alarm if you are short of cash at hand. Other payment modes will make your shopping worthwhile. You can pay using debit/credit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers, among different accepted payment modes.

Unique maternity attire items 

Most of the on-net maternity clothing shops often proud of selling unique and brand-new items. Thus, you can get new attire which will not only make you stylish but also distinctive during your pregnancy and nursing journey. It’s also a chance to get clothes that’ll hardly cause any skin allergies. However, to be extra safe, you need to wash your clothes before wearing them.


Why settle for the commonly available outfits in your local store while you can enjoy an endless variety of choices online? The fascinating thing about shopping for maternity wear online is that you’ll never run out of options. You can choose your favorite attire as check out its various sizes and if it comes in other colors. That’s not all; you also get a chance to check out different outfits that will make your pregnancy journey worthwhile.


The last thing you’d want while pregnant is moving from store to store to choose a specific attire only to find they’ve run out of stock. After a tiresome day at home or at work, you deserve to put your feet up and rest. Online maternity clothes shopping enables you to conduct your services smoothly without a hassle. You get to shop away from the noisy crowds and avoid the traffic jam. All you need to do is swipe through the various category online to find what you love. While scrolling, you also get to note the prices of each item quickly without the inconvenience of a salesperson. Online purchase enables you to make an informed choice without any coercion. Also, get to enjoy great affordability as you want sales offers that will allow you to save big time.

The pregnancy journey is often unique to each couple. As a mother in waiting, you need to feel the best you’ve ever felt before. Don’t let yourself suffocate in regular clothes while you can purchase fantastic maternity clothes, Australia. It’s not only a chance to feel comfortable in the most exceptional state but also beautiful. With the right maternity clothing, you can have memorable moments including amazing baby bump shoots, baby showers photoshoot, and much more.

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Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Autumn Collection 2020-2021

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Embroidered Collection

Another Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Autumn Collection for you people, seems like Maria B never rests? Han? If we consider that this all effort just for us, for fashion lover ladies and young girls. Maria B is defined as a glamorous, elegance, contemporary, scintillating, and chic trend providers.  One can say that the fashion industry owes a lot to Maria B. This gorgeous lady is a very wise trend reader who has always brought her seasonal collections after huge research and analysis of designs and styling.  Maria B is a real proud of Pakistan’s fashion industry as it has gained fame all around the world. This internationally growing brand has developed interests in many women to wear eastern clothes without hesitation no matter in which part of the world they are living because of the amazingly designed dresses by Maria B.

Let’s have a look at the queue for Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Trends 2020-2021. As we always provide you with exclusive and authentically approved fashion news so never stop visiting and keep updated on new fashion. Just like today, we are posting a very recent collection M Prints features inspiring and elegant winter wear clothes.  Like last year’s Indian pashmina winter collection by Maria B got so famous among fashion lovers, we expect that this collection is also going to win hearts.

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Embroidered Collection 2020-2021

In this assortment, the shirts are embellished with Asian elegance and different region flavors. All dresses in this collection have the beautiful signature blend with influential and unique designs. The stunning designs with awesome colors are so damn attractive that one can never get out of the shop without buying at least one of them. The color scheme used is mostly the combination of bright colors like blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, purple, grey, etc. These dresses are a perfect choice for young girls especially.

All of these dresses contain multi-colored prints like red, blue, black, orange, yellow, green, brown, pink, beige, etc. Khaddar and linen shirts are paired with printed winter lawn, chiffon, and tissue silk dupattas. Camric and khaddar trousers are added to these shirts.

The Linen Dress series also contain long embroidered neckline prints along with other designing patterns like lacework, ribbon work, and Kashmiri karhai. This latest printed series includes a wide range of warm clothes, innovation, and luxury.

Through this collection, Maria B is directly dealing with Indian clients that are proud of the Pakistani fashion industry that our designers are getting such demand and appreciation across the borders. Hats off to the creativity of Maria B, unique, stunning, and breathtaking embellishment and color contrasts in this Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection show the effort of the designer.

Have a look on these dresses comprised of sensational designs and admiring prints.

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Nishat Linen Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021 Wool, Khaddar, Linen

Nishat Linen Winter Dresses Collection, khaddar, linen, karandi, wool umstitched suits

Winters has just arrived at our doorsteps! People are updating their wardrobes with some winter stuff. Almost all the designers have launched their collections while few are still left. Today we will discuss Nishat Linen Winter Dresses Collection 2020. We have discussed many brands and covered many designer collections. Now it’s the time of another Pakistan’s largest and well-desired fashion label.

Yes! One of the big brands of Pakistan Nishat Linen is not only popular countrywide but also at the international level in Dubai, India, America, Turkey, etc. It always produces it’s seasonal as well as occasional collections like spring, summer, lawn, etc.

 It always produces it’s seasonal as well as occasional collections like spring, summer, lawn, pret, eid, winter, etc. Nishat linen deals with men and women clothing and accessories like bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. have also unveiled their winter arrivals now. Nisha functions for featuring women dresses, NL Kids, deals with kids’ clothes while NAQSH deals with men wearing.

Just recently Nishat linen has presented its winter arrivals comprising of series of warm and comfortable dresses. The assortment comprises of beautiful digital and electric prints that will blow your minds. Three-piece, two-piece suits consist of a single shalwar piece, a shirt cloth, and an optional dupatta of marina, pashmina, and light wool. Some kurta type shirts have embroidered necklines with beautiful works of embroideries like thread, tilla, gotta, sequin, etc. NL winter collection also consists of textured prints on linen, Karandi, Khaddar and woolen silk stuff. These materials are best to wear for winter because they resist cold and will keep you comfortable in foggy days too.

Nishat Linen Printed & Embroidered 2 Piece Suits:

The awesome color combination is chosen. The use of dark colors is more implemented with light and soft hues to make perfect combinations. 2 pieces of beautiful kurtis and shirts with matching bottoms are part of this assortment.They can also be worn with tights and jeans for casual wear routines. The fabric is Karandi, Khaddar and Linen. Floral prints, block, and block prints are selected to make the dresses a good choice for winters. Other than this you can choose a full 3-piece suit as formal wear for any event and evening functions.

Nishat Linen Wool Shawl Dresses Collection:

The shawls are the big part of winters. They will keep you warm and cozy. Wool shawls have been loved by women through ages. NL always introduce their winter shawl arrivals consisting of pashmina and wool shawls. You will blow away by the color patterns and delicate embroideries on the shawls. Let’s have a look on the pretty designs posted below.

Nishat Linen Winter Dresses Collection, Khaddar, Linen, Karandi

This collection has been launched now and available at all the leading stores of Nishat linen. You can also shop online through their e-stores. Beneath we are publishing some of the best pieces from this assortment. I hope you will like to wear them. Be quick and stock your wardrobes with the best designer winter outfits.

It contains two and three piece dresses in warm fabrics like khaddar, linen, karandi, etc. You will fall in love with all the articles because of their fabulous styles and designs. Enjoy your winter season with Nishat linen, and celebrate happiness. Follow us for more collections and fashion updates. Keep on smiling!

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Skin Care

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Recovery: What You Can Expect

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Recovery What You Can Expect

Most people nowadays are contemplating making the switch from conventional hair removal, methods, and moving towards Brazillian laser removal. If you are one of those people who are considering it, but first trying to do some research and trying to find out if the cost and pain are worth it, this article will be extremely helpful for people who are not entirely sure what to expect, and how recovery works for this procedure. Today we are going to look at recovery time, and overall what happens after you’ve had a Brazilian laser hair removal, the overall procedure, and what you can typically expect.

How long does recovery take and how can I help the recovery process?

According to wikiHow treating the initial discomfort, with Aloe Vera or Ice packs can increase the rate of recovery.  Recovery normally takes up two days, after each session, and in most cases only causes mild discomfort. The whole recovery process doesn’t affect your daily activities like work, university, or school. It’s important to limit your exposure to sunlight, whilst in the case with Brazillian laser removal treatment, unless you’re an avid nudist the more you get exposed to sunlight the longer rehabilitation takes. If the aloe vera and ice packs are not helping you with releasing some of the pain, what other alternatives can you use? Good, old painkillers, will definitely help ease the pain, if the pain is still unbearable after one day, seek medical attention, but in most cases, painkillers usually end all the discomfort. As mentioned above avoiding sunlight is very important, the biggest factor is not necessarily the sunlight, but the heat. If you’re a fan of taking hot steamy showers and saunas, the procedure already uses heat, adding any kind of extra heat can make the level of skin irritation so much worse. It’s recommended to wait at least 48 hours before you even can consider returning to your normal bathing routine. People that are addicted to exercising, exercising, or doing any strenuous activity can also cause your body to release too much heat which further hampers your recovery period. Walking is not seen as too strenuous, so walking can be an alternative for exercising rather than going to the gym.

What can you expect after the procedure?

With regards to your skin, it causes some mild thermal damage, you can compare it to a mild sunburn, with regards to pain is totally bearable, and easily treatable. Most clinics will provide you with numbing cream, an excellent substitute is aloe vera, it doesn’t only help for the pain it helps with the healing process. On a cellular level, it takes up to two weeks to heal properly. After the procedure, you will see spots similar to goosebumps that are red, some discomfort, and in most cases swelling that is not even noticeable, these side-effects shouldn’t last longer than 48 hours. It is also important who you choose to execute this cosmetic procedure because choosing inexperienced professionals can seriously hamper your recovery time, the staff at Ethos Spa told us that you don’t have to worry about long recovery after the Brazilian hair removal procedure. With regards to Brazillian laser hair removal, it’s important to understand that you won’t lose all of your hair down thereafter one treatment, it takes multiple sessions, depending on how much hair you have,  if you are worried about excess hair between sessions you can trim the hair or shave, however, you shouldn’t use tweezers or pluck your hair, using bleach or even using creams is very bad for the hair follicle and it can in worst cases affect your results, and recovery time between appointments.

How long before you start seeing results

After the first treatment or appointment, it takes around ten to twelve days for the follicles to entirely die. This type of cosmetic treatment can easily be one of the best treatments out there for hair reducing, but it’s important to understand that in most cases it removes seventy to ninety percent of your hair. Permanent hair removal is still not attainable.

To conclude:

It’s important for everyone to realize that recovery will vary between patients. People have different levels of how much pain they can endure, and also how quickly your body can recover. As mentioned above, 90 percent of patients recover without any pain or side-effects. Listen to your clinic, and follow the guidelines, and you will recover quickly and easily without any complication.

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How Sabja Seeds Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

How Sabja Seeds Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol has certain important functions in the human body. It is made in the liver and keeps the walls of the cells flexible. Cholesterol is also needed to make several hormones. But like any other element, too much cholesterol can create a problem for your body. This is because cholesterol doesn’t dissolve in water. Lipoproteins are needed to transport cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins in the blood. Here we are sharing How Sabja Seeds Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels.

The high content of low-density lipoprotein causes cholesterol deposits in blood vessel walls. This can cause clogged arteries, heart attacks, kidney failures, and strokes. High-density lipoprotein carries cholesterol and prevents its deposition. There are a lot of natural ways to increase the high-density lipoprotein content in the body.

Sabja seeds

Sabja seeds are similar to sesame seeds but are black. They typically come from sweet basil, Ocimum basilicum, a plant used to season foods. The basil plant is native to India. Basil seeds are also known as falooda seeds or tukmaria seeds. These are rich in nutrients and immunity-boosting properties. Sabja Seeds have a lot of health benefits like regulating blood sugar, improving metabolism, reducing inflammation, and reducing cholesterol levels. These seeds have a long history of use in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

How Sabja Seeds Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Soluble fiber is a compound found in plants that dissolves in water. The human body isn’t able to digest it. But, the bacteria, called probiotics, present in the intestines can digest soluble fiber. These bacteria reduce the harmful kinds of lipoproteins, LDL and VLDL. Based on a study done by the National Library of Medicine, taking 3 gm of soluble fiber daily for a few months decreased the low-density lipoprotein by 18 percent.

Reducing the low-density lipoprotein reduces the cholesterol deposits in the blood vessel walls. Sabja seeds are rich in pectin which is a soluble fiber.  Pectin binds substances in the intestine and adds bulk to the stools. It improves blood fat levels by binding with cholesterol in your digestive tract. Cholesterol is prevented from being absorbed and entering blood vessels. This reduces the risk of heart disease.

How to use Sabja seeds

Basil seeds can be bought in Asian food stores or online eCommerce portals. Search for ‘edible basil seeds’ to find the right ones. Since, these seeds are also used for planting, be careful while buying them. The ones used for planting cost more per ounce and might be treated with pesticides.

To eat the basil seeds, you will have to soak them for some time. For soaking, take 1 cup of water per 1 tablespoon of basil seeds. You can use more water if you would want to. Using less water for soaking can cause the seeds to clump as they hydrate. Soak them for at least 15 minutes till they swell and approximately triple in size. The gel-like outer portion will turn grey post soaking. After soaking the seeds for about 15 minutes, you can add them to your recipe.

The basil seeds can be used in a lot of recipes and drinks. Smoothies, milkshakes, salad dressings, pudding, oatmeal, bread, muffins, etc. are some food products where you can add these seeds. Basil seeds can also be used to replace eggs in baking goods. You can grind them and replace the flour with it. Your baking dish will become healthier by using sabja seeds.

Precautionary disclaimers

Some disclaimers that you must keep in mind before consuming sabja seeds are:

  1. These seeds increase the estrogen levels in the body. Hence pregnant women should not take sabja seeds without a doctor’s prescription.
  2. Small children can choke on seeds if they are not swollen in water properly.
  3. Sabja seed extracts are known to reduce blood clotting. So, if you shouldn’t take these seeds post-surgery. Ensure that you don’t consume sabja seeds at least 2 weeks before undergoing any surgery.
  4. Other side effects include diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, vomiting, etc.

Reducing cholesterol is one of many health benefits that sabja seeds have. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels, relieving constipation, reducing the risk of heart attack, and reducing stress and anxiety. If you have high cholesterol levels in your body, then you can consult your doctor and start the intake of sabja seeds to reap its health benefits.

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Maria B Couture Latest Fancy Formal Wedding Dresses 2020-2021

Maria B Couture Latest Fancy Formal Wedding Dresses

Wedding season is at its peak and designers are busy in launching their formal collections. One of the most famous Pakistani Designer having a prominent name is Maria B. She has started her own fashion house after getting diploma from National school of Arts Lahore.In such a few intervals of time she got remarkable feed back from her customers.Her work is so marvelous in designing clothes for women. She has presents its many collections including seasonal (Summer, Winter/Fall, Midsummer) as well as festive. Today we will share the Maria B Couture Latest Fancy Formal Wedding Dresses Collection 2020-21

Recently she has launched her Couture Collection named “Maria B Couture” containing adorable formal wedding wear dresses. That is totally different from the previous one, as it contains many new varieties of embroidered shirts, Sarees, gowns, Frocks, etc. These Dresses are super best for your bestie’s, relative or sibling wedding events. You will the hot couple in the shoot. Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan pair together for the latest shoot of Maria B Couture Collection 2020.

If you have wedding nearby then no need to worry about the dress to wear. Because this collection is all about the perfect wedding wear attires. The luxurious front open shirt and maxi has taken our hearts. It always goes great with a smooth makeover and high heels.

Maria B Couture Latest Fancy Formal Wedding Dresses 2020-2021

In Today’s post, i am presenting some of the delicate shots that are featured in Maria B Couture Latest Fancy Formal Wedding Dresses 2020 and modeled by sizzling Sajal Aly. The Dresses are made to order.

You have to order them and it will require at least four weeks to complete. The delicate embroidery at the front and some at neckline, some have traditional stonework and dabka work so they are extraordinary for formal functions. The jaal embroidery work with embedded stones and pearls looks so appealing. The A-line shirts are paired with traditional gharara pants and straight trousers. The long maxi gowns are best for an evening function.

Front Open Gowns:

Decadent royal Deep Red Bridal dress adorned with Mughal inspired jewel patterns, beads, stones kundan, and sequence work. It is layered with a pure raw silk lehnga and a four-sided crafted dupatta.

Alluring front open gown laden with intricated 3D flowers, pearls, sequins, and diamontes. Undershirt will be long enough to cover the belly.



Maria B Sarees:

Look at this Beautifully embellished formal saree. It is in mint green color with intricated 3D floral works, dovetailed with pearls, sequins and diamontes accents.

It fell in love with this red wine formal saree. It is deep embellished with Maria.B signature embroideries with lashings of kundan, dabka, pearls, beads, and stones.

We are drolling over this pretty pastel pink embroidered saree on Sajal Aly.

Maxis & Pishwas:

A sumptuous grey three-piece gown maxi is assembled with soft 3D floral work, beads, pearls, diamontes, and sequins. It has an extended tissue lining with four-sided crafted dupatta. Such a perfect outfit in such a reasonable price.


Three-piece traditional flared Angrakha pishwas with gilded gota, mirror, and sequence work. It is set with a contrast two-toned gota plaited dupatta finished with dori kiran.

If some want regal as well as simple then this pishwas is the best option. It is designed with delicate embroidery work on neckline, sleeves and border. It is paired with four sided dupatta.


Our traditional gota,dori and sequence packed kurti gharara, paired with a contrast multi toned kamdani mukaish laden dupatta.


Lehenga Choli

This pearl white Extravagant Lehnga Choli is constructed with meticulous handwork using pearls, diamontes, and sequins. It is perfect for formal functions, gatherings and evening parties.

These Maria B Couture Latest Fancy Formal Wedding Dresses are now available to order. So be the first to wear the awesome dress by Pakistan’s no one designer among your family and relatives. Go and grab your choice and make your functions more beautiful and special. The Pictures below are some of the Selective shots of this collection.

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Daily Best Skincare Regime and Order for Perfect Skin

Daily Best Skincare Regime and Order for Perfect Skin (2)

For glowing and great skin, you will need to apply your skin products in an organized order. The dermatologist will advise a consistent regime for full benefits. The application order is imperative to keep harmful things out of your skin. Most of the products have beneficial ingredients and products to help get into the skincare. Here we are sharing the best skincare regime for daily routines to get the perfect results.

Daily Best Skincare Regime

A smaller amount of the ingredients should penetrate the skin. When not applying the products in a regime, you will not experience the best results. An excellent skin regime is to know the product goes before the other and the products that work well in the daytime and at night. The secret is to apply the products from the thinnest to the thickest or from liquid to cream.

Daily Best Skincare Regime

Daily Best Skincare Regime and Order for Perfect Skin

Look for products that are essential and need to penetrate the skin, such as antioxidants in serums. The last step is to use products that need to stay on top of the skin like moisturizers.

Daytime Regime

A morning routine will concentrate on the sun, pollution, and elements protection. That is why you will need your retinol for the night.

  • Cleanser: Start by splashing warm water on your face, then use a gentle face cleanser as per your skin’s type.
  • Toner: Most people will skip toners with the belief that they are harsh and will irritate the skin. A skin toner will help deliver antioxidants and vitamin B. Look for a toner that is relevant to your skin’s type and concern.
  • Antioxidant serum: These are super-concentrated treatments to help with different skin’s concerns and problems. It is advisable to have them close to your skin. There are many serums in the market. Look for antioxidant serums that have numerous benefits such as protection from UV rays and other environmental pollutants.
  • Eye cream: It will help maintain the health and thickness of the eyelid skin. You will improve dermis quality and smooth appearance.
  • Spot treatment: Most of these products help with acne treatment and should be close to the skin for maximum benefits.
  • Moisturizer: Make sure you apply it when your skin is damp. Avoid areas you have applied the spot treatment.
  • Sunscreen: This is the last skincare for the day; it helps in blocking the UV rays. Ensure the sunscreen is absorbed into the skin for it to be effective. Apply it after the moisturizer and ensures it contains zinc. Zinc is effective and safe for the best UVA and UVB rays protection. When using chemical sunscreens, look for a formula that has moisturizing benefits. You will have maximum daily hydration and protection from your skin.

Daily Best Skincare Regime

Start by looking for quality products from a global and renowned beauty supply wholesaler. Remember the order of application and the time the skin will take to absorb the products. Look for a skincare routine that is simple and easy to follow. Always listen to your skin’s inner voice and know that we all have unique skin. Look for products that will work for you and are gentle to your epidermis.

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Latest Indian Party Wear Fancy Sarees Designs Collection 2020-2021

Latest Indian Party Wear Fancy Sarees Designs Collection

In India, women wear saree on their daily basis as their native clothing and identity at home, casually or formally but that doesn’t leave an impression that only Indians wear Sarees. Sarees are an inspirational dress among ladies of many areas, may not be casually but Eastern women prefer wearing it on occasions like family functions, parties, weddings, etc. Many designers, fashion platforms all around the globe have incorporated their own interpretations in designing sarees other than India only like there is a hint of modernity & pattern variations, color schemes, styling in sarees at Western side. Customers there in Western countries appreciate traditional clothing & like to wear them on various occasions. A huge variety of this dress is now being presented by famous fashion designers according to the demand of young ladies. Here we are posting the Latest Indian Party Wear Fancy Sarees Designs Collection.

From place to place & country to country, depending on the prevalent fashions and cultures of the certain area. Designers always keep their different touch among designs & dressing like Pakistani & Indian fashion is similar somewhat but not exactly or the same. But when it comes to Sarees, the designs and trends will be seen same among all. Pakistani culture doesn’t support saree wear on a daily basis yet over the last few years it has become quite refined in terms of fashion.

Latest Indian Party Wear Fancy Sarees Designs Collection 2020-2021

Saree is a dress that helps to depict the true colors of traditions and to define the feminine beauty n the more furnished way. Especially at functions like parties, weddings, etc., a good fancy one helps you look more adorable and gorgeous fulfilling all aspects of beauty. Initially, ladies of medium or old age preferred this dress, but now young girls are seen in this pretty couture at many events, no matter married or unmarried.

By the time, of course, there happened many changes in designs & cuts, rather than old fashioned sarees there are many other designs and trends available in the market like in the old times, banarsi ones were preferable or tissue or else but this modern fashion has left no limits of fabrics from chiffon to net, silk to organza, cotton to georgette and some others.

Party wear sarees are usually made in chiffon, net or thin silk in approximately all colors like black, pink, green, blue, white, skin, peach, violet, red, silver, gold, and many more. For the night parties, black or silver is the most stunning contrast but there is no limit of choosing that suits you better.

Pastel Saree Colors

Different categories are available in blouse either half, full or sleeveless all depending on customer’s choice. Here below in the gallery, you will see the variety of modern saree designs, colors, and trends according to latest fashion these days. You can buy these from online stores or the brands nearby. If you are from Pakistan, America, Bangladesh, UK or any other country you can get these sarees at your doorstep by ordering the required item. Hope you will love these & if you do, consider mentioning it in the comment sector below.

Fancy Banarsi Sarees

Latest Indian Party Wear Fancy Sarees Designs Collection

Saree is always the right choice for any party. You can go for simple you love light embroideries. Depending upon the function, you can choose the saree. Like the heavily embellished one for a wedding party, a simple light adorned for a get-together. A bold colored for a sangeet night, a traditional red for an anniversary, etc.

You can go for a net blouse, silk, georgette, chiffon, organza, etc. Just add a lace detailing, on the whole, the pallu and borders towards a plain saree can give it a sophisticated look. Wear a statement necklace on the plain raw silk sari will give you a gorgeous appearance. For more grace pair it with the stunning heels. You can also add tassels, latkans, pearls, beads, crystals, etc on the neckline or pallu.

Indian sarees are loved and adored all over the world. They have their own grace and charm other than depicting the traditions.  Indian women wear them on a daily routines while the ones living abroad not getting time still love to wear them on their national days and festivals. Here we are presenting some of the latest designs. I hope this will help you in finding and selecting the right saree for the right occasion.

Ombre Style

Chic White Saree Designs

Fancy Embroidered Floral Saree

Indian Net Bordered Saris

Shimmery Sequins Work Saris


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Khaadi Beautiful Winter Kurtas & Shirts Collection 2020

Khaadi Beautiful Winter Kurtas & Shirts Collection

Summer is just about to end. The with sunny mornings are getting chilly to its terrific cool nights. Now Hope you gals are experiencing the season with wonder. Today I am bringing something more interesting and useful for coming fall-winter wardrobe. Yes! I am talking about the Beautiful Winter Kurtas & Shirts Collection. This assortment consists of the latest arrivals of the most famous brand khaadi that is titled as Khaadi Beautiful Winter Kurtas & Shirts Collection 2020. Khaadi is one of the daring most popular fashion labels in Pakistan working from several decades, which is known for its high-quality stuff and artistic designs. It presents its seasonal as well as occasional like party wear, formal, semi-formal, pret wear, casual wear collections every year. It deals with Men, women, and Kids’ clothing. Aside from it also offers other accessories of men and women like bags and shoes. Freshly, Khaadi has released the amazing pret wear casual collections 2020 for girls and women that consists of colorful and stylish kurtas, shirts, and tops designs.

Khaadi Beautiful Winter Kurtas & Shirts Collection 2020

The entire series features ready to wear casual dresses for the fall/ winter season. This collection title includes the word “colorful” because of the vibrant and bold colors used in it, yes you will the chic tops with high-density shades of red, black, pink, orange, blue, brown, maroon, and many more. But you will also go for light colors here, such as white, yellow, baby pink, peach, etc. The elegant attires featured below are best to wear for Modern Urban Girls who are fond of western-style dressing.

The fabric includes soft linen, cambric, jacquard, karandi, sateen, soft khaddar, etc. You can see the pretty peplum short frocks style, angrakha, medium length shirts, short Kurtis and kurtas. Striped, floral, block print, screen printing is done. The necklines and sleeves are embroidered with tribal and ethnic embroidery. You can pair them with jeans, tights, plain trousers, culottes, churi pajama, etc. These kurtas are best for university going girls, housewives, office going women. This collection is a complete package for every type of woman.

You can also find some desi style printed kurti here which one can pair with a tight for a more modern type desi casual look. Select your favorite piece from below posted image gallery and make your season more glamorous!

Short frock with embroidered sleeves and neckline

Pretty beige and blue kurta with printed embroidered jacket style neckline

White kurta with multi-color cross-stitch embroidery

Striped frock with a belt and printed sleeves

Angrakha style shirts

Medium Length Frock Top

Front Open Style Kurtas

Funky Winter Printed Shirts

Khaadi Beautiful Winter Kurtas & Shirts Designs


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6 Essential Items for a Men’s Smart Casual Dress Code/ Wardrobe

6 Essential Items for a Smart Casual Dress Code Wardrobe

Many individuals often find the term ‘smart casual’ ambiguous or confusing. It has become the dress code for several events but most men have no idea about how to pull it off. Long gone are the days when it was the favorite style of creatives, startups, and men in the corporate world. Today we will discuss the 6 Essential Items for a Men’s Smart Casual Dress Code/ Wardrobe

Men from different industries and age groups have embraced it in this era. The truth is that it’s not only meant for special occasions. A smart casual dress code can give you ample opportunity to create your style and still look elegant.

The concept is quite flexible and keeps evolving over the years. Smart casual have been around for over five decades and it doesn’t appear to go into extinction anytime soon. It is somewhere in-between business casual and regular casual wear.

Perhaps you have a lot of questions regarding it. This guide will shed more light on the smart casual dress code and reveal some mistakes you should avoid.

Everything you should know about Men’s Smart Casual Dress Code/ Wardrobe

It’s not surprising that thousands of men prefer this style because it frees them from the pressure of following every fashion trend. You need some basic items to build a smart-casual wardrobe. It’s ideal to get versatile pieces and let quality triumph over quantity.

Focus on buying neutral colored items before other colors. Some fabric materials that will flatter your look include linen, chambray, broadcloth, twill, and herringbone. Without much ado, let’s take a look at the basic items you need.

  • Blazers 

A blazer can help create a sharp contrast between regular casual wear and a smart casual look. They are perfect for layering and can come in handy to achieve your desired look. Unstructured blazers are your best bet for balancing a smart casual style.

Try to shop for quality materials for your blazers so that they can last for some years. One mistake that some men make is to replace their blazer with a suit jacket when their goal is to achieve a smart casual dress code. Truth be told, this will create a different effect that pales in comparison to what you want. You can opt for a leather or bomber jacket instead.

  • Denim jeans 

Denim jeans are a staple for any type of wardrobe. The bottom line is to get quality ones. A dark-colored pair with straight legs works best for the smart casual dress code. Avoid distressed jeans or any pair with ornamentation.

  • Chinos:

Chinos are another option if you don’t want to wear jeans. Try to get them in colors such as beige, khaki, or navy so that you will be able to match them with other clothing items. Bear it in mind that wearing pants or shorts with plenty of pockets can ruin a smart casual look.

Chinos and jeans are not the only type of pants you can wear for a smart casual dress code. Other pants you can wear include dress pants and wool trousers. Make sure that your pants are breathable and wrinkle resistant, especially if you’re traveling.

  • Shirts 

You need different types of shirts for your smart-casual wardrobe. Choose long sleeve and short sleeve shirts in colors you can easily work with. A typical example of this is the Schnayderman Shirts which can help you exude confidence.

In case you want to include t-shirts or polo shirts, go for plain and quality ones without any distracting patterns or logos. Confirm that they haven’t seen better days and should be of the right fit.

  • Shoes 

Wearing the right shoes will complement your smart-casual outfit. The various options include sneakers, derbies, and leather shoes. Each type will have a different effect on your entire look. Endeavor to maintain your shoes by polishing and taking other necessary steps.

Most shoes for elevating a smart casual look often have an almond or round toe and can be made of suede or leather material. You can settle for black or brown color which will match almost all your outfits.

  • Accessories 

Accessorizing is a smart way to infuse the smart casual vibe into your outfit. It will also add a dash of elegance to your look. Enhance your unique style with a belt, classic watch, a pair of sunglasses, pocket squares, socks, or wallet.

Forgo the tie unless you’re going to work. When it comes to using accessories, the rule of thumb is moderation.


How to nail the Men’s Smart Casual Dress Code

Getting the smart casual dress code right isn’t rocket science even if you’re a beginner. We’ve gathered a few tips that will help you create a lasting impression whether you’re going for an event, meeting, date or you just want to have fun.

  • Get the right fit

It’s common for some men to bring together great style but with the wrong fit. Even though the smart casual style isn’t strictly formal, your outfit should be well-fitting. Avoid anything sloppy or tight.

Be deliberate about getting the perfect balance without compromising your confidence. This will prevent your efforts from going down the drain.

  • Play with texture 

Texture can make a huge difference by helping your upscale your appearance. If you take an objective look at the formal items in the menswear wardrobe, you will realize that they are mostly shiny and smooth.

Incorporate texture in your outfit for a sleek appearance. For instance, you can replace worsted wool with tweed. Apart from that, introduce a textured blazer in your wardrobe.

  • Dress according to the occasion

Consider the occasion and location when putting your smart-casual outfit together. Its definition can vary from continent to continent. If the dress code is unclear, be clear about the goal you intend to achieve with your style.

Another approach is to get in touch with the event organizer for more information about how they define the smart casual dress code. This is the key to avoid overdressing or underdressing. You will also create a pleasant impression of your efforts.

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