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Latest Pakistani Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Trends 2022

Latest Pakistani Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Trend Collection 2015-2016

On these wedding days, every bridal wants to stand out truly stunning as she is the center of everyone’s attention. Where clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes are considered important, one cannot forget the hairstyles because a hairstyle is a thing that highly influences your whole personality. Similarly, a hairstyle is set according to fashion, a face shape that suits your face the most. We have always come up with the best ideas according to the latest fashions and trends for Asian and Western Brides. Today we are sharing the best and Latest Pakistani Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Trends.

Latest Pakistani Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Trends 2022-2023

Pakistani bridals possess their unique beauty regarding makeover, dressing, jewelry, and hairstyles. Today, I will show you the latest hair trends for upcoming Asian brides because a beauty-enhancing hairstyle is necessary to make you look more trendy and classy. Hope you will like these suggestions as I am listing here the top ones.

Bridal Stunning Curls:

Thick curls were hanging down at the sides of the face to front shoulders always look awesome for the brides having long hairs. Curls add a unique and chic look to the bride’s face. Now there are varieties of curls too whether you like to do it all over the hairs or only a few locks on the front side of the head. The reason that most brides these days choose to wear curls is that it looks more trendy and younger. Also, it has the benefit of being easy to carry and takes less time to make and set. Previously gels were used to make it erect but these days there are techniques through which you can make your bridal curl last longer than ever.

Bridal One Side Curls:

The trend of one-side curls is very much popular these days. This hairstyle looks so chic as well as pretty. You can embellish it with hair jewelry, floral pins, flowers, etc.

Wedding Curls on Both Sides:


Wedding Updo & Buns:

Updo has always been a popular and favorite style among brides all over the world; it is considered as best in Pakistan because brides here used to wear dupatta so it makes it set properly and firm. Updo has many variations, curls, braids, and twists in an updo. The trend of adding gems and flowers in an updo is also becoming so popular these days.


Stylish Bridal Braids:

Pakistani bridals with long hair tend to make braids especially in the event of mehndi. Other than simple mehndi braid, the trends are introduced for the wedding day too just like that princess with thin hair twists as they are more fantastic and intricate. Beauticians nowadays embed flowers, pearls, fancy pins of matching color as of the dress in braids as it looks more cool and fashionable. There are so many other options like a French braid, side braid and some more if you think of.

Bridal Buns from Back Side:

The back buns look so pretty and stylish. Decorate them with flowers, jewels, and accessories. Mostly you can opt them for Barat functions as they look more regal.

Engagement Hairstyles:

Light curls, bangs, and hair locks are perfect for an engagement hair look. You have posted some of the most stunning hair styles for your big day.

Nikkah Hair Inspo:

Most people choose simple yet elegant hairdos for their nikkah look. But we can also add the accessories to make look more appealing.

Christian White Bridal Hairstyles:

These are my most favorite ones. Whether choose big buns for simple curls. Everything looks perfect with white.

Wedding Hairdos for Short Hairs:

Some people think there are no bigger options for short hairs. But no, I will say they are now more in trend and a lot of amazing styles are there. Be an urban bride with lovely short hairs.

Hair-styles with Matha Patti:

Matha Patti is so much in fashion these days so you have posted some of the detailed hair designs for you.

The gorgeous Ponytail Brides:

Ponytails for brides are so rare but so chic. They are best for sangeet, walima, and bridals showers.

Bridal Walima Hairstyles:

For walima now there are numerous options. Side curls, bangs, half up and half low, etc

Latest Bridal Barat Hairstyles:

Here we are posting some of the amazing barat hairdos for Pakistani and Asian brides including buns, updos, braids, half up half down hairstyles, etc. Have a look at the image gallery and get inspired. It includes all hair types like long hairs, medium length, etc.

Wedding Mehndi Hairstyles for Bridals:

On Bridal Wedding, Mehndi functions mostly braid hairstyles are preferred. The hairs are well decorated with flowers, pins, and pearls that seem so stylish and trendy. The length of hairs is mostly extended by artificial braids combined with the hairs to enhance the chic appearance. Have a look at the photo posted below.

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hairs

If you’ve short hairs then no need to worry about styling. You can curl them mold them into gorgeous

Bridal Hairstyles for Oval Face

Women with oval faces also have alot of hair options to style them. Open long hairs suit them. You can add curls, bangs with accessories like flowers.

Bridal Hair Styles for Round Face

Brides with round face no need to worry as there are alot of hair style options. One side up and down hairs also look appealing. Other than that messy buns, braids look really pretty.

Bridal Hairstyles for Long Face

Some brides have long face they want something really suitable according to their face shape. I depends on alot how you style your hair.

Latest Pakistani Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Trends


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