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Latest & Best Kashees Hairstyles Bridal Wedding/ Party Wear 2024

Latest & Best Kashees Hairstyles Bridal Wedding Party Wear

Kashees Beauty Salon, located in Karachi, Pakistan, is renowned for its expertise in bridal makeup and hairstyles. The salon, owned by Kashif Aslam, is known for creating intricate and stunning looks for brides. Kashees love to stay on-trend and always incorporate current hairstyle trends with classic ones. Kashee is a maestro in bridal hairstyling.  His hair-styles are so detailed and neat. Even they are not easy to copy as they have their own unique twists and styling.

Your hairstyle is a reflection of your personality and style. Choose a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident.. While choosing the perfect hairstyle for your important event or wedding, the main thing is to keep a balance between a style that enhances your features and aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. You can also seek advice from a professional stylist at Kashees Salon who can provide personalized recommendations based on your preferences. For a modern and chic look, consider a sleek and polished hairstyle, such as a smooth bun or a straight, pulled-back style.

You should also consider your dress, dupatta, and any other accessories when choosing your bridal hairstyle. It’s also a good idea to consult with your hairstylist before the big day to ensure you’re happy with the final look. Kashees salon will make sure that you get satisfied with your decision of choosing them. Here are some popular Kashees hairstyles that brides often choose for their special day.

Kashees Bridal Buns:

The most famous and most loved kashees buns. A signature Kashees bridal hairstyle involves a beautifully crafted bun. The bun is often voluminous and adorned with flowers, hairpins, and other accessories. The side strands of earrings and jumkas compliment so well with the buns. Furthermore you can also add stylish and traditional jewelled juras on the buns.

Fish Braids -Braided Bridal Hairdos:

Fishtail braids give a complete whole new vibe to the hairs. They are also known as fishbone braids. They are a beautiful and intricate braiding technique that creates a distinctive pattern resembling the tail of a fish. Kashees Fishtail braids are so versatile and detailed. It is one of the most popular, latest & Best Kashees Hairstyles. They are decorated with pins, pearls, flowers and jewellery accessories.

Braid band hairstyles

Braid band hairstyles involve incorporating braids into a headband-like pattern, creating a stylish and intricate look. These hairstyles often combine the classic elegance of braids with the practicality of keeping hair away from the face. This look is best for party and formal wear events. They may appear simple but they make your look so chic and modern.

Beuatiful Open Hair Kashees Party Hairstyles:

An open hair with braids and curls combines the free-flowing beauty of open hair with the intricate detailing of braids. This style offers a lovely blend of casual elegance. An open hair with braids style allows you to showcase the beauty of both braids and free-flowing hair, offering a versatile and charming hairstyle for various occasions. Open hairs with curls and braids are best for wedding wear and party wear. If you are a bride sister or bestie then this look is ideal for you.

Braided Updos:

Kashees is known for creating elaborate braided updos for brides. These may include combinations of fishtail braids, regular braids, and twists. The updos involve hair curls, braids decorated with pins, flowers and other accessories. This look is best for Mothers, mom in laws, aunts, etc.

Stylish Side Curls & Braids

Combining side curls with braids can create a beautiful and intricate hairstyle that blends the elegance of curls with the texture of braids. The mixture of side curls and braids gives a lovely and whimsical hairstyle that showcases a royal appearance. High voluminous side curls with braids are best for brides.


Jeweled Hair Accessories:

Kashees often incorporates jeweled hair accessories like maang tikka, passa, and jhoomar into their hairstyles. These accessories are strategically placed to complement the overall bridal look.The jewelled hairstyles always look so royal. They immediately spice up your whole look. Jewelled hair always look so regal and trendy. Whether you’re a bride or a girl attending a wedding, you will get all type of variety of traditional jewellery from kashees to complete your look.

Floral Hairstyles:

Who don’t like flowers? Fresh flowers are the best choice for updos, braids and buns. Especially for the mayun and mehndi brides. Fresh flowers and artificial floral arrangements are frequently used in Kashees hairstyles. Flowers may be woven into braids, placed around buns, or used as hair accessories for a natural and vibrant look.

Side-Swept Curls:

Kashees creates elegant side-swept curls for brides who prefer a more romantic and soft hairstyle. Side-swept curls refer to a hairstyle where the hair is styled with curls that are swept to one side, creating an elegant look. The curls are often paired with accessories like matha patti or jhoomar. Curls always give you a confident look. Kashees side swept curls are best for walima and reception brides.


Pakistani Bridal Fishbraids and Ponytail:

High ponytails with sleek and well-styled hair are another contemporary choice offered by Kashees. The ponytail may be accessorized with decorative pins or jewelry. Pontail hairstyles are now the new trend in wedding especially if you’re wearing a Maxi for gown.

Intricate Twists and Turns – Curly hairdos:

Kashees hairstylists are known for their creativity in incorporating intricate twists and turns into bridal hairstyles. These details add a touch of uniqueness to the overall look.

Kashees Mehndi Hairstyles:

For Mehndi ceremonies, Kashees often creates playful and vibrant hairstyles. These may include colorful braids, flower arrangements, and other festive elements.

Bridal Headpieces:

Kashees frequently uses elaborate headpieces like maang patti and matha patti to enhance the bridal hairstyle, it is best option for barat look. These headpieces are often statement pieces that contribute to the overall grandeur. Zircon headpieces, fancy headbands, tairas and crowns are also very trending these days especially for walima brides.


It’s important to note that the trends in bridal hairstyles may evolve, and individual preferences play a significant role in the final choice. Brides often consult with Kashees Beauty Salon stylists to create a personalized and breathtaking hairstyle that complements their bridal attire and makeup. Additionally, photographs and videos of the salon’s work can serve as inspiration for brides seeking a Kashees-style hairstyle. Hope you get inspired by these Latest Latest & Best Kashees Hairstyles for Bridal Wedding/ Party Wear.