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15 Best & Fantastic Braided Hairstyles You Should Must Try

15 Best & Fantastic Braided Hairstyles You Should Must Try

The great thing about bridal braid hairstyles is that they can work for all hair types. So, whether you have curly, wavy, straight or even natural kinky hair, braided wedding hair is one option you wouldn’t need to think long about. An all-time classic hairstyle, it is so versatile that it can be styled for all types of weddings from rustic or bohemian, to vintage, minimalistic or whimsical. Today we will post the 15 Best & Fantastic Braided Hairstyles You Should Must Try

15 Best & Fantastic Braided Hairstyles that you will definitely love

From a simple plait to intricate weaves, there are many ways to wear this exquisite hairstyle option. Apart from being unique, another advantage of braids is that they can last a long time without getting out of shape. They even give your hair some texture after they’re taken out.

Scroll on to find some of our favorite wedding braid hairstyles for all types of brides.


  • Braided Floral Fishtail Pony

This is one of the 15 Best & Fantastic Braided Hairstyles. Combine a gorgeous sleek ponytail with a fishtail braid for a gorgeous and intricate look that is more than just a ponytail. Leave out wisps of face framing tendrils and adorn with a single flower bloom or floral hair pin for an elegant finish.

  • Waterfall Braids

For a truly romantic look, consider the waterfall effect of gorgeous waterfall braids. Another option for long locs, plaits branch seamlessly into wavy loose strands that fall like a waterfall. The aquatic vibe makes this hairstyle perfect for a beach wedding, but its versatility means it can work for most any type of wedding.

  • Simple Braided Knot

If you like to keep things simple, or minimalist but would still love a braid, then this bridal updo with braid is a great choice for you. Create a sophisticated and yet trendy knot with this exquisite two strand braid.

  • Faux Hawk Braid

Make a bold statement with a textured faux hawk bridal hairstyle. A braid combined with a classic chignon; this hairstyle makes for a seriously cool look. Apart from the added elegance, it’s a great way to rock a bridal attire with a high neckline.

  • Braid Inspired Waves

We love this option that benefits from the aftereffects of intricate braids. Another alternative to waterfall braids. This bridal hairstyle is versatile and fun. Whether you want a messy bun, a half up hairstyle or to just leave your hair down. Give it texture from a day or even week-old braids, freshly loosened.

  • Relaxed Straight Braid

Sometimes simplicity is the best option, and you can’t go wrong with a classic braided hairstyle for a wedding. As simple as it might be, executed well, it can still make a statement and look exquisite and sophisticated. A sleek straight braid that can even be DIY.

  • Loose Braided Updo

Your updo can be in a low knot at the nape or a higher updo that stays clear of your neck. Either way, a braided updo is always a great choice. Leave it loose for an effortless and elegant appeal. Leave loose wispy tendrils out to frame the face, and if you have bangs, even better. A truly inspiring bridal look.

  • Relaxed Pony Fishtail

Another favorite in our list of braided hairstyles for weddings is a loose pony fishtail. A bit different from the regular fishtail pony, this hairstyle begins as a fishtail and then ends in a sleek and loose ponytail. This statement hairstyle would be great for vintage, formal, beachy or even a bohemian wedding.

  • Floral Fishtail Braid

A slightly messy and effortless fishtail braid, this bridal braid hairstyle is a classic choice that is always on trend. Adorn with florals tucked delicately into each plait, these can range from roses, jasmine, sprigs of greenery or even baby’s breath.


  • Braided Bun

For a wedding updo with a braid, the braided bun will always be a great option. A sleek and chick updo that can be high or low, depending on your choice of attire. Delicate face-framing wisps of hair to accent it. Can be left simple or adorned with a sparkly hair barrette, or glitzy hair pins placed subtly and strategically on the sides of the bun.

  • A Plait & Ribbons

Whether you need a whimsy or charming look, velvet or silky ribbons have the ability to transform your braids for wedding into either. Intertwine a simple ponytail braid, fishtail braid or even a braid in a half updo with velvet ribbon in a gorgeous color.

  • Halo Braided Updo

If you would like a halo hairstyle for your wedding, then this is a sign to make that statement. Create enchanting milkmaid braids with wisps of hair to delicately frame the face. Arrange the braids in a halo that elicit an innocent and yet romantic vibe.

  • French Twist Braid

Try a wedding side braid with a side swept French twist braid. This asymmetrical and yet gorgeous hairstyle can be complemented with any choice of hair accessories. From a single seasonal bloom to a glam tiara or even a glittery halo. An elegant bridal braid with tasteful accents to match.

  • Subtle Braid

Braids for weddings need not be obvious. You can still make a statement with a subtle and stylish braid that peeks out of an elegant updo. A romantic and feminine chignon with a single braid woven in for texture. Tuck in some florals and add a cascading veil for the picture-perfect bridal portrait.

  • French Braid Chignon

It could be difficult to find a combination as great as this one. Classic bridal braid hairstyles of a chignon and French braid brought together to make a unique and versatile look. A great hairstyle for all hair types, a loose French braid is twisted into an elegant chignon. A lovely twist in this timeless bridal do.

Create gorgeous bridal braid hairstyles that would fit a variety of hair textures, lengths and face shapes. Whatever you desire for your big day, there is a braided look that would be perfect just for you.


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