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The latest mehndi designs consist of bridal, party wear, Diwali, and eid mehndi styles for hands, feet, and arms. It has tribal, peacock style, flowery, floral, bail design, motifs, finger mehndi designs, simple and minimal mehndi art, and many more. This category includes the best Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, and Asian, henna arts.

Mehndi Designs

Eid ul Azha Special Mehndi Designs 2022-2023 Collection

Eid ul Azha Special Mehndi Designs Collection

Another most festive occasion of the Islamic year is just ahead, Eid Ul Azha. It is one of the most auspicious day of the lunar calendar which brings great joy and meat with the treat. Well, talking about celebrations, the girls can’t just keep themselves from all new apparels, makeovers and yes of course! Mehndi. So another round of mesmerizing mehndi patterns are all lined up here, to inspire you. Mehndi designs would be taken to a whole new level with incredible shadings and intricate patterns filled with Mehndi or colours. Simplicity will be the deal of the day, as overdoing it might ruin the entire outlook. Here we are posting the Eid ul Azha Special Mehndi Designs Collection.

The floral patterns for Eid Al Azha designs carry whole of set different patterns including the floral bails, floral whorls, floral motifs, and floral tikis. These styles are more than some regular ones; these are the mega festive treat for the event.

Image: Henna by MK

Eid ul Azha Special Mehndi Designs  & Trends 2022-2023 Collection

Using the combination of floral patterns and a mixture of various flower petals with peacocks or swirls in the places spark up your whole pattern. The mehndi has to be applied with minute details and with great care using a very pointed tip, or it could mess up all your design! Which is the last thing you would probably want a night before the Eid? The collection contains simple, heavy henna, bail, floral, flowery designs, etc. For arms, feet, and hands.

Center Tikki or Gol Tikkis:

Glimpses from the latest collection will take you by surprise. All most love the patterns for tikis. Tikkis are time favorite, so for any festive occasion, experts believe in creating it with a newer touch. Tikkis can be applied using both the floral patterns and the block patterns. But you need to keep it small and intricate. Adding details to the design impacts its look.

Easy to Make Elegant Designs:

These are so easy to make henna patterns that you can easily try at home by yourself at any occasion, eid, wedding, or a party. They are so go-to and will always appear chic.

Minimal Simple Mehndi Designs:

Another emerging trend in Pakistan that is still new is the use of urban light mehndi patterns which involves the use of block patterns or very simple bails in block designs. These are the coolest among all that have been created so far. As these are mere block prints, so you can bring tons of novelty or your personal touch into it. Or you can add any traditional style Mehndi motif into it to create fusion and enhance its beauty.

Minimal Leaf Patterns & Swirls

The leafy mehndi art always looks chic and modern. You can either have the same/ repeated style or add some extra to it.

Cute Henna Stains/ Symbols:

You can only have a simple symbol you love or a pattern you like. It looks cool as well as ethnic. These are best for teenagers, teen girls, and kids.


A Little heavy Mehndi – Same Design on Both Hands:

The same henna design on both hands looks so traditional and festive. If you don’t like simple then go for little heavy patterns with swirls, bails, and motifs. What else can make this Eid more exciting? It is a new range of designs created by experts. Applying mehendi would get more fun than ever as you can add a bunch of creativity into it. The traditional patterns are modified into the ones that would make you go WOW!

Pretty Floral Flowery & Leafy Bail Designs for Hands & Arms:

Florals are very much in trend these days. Who doesn’t love flowers? Of course, every one loves it. So put the love on your hands by trying these floral and flowery henna arts.

Bracelet Motifs:

You can make beautiful henna bracelets and do only your fingers. This design also looks excellent. Minimal yet stylish. Wear beautiful rings to enhance the look

Henna for Feet/ Foot Designs:

Asian women love to decorate their feet with mehndi stains, red, black, or brown. We have collected the best patterns for feet including simple anklet style, only fingers, side bails, etc. From simple minimal side bails to fully covered feet. It’s up to your choice what you choose.

Henna Anklets for Feet

You don’t need real jewelry when you make a gem out of henna. Adorn your feet with these lovely anklet patterns.


Decorated Feet Fingers/ Feet Finger Henna:

Probably every girl will like finger mehndi designs whether it’s feet or hands. These decorated foot fingers having dark color stains seems so regal.

Henna Side Bails for Feet/ Floral Swirls

It looks so decent. These side floral swirls and bails will catch everyone’s attention as they look so pretty


In a nutshell, the latest collection for Eid ul Azha Mehndi designs carry all the patterns but with a unique touch. Whether its peacock patterns, swirls designs, traditional Rajasthani touch or the Indian or Pakistani designs all can work out best for the event and your celebrations. For all those of you who spends most of their time working in the kitchen, preparing feasts for your families here is the tip for you! Try to go for a design which would have bold and dark patterns using various coats of mehndi so that it would stay for a longer period.

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Mehndi Designs

Simple Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2022 Latest Collection

Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection

Simplicity is the mother of beauty. Therefore, anything in fashion embraced by simplicity seems far more appealing and attractive than anything else. When it comes to mehndi designs, the experts have the same view. As the fashion trends are extending rapidly, the mehndi trends are also ascending to a more elegant and graceful approach. Today, many of the girls do not certainly want those old heavy mehndi designs over their delicate hands. They want to try something that could complement the delicacy of their hand shape. This was the reason that experts have crafted a newer series of mehndi patterns that are a lot simpler yet beautiful. They are quite easy to apply and carry yet suitable for all types of formal functions. Eid is a big event of Muslims that is celebrated with great joys among Muslims around the whole world including countries like Dubai, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, etc.  As you know, Eid is a few months far, so we have collected this wide range of Simple Easy Eid Mehndi Designs Collection for you that is simple and easy to follow. I hope you will love them all.

Simple Easy Eid Mehndi Designs Latest Collection 2022-2023

Down below we have discussed a few of the most popular mehndi patterns that can be crafted in fine and simple designs. You can either select one type or use a combination of two over the front and back of the hands. Complement the whole package using the same theme of patterns; this brings coherency in your entire design.


The most common and loved one, the gol tikki design never gets old. It is simple than the simplest but looks the prettiest of all. Gol tikki is now made more modified with the fine whorls of flowers curling around the central filling. One can bring variation in its outer patterns, but it should match the design along the fingers keeping the rest of the major part of the hand empty. It would highlight the center of your tikki. The finer or light you design the pattern around it, the more decent and simple it would look.

Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (25)


Peacock Mehndi designs to mark the traditional henna patterns which were used in old times, and now they have become the part of every other mehndi design. Peacock patterns help to extend the pattern outwards from the center and can be applied in an interconnected series of fine motifs. Peacock designs are quite easy to apply too but make sure to use a fine tip of mehndi cone to give your styles super alluring outlook.

Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (1)


Perhaps the most prevailing and emerging heena patterns are the tribal henna patterns which come in the variety of sharply distinct designs. As the use of dotted patterns, network lines or fine block styles make this type unique from the rest, you can keep it to only to fingers or only thumb region of your hand or only to your wrist; it’s all completely up to you. They are called the most modern form of mehndi artwork evolved through traditional patterns.

Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (24)


Mehndi designs become hundred times more fascinating when they carry simple and delicate floral motifs. They are most designed for the back of your hands around the index finger or covering the wrist. A mehandi motif carrying the small but pretty cluster of flowers right around the corners looks equally amazing. You can connect these flowers through curves or lines extending from one end to another.

Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (26)

Simple Easy Eid Mehndi Designs Latest Collection:

Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (39) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (38) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (36) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (2) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (33) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (16) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (17) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (10) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (4) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (9) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (18) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (19) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (20) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (21) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (22) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (23) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (24) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (11) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (8) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (13) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (14) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (15) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (6) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (5) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (12) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (27) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (28) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (30) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (32) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (31) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (34) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (35) Simple & Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2016-2017 Latest Collection (37)

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Mehndi Designs

27 Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2022

27 Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2018-2019
 Appealing mehndi designs are no doubt filled with unique opulence and are considered truly effeminate in the eastern part of the world. With the tradition, going back to many decades, alluring henna patterns have now become the cultural distinction of Pakistan and the east. Diversity has stepped in with the variety of styles in Arabic, Turkish, Indian and Pakistani inspired mehndi patterns. Here we sharing the Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection.
It has, to become the part of the culture that now no celebration is completed with a light or heavy dose of henna patterns. Weddings, especially are the occasions when a good and detailed mehndi designs for hands and feet become an absolute necessity for the bride and the bridesmaids. With such great demand, unique and neatly designed henna patterns are difficult to find. Keeping the latest trends in mind and following the right theme for the day, is the sure way to earn praises.

27 Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2022-2023 for Asian Brides

Like other streams of fashion, the henna art also shifts between various trends. As the years are passing by, the trends are moving towards more elegant and decent designs. Even for the brides, the designs are largely focused on central prominent motifs with more organized floral patterns. From the prints on the fingers to the patterns on hand, arm, and feet, everything is put together with complete syncing and coherence. Moreover, today’s henna art also incorporates such patterns which readily complements the embellishments of the dresses or balance it out. For instance, for a soft Valima wardrobe, the decent tikiya design with intricate borders suit perfectly, however for a sharp and sparkling dress the mehndi designs need to be more heavy, detailed and symmetric.
Whether to go for light intricate prints or get a filling mehndi motifs on hands, this is the choice which rests with you. However, checking out the Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection will steer you in the right direction. These designs are the recent hits of the season and garnered much attention due to their beauty and appeal. So let’s jump ahead and find out:

1. The Elegant Tikiya Beautiful Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection:

The famous eastern tikiya got a new twist in this mehndi design which is perfect for the latest bridal makeovers. For any celebration and variety of couture, this design deems suitable as it is a perfect mix of elegant and delicate twisted floral patterns intertwined in the traditional tikiya. For brides of today, tikiya is one design that tempts all, so uniquely crafted patterns like these are one great happy news for all. Carry it with a heavy bridal dress or light mehndi outfit, it flaunts every style.

2. Floral Motifs:

A design which can balance the finger patterns with the basic motifs of the hand are truly rare, but this one combines both well with a minimalistic style mehndi design. It incorporates the finger loaded tips with the descending floral looms and dotted patterns. It is not too heavy and not to light, just the perfect amount to suit the event.

3. The Amazing Contrast:

Contrast that stands out loud, is one good mehndi design which sparks the best of the bridal couture.  The dark henna impressions are balance out with archetypal motifs and prominent fillings. The motif highlights the center of the hands and the fingerprints descend lightly through the light floral blooms. The intricacy of the patterns complements the heavy embellishments of the bridal dresses, perfectly. Let alone these designs amplify the beauty of the hand. Keep it simple and elegant to balance out the heavy makeover for the day.

4. The Intricate Tikiya:

For an elegant Valima makeover, this light and intricate tikiya design suit best. It highlights the fingertips and that appealing nail paint with the dark and filling borders. Central intertwining tikiya pairs perfectly with the lined patterns on the fingers. Carry these amazing patterns with light and heavy jewelry on your special day. For a more appealing touch, the motifs can be extended up to the arms if you are carrying it with short sleeved shirts.

5. Archetypal Print:

Finger loaded mehndi designs are perfect to highlight the curves and tips of your fingers. Spark some contrast using mehndi filled tips and colorful nail colors on top. The loaded tip is tastefully paired with interwoven patterns using lines and curves, which extends down to the middles while gradually diffusing naturally. To add more to the charm, the tikiya pattern also follows the same intricacy and uses very fine lines mixed together to create a well-balanced round. These borders are bold and prominent filled with contrasting shades of lighter henna. This is how a heavy bridal mehndi can work out best with your pretty red dress.

6. Dark Infused:

This henna pattern is lately one of the most popular among all due to the appealing outlook of its darker shades and a well-balanced symmetry. It seems like an architectural marvel has crafted in the hands of the bride. Like many other tikiya patterns, it also follows the same basic structure but the dome-like shapes and the diffusing tips and swirls are adding most of the charms to the design. With brighter shades and colourful dresses, this mehndi designs will also make you popular among your peers.

7. The floral Backdrop:

A soft touch of swirling patterns is what a girl needs to pair with a light wedding dress. For those who do not like heavy and loaded mehndi pattern, they can definitely try this one. The intricate floral bail starts from the centre of the hand and extends down to the wrist. With full or quarter length sleeves, these henna patterns sounds perfect. The lighter the shades of the couture, the best it pairs to this mehndi design.

8. Alluring Tikiya:

This tikiya is the traditional set of encircling patterns rounded with extended tips and domes. The design is comparatively simple to design and doesn’t incorporate heavy patterns on the fingers. Just a single dot flower around the nails seems easier to design and lets you flaunt the beauty of your finger with full confidence. With a design as simple as this is perfect to carry heavy jewellery and many rings in the fingers. As brides need to carry lots of bangles and bracelets along with finger rings, the beauty of that jewellery does not stand out if there is heavy mehndi backdrop. But keeping it this way can also solve that problem.

9. Spiral Insignia:

Pallavi is one famous Indian mehndi designer whose work is famous for distinctively creative henna patterns. In each design, there is something special which makes it stand out from the rest. Moreover, there is also some customized or demanded motifs which are added to the mehndi landscape on a bride’s hands. Whether it is the name of the groom or story of their love, it is somehow gets depicted through mehndi design. Other than this novelty, this henna pattern is highlighted with prominent curling patterns which carry the shape of a various flower petal, loud and prominent.

10. Blooming Tulips:

Quintessential mehndi patterns with the blast of traditional ethnicity are the want of the day. This Mehndi pattern, in particular, is quite a dose of basic Indian henna prints which are crafted all over the hands covering the back. Instead of separating finger motifs from the rest, the design is fused together to give an overall alluring outlook. The centre is however highlighted with the pretty tulip flowers, bordered with dark and heavy filling. The doom are best to pair these flowers with along with the extensive twigs and the curling patterns.

11. Connected Motifs:

Again a beautiful combination of interconnected motifs is on full display which is tasteful highlighting the curves of the hands and giving them a subtle and elegant outlook. Though the design looks heavy overall the balance of outlines and no filling at all, give this pattern more edge over other bridal mehndi designs. It has more weight around the arms as the patterns are close and filled with a variety of symmetric designs, however moving upward towards the fingers it blends into a light and appealing criss-cross arrangement of pretty ‘bails’ The use of dots in between the rounded flowers is giving an amazing outlook to the design.

12. Peacock Patterns:

Peacock patterns are famous for their distinctive style and they have been in trend since the time immemorial. Indian henna art is almost incomplete without a good use of peacock motifs, so why not blend it together with other pretty designs and get something creatively unique out of it. Keep the same idea in mind the designers crafted this pattern and added the peacock patterns to the overall theme of henna in just the right amount and the right place. The design suits perfectly to the feet as the prominent peacock motif is centralized and surrounded by complementing patterns.

13. Assorted Patterns:

Such a neat ensemble of nicely created motifs. The combination of the wristband, the central tikiya, and the loaded finger tops is best for both sides of the hands. Such simple designs serve best for every occasion, be it weddings or Eid. Girls of all ages can try these without worrying about the suitability of the pattern as it goes with every eastern wardrobe. Here the central round of the tikiya is crafted in a variety of ways with India orientation but variation can be added by replacing these with any other floral patterns of your choice. The key is to create a prominent contrast by filling the areas around the borders within that circle.

14. Arabic Rose Prints:

Here is a pattern that takes your breath away with its sheer balance and beauty. A pretty design is one with a perfect combination of all forms prints brought together, and this pattern is parallel to that idea. It has lovely roses patterned together with criss-cross, block prints and rounded flowers. There is not a single style which is left out of it yet still the design looks simple and elegant enough.

15. Flaring Tikiya:

Tikiya’s with a well-crafted arm print is what every bride wants for the special day. Here the tikiya is not a simple beauty but it has flaring touch due to the curling extensions are drawn out of it. Every ring of the centre is paired with the designs on the arms and that is what adding the balance to this specific design.

16. Block Patterns:

Capture the day in the beauty of your mehndi design using this specific pattern as it can hold the date and symbols attached to your special day. Though this print is also focused around the centre and a heavy prominent tikiya in a more floral style, it is closely surrounded with bordered patterns which are stealing the focus and adding a distinctive charm to the design. Intricate swirls and curls are heavily used to fill up the spaces and it looks amazing.

17. Exclusive Portraits:

Drawing portraits in the henna art take us back to the old days when the bride’s hands were used to portray the beautiful story of their journey. The two better halves are drawn with a perfect chemistry which every bride would want to carry around. Further, the portraits are beautified with the use of side patterns and crisscross arrangements. Fingertips are highlighted with the filling effect.

18.  Bold and Prominent:

Another great way to add peacocks to the henna pattern is to use bold and dark outlines without any extra filling. The design is a beautiful mix of the peacock feathers on one side and the blooming flower petals on the other. Centred by a peacock the design gets a curvy charm. Fingerprints are kept simple to balance the rest.

19. Peacock Fantasy:

This beautiful peacock bridal mehndi design is so delicate and trendy to choose. As clear in the picture black color is used which looks so prominent and best for your wedding day.

20. Mirrored Display:

Another mehndi pattern which made use of fine artistry in the portrait images of the bride and the bridegroom. It seems like the beauty of both are captured in a mirror and bordered with a nice trail of floral prints. The rest is filled up by the filling lines, curves and swirling prints. Fingers are adorned with the crossing domes extending from one end to another.

21. Exuberant Floral Prints:

Intricacy reaches to a next level when you observe this ultra-delicate mehndi style which is loaded minutes and elegant interconnected rose flower around the central tikiya. It does not only use the light and thin outlines but also incorporated bold and heavy links in between. Especially those dots and the floral rings are a highlight with a heavy coat. The loaded finger patterns are nicely complementing the arm and wrist prints which are filled with minute curls and fillings.

22. Cross Garden:

With one central semicircular motifs near the wrist, the design takes a different approach using crisscross arrangements. These are not simple crosses but are adorned with shooting flowers in between. The style is good to extend throughout the fingers and takes up all the space. For simple yet heavy overdo, this design for the back of the hands seems perfect to carry around.

23. Balanced Murals:

It looks the heavy and pretty bridal mehndi design is produced using different sets of motifs confined into separate borders. Each set is overlying on the other diagonally, thus making it look unique overall. On the arms the design incorporated large, conspicuous and prominent flowers whereas moving towards the fingers it gets more fine and intricate, ending up to the fine lines crossing each other in perfect sync.

24.  Classic Indian:

This classic Indian foot mehndi design has the traditional touch as it incorporates the use of elephant near the ankles and flaring floral prints. It only depicts the ancient culture but highlights every element of that culture in its own specific way. With no filling and medium outlines, the design is good to carry on the special occasions.

25: Heavy Foot Pattern:

Like the floral criss-cross mehndi design for the hands, this foot pattern uses the same technique and theme which gives a filling and heavy touch to the overall outlook. It starts with the central prominent band of flowers which is bordered with the nice combination of the elegant floral network, extending down to the toes.

26. Full Bridal Doze:

Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, this mehndi style will equally tempt you all due to the heavy nature of its prints. Besides the traditional dotted floral patterns, there is also a good use of tulip art bordered with fillings around to the highlight the outlines. Fingers are heavily tipped with loaded filling which is then balanced with crossing prints extending down below. Such heavy designs look great with soft and pastel shades of nail paints.

27. Floral Intricacy:

Certainly a light and intricate design which goes best with the heavily embellished bridal dress. The twisted mehndi patterns start from a wristband and pointed motif, which is then bordered with the extending design covering the rest of the hand and fingers. Carrying the same design at the back of the hands also suit best as it is light and pretty to carry with heavy bridal rings and bangles.
Image Credits: Instagram, Henna By Pallavi  & Pinterest
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Latest Eid Mehndi Designs 2022 Stylish Best Collection

Latest & Best Eid Mehndi Designs Collection 2017-2018

Though all mehndi designs are pretty but the eid mehndi has its own grace that enhances the beauty of pretty ladies. Mehandi has great diversity & variety of signs that influence one’s personality, kids, youngsters and women on various occasions. In European countries, mehndi has adopted another shape as tattoos but in Asian and Arabic countries, special designs are made with mehandi that no doubt possess its beauty that no tattoo can compete. Today we will share the latest collection of best eid mehndi designs. Look at these three incredible schemes. First one has round spirals and delicate dots. The second one has a sleek henna pattern with tiny flowers at the borders. The 3rd has jaal net style with fine dots and floral decorations.

Though mehndi is not bounded to events or occasions, women can apply it on their hands and arms whenever they want to but Eid and occasions like weddings are considered to be incomplete without a girl having mehandi on her hands. In fact, bridals get it on feet too. Eid, a religious festival of Muslims comes with great joy, happiness, and emotions. Here we have posted another three amazing henna ideas. The soft bail with classic points. I hope you will love these details.

It’s the time when everyone gets together to celebrate the sacred event without considering the past fights and stuff. Eid is celebrated with full preparations as this precious event comes only twice a year. Where everyone gets ready for this event, girls make some extra preparations and celebrate the event in their way. & if you are a girl then tell me what? How could you imagine Eid without mehandi?

Latest & Best Eid Mehndi Designs (10)

Latest Best Eid Mehndi Designs Special Collection 2022-2023

As you all know or if you don’t know then let me tell you that after two months Holy month of Ramadan will arrive and after that Eid will be celebrated as a reward from Allah Almighty. So today I am presenting the latest best mehandi designs for the year of 2022 before anyone. These latest designs are awesome that will double the beauty of any girl. Many other styles of mehandi such as Pakistani, Arabic and Indian can be applied, but the all have the same impact. So, this time you girls need something different and unique than before. Not for Pakistani events, but in India, no Diwali, Holi or other such festivals are complete without mehandi. If you want something heavy then we have picked these three amazing patterns for you. Put black mehandi that will look great to give a dark massive look.

There is a category of designs for kids, young girls and ladies of bigger age depending on the age number, best suitable designs of mehandi are available. Usually, small floral patterns are preferable for kids where young girls have their chic manner of applying henna and simpler elegant ones for ladies. Here you have gathered some of amazing patterns of heena for the coming Eid Festival, the patterns include peacock style, round tikki, leafs, flowery styles, simple gol tikki and many more. I think you can do great fun with mehandi by yourself without going to mehandi experts. Just you have to do is look keenly on these designs or download the images below then apply as instructed. Hope you will love these best eid mehndi designs. If you want simple bails not the massive ones then choose these marvelous henna arts.

We have gathered some special henna arts for you to try this festive season. I hope this will help you in finding the perfect design for your specific day. The round gol tikki is very famous in all over the sub-continent. Peacock pattern is adopted by many henna artists. Other than this leaflet bail and floral patterns is also very popular.

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Turkish Mehndi Designs & Style Trends Collection 2022-2023

Turkish Mehndi Designs & Style Trends Collection 2016-2017

Without any doubts, we are well aware of the fact that Henna and Mehndi art has now gained popularity in every part of the world. Originating from the subcontinent, the tradition of applying mehndi has become the essential part of the image of eastern women. Within the eastern countries, the pattern for mehndi designs differs considerably. The mehndi trends range from Arabic mehndi designs to Sudan mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs to Pakistani mehndi designs and Turkish mehndi designs. This article is going to unveil one of the unique style of henna art which is not only famous among the Turks but also among others. Yes! We are going to bring you the latest and prettiest Turkish Mehndi Designs collection.

Turkey has always remained the center of Muslim heritage. But it maintained its identity distinctively regarding its culture and tradition. The same difference is reflected in its unique style of mehandi design. Delicate, intricate designs with full of minute details depict the great taste of Turkish people in creativity and style. Turkish mehendi is famous for its simple yet beautiful series of patterns that carry some interlinked murals and motifs over the hands and feet. They use a thin layer of mehendi to apply such layouts to keep the delicacy of each pattern above the line.

Turkish Mehndi Designs & Style Trends Collection 2016-2017 (2)

If you are a great admirer of Turkish elegant mehandi art, then this article is going to provide you the entire latest collection of Turkish mehandi designs. These Turkish styles are created with great care and attention to give your hands and feet a beautiful outlook for all types of occasion. Festive occasions like Eid or weddings provides you the perfect opportunity to try these unique mehendi styles. This collection is embellished with not only nice floral patterns but also with delicate peacock designs.

Turkish Mehndi Designs & Style Trends Collection 2016-2017 (12)

Latest Turkish Mehandi Styles & Designs Collection 2022-2023

Turkish mehndi designs carry many patterns including delicate rows of floral patterns with the peacock patterns whirling around them. The hands are not filled with the layouts but are focused mainly on the center of the hands leading to the fingers. Thin and delicate Turkish spirals of curves and flowers are extended to the top of the fingers. In most of the patterns, the flowers are kept simple with the outlines, there is no thick filling or shading inside. It gives the Turkish style of mehandi an extra edge to carry it on formal and casual occasions.

Turkish Mehndi Designs & Style Trends Collection 2016-2017 (5)

Most of the patterns in this collection have full palm network of spirals with the few floral or circular motifs. Sometimes the fine and minute detailing by the experts remind us of the beautiful murals that decorate the inside of the old Turkish mosques. Inspired by that form of art, henna experts create great combinations of various flowers with block patterns and motifs. Peacock patterns are common in all. In a nutshell, Turkish mehandi patterns are great for carrying mehandi for decent formal events. These heena patterns also go with both heavy and casual wardrobes. These all looks amazingly stunning both on hands or feet. Or you can apply some motif over the arms.

Turkish Mehndi Designs & Style Trends Collection 2016-2017 (17)

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Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Collection 2022-2023 for Hands Feet

Latest Arabic Heena Mehndi Designs Collection 2016-2017

The art of applying mehndi is no simpler than any other form of art and fashion. It requires great skills and potential to create a magic over your hands in no time. Mehndi has ever been the primary part of all the eastern celebrations. Therefore, the woman of today loves to have their hands filled with beautiful colors of mehndi. Mehndi trends and designs vary according to its various origins. The Art of Mehandi that descended from the Arabic ancestor is now termed as Arabic mehndi which is distinctive from the rest. Various Turkish, Pakistani and Indian designs are also equally famous. Today we will share the Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Collection!

Latest Arabic Heena Mehndi Designs Collection 2016-2017 (24)

Arabic mehandi styles are somewhat more prominent and distinct. They carry heavily coated floral motifs and patterns. Therefore, girls love to try them out for every fancy occasion. Mehendi is applied in double or even triple coats over the hands and feet. This is the reason that these designs lasts for a longer period and leaves better and prominent color after washing the mehendi. Arabic has majorly two different lines of designs. One has several simple mehandi patterns for casual events, and one series has bold and heavy patterns for brides. Irrespective of the type both forms of designs carry a strong Arabic impact on the patterns.

Latest Arabic Heena Mehndi Designs Collection 2016-2017 (30)

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Collection 2022-2023 for Hands Feet

The latest Arabic mehandi designs are full of floral patterns with visible petals filled with shades and fillings of mehandi. The flowers are applied with tonnes of spirals and delicate twig styles extending through the length of your hand. If you are good enough, then you don’t need any artist you can design one by yourself with little effort and understanding. One of the many great reasons that Arabic henna designs are gaining popularity these days is because they are amazingly easy to apply, and you can apply in no time.

Latest Arabic Heena Mehndi Designs Collection 2016-2017 (27)

So whether you are going to be a bride or you going to attend any festive event, Arabic henna styles will give you all to adorn your pretty hands. The latest of these designs for the year 2022 has more sophistication and elegance in the patterns. With more decent patterns and less heavy application of mehndi coats, these styles are gaining new heights of popularity. Criss-cross patterns are the new addition that adds up beauty to the floral motifs. These patterns are given the effect of network spread over the hands. The designs have separate series for arms if you want to get whirling motifs around it.

Latest Arabic Heena Mehndi Designs Collection 2016-2017 (9)

Each Arabic design for a hand is created to complement the designs for feet. As heavy as it looks, it seems completely perfect to apply on feet while you were wearing silhouettes on some wedding event. Arabic henna style has its way of beautifying your hands and feet. With the little effort and extra care, you can too have some extraordinarily magnificent and fascinating look. Of course, if you are great mehndi lover then nothing can keep you from trying these latest Arabic mehndi designs. Make your hand and feet look prettier with the most traditional outlook and desi appeal. have a look on the below-posted gallery of Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs.

Latest Arabic Heena Mehndi Designs Collection 2016-2017 (7)

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Kashee’s Stylish & Fancy Mehndi Designs Collection 2022-2023

Kashee’s Stylish & Fancy Mehndi Designs Collection

Eastern weddings and celebrations seem to be incomplete without the touch of our traditional apparels coupled with mehndi filled hands. Women of old and young ages love to carry light and heavy mehndi motifs on their hands for every other formal occasion. As the Shaadi season always remains around the corner in Pakistan, we indeed require the variety of Mehndi designs and patterns to give a lovely outlook to our hands and feet. Here we are sharing the Kashee’s Stylish & Fancy Mehndi Designs Collection 2022-2023 by Kashee Artist Salon.

Everyone desires to look more alluring whenever they don into a fancy wedding or Eid festival. In Pakistan, plenty of the girls take pride to get their handful mehndi designs from eminent Mehendi experts.

Speaking of the eminent mehndi designers in Pakistan, Kashee’s Mehndi experts always come in mind. For quite a few years, Kashee Parlor has been providing some beauty service to some of its happily satisfied customers. In the field of mehndi art, Kashee has also excelled as it is famous for its unique and distinctive designs.

Even many of the famous female television or movie stars of Pakistan as well as Indian actors are seen having mehndi patterns from Kashee on various festive occasions including Eid. Kashee is an expert in designing the mehndi for bridal wear, party wear, Eid and other events. Each year, experts working at Kashee, bring out new and appealing mehndi designs with the inclusion of variant colors like red, black, brown, orange with glitters and different shades of mehndi.

Kashee’s Stylish & Fancy Mehndi Designs Collection 2022-2023

Girls! Get ready to have all the insight you ever wanted about the latest designs by Kashee. These designs are styled and adorned with sparkling color infusions and additions of beads and pearls at the centre of various motifs. From the simple floral swirls around the front and back of your hand, it can get fancier with the heavy fillings of red, yellow and gold dry hues.

Thin, delicate patterns look more amazing when they are bordered by the double coated boundaries. One cannot get enough of these, as every new design would want you to have it. Lets have a look on Stylish Mehndi Designs Collection by Kashee Artist Salon.

The best of these designs are the round tikka motives that are the finest and prettiest of all; these are designed with florals and spiral whorls around it. These motifs are aided in looking beautiful with the addition of side twirls of floral patterns. Kashee designs are available in a variety of styles and categories.

They are the expert in not only Pakistani style of Mehandi, but they show great skills and expertise in Arabic style of Mehandi, Turkish and also Indian Rajasthani mehndi designs. That is one of the many reasons that plenty of the girls prefer Kashee to get themselves mehndi treat on their hands.

Stylish Mehndi Designs Collection consists of Heavy floral motifs that are created for wedding occasions. These are not just mere fancy designs, but they equally seem elegant and will go with both the heavily embellished dresses and the light ones.

The addition of gold and pearls or stones is the most distinguishing feature that you can only find in the Kashee’s mehendi crafts.

Mehandi designs for feet are also the part of the package which is designed suitably to complement the patterns used overs. So in a short glance of following Latest collection of Kashee’s mehendi designs, girls will get loads of mehndi art inspiration for various traditional occasions.

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Kashee’s Stylish & Fancy Mehndi Designs & Trends

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Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Trends 2021-22 Collection

Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Trends Collection 2018-2019

A little sparkle always looks best with the ultimate bridal outlook. With the immense beauty of gleaming embroideries and alluring makeover, bridal mehndi has now got a new shift to the glittering style. The trend has long been in fashion, yet it never got so high up in demand as it is today. With the increasing use of fresh henna and intricate patterns, hints of colorful hues prove to be miraculous in sparking up a perfect glamour in the bride. With the diversity in its hues, the glitter can add the theme to your henna designs and infuse all the matching colors of the dress. Mostly the brides today are crazy for the multi-hued trend but the monochromatic effect also looks great. Here we are sharing the Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Collection for those who love to add a little sparkle.

Chic Glitter Mehndi Designs (21)

Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Trends 2021-2022 Collection

Opting a light and fresh colors for the glitters is always a smart choice, as it creates a balance and a perfect contrast to the patterns. So whether you are looking for an intricate floral spiral pattern or a heavy Turkish design, the glitter will turn it all into a mesmerizing masterpiece for the day. Down below are the top ten picks of stylish glitter mehndi designs so let’s start some scrolling.

1. The Purple gleam:

This bridal minimal style mehndi has the mix of softest hues in glitter. It is bordered with dark black henna and filled with a purple glare. For the brides of Valima or engagement, this pattern is perfect.

Hands & Feet Glitter Mehndi Designs (16)

2. Heavy Feet Henna:

When it comes to bridal henna, foot patterns are equally important but not much attention is paid to the details quite often. With this designs, your feet are going to get all the beauty they can get.

3. Blue Streaks:

For all the brides who are opting for the refreshing blue for their big day, this glitter mehndi is perfect for them. It has all the intricacy and fascination of colors. With its spiralling floral patterns and peacock designs, it gives a complete set of front and back.

4. The amazing Tikiya:

Here a traditional tikiya is paired with glitters and pearls. The fillings are focused with colorful jewels and patches of glitters in pink, blue and silver.

5. Glitter Highlights:

The “bail” designs are famous for their simplistic approach and when you highlight the floral curves with the bright shades of glitters, it gives a perfect bridal mehndi outlook.

6. Purple Manifest:

An all-time favorite is a classic lavender mixed with purple, here it is incorporated into broad glitter henna ridges. The pattern suits both for hands, feet and even for arms.

Hands & Feet Glitter Mehndi Designs (18)

7. The Color Bloom:

A mehndi pattern filled with variant colors in glitter is perfect for all the bridal makeovers. It will suit any color of your dresses and complement the embellishments used over.

Stylish Eid Glitter Mehndi Designs (12)

8. Glitter Dipped Spirals:

All those designs carry is the load of swirling patterns spread across the palm and arm, coupled with prominent flowers and glitter streaks in between.

Lovely Glitter Mehndi Designs (5)

9. Pink Emerald:

Pink is most loved for its alluring charms, and when added to the bridal couture it gives the most amazing outlook. Here the sparkling pink is infused into the curves of bridal henna and paired with colorful pearls.

Dark Glitter Mehndi Designs (9)

10. The originating Green:

For any Mehndi and Mayun event, this design deems perfect as it has the tint of green and yellow glitter in between the lines and floral petals.

Colorful Glitter Mehndi Designs (22)

And this is not it, there are the variety of other designs which are the part of our latest mehndi collection. Let’s pick one and make your special day outlook a memorable one.

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Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Henna Trends 2022-2023 Collection

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Henna Trends 2017-2018 Collection

Mehndi/Heena is one of the Old and traditional trends in Asian and Eastern Culture. It is considered as the essential aspect for the Ladies of Sub-Continent, Arabs and other Eastern countries. But due to its unique beauty and glance, it is also developing attraction and attention to the females in the whole world. Making use of Mehndi on hands and feet is the basic part, and the old tradition of the customs and fashion of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Emirates India, Arab and other Muslims centred areas. Mostly Mehndi is applied by Bridals at their weddings. Girls also like to implement Henna during Chaand Raat at Eid ul fitar and Eid Ul Azha Events. Some women may like to apply it to parties and functions and some like just because of nothing.  Here I am going to share the latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Henna Trends 2022-2023 Collection

They include Arabic, Indian, Pakistani and Persian Mehndi Designs. These patterns are best to apply at weddings and Parties. This assortment contains different levels and types of Arabic Mehandi regarding the color and using a technique.It consists of various shades of Red, Black and Brown Henna. The black color is yet mostly applied and used for hairs. Red and Brown are used by all Muslim regions according to their traditions. It is usually used by Brides on weddings. Heena trends are changing day by day. Sometimes its coating becomes thick, ansometimeses a thin and arduous one has introduced again.