Latest Simple Eid Mehndi Designs Collection 2015-2016

Trees are turning green, winds are blowing cool, birds are singing well, and clouds are coming for that way, look at the sky, so clear and fresh. Good Morning! Dear ladies and girls, what a refreshing morning it is. Hope you all are having beautiful days and the good weekend. As Eid is coming in few days, we all have started our shopping and preparations for it. Eid is a traditional and religious event for Muslims; they celebrate this day with great pleasure and joy. Muslims celebrate two kinds of Eid, one Eid-ul-fitar, and the other Eid-ul-Azha. Today we will share the best and latest Pakistani & Indian Eid Mehndi Designs Collection.

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Now the Eid-ul-Azha is coming, in which Muslims sacrifice their sacrificed animals like goats, sheep, and cows in the name of Allah. Old, young and children enjoy this day with great pleasure, and they pray in the morning before doing the “Qurbani”. Women and children make sweet dishes for their loved ones and also wear new clothes. Girls love to draw Mehndi patterns on their hands and feet; they always search for something artistically fabulous and nice. Yes, beautiful ladies, today I’m going to share best and simple Mehndi Designs Collection for you. On this coming festival, you are going to have some unique and decent design. Full hand and heavy designs seem difficult to draw so I have gathered most simple and easy Eid mehndi designs collection for you.

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There have always been famous circles and dots styles that look decent. Women and young girls add colour in Eid by applying henna on their hands. I would suggest you, ladies, apply a design whatever you want to, as it depends upon your satisfaction and wish. On every chand raat, women go to markets and parlours, for having best henna designs. My dear ladies, no more worries, I have a collection of eid mehndi designs that I’m going to share with you. Hope you will enjoy them.

Little girls love mehndi designs, here are some henna patterns and styles for adorable hands like circles, leaflets, gol tikki, bails, Patti, flowers, peacocks, tribal arts, petals, etc. So forget you’re all worries and get ready for such awesome design, marvellously amazing and unique.

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Dear young girls, mehndi bails are more in on this coming festival, as I have gathered all simplest henna patterns in this collection right here below. Make your chand rat memorable and Eid special with this latest collection of henna styles. If you want to apply a full mehndi design as your husband likes it, or you’re newly married, then here are some dark mehndi designs for you, follow them and enjoy your first Eid with your family in-laws.

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All the Heena Patterns that I have shown you above are one of the best collection. I hope you like it and have a good Eid, celebrate your happiness, joy and love with your family and friends. For more collections stay connected with us.

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