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Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Trends 2023 Latest Collection

Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Trends Collection 2018-2019

A little sparkle always looks best with the ultimate bridal outlook. With the immense beauty of gleaming embroideries and alluring makeover, bridal mehndi has now got a new shift to the glittering style. The trend has long been in fashion, yet it never got so high up in demand as it is today. With the increasing use of fresh henna and intricate patterns, hints of colorful hues prove to be miraculous in sparking up a perfect glamour in the bride. With the diversity in its hues, the glitter can add the theme to your henna designs and infuse all the matching colors of the dress. Mostly the brides today are crazy for the multi-hued trend but the monochromatic effect also looks great. Here we are sharing the Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Collection for those who love to add a little sparkle.

Stylish Glitter Mehndi Designs Trends 2023 Latest Collection

Opting a light and fresh colors for the glitters is always a smart choice, as it creates a balance and a perfect contrast to the patterns. So whether you are looking for an intricate floral spiral pattern or a heavy Turkish design, the glitter will turn it all into a mesmerizing masterpiece for the day. Down below are the top ten picks of stylish glitter mehndi designs so let’s start some scrolling.

1. The Purple gleam:

This bridal minimal style mehndi has the mix of softest hues in glitter. It is bordered with dark black henna and filled with a purple glare. For the brides of Valima or engagement, this pattern is perfect.

2. Heavy Feet Henna:

When it comes to bridal henna, foot patterns are equally important but not much attention is paid to the details quite often. With this designs, your feet are going to get all the beauty they can get.

3. Blue Streaks:

For all the brides who are opting for the refreshing blue for their big day, this glitter mehndi is perfect for them. It has all the intricacy and fascination of colors. With its spiralling floral patterns and peacock designs, it gives a complete set of front and back.

4. The amazing Tikiya:

Here a traditional tikiya is paired with glitters and pearls. The fillings are focused with colorful jewels and patches of glitters in pink, blue and silver.

5. Glitter Highlights:

The “bail” designs are famous for their simplistic approach and when you highlight the floral curves with the bright shades of glitters, it gives a perfect bridal mehndi outlook.

6. Purple Manifest:

An all-time favorite is a classic lavender mixed with purple, here it is incorporated into broad glitter henna ridges. The pattern suits both for hands, feet and even for arms.

Hands & Feet Glitter Mehndi Designs (18)

7. The Color Bloom:

A mehndi pattern filled with variant colors in glitter is perfect for all the bridal makeovers. It will suit any color of your dresses and complement the embellishments used over.

Stylish Eid Glitter Mehndi Designs (12)

8. Glitter Dipped Spirals:

All those designs carry is the load of swirling patterns spread across the palm and arm, coupled with prominent flowers and glitter streaks in between.

Lovely Glitter Mehndi Designs (5)

9. Pink Emerald:

Pink is most loved for its alluring charms, and when added to the bridal couture it gives the most amazing outlook. Here the sparkling pink is infused into the curves of bridal henna and paired with colorful pearls.

10. The originating Green:

For any Mehndi and Mayun event, this design deems perfect as it has the tint of green and yellow glitter in between the lines and floral petals.

Colorful Glitter Mehndi Designs (22)

And this is not it, there are the variety of other designs which are the part of our latest mehndi collection. Let’s pick one and make your special day outlook a memorable one.

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