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Want Healthy Hair? 7 Proven Tips & Tricks to Follow

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Haircare is an essential part of the overall health of our body. It is a true reflector of our fitness, besides being an absolute mark of our personality. Male or female – hair is one such asset that is equally important and valued by all. It is an important part of our outer appearance, which significantly affects our confidence level.

With the coming age of social media, likes, comments, views – we have become aware and conscious of our outer appearance. And hair is one of the most essential features of our face. No wonder why, as per recent research, the hair care market is expected to grow annually by a whooping CAGR of 8.7% by the year 2025!

But hair care is often not that easy. So, what are the 7 tips following which you can achieve the much-sought healthy hair:

  1. Wash it the right way

The daily outing and outside pollution make our hair all dirty and oily. To get rid of this excess oil and filth, we make our mane go through a lot of chemical abuse – in the form of shampoos, conditioners, serums, masks. But then again, washing the hair is no choice but a need.

So, what is the correct type of product to choose for washing off all the dirt down your hair? Well, the answer is – a shampoo that is free of harmful sulfates!

A sulfate-free shampoo from brands like RPR Hair Care ensures a mild cleansing of the hair without putting it through hard chemicals. In fact, go herbal as much as you can – aloe vera, castor, and onions are your best friends!

  1. Massage the scalp in regular intervals

Oiling and massaging the scalp every once in a while is necessary. You must have noticed white flakes appearing in your scalp, especially during winters. The reason is that your hair has lost its natural oils because of which your scalp has gone all dry. This is a mark of undernourished hair.

How to fix this hair problem? Massage your scalp with oils, leave it overnight and wash off the oil the next day. Almond oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil are a must!

  1. Restrict heat styling

Let’s just face it – in the era of selfies and groupfies, you cannot just do without styling your hair. And it is no news that styling is just not possible without heat exposure. Curling, straightening, blow-drying – these damages our hair to another level.

So, the best way to keep your hair healthy is by restricting heat styling to a certain extent. To minimize damage caused by blow-drying, make sure to keep the blower at a distance of at least 6 feet with the lowest heat setting.

  1. Chop off the split-ends

Your hair does not look as healthy as it should – thanks to the split ends. They are an absolute sign of malnourished hair. Split ends, if left unchecked, divide further into two strands of hair which makes the hair look frizzy and damaged.

Therefore, to make your hair look healthy, trim those split ends every once in a while. Post-trimming you will be able to witness the difference!

  1. Brush your hair

The tip we have all gotten while growing up! Brushing is a must and you should never miss out on it, no matter what. Invest in soft brushes and gently brush your hair every morning and every night before sleeping. Less the amount of tangles, the lesser the number of strands on your comb.

  1. Check on that dryness

Dryness reflects the damage to our hair.  While many products available in the market promise to fix that – the truth actually is that it cannot really be fixed, because hair is not living tissue. The only way it can be controlled is by taking good care of the hair and avoiding such situations that cause your hair to dry up.

  1. Diet needs to be checked

Obviously maintaining a balanced diet is important for the good health of our body. Hair is no exception! To enjoy the luxury of healthy, beautiful hair – make sure you follow a hair-friendly diet. Go for a diet rich in proteins and minerals. Eggs, butter, milk, nuts, seeds – eat these in apt amounts and make your hair look nourished.

Over to you…

Lustrous and thick hair is a dream for all of us. Especially, with the hype in pollution and radiation, taking care of the hair has not just become more important, but more complex too. Here, we listed the 7 tips we swear by for achieving healthy hair. Do follow these tips and make your mane game strong!

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