Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time – Hit List

When you are wearing beautiful clothes with matching shoes, jewellery and makeup. How come you forget the hairstyle? Hairstyle plays a vital role for the looks of a person. From centuries, new hair-styles have been introduced to us with different cuts and styles. Both men and women are conscious about making their hairs in a good and perfect way, and there is no secret that many of us take our beauty cues from celebrities. So whenever we ask hair stylist for advice before getting our hair cut as we want we always prefer an inspirational photo before us so we can picture our look after getting such hair cut by looking thoroughly the hairs of the one on the picture. These inspirational people mostly are celebrities. One can say that there is a wave of sought-after celebrity haircuts across the globe. We mostly prefer the styles of the ones who are dear or favourite to us.  As celebrities are the most sophisticated people of the planet as they keep themselves up to date according to the latest trends in fact, they are the reason to introduce us with the new ones. Celebrities never stop trying new things and so we never stop following them. Approximately all haircuts & hairstyles are adopted by celebrities, they never care if they have to cut their very long hairs to a short ones or the forehead cuts or else. This is because all they demand is fashion so in that way they help us a lot to adopt the hairstyles adopted by them. Especially when it comes to big name our credibility even increases than usual.
Today here we will discuss some top ranked celebrity hairstyles adopted by the most famous & all time favorite celebrities. You know what there is nothing strange in the fact that some hairstyles were introduced before a long interval of years. They are the most favourite among us due to their uniqueness and the look one get after having such hair cut. We are adding few iconic hairstyles of our own to make a list of top best hairstyles which still work today.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

List of Top 10 Most Popular & Requested Female Celebrity Hairstyles for Women & Girls

Jennifer Aniston’s:

Since Jennifer Aniston debuted this style while working on a tv show season f.r.i.e.n.d.s as ‘Rachel Green’, more than 11 million women have tried this cut. F.r.i.e.n.d.s is one of the oldest TV show where this hairstyle is still a frequent request which made the character of ‘Rachel’ ne of the most popular hairstyles of all these years.

jennifer-aniston Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Meg Ryan’s Shag:

The celebrity meg ryan made her career out of portraying the silly but sexy at the same time, quirky girl that made her personality inspirational. Especially her hairstyle is also one of the most adopted one by the common people. Her look was the first runner-up in Goody’s poll.

Meg Ryan’s Shag Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Dannii Minogue’s Sleek Bob:

The flawless bob of Dannii Minogue’s plays a role of both sophistication and confident all the time, which makes the perfect compliment for an edgy no-nonsense women. This hairstyle became favourite among the celebrities themselves too as many of them adopted this haircut after Minogue.

Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards - Arrivals

Victoria Beckham’s Posh Pageboy:

Where Victoria Beckham is sophisticated in all ways, her haircut is another favourite most among the women in every demographic. With her structured hairstyle, she captured herself into an icon status. Her asymmetrical is most sexy and stylish which is enhanced by her face looks.

Victoria Beckham’s Posh Pageboy Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Princess Diana’s Royal do:

Lady Diana, the most pretty lady we all ever know became a person of inspiration for all of us. Though she lived a very short and tragic life, sighs, she reached the pinnacle of elegance and carved out one of the most recognizable styles. Her haircut is still popular among the women all around the world, maybe because of her attractive personality or maybe the sophistication she carried.

Princess Diana Royal Do Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Michelle Obama’s Classic Cut:

Michelle Obama, a well-known name across the world is also one of those people whose haircuts are source of inspiration for women. Sometimes, we don’t concentrate on the styles of the politicians but we can’t forget that other than politics they are normal people too with looks and styles. Just like Obama’s flattering haircut handled the spotlight with confidence and grace.

Michelle Obama’s Classic Cut Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Mia Farrow’s Pixie Crop:

Mia Farrow is also one of the oldest actress who got the air due to her stunning being in acting and looks. The actress gave an extreme haircut for the film Rosemary’s Baby, back in 1968.  Which made thousands of women ran to saloons with their crave to shed inches of hairs while keeping the traditional standards of feminine beauty. Specially this hairstyle is favorite among the one who are used to keep their hair length slightly shorter.

Mia Farrow’s Pixie Crop Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Flip:

Though Fawcett is no longer with us, but her feathered flip haircut is still favorite with women everywhere. While the 70’s till no one has ever done more for the “feathered” look then Fawcett. May her soul be granted with peace.

Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Flip Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Marilyn Monroe’s Blonde Curls:

Some people may not invent the look, but once they get the one they literally own it because of their amazing being in a specific look. Initially, we were talking about hairstyles for all hair colours but in the history no blonde is more famous than Marilyn Monroe. Where the women are all time favourite for the elegant and egoistic approach of her looks. If any of you have guts to go bottle blonde then this style still guarantees the sexiest look ever.

Marilyn Monroe’s Blonde Curls Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

Blake Lively’s Layered Look:

Blake Lively is stunning in every way, her pretty face, perfect figure and sexy styles are inspiring the people all around the world. Especially after her long, tresses of Gossip Girl have become one of the most requested hairstyle among the women of all countries especially America. Due to actress of the modern age, her styles have earned more fame and adaption by ladies.

Blake Lively’s Layered Look Top 10 Most Popular Female Celebrity Hairstyles of all Time - Hit List

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