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What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds (and Why You Want Them)

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds (and Why You Want Them) (2)

As the name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are diamonds grown in laboratories, in chambers specially designed for the purpose.

But beyond that, what are lab-grown diamonds, and why do you want them?

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are called such because they have been synthesized in a laboratory. And growing a diamond is not a quick process. Crystallizing carbon atoms until they form a diamond can take from four to six weeks.

There are two chief methods by which a laboratory can “grow” diamonds: the high-pressure high-temperature method, and the chemical vapor deposition method.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

The High-Pressure High-Temperature Method

Growing diamonds via the high-pressure high-temperature method started in the 1950s. As the name suggests, it works by using a combination of high pressure and high temperature.

The HPHT method simulates the extremely high temperature and pressure conditions that drive the natural formation of diamonds approximately a hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface.

The HPHT Process

The following is the general procedure followed for creating lab grown diamonds via HPHT.

  • Place a diamond “seed” and pure carbon in a precisely controlled pressure chamber.
  • Apply pressure greater than 870,000 psi and a temperature of around 4,700 degrees Fahrenheit to the chamber.
  • The carbon will melt, and the carbon atoms will start adhering to the diamond seed.
  • The process will continue until all the carbons have crystallized on the seed, producing a mature, fully crystallized diamond.

To sum up, the HPHT method takes a small piece of diamond and uses high pressure and high temperature to grow it into a fully crystallized diamond.

Diamond growers also use HPHT for diamond color treatment.

HPHT can turn Type IIa diamonds with defective lattices (thus their perceptibly brown hue and lower-color grade) into practically colorless, high-color grade diamonds.

The Chemical Vapor Deposition Method

The CVD method also has its roots in the 1950s. However, at least three more decades passed before scientists used CVD to grow diamonds. And it took many decades more before the CVD method started producing gem-quality diamonds.

The CVD method produces large, square-shaped tabular diamonds. A single CVD run, moreover, can yield multiple diamonds. CVD also requires a lower temperature and pressure than HPHT.

The CVD Process

  • Prepare the CVD diamond growing chamber; this is a low-pressure (less than 14.7 psi) vacuum chamber.
  • Place a diamond seed plate at the bottom of the chamber. This diamond seed substrate may be a natural, an HPHT, or a CVD diamond.
  • Heat the diamond slice. The temperature could be from 1,292 to 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Let a mixture of hydrocarbon gas (usually methane) and hydrogen into the CVD chamber.
  • Use microwave (or laser or some other mechanism) to activate the gas mixture.
  • As the activated gas mixture comes into contact with the heated diamond substrate at the bottom, the activated gas will break down, and carbon atoms will attach themselves to the carbon in the diamond seed.
  • The process will continue until the diamond substrate becomes several layers thick. The longer the diamond is grown, the thicker the diamond will become.

The CVD diamond is then laser-cut into a cylinder. Then it may or may not undergo HPHT processing for color treatment.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Dig up any old chemistry textbook, and it should tell you that diamonds are carbon atoms that have crystallized in an isometric structure. It should also tell you that, in a diamond, one carbon atom is covalently bonded tetrahedrally to four more carbon atoms.

Lab-grown diamonds have precisely the same structure. They also look the same as naturally occurring diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds. So yes, they are real diamonds.

In fact, it is virtually impossible to tell lab-grown diamonds apart from natural diamonds, even upon careful scrutiny by the most experienced gemologists.

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are identical, chemically and physically. On an engagement ring, a Type IIa colorless natural diamond looks precisely the same as a Type IIa colorless HPHT or CVD diamond.

But unlike natural diamonds, HPHT and CVD diamonds are better for the environment and your bank balance.

Growing Diamonds in the Laboratory Is More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Diamond mining activities produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases. The process itself releases harmful carbons into the air, causing air pollution and contributing to climate change.

Moreover, diamond mining activities require removing large amounts of soil, which could lead to harmful changes in the natural landscape. Diamond mining also leads to incursions in the natural habitat of wildlife.

On the other hand, HPHT and CVD diamonds are grown in controlled environments, reducing the emission of harmful carbons into the air.

Lab diamond growers can use renewable energy sources in diamond synthesis to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Using HPHT or CVD diamonds instead of natural diamonds in diamond seeding can further reduce lab-grown diamonds’ carbon footprint.

Diamond growers can also take specific measures at every stage of the production chain to reduce carbon emissions.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Can Be Used for All Kinds of Jewelry

Since lab-grown diamonds have identical physical and structural qualities to mined diamonds, they have practically the same uses when it comes to creating fine jewelry.

So, whether you need a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, bracelet, pendant or some other type of jewelry, you can choose to use lab-grown diamonds and get similar results. The final outcome would be just as brilliant and beautiful.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Affordable

Naturally occurring diamonds have astronomical prices. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds cost only a fraction of what natural diamonds do.

Go for Sustainable, Ethical Diamonds

If you’re still conflicted about the issue of lab-grown diamonds vs natural diamonds, remember this. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. There is no doubt about this. Examine it under a microscope, and it will look the same as a natural diamond.

Opting for a lab-grown diamond is not settling for anything less. Instead, choosing lab-grown diamonds means going for a sustainable option. And it doesn’t hurt that lab-grown diamonds are so much more affordable than natural diamonds. 

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Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Not everyone can create fashion. Today, one may find various fashion houses that influence our tastes, preferences, and attitude to things that surround us. Fashion creators tell what is beautiful and what ugly is. Nevertheless, it is a true challenge to become an expert who can create something worthy regularly. Here we are discussing the Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Fashion Activities for Students to Boost Their Creativity

Only a couple of students who graduate from colleges and universities of design become designers. Others either work in stores and help to create average clothing or choose another career path. What fashion activities can boost a student’s creativity and prevent the loss of potential? An experienced group of professional essay writers from academic writing company gives five tricks that let educators encourage their students for self-development and unique discoveries.

Blogs, Vlogs, and Publics

It is hard to create fashion regarding the current trends and trying to avoid the already existing models, even though history has a spiral way, and everything has a tendency to repeat itself. What about writing? Before creating something, a person can try to discuss the creations of outstanding designers to understand their logic. What made them influencers? What inspires them? Did their past stimulate their creativity and talent growth?

When people write articles or make videos on social media, they ponder on each word. To avoid criticism and loss of followers, it is necessary to research and be aware of the smallest details not to sound foolish and ignorant. As a result, students receive precious knowledge and are ready to criticize their creations and models of their group mates.

After-Class Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

It is a great idea to encourage students to participate in after-class activities. All colleges and universities have clubs devoted to some historical fashion periods, activities like sewing, beading, knitting, and so on. Participants share their experiences and manifest their talents. Others check whether they can do the same or surpass others. Sometimes, a person is good at knitting but lacks ideas to create a model.

In this case, students can cooperate and create small teams for those who design and those who technically perform the sketches.

Sometimes such teamwork results in new business. Students get accustomed to each other and understand one another without words. They open stores that become successful in certain regions and often go beyond the geographical location thanks to their unique approach to modeling or customer service.


World-famous designers often search for assistants who can help them create or inspire them. It is necessary to subscribe to top-rated fashion houses and learn the latest news. Both educators and students can find events that promise unbelievable career opportunities and useful links.

Networking is beneficial. Advanced designers give lectures to students or invite them to participate in various conferences, fashion shows, discussions of trends, etc. Some students manage to manifest useful skills and talent on such occasions. Influential people notice them and offer to become a part of their fashion team. That is usually the first step to mind-blowing career growth.

Fashion Shows on the Campus Territories

Most fashion colleges and universities organize fashion shows for parents and students. They serve as a report of students’ achievements. To make such shows fruitful, it is necessary to invite brand representatives. One of the most important components of such shows is thorough and well-planned preparation.

First, educators need to think of selection criteria. They must create a program to highlight the most gifted students who will introduce their works on the fashion show.

Second, students are to be informed about the approaching event in advance. It will let them get ready for the competition and make them do their best to become a participant.

Third, educators need to contact fashion houses and invite their representatives. It is an excellent chance to advertise students and a fashion educational institution. If everything goes smoothly, such collaboration will attract investors and it will increase the rating of the college or university. Besides, students see a real chance to promote personal creations and networking. Such occasions are usually prospective for talented students who want to do practice in private and notable companies.

Shopping Days and Saloons

Shopping is one of the most favorite activities of students. It is the best relaxant. By the way, educators can use it for fashion investigation. The best way is to visit supermarkets with various brands inside. The task of students is to see all of them and define the current trend of each. Later, they should compare and contrast each brand house regarding the specialization (season clothing, male/female/kids fashion, accessories, market orientation, etc.).

Another activity is to have saloon days. In this case, students do not only create clothing but also network with other fashion providers who do nails, make-ups, hair, and pick-up accessories. All participants learn how to work in teams, agree upon the color and tone selection, and discuss items that fit or don’t.

Speaking about saloons, a cool idea is to make them thematic. For example, students need to create clothes out of paper, plastic, polyethylene bags, or follow the fashion of the 80s/90s, or prefer a certain color pattern, or create animal-like images.

The main criteria for the selection of fashion activities for students are to orient the needs of learners. It is useless to organize fashion shows for influencers if students are not ready to boast about their achievements and unique abilities. So, make it student-oriented.

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9 Top Fashion Trends for College Students 2021

Top Fashion Trends for College Students 2021 (2)

Colleges and universities are often mistaken for runway walk facilities, where students compete with each other based on either fashion. Especially, it concerns the first days at college. You come and judge others by their looks. Unfortunately, it is no longer a bad manner to overlook fashion trends among students but a normal practice. So, if you plan to surprise others with your sense of fashion, this article will help you understand how to look stylish.

Top 10 Fashion Trends to Be Posh at College

First off, let’s say that there is no accounting for tastes, and you can wear whatever clothes you feel like, and avoid any kinds of trends. On the other hand, if you study design, you should show yourself at your best. Based on the 2021 trends, you need to equip your wardrobe with the following clothes items.

#1. Jackets with Big Shoulder Pads

To look stylish in 2021, girls should find classic jackets with big shoulder pads. Ideally, you can even borrow your father’s or brother’s jacket that will be oversized for your body. You can combine such jackets with yoga pants (if the dress code accepts such clothes) or mom jeans. The whole look will correspond to the 80s fashion which is trending in 2021 too. As for the colors, the jackets should be in light blue, or brown colors. Yet, do not go crazy with all black colors.

#2. Head Scarves

Silky scarves for heads will be the ideal accessory for those who love adding fashion details. There are no strict requirements for scarves. For instance, it can be of a plain color or with some prints. Yet, try to avoid any leopard and other animal prints. Go for flower elements.

#3. Face Masks

Due to the pandemic, there is a fashion for face masks too. First, it is a great protection measure to avoid contamination. Secondly, it is an undoubted accessory that may match your overall look. As for the trends, a black mask is a go-choice. Beyond that, the black color will match with any other color.

#4. Pastel Dresses or T-Shirts

Both girls and boys should have at least one fashion item in pastel colors. Girls can find silky pastel dresses, while boys may wear pastel t-shirts. To be stylish, such clothes should be deprived of any prints or extra decorative elements.

#5. Small Purses

Again referring to girls’ fashion, small purses, especially in yellow colors may come in handy. Yes, you may agree that they won’t help you put all the books or notepads, however, as a bag for your personal belongings – it is a great tool. Overlooking the influencers’ fashion, such yellow purses can be either leather or fluffy based on your unique liking and preference.

#6. Blue Accessories

Boys-students can wear blue panama if again acceptable by their college dress code. Speaking of girls, they have a huge choice of blue accessories such as hairpins, earrings, bracelets among others. Note, there should not be more than 2-3 blue accessories.

#7. White Sneakers

Based on the fashion of the latest years, white sneakers are definitely the trending element of any look. They can be combined with girls’ dresses and boys’ jeans. Especially, it concerns high-platform sneakers that help one look higher.

#8. Trench Coats

Both boys and girls can wear pastel trench coats when it comes to windy and cold weather. They can be combined with white sneakers and small purses, as was hinted above. As for the materials, coats are better to choose in leather and suede.

#9. Oversize Pants

Similar to mom jeans for girls, a 100% fashion trend is oversized pants. First off, they are comfortable. Secondly, they are unisex. They can be worn with high heels, sneakers, and vans. Yet, if you have oversized pants, the upper part of your look should not be oversized. Combine them with a tank top and small accessories. There should be a balance.

#10. Old Brands

Old brands refer to some nostalgic fashion trends. You can grab some clothes from your fathers/mothers’ wardrobe including Guess t-shirts, or belts of Moschino among others. Note, such an element should be only 1 on your whole look.

That’s pretty it, and you can choose one trend for a certain day.

How to Find Inspiration?

It would be fair to say that students’ fashion is their face, strange it may sound. And, the famous proverb  – never judge a book by its cover – is no longer actual. Your friends or professors may remember you by how you look today. So, to not lag behind others in terms of trending clothes, you should regularly surf for inspiration.

The easiest way to find inspiration for college fashion trends is to refer to social media. Find students-influencers who daily post their looks for the colleges and universities, and grab some ideas for your fashion. Then, rely on sources where you can daily get updates on tips in trends. If you find all the trends not corresponding with your inner world, you can always create your own fashion. Yes, you can start making your own trends. For instance, instead of going for classic flower dresses, you can stick to black/white dresses with elements of nostalgic brands together. As for the boys, they can wear classic costumes but with white sneakers or go for Steve Job’s fashion – jeans and a black polo.

Keep in mind, time-consuming considerations on fashion trends may occasionally affect your studying progress. It particularly concerns when you are concentrating on clothes rather than your grades. If you missed some deadlines, or cannot cope with your papers, online academic writing services like CustomWritings may become your helping compass. Professional essay writers may assist you with many disciplines, and enhance your final grade at affordable prices, and on time, while you can do your fashion looks for the day. Still, studying should be always prioritized, and never put off for later.

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Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Journalism

Everything you need to know about Fashion Journalism (1)

We dwell in a fashion-conscious society. Right from kids to adults, everyone desires to stay high on vogue. Over the years, the fashion industry has come a long way. However, with changing times, the definition of fashion has changed.

The fashion industry has contributed to the global economy and given rise to plenty of career opportunities. One such professional field is fashion journalism which has grown. A fashion journalist utilizes their knowledge, skills, and creativity to keep the fashionista updated with the latest trends and news of the fashion industry.

Everything you need to know about Fashion Journalism

If you plan to opt for a career in fashion journalism, this post is meant for you. Here is everything that you need to know before embarking on your journey of becoming a fashion journalist.

What is fashion journalism?

Fashion journalism is that field that explores the latest fashion styles, trends prevalent in the market. Fashion journalists are the ones who gather information about these trends from fashion stylists and icons. Thus, they make the public aware of the upcoming designs in the market. In addition, the fashion designers provide information about fashion shoots, the latest launches, and the happening things in the fashion industry.

Eligibility criteria for fashion journalism

Anyone who wishes to make a career in the field needs to have particular skills and knowledge about the fashion industry. The market has various fashion academies such as J.D Institute, Pearl academy, NIFT, Symbiosis school of fashion technology for students wishing to make a career as fashion journalists. However, before enrolling in any college, one needs to get through the present eligibility criteria. Here’s a list of the eligibility criteria for fashion journalism.

  • The candidate must be an intermediate pass for admission in a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism.
  • Candidates must have a degree in English, fashion, or any qualifying course from a recognized university to enroll in a master’s course in fashion designing.
  • The candidate must have known about the latest trends and happenings in the fashion industry.
  • The candidate must possess good communication skills, both spoken and written, in accordance with a creative mindset and sound knowledge of the subject.


What colleges offer a course in fashion journalism?

When it comes to fashion journalism courses, several colleges are available in the market. Here is a list of the top-notch colleges from where you can pursue the course

  • J.D Institute

J.D institute is listed amongst the oldest fashion institutes in India. The institute has over 30 years of experience in the field. The institute offers diplomas, bachelor’s, and postgraduate degrees in the various sectors of fashion designing. J.d institute also has a postgraduate diploma in fashion communication for those aspiring to become a fashion journalists. The college is known for its sound education, high-quality equipment, and experienced faculty. For its contribution towards the fashion industry, the college has felicitated with several awards, including the U.K. Asian Business award, best vocational education institute of the year award, and times power icon 2019 award. J.D. Institute also offers Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication.


  1.     NIFT

National Institute of fashion technology is accounted amongst the top fashion schools in India. The institute is well known for its high package placements in top companies, including Amazon India, PC Jewellers, Meena Bazaar, Max Retail, Reliance Trends, and Future group. In addition, the institute has in fashion communication for fashion lovers. The prestigious college has gifted to the industry talented fashion designers like Ritu Beri, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Arora, and Rohit Bal.

  1. Amity School of Fashion Technology

Amity is a well-known brand known for its quality education, campus life, and wide range of courses. In addition, the Amity school of fashion technology offers a course a four years course in fashion communication. The foundation of the institute was laid with the vision of imbibing fashion knowledge in students.

 Future Prospects of fashion journalists

Pursuing a course in fashion journalism brightens the prospects of students. Here is a list of the various job roles that fashion journalists can consider.

  1. Writer

Fashion journalists can work as copywriters or fashion writers, even freelancers for fashion magazines, print media, and online portals.

  1. Photographers

Fashion journalists are versed with the knowledge of fashion photography. They can become fashion photographers for magazines, newspapers, online platforms, and even for celebrity forums.

  1. Fashion Critic

For those with a keen interest in fashion can consider being a fashion critic. A fashion critic communicates the opinions, analyses the latest styles and trends of the fashion industry.

  1. Fashion Reporter

Having a degree in fashion communication, one can become fashion reports. These reporters present fashion-related news and the latest industry gossips to the industry.

Did you get inspired by this post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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How to Start Your Fashion Blog – Basic Easy Tips & Tricks

How to Start Your Fashion Blog

Bringing up the idea to run a blog about fashion? It is easier than it seems. Today, the technological boost doesn’t require special knowledge in a particular field to start writing on something specific. Indeed, if you want to reach your best goals with your blog on fashion, consider upgrading your writing skills. You can pass special courses, train yourself independently, or find such reliable writing service as to improve your confidence in writing any texts. Let us show you more helpful tips!

  • Develop a unique idea.

If you want to start writing about fashion, it is essential not to repeat others’ mistakes. When an author has their own experience in organizing fashion performances or working with brands, it is easier to find your niche. Therefore, move to the next step to compare whether your thoughts match with someone else and their blog, which already exists.

  • Analyze the market.

As you understand, readers appreciate originality. For this purpose, you need to walk through dozens of online sources and blogs on fashion to analyze their content. Write down all the essentials you want to borrow from others regarding design, web development, and technical implications. In this case, you need a professional programmer next to you to help you understand what can really be implemented and what is better to omit.

  • Consult with experts.

There are various industries to consider starting your fashion blog. As it was mentioned earlier, it is good to have a developer in your team if you want to build a robust website for your blog. It should be bright, attractive, and filled with relevant information. If you’re going to cooperate with a web designer, SEO specialist, and account manager, it is better to include these specialists in your team. Otherwise, you should cope with many tasks independently.

  • Plan articles in advance.

So, the platform is ready to be updated! What’s next? Add articles in the order relevant to a general subject, sub-topics, or another system you classify as content for publishing. It is a great idea to manage your articles and prepare them for publication before the last minute.

  • Connect social media.

Using other platforms to expand your audience is a vital part of blog development. It is good to create Facebook and Instagram accounts first to engage your potential readers. Write about your plans and what your blog is going to be about. The audience should understand the value of your blog and track its run date, updates, and other news you provide.

  • Promote your brand.

When your online blog becomes more popular, you can think about presenting yourself as an ambassador of some fashion events. At the start, you need to pay to appear in these events and show your potential to others. Propose your services to famous and less famous brands specializing in perfumes, cosmetics, clothing design, and others. It doesn’t matter how many rejections you get the first time; the main thing is to try and find out what you can get!

  • Cooperate with companies. 

You need to promote in your blog other companies’ products that are relevant to the fashion industry at this stage. For example, you can get paid for fostering new perfume or seasonal clothes and keep your blog interesting. It is also profitable for you as an owner to write reviews on brands and products and monetize your website instantly.

Good luck writing your first article! Don’t give up trying and take your chance to become a guru fashionista!

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5 Stylish Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers -Fashion Accessories

Pet Acccessories Ideas

Whatever the occasion, purchasing gifts for people can be a tough task. Finding something that they will love and appreciate is important and will make you feel better and more confident in handing over their present. If you are buying something for someone who adores their pet, then this can add a whole new list of gift ideas for you to choose from. The gifts can range from fashion to accessories and need to be suitable for the person you are buying for. For some inspiration, here are five stylish gift ideas for pet lovers.

Personalized Items

Getting a personalized gift for someone is a thoughtful option for a pet lover. If you would prefer to purchase a fashion item, then you could get a pet owner a sweater or T-shirt with a picture of their pet, or something that reminds them of their pet, on it like these cat socks from fanatic. If you would rather purchase an accessory for their home, you could get a pillow or blanket with their pet pictured on it.

Pet Accessories 

The great thing about buying for a pet lover is that they will appreciate a gift for them that can be used by their furry friend. This can be in the form of a pet accessory, like a new collar and lead, a fancy pet tag, toys/treats, a cute fashion item for the animal, or the designer pet bed they’ve been talking about. This doesn’t have to be a serious gift and can alleviate the pressure associated with gift shopping.

Matching Outfits 

If your friend or family member really is obsessed with their pet, then getting them and their pet a matching outfit is a cute, fun and thoughtful gift idea. These clothing items or accessories can be customized to make a unique and stylish gift for pet and owner. This trend is growing, and you will be able to find matching bracelets/collars, sweaters, pajamas and more online.

Photo Pendant 

A photo pendant can be an extremely heartwarming present for a pet lover, especially if they have lost a pet recently. The classic photo locket can be a perfect gift option. However, for something truly unique and memorable, you should consider a personalized pet photo necklace. These are stylish and go with every outfit, while containing their favorite photo and memory of their best furry friend(s).

Printed Canvas 

Another great gift idea for a pet lover is a printed or painted canvas of their animal. This can be hung in their home and allow them to show off the best sides of their animals to everyone. You could go for a printed canvas of their favorite photo together, or a collage of their most-memorable moments. Or you could get a hand painted custom pet’s portrait that could lead to tears of laughter or tears of love.

These stylish gift ideas will be perfect for your pet loving friend or family member. There are so many options out there, you just need to add your own creative spin and knowledge to make it suitable for them and their furry friend.

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Teeth Bleaching Myths And Misperceptions You Must Know

Here’s why Online Clothing Shopping is Worth a Trial

5 Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable & Stylish

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Top 10 Most Famous & Best Men Fairness Creams – Top Brands 2021

Top 10 Men Best Fairness Creams for all Skin Types

For ages now women have been crucified on a scale of ratings based on how fair they look. The trend has changed with society evolving to modernism but the demand for fairer skin still exist in swatches of laced population. Taking a step forward the alpha male who was never coy of being dark and handsome has undergone a role reversal. This has fallen prey to these MAKE ME FAIR, game for a fairness cream for men. It’s a vicious mind game of extremely smart professionals packaging and presenting to its audience the miracles of a wonder product that can change what you have as GOD’S GIFT. Most of the fairness creams contain HYDROQUINIONE, a chemical slowing down melanin production and helping you gain the color of your original skin that’s lost due to wear and tear and exposure to sunlight, pollution etc. today there is different kind of fairness cream enhancing the beauty of face. Though, it does not claim to give you a snow-white complexion overnight, they do bring change to your skin tone to a greater extent. Here is a List of Top 10 Most Famous & Best Men Fairness Creams – Top Brands!

List of  Top 10 Most Famous & Best Men Fairness Creams – Top Brands 2021

1: Olay

Olay natural white night cream is one of the leading fairness products in the market. Suitable for all type of skin, it improves skin tone and gets rid of blemishes and freckles. The fairness cream leaves a feather-soft sensation after application. The usage of this fairness cream provides you a lot of benefits like deep nourishing skins and acts as intense moisturizer, reveal skin’s health and radiance, 2x whitening effect for fairer and smoother face and improve blemishes, marks, freckles, and spots.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (3)

2: Pond’s White Beauty Cream for Men

Pond’s white beauty is a well-known name in the fairness cream’s market. When you use this cream you will feel a natural beauty of your skin and you will look more handsome and well looking. This cream whitens your skin tone and also neutralizes various darkening agents on the skin. It is a total repair epidermis cream available at a reasonable price in the market. It is suitable for all kind of skins, it provides the nourishment to the old damaged cell and renewal process held. One more interesting I am gonna tell you about this fairness cream that it does not clog pores and only a small quantity of this cream requires for natural beauty.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (5)

3: oxyGlow Saffron and liquorice Fairness Cream

It is enriched with beautifying extracts like saffron, licorice, barberry fruits and bio-white, this cream nourishes your skin from within. It helps LIGHTEN THE SKIN TONE AND RENEW THE SKIN CELLS. Most of the fairness cream have some harmful ingredients which give fairness for a small-time but later on skin damaged more than as earlier. This cream give you natural fairness for a long time without any side effect. You use this cream without any hesitation and bad imaginations. There is no such harmful chemical in this. There is another thing which emphasis you to purchase this cream that thing is antioxidant which makes it effective in reducing melanin secretion and brings out speedy cell renewal, providing you natural and healthy fairness.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (4)

4: Oriflame’s Essential Fairness 5 in 1 Face Cream

Oriflame’s essentials fairness 5 in 1 face cream’s multi-action cleansing formula moisturizes. It provide brightens and prevent your skin from UV-INDUCED PIGMENTATION. It is enriched with skin lightening complex, vitamin E and SPF8. It is the best and suitable cream for that person who has oily skins because this cream helps you in controlling excessive oil and is suitable for all skins type. There action rate is very fast, it is light fast-absorbing cream that leaves skin looking visibly fairer in 2 weeks. After 2 week you feel the natural and fair skin. For better result, you should you use twice a day after cleansing. It has a reasonable price. Now go to the near the store and buy this cream for fairness.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (1)

5: Lotus herbals liquorice and Green tea fairness Gel

Blended with the extract of tea tree and liquorice, this lotus herbals fairness get infuses life into dull skin to make it healthy and radiant from within. The natural skin toning properties of tea tree extracts eliminate patches from the skin to give you smooth and even skin tone. In addition, by restoring the lost PH balance to your skin, tea tree keeps your face soft and superb. There is lies some such ingredients like OIL-FREE which protect your skin from dust and impurities and microbes with the help of the anti-bacterial properties of the liquorice extracts infused in it. This reduce the age of the person and look more cool and handsome and young. I want to give you one extra tip is that USE REGULAR ATLEAST FOR TWO WEEKS FOR BETTER RESULTS.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (2)

6: L’oreal paris pearl perfect transparent rosy fairness day cream

Perfect transperant from L’Oreal Paris is another reputed name in the fairness market. The SPS15 content protects against harmful ultra violet rays and gives a radiant glowing skin. It nourishes and keeps your skin moisturized all day long. When you use this cream you feel that one is the best cream for fairness. You will use always this product throughout the life. This product enhance inner glow as well as outer glow and make it sparkle. There unique natural formula without any bleaching agents.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (9)

7: Lakme Perfect Radiance

Lakme perfect radiance is enriched with the goodness of white Lotus and scared Lily to give a flawless  tone. This Best brightening cream cleanses your skin from within. It gives micro-circulation to make your skin radiant with each passing day. Utilizing of this material will satisfy you in healthy skin and it give an even tone and radiant glow and suitable for all skins. The last point make this product more powerful for useless.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (1)

8: Gernier light cream

Gernier light is a product from the famous cosmetic brand, L’Oreal. This fairness and dark spots prevention cream provide instant flow. The mulch-targeted action within protects the fairness and radiance of your skin. The advantage of this fairness cream is smooth and lightens skin tone. It also protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. there is some attractive things which attract you the most like beautiful fragrance and cost effective.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (8)

9: Clean and Clear Fairness Cream

Clean and clear has been around for a long time in the INDIAN market. Most effective skin whitening brand provides a break through formula for fairer skin. The goodness of cherry extract and multivitamins protects the skin from UV rays. Ingredients of this fairness cream is oil controlling formula. Blends easily in the face and it gives a pinkish glow. The better result will show in the humid weather.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (7)

10: Fair and lovely multivitamin MAXFairness

Fair and lovely multi vitamin is one of the most nourishing skin’s care beauty cream available in the INDIAN market. It multi vitamin formula is fool proof. However, it has sweet fragrance and no harmful chemical added, give an even skins tone and one more advantage is that TRIPPLE PROTECTION FORMULA AGAINST UV RAYS.

Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men - Most Popular Brands (6)

I hope you love the list of Top 10 Most Famous & Best Men Fairness Creams 2020-2021 and will choose the best type according to your dermis.

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Here’s why Online Clothing Shopping is Worth a Trial

Here’s why Online Clothing Shopping is Worth a Trial (3)

Clothes shopping often gets clouded by mixed reactions. It’s a fun endeavor that can also turn sour within minutes, especially when one can’t find an attire they prefer.  For one, to save yourself from going through the entire daunting process, it’s time to consider buying your clothes online. Please don’t fret if you’ve never tried this option. Instead, it’s time to test the waters and see whether it’ll become your go-to option when you need to expand your wardrobe.


  • Unbeatable prices 


The fascinating detail about online clothing shopping is that you get to deal with the seller directly. Thus, there are no third parties who often hike the price. It’s a chance to get your best attire at the most affordable options ever. While shopping for these clothes, you also get amazing discount offers, and you can also use coupon codes. It’ll enable you to save a great deal of cash on amazing clothes.


  • Wider variety 


You can never run out of options while shopping for clothes online in different stores, including boutique clothing Online. There’s an overwhelming clothe choices that will brighten your shopping experience. It’s a chance to view the latest trending outfit in the comfort of your seat. That’s not all. You also get to view the clothes in different available patterns before making a final choice. With such a wider variety, you can be sure to stumble upon unique attires that will always make you stand out. You can also check on the different cloth sizing from various countries and place your order.


  • Fewer expenses 


While trying to visit a local boutique is all well and good, sometimes it often leads to overspending. There’re many expenses to cater for once you’ve stepped outside the house, right from transportation to eating out. That’s not all. If you aren’t too careful, you can engage in some impulse buying, which wasn’t in your plan initially. However, with on-net shopping, you get to save on some of these expenses.

Online shopping concept


  • Avoid crowded places 


At times one needs to be alone, unwind, and rethink their life without disturbance. However, going out to the public often causes distractions, and one might miss having some alone time. But with online clothing shopping, you can escape the hassle of bumping into people, being in a rowdy and chaotic crowd, and enjoy quiet time at the time. Thus, you have ample time to make sober cloth purchasing choices without many distractions. While doing so, you get to experience the ultimate convenience as you can check on the online shopping website at any time of day or night. Another great advantage of shopping for clothes online is that you receive notifications for newly arrived clothes and choose what suits your fancy. In the process, you can also get a notification for items that were previously out of stock, and now they’ve been restocked with great convenience.

It’s time to try out cloth shopping at different websites, including boutique clothing online. You can always shop whenever you please, pay, and get the attires delivered to you. Try shopping for clothes online today with precaution, focus, and patience to get the best online shopping experience.

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Princess Polly Review: A Women’s Clothing Store

Princess Polly Review: A Women’s Clothing Store

When it comes to the things they sell on their website, Princess Polly knows the correct balance of trendy and cozy, plus classy and playful. We love the variety of goods we found on their website that made it easy to find a piece or two or the style we want and order out for delivery, especially with the free express delivery they offer. One big worry, though, we have is about those who buy from outside Australia, who are always surprised by the extra charges attached to their customs transaction. Also, there are many So, What makes this store stand out amongst the crowd of fashionistas?

What we like most about Princess Polly is that for any fashionista they can be a one-stop-shop, they have dress styles, key jewelry bits, plus makeup products that can give someone a complete transformation into style.

Their website is fascinating, particularly with the kinds of things they sell, but after you press that ‘buy now’ button, the issues with this shopping site emerge. Item output didn’t impress us too much, but it got worse for other customers: they got things to broken after washing or after a few days of use. Customers are also charged with customs costs in certain cases, which will irk everyone, including us.

What really is Princess Polly?

Princess Polly is an online boutique based in Queensland, Australia, and Los Angeles, California, with chic, street style, and glamorous pieces. They are committed to delivering apparel that is ethical and sustainable and also has a human rights agenda that you can find on their website.

It is not their key priority to construct inexpensive clothes of low quality. Rather, they aim to deliver goods of good quality at fair prices. And about Princess Polly, something really cool-they never photoshops the models on their pages. It would be great to see Actual individuals showing off their clothing with all the editing going on around the world now.

Princess Polly: Review

Princess Polly started out as a small boutique on Surfer’s Island in Queensland in the summer of 2005. The company has greatly grown over the years and they now have an online shopping platform to attract more consumers.

The Princess Polly website provides a lot of fashionable items for fashionistas with a millennial audience in mind. In their online store, they currently stock more than 50 of the most successful and best Australian brands. The company is committed to discovering hot trends that easily shoot off the shelves, according to its mission statement.

In addition, they are still very excited about promoting Australia’s independent boutique scene and still endorsing the brands they sell in the market, regardless of how large or small the brand name is. This sort of business approach is undoubtedly impressive and we agree that more shops should follow in their footsteps. Particularly for fashion lovers, the Princess Polly home page is eye candy. Showing a decent range of photographs in the lookbook format on the home page automatically invites and attracts visitors to browse and buy.

With correctly classified products, shopping (and even window shopping) is made simple. On the home page, the tabs and pages conveniently guide consumers to the correct page. The tools used to refine searches by brand, size, or price are also used. The website has a wide variety of designs, from hot trends to classic alternatives and even bohemian-styled pieces.

There are several independent and tiny brands on the web, so you can expect to see a lot of affordable apparel. There are also mid-end designers with some dressier pieces, but they are also not super pricey. Take note that Australian dollars are the default currency of the web, although this can be updated according to your choice.

For orders over $50, Princess Polly provides FREE delivery to Australia. For orders to Australia under $50, there is a $6 delivery fee. Depending on your country, foreign orders are sent out through DHL Express, with corresponding fees of about $10-$15. Complete specifics of their global shipping costs can be viewed on the website. Orders above $100 receive a free sticker for returns. Unworn, undamaged, and tagged goods can be exchanged for exchange or store credit if they are exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

Princess Polly is a perfect shopping spot for younger ladies who want to be updated with new and on-trend styles, with a good selection of fashionable and edgy clothes, shoes, and accessories. Although there are many stores like Princess Polly, you will also be helping smaller brands and independent boutiques in Australia by shopping here.


As a fashionista, one would obviously enjoy shopping. You might also be old-fashioned, though, and prefer shopping in shops as opposed to online shopping. Some might also be a very tactile and hands-on guy, so they like to take the feel, texture, weight, form, etc. of the textile into account. Many want to see how clothes suit their body, not just an online photo model.

For all of these, I went out of my comfort zone, though, and tried an online clothing brand/boutique from Australia named Princess Polly. This is because I saw several YouTubers speak about Princess Polly/reviewing their purchases and sharing how much the brand they enjoyed. Hope this review proves to be fruitful and you also enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shopping on Princess Polly!

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5 Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable & Stylish

5 Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable & Stylish

If you look good, then you feel good. Personally speaking, ever since I can remember, I’ve always considered fashion to be a part of who I am. I discovered early on, because I come from a very humble background, that by using the pieces at hand, changing them, and putting together new outfits, I could be innovative. Here we are discussing 5 Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable & Stylish.

It’s not all about wearing women clothing that is trendiest or priciest. I think that everyone wants to dress fashionably but not everyone has the means to do so. All it takes is tiny tweaks to create a new, next-level look to dress fashionably, one that most notably helps highlight your individuality and makes you feel good.

5 Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable & Stylish

It’s not all about wearing the trendiest, most costly clothing, or mastering some intricate styling trick to look more trendy. It’s as simple sometimes as just tucking your shirt in or putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Draped Shoulders 

Spring is among us and we all know that shedding layers mean that! Say goodbye to bulky jackets, and “Blazers”, hello! There are so many unusual forms of wearing a blazer, such as being draped over your shoulders or hanging on one side. But don’t think of a blazer like your blazer. Think of it as a sleeved cape that you’re never going to bring your arms in. It is the best way to add a dose of flamboyance and originality to your look.

Up your style! To build a shape that seems to add volume and offers a more avant-garde look, you want a slightly oversized blazer. Let’s not forget the length: we want to hit the blazer just below your hip or even a longer, mid-length blazer that just floats over something you don’t want to attract attention to. Rather than holding a bag with a strap, bring a purse.

They take your shoulders. Don’t forget to check out the section for guys. You are looking for a blazer with broader shoulders and no waist tapers.

Mixed Prints

If you love prints as much as I do, then when it comes to making the boldest, eye-catching outfits, you know just how combining prints is a ‘must.’ It can often be tricky and super challenging to master the art of pairing patterns. There can seem to be no guidelines, but you have to make sure the prints harmonize well with each other. You will be able to turn heads when everything is done right.

Don’t go for boring, tiny prints without color. Move out of your comfort zone and try out the more interesting, vibrant, and bold prints. Play on the scale. Use the imagination and judgment to bring together numerous prints that are opposite, but fit together somehow. Only make sure that they have one color in common to tie together the look. Treat the leopard print and stripes as neutral.

Belt It!

With your accessories, it’s all about being imaginative. Belts are certainly a perfect way to change an outfit and make it look new while incorporating something that might have been considered boring or outdated with an extra dimension. There are so many different ways of wearing an outfit with belts. When it comes to women’s clothing, you can wear it with a flirty dress, an over-sized shirt, or even over a masculine blazer. I was shocked by how many outfits I was able to revamp by only adding a belt.

Be sure to compliment your look with your belt. Your waist would be flattered by the correct belt and add an extra twist to your outfit. For your form of the body, choose the right distance. The golden rule when it comes to your waist is to keep it cinched.

Our go-to stores are thrift shops and antique stores when it comes to shopping for belts. For half of the price, you will find awesome, one-of-a-kind signature and statement-making belts.

Shades on!

Like an amazing pair of sunglasses, nothing says casual-cool. A good pair of sunnies are a critical style enhancer, whether worn on your forehead, on top of your head, or hanging off a blouse’s neckline, and can often be used as a statement-making addition to any outfit. Are you a guy wearing gold or silver jewelry? These accessories should be complemented by your glasses, so look for glasses that have gold or silver on the frames.

This will keep the appearance consistent. Find the best match for the form of your face. If you are into traditional types, modern ones, or quirky prints, in terms of options, the sky is the limit. Check for glasses that match the colors that you use most often.

Keep it Knotted

Knots are the answer if you feel like your outfit looks a bit bland! Give tops that have been sitting in your closet a new and trendy lease on life. To further accentuate your waistline, you can tie a knot on any shirt you have (or even borrow one from your husband, brother, or boyfriend), and kink the voluminous fabric. Flaunt it if you’ve got it!

One suggestion is not to expose the belly button, but to expose some skin above the belly button instead.

This would reveal a sliver of a midriff that would be ideal for more setups. Be sure to always pair it with high-waisted jeans, skirts, or shorts if you’re knitting a t-shirt, blouse, or tank top. What we’re aiming for is revealing a little of your midriff and balancing your silhouette. A knot can be tied to one side, to the front, or to the back. As loose or tight as you like, it can be. The range is yours!


It could have been one of your New Year’s resolutions to make 2020 your most fashionable year yet, and while we all have faced some unforeseen challenges about our year’s goals, there is no reason why you can’t take this opportunity to get your wardrobe in order.

We are all guilty of making less than fair choices when it comes to our wardrobes, from hanging on to old clothes that never get worn to impulse buying items that will not have more than one outing. But, for women clothing, it doesn’t need to be like that. We hope we’ve given you enough options to think about and be a true fashionista!

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