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Latest Pakistani Fashion: Trend of Medium Shirts with Cigarette Pants

Latest fashion in Pakistan

As the sun shines brighter and flowers blossom, you know it’s time to gear up for your SUMMER wardrobe. In this modern age, it has become so important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles because fashion lovers never compromise on designs. It is the wish of every woman to set the benchmark by being the first one to get her hands on the latest fashion and styles. As winter is already gone so here today, I will DISCUSS the latest Pakistani fashion and trends while keeping in mind the summer fabrics i.e. lawn, cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. We have cooked up some trends recipes for you ladies to give you a head start in this summer fashion race and upward Eid festive and winter trends. Previously the trend of wearing long shirts had bought the fashion market but as we know that by the time fashion changes. So, what’s new?

Origins Fancy Dresses Eid Festive Collection

This time trendsetters and fashion designers have finally decided to bring back an old friend i.e. short or medium length shirts. Right, kurti style shirts and palazzos are kicking off the fashion market and instead trend of flared, pencil, cigarette pants is setting up that gives contemporary yet fashionable chic look. Imagine when you wear a medium length shirt with cigarette pants how wonderful and different you will look after wearing long shirts for a long period.

Trend of Medium Shirts with Cigarette Pants/ Trousers: Latest Pakistani Fashion 2020-2021

Now when we have already gone over some basic INFORMATION about the latest trend of this year, let me tell you furthermore about latest colors and prints among these dresses. There are so many prints circulating in the market but as this is summer season, so TRY to keep your eyes open for French and STRONG bold prints. Also always choose the color according to the skin tone and body type. If you have DARK skin, never make a choice of such colors that won’t compliment your complexion, similarly, there is a huge range of shades available for lighter complexions.

All the popular fashion brands of Pakistan are including medium length shirts and cigrette pants/ trousers in their latest collections of summer and then upcoming Eid, festivals and winter saeson.Digital prints have become so popular in the fashion market. Also, it is known not to fade after washes, etc. Always make sure that you wear the THING that suits you doesn’t matter whether you are chubby or skinny, it’s all about the right choice. Well, in all this RECENT trend,

Digital prints have become the latest Pakistani fashion.  Printed suits are getting more popular day by day.  Also, it is known not to fade after washes, etc. Always make sure that you wear the THING that suits you doesn’t matter whether you are chubby or skinny, it’s all about the right choice. Well, in all this RECENT trend, designers are launching ready to wear collections with medium length shirts and cigarette trousers. Furthermore, we are always here to keep you UPDATED about the latest styles and trend. So stay tuned and have a blessed life. THANK you.

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed- latest Pakistani Fashion

Nishat Linen

NL- Latest Pakistani Fashion

AlKaram Studio

AlKaram -Latest Pakistani Fashion

Amna Ismail

Latest Pakistani Fashion- Amna Ismail



Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan



Maria. B

Maria B Latest Formal Wedding Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (14)

Origins-Ready To Wear

Ladies Summer Kurti Designs by Origins Spring Collection 2016-2017 (20)

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (17)

Junaid Jamshed

Latest Pakistani Fashion- j.j

Sana Safinaz

Latest Pakistani Fashion- Sana Safinaz

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Mink Fur Coats vs Sable Coats: Which should I buy?

Mink Fur Coats vs Sable Coats Which one to buy

Mink fur and sable fur can be at times hard to tell apart, especially when seen at a medium distance and when they are at the same color spectrum. Natural sable comes at various tones of brown from light to deep dark which look closely, at least chromatically with mahogany or pastel mink. However, a closer look can reveal several differences. Here we will discuss Mink Fur Coats vs Sable Coats, their qualities, pricing, material and all.

Mink Fur Coats vs Sable Coats: Which one is best to buy?

Mink is the most popular fur choice globally and provides the best value for money. Sable is the most expensive fur in the world, and it makes a strong statement.

The key main differences between sable and mink is hair sheen, texture, volume, weight and price.

Hair sheen 

Mink fur is well known for its lustrous look and shine when exposed to light, natural or artificial. It is produced by the oil and keratin rich guard hair whereas a sheared mink fur coat which had its guard haircut and left with the underfur, is expected to have a matte look. Sable fur coats sheen has different qualities. They have a rich, glossy, deep, almost wet hair shiny look.


Mink fur coats score an 8 out of 10 when it comes to softness of hair. If you slide your fingertips against the grain you should encounter some resistance. A sable fur coat can have its hair stricken at any direction and yet no resistance is countered. So sable fur in terms of softness earns a good 9 out of 10, coming second only to chinchilla fur. The sable fur pelt is a bit softer and more drapes slightly better than mink.


A nice mink fur coat made of winter pelts is sumptuous but has an elegant flat look. Mink pelts where the difference in height between under fur and guard hair is minimal are valued more. A sable fur coat comes with more substance due its longer guard hair. At the same time the ease of multidirectional motion of sable fur produces an extremely pleasant wavy look and under no condition a bulky look.


There is no noticeable weight difference between sable and mink fur. For two coats of the same size sable is expected to weight 5% less than mink , which does not make much of a difference.


Both mink and sable fur are champions in cold weather protection with not any noticeable difference. You cannot go wrong with neither of them.


As said above natural mahogany or pastel mink may resemble in look the natural light brown to deep brown colors that sable naturally comes. However, the natural color range of mink is by far wider than sable. Colors like sapphire, blue iris, black cross and so many others are unique for mink. Also, while white sable is extremely rare, white mink is far more available in the market. Thus, the artificial colors available for mink are more. Not to mention that few designers are bold enough to dye a sable fur coat.


There is literally no fur retailer or wholesaler that does not handle or market mink fur. You can find a wide variety of designs, lengths and styles. On the other hand, your choices with sable fur will be more limited when it comes to ready to wear garments but there is always the choice of a custom order. It is worth to mention that both mink and sable fur are available and look excellent in “let out” versions.


Mink and sable are durable furs and can be worn for decades literally. With proper care they can last for decades. Shedding is minimal and their pelts have excellent elasticity and can handle accidental stretches and strains of daily use. Also, the good quality of the pelt allows for remodeling. Mink has a slight advantage of sable due its shorter hair length, the strain posed when sitting on it e.g. in a car is smaller. Also, a dyed fur coat is expected to last for less seasons than a natural one.


For reasons of price and a slighter edge on durability mink fur coats are better candidates for daily use.


You should expect to pay from 3 to 10 times more for a sable fur coat, compared to a mink. If they were cars, I would say the latter is a Mercedes Benz and the former a Rolls Royce.

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10 Winter Jackets Fashion that are Perfect Add-ons to Your Outfits

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The Latest Fashion of Chef Wear Across the Globe


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10 Winter Jackets Fashion that are Perfect Add-ons to Your Outfits

10 Winter Jackets Fashion that are Perfect Add-ons to Your Outfits

Layers are essential all year round. Sometimes we need protection from the sun; at other times, we need them to keep up warm. Jackets are the ultimate accessory for layering. They are incredibly versatile, effortlessly chic, and super durable in terms of longevity. Style is personal, and it varies from person to person. You could be more inclined towards a minimalist aesthetic or something bolder and more memorable. The jacket you opt for depends significantly on your style aesthetic and your need. Since jackets are probably the most frequently picked out item in your closet, you must choose wisely and choose well. Here we will discuss the top ten trends of winter jackets fashion that will perfectly match your outfits.

10 Winter Jackets Fashion & Styles that are Perfect Add-ons to Your Outfits

There is a collection of winter jacket styles to choose from – each comes with its own flavor and personality that introduce new accents to your outfits. We have compiled a list of ten essential jacket styles that every woman needs in her arsenal to spice up their ensemble.

stylish denim jacket


Let’s get started.

  • Denim Jacket

There is no one on this planet who doesn’t own denim. Denim is the epitome of comfort. It is casual, it is low-maintenance, and it is rough and tough – nothing else compares to it. Similar to a trusty pair of denim jeans, a denim jacket is an essential you need in your life because it is just that versatile and handy.

Denim jackets look fabulous with everything ranging from jeans to dresses to skirts to gowns. They are fun to play with as well. You can opt for a basic cut or something a little adventurous like a sleeveless cut, one with faded details, or something bedazzled and sparkling – denim jackets are basically sought of a blank canvas. Find your favorite denim jacket and make it a part of your everyday wardrobe.

  • Trench Coat

A trench coat is the timelessly classic essential every girl should own. We have seen it over the years everywhere – the elegant camel trench coat. Chic, polished, and versatile, a camel trench coat is the perfect accessory to complete any outfit. Not only is it incredibly classy and sophisticated, but trench coats also keep you warm and cozy in winter season, making them ideal for the fall and winter seasons. They are also waterproof and thus perfect for the rainy season.

Wear them over your ensemble of choice to add a classy new accent to your look. Couple them with your favorite ankle boots and you are ready to go. If camel is not your color of choice, opt for something more neutral like a classic black or deep charcoal grey. If you love something a little more outgoing, a fiery red or yellow looks just as great – whatever fits your fancy. Regardless, trench coats are a staple that will forever remain in style.

  • Leather Jacket

Who doesn’t love a good old leather jacket? Leather jackets are the ultimate accessories that work in every setting. Wear a leather jacket to give a basic dress an edgy flavor. Add a leather jacket to a casual pair of jeans and a plain white tee and turn it into an outfit perfect for a day or night out. Pair your leather jacket with a chic pencil skirt and silk blouse perhaps.

A leather jacket is one accessory that looks good with everything. Whether you want to spice up an outfit or tone it down for something more casual, a leather jacket never disappoints. They are also great for keeping you cozy, so there really is not much to complain about.

Leather jackets come in an array of designs – each catering to a different style aesthetic. We have the classic bomber leather jacket, the edgy zipped racer jacket, the minimalist friendly moto jacket, the traditional leather coat – the list goes on.

More than its style, what matters most when it comes to leather jackets is their aura. Their striking yet subtle look makes sure all eyes are on them. Moreover, if your personality is the outgoing sort, the trendy New York leather jacket women give you the necessary boost, and you really do not need much other than your favorite accessories to complete your look.

  • Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are the perfect hybrid of casual and chic. They exude a peculiar confident aura that is hard to match. Their cuts make them best for both men and women. The best part about them, however, is their versatility.

Bomber jackets complement an array of outfits from sophisticated pencil skirts to girly maxi skirts to edgy ripped jeans. They provide you with a supplementary layer of warmth, which makes them perfect for that in-between season when it is not too cold nor too warm. However, you can choose to get them lined with a thermal fabric to make use of them when temperatures drop further.

  • Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are the perfect cross between bulky puffer jackets and light leather jackets. They are just warm enough to keep you from freezing while ensuring that your sweat does not pool up underneath. Quilted jackets are the ideal fall winter season attire as they keep you warm and they are super cute.

  • Wool Jacket

Woolen jackets feel like heaven. They are winter warm, soft, and fuzzy, and feel like you are wearing a blanket. If you live in a cooler region, you need to have a wool jacket in your closet because nothing combats the cold like a good woolen jacket.

If you do not want a wool jacket, you can opt for something lighter like cashmere. Cashmere looks and feels super luxurious, and it is delightfully warm. If you have some additional cash to spend, treat yourself to a delicious cashmere sweater. You will not regret it.

  • Overcoat

Whenever we imagine winters, we imagine overcoats – long, stylish, chic, and warm. Overcoats exude sophistication and elegance. They are a quintessential part of winter wear, so it is worth the investment. The best part, however, is that you can wear absolutely anything underneath – the coat will hide it all.

We all have lazy days when we do not feel like changing out of our PJs to make grocery runs. Let your overcoat come to the rescue. Throw on your overcoat with a pair of boots, a scarf, and some lipstick, and you are ready to go.

  • Faux Fur Jackets

Fur screams money because they are an item that only the elite can truly afford. For us, who live on a budget, the next best thing is faux fur. Faux fur is just as luxurious and unique, it is winter warm, and it makes you feel like a rich landlady – who could possibly hate that feeling?

If you are carrying a faux fur coat, you know you will stand out in a crowd. Investing in a faux fur coat is an excellent idea because they last you for years. If you are looking for good color choices, a classic black or white never fails to impress. If you are on the pursuit of something different, a maroon, deep chocolate brown, or animal prints are excellent choices as well.

  • Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are no longer a necessity but more of a style statement. High-end labels are now embracing puffer jackets for their peculiar outlook, versatile practicality, and unique style. Perfect for the chilly winter season; opt for a puffer jacket that will work best with your style and your daily needs.

  • Blazer

Blazers add an instant professional and polished element to any outfit. They harbor a classic silhouette that flatters all shapes and sizes. A blazer, unlike any other jacket, is more than just a layer. Blazers are a part of your outfit. They blend in with your gear by making you stand out more. You can choose from an array of fabrics and colors.

A velvet blazer feels super lux and works best in casual settings. A silk blazer is best for formal events. If you are looking for something suitable for daily wear, stick to the classic black or navy blazer.

Parting Thoughts:

Your jacket is the final piece that completes the puzzle, that is your outfit. They breathe life into even a boring attire. You can mix and match them with an array of combinations, and they last you for years. The next time you wish to splurge on a shopping spree, be sure to do it on a jacket – it is an investment worth the money.

Article Contributed by Ashley Rosa:

Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2

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4 Must Try Coolest Makeup Trends for Students to Follow

4 Must Try Coolest Makeup Trends for Students to Follow (1)

If you don’t experiment with makeup trends now, when will you? When you complete your studies and you get a job, it will imply a more formal etiquette. You’ll have to tone down the makeup and wardrobe, so you’ll save fun experiments for occasional nights out.

Now that you have the time and courage to experiment, nothing should stop you from doing so. Are you watching makeup tutorials on YouTube? They are fun! But they can also be misleading. There are too many YouTubers to follow and too many tutorials to watch. It’s hard to identify the current trends in that crowd.

4 Best & Easy Makeup Trends for Students to Follow

Allow us to help. We’ll list the most popular makeup looks at the moment, so you can try them out.

The Blush Smokey Eye:

When MAC launches a new eyeshadow pallet, it becomes an instant hit. In the spring 2019, the nude palette caught a lot of attention. These shades let you experiment with different looks, but there’s one particular eyeshadow combo that looks pretty on everyone: the blush smokey eye. When compared to the usual smokey eye, this one is less dramatic. It’s subtle enough to wear to class, but you can build on it if you’re after a more eye-grabbing evening look.

Figure 1. source

Of course; you don’t have to get MAC’s palette. There are affordable dupes to it. Let’s not forget that as a student, you have to save your money. You just read the EduBirdie review, thinking about hiring a writer for your academic projects. You spend a lot on textbooks, bills, and food. You can save on makeup. Drugstore eyeshadow palette are more affordable. They will still look amazing on you.


Are you taking good care of your lips? Just as your skin requires cleaning and nourishing products every day, your lips need some attention, too. Luscious, soft lips are the biggest trend of the year.

But what lipstick should you wear?

Figure 2. source

Pretty colors are in trend!

We’re past the trend of dark, matte lips that looked lifeless. The new trend is closer to the natural coloring of your lips. Rose, apricot, and red shades are totally in! As for the texture matte is still okay. But it mustn’t look dry. It only looks good on gorgeous lips. You’ll be safer with more hydrating textures during autumn and winter.

Natural Brows:

Leave your eyebrows alone!

There’s no need to invest in Japonese microblading techniques or expensive palettes that are supposed to achieve a fuller effect. Your natural brows are just fine. If you look at the latest runway trends, you’ll notice that the models have hardly anything done to their eyebrows.

Figure 3. source

If you really need to correct them, you can apply minimal color with an eyebrow pencil. Use a light hand! You’ll have to get used to doing less to your brows.

Voluminous Lashes:

There’s one particular makeup trend that never goes out of fashion: full, long lashes. It doesn’t matter what eyeshadow looks and lipstick shades you choose. It doesn’t matter how dramatic your eyebrows are. The lashes have to be gorgeous.

But this doesn’t mean that you need fake eyelashes. They can look… fake and unsophisticated. You already have lashes, right? You just need to boost their length and volume by using the perfect mascara. If you’re going to invest money in one part of your makeup arsenal, it’s the mascara. Choose a high-quality product; it’s worth the money. Hey; you can search for a good mascara on a discount!

Figure 4. source

The application matters, too. You can have the most expensive mascara and still apply it in a sloppy manner. Get a more affordable product that you’ll use for practicing. Use a light hand in multiple strokes.

You Can Do This!

Some women think they are not talented enough at doing makeup. So they stick to a boring routine and pay professional makeup artists on special occasions. You can be your own makeup artist! It doesn’t matter what your current level of skills is. You can improve yourself with practice.

The golden rule to successful makeup is moderation. Even the boldest looks require it.

You can start by experimenting with the coolest trends of 2019. We moved beyond the need for dramatic enhancement of a woman’s features. More sophisticated looks are in trend, and that’s good news for those who aren’t confident in their makeup skills. You’ll use fewer products for the perfect effect.

BIO: Emma Rundle is a freelance writer, traveler, and beauty enthusiast. She experiments with different hair and makeup looks, never sticking to a boring pattern. Emma believes that women express their personalities through their style.


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The Latest Fashion of Chef Wear Across the Globe 

The Fashion of Chef Wear Across the Globe (3)

The culinary world is one place where fashions can be similar no matter where you are geographically. For instance, chefs in all countries have tended to wear similar uniforms. However, the overall style of these uniforms is starting to change, affecting the overall  appearance of the professional kitchen.

Latest Fashion of Chef Wear:

The traditional chef’s uniform that originated in France during the 18th century is becoming less prominent. Certain aspects of tradition still remain. For instance, clothing still needs to be protective and cooling in a commercial kitchen. However, many chefs now prefer colours such as black and blue as opposed to traditional white. There are other changes which are also happening. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Jackets to fit all shapes and sizes

Across the world, people are familiar with the white jackets that have traditionally been worn by chefs. These jackets were designed with an aura of purity and cleanliness in mind. However, in today’s restaurants in Pakistan, and other countries, chefs are choosing jackets in other colors that are less baggy than the original designs. In fact, jackets are now available for all different sizes and shapes of body and different design tastes.

Image by: Chefworks

Having access to different styles of jacket means that chefs can better express their own personality. It also means that restaurants can represent their brand in the clothing that their kitchen teams wear.

Various types of headwear

Most people will have seen chefs wearing the famous toque. This hat is traditionally a sign of the seniority of a chef. The more senior the chef is, the taller the toque is that he wears. However, many chefs now only wear a toque in certain situations, such as competitions and ceremonial events. For everyday commercial kitchen situations headwear for chefs can be less formal.

The types of hat that modern chefs choose to wear include beanies and baseball caps. These hats offer cooling protection for the head that is needed in a busy kitchen.

Trousers in different shades

Traditional chef’s trousers are checkered in black and white. They are also usually designed to be baggy, to enable air to circulate in a hot kitchen. In today’s kitchen fewer chefs are wearing this traditional design of pants. They are choosing trousers in one shade, which is often black or blue. They can also opt to wear slim leg trousers as opposed to the normal baggy ones.

In summary

Chefs around the world have traditionally had access to the same uniform designs. Over the years this has meant that walking into any restaurant kitchen could be a similar experience, when looking at the clothing of the team. Today, the world of chef’s fashion is changing. Professionals have access to a range of different designs and colors when it comes to choosing what trousers, jackets and hats to wear. This extra range of choice means that a chef’s uniform can reflect their own personality and represent the brand of the restaurant where they work.

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Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines

Lifestyle and fashion is more than just clothing. But though footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or hairstyle are appreciable yet fashion gossips more generally involves clothing. Masculine or feminine, fashion world has no limit. Fashion magazines are being the routine of fashion-forward women since a very long time when the first fashion magazine was established back in 1586 in Frankfurt, Germany. Though India is mostly known for its ancient cloth design tradition yet fashion Industry of India is taking air all around the fashion globe. Similarly, if we talk about fashion magazines than we are talking more than just fashion like celebrity, relationship, lifestyle, tours & travel, shows, sex, beauty tips and much more. Here we go with the list of Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines of the Year!

List of Top 10 Best & Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines in India


VOGUE India is a total foreign owned magazine which was first released on 20th September,2007. Conde Nast India Pvt.Ltd which is a 100% owner of Conde Nast International first published VOGUE India.If we talk about the best magazine in India than VOGUE supersedes all others. It is like a pioneer of Indian women regarding latest vogue,trends, accessories, styles & all other aspects of fashion.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (3)


Other than updated fashion, SAVVY is known for the global knowledge it provides to women regarding well-being of a women. A women can be more is the hub of concentration in this magazine, as it provides the best tips so a women can re-shape its life just according to her will.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (9)


FEMINA an Indian magazine, first published in JULY, 1959.The magazine covers fitness, beauty & health tips. Other than beauty it also discusses on cultural flanks of Indian women. Celebrities, their relationships & lifestyles are being discussed in the magazine.Articles on cousines gives the handy tips to women via Femina as it is mostly run by women.The magazine also sponsored Femina Look of the Year contest, way to long time back in 90’s. Also Femina Miss India beauty peagent has been organized by FEMINA since 1964.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (7)

Marie Claire

Marie Claire, an International magazine has its disparate editions published in different countries & languages like U.S, England, Belgium, China, Australia,India & many others. It was first published in France in the late 1930’s.Other than beauty coverage, fashion updates, celebrity styles & tips the magazine negotiates different issues faced by women worldwide at daily basis.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (8)


Verve an Indian published magazine first launched in 1995. The magazine covers Bollywood, National & International fashion, celebrities, spotlights,photography,travellogue & all aspects of fashion & new trends.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (4)


Elle basically a French word for ‘She’. Elle was first published in India in 1996. The magazine was spawn to be as local as possible & not publishing too much International content. A complete women magazine aimed at ‘updated-metro women is the best selling women magazine all around the world. It covers fashion, beauty health tips & entertainment.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (3)

Harper’s Bazar

An American based women’s fashion magazine, first published in 1867 but also discusses the daily lifestyle needs of Indian Divas, celebrities.Harper’s bazar is a weekly magazine which covers fashion needs of the upper class & upper middle class women. It provides with different views on trends, photography, artists,writers, designers & the creative people providing their expert views on fashion.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (5)

  New Woman

New Women is an Indian magazine with charming Hima Malini as its editor.This booklet covers topics about entertainment, news latest fashion update, styles & trends. It also discusses the women health issues, fitness & body re-shaping.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (4)


It is an International women magazine, published way to long time back in America in 1886.The magazine includes articles regarding relationships, sex, health tips, celebrities, women issues, clothing, styling,makeup, self-improvement,careers & well being of a women.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (2)

Woman’s Era

Woman’s era was first published in 1973.The main purpose of the magazine is to cover the lifetime of a women covering all aspects of women’s life including fashion’trends,clothing, trends, daily tips, stories, cooking, behaviors. The magazine also includes entertainment, poetry & much more daily life stuff.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (1)

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The 8 Best & Most Stylish Planners For 2019 You Should Get

The 8 Best & Most Stylish Planners For 2019 You Should Get

Nothing represents the organization, preparation, and control quite like a paper planner. Paper planners, unlike their digital counterparts, are better for your brain, and help users reflect, think creatively, and act with purpose. And yes, we know what you’re thinking, paper planners are for everyone! Even if you haven’t had luck with paper planners in the past, don’t let that stop you for reaping the benefits now. Paper planners are now more diverse than ever, with styles and designs perfect for every kind of organizer. So if you’re ready to orchestrate an outstanding new year, take a look at our pick of the top 8 planners for 2019.  

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner was designed to help others discover their passions and find joy from within. In addition to traditional calendars and daily schedules, The Happiness Planner also includes a happiness roadmap, regular reflection pages, and other introspective sections designed to help users practice mindfulness, find fulfillment and develop self-mastery. The Happiness Planner comes as a dated annual daily planner, an undated annual weekly planner, a 100-day planner, or a miniature insert planner.     

PurpleTrail Planners

PurpleTrail planners celebrate the designer within everyone by bringing their artistic visions to life. Planners are completely customizable and let users choose a custom start date, personalized labels, and more, making your planer uniquely yours. Whether you need a meal planner, parent planner, content planner, wedding planner, or traditional weekly or daily planner, PurpleTrail provides every customer with the tools for success. Planners come in two convenient sizes – 6×8 and 8.5×11 – both of which can easily fit into a purse, backpack, briefcase or day bag.  

Living Well Planners

Living Well Planners are created to keep every aspect of your life accounted for and in order. While each planner includes a detailed section for daily schedules and activities, it also focuses on organizing shopping lists and meals, budgets and expenses, phone numbers and contacts, important dates, fitness goals and whatever else in life needs a little order. Living Well Planners strive to be a single resource for all of your daily, temporary, and long-lasting needs, letting you focus on long-term goals while still managing the important day to day responsibilities.

Ink+Volt Planners

Planners from Ink+Volt are sleek, sophisticated, and designed with the goal-oriented in mind. Created to enhance personal progress and productivity, Ink+Volt Planners provide users with monthly motivation challenges, weekly journaling prompts, reflection and self-improvement areas, accountability and plan of action sections, and plenty of blank space for taking notes or brainstorming. Ink+Volt Planners come in 6×8 sizing and are sure to help you stay focused, track progress and stay prepared for whatever comes next.


If an hourly itinerary or a detailed daily outline isn’t quite your style than the BulletPlanner is the perfect fit. The BulletPlanner was created for listers and gives users just enough space to compile detailed to-do lists or important action items for every day of the week. BulletPlanners provide quick and effective organization, without having to account for every hour or detail of the day. These planners also have space to track and record important information like habit trackers, cleaning schedules, favorite recipes, holiday organization and more.  

SkyGoodies Doodle Planners

SkyGoodies Doodle Planners are made for the artist or kid at heart. Resembling a coloring book more than a traditional planner, SkyGoodies offers individual planner doodle pages to help you relax and unwind while arranging your to-do lists, notes, travel checklists, party planning, weekly menu, reading list, weekly planner and more. Doodle planners can be individually assembled through a series of customizable single downloads or purchased as an existing set of monthly planning pdf files.

Lauren Greutman Planners

The Lauren Greutman Planner helps users master organization, budgeting and financial freedom. Unlike a traditional planner, this tool arranges events around their expenses, making it easy to save money and stay within a budget. Lauren Greutman Planners recognize that life and money are inseparably intertwined, and both are more successful when planned together. This planner makes it simple to set aside grocery and shopping lists, track debt, establish a budget and record your expenses, all within the perspective of your daily habits and activities.

Poketo Planners

Poketo Planners are the perfect tool for the straightforward minimalist in your life. Planners are designed to provide clear, succinct and simple organization without the distraction or noise of extra categories or designs. Every planner includes a world map, sections for daily, weekly, and monthly organization, goal outlines, and an open area for notes or ideas. Poketo Planners are created to keep you composed under every circumstance. Each planner is open dated, letting users start whenever works for them and take time off as needed.  

From custom-made creations to straightforward scheduling, there’s a paper planner perfect for everyone’s style. Paper planners keep you focused, productive, and ready to take on whatever awaits, tomorrow, next week or in years to come. To unlock your creativity and improve your organization finds the paper planner this year made just for you.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Trends Find the Best Prices, Deals, Discounts in One Place – Find the Best Prices, Deals, and Discounts in One Place

The e-commerce and online shopping industry is booming in Pakistan. No matter what you need, you can get it delivered to your doorstep without having to move an inch. Whether it is groceries for the house or the latest gadgets that your love, you can purchase just about anything online these days. These online stores have made shopping highly convenient and simple for everyone. – Find the Best Prices, Deals, and Discounts in One Place

However, there is always a catch with everything and online shopping is no exception. With the countless online stores in Pakistan, it is difficult to find a reliable online store such as which offers the best prices and a wide range of products. As an online shopper, finding the best products with the highest quality at the lowest price can be a very difficult challenge. Fortunately, though, is here to help with that.

What is is a first-of-its-kind product search engine that you can use to find products and their prices from all the leading online stores in Pakistan. It is a single place where you can find all the information that you need about products available online in Pakistan. The search engine makes use of machine learning and automated algorithms to automatically find and add products available in Pakistan. The information that you can find on includes the pricing, availability, discounts, deals, and reviews of products.

Since the search engine makes use of an automated system, it always guarantees the best results to you without being biased or inconsistent. Currently, the search engine has a database of over 1.6 million products, a number that is constantly growing. The aim of is to provide a single unanimous platform for customers to make their web shopping experience simpler and more convenient.

How Can Help You?

As an online shopper, you would know how laborious it can be to find specific products online. Sometimes, you are looking for a product that you simply cannot find no matter how many online stores you visit. At other times, every time you visit a new web store, you find a better price for a product. All this makes the journey of online shopping very confusing and difficult for customers. If you want to save up on your time to find the best bargain for products, then helps you out. It is the single place where you can find all the products that you need, whether it is cosmetics, fragrances, or electronics among other things. The product search engine makes it incredibly simple to find the best prices, deals, and discounts available on products without having to visit numerous websites.


Things You Should Know About

Before you indulge in your next online shopping journey, here are some interesting facts and insights into the product search engine that you should know about:

  • As of August 2018, the product search engine has over 400,000 page views, and it’s growing 20% every month.
  • The search engine contributes thousands to millions of rupees of sales for online stores.
  • The product search engine is free to use for customers and it always will be. Just like Google!
  • An important fact worth mentioning here is that the website is just a search engine! It is not a vendor, shopping website, or dealer in any way i.e. you cannot sell goods or buy goods on Like Google, it just displays a list of relevant results (products).

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Fashion & Lifestyle Trends

How to Throw an ’80s Theme Party/ Bash in Simple Five Steps

How to Throw an ’80s Theme Party Bash in Simple Five Steps (1)

The ’80s were a great and memorable time for many. The decade was a time of bold fashion and great music. If time travel was possible, some would probably visit the ’80s. Although you can’t’ go back to the ’80s, you can relive and appreciate that special time by hosting an ’80s themed party. It’s important that your party is a success and that your guests feel as if they really stepped back in time. So here are five steps that will help you get started.

5 Basic & Easy Steps for a 80’s Themed Party Bash

Here were sharing some of the simplest steps to follow for a great 80’s themed party.

1. Choose Your 80’s Theme Invitations

There are several options for party invitations. You can find 80’s themed invitations from Party City or Etsy. There are many different custom designs to choose from. If you want to be creative, you can scan or photoshop yourself and your friends in the background of your invitation. Or create a collage invitation of your favorite things from the ’80s. You’ll need to list five or ten things and then find pictures of them. If you know a graphic designer, ask them to make the invitation. Once the design is finished, take it to a print shop.

2. Bring Your 80’s Best

Remember to include a list of costume stores where your guests can find their 80’s costumes. Eighties fashion was all about excess. Big hair, bold makeup, and brightly colored clothes were very prominent. As you search for the perfect outfit, remember to rely on fashion icons like Cyndi Lauper or Madonna for inspiration. You can also find inspiration from old music videos and movies. As you shop, you can hunt for individual fashion pieces from certain stores and build an outfit.

3. Select Your Party Foods

If you aren’t sure about what kind of food to have, think of your favorite ’80s foods. Also, search the internet for creative recipe ideas. For dessert, consider buying candy that was popular during the ’80s. Airheads, Blow Pops, Candy Cigarettes, Nerds, and Skittles were popular during that time. You can also bake the ’80s themed cakes or cookies. Popular drinks during that time were Blue Curacao, Long Island Iced Tea, and the White Zinfandel. Miller Lite or Bud Light is also an option for those who don’t want a cocktail.

4. Choose ’80s Theme Party Decorations

You may already have an idea of how you want to decorate for your party. However, here are some tips to create an 80s vibe if you’re unsure. The 80’s were known for neon colors, wild prints, and patterns. To save time, visit Party City and other stores for ’80s themed party decorations; and, of course, don’t forget the 80’s music.

5. Choose Party Activities

In addition to having great food and cool decorations, it’s important that your guests are entertained. So have some fun activities planned? You can warm up the crowd by getting them to share their happy memories during the ’80s. This activity requires a pack of index cards; then write two questions on each card. You could ask what their favorite ’80s song is, or what kind of hairstyle they wore. Other ’80s games that could be included are Battleship and Connect Four. If you really want your guests excited, play I Love the ’80s. This engaging trivia game will have your guests drawing, singing and acting. After a couple of icebreaker games, and a few cocktails, maybe they’ll participate in a few ’80s dances.

You want your guests to remember your amazing party. Of course, there are social media; but if you want your guests to have something tangible, give them party favors like neon sunglasses, bangles, Rubik’s cube or cassette keychains. So when your guest heads back into 2018, they’ll have a souvenir from their fun trip back in time.

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Emotional Support Animal ESA Dogs- Your Best Partner in Mental Worries

Emotional Support Dogs (1)

Emotional support animal (ESA) system is a new yet effective term in the modern world and is a popular practice in schools, hospitals and nursing homes with the aim to provide emotional assistance to people who have gone through some traumatic phase in their lives. It involves fighting both mental and psychological diseases using the help of pets. Dogs are considered to be the most human-friendly pets. They are easily attached to humans. They can be the best partner of humans and can easily feel their pain and worries after building a strong bond. Here we have shared the importance of Emotional support system animal ESA dogs. Hope after reading this you will completely understand the point that we want to deliver.

ESA Dog is not a Service Dog

Esa dogs should not be confused with service dogs. Service dogs are trained to perform specific functions for their owners such as guiding a blind person etc. Emotional support animals can be any animal, and it does not necessarily need to be trained to work for its owner since its basic job is to work for the emotional healing of the person.

Getting an ESA dog

An emotional support dog must be well trained and registered before prescription. An in-service licensed medical practitioner should make the prescription. Without this license, a pet cannot be regarded as an emotional support animal and cannot enjoy the privileges of such an animal as a free flight with the owner and restricted pet houses particularly established for such dogs.

Types of ESA Dogs

There are many types of breeds that are used for the therapy. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Vizsla, Pug are to name only a few. They are very popular in the society for their cuteness. However, the only appearance does not make them desirable ESAs; it is their sensitivity, kind gestures and most importantly the love for cuddles that makes them adorable as well as eligible for the job.   

The significance of ESA Dogs

The answers to why do animals are needed for the emotional therapy in the first place lies in the following points:

  • They are available for the owners all the time of all the day.
  • They give full attention to their owners.
  • They play with their owners.
  • They cuddle.

And yes all of these seemingly unimportant rather trivial gestures are a matter of life and death for a psychologically disturbed person. And no matter how absurd it seems, if an animal fulfills all these needs, he would probably bring back that ailing man or woman from misery to life.

The requirement to get an ESA dogs

The sole requirement for an emotional support dog is to pass the certification and go through all the necessary training for the job of therapy. Otherwise, there is no hard and fast rule for an ESA. Any animal can be served for this purpose.

Benefits of ESA dogs

ESA dogs can be used for helping with post-traumatic disorders and many other mental issues and disabilities. The ESA dogs are trained to assist the people with a mental health condition. So, they are not cute pets but can prove to be trusted partners where normal therapies do not seem to be working at all.

Personal Dog as ESA

Even the personal dog of a person can be regarded as the emotional support assistant of the patient if it fulfills a certain criterion. The medical practitioner will look into the possibility of this scenario.

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