5 Essential Must-Have Items in Your Photography Kit/ Bag

5 Essential Must-Have Items in Your Photography Kit Bag

Photographs and photography have come a long way. Earlier, the camera used to be huge in size, and the photographs used to be black and white. Today, with the evolution of the human lifestyle and the break of social media, the level of photography has also evolved and improved. The camera has become compact, but its features are many. Pictures have become more vibrant and livelier than ever.

Five Basic Must-Have Items in Your Photography Kit/ Bag

No wonder why as per a survey, as many as 1.2 trillion photos were taken in the year 2017 alone! But the new era pictures are not the fruits of the camera only. These days, so many other accessories are required to take that one “Instagram worthy” photo. So, what are the 5 must-haves in your photography kit? Let’s take a look:

  1. Flash

This goes without saying, isn’t it? The first thing you need to include in your photography kit is a flash! No matter how feature-packed your camera is, if you do not accompany it with a good, powerful flash – it will just not help.

Out of the many advantages, the biggest advantage you are provided by a flash is flexibility. Shooting pictures at night? It’s okay, you have an external flash. Natural lowlight not working for you? Do not worry, the flash has got your back.

It is arguably one of the most important items needed for clicking good pictures. You just would not want to compromise with this item.

  1. Ring Light

You must have seen many social media influencers bragging about this one accessory a lot. And why not, ring lights are useful!

This is a new age necessity for yielding a nice picture. Ring Light is a photography accessory that is used to click highly professional photos. It basically is used for clicking portraits that look naturally illuminated.

They are available in many shades – white, yellow, soft pink, etc. Best part? A ring light costs nothing as compared to the lavish photos it generates. Get yourself a Ring Light Australia, and up your photography game a notch.

  1. Reflectors or Light Diffusers

Again, one of those items that must form a part of your gear. Light Diffusers or Reflectors, as they are called, are an amazing accessory essentially required for clicking beautiful photos in the daylight.

More often than not, one of the major issues we find associated with daylight shoot is the wrong direction of sunlight. We often feel the need to redirect the natural light or soften the intensity of the sunbeams.

That is when a reflector comes to your rescue. If you feel the need to click photos in the daylight and redirect the natural beams, light diffusers are all you need. Add this to your photography essentials as soon as possible!

  1. Filters

Let’s just pop the bubble – a good lens is sometimes not enough to click a photo that can make heads turn. So, what is that something that can uplift your photography game to another level? A filter is your answer.

Be it a UV filter, an ND filter, or certain color filters – your pictures will itself become a game-changer if you add any of these to your gear. Especially if you are a sucker for those aesthetic pictures of nature, adding this one item to your kit will work absolute wonders for you.

  1. Memory Card

Last but never least, do not forget to add a high-speed and spacious memory card to your kit. We all know the drill – a good photography session means a lot of high-quality photos.

It is only possible to run out of storage at such a time. Hence, it is always suggested to keep at least 2 memory cards with you at the time of a photoshoot. Believe me, it will prove to be amongst the most essential parts of your photography kit.

Over to you…

Regarding how photography has come up as a well-paid profession, knowing how to click good photos has become as basic as knowing how to write.

But photography is not just about the camera – it requires certain other accessories too. Here, we listed the top 5 items that you must introduce in your personal photography kit. Get these items added to your kit and gear up to click professional photos.

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