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Latest Pakistani Saree Designs Collection by Maria B 2023

Latest Pakistani Saree Designs Collection by Maria

A saree, also spelled as sari, is a traditional Indian attire that has been worn for centuries. It is a long piece of cloth, usually around 5 to 9 meters in length, and is draped around the body to create a stunning outfit. The saree is popular among women in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other South Asian countries. The way a saree is draped can vary depending on the region and personal preference, but the most common style involves wrapping the cloth around the waist, pleating it, and then draping it over the shoulder, exposing the midriff. The saree is typically paired with a fitted blouse (choli) and a petticoat to hold it in place. Here we are going to show you a detailed article about the Latest Pakistani Saree Designs Collection 203-2024 by the Famous brand Maria B.

Sarees come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, designs, and patterns, each representing the culture and heritage of the region it comes from. Some popular fabrics used in sarees include silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, and crepe. We will discuss all the aspects and the most searched sari topics.

Latest Pakistani Saree Designs Collection by Maria B 2023-2024

Sarees are worn on various occasions, from daily wear to formal events like weddings, festivals, and celebrations. The elegance and grace of the saree have made it a timeless and iconic symbol of Pakistani & Indian fashion culture. It continues to be a cherished outfit, with modern variations and designs allowing it to adapt to changing fashion trends while retaining its cultural significance.

Steps to Wear a Saree – A Right Approach to Look Badass:

Wearing a stitched saree is a convenient and modern alternative to draping a traditional saree, especially for those who are not familiar with the traditional draping method. A stitched saree comes pre-stitched with pleats and is worn like a skirt with a pallu (the decorative end) already attached. Here’s how to wear a stitched saree:

  • Choose the right blouse: Pick a well-fitted blouse that complements the saree and your body shape. The blouse should be ready to wear, and you can simply slip it on like any other top.
  •  Wear the petticoat: Put on a matching or coordinating petticoat and tie it securely around your waist. The petticoat should sit just below your navel.
  • Start with the stitched saree: Hold the stitched saree in front of you with the pallu end (decorative end with the border) on your left side and the plain end (without the border) on your right side.
  • Tuck the saree: Take the plain end of the saree and tuck it into the petticoat on your right side, making sure the length is appropriate to your height.
  • Pleats: Gather the pallu end of the saree and create neat pleats. Usually, there are pre-stitched pleats, but if not, arrange the pleats evenly, facing toward your left side.
  • Pallu positioning: Now, bring the pleated section of the saree over your left shoulder so that it falls elegantly over your arm. Adjust the length of the pallu as desired.
  • Secure the pallu: Use safety pins to secure the pallu to your blouse on the left shoulder to keep it in place.
  • Adjust and drape: Check that the saree is draped evenly and neatly. Make any necessary adjustments to the pleats, pallu, and overall drape.
  • Finishing touches: Complete your look by adding any desired accessories, such as jewelry, bangles, and footwear.

Remember, wearing a stitched saree may require some practice to get the perfect fit and drape. If you’re unsure about any steps, it’s always a good idea to seek assistance from someone experienced or refer to any specific instructions provided with the stitched saree. With a little practice, you’ll be able to confidently wear a stitched saree for various occasions.

Choosing The Right Blouse for Saree:

Selecting the right blouse for a saree is essential to complement the overall look and enhance the beauty of the outfit. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect blouse for your saree. Consider the fabric of the saree when choosing the blouse.

If the saree is made of a heavy and embellished fabric like silk or brocade, opt for a blouse in a complementary fabric. For light and flowy sarees like chiffon or georgette, go for blouses in similar lightweight materials.

heavy work fancy saree design

Choose a blouse color that complements the saree but provides a subtle contrast. You can go for a matching color, a contrasting hue, or a shade from the saree’s border to create a harmonious look.

pearl neckline blouse white and pink saree

Latest Pakistani Saree Designs for Party Wear:

Fancy saree” is a term commonly used to refer to sarees that are designed for special occasions, parties, weddings, and other formal events. These fancy party wear and wedding-wear sarees are typically made with luxurious fabrics, intricate embellishments, and elaborate designs to add an element of glamour and elegance to the outfit.

They are often made from premium materials such as silk, chiffon, georgette, net, velvet, or satin. These fabrics lend a rich and lustrous look to the saree. They are adorned with various embellishments like zari work (gold or silver metallic threads), sequins, beads, stones, crystals, embroidery, and intricate handwork. These elements enhance the overall beauty of the saree and make it stand out.

They feature detailed patterns, motifs, and artistic designs. These designs can range from traditional motifs like peacocks, paisleys, and floral patterns to contemporary and abstract designs. Party wear sarees may also be available in ready-made or pre-stitched styles, making them easier to wear for those who may not be familiar with traditional draping methods.

Latest Pakistani Saree Designs Collection for Bridal & Wedding Wear:

A bridal saree is not just an outfit but a symbol of love, cultural heritage, and tradition. It holds immense sentimental value and becomes an heirloom piece passed down through generations. The selection of a bridal saree is a significant decision for a bride, as she dreams of looking nothing short of extraordinary on her wedding day. Red is considered an auspicious and famous choice for Pakistani & Indian brides, symbolizing love, prosperity, and happiness.

You will see the vibrant and rich colors, reflecting the celebratory spirit of the occasions they are worn for. Popular colors include deep red, royal blue, emerald green, gold, and various shades of pink are used for creating wedding wear and bridal saris.

The pallu (the decorative end of the saree draped over the shoulder) and the border of heavy bridal saris are usually heavily embellished with intricate work, adding a touch of grandeur to the overall look.  Many renowned fashion designers create exclusive collections of sarees, incorporating modern trends and techniques while retaining the traditional essence of the attire.

Brides often add personalized elements to their bridal sarees, such as incorporating their initials, wedding dates, or special symbols into the design, making it unique to them.

Black Colored Saree Designs

A black color saree is a classic and timeless choice that exudes elegance and sophistication. Black sarees are versatile and suitable for various occasions, ranging from formal events to parties and celebrations. Just look at these below-posted black beauties that will definitely blow your minds.

White Color Sarees:

A white color saree is an elegant and serene choice that holds a special place in traditional fashion. White sarees symbolize purity, peace, and simplicity. They are a graceful option for various affairs, ranging from formal events to religious ceremonies, and even as a bridal choice in some cultures. posting some MARIA B designs of white colored saris.

The Newly Wed Bridal Sarees – For Daughters-in-Law/ Bahus

Newlywed bridal sarees are specially designed and curated for brides to wear on their wedding day. These sarees are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using luxurious fabrics, intricate embellishments, and traditional designs to make the bride look radiant and resplendent on her special day. Here are some features of newlywed bridal sarees:

rich and opulent fabrics like silk, such as Banarasi silk, Kanjeevaram silk, or Mysore silk. These fabrics have a natural sheen and luxurious feel that adds grandeur to the attire. They are adorned with intricate zari work, which involves weaving gold or silver metallic threads into the fabric to create exquisite patterns and motifs.

Casual Sarees for Farewell Parties/ Events for Teenagers & Girls

Teenagers often prefer vibrant and lively colors, so consider sarees in bright hues with cheerful prints or contemporary patterns. Floral prints, abstract designs, or geometric patterns can appeal to their sense of style. Add a stylish hairstyle to complement the look.

While some minimal embellishments can add charm to the saree, avoid heavy or elaborate work. Stick to minimal embroidery, sequins, or light zari work to maintain a youthful and fresh look.

Pair the saree with a trendy and modern blouse design. Off-shoulder blouses, crop tops, bell-sleeved blouses, or halter neck designs can add a contemporary touch to traditional attire.

Look for sarees that strike a balance between traditional elements and modern aesthetics. This way, teenagers can connect with their cultural roots while embracing contemporary fashion trends.

Latest Velvet Sari Trends:

Velvet sarees are favored for their regal appearance and are often chosen for weddings, receptions, parties, and other significant celebrations. They are a symbol of grace, elegance, and sophistication, making any woman look and feel special when adorned in one.

Pakistani designers are doing a marvelous job promoting fashion and culture all over the world and Maria B is one of the most popular ones. We are stunned by the latest patterns and trends in sarees. Hope you also enjoyed viewing and scrolling. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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