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Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Khas Fashion has garnered great repute and appreciation in the world of fashion and textile due to its forward-looking approach and innovation designs. This clothing line has mastered into several genres of style making, from menswear to womenswear and even the home accessories. The most anticipated of all is the Khas lawn collection which is always received by their customers with more zeal and excitement every passing year. Here we are discussing the Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019.

Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

This year to Khas has launched its epic two-piece lawn collection which gives you a wide variety of lawn shirts paired with their matching dupattas. Let’s take a sneak peek of this latest summer bliss and upgrade our wardrobe with something more ‘Khas.’


This two-piece laws suit will take you into the world of appeasement and pleasure with its bright colors and blooming prints. Keeping the dazzling summers in mind, experts at Khas has given a “khas” (special) consideration to the utility of their lawn suits to the best that is why they came up such a mild base of pistachio green paired with pure and white. This base color is highlighted with the use of multi-hued floral patterns around the bottom.  Since the prints are concentrated around the borderline, the neckline can be style into real chic off shoulder style.


In exemplaris, the designers have tactfully brought together the two extremes of bright and dark with a soothing effect for the eyes. Blues are always a relief to carry around in summers, and that’s what exactly the khas store had in consideration. The shirt piece is loaded with embedded patterns in light blue over the base of a dark blue. The front of the shirt is designed with fresh blooming flowers in pink; this contrasting use of color has given the shirt piece a unique and tempting appeal. And the best way to make the shirt even more prominent is to pair it with plain white trousers.


Aerin gives you the privilege of carrying black with ultimate style and comfort. When compared to other pieces of this collection, this suit piece is more neutral in colors and gives you a bold and strong outlook. The shirt is designed with a regal outlook, having archetypal structural prints paired with flowers and intermixed patterns. It has a prominent and contrast borderline which complements the sleeves and the neckline motifs. This borderline also gives the shirt a sharp look when carried with matching black trousers. Dupatta is the real charmer in this one, which creates a striking contrast with the shirt and its base color.


Khas has made sure to cover the entire color palette in this 2019 summer collection to provide you series of different wardrobe options. Aurora is all about bright and tempting colors. The base is set mild pink which is complemented using prominent floral prints on the front. The shirt carries intricate floral prints whereas the dupatta has large blossoms in different hues. Aurora can make an excellent evening dress as it has the most suitable theme. The neckline is bordered with soft colored patterns which makes the borderline even more prominent. It can be best carried with black trousers whereas white also seems like a good choice.


You will be fascinated by the color scheme of the aplomb series. It’s not just the decent red in this dress which catches your eye, but the entire ensemble is irresistibly appealing. There is a perfect mix of symmetry and beauty in this one; the block patterns are paired with nature-inspired prints. Its sleeves create a sharp contrast with the main body of the shirt and follow a softer color scheme. Opposite to all of this, the dupatta is designed in dark shade of red or maroonish red. It is printed with the same shadowy prints has the base of the shirt has.


Feel the refreshing summer breeze this year with this opulent piece of apparel. Bonheur is designed with such soft shades that it gives you a refreshing outlook every time. Where the shirt is rather plain and simple with series of prints around the borderline, the dupatta carries a full blow of prints. Together these two pieces create a nice blend. Essentially the neckline is plain, which gives you many options to play with its design. Dupatta is hued to complement the prints around the shirt. When carried with plain white bottoms, this suit can be to opt for bright hot days.

Floral Flamboyant

Grey ombre sleeves and the thread work in pink, make this dress a bliss for the sight. The front is crafted with rosy patterns and mild embroideries in pink and green. The back has an entirely different scheme with prominent orange flowers and patterns printed across its entire pane. There is a mix of architectural designs and the natural landscape. Both these themes are also combined in the dupatta which has an appealing pink base. The ends of the dupatta are summery printed with darker shades to give it more depth.

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Shamaeel Ansari Latest Bridal Dresses & Pret Collection 2019

Shamaeel Ansari Latest Bridal Dresses & Pret Collection 2019-2020

Equipped with great grandeur and luxury Shamaeel Ansari couture brings you the best of the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. With her strong taste in fashion, super creative mind and a peculiar eye for details, Shamaeel has been setting several milestones in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. From a great many accolades to the best-ranking brand privilege, Shamaeel Ansari has garnered all the good repute for rendering her great services in the field of fashion. Shamaeel Ansari Brand is backed by the sheer creativity and talent of the lady Shamaeel Ansari herself. Like every year, the latest hits of this clothing line are making news in the fashion circles of the country. Since we all have been waiting anxiously for such a vivid and vibrant display of colors and embroideries, here comes all the new series of dresses designed under the label of Shamaeel Ansari.

New Arrivals:

The time we all have been anticipating for is finally here, the exclusively designed Shamaeel Ansari latest couture is here to surprise us with the ultimate display of hues and style. The astounding maroon shade in all those pieces will move your hearts, and the cuts and embellishments are largely supporting the theme of the series. From tops to the bottoms, everything about this new arrival is distinctive. Jackets are certainly put back on the front line where they are finely embroidered with amazing thread and applique work. Wrap dresses and bottom fewer tunics also made a part of this series. Fanned sleeves in light chiffon was another reflection of Shamaeel’s extraordinary geniuses. In this collection, you will be able to see all the silk, chiffon, net and printed jacquard in best of the cuts. Every piece has a fresh appeal, because of the sharp contrasts and prominent designs.


The latest of the Shamaeel Ansari luxury collection takes you to the land of soft color and soothing prints. The lightest silk chiffon with amazing feel has been molded into several awe-inspiring designs. Body wrap dresses with pale colored bottoms are making waves in the fashion circles. The captivating ensemble of loose sleeved tops with broad base flappers looks amazing when carried to any occasion. This luxury collection is there to cater to the needs of women who carry style with quality. Shamaeel has given a new identity to the wrap style while giving all the tops a bad and loose touch along with a prominent tie knot on the waist or right below the waist. The variety of these dresses are customized in several different ways; some are paired with matching uppers, while others carry different forms of broad-based trousers. Carry these dresses with charming high heels and create magic with your entire outlook.

The main concept behind the luxury collection has always been to create a spellbinding style using the softest of colors. Just like the last year’s epic luxury collection, the focus remained on the mellow color and decent outlook. You won’t be finding any of the heavy embroideries over the dresses. That is why the luxury collection by Shamaeel Ansari is best to carry out to parties and occasional celebrations. The cuts and stitches of these dresses are enough to make the outfits look incredibly unique and novel. The latest luxury collection 2019 will catch you by its scenic prints. Every piece of apparel has a picture to paint in front of you. It is this use of archetypal landscape imagery that makes this luxury collection fascinating.

Velvet Series:

These pretty velvet dresses with fine details and adornments will blow away your hearts. Check out this remarkable assortment.


The pret collection by Shamaeel has always been setting new precedents in the fashion world while bringing ease and comfort together with style. If you want your formal wardrobe to become an emblem of sophistication and supreme style, then the latest pret collection by Shamaeel can be your next fit. Wild colors, sharp cuts, and loose wraps are the three most distinguishing features of this collection. Whether you want to carry fashion in high boots or in retro silhouettes, there is one good option available in this couture to meet your needs. From long ankle length dresses to embroidered shirts and trousers, every possible stitch style is encompassed in this collection. There is a mix of embroideries and prints in each dress, which creates a complete balance.


The bridal wear of every great clothing line always takes center stage. It is that art people usually pay the most to look up to. Shamaeel Ansari has a unique approach towards the bridal wardrobe. While keeping it all very traditional, she discovers new ways to highlight the richness of our ancient heritage. The details of the embroideries and the diversity of the threadwork, dabka, zari, kundan, and pearl work, are the two most inspiring features of her latest bridal collection. When it comes to style, the entire range represents all the variants of lehenga choli, upper with trouser shirts, ankle length frocks, half jackets, and maxi gowns. There are all extremes of hues available in this collection; this diversity of colors helps all the brides to carry the style for all the wedding occasions including Barat, mehndi, reception, engagement. The richly embroidered bridal shawls along the dresses have caught most of the attention after the launch of this collection.

From the Ramp:

Shamaeel always produced the head-turning designs at the fashion weeks. Each dress and design speaks its own uniqueness and style. Every masterpiece is created with great effort and give pure artistic vibes.

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Khaadi Lawn Chiffon Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2019

Khaadi Lawn Chiffon Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020 (3)

khaadi-lawn-prints-logoEid is just coming soon; few weeks are left. Shopping is on its way; People are chasing and finding their required designs all over the markets and malls. Today we will share the Latest Khaadi Lawn Chiffon Eid Dresses Collection 2019. Many designers are busy in launching their arrivals; some have introduced while some are left. Khaadi, on of Pakistan’s bright name in fashion brand had also unveiled their collection a few days ago. “Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection” is just recently launched after the great success of volume 1 and 2 of summer lawn. Talking about the brand, Khaadi is started in the year of 1998 in Karachi dealing with high-quality fabrics and producing valuable designs. In the start, it deals with an only un-stitched variety of ladies clothes and fabrics but later on started bringing out ready to wear dresses. We are sharing the limited edition festive range. That includes the suits ranging from 4,900 to 12,000 pkr. I hope you will love viewing these marvelous attires. Khaadi specifies its lines as Prêt Ready-to-Wear, Unstitched Lawn Fabrics, Casual Kurtas, Kids wear dresses and men eastern dresses including kurtas and shalwar kameez. Other than clothing it offers women accessories such as jewelry, stoles, shoes, and handbags. This brand is now also engaging with home lifestyles offering furniture, bedding, kitchen products, and bath items.


Khaadi produces it’s seasonal as well as occasional collections including summer, spring, winter/ fall, lawn, pret, party wear, casual and formal wears. Khaadi kurtas are very popular among young girls because of their spectacular creations. Their three-piece suits are also very popular among working women in Asia. Talking about the “eid collection,” it consists of a variety of formal event wear dresses. Shirts are decorated with floral embroideries and patches at a bottom. The necklines are adorned with sleek embroidery works. The embroidered plus printed chiffon, silk, net dupattas add more grace to the dresses.

Khaadi Lawn Chiffon Eid Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020

Un-stitched three-piece suits include a piece of the shirt with dyed shalwar and chiffon. The fabrics consist of pure lawn, jacquard patches, and cotton. The meaning of Khaadi is “hand-woven”, has remained genuine to its title and proceeds to create a combination of designs to supplement both the eastern and western cultures. This assortment has amazingly embellished dupattas with perfect adorned shirts.  The color combination is just mindblowing. You will fall in love with each and every design. Look at this carrot red outfit having multi-colored embroidery and a gotta embellished dupatta. It is just perfect for this festive season.

Luxurious Chiffon:

Welcome the festive season with the Limited Edition Unstitched Luxury Collection. Sparked from heritage and finished with a touch of modern accents offering a variety of embroidered fabrics. It has been launched in stores and online.

This magenta pink dress with delicate details looks the best for the festival season.


Look at this amazing design. The black number having multi-toned embroideries. The stitching style in the picture is soundest. You can make a front open jacket style shirt having inner. Adding some delicate frills around the borders.

This fresh lavender pastel toned outfit seems very interesting. Peach and light purple combination having a subtle embroidery looks very fine. Pair it with vintage jewelry to make a style statement.


This beige white dress having floral printed chiffon dupatta is one of the best designs of Khaadi Eid Collection.

Classic Lawn:


The pretty yellow satin shirt paired with a tissue silk dupatta dyed inner and cotton satin shalwar looks so regal. It comes up with a decorative organza patch to make it fancier.


This fresh colors and pastels are competent in this embroidered classic lawn collection. Its price range is 4,900 pkr.

Net Jacquard:


Wow, such delightful dresses are included in this series influenced by the banarasi and kanjivarn. It is perfect for young girls who love to celebrate the joy of Eid. It has a fancy cotton net jacquard shirts with embellished dupattas, cotton satin trouser and dyed inner.


As white never gets old. It is regarded as the traditional color for festivals. Plus it looks so decent and trendy. Look at these two amazing designs by Khaadi Eid Collection. Printed embroidered shirts paired with a chiffon dupattas. They are for 7,900 pkr each.


All eyes on this incredibly beautiful pink outfit. You can make an angrakha frock out of it. It comes up with a beautiful embroidered lace. Match it with a khussa and jhumka ballis.


Sophisticated Schiffli:


Overall we can say that this luxury assortment is full of festive colors and traditional embellishments. It has zari, Mughal motifs, resham, gotta and sequins finished. All the fabrics used are of very high quality and super comfy. Straight from our traditions, we can see the true spirit of culture and style in these dresses. It describes the pure heritage of sub-continent. Just fell in love with this lavender and white outfit. It has classic sleek embroidery on the shirt and trouser bottom. Pair with a Kundan necklace and jewelry. Or just go with the earrings.



This design reflects the soft feminine sensibility. Soft florals are meeting the geometric patterns to give a legendary yet elegant look. Celebrate the pleasure of celebrations with this wondrous dresses collection.

Handwoven Suits:


Khaadi never gets compromised on its quality and maintained the reliability as premium clothing exporter in all over the world includingIndia, Bangladesh, Arab Emirates, London, America and many other countries. The handwoven three-piece lawn suits are the main part of Khaadi Lawn Chiffon Eid Dresses collection. That means long and medium length trendy shirts paired with trousers pants along with silk/ chiffon dupattas. You can buy these suits online or visit the nearest outlet. Make your events more fashionable by wearing Khaadi. Have a look at the Khaadi Lawn Chiffon Eid Dresses below and get inspired by the latest designs. Keep following us for more fashion stuff.


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Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Hey, Ladies! today I am here with another enchanting lawn assortment of the season. The name itself needs no introduction. Asim Jofa, a shining star of our Pakistani fashion industry is one of those big names who has earned huge fame in a very short period. The brand was introduced in 2009 & shined like a diamond, as a diamond is shining, attractive and enhances the beauty of the person wearing it. So wearing Asim Jofa will definitely show your status symbol and elegance. Since then, it’s collections has got a huge response from the customers. Not only nationally but also at international level. Today we will discuss the latest Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2019. Asim Jofa Lawn Collection is now released and has made the biggest splash all around.

Asim Jofa Lawn is a very reliable and sincere product line that is why it is highly appreciated by the women. Asim Jofa is famous for its unique luxury patterns and embroideries that looks very interesting to wear. Rejoice your summer spirit with this dazzling combo of monochromatic color tones and tastefully done digital printing. Pair it with cool accessories to get your look on point.

If royal is the look you are aiming for then you have reached the right place. The beautiful adorned and printed masterpieces with all the warm rustic hues and elaborate embroidery are just the perfect thing for you. Baroque inspired luxurious prints are also part of this assortment. They are accentuated by delicate embroidery oozing elegance.

Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

The luxury lawn summer dresses collection is a combination of fresh colors like white, peach, black, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow, etc. and strong effect of lawn prints that impress every fashion lover. Three piece suits are available with shirt, trousers and chiffon dupatta.  Asim Jofa latest lawn collection 2019 is full of charismatic touch.  Show your true elegant side with these ensembles of regal colors and remarkable prints that easily evokes the royal era. The shirts have embroidered neckline and border that hits the final nail into the grandiose. Self-indulgence is great especially when it comes in the form of this ensemble rich in ethnic colors and intricate embroidery.

The embellishments with the bold anchor embroidery with Aari Tanka and sequin in harmonious tones make the suits more summery and elegant to wear. A technique which has been given an entirely different perspective to the viewer. Boring technique on architectural elements along with fuchsia floral foliage running over blueberry blue base enhanced with Pani Sitara creates a surreal delicacy which adds exclusivity to this design. Printed pants with complimenting printed border and two-shade embroidered chiffon dupatta add refinement to the suits.

inspired by contemporary pattern and vintage design narrating bold color anchor thread embroidery and Aari embroidery on pastel colors for those who love fashion at its utmost level. Making a very strong statement for looking fashionable every day.

The creamy off-white sets the ground for this design inspired by baroque elements and floral hints complemented by delicate tracery in thread adorned with pearls and transparent sequins and two-tone dyed knitted dupatta this ensemble will surely have you entranced by its tranquil beauty.

Ravishing white, a must have designed to your closet, Chic fabric with the opalescent white on white engraved boring technique to combine and create the smoldering style statement for your 2019 summer. Paired with white self-printed pants and all over patterned chiffon dupatta.

Cool mint green color exudes elegance with this chevron embroidery on the net with thread and zari combined with anchor embroidery add-ons and embroidered dupatta. This design will surely make you stand out.


Comprising of traditional embroideries and floral patterns. While touching the high ends of modernity. These dresses are available in all outlets of Asim Jofa in Pakistan as well as it is available online for national and international customers. Have a look at these incredible luxury lawn designs and get inspired. shop your favourite pieces before the stock runs out.

Mostly Designs include:

  • Shirt front
  • Shirt back
  • Sleeves
  • 2.5-meter dupatta
  • 2-meter trouser
  • meter embroidery borders
  •  embroidered neckline/ embroidered bunches for trouser

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Maria B Lawn Collection 2019 Best Pakistani Designer Summer Dresses

Maria B Lawn Collection 2019 Best Pakistani Designer Summer Dresses

Maria.B is the brand name that achieved the hall of fame through its great quality designs and tons of variety in female clothing lines. It has gained popularity equally among many classes of our society. Girl and women of all ages pursue their amazingly distinctive apparels. These apparels do not carry novelty regarding its designs, but it also carries exclusive adornments which keep these attires extremely appealing and glitzy. It has its unique way of the fusing trend with the style especially when it comes to traditional apparels. Maria.B has lifted the standards of trendy outfit for an age of girls. Today we will share the exciting range of best Pakistani designer summer dresses Maria b lawn collection 2019

Summer has just begun its journey, a lot of women seem to be wondering about the latest summer styles and clothing designs. Well! With the latest Maria.B summer collection 2019, all your worries will be gone. Here you can find yourself the range of dresses available in a pure lawn, mixed lawn, and cotton. One of the most prominent features of all the Maria.B collections is it has that formal and glitzy touch which you can carry anywhere special. It creates a balance with the delicate and elegant embellishments packaged with amalgamations of soft and dull hues.

This Maria b lawn dresses collection also seems to be having the epic collection of lawn chiffon and net dresses. The apparels are specifically designed for all sorts of formal occasions; these define the embroidery work in the thread, tilla, and decent applique work. Embroidery is also done on tissue patches that give a superb look. Such dresses carry more distinct and bold hues with amazing sets of contrast. Embellishment around the neckline and use of motifs over the shirts look fascinating.

Maria B Lawn Collection 2019-2020 Best Pakistani Designer Summer Dresses

Medium length shirts with trousers and printed dupattas create a novelty in these attires. Particularly for summers, the fabrics need to be comfy to wear and soft to feel, Maria.B has also met such needs by the quality of the fabrics used. The summer lawn collection carries printed dresses and shirts which serve both for formal and casual occasions. Few carry refreshing floral prints with twigs and swirls used around the motifs. The prints are highlighted through the use of light thread work embroidery.

Digital prints and block prints also represent the sheer beauty and aesthetic appeal. Use of fresh colours makes this collection more appealing for summers, like crimson orange, lime yellow, pastel pink, move, white, peach, beige, salmon pink and crystal blue. They are used to set a delightful contrast in each of its apparels. You won’t be missing out anything if you opt for either of these dresses.

Such great quality inconveniently reasonable prices are hard to believe, but Maria.B has made it possible. Despite its great fame of name in the fashion circles of Pakistan, Maria.B has brought down the prices to the level of its customers. A particular class with the taste in Fashion always has Maria.B in their latest list of wardrobes. So if you want to grab something new and unique for this summer, then your wait is over! Visit the online Maria.B boutique or the nearest outlet to check and try their creatively designed outfits.

This pastel pink suit from this assortment is just amazing. The chicken Kari embroidery on the shirt paired with an embroidered net dupatta. It comes up with white cambric trouser.


Bold colors are also introduced in these collections for the people who love bright shades. The bottom lace patches are added and embroidered lace necklines. They are paired with printed silk and lawn dupattas. Maria b always shows simplicity and elegance in her designs. As it is clearly seen in this assortment.



Light teal blue, peachy pink, lavender, violet, light blue, off-white are the light shades that are present. Jacquard shirts, Chicken Kari embroidered shirts are the amazing part of this series. The beautiful young Actress and model Noor Khan is the new face of this Maria B summer lawn collection 2019. I hope you will fall in love with their designs.


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M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2019

M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2019

The most awaited and affordable designer dresses collection by the most famous clothing line of Pakistan, none other than Maria.B is out now in stores. It has made its name through its unique designing and exclusive style of fashion apparels for women and maintained its standard of quality over the years. Like every year, 2018’s latest luxury collection is exquisite with all the great hues and embroideries that will surely blow the minds of all the fashionista. Maria.B has blended the splendid mixture of colors with the amazing work of embroidery to fire up the latest deal of fashion and glamour. Here we are sharing the M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2019

The model seen donned into this exclusive collection. Each dress is seemed to be adorned with nice and soft shades like the faun, beige, metallic silver, graphite, brown, black, blue and many others as the name tells it. Creative with the dozens of fine thread work, these dresses are the emblem of beauty. From simple embroidered shirts with pencil trousers to the double front shirts, all are here to stun your gaze.

M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2019

Varied in designs, M. Prints collection also available in bold black and maroon shades. The series of white dresses are pure grace and beauty, adorned with pretty floral embroideries, sequins and thread work. While the embroidery on shirt seems to be complementing the chiffon and silk dupatta. This collection is specially designed for upcoming winter and spring seasons. These dresses are embraced with beautiful laces in net and with cutworks at the borders.

The M Prints Maria B Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection 2019 in shades of brown with embroideries in gold, purple and blue. All the dresses have net dupattas with embroideries around the borders, which give the dresses an extra edge to carry them on any formal event either dinner or family party. Soft as the colors the clothes are designed with easy to wear and comfy fabrics that are a delight to every woman.

The prices are so reasonable than the usual as compare to other designer collections. The assortment really meets to the standards of quality and distinctive designs. As the brand is the most popular fashion label in Pakistan, so the prints and fabric speaks for their good and excellent quality. Available from the outlets of Maria. B, these fashion apparels are going to steal the focus on every event and every walk. These outfits are perfect to wear in this hot sizzling summer season.

If you have a rising urge to try some unique prints, then Maria.B M. Prints dresses collection is one that you should be looking for, in the stores. The standard of quality, hues, embroidery and use of fabrics definitely will not disappoint you.

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Gul Ahmed Summer Embroidered Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Gul Ahmed Summer Embroidered Lawn Dresses Collection 2019-2020

This summer, no scorching heat will harm the glare of your outlook. You can still look ravishing and refreshing as ever with the delightful, charming and lovely hues by Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed is one of the most reliable and famous clothing in Pakistan that promises to provide you not only great quality fabrics but also amazing deals of apparels with funky designs. For years, Gul Ahmed has been proudly launching its various collection of best quality lawn, linens, cotton, chiffon, silk and khadi fabric. Stitched and Unstitched Fabrics, both speak of their best quality through their latest of the designs. Today we will discuss the latest summer embroidered lawn dresses trends.

“Best Original Lawn” is one of the slogans of this clothing brand and Gul Ahmed proved the fact. This year get ready for the ultimate summer treat. Yes, ladies! The latest Gul Ahmed Summer Embroidered Lawn Dresses Collection 2019 has been released. And soon its apparels will become the part of every other wardrobe. Contrasting hues of fabrics with amazing prints and motifs are all there to stun your sight. These ravishing designs are available in all the soft and bold colors including red, crimson, black, blue, green, grey, white and various other tempting shades. Alluring prints and motifs will make these dresses complement your cool summer outlook.

Gul Ahmed Latest Summer Embroidered Lawn Dresses Collection 2019-2020

Embroidered Chiffon Lawn:

Volume 01 and Volume 02 of the summer catalog is launched on the 27th of this month. Available from all the outlets and online stores. The range of white dresses is absolutely stunning with multi-hued chiffon dupattas. This range is available in both the plain white and self-printed white. The catalog carries each apparel stitched into wonderful designs. You can design them into capes or in shirts with pencil trousers. Other than white, another range of color is red contrasted with peach, orange, yellow and rust. Red with the beige colored motifs printed on the back and front of the shirt looks perfect. While printed chiffon dupattas with plain lawn are the charm of this range.

Chantilly de Lace Collection:

The lawn various from 100% pure to the lawn mixed with cotton which is more appropriate for the early summers whereas the pure lawn is more suitable for the midsummers. Bold and funky chic designs are also available in this range. It has bold prints in black, blue and greens will steal your sight. Beauty with elegance has become the ritual to follow by Gul Ahmed. Their latest series of dresses also reminds you of the same.

Premium Embroidered Silk Designs:

Silk always feel luxurious and comfy. Gul Ahmed has launched a special collection of silk lawn dresses containing digital printed and embroidered silk suits.

Premium Embroidered Jacquard Suits:

Jacquard fabric is always loved by the ladies. It looks so delicate and perfect for summers. Check out this exciting series of jacquard suits. This assortment contains tissue silk dupattas along with embroidered jacquards shirts. Some designs also contain polyester laces.

Fancy Swiss Voile  Lawn Dresses:

This series contains fancy embroidered swiss voile shirts with delicate embroideries and adornments. Mostly light pastel or bold colors are seen there.

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Warda Latest Summer Dresses Printed & Embroidered Collection 2019


The most anticipated fashion feast is out now in stores. Accentuating prints with tempting and refreshing colors are going to be the trademark of this collection. Yes, ladies! We are talking about the most eminent clothing line of Pakistan, Warda Latest Summer Dresses Collection 2019 has been launched. Warda has been in the clothing trade for over many years; still, it remained in the front line of the other competing clothing labels. It is said that it does not create, but it innovates unique designs and prints for its customers. Girls and women of different ages opt for Warda for their comfy fabrics packaged with amusing prints.


Warda has provided its services not only in big cities of Pakistan but also in other remote cities like Sargodha, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, and Multan, etc. All of its outlets provide the latest of the designs of its collection. The latest spring summer collection is out now everywhere and published its catalogs, both volume 1 and volume 2. So get ready to indulge into the swirls of dazzling colors as we are about to give a detailed insight of the latest Warda spring summer lawn collection. This year, you’ll be getting more than just a few options to adorn yourself with quality fabrics.

The WARDA collection mainly carries three pieces lawn suites, single shirt lawn, chiffon lawn with digital prints, chiffon embroidery, single prints, single shirt-craft lawn and single shirt lawn weave. Each of these varied series has variation regarding their designs, prints, colors and combinations furthermore. Exciting as it sounds, the price range of each of these series is extremely affordable for all and lies in the normal range of average earning women. It makes it must try this year. Sharp digital prints with floral embroideries or applique work seem to be attracting every gaze and every sight.

Warda Latest Summer Dresses Printed & Embroidered Collection 2019-2020

Red with white, green with rust, brown with cream, blue with white, etc. are major fusions and contrasts that are set in this collection. Floral motifs in thread work over the front of the shirts and digital prints over the border of the shirts and sleeves look gorgeously amazing. Smooth and funky appears on these apparels with the coherence of digital prints with the floral embroidery. Light pastel shades are the charms of this collection. In the blazing heat of summer, soft light shades indeed give you a cool relief to carry with you around everywhere.


What you need to do is to go through its catalogs, select the best of each print matching with a choice of your favorite colors and you can even select a design you like, and then you can spread the magic of Warda added to your spring summer wardrobe. For three-piece suits, the price range starts from 25,00 pkr approximately whereas the price of single shirt pieces ranges starts from 750 pkr approximately. So it Warda does not only claims to provide good quality with good price, but it has proved the fact. Don’t forget to experience this fantastic summer delight this year with the Warda Latest Summer Dresses Printed & Embroidered Collection 2019.