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Women Dresses

Khas Luxury Eid Lawn Suits Designs Collection 2019

Khas Luxury Eid Lawn Suits Designs Collection 2019-2020

Gear your shopping spirits up! As the season of biggest festivities of the year is right ahead of us. Putting an end to all your anticipations for finest Eid collections, we bring you the best wardrobes for the season. As promised, this year Khas has launched its prettiest Eid collection with the full display of colors and captivating prints and embroideries. This year, Khas has all the special charms to add to your formal wardrobe. Nice and comfy embroidered shirts with matching trousers and printed chiffon dupattas in the loveliest colors are coming your way. Let’s look at the amazing masterpieces from the Khas latest Eid collection 2019.

Khas Luxury Eid Lawn Suits Designs Collection 2019

This series consists of beautiful fancy lawn dresses with floral prints and embroideries designed with artistic prints.

Ivory Glints

This dress comes with the softest hues fused together into one great musing. The shirt is all lawn from the front and back. It is not embroidered but comes with extra patches of embroideries. That combination is made fascinating with a pale pink printed chiffon dupatta and dyed trouser.

Floral Quartz

This masterpiece will take you to the breezy flower fields with its loveliest of the floral prints covering the base of the shirt. The khas shirt piece is printed and embroidered different for the back and front. Sleeves complement the border prints of the shirt, and there is an additional embroidered lace for the dress.

Noir troop

Let’s delve deeper into the beauty of dark black with this piece from the Khas Eid collection. It is not an all-black dress; rather the base color is covered with large and prominent embroideries and prints in white, greys and lavender. Dupatta in Bamber is printed well to complement the overall theme of the dress. Trouser is, however, all black to balance out prominent embroideries.

Cool Victoria

Soft and delicate, those two words go perfectly with this prettiest mellow pink dress. The whole contrast that extends from the shirt, and through the entire dupatta makes this dress more appealing to the eye.  There are no such heavy embroideries, just a patch to adorn the neckline.

Lush Foliage

This amazing apparel puts the teal color into a full display with the contrasting shades of grey and lighter shades of green. The front is beautifully adorned both with the patches of embroidered and the printed base. The lightly bordered dupatta in dark teal is creating a striking contrast with the softly hued trouser and shirt.


Those of you who love to carry dresses with lacework will find this piece quite fascinating. It has embroidered lace, which can perfectly go around the neck or at the borders. The shirt is printed with floral prints and vertically extended lines. The chiffon dupatta is heavily printed to balance out this simple dress.

Lime Glam

Any shades of lime color create a soothing effect on the eyes, especially in summers. That is why Khas too has incorporated these shades to this epic lime glaze dress. Its traditional embroideries in block style are giving quite a regal outlook to the shirt. The chiffon dupatta is printed with the brightest hues of blues.

Dream state

White lovers will certainly fall for this one. This dress has an amazing twist of floral prints in ranging dark and light blues. Such brilliance of colors is balanced out with a white plain trouser. Its chiffon dupatta is adorned with mixed patterns in blues and brown.

Sandy Wisp

As the name tells that, the dress is the epic display of the sandy brown, crafted with nice embroideries and floral sleeves prints. The pretty Bamber dupatta is also designed with a series of intricate patterns in a range of brown. Pair it with white trousers to complement its sufi’istic outlook.

Wild Tropical

The whole print of the dress from the shirt to the broad long dupatta everything takes you to the tropical palm islands and beaches which beautifully scenery and landscape. Rare are such dresses which to beautifully hold such richness in both color and print.


Vista lets you enjoy the best shades of ivory with contrasting reds and beige. The entire front is embroidered with shiny threat work, whereas the back and the sleeves are print. Its printed dupatta can appeal the most to the eyes. Print back richly covers the base while complementing the color scheme used in its dupatta.

Framed flora

I find the framed flora one of the finest picks from this collection. It is due to the refreshing amalgamation of yellows with green, and it makes the dress more attractive. The printed base layer is paired with an embroidered neckline in ivory.


Another amazing pick from this collection also needs a special mention here. With its orangish red base color and regal embroideries, this dress is best to carry to all sorts of Eid celebrations. Besides the basic embroidered front, the shirt is also coming with an embroidered border.

Khas Eid Lawn Collection 2019

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Pakistani Designer Shamaeel Ansari Eid Dresses Collection 2019

Pakistani Designer Shamaeel Ansari Eid Dresses Collection 2019-2020 (1)

This Eid Shamaeel Ansari is set to bring the fun and dazzling Andalusian vibe down to your personal wardrobes with its latest Shamaeel Luxury Eid collection 2019. Shamaeel is a clothing label which has set ever-rising standards in the world of pret series. Each season the brand never fails to amaze its customers. Now Shamaeel is making a new buzz in the fashion circles with its ultra-elegant and super amazing Eid series which was launched back in April. Today, all the lovely dresses in their pretties’ forms are available exclusively on all the Shamaeel Ansari’s outlets. This collection is going to surprise all such women who adore the quality with style and comfort. The custom designed fabric is full of softness and much-needed lightness, which is essential for all summer wears.

Pakistani Designer Shamaeel Ansari Eid Dresses Collection 2019

Garden of Paradise- Andalusian Vibe

Carrying the signature style of Shamaeel Ansari, this series too is full of life and depth. The mere use of contrasting colors and range of different shades can take to a different realm of beauty. The concept behind this collection is to highlight the relics of the past and the fascinating beauty of nature through the printed canvas of the fabrics. Each piece carries a combination of prints and embroideries, which includes architectural designs, floral prints, and symmetrical patterns.

The Andalusian theme is so vibrant and prominent in this series that a single look can take your heart to the streets of Andalusia. We know that anticipations have already risen to the point of no return, so why not take a sneak peek into the latest Shamaeel Ansari Eid collection 2019, and check all its signature designs with refreshing prints and amazing embroideries. Here are some of the best picks from the assortment:

Embrace the Black: 1,2

This black apparel is all about novelty at its best. The long symmetrically printed sleeves are serving an excellent contrast with the plain black shirt and the trouser. The rosy embroideries and the embedded designs in black are making this dress elegant yet fancy enough to carry around to all the formal settings. The printed sleeves are nicely infused into the shirt, such that looks like a part of the one-sleeved jacket. What is making this shirt even more tempting is the side infused pockets, they are making this dress real chic and cool.

Mesmerizing Layers: (3)

This piece is all about ancient Spanish architecture, which is paired with prominent floral patterns and layers of contrasting shades. The use of mild sky blues with dark black and fading white in the sleeves is a rare combination to find, but luckily it is all adding up to create a fine piece of apparel which can be worn with any black bottom of your choice.

Moon Grace (4)

The mildest pink and white are paired together in this Shamaeel Ansari’s exclusive Eid apparel. The soft chiffon shirt is designed with the 3D floral embroideries. With no apparent contrast, the use of similar shades of colors in the shirt is creating a unique display.

Ombre in Pink: (5)

This traditional piece in ombre will melt your heart away with its softest diffusion on pink. It’s not just the color that takes your breath away, but each part of the embossed 3D embroideries, the prominent flowers, and all the pearl work also bind you by its sight. It is best to pair it with all white accessories and bottoms to keep up the elegant theme.

The Galleria:

Here come all remaining pieces from this super inspiring summer Eid series. Go grab your favorite one now! 

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Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Luxury Collection 2019

Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Luxury Collection 2019-2020

The festive season has approximately arrived where we need more new clothes suitable for occasional as well as party wears where it comes to the name of silk cloth in our minds to fulfill this demand. That is why designers are so busy in putting the best and unique of their efforts for more fashionable silk clothes. Without any formalities I will prefer to put the name of Sana Safinaz clothing, a big name after Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Munir who are Pakistan’s leading extravagance fashion designers & are one of the most illustrious names of the fashion industry. The brand is totally devoted to women fashion as it’s also controlled by women. Sana Safinaz is a brand with big customer demand that is the reason its hundreds of stores are running in Pakistan, UAE, America, Canada, India, London & Saudi Arabia. Today we will share the recently launched Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2019.

Previously the brand has provided us with amazing summer collections, now it has launched its Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2019 for women and girls. The best use of fabric is made with unique prints of silk and chiffon. Unstitched silk chiffon fabric is available in this collection which includes casual, formal, semi-formal and functional silk wears. As young girls and women want themselves to wear something rare and distinctive so it’s a big chance for them to decorate their wardrobes with this Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Luxury Collection 2019-20. Like every collection ever launched by Sana Safinaz, this collection also comprises of unique and inspiring designs. It is easily wearable by women of all ages. Both long and short shirts can be made with the amazing contrast of trousers where its the matter of choice if one chooses elegant pajamas, tights, shalwars with printed chiffon dupattas. The brand has offered both heavy and light embroidered dresses of silk for modern girls. One can have the simple perfect casual wears for family functions etc where on the other hand best fancy clothes are available for party wears.

Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Luxury Collection 2019-2020

The variety of prints are available with the color combinations of bright and light colors such as white, yellow, red, black, blue, purple, skin, etc which are made more attractive after the use of refined fabric for their making. Mostly use of dark colors is seen in this collection as dark colors are more suitable for this season.

The allure of luxury lies in its details – the carefully selected elements that seem to mysteriously combine to form an effortless whole. Comprising of exuberant floral embroidery rendered on rich fabrics with sparkling gold foil prints and intriguing embellishments. This luxury assortment all need for a formal function or a festive season.

It creates an eye-catching effect on them due to the unique designing patterns. So I will suggest fashion lovers to not miss the chance to get this amazing collection which is launched at very reasonable prices. The attires which make your personality more attractive, trendy and stylish. Come on we have made easy for you to choose best of designs from this collection by presenting you the top ones here. This alluring and fancy silk suits assortment is perfect for your formal wardrobes. Have a look at the image gallery posted below and get inspired.

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Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection 2019- Luxury Prints & Designs

Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection 2019- Luxury Prints & Designs

Sapphire Pakistan LogoThis Eid, let’s be dazzled with appealing new lawn prints and cruise in style with Sapphire’s latest Eid lawn collection. It’s almost midyear and fashion is oozing out from every corner of the country, since there is just one month to go, to celebrate the most auspicious event of the year, women are heading to markets to get the best of designer wears for the day. As promising as always, Sapphire has brought an extremely diverse range of lawn collection, encompassing almost every possible colour, print, design, cuts and patterns. This clothing line has made its name not only from the sheer quality of its dresses but also through its distinctive infusion of creativity. Sapphire’s majestic piece of fabrics will take you to the mystical land of pacifying summer breeze. Here we will share the Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection with you guys. Let’s proceed.

Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection 2019- Luxury Prints & Designs

If you are still eyeing up for perfect Eid wear then Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection has all the right options for you at highly reasonable rates. Sounds unbelievable? Witness it all by yourself! Have a look on the Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection 2019.


A boosting luxurious treat of hues blended with decent imprints in white and black is making this series of dresses stunningly captivating. It’s light and funky and looks great when paired with monochromatic bottoms.


A healthy merger of flora with block prints is the real deal of Sapphire’s Botanic series of Lawn suits. These dresses have a bold combination of blacks with blues and other soft shades. The prints will lead you to the wild with the range of botanic patterns tied together.


High on its mesmerising soft shades, an ethnic vibe is an excellent option for women of all ages. It will cool off warming summer blazes with pasty pink and phenomenal green. These iconic printed/ embriodered shirts and dupattas are paired with bell bottoms.


Blooming flowers everywhere, the ravishing bloom is an exciting collection presenting floral patterns in a unique mix. Bold black with enriching blues and enticing yellow, these are the combination that will make you skip a beat for a while.


Splashes of colors in accentuating patterns of classy flowers are going to move you to the core. Bottoms are bordered with pretty prints. Dupattas in chiffon are also heavily printed with the full dose of flowers.


Want to experience the pleasures of beautiful Russian orchids? Well, let’s have a walk through the enticing series of Sapphire’s lawn collection. These dresses have sensual, rich patterns surrounding the shirt giving it a heavy dose of colors like dark green, red, maroon, etc.


Tibetan maze is that one collection which will take you to the beachy islands of Maldives, through its icy blue hues and combination of greens. Lined patterns with pretty urban designs make this collection ravishing.


Chic girly prints are on the move, harmonious in essence the colours of this series dangle along the summer breeze. It has the bordered patterns in urban style. Here too, white is paired with the elegant prints. The dupattas are printed with the dash of colourful patterns complementing the beauty of the shirt.


When white hits the blooming lavenders in pretty shades, this gives a spellcasting series of Florentine bunch by Sapphire. For all the white lovers out there, grab yourself this treat before it’s too. It accommodates all the alluring floral patterns.


Representing the richness of traditional Chinese cultural, this series is an pretty amalgamation design and ancient fancy cuts which can be designed into long trendy sleeves. The Rich background is giving an elegant highlight to the rustic patterns all over it.


The richness of our Mughal heritage is well mixed into the intricate patterns of the Mughal miniature series. The shirts are bordered with motifs of ancient palaces and architecture with a touch of blooming flowers and patterns covering the front and back.


An amalgamation of all the trendy patterns packaged into one is the unique tempting feature of this exciting series of Sapphire’s lawn. It has lots of tones, mixed to create depth and dimension into the prints.


Scenic beauty and pretty landscapes when get encapsulated into a dress, garland glaze is what to get. These dresses also have soft combinations of white with hues but are distinctively patterned with stupendous prints with rich bordered shirts.


A loud mix of bold with beauty is the essence of this beautiful recreation of lawn dresses. It has a blend of black with soothing shades of pink and whites. The sublime vision series has the bordered prints which give a feeling of entering into an enchanted land of beauty.


Layers of trendy and mellow prints are overlapping to provide a mesh of fabulous new design in this one. It is uniquely designed to merge the hooking patterns in vocal hues.

Hope you have loved this Sapphire Latest Eid Lawn Collection. Keep visiting us for more fashion updates.

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Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020

Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020

It’s now the mid of summer season, the incredibly hot weather is now at extreme in Pakistan and most of the countries. The Muslim world is enjoying the blessings of Ramadan Kareem and preparing themselves for the coming Eid festivals. Everyone demands and needs of some comfortable dresses in this sizzling and raunchy climate. As I have previously shared many Summer and Eid Collections by most desired and popular Brands and designers. Ladies are mostly searching for the outclass Lawn arrivals, there wait is now over. Yes Maria B has unveiled her Summer Lawn collection for the coming festivals titled as Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2019.

Maria B is one of the most talented, modern and extremely versatile fashion designers. She always produces wonderful layouts with innovative patterns and styles. She is not only popular in Pakistan but widely famous internationally in India, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UK, UAE, United, and many other such countries. Eastern and Asian ladies well liked her designs, She has an outlet in the United States of America too. She produces worthwhile clothing for women, kids, and young girls. She categorized her products as all the lawn arrivals and collections in Maria B Lawn.

This black printed and embroidered frock is a must-have for the festive season. Pair it up with statement heels or funky khussa to make it look traditional for eid.

The Cotton dresses and stuff are displayed as Maria B Cotton, All the formal and fancy outfits for parties, evening functions, ceremonies are demonstrated as Evening Wear. What all kinda stuff and dresses for kids and children wear is displayed as M Kids, Trendy classy and cool accessories like glasses, bags, jewelry, shoes, purses and other girly items in M girl, and all the wedding wear attires in M Brides. The embroidered dresses are showcased in a Mbroidered collection. Maria b is one of the most preferred brands which is well liked by modern women.

This beautiful maroon reddish pishwas frock with digitally printed silk dupatta looks so graceful. It has embroidered sleeves and a well-embellished neckline with threadwork and crystals. Match a pretty pair of jhumkas with this outfit to rock the eid look.

Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection 2019-2020

The suits have designs that are Mind Blowing; The Latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection consists of very trendy and elegant printed suit with few embroideries, cuts, and crevices.! “Revel in luxury” A scintillating melange of print and embroidery, these outfits perfectly features a perfection of culture and celebration.

This pastel pink lawn chickankari shirt looks so classic. The overall design has got some serious artistic vibes.

Let’s come to some bold shades. Make your Eid colorful by wearing this gorgeous number. Everything on this super design is perfectly created.

Yellow is the new black. Whether it’s mustard yellow, lime or sunflower. Combined with the white it looks so delicate. This outfit is stitched according to latest fashion trends.

The assortment further consists of ready-made fancy chiffon dresses and suits. The coloration patterns are such soothing, the mixture of Light and vivid colors are seen, mesmerizing embroideries will make your festival extra glamorous.

Beautiful embroidered neckline with printed sleeves and borders is a plus to your formal lawn dress which is so luxurious and cool to wear. Here is the latest Maria B Eid Lawn Dresses Designs Collection, check it out and get inspired!

Keep Visiting StylesGap for latest fashion updates.

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Nishat Linen Latest Eid Luxury Suits Collection 2019

Nishat Linen Latest Eid Luxury Suits Collection 2019-2020

One of the most peculiar Brands having great name nationally as well as internationally, Nishat linen is Pakistan’s most popular clothing brand in fashion and textile industry. It is working a few decades ago and got incredibly unbeatable performance among its all brands of Pakistan. It is operating on its different clothing products and services like Nisha, Naqsh, and Naqsh Prince and Princess. Right now I am going to share their latest edition in which you will find the best Eid suits of the season. Nishat Linen eid collection 2019 comprises of perfect Eid three piece luxury suits in trendy designs and patterns. Use of cotton cambric, net, chiffon and silk done with the delicate set of embroideries gives it the ideal combo. Floral prints, digital prints, and embroidered designs are the part of this collection. We are going to feature the Nishat Linen Latest Eid Luxury Suits Collection 2019.

Elegant and classy beige colored suit is paired with a printed eid lawn shirt, embroidered fancy net dupatta. Match it with amazing accessories to rock.

Vibrant and contemporary pink colored three pieces unstitched embroidered eid lawn dress is paired with a digitally printed lawn shirt, embroidered neckline, motifs, digital printed silk chiffon dupatta and dyed trouser.

A lively, Vibrant and contemporary blue leopard colored dress is paired with a printed leid lawn shirt, embroidered neckline, printed blended krinckle chiffon dupatta and cotton bottom.

We have also shared NL pret series as:

NL Pret Colorful Tunics & Kurtis Eid Collection 2019

Nishat Linen Latest Eid Luxury Suits Collection 2019-2020

The comprehensive Nishat Linen Latest Eid Luxury Suits Collection has eventually out, and their full assortment has released now. You can also pick the clothes through their official site, or you may buy it from any physical store nearest to you. Nisha Eid collection comprises of pret series, two and three piece suits that are comfortable and stylish to wear on this Eid event. Nishat linen is the most reasonable and affordable among other brands, their prices of the recent collection start from 32,00 pkr to 6,500 pkr. The dresses posted below are designed beautifully with digital prints and adornments/embroidery work. The stitching style in most trendy and simple which is the updated according to the latest trends nowadays.

Chic and classy off white & beige three piece unstitched lawn dress is paired with a digital printed lawn shirt, patterned front, digital printed silk chiffon dupatta, and pants.

Bold and magnificent black colored three piece unstitched lawn dress is paired with a digital floral printed organza silk dupatta and dyed bottoms.

Elegant and magnificent yellow and white colored three pieces unstitched lawn dress is paired with an embroidery work lawn shirt, embroidered front, Patti, printed net dupatta and dyed cambric trouser.

Elegant and magnificent white colored three piece unstitched lawn dress is paired with a printed lawn shirt, printed viscose net dupatta and dyed cambric trouser. A graceful ensemble from Eid’18 collection by Nishat Linen to flaunt the festive hues.

Bold and classy multi-colored three piece unstitched lawn dress is paired with a contemporary stripe printed lawn shirt, digital printed banarsi silk dupatta and cotton pants.

Vigorous and vintage pink colored three pieces unstitched lawn dress is paired with a printed lawn shirt complemented with an embroidered center panel, printed voil dupatta and dyed cambric trouser. A perfect Pakistani Eid dress wear on festivals.

Energetic and contemporary green colored three piece unstitched lawn dress is paired with a graceful lawn shirt, two embroidered motifs, printed krinckle screen print chiffon dupatta and dyed cambric trouser.

A magnificent contrast colored three piece suit paired with an ethnic design printed lawn shirt, embroidered border, printed voil dupatta and cotton pants.

Bright and light colors are implemented together to produce the best combinations of color for the festive season, as we know summer is going so mostly suit pieces are of light pastel shades. Colors like peach, mint green, sky blue, beige, light orange, ferozi, black, off-white, cream, gray, etc. are used. The two-piece suits are quite charming and reasonable to buy; they have the soothing floral prints and light embroideries.

The luxury three pieces Eid suits are mostly made up of cotton, chiffon net and crinkle fabrics with delicate cross stitch works. They are matched with silk, cambric, and chiffon dupattas. I hope you will love this beautiful series of dresses and can resist yourself to buy.  Check, the image gallery of Nishat Linen Latest Eid Luxury Suits Collection. Keep visiting us for more enchanting Eid embroidered collections!

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Best Eid Women Dresses Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2019

Best Eid Women Dresses Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2019

Eid is ahead, and Maria B is completely in action to give her Mbroidered for the year of 2019. So, get ready to delve into the luxury fabrics amazingly adorned with Swarovski elements and Maria B Embroidered collection both because your favorite designer has officially become the partner of Swarovski integrated branding. Recently, the brand launched its Lawn collection, and now it was like Eid package when it gave us it was another wonder of Mbroidered Eid Collection. Moreover, this dreamy assortment has been launched a few days back. The model is your most favorite “Sana Javed”. The series comprising of Mindblowing dresses which are perfect for festivals and coming wedding season. The embroideries on dresses are so delicate and chic that one can’t get over his eyes. Here we are posting the complete updates and collection from the top designer of Pakistan that is Maria B. I hope you will people will find it the best. Today we will share Best Eid Women Dresses Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2019-2020.

Best Eid Women Dresses Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2019-2020

The recently launched Best Eid Women Dresses Maria B Collection is an inspiration of patterns and motifs of centuries-old civilizations that provide a timeless element to designs. The high-quality fabrics, beautiful prints, and elegant thread embroideries are the components of these dresses available in the variety of dark and light colors of grey, brown, white, pink, peach, etc. While the Embroidered Eid Dress series is huge and most awaited one as every girl is trying hard to find dresses embedded in beads, diaconates, stone works and embroidery decorations. It consists of eight luxurious designs. Each one is full of elegance and style.

Maria B’s Mbroidered collection is compatible with creativity, setting new symbols of luxury and opulence on a global scale. In keeping with this royal tradition, it brings you the coveted MBROIDERED Unstitched chiffon Eid Collection ‘18 embellished with crystal droplets and Swarovski buttons. From deeply traditional ghararas and embroideries. Celebrating our rich culture with an exotic color palette to contemporary vintage sparkled designs.

Maria B Mbroidered dress series is launched now, rush to your nearest store before the collection gets out of stock. The beautiful suits contain sleek embroideries at necklines, borders, and handcuffs. Pastel colors like peach, beige, sea green, off-white, light pink, sky blue, etc. this time Maria B has presented a saree style and lehenga choli with a perfect blend of adornments and colours. Saree is a just superb, selling like hot cakes and becoming a “dream to get” of every Pakistani women nowadays. You can also make lehenga choli, ghararas, shararas as per your choice. Hope you haved loved this amazing assortment. Keep following us for more.

This dress has such a nice color combo, tortoise green and pink. The shirt has all over sequins embroidery and beautifully embellished neckline and sleeves. Paired with grip undershirt and jacquard pants.

This sky blue pastel colored dress is full of elegance and grace. Really loved this design. It comes up with embroidered organza front and sleeves. The neckline is embellished with fancy pearls. It has Chiffon adorned dupatta with 4 sided border.

The powder beige dress has Diamante embroidered chiffon front with pearls. printed silk dupatta and net patches with pearls. This is such a decent design worn on festivals and occasions.

The royal magenta and blue combination is full of grace and charm. The chiffon shirt has embroidered velevt neckline and patches. It has zari jacquard dupatta with side borders. Also comes with grip undershirt, Jacquard trouser and stone hanging balls.

Sapphire Blue and burn brown saree is full of rich color and style. It is diamante embroidered with Embroidered velvet 4 sided lace. Accessories include velvet and organza patches with Swarovski buttons.

The full embroidered Moonlight shirt looks so good with Sea Green net dupatta having a fancy border. Paired with a fresh pink color Jacquard pants. It is best to wear at festivals, weddings, and parties.

For those who love light colors in this hot weather. Here comes the design, the pearl white chiffon suit. It is beautifully embroidered and comes up with Swarovski buttons.

Light Powder pink has Diamante embellished front, embroidered back and sleeves. It has beautifully adorned neckline with fancy embroideries and accessories.

The embroideries, cuts, embellishments are just beyond the words. Plus the color contrast lead us to highly creative. Each piece from this collection is fully prepared to elegance. Jamavars, net, Jacquard, Chiffon, Silk, etc are the fabrics.  You will fell in love with each and every designs. The handmade necklines giving a fancy touch to the simplicity. Have a look at the images below and get to know about the latest designs. Have a look at the below posted Best Eid Women Dresses Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection.

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Top 15 Must Follow Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2019

Top 15 Must Follow Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2018-2019

The time of the year when the air gets filled with rejoicing and colours is just ahead of us. The most exuberant of all styles and trends will be on full display with the classic traditional overlay. You heard us right, Eid-ul-Fitr, is right around the corner as the month of Ramadan is quickly passing by. And as we entering the later weeks of the months, the tensions are turning high with regard to the appropriate style and trend to choose for the day. If you choose for the dress, then the matching footwear becomes a problem to decide for. Even if you choose both by yourself then the suitable jewelry gives you a new amount of confusion. Above all, if you even choose all with great efforts, the relevance of style becomes more challenging than ever. And that not new to few of us, it is the story of every men, woman and young kids. When it comes to Eid, we all want the special kind of outlook to garner all the praises for the day. So how about discussing all the ongoing trends to make your Eid even more special. From dresses to the styling of jewelry, accessories, bags, shoes, bottoms, and footwear. Everything fashion related is about to be explored according to the recent catalogues and collections. Some of the styles you might be surprised to see as becoming the part of your wardrobe. Here we are sharing the Top 15 Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends.

Top 15 Must-Follow Latest & Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2019

Eid is so full of wonder, it has its way of connecting people and spreading the joys of it. For such blissful day, the preparations should also be up to the mark, touching the highest bar of ethnic styling. For all the three days of Eid, the fashion we look for is traditional and purely ethnic in nature. Touching and reaching out to our roots, seems more desirable. Whether men, women or children, the classic style of shalwar kameez or other variants of the style are carried in every other home in Pakistan. And there are volumes of other styles that we all love to the core. So before we all hit the stores and markets for the ultimate Eid shopping, it important to explore all the possibilities and ideas of the latest Eid trends and styles. After having much of the fashion insight anyone can choose the best out of best, suitable to the occasion. So let’s have a quick view of the Top 12 Must-Follow Best Eid Dressing & Styling Trends 2019, which will make you skip your heartbeat for a while and each one of them is worth a try.

  1. White off White Dresses:

The infamous white fashion is so on trend these days and the right kind of option to deal with the scorching summers and the dazzling Eid day. This color not only brings elegance to your dress, but it also calms the sight and feels refreshing to wear. For women white is designed in various styles, from frocks to maxis, to plain shirts and monochromatic white shalwar kameez. The all white dresses are a charm for many, however, if you are not that of a fan then adding hints of colours into its embroideries or in dupatta gives a fantabulous outlook. White dominates every part of the style and resonates perfectly with any theme. So it is a must-have for this Eid.

A classic white shalwar kameez, is what every men in style look for. White kurta’s also come greater demand. The neutrality of white makes it a seemingly interesting choice of men of all ages.  Whether they keep it simple or adorn it with some classic embroideries around the neckline or cuffs, the suit in white looks inspiring. These days, the plain shalwar kameez are often paired with waistcoats in good contrasting shades or with a decent men scarf. Anything you find suitable to pair the sheer simplicity of white, will look great on it. And that is greatest perks of wearing a white, you can carry it with almost any colour of footwear and shades.

  1. Simple and elegant:

Dresses that are simple elegant falls into the category which are lighter in texture and even lighter in embroideries. These dresses however include every piece of shirt and trousers which are crafted in either lawn, or chiffon or in cotton. They mostly range from casual to semi-formal dresses. However for Eid celebration at home or out with relatives and friends, they mostly opt for their amazing appeal and distinctive elegance. Such dresses are designed with decent straight medium length shirts and pencil trousers. The dupattas are printed in multiple hues and shirts are bordered with intricate embroideries. Go ahead and look out for the best one for yourself.

  1. Pastel shades are in town:

From popular and trendy designer wear to the market available pret suits collections, the pastel shades are creating a fine imagery of the fashion world in Pakistan. They swept into the trend and became increasingly popular due to their softness and delicate outlook. Especially, when you consider the weather, these shades seem like the right choice for every style of dress. Pastel shades mostly include variant forms of beige white, mustards, lavender, light blues, soft pinks and etc. The great think about these shades is that you can carry them even with white bottoms.  They go with every jewelry style and looks great with all forms of footwear.

  1. Go for Medium Kurtas, peplums & frocks:

One fashion that has taken the fashion industry by storm is the medium kurtas, peplums and short frocks. Kurtas have long in been in style, that we all know and for all the right reasons. They are decent, trendy and comfy to carry with any bottom type. But the frocks have recently gained much attention due to their exotic outlook. The voluminous short frocks are available in variety of styles, from angarkha frocks to Afghani ones and the ones with separate bodies and the drapes. The beauty of these frocks is that we look great with bell bottoms, straight pants, jeans, trousers and tulips. So if you are considering to wear any of those on this Eid, remember that you’ll be having a lot of choices available.

5. Tassels are Popular:

Tassel trend came as a wave and prevailed due to the quintessential effect they bring to the dresses. Even a simplest of the outfits can be turned into a masterpiece using tassels. The dresses in tassels varies from the ones with borderline tassels to neckline tassels. Mostly the shirts or frocks borders are highlighted using small or long tassels, following a similar or contrasting theme of the dresses. They can even be matched to the dress’ embroideries. Besides tassel dresses you can now even enjoy tassel jewelry with the custom-made tassel earrings and the special necklace. And to excite you more, tassel bags and footwear are also now available in many forms and styles.

  1. Shalwars are back:

That is so right, shalwar has hit the trend again. If you haven’t witnessed it yet then check out our exclusive sneak peek of the latest shalwar trends. The great part is that this time these shalwars are simple and uniquely elegant. They are neither too baggy in style and nor too trimmed and they look great with a variety of tops type, the peplums, the medium shirts, kurtas and frocks. Embroidered shalwars are gaining much popularity and available at every other store. The key is to balance the outlook of the shalwar, lies in the selection of palette and the type of the top. For heavy embroidered tops, always go from light simple and plain shalwars.

  1. Cigarette Pants Vs Boot Pants:

We all know how cigarette pants and boot pants have made us all stunned with their lovely and inspiring outlook. These pants have their way of adding grace to every dress. Whether they are simple, border lined or even laced, these pants are great for all types of dresses. They boot pants however, look good more with peplums or frocks. The cuts and stitches of these pants. Their shape is slightly curved and gives a sharp and bold outlook to the entire dresses. That’s why they are paired more with draping shirts. Cigarette pants are comparatively sleek and straight, thus go with simple shirts and kurtas.

  1. Phenomenal Khussas:

One thing that we all love about the traditional footwear in Pakistan is the khussa. These khussa’s look amazing in every variety and form. When you carry them with any dress they immediately change your entire outlook into an ethnic one. The variety ranges from heavy embroidered ones with beats and pearls to the shinning leather. There are new khussa’s in town, which are comparatively less traditional and can be seen at Mojari’s, they are plain, simple and luscious in outlook. Banarsi khussa are also a great option to add the regal colours to your outlook. They are available in many colours and some are even lightly embroidered around the edges.

9: Aim for light and elegant mehndi:

Now let’s talk about mehndi designs, as Eid is no Eid without mehndi for every other girl. This year goes for something simple and light. The heavy mehndi design days are now over or at least limited to just weddings, this is time to opt more minimalistic and urban style mehndi with lesser filling and more intricacy in the patterns. Elegant bails with floral patterns, finger only designs and delicate Tikiya’s that is all we need to get a good mehndi pattern on your hand. Quality is dominating the quantity this year. So do not go for full hand designs and keep it up to a minimum to give your hands a new treat. Photo Credits: Hennabyshei

  1. Bangles are forever:

Getting bangles for Eid is the century-old tradition among Muslim girls, the news of Eid Chand sighting is the news for all to get a new set of bangles for the special day. And why not, the gleam and glitters of the colourful bangles, mesmerize us all. There was a time when heavy bangle sets with loads of glitters were quite on trend but now the plain and colourful bangles are loved by all. If you like to create variation, prepare a set using two combinations of colours or try a contrasting combo. Adding shiny ivory and silver bracelets to the bangle set also looks appealing and unique. Whichever colour you choose, just keep it to the dress theme and it will balance everything out.

  1. Inspiring hairstyles:

This Eid trying neat and tied will be need of the hour as we all are witnessing a sharp increase in temperature. So what options are available for a charming hairstyle? Well, there are all sorts of braids from messy fishtails, to the side braids, triple braids, French braids, we can try with any outfit. Braids will give a neat and classy outlook without putting much of the efforts. Depending on your dress, you can choose to either keep it messy or simple. In buns, the top knot option is more desirable, whereas messy buns can also go great with most of the dresses. Side buns are great for shalwar kameez and all sorts of ethnic wear. Besides all these options, if anyone still want to carry open hairstyle then keep it a half updo, or front braid style or side bangs.

  1. Jewelry tips:

Like we have discussed all the various trends and focused on the simplicity of those ideas, the same implies on the jewelry. To get some matching jewelry with the dress is no easy task, strolling from shop to shop. We all know the drill and it is hectic. But the perfect jewelry says a volume about our outlook, hence it is important to find the most suitable one possible. This year, the jewelry trends are also quite elegant and delicate. Simple necklaces with pretty and delicate pendants look amazing. To pair the richness of the Eid dress, the earrings need to be prominent and bold. Thus earrings bearing nice metallic work are great to look for. Bracelets should be simple and delicate. Chain bracelets are getting back in fashion. Photo Credits: Natasha Salon

13. Gharara & Sharara Pants:

Ghararas and sharara pants are very much popular for over a year. Pair it with a medium length shirt or frock and rock the eid look.  You can style it with either heels, flats or trendy khussas as per your choice.

14. Bold & Beautiful Colors:

Some people love to wear dark and bold shades. This also looks traditional on festivals. You can use two-tone dupattas, tie and dye shirts and multi-colored shalwars. Shirt