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Dastan of Basit Sipra – Exquisite Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2024

Dastan of Basit Sipra – An ode to Exquisite Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Have you ever seen a haute couture collection that screams “LUXURY”? Well, if you haven’t, you have missed out on a Basit Sipra’s bridal and luxury pret which is the next big thing in fashion, and boy oh boy – you are not ready for this! From magnificent wedding formals that transport you back to the Mughal era to modern silhouettes and Persian embroidery – you can have it all with Basit Sipra. He is a maestro of classics who knows how to blend them well with novel cuts and techniques to make you feel like a modern-day Mughal queen. Let’s endulge into the new array of Exquisite Pakistani Bridal Dresses by Basit Sipra!!

Sipra has launched several collections already where he focuses on keeping the number of articles minimum but intricate and luxe for each collection to create masterpieces of art. Let us check some of his work and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Basit Sipra Wedding Collection 2024-2025

Every bride wants to look regal and unique on her big day as it is your day to shine! Where most brides choose mainstream names that have excellent collections, the drawback is that you see so many brides during the wedding season wearing the same outfits and that is where it loses its sparkle. When looking for a bridal dress, it is always a good idea to find emerging names and luxe labels that cater to a specific audience. This can help you shine bright on your big day without anyone else stealing your thunder. Basit Sipra’s wedding collection will leave you in awe at first glance as it is fresh, high end, and unique at the same time.

Mumtaz Mahal – The Royal Pishwas & Gowns

You will see the beautiful peshwas and frocks in such royal color combos and embroideries. is is our idiosyncratic pishwas with plazzo in quirky shade of brown color. The pishwas are compelled in magnificent style with spacious motifs and embellishments. They are paired with heavy border worked dupattas and palazzos. The palazzos and dupattas are adorned with sturdier fancy embellishments on borderline.The collection name itself tell us the story of their royalty.

Sipra has launched two bridal collections so far called Roshanara and Belle Princesse, both collections are magnificent in their own ways. While Roshanara takes you back to the pre-partition Mughal era with its flowy cuts and farshi gharara, Belle Princesse is an ode to the Modern bride who wants to do away with the boring, monotonous, mainstream bridals.

Roshanara Bridal Collection by Basit Sipra

Roshanara is a chapter from Basit Sipra’s phenomenal Dastan – It tells the tale of bygone days, lost royalty, and intricate handwork. This regal lehenga choli set in hot red with golden embellishment is a perfect fit for barat day. This collection boasts beautiful articles that are perfect for a bride who wants to revive old-school charm by looking like a dainty Mughal princess straight out of a darbar.

You will see the pretty Gharara set named Chandni, which is an ivory ensemble that looks straight out of a Mughal fairytale. It has a straight-cut raw silk shirt with intricate patterns of hand embroidery that is made using ages-old techniques like zardozi work of naqshi dabka and are accentuated with sparkling Swarovski crystals and stones wound with classic French knots. This beautiful long shirt and gharara come with an elegant dupatta made with chattapatti work and trailed with a beautiful tamba Kiran all around. It is perfect for a shy nikkah bride who wants to keep it strictly rich and traditional.

This red number is a must-have for bride to be. The long shirt itself is a piece of art. However, the star of the show is definitely its lehenga with heavy border. The bridal dress is embroidered with an intricate embroidered border and motifs all along.

The other look from this collection is ZIMAL, which is as exquisite as its name. ZIMAL is a beautiful fuschia and mustard lehenga choli ensemble. This piece combines modern techniques of digital art and metalwork with traditional South Asian handiwork like naqshi, dabka and gotta work all along sprinkled with hints of sea blue, Verona, and pink. This lehenga choli comes with a beautiful mustard dupatta which is lined with an Indian border and intricate embroidery, making this number a true show stopper for a mehndi or sangeet function.


Jahanara Wedding Formal Dresses Collection By Basit Sipra

Any discussion of Basit Sipra will be incomplete if we do not have a look at this ode to the great Mughal princess Jahanara and the beautiful Mughal heritage of handiwork and heirloom designs. While this collection is labeled as wedding formals, I honestly think they are fit for bridal outfits too with the amount of detail that goes into each outfit. A few of the selected pieces that you can use as bridals are Laila, Baano, Chaandni, and Noor. Each of these dresses speaks volumes for itself.

My favorite formal wear looks for this wedding season from this collection have to be Mishal and Noor. While Mishal is a long, heavily embellished shirt with loose trousers, Noor is again a farshi gharara with a beautiful shirt and dupatta. You can truly make yourself feel like a showstopper at your best friend’s wedding with these outfits. Well, to be honest, the Jahanara collection has us confused because each and every ensemble is drool-worthy and at this point, I want them all.

Laila is a true masterpiece in Sindoori red, made on pure raw silk fit for a Mughal queen. The shirt of this stunning outfit showcases exquisite arches inspired by Mughal art, complemented by intricate floral designs and stunning gold embellishments created using exceptional handwork techniques such as gotta work, sequins, zardozi work, naqshi dabka, pearls, and more. The farshi tailed ghrara, with its elegant floral motifs, is adorned with scattered gotta patti detailing throughout the gharara. To complete the look, it has a dupatta adorned with scattered motifs and embellishments, all bordered with pure tamba kiran. This ensemble is designed to stand out and exudes a unique and exceptional charm.

On the other hand, Bano is a traditional shalwar kamis suit with a lovely dupatta to complete the look. It reminds us of the bygone simple weddings in the 80s and 90s when Punjabi brides used to wear simple shalwar kamis suits in red hues with lots of handwork embroidery and heavily embellished dupattas. While this outfit can be worn for a simple nikkah ceremony at home, it can also make a perfectly matching outfit for a bride’s sister or mother. Whoever wants to shine bright, – the sky’s the limit.


Mehndi & Mayon Inspired Dresses- Mustards & Colors of Yellow

These beautiful outfits are in yellow and mustard tones for your mehndi or mayun look. Mushk and Zeenat are two ravishing beauties from this collection that will make any Mayon bride look like royalty. While Zeenat is a farshi gharara with intricate floral patterns on its shirt, Mushk presents a longer shirt with heavier work, paired with embellished trousers, like I said, there is a look for everyone whether you are a modern bride with a unique perspective or whether you are someone looking for old school charm.

Whether you want to wear these to a nikkah, mehndi, or a barat event, these ensembles are bound to turn heads with their intricate detailing and unique cuts.

Belle Princesse Bridal Collection – Mehndi, Sangeet & Dholki Inspired Outfits

Are you getting married and sick of the same color palette and patterns everywhere? Well, Belle Princesse by Basit Sipra is like a welcome breath of fresh air when it comes to saying goodbye to boring, monotonous bridals. From the color palette to the motifs, and from the cuts and silhouettes to embroidery techniques, everything screams uniqueness. These outfits featured here are best for dholki and mehndi events. The colorful heavy worked lehengas with plain choli and long malaas really give us a qawali night and a dholki night vibe.


The Belle Princesse collection includes some lovely, bold outfits that can make a mehndi bride go gaga. For instance, you can look at the bold and bright dress, which is an excellent outfit for any mehndi bride who wants to stand apart from the crowd. However, if you truly want to look unique in your pre-wedding festivities. You can try the other one which is paired with unusual black tones for a mehndi outfit, however, we have the colorful lehenga to keep things poppin’. Another unusual but equally amazing look for a Mehndi bride would be the midnight blue, It is bold, daring, and simply a class apart.

Basit Sipra loves using bright and bold colors in his designs, and his lehenga cholis are to die for, which makes these numbers a great fit for a mehndi or mayon bride. If you want to jazz up your sangeet party, mehndi night, or a dholki – Basit Sipra can make you shine with these beautiful, bold ensembles.

One of my personal favorites from this collection that is posted above is pièce de résistance, which is a bright gold ensemble made out of pure resham with feroza and kundan stones in dabka and knots of resham work, net, and tissue. Whether you choose this  lehenga with parrot motifs and a bold sequenced choli in bold black and silver, or you go with this bottle green dress with Indian zardozi work, you are bound to shine. It looks truly regal, fit for a royal wedding look. This bottle green ensemble is perfect for a mehndi bride.

The rest of the designs from this collection also include lehenga cholis, but the silhouettes and fine stitching set them apart from competing bridal campaigns. The lehngas have perfect flow with great digital and handwork embroidery and printing, and each blouse or choli has a tale to tell. You can use these dresses on your big day for a non-traditional, modern bridal look, or if you want to wear them to a close family wedding, you can totally tone them down with complementing makeup and jewelry.


Basit Sipra Luxury Pret Dresses Collection:

Basit Sipra is a true luxury brand with its luxe collections, exotic embellishments, and distinctive cuts. If you are looking for luxury pret numbers that can set you apart from the crowd, Basit Sipra has you covered. Their luxury pret has two enchanting collections, i.e. Fleur d’amour and Raani Bagh to choose from. All the silhouettes this assortment are perfect for your formal parties and festivals.

Fleur D’Amour by Basit Sipra

Fleur d’amour Luxury Pret by Basit Sipra is a collection that exudes elegance and sophistication. Basit Sipra is known for his impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail has created a line that celebrates femininity and grace. Each piece in the Fleur d’amour collection is a masterpiece, meticulously designed to showcase the beauty of the modern woman.

From exquisite embroidered patterns to luxurious fabrics, every piece reflects the passion and dedication poured into its creation. Fleur d’amour Luxury Pret by Basit Sipra is a true testament to the designer’s vision of empowering women through fashion, offering a unique blend of timeless style and contemporary flair. Whether you’re attending a glamorous soirée or simply seeking to elevate your everyday wardrobe, this collection promises to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Ivoryluxe and Mintluxe are my absolute favorites from this collection because of their unique silhouettes and complementing embroidery. The 3D detailing on both of these outfits is mindblowing and they can make you the star of any occasion.

Rani Bagh by Basit Sipra

Rani Baagh, meaning “Queen’s Garden,” pays homage to the majestic allure of nature and the regal spirit of women. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted using the finest fabrics, intricate embroidery, and ornate embellishments, ensuring that every woman who adorns them feels like royalty.

Whether it’s a traditional wedding ceremony or a glamorous evening soirée, Rani Baagh Luxury Pret by Basit Sipra promises to elevate your style and make a lasting impression. Get ready to embrace your inner queen and indulge in the opulence of Rani Baagh.

You can shop these masterpieces at the official website of the designer which is

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