Fancy Lace Abaya Designs Collection 2015-2016

For a Muslim lady, it is essential to hide her body and abaya is the best way to accomplish so. Where abaya helps to keep your body covered, it also is a very comfortable wear. Other than this purpose it has also become a fashion in Arab countries where women are not allowed to go out without wearing it, so they make it as a dress. Mostly Muslim women all around the world like to wear long abaya gowns and so to keep in mind this need of ladies; designers have presented various abaya designs to add a style to one’s look. Also initially abaya was worn in black color but these days many other colors are also seen in this wear.

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From plain and simple to cuts and laces, there is a huge variety of abayas and gowns als known as “Burkha” available just like other dresses. By the time new designs appear in the market as seasonal abayas trends and for the fact, some girls these days wear it as a fashion. So, enjoy these new experiences of abaya line by knowing about the latest trends of fancy abayas because different patches, laces, buttons and other embroidery materials are used to adorn abaya these days, and you will see that many well-known designers are introducing abayas line along with their famous clothing.

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Latest Designs of Fancy Lace Abayas Collection 2016-2017

Black is the king color of abaya but it will do no bad if a multi-color touch is added in designing it because everything has changed in this modern asge with cuts, designs and embroideries rather than wearing a simple plain black one. Many famous Dubai and Arab designers have recently launched their unique abayas collection having innovative designs and creative designs having various patterns, traditional themes, and fresh color combinations.

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Beads, diamonds, and ribbons are used extensively to add long-lasting beauty. In all new collections, the trend of covering a front area and neckline from heavy lacework is introduced along with stylish embroidery on sleeves. Obviously, an abaya is incomplete without a hijab or scarf, so matching scarfs are also available including brooches along with abaya.

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Brooches are also highly in trend these days and, in fact, it has become a trend or essential need with scarf or hijab and seriously when you see it, it looks beautiful Arabic look. Well, you can cover your body with these stylish gown wears no leaving the complex of not looking so good. Furthermore, have a look at these fancy lace abaya designs posted in the image gallery below.

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