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Maria B Winter Wool Shawl Dresses Linen Karandi Collection 2023-2024

Maria B Winter Wool Shawl Dresses Linen Karandi Collection 2022-2023

Winter and shawl dresses have an evergreen “in fashion” friendship; nothing can stylize women in winter soberer than shawls and thick fabric dresses. Today, the name of such a purist working in the field of fashion market with expertise and mixed cultural styles launches is to be brought to you with an amazing winter dress ensemble of rich fabric, nice embroideries, and exclusive designs. The one who hardly needs an introduction, Maria B, is the brand behind all mentioned fusions. Having a different way of visualizing things and designs of clothing, he makes his label ranging from simple casual dresses to formal and modern bridal wear. Haute Couture & luxury Prêt make with its major stores in almost all cities and like Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Here we are posting newly launched Maria B Winter Wool Shawl Dresses Linen Karandi Collection.

Maria B offers prints ranging from the art on fabric, block prints, cool summer patterns, jazzy, digital to ethnic, with embroidered patterns ensuring a promising appeal in an affordable price range each time. Now, as the fresh release of Maria B SHAWL DRESSES is here, we’ve brought it to you to save you the effort of visiting shop to shop. Here, begin with a short description of this collection!

Medium Length shirt with shalwars look so ethnic. We are loving these designs. Round ghera with narrow shalwar with added laces. Whether you can make a tulip shalwar, dhoti, belted shalwar or any other. All will look funky and desi.

Black color is always the most loved and noblest of colors. We are totally loving the black suits from this exclusively designed shawl collection. The multi-color embroidery patterns look so chic. It is best for your fall winter semi-formal events and evenings.

Maria B Winter Wool Shawl Dresses Linen Karandi Collection 2023-2024

Bold and captivating are the words found as the descriptive names for this collection, well staying true to these two a variety of vivid digital, ethnic, as well as funky prints, are available on it. Having on the dresses, exquisite embroidery over the neckline, sleeves, front, and border paired with sober matching printed shawls make them more and more captivating.

Long shirts with cigarette pants are again trending nowadays. So you can make a good length long shirt with narrow bottom cigarette trousers pants. Add some buttons, pearls, and adornments to make the dress look more pretty. The laces will add extra charm to the suit. Make sure to stitch each piece with perfection. Choose the style wisely. as sometimes a bad tailoring style will ruin a very expensive suit. The model pictures of each suit will be available and you can easily design it yourself.

Shades of Pink: Pink Color Winter Dresses

These shocking and fuchsia pink color suits look amazing with the multi-color shawls.

Each design has two color combinations to choose from. And believe me, each article is the perfect representation of art and design. The whole collection depicts royalty and elegance. The sleek embroideries on the luxurious fabric of karandi and linen are beyond words. and the matching pure wool shawls are the win.

Olive green is the new trend. The now famous winter color is olive green. This shade has its own vibes and charm. You will love these two designs in this color combo.

Bold colors like sky blue, white, yellow, dark blue, pink, orange, grey, red, black, and brown, etc.. pour life to each dress design. Ranging in price above 10,000 PKR, these attractive pieces are well affordable with the features they possess. Above all is the purely winter element, shawls, having the printed contrasting beauty are so sophisticated that each of the designs won’t let you resist staring at it.

Shades of Navy Blue- Navy Blue Dresses Designs

As the cold winter breeze wisps through, Maria.B. Mprints Unstitched 3pcs Winter Shawl Collection’22 carries forward a radiant new attitude with our signature prints on pure wool shawls. With a nostalgic color palette ranging from toasty hues to striking vibrant, this season Mprints unveils its feminine charm.

Here, After these descriptive things, it’s time for the visualizing part. Behold and explore the pictures of high-class Maria B Winter Wool Shawl Dresses Linen Karandi Collection 2023-2024

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