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Top 10 Main Winter Fashion Trends Outfit Styles 2021-2022

Top 10 Main Winter Fashion Trends Outfit Styles 2018-2019

Fashion trends of the current season not only amaze with their boldness but also stun with the variety of models. The freestyle of clothes, magic asymmetry, and exciting silhouettes will favourably emphasize all your strong suits, regardless of your figure, and reliably hide some minor shortcomings. Speaking of prints, there are no restrictions, too. Here we are sharing the Top 10 Main Winter Fashion Trends Outfit Styles 2021.

Top 10 Main Winter Fashion Trends Outfit Styles 2021-2022

The choice is also quite broad: patterns, applications, check, and strips – all this will be in trend this season. A team of experts behind talked about the Top 10 Main Winter Fashion Trends Outfit Styles 2021.

Animal Prints

This winter, you can safely choose any animal print you want. Because all those birds, reptiles, dogs, and cats aren’t only lovely pets that make us feel warmer in winter but also the trend of this season.


The secret of the checkered print’s popularity is in its expressiveness, originality, and interesting color combinations. Check still doesn’t lose its relevance. This winter will be the season of the Prince of Wales check. It was a favorite checkered print of England’s most inveterate fashionista. Get yourself a trendy tweed coat, checkered trouser suit, a warm skirt, and a shortened jacket with this print – they will make any image look complete.
So a check in all its interpretations is also in a trend this winter. For example, a pepita print is a checkered pattern that never gets old. Its curlicues and squares will draw attention to your looks wherever you go. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe this season.

White color

Dressing up in white from head to toe is the key trend of this winter. Business pants and skirts, coats, evening dresses, everyday sarafans, or classic jeans – whatever you choose, you’ll definitely be in trend if your clothes are white.


Velveteen is the fabric that’s rich in both color and texture. This is what helps it stay on top of the trends from season to season. Choose monochrome warm clothes of base scarlet, blue, green, dusty-pink, and mustard tones, and you’ll be set for this winter.


Vinyl is considered universal. The list of its advantages is pretty long and includes elasticity, mechanical strength, and increased ability to electrical insulation. Vinyl is versatile in processing and easily exposed to temperatures, which makes it the best material for intricate, seamless clothes. The glitter of vinyl perfectly fits into the winter 2021 season, so add a vinyl jacket, suit, raincoat, trousers, boots, or a handbag for your wardrobe.

Wide pants

Classic trousers with pleats, baggy, shortened, woolen, cotton, and even silk wide pants of different styles, lengths, and colors became the unconditional hit of this season. So add them to your collection now.

Belts on waist

No matter what clothes are on you: a coat, raincoat, dress, or costume, you need to wear a belt. And it should be simple, wide enough, and made of leather. But most importantly, it should be in contrast to your clothes. And the main rule: your waist should be emphasized!

Knitted clothes

Knitted clothes are probably the longest-lasting trend. It’s as old as winter itself. The only thing that changes from season to season is prints and shades.

Colored Fur

No sooner had the first serious colds come, as one of the main trends – the fur of all the possible colors – instantly showed up. It’s time to wear short coats and jackets, as well as bags.


This winter, feathers will be in demand in any outfits and any proportions, starting from decorations on handbags, coats, and shoes to jackets and dresses, completely woven from marabou feathers and jewelry, like necklaces, pendants, and earrings.

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EGO Winter Basic Embroidered Kurta & Pants Designs 2021

Latest EGO Winter Basic Embroidered Kurta & Pants Designs

Don’t let the cold beat you when you style up! Come over the fears of winter for your casual and formal walks with another name of snazzy and up-to-minute clothing brand of youthful girls. The name for all the trendy, cozy, and simply amazing clothing; EGO is going to be put into light today. A famous and well-known label, established in 2006, Ego is being liked nationally and internationally for years. As the years of expertise pass, the brand extended its reach more and more that now it has its outlets nationally in Lahore, Islamabad, Sargodha, Karachi, Sialkot, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, and Hyderabad.

Making its product available at online stores with free shipping facility for Pakistan; the brand has developed a great trust for its customers. Now, about what ego has got for you this winter? Here is the description for the new assortment it has got for you to look even chicer in this freezing weather. Here we will discuss the simple and beautiful designs of winter basic embroidered kurta & pants.

An ode to refined simplicity is the EGO Winter Basic Embroidered Kurta & Pants Collection 2020-21. Amazing ensemble of sweet, simple yet stylish kurta dresses in both formal and casual wear from this collection. Long and short shirts, pants, frocks and tunics featuring fanciful flowery print and accent color-finishing on the fall; fitted bodice and a drop waist skirt cut below the knee; sleek angrakha style dress.

This 2 piece kurta & pants assortment has contemporary geometric patterns in Beige, Black, Brown, Camel, Dull Pink, Green, Grey, Light Grey, Maroon, Mustard, Navy, Off White, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Rust, and Yellow etc. colors are part of this collection.

EGO Fall/ Winter Basic Embroidered Kurta & Pants Designs 2021-2022

While exploring more detail of these kurtas you’ll find some with bold embroidery and wooden buttons, cowl neck with embossed stripes; some having satin detailing, mesmerizing flowing design with a stitch design and delicate floral embroidery. A few featuring royal gold motifs on the back, front and cuff; many others with pleated shoulder panels, binary motifs rendered in a structured cut-line with accent loops.

Looped cuffs; silted band collar; front pockets; svelte band collar with a button patti; checked run-stitch imprints on outfits; and sleek zipper make the kurta adorned in a unique and trendy way that you won’t find any other array of  various brands.

The collection also consists of flared kurta, straight kurta and a-line styles. The price for these style statement forming outfits ranges from 2850 to 6850 PKR. Filled with style simplicity and sweet elegance this assortment is available on all the stores as well as at online Ego Store to drift the world away with the grace and fashion sense of girls of this era. Have a look at the images and find the best for your close.

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Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Winter Dresses Collection 2020-21

Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Winter Dresses Collection

with hot beverages, few friends or dear ones, making every moment of our lives enjoyable and memorable. Winters are so much fun especially in our region where it comes for a very short time spam. So, where other preparations are on their way, it’s important to get your closet equipped for winter. There are many brands and designers who are introducing their seasonal collections, and one of the biggest is khaadi. Khaadi is one of the most leading and top notch Pakistani fashion brand. It has once again come up with its most anticipated collection for the season of winter. It includes some warm and remarkable fancier stuff like jacquard, khadi net, cotton net, linen, khaddar, etc

Winter has just arrived so the most awaited collection is. Yes, I am talking about the latest Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Collection. Everybody has got their eyes on it. The wonderful assortment of creative designs and fabrics. The whole series includes almost 30 designs. Some of them are pret ready to wear. Some are un-stitched. Now you can make your cold days alot of fun by wearing awesome dresses by Khaadi.

Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Winter Dresses Collection 2020-21

Presenting KHAADI X ESRA one of the special edition collections of versatile designs to suit every occasion. Choose from an array of vibrant designs and intricate embellishments rooted in our heritage, ranging from silk to chiffon and velvet, which lets you dedicate the facets of your personality with confidence. Esra Bilgic is seeming stunning in each design. And each design has its own unique creativity

This black velvet embellished and embroidered blouse looks ideal with the shimmery navy blue skirt. A perfect match for the winter festivities and weddings.

Yellow is the new black. Yes! this pretty yellow outfit with detailed sequence work on the shirt is best for the mayun/ mehndi functions. The dupatta is matched with contrasting colors of red and beige and goes very well. Esra bilgic appears to be drop dead gorgeous in this desi dress.

Looking for some casual yet fancy stuff? you’re right here. This blue and black outfit is a masterpiece itself. It has beautiful embroideries and an open style. It is styled with a waistbelt and black bellbottoms.

It is a light brown khaddar outfit with a detailed neckline, sleeves, and border. It comes with a color contrasting mustard yellow and green striped pants. Totally loved the look!

Esra Bilgic is looking stunning in this black dress with silver sequence work. It is perfect for parties and gatherings. It has bell organza sleeves and cuffed sleeve borders.


Khaadi X Esra My Symphony Collection consists of casual as well as formal dresses. It contains a ethnic 3 piece suits to modern tops and bottoms. The traditional embroideries and casual designs make this assortment very unique.

Traditional Semi-Formal & Formal Suits:

This line consists of three-piece ethnic dresses consisting of embroidered shalwar, dupatta, and kameez. The fabric will be winter khaddar, linen, jacquard, etc. Bold colors like green, yellow, orange, purple, red, maroon, blue, etc are used.

Trendy Casual Tops Designs by Khaadi X Esra

This line consists of funky tops and shirt styled in perfection. floral, traditional embroidery and tribal prints are seen. Each design ha

Open Style Shirts & Jackets:

These open style shirts and jackets just love. You can style them according to your choice and need. Plus they will keep you warm and stylish in this season.  You can wear them with jeans, culottes, bell bottoms, etc.

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Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-21

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-21

Sana Safinaz is a premium luxury cloth retailer that provides a unique clothing line for women. Due to the high quality & stunning designs, it is becoming the need of every eastern woman. This legendary cloth manufacturer took its first step in the fashion field in 1989 and since then it has achieved large-scale fame especially in the last few years. A timeless, luxury and sophisticated designer wear that always come with best women dresses and unseen craftsmanship that has become the dream of women especially in Pakistan for every season & making the dream of the women come true the brand released its amazing winter collection volumes and now the most amazing shawl collection by Sana Safinaz is presented with the latest shawl designs. Here we are going to discuss the Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-2021

These designer ladies have always taken care of the needs of consumers according to season just like shawl is needed in the winters and most women prefer to wear it as it has also become a huge trend of the season, so why not with style & matching according to your clothes?

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-2021

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020 is quite impressing with eye-catching the play of colors and best women dress accentuated in ethnic, urban and tribal prints. The whole winter’s attire is a best seasonal package with a high dose of versatility and elegance in it. The dresses in this collection are made with fabrics like woven and marina, where shawls are made more elegant with fancy stuff, intricate embroideries, and embellishments of motifs that have enhanced their charm.

There are dresses like ultra-feminine Paisley to large contrast cashmere trees, monochrome floral to pretty motifs, trellis patterns to anthemion motifs, striking sub-continental paisley with elaborate geometry, in short, it is full of lovely and petrifying elements with a pair of complimentary shawls done with intricate detailing.

A cozy-yet-ethereal feeling of intimate winter gatherings, a mood tinged with the familiarity of vintage and the novelty of adventure. A muted palette studded with accents of bright electric color. You will fell in love with each design as every piece speaks its own dialect. From tribal and desi prints to the modern and traditional ones. This whole assortment is a statement of fashion and class. You will see the rich traditional embroideries with contemporary cuts and patterns.


You can get this stunning yet playful trend with its evergreen features for the whole chilly season from any Sana Safinaz outlet across the country and as there are extended branch stores in various cities of the country, so I think it is so easy to fulfill your winter wardrobe dream with Sana Safinaz Winter shawl series.

The prices are kept worth paying off due to the quality stuff and valuable trends it is offering. Furthermore, there are details of this winter shawl collection in the picture gallery below to make it the easier choice for you girls, hope you will love them. So keep on enjoying this chilly weather with style and sophistication. Thank-you.

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Maria B Latest Winter Linen Dresses Fancy Shawl Collection 2020-2021

Maria B Latest Winter Linen Dresses Fancy Shawl Collection 2020-2021

Recently released Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Shawl Collection 2020-2021 is what we all were waiting for, together with the flavour of radiant shades and styles. Maria B is one of the most significant labels in the Pakistan fashion industry who is well-known for its outclassed women’s clothing ideas and accessories, who is now operating and the International fashion industry.

Maria b always acquires a huge effective response from the customers/people and everyone is genuinely liking and appreciating her every single design. Maria b launch seasonal as well as occasional collections like summer, fall, eid, evening wear, etc. Here we are going to discuss the latest arrival linen dresses collection consisting of three pieces unstitched women linen suits having jacquard printed and embroidered shirts. Plain trousers, woolen, palachi shawls, and dupattas.

Maria B designs are sure you can die for, the recent linen series is full of sophistication and glam. Each piece has its own charm. The designer created every single piece with much love that is pouring out. Maroon with white goes absolutely great. The embroidered shawls add more grace to this winter line. Maya Ali stuns in the shoot by wearing the spectacular designs. Let’s have a look.

Maria B Latest Winter Linen Dresses Fancy Shawl Collection 2020-2021

These dresses are nourished together with embroidery and Epcot flowery /floral patterns and all these are appearing to be amazing on every skin tone of every age of women whether average or aged. Females can come across in this collection with the latest vibrant colouring techniques and ideas, gentle floral patterns in brilliant tones, fluorescent coloration, and divine edges and borders.

Here I have posted almost all the designs of the Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2020-2021. All these dresses have delicate designs, bold color patterns, and soothing prints best for this winter season. It is now available nationwide as well as you can also order them online through their official website or

Make yourself more lively by wearing cool-hued suits and stay warm. It is an unstitched assortment consisting of fabric from which you can easily make your desired style outfit like short frocks, long kameez, kurtas, etc. The embroidery motifs are so charming and presentable. Have a look at the photo gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest linen dress styles.

The hand-woven shawl with delicate embroideries is perfect to stay warm and stylish this winter. These handwoven shawls are made with pure love and alluring color patterns.

Especially for winter weddings or night functions. You can wear these amazing shawl linen suits to compliment the trend and to keep yourself warm.

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Orient Textiles Embroidered & Printed Latest Winter Dresses 2020-21

Orient Textiles Embroidered & Printed Latest Winter Dresses

Winter has arrived, and ladies are looking for a stylish wardrobe that doesn’t let their style go down and also protects from cold. Styling in summer and mid seasons is much easier [highlight]as compared to winter, in eastern styles and culture because for western it’s easy to stay stylish in winter by carrying a stylish sweater with a small-cap or muffler, but in our society, norms differ, we wear shalwar kameez, almost 90% of Asians.  Today we will discuss Orient Textiles Latest Winter Dresses Collection 2020-21

Where dressed in a  Jersey or sweater covers up the style, Our designer industry has seen this and every year in every season and occasion they provide our vast variety of elegant, stylish outfits that never let our shine dim no matter what the season is, in both unstitched and ready-to-wear dressing articles. Orient Textiles is one of the famous brands in providing unstitched clothing articles.

They Started working in 2000 from Karachi, gradually by making their base strong they stepped in the international arena, their aim was to exceed the expectations of their customers and setting a high standard for them. This industry is a smooth highway between cotton growers to the end clients, facilitating each and everybody involved in it. They provide the full range of clothing items covering all the areas and occasions, It’s not a designer brand, but It is a brand .which really have an existence in the market.

Orient Textiles Latest Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021

Orient Textile’s Latest winter dresses Collection launched a few days ago is now available at its online official website for sale. And it is introduced with the name “Orient Textiles winter romanza & digital printed” This is now available at stores and markets. Orders can also be placed on the official website. This brand doesn’t need any introduction because it’s renowned and famous for fabricated products.

It’s also an international brand; they export their articles to foreign countries like Dubai, UK, Abu Dhabi, Canada, USA and Australia for the Asian people who have moved there, and as well for their natives who like to wear dresses by this textile industry.

Orient Textiles has presented a very elegant, fashionable, and gorgeous maintaining the decent factor in this collection using the Khaddar, linen, and cottel Fabric. These are most commonly considered off-fashion stuff. This range includes Un-stitched dresses of Khaddar adding shirts, sleeves with embroidery, also with light embroidery work on the border of shirts, etc., which are both hand and machinery embroidered.

Dresses are available in 1 piece, only shirt, two pieces, shirt, and trousers/shalwar, and three pieces with dupatta included. It has heavy prints, which are still very attractive and striking to eyes. Dupattas in a collection are also of khaddar, linen, etc. which is more manageable and stays crease-free as compared to pashmina, as to block cold pashmina is used but it dims the elegance, and if soft and light stuff is used it makes us shiver. Shalwars are plain and one colored-dyed, either matching or contrasting. We hope you will like these latest winter dresses. Have a look at this collection.

Orient Latest Winter Dresses Digital Printed & Embroidered Collection 2020-21

The beautiful digital printed winter shirts will add glamor to your winters. You can also buy stitched as well as unstitched shirts. Like other collections, this brand has decided a unique look by all the bright and bold colors with prints and motives on a warm fabric that is comparatively more comfortable to carry the style.

Digital printed shirts can pair up with tulips, straight pants, or trousers. Floral, tribal art, screening, blocks, polka dots, abstract art are also done upon the shirts. Have a look at the image gallery posted below and got inspired by the latest winter dress designs.

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Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021

Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection

This winter adds a little glare and shines to your wardrobe with the latest Breakout winter collection . It is true that boys and girls of young ages go for the western outlook when it is all wintery outside. They love carrying those attires that look trendy and feel comfy as well. So breakout presents the series of latest western-style apparels for the youngsters of all ages. With the more funky and classy collection, the breakout has maintained its standard of quality over the last few years. Here we are sharing the Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2020-21

Famous for its best range of western dresses, Breakout has made its name throughout Pakistan in recent decades. Now presenting this year’s catalog for western collection for boys and girls. It provides a western collection for all seasons. Whether it’s shirts or jackets, jeans or trousers, tunic or tops, sweaters or coats, all are available at the house of Breakout. How to add glamour and style to the fashion trend, is one thing that they know too well. Appealing styles with catchy colors will bring a smile to your face once you carry it as your wardrobe. Easygoing garments with tasteful and beautiful denim are the beauty of this collection.

For girls, the collection is entirely set bright and trendy, with beautiful cuts and amazing prints. From wintry shrugs and warm sweaters to classy jeans and jackets, all are here to make girls say wow! This year the cosy fury shirts in all soft hues also going to hit the fall. Great Persian printed shirts and tunics are new. Elegant Pink hoodies and long coats are very much in demand. Woolen stalls and shawls can be worn to have a great western trendy outlook.

Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2020-2021 for Men & Women

The winter dress series for men is not any less in style. From the cool sports luxe to decent Man fleece collection, the men can get it all in a most economical package. They can also double the fun with the all-new winter reversible double-sided jackets that come in all comfy materials, sizes, and colors. Rayon pilot jackets in bold and elegant colors look amazingly stylish.

Now with all new Faux fur jackets, men can ride hard with super cool looks. Other than that the collection comprises of Denim jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, and the latest style coats. Moreover, the price range is quite affordable ranging from 2000 PKR to 5000PKR. The color scheme includes not just basic black, brown, grey, or white hues, but burgundy and other diffused shades are also available.

Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection for Women

In bird’s eye view, the whole new winter collection by Pakistan’s emerging fashion franchise Breakout is going to amaze its customers with a great funky line of clothing. Get ready to transform your winter wardrobe into a closet impulse. The brand excels in giving its customer a great deal of variety and assisting them to express their own style and interests adequately with this new collection.

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