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9 Top Fashion Trends for College Students 2021

Top Fashion Trends for College Students 2021 (2)

Colleges and universities are often mistaken for runway walk facilities, where students compete with each other based on either fashion. Especially, it concerns the first days at college. You come and judge others by their looks. Unfortunately, it is no longer a bad manner to overlook fashion trends among students but a normal practice. So, if you plan to surprise others with your sense of fashion, this article will help you understand how to look stylish.

Top 10 Fashion Trends to Be Posh at College

First off, let’s say that there is no accounting for tastes, and you can wear whatever clothes you feel like, and avoid any kinds of trends. On the other hand, if you study design, you should show yourself at your best. Based on the 2021 trends, you need to equip your wardrobe with the following clothes items.

#1. Jackets with Big Shoulder Pads

To look stylish in 2021, girls should find classic jackets with big shoulder pads. Ideally, you can even borrow your father’s or brother’s jacket that will be oversized for your body. You can combine such jackets with yoga pants (if the dress code accepts such clothes) or mom jeans. The whole look will correspond to the 80s fashion which is trending in 2021 too. As for the colors, the jackets should be in light blue, or brown colors. Yet, do not go crazy with all black colors.

#2. Head Scarves

Silky scarves for heads will be the ideal accessory for those who love adding fashion details. There are no strict requirements for scarves. For instance, it can be of a plain color or with some prints. Yet, try to avoid any leopard and other animal prints. Go for flower elements.

#3. Face Masks

Due to the pandemic, there is a fashion for face masks too. First, it is a great protection measure to avoid contamination. Secondly, it is an undoubted accessory that may match your overall look. As for the trends, a black mask is a go-choice. Beyond that, the black color will match with any other color.

#4. Pastel Dresses or T-Shirts

Both girls and boys should have at least one fashion item in pastel colors. Girls can find silky pastel dresses, while boys may wear pastel t-shirts. To be stylish, such clothes should be deprived of any prints or extra decorative elements.

#5. Small Purses

Again referring to girls’ fashion, small purses, especially in yellow colors may come in handy. Yes, you may agree that they won’t help you put all the books or notepads, however, as a bag for your personal belongings – it is a great tool. Overlooking the influencers’ fashion, such yellow purses can be either leather or fluffy based on your unique liking and preference.

#6. Blue Accessories

Boys-students can wear blue panama if again acceptable by their college dress code. Speaking of girls, they have a huge choice of blue accessories such as hairpins, earrings, bracelets among others. Note, there should not be more than 2-3 blue accessories.

#7. White Sneakers

Based on the fashion of the latest years, white sneakers are definitely the trending element of any look. They can be combined with girls’ dresses and boys’ jeans. Especially, it concerns high-platform sneakers that help one look higher.

#8. Trench Coats

Both boys and girls can wear pastel trench coats when it comes to windy and cold weather. They can be combined with white sneakers and small purses, as was hinted above. As for the materials, coats are better to choose in leather and suede.

#9. Oversize Pants

Similar to mom jeans for girls, a 100% fashion trend is oversized pants. First off, they are comfortable. Secondly, they are unisex. They can be worn with high heels, sneakers, and vans. Yet, if you have oversized pants, the upper part of your look should not be oversized. Combine them with a tank top and small accessories. There should be a balance.

#10. Old Brands

Old brands refer to some nostalgic fashion trends. You can grab some clothes from your fathers/mothers’ wardrobe including Guess t-shirts, or belts of Moschino among others. Note, such an element should be only 1 on your whole look.

That’s pretty it, and you can choose one trend for a certain day.

How to Find Inspiration?

It would be fair to say that students’ fashion is their face, strange it may sound. And, the famous proverb  – never judge a book by its cover – is no longer actual. Your friends or professors may remember you by how you look today. So, to not lag behind others in terms of trending clothes, you should regularly surf for inspiration.

The easiest way to find inspiration for college fashion trends is to refer to social media. Find students-influencers who daily post their looks for the colleges and universities, and grab some ideas for your fashion. Then, rely on sources where you can daily get updates on tips in trends. If you find all the trends not corresponding with your inner world, you can always create your own fashion. Yes, you can start making your own trends. For instance, instead of going for classic flower dresses, you can stick to black/white dresses with elements of nostalgic brands together. As for the boys, they can wear classic costumes but with white sneakers or go for Steve Job’s fashion – jeans and a black polo.

Keep in mind, time-consuming considerations on fashion trends may occasionally affect your studying progress. It particularly concerns when you are concentrating on clothes rather than your grades. If you missed some deadlines, or cannot cope with your papers, online academic writing services like CustomWritings may become your helping compass. Professional essay writers may assist you with many disciplines, and enhance your final grade at affordable prices, and on time, while you can do your fashion looks for the day. Still, studying should be always prioritized, and never put off for later.

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