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Princess Polly Review: A Women’s Clothing Store

Princess Polly Review: A Women’s Clothing Store

When it comes to the things they sell on their website, Princess Polly knows the correct balance of trendy and cozy, plus classy and playful. We love the variety of goods we found on their website that made it easy to find a piece or two or the style we want and order out for delivery, especially with the free express delivery they offer. One big worry, though, we have is about those who buy from outside Australia, who are always surprised by the extra charges attached to their customs transaction. Also, there are many So, What makes this store stand out amongst the crowd of fashionistas?

What we like most about Princess Polly is that for any fashionista they can be a one-stop-shop, they have dress styles, key jewelry bits, plus makeup products that can give someone a complete transformation into style.

Their website is fascinating, particularly with the kinds of things they sell, but after you press that ‘buy now’ button, the issues with this shopping site emerge. Item output didn’t impress us too much, but it got worse for other customers: they got things to broken after washing or after a few days of use. Customers are also charged with customs costs in certain cases, which will irk everyone, including us.

What really is Princess Polly?

Princess Polly is an online boutique based in Queensland, Australia, and Los Angeles, California, with chic, street style, and glamorous pieces. They are committed to delivering apparel that is ethical and sustainable and also has a human rights agenda that you can find on their website.

It is not their key priority to construct inexpensive clothes of low quality. Rather, they aim to deliver goods of good quality at fair prices. And about Princess Polly, something really cool-they never photoshops the models on their pages. It would be great to see Actual individuals showing off their clothing with all the editing going on around the world now.

Princess Polly: Review

Princess Polly started out as a small boutique on Surfer’s Island in Queensland in the summer of 2005. The company has greatly grown over the years and they now have an online shopping platform to attract more consumers.

The Princess Polly website provides a lot of fashionable items for fashionistas with a millennial audience in mind. In their online store, they currently stock more than 50 of the most successful and best Australian brands. The company is committed to discovering hot trends that easily shoot off the shelves, according to its mission statement.

In addition, they are still very excited about promoting Australia’s independent boutique scene and still endorsing the brands they sell in the market, regardless of how large or small the brand name is. This sort of business approach is undoubtedly impressive and we agree that more shops should follow in their footsteps. Particularly for fashion lovers, the Princess Polly home page is eye candy. Showing a decent range of photographs in the lookbook format on the home page automatically invites and attracts visitors to browse and buy.

With correctly classified products, shopping (and even window shopping) is made simple. On the home page, the tabs and pages conveniently guide consumers to the correct page. The tools used to refine searches by brand, size, or price are also used. The website has a wide variety of designs, from hot trends to classic alternatives and even bohemian-styled pieces.

There are several independent and tiny brands on the web, so you can expect to see a lot of affordable apparel. There are also mid-end designers with some dressier pieces, but they are also not super pricey. Take note that Australian dollars are the default currency of the web, although this can be updated according to your choice.

For orders over $50, Princess Polly provides FREE delivery to Australia. For orders to Australia under $50, there is a $6 delivery fee. Depending on your country, foreign orders are sent out through DHL Express, with corresponding fees of about $10-$15. Complete specifics of their global shipping costs can be viewed on the website. Orders above $100 receive a free sticker for returns. Unworn, undamaged, and tagged goods can be exchanged for exchange or store credit if they are exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

Princess Polly is a perfect shopping spot for younger ladies who want to be updated with new and on-trend styles, with a good selection of fashionable and edgy clothes, shoes, and accessories. Although there are many stores like Princess Polly, you will also be helping smaller brands and independent boutiques in Australia by shopping here.


As a fashionista, one would obviously enjoy shopping. You might also be old-fashioned, though, and prefer shopping in shops as opposed to online shopping. Some might also be a very tactile and hands-on guy, so they like to take the feel, texture, weight, form, etc. of the textile into account. Many want to see how clothes suit their body, not just an online photo model.

For all of these, I went out of my comfort zone, though, and tried an online clothing brand/boutique from Australia named Princess Polly. This is because I saw several YouTubers speak about Princess Polly/reviewing their purchases and sharing how much the brand they enjoyed. Hope this review proves to be fruitful and you also enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shopping on Princess Polly!

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