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The Latest Fashion of Chef Wear Across the Globe 

The Fashion of Chef Wear Across the Globe (3)

The culinary world is one place where fashions can be similar no matter where you are geographically. For instance, chefs in all countries have tended to wear similar uniforms. However, the overall style of these uniforms is starting to change, affecting the overall  appearance of the professional kitchen.

Latest Fashion of Chef Wear:

The traditional chef’s uniform that originated in France during the 18th century is becoming less prominent. Certain aspects of tradition still remain. For instance, clothing still needs to be protective and cooling in a commercial kitchen. However, many chefs now prefer colours such as black and blue as opposed to traditional white. There are other changes which are also happening. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Jackets to fit all shapes and sizes

Across the world, people are familiar with the white jackets that have traditionally been worn by chefs. These jackets were designed with an aura of purity and cleanliness in mind. However, in today’s restaurants in Pakistan, and other countries, chefs are choosing jackets in other colors that are less baggy than the original designs. In fact, jackets are now available for all different sizes and shapes of body and different design tastes.

Image by: Chefworks

Having access to different styles of jacket means that chefs can better express their own personality. It also means that restaurants can represent their brand in the clothing that their kitchen teams wear.

Various types of headwear

Most people will have seen chefs wearing the famous toque. This hat is traditionally a sign of the seniority of a chef. The more senior the chef is, the taller the toque is that he wears. However, many chefs now only wear a toque in certain situations, such as competitions and ceremonial events. For everyday commercial kitchen situations headwear for chefs can be less formal.

The types of hat that modern chefs choose to wear include beanies and baseball caps. These hats offer cooling protection for the head that is needed in a busy kitchen.

Trousers in different shades

Traditional chef’s trousers are checkered in black and white. They are also usually designed to be baggy, to enable air to circulate in a hot kitchen. In today’s kitchen fewer chefs are wearing this traditional design of pants. They are choosing trousers in one shade, which is often black or blue. They can also opt to wear slim leg trousers as opposed to the normal baggy ones.

In summary

Chefs around the world have traditionally had access to the same uniform designs. Over the years this has meant that walking into any restaurant kitchen could be a similar experience, when looking at the clothing of the team. Today, the world of chef’s fashion is changing. Professionals have access to a range of different designs and colors when it comes to choosing what trousers, jackets and hats to wear. This extra range of choice means that a chef’s uniform can reflect their own personality and represent the brand of the restaurant where they work.

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