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What Type of Fur is Good for Jackets? Which is the Best?

What Type of Fur is Good for Jackets

The way you dress and carry yourself reflects the way you respond to creative stuff. Fashion is like a roller coaster ride where if any fashion has gone down then for sure it has to come up in one form or another. Most of the people who are fond of being creatively related to clothing usually prefer winters over summer. This is because you get more articles to combine. The most famous among the winter articles is jackets. Here we will discuss today Type of Fur is Good for Jackets? What to select.

People who love fury jackets spend a lot of money to get the best one. At times they get but some other times they just end up getting fooled. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge. That sounds disgusting, isn’t it? Like you pay for what you like but some other shops sell the same quality product at a lesser price that’s disappointing.

What Type of Fur is Good for Jackets? – What to Choose!

Now, you just take care of your creativity or high love for fury jackets on the rest this article will handle. We have jotted down some best fur in the order of their popularity and price, Come let’s have a deep dive into all of them

  1. Mink – This fur happens to be the most common and is the best in terms of price and quality. The qualities that it comes with are the softness, lightweight, shine last forever and the texture. The price that people usually pay for it ranges between $8000 to $50000. It is always advisable to spend 5 digits amount for fur like mink
  2. Chinchilla – The way it shines will make your heart melt. Usually, the jackets that we wear at extreme cold environment does have this fur. The warm feeling will make you feel wow and the reason for being so soft is the involvement of animal fur into it. The cost of this can range anywhere between $30000 to $100000 and that is a little expensive.
  3. Fox Fur – The quality of fur that is offered in these jackets is soft, lightweight, some hair with natural color and can be trimmed easily. These types of fur do have long fox fur and can be trimmed. The usual places where the fur is mostly present in the neck and shoulder. As it is fox fur so everything is super smooth and warm. The famous Italian fashion company Off White uses this type of fur’s fabric in its clothing. The color doesn’t fade away because many parts of it are natural. The cost that you can expect for it is $60000 to $100000. These jackets are worth buying.
  4. Raccoon Fur – This fur is famous for being so fluffy and soft. We all have seen raccoons and the color they have for the fur’s fabric is also cool. Light brown color followed by some black tips. All this combination turns out to be good. Similarly, the jackets which have raccoon fabric and usually cover the shoulder and front part with that. The price range goes from$40000 to $700000. These jackets are durable and if you want then you can trim them according to the way you want.
  5. Lamb Fur – Tibetan fur is stylish and trendy. What makes these fur cool is the texture and the curly shape of the fabric attached to the jacket. Some people don’t wear any other fur as they didn’t find anything best than this. The amount that is been charged for this is $80000 to $200000. These jackets are not easily available as most of the designers get them prepared after getting your taste towards the clothing.
  6. Beaver fur – This fur became so famous in the 90’s that even international markets were admiring the fashion. Usually, jackets with blackish texture use to come with this fur. The warmth and lightweight of these jackets attract the viewer. You can get this jacket for $50000 to $100000. Different colors are there but the best one dark brown.


If you are fond of jackets and especially when they are fury one then this article is for you. We have listened down some cool furs which are not only smooth but are also long-lasting. The features and price have also been mentioned so it’s just that you need to plan and you are good to go for the purchase. Article contributed by Hari babu!

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