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Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

Khas Fashion has garnered great repute and appreciation in the world of fashion and textile due to its forward-looking approach and innovation designs. This clothing line has mastered into several genres of style making, from menswear to womenswear and even the home accessories. The most anticipated of all is the Khas lawn collection which is always received by their customers with more zeal and excitement every passing year. Here we are discussing the Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019.

Khas 2 Piece Beautiful Lawn Dresses Collection 2019

This year to Khas has launched its epic two-piece lawn collection which gives you a wide variety of lawn shirts paired with their matching dupattas. Let’s take a sneak peek of this latest summer bliss and upgrade our wardrobe with something more ‘Khas.’


This two-piece laws suit will take you into the world of appeasement and pleasure with its bright colors and blooming prints. Keeping the dazzling summers in mind, experts at Khas has given a “khas” (special) consideration to the utility of their lawn suits to the best that is why they came up such a mild base of pistachio green paired with pure and white. This base color is highlighted with the use of multi-hued floral patterns around the bottom.  Since the prints are concentrated around the borderline, the neckline can be style into real chic off shoulder style.


In exemplaris, the designers have tactfully brought together the two extremes of bright and dark with a soothing effect for the eyes. Blues are always a relief to carry around in summers, and that’s what exactly the khas store had in consideration. The shirt piece is loaded with embedded patterns in light blue over the base of a dark blue. The front of the shirt is designed with fresh blooming flowers in pink; this contrasting use of color has given the shirt piece a unique and tempting appeal. And the best way to make the shirt even more prominent is to pair it with plain white trousers.


Aerin gives you the privilege of carrying black with ultimate style and comfort. When compared to other pieces of this collection, this suit piece is more neutral in colors and gives you a bold and strong outlook. The shirt is designed with a regal outlook, having archetypal structural prints paired with flowers and intermixed patterns. It has a prominent and contrast borderline which complements the sleeves and the neckline motifs. This borderline also gives the shirt a sharp look when carried with matching black trousers. Dupatta is the real charmer in this one, which creates a striking contrast with the shirt and its base color.


Khas has made sure to cover the entire color palette in this 2019 summer collection to provide you series of different wardrobe options. Aurora is all about bright and tempting colors. The base is set mild pink which is complemented using prominent floral prints on the front. The shirt carries intricate floral prints whereas the dupatta has large blossoms in different hues. Aurora can make an excellent evening dress as it has the most suitable theme. The neckline is bordered with soft colored patterns which makes the borderline even more prominent. It can be best carried with black trousers whereas white also seems like a good choice.


You will be fascinated by the color scheme of the aplomb series. It’s not just the decent red in this dress which catches your eye, but the entire ensemble is irresistibly appealing. There is a perfect mix of symmetry and beauty in this one; the block patterns are paired with nature-inspired prints. Its sleeves create a sharp contrast with the main body of the shirt and follow a softer color scheme. Opposite to all of this, the dupatta is designed in dark shade of red or maroonish red. It is printed with the same shadowy prints has the base of the shirt has.


Feel the refreshing summer breeze this year with this opulent piece of apparel. Bonheur is designed with such soft shades that it gives you a refreshing outlook every time. Where the shirt is rather plain and simple with series of prints around the borderline, the dupatta carries a full blow of prints. Together these two pieces create a nice blend. Essentially the neckline is plain, which gives you many options to play with its design. Dupatta is hued to complement the prints around the shirt. When carried with plain white bottoms, this suit can be to opt for bright hot days.

Floral Flamboyant

Grey ombre sleeves and the thread work in pink, make this dress a bliss for the sight. The front is crafted with rosy patterns and mild embroideries in pink and green. The back has an entirely different scheme with prominent orange flowers and patterns printed across its entire pane. There is a mix of architectural designs and the natural landscape. Both these themes are also combined in the dupatta which has an appealing pink base. The ends of the dupatta are summery printed with darker shades to give it more depth.

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