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Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection 2020 with Prices

Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection

al-karam-studio-logo.pngAlkaram, the most popular and well-liked brand in Pakistan producing valuable clothing for many years. It launches it’s seasonal as well as occasional such as summer, spring, fall/ winter, pret, embroidered chiffon, formal wear, and much more. Eid is few weeks far; people are rushing towards the stores even in this hot weather ladies are moving towards stores and malls to get the new Eid stuff. But still, the routines are so tough and rough, and people may get it online through e-stores. It saves their time, and they get they require items through little work. Now you don’t have to worry about your eid wardrobes to fill; here today we are going to post the designs of Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection for women featuring the mesmerizing Iqra Aziz.

This collection has been launched. It comprises of women summer lawn dresses & chiffon suits with alluring prints. The designs contain floral patterns with digital printing. The embroidered lawn three-piece suits include embellished necklines with the decorated bottom, front, back, and sleeves. All these dresses are so fresh and comfortable to wear in this sizzling hot weather. This beautiful design has a jacquard embroidered shirt and dupatta paired with raw silk trouser. It has a perfect beige color with red-green embroidery best to wear for festivals.

The Festive ‘20 Unstitched Collection is a treasure trove of classical easterly aesthetics. Featuring an impeccable display of jacquard and silk fabrics, rich and obscure embroideries, and a radiant color palette, this collection is an ode to artisanal arts that are an inherent and fundamental part of our culture.

Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection 2020-21 with Prices

It is happening after the successful launch of Al Karam Lawn series 2020 volume 1 and volume 2 in the past few weeks. This popular clothing Textile brand always teamed up with the famous Pakistani designers like Umer Sayeed, Sania Maskatiya to launch different clothing arrivals at every season and every year. Al Karam brand has its uniqueness and originality of quality fabrics and appealing fresh designs that always inspire its esteemed customers. Eid Festival dresses collection brings an exclusive series of two, three-piece suits that have mind-blowing designs and made up of high-quality fabrics. This black suit having multi-colored embroidery all over the shirt has just caught our hearts. Black never gets old so is always the right choice.

The single medium length shirt pieces are paired with cigarette and pencil pants that are the main fashion theme of this year. This time the very talented and beautiful actress/ model Ayeza Khan is the new brand ambassador for alkaram. Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection is perfect for your eid wardrobe. The classic blend of colors is used along with exquisite embroideries. Have a look at the latest eid designs. And choose your favorite piece. Nowadays digital prints have become very famous. Digital printed silk dupattas have added more grace to this assortment.  Love this combination of red, green and orange.

Pastels are everyone’s favorite this season. especially when you talk about summers then light tones are preferred. To maintain, the style and comfort Alkaram has designed some lovely pastel dresses for you. Look at this beautiful jacquard suit in aqua blue.

The silk net fabric is used for creating festive designs. This incredibly beautiful number from Alkaram festive series is best to wear for upcoming festivals. It has digital printed chiffon dupatta, embroidered silk net shirt, and cambric trouser.

All eyes on this pastel pink outfit having pure sophistication. Pair it up with some trendy jhumkas and a khussa to complete the traditional look.

This design contains a coral and beige combination. It has printed chiffon dupatta paired with an adorned shirt and dyed pants. It is ideal to wear for the expected occasions and events. Match it with a stylish pair of heels.

Ghararas are again very much in fashion now and we can see the alluring designs in this assortment. Take inspiration from these lovely ghararas styles!

Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection 2020-2021 Designs will be released soon and then available at all the leading stores of Alkaram, so hurry up and grab your preferred piece from any of your nearest outlets. You may buy it online through the official site at Have a look at the image gallery posted below and get inspired by the designs!

Shop the designs@

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Top Pakistani Lawn Brands Designer Dresses Collections 2020

Cross Stitch – Top Pakistani Lawn Brands Designer Dresses Collections

Fashion equinox is here to dazzle us all with the inspiring new lawn designs. This year, all the style catalogs will take you by surprise with the immense variety of colorful prints, novel patterns, prominent embroideries, and quintessential designs. As the summer is on the move we all look for a lawn that doesn’t bring style to us but the one which is equally reliable, unique, and comfy to carry around. From the pret collection to the unstitched ones, the big names of the fashion industry has set out to bring the best of the stuff to the market while maintaining the distinction of their own. Though there are many great clothing lines, which have recently launched the number of their lawn collections, today, we are about to unveil the most mesmerizing Pakistani Lawn Brands Designer Dresses collections by the top 12 brands of Pakistan.

There are many names on the list, you might already be familiar with like the famous Elan, Asim Jofa, Cross Stitch, Rungrez etc. Along with these, there are other names that have made their mark in the industry over the past few years with their fine and quality work.

Latest Top Pakistani Lawn Brands Designer Dresses Collections 2020

Without any other further a due, let’s jump ahead and discover the latest Pakistani Lawn Brands Designer Dresses Collections for the year 2020. Be it casual or formal wear, we have it all to set up your mood with refreshing summer colors and blossoming floral patterns.


This year, élan is presented a diverse collection of unstitched Lawn suits which the classic prints highlighted in the contrasts of fresh colors. White is kept central for all of its suits, whether its teal, mustard, black or pink, all such hues are paired with some form of white. And no doubt with the addition of white these suits are getting a refreshing vibe. Moving to the prints of the dresses, the designers have made an excellent use of classic block patterns and cross stitch prints, more heavily focus around the shirt’s borders, sleeves while balancing it out monochromatic simple white trousers or lightly printed necklines.


Along with archetypal floral prints, these dresses also offers you the range of nice digital prints, few of them are even highlighted with some skyline patterns or traditional architectural motifs. The fascinating element incorporated into the line is the addition of vertical sideline decent patterns over the bottoms. This pattern perfectly complements the intricate patterns of the dupatta and the bordered prints of the shirt.

Farah Talib Aziz – Pakistani Lawn Brands Designer Dresses

Though FTA is famous for its exquisite and mesmerizing silk collection, which the brand launches every year with new opulence and exuberance. This year, Farah’s lawn collection looks equally exotic. She infused a fine artistry into each piece of apparel. The designs are reflecting the floral landscape which is perfect to carry around during hot summer days. Soft and pale colors including pastel pink, peach, and move. The selection of the right palette makes this collection more effeminate.

The patterns are integrated together in a variety of shades which amalgamates to generate an eye captivating design. Though dupatta and lawn shirts are heavily printed the bottoms are there to balance things out. The bottom’s shades are perfect to keep up the lighter tone not just through its Sufi’stic white but also through mild shades of pink and blues.

Suffuse By Sana Yasir:

Époque X has indeed come up with a lot more beauty and style that we all anticipated. Suffuse is the name of excellence and uniqueness is its trademark. The brand recently launched its latest lawn catalogue in which gorgeous Sana Javed is seen adorned with the inspiring dresses and refreshing new prints. The dresses are style and patterned to create a soothing blend for the summer days and evenings. For both the formal and casual wears, the suits will suffice as their prints are not funky and vibrant but soft and elegant, as per the latest trends of the ongoing fashion in Pakistan.

Keeping the trends in mind, the designer at Suffuse created prints which look amazing when crafted and stitched using modern cuts. So if you are opting for the dresses, it is best to get some trendy shirts and curvy bottoms stitched out of the entire suit.

Crimson By Saira Shakira:

Imagine the diversity of their recent Lawn collection with the names of styles the catalogue is divided into, it ranges from the “medley of lines” to the “Mughal backyard” with the exotic collections of “flowers and stamps” and “frames”. Each piece of apparel falling in these categories is entirely unique from its other counterparts. In the medley of lines, the major focus is kept on prominent patterns with intricate lines, which are paired with bold and fresh floral embroideries. The embroideries for these dresses are simply there to sophisticate the dresses with the touch of applique and threadwork.

There are just a few more days left to see this exclusive collection available in the stores. The expected date of launch is April 10th and onwards, so mark your calendars and plan ahead to design these unstitched beauties into something quintessential.

Zara Shahjahan:

“Be yourself. Wear your history, your personality”, Keeping this slogan in mind, Zara Shahjahan has always chosen the beautiful Pakistani vintage to diffuse into every piece of their apparels. From bridals to luxury pret the brand encompasses all the varieties and designs, whereas their lawn collections are absolutely mesmerizing. The prints are distinct in style and due to the soft palette.

Shirts are designed with bordered patterns which beautifully surrounds the central region and the printed neckline. These single file patterns complement and balance out the dupatta. The trousers are however simple and most of them are bordered with some fine lacework or delicate crochet work around the ankles. What adds more elegance to the suits are the decent thread embroideries in silver, more beige, ivory and other fascinating colors.


As the name tells it, the brand itself stands out for lovely colors inspired by nature. Keeping the tradition in place, this year too Rungrez set up the motion of fascinating colors into the right direction. It looks like the spring is on rising with the soft breeze in the air. Their unstitched collection is embroidered with fine and intricate patterns. From the fronts of the shirts to the dupattas, the thread work is also paired with floral applique work.

The base colors of the suits are softest of all and monochromatic in theme, the same color follows the entire length of the suit including the dupatta and the bottom. However, shirts are lightly printed and embroidered as well. For formal wear, the dupattas are crafted as well with the embroideries whereas other are simply printed. Leon and Salamanca are the two best selections of this collection.

Saira Rizwan:

Saira Rizwan always incorporates diverse color palette into her casual and formal collections. Moreover, every piece of apparel looks like a perfect portrait of a rich cultural landscape. This also happens to be true for her latest Lawn Collection 2020, which is so diverse in colors and forms. With the prominent prints, visible contrasts and fine embroideries the collection has already won the hearts of many in the fashion circles.

The entire palette ranges from the funkiest hues in town to the pale and pastel ones. The defining feature of this collection is the modern cuts which are equally shared by all the dresses. These cuts are highlighted with special patterns and modern artistry. Refreshing pieces like Rosa, Maha and Kesel need an especial mention here due to the ultra-opulence they carry.

Shiza Hassan:

The luxurious lawn collection ’18 by Shiza Hassan has the fashion catalogues and soon will inspire us all with the depth and beauty of the dresses being crafted with vibrant prints and vivid colors. The elegance is kept central to all. ‘Toile’ is a piece portraying good blues and charms of the open waters. For scorching summers it is one good option to go for. The sleeve is designed with darker shades of brown which is balancing the shades of its chiffon dupatta.

Sobia Nazir:

She always comes up with spectacular designs with fancy net dupattas and pastel colors. There many other magnificent pieces to take your breath away, like the one in the pistachio, ‘Serene’ in lavender, and many others to mention here. Perhaps the entire collection is enough to meet your wardrobe needs for the entire season.

Asim Jofa:

Asim Jofa’s lawn collection stands out from the rest due to the unique embroideries and the effeminate floral work it is adorned with. The most exclusive of all these suits are the intricately embroidered dupattas which reflect the most colors through the thread work and detailed floral patterns. Here the shirts and the trousers are designed with monochromatic hues with prominent embroideries and highly contrasting dupattas. Block printed trousers are garnering much of the appraisals due to the unique outlook they have.

Cross Stitch:

If you haven’t seen the stunning Saira Shehroz flaunting in the minimalistic style Cross stitch lawn collection then here is your chance to take a peak. All these dresses are the next level portrayal of beautiful digital prints mixed with basic hues and simplistic patterns. Some are designed with the archetypal prints of the historical architecture whereas others are the mix of feminine floral prints. The diverse palette lets you chose couture for every occasion and celebration without going through much of the thinking.

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Latest Summer Lawn Kurta Designs & Stitching Styles Collection 2020

latest summer lawn Printed Embroidered Kurtas & stitching styles

With short-cropped pants, palazzo pants, tights, pajamas, skinnies, and cigarette pants, one of the best and most favored latest trends for this year, which looks cool with many types of lowers, is the Kurtis/ tunics trend. Being the hottest chic fashion statement of a million girls over Pakistan and many other countries like Bangladesh, India, and some western countries too, this dressing theme has won the hearts of teenagers and little girls at a high number. The stitching of such shirts slightly differs from stitching a kameez or frock. Here we are sharing the Latest Summer Lawn Kurta Designs & Stitching Styles that you will surely love!

As this trend has overtaken all the others because it is trendy yet straightforward for both casual and formal purposes, all the famous and struggling designers are very keenly experimenting and releasing stuff of such kind in their new arrivals for this season. Casual or semi-formal ones of them are plain of having funky arts like cartoons, Asian truck art theme prints, quotes written and light embellishments, etc. on them, and the formal or party wear tunics have embroideries, beautiful buttons, and laces.

Most of the Pakistani branded shops like the breeze, chinyere, alkaram, ethnic, Zaha, rang JA, limelight, origins and many others have a massive variety of funky as well as elegant embroidered kurtas When the local markets and designer boutiques are filled with this dressing theme, our style-conscious platform won’t slip from fulfilling its duty. So we’ve got this post for you to have a know-how of the latest trends and innovations in the typical Kurtis by designer brands of all the regions.

Latest Summer Lawn Kurta Designs & Stitching Styles Collection 2020

We have collected pretty designs from all over the major brands and designers. This collection is a complete fusion of eastern and western styles. It has a diverse range of shapes, makes, and styles in the latest short and medium length tunics. These include plain or printed Kurti, patched, beaded, and embroidered formal kurta style. Tailed Kurti, flared frock style, t-shirt styled tunics, and many other variations. Floral patterns, geometric, ethnic, Egyptian inspired, block prints, animal prints, and, many others are common these days. Embellishments that adorn some of these outfits are thread work beads work, intricate ,embroideries, patches, and, lacework, etc.

The latest summer shirts and tunics make a girl enjoy her days and nights in a comfortable style yet being up-to-minute. So for this summer, socialize in trendy and cozy tunics, enjoy your tea parties, hiking, tours, hangouts, and birthdays in a comfortable and adorable outfit pairing a Kurti with the bottom of your choice. Check out the fantastic chic designs of the latest summer lawn kurta trend posted for you below!

Embroidered Kurtas

High low style Kurtas

Printed Kurtas & shirts

Jacquard Shirt Designs

Casual style long Kurtas

Long frocks

Airline A-line Shirt Design

Traditional ethnic style medium length Kurtas

Agrakha style kurtas

medium length shirts/ frocks

Fusion Tops & Short Kurtis

Off-shoulder style

Cold shoulder fashion


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Khas Beautiful Lawn Dresses Spring Vibes Collection 2020

Khas Beautiful Lawn Dresses Spring Vibes Collection 2020-2021

As spring has just arrived with the bright sunny days, and the summer is approaching with all the thrill. It’s time to pack all the winter stuff and get ready for the new season. Everyone needs to update their wardrobe with the fresh summer outfits. Due to health situations, people are staying at home and avoiding the malls. Now is the best time to shop online. Here, I am sharing one of the superb summer assortments by the reputable brand, Khas. Khas Fashion has garnered great fame and appreciation in the world of fashion and textile due to its forward-looking approach and innovative designs. Their clothing line has mastered several genres of style making, from menswear to womenswear and even the home accessories. The most anticipated of all is the Khas lawn collection, which is always received by their customers with mounting excitement every passing year. Here we are discussing the beautiful Khas Lawn Dresses from their Spring Vibes Collection 2020.

Khas Beautiful Lawn Dresses Spring Vibes Collection 2020

This year to Khas has launched its epic three-piece lawn collection, which gives you a wide variety of lawn shirts paired with their matching dupattas and pants. Let’s take a sneak peek of this latest summer bliss and upgrade our wardrobe with something more ‘Khas.’


This three-piece laws suit will take you into the world of appeasement and pleasure with its bright colors and blooming prints. Keeping the dazzling summers in mind, experts at Khas have given a “Khas” (special) consideration to the utility of their lawn suits, therefore they came up such a mild base of white paired with blue. This base color is highlighted with the use of multi-hued floral motif patterns on the front. The organza lace around the borderline and a fancy organza neckline gives a good way to style it for any occasion.


The designers have tactfully brought together the two extremes of bright and dark with a soothing effect for the eyes. Purples are always a relief to carry around in summers, and that’s what exactly Khas store had in consideration. The shirt piece is loaded with embedded patterns in orange over the base of purple. The front of the shirt is designed with fresh blooming motifs; this contrasting use of color has given the shirt piece a unique and tempting appeal. The best way to make the shirt even more prominent is to pair it with contrasting orange dupatta with black embroidery and a plain trouser.

Dark Ditsy

Dark Ditsy gives you the privilege of carrying red with ultimate style and comfort. When compared to other pieces of this collection, this article is more appealing in colors and gives you a bold and strong look. The shirt is designed with a regal look, having archetypal structural prints paired with flowers and mixed patterns. It has a prominent and contrasting embroidery on the front. The borderline also gives the shirt a sharp look when carried with matching cotton trousers. Silk Dupatta is the real head-turner in this one, which creates a striking contrast with the shirt and the color used in its base.

Mystical Tribes

Khas has made sure to cover the entire color palette in this 2020 summer collection to provide you series of different wardrobe options. This design is all about pastels and tempting colors. The peach color jacquard cotton suit with floral motifs on its front look so promising. The shirt carries an intricate look with a sky-blue dupatta. This design can make an excellent evening dress because of the color palate used. The neckline is embroidered with soft colored patterns. The shirt has a pretty lace border.

Summer Bounty

You will be fascinated by the color scheme. It’s not just the decent mustard in this dress that catches your eye, but the entire ensemble is irresistibly appealing. There is a perfect mix of symmetry and beauty in this one; the embroidery work on the front can create a sharp contrast with the main body of the shirt and follow a softer color scheme. Opposite to all of this, the dupatta is designed in light shade to compliment the outfit. The border lace makes it fancier.


Feel the refreshing summer breeze this year with this opulent piece of apparel. It is designed with such soft shades that it gives you a refreshing outlook every time. Where the shirt is rather heavy with a series of embroideries all over. The fancy net dupatta carries a full blow of adornments. Together these pieces create a nice blend. Essentially the neckline is plain, which gives you many options to play with its design. Dupatta is hued in the same shade. It is the best suit to wear at a summer wedding or a party.


Lilac suit and the thread work in grey and pink, make this dress a bliss for the sight. The front is crafted with mild embroideries in greyish and green. The back is kept plain. It is paired with a heavy embroidered bordered net dupatta in lilac. It comes with an organza neckline patch and border lace for you to carry it with grace this season for all events. It is a good option as an evening and wedding we

Khas Printed Embroidered Lawn Suits:

Khas Luxury Embroidered Lawn Dresses:

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Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn Best Summer Dresses 2020 Latest Collection

Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn Best Summer Dresses Collection 2020

Sana Safinaz one of the best and ideal designer of Pakistan who started her work since 1989. In these few decades, it has earned too much popularity not only nationally but also internationally. It always presents it’s seasonal as well as event wear collection for women which include winter, summer, spring, Eid collections, party wear, casual wear, Bridal dresses collections. Today I am going to share Sana Safinaz Best summer lawn dresses Collection. This most awaited lawn series catalog is now launched, and it is available at its all leading stores and outlets. You may also catch these chic attires online through their official site. Sana Safinaz is a widely recognized Clothing brand in Pakistan fashion and textile industry. It always designs something unique and extraordinary for ladies.

So once again this summer it brings breathtaking Summer Spring Lawn Collection 2020 for women. This spring summer season assortment is loaded with stunning pure & best summer lawn dresses in artistic prints and modern styles. This brand always presents its designs just according to the latest fashion trends. So, this summer adorns yourself, with these alluring summer prints and make your season more colorful and stylish.

This sana safinaz lawn collection consists of three-piece suits option in beautiful coloration patterns with the blend of light and dark hues which give these dresses extra trendy look. Sana Safinaz best summer lawn dresses are made up of stylish embroidered jacquard, Net, German Lawn Shirts. Lawn & chiffon dupattas and pure cotton pants. These best summer lawn dresses are perfect for your routines like formal. Party wears as well as casual wear. The shirts have beautiful embroidery work on neck, sleeves, front and back. The Dresses also have block printing and digital embroidery work. Have a look at these chic suits and update your fashion wardrobe this season with the Top Pakistani designer best summer lawn dresses. Get inspired by the photo gallery posted below.

Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn Best Summer Dresses Latest Collection 2020-21

The Monochrome kameez with embroidered floral bunches are also part of this assortment. Jacquard, Poly Net, Lawn, Silk, Chiffon, Cambric is used in this collection. Lacework, cutwork in a contemporary geometric lattice design with additional intricate embroidery is done. Some of the shirt designs have Indian chickankari embroidered front finished with Resham or Tila embroidery and an embroidered floral bunch with printed sleeves. Paired with an Indian woven and heavily embroidered dupatta and dyed pants. You can see the luxurious voil Shirts having woven cotton dupatta. Paired with printed shalwars with the satin borders and Cotton Slips.

Classic and sublime, create an eccentric outlook with these luxurious suits.

Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn Collection 2020

The designs are inspired by mughal art, jewelry and paisleys with Ottoman multicolored embroidery, tile work motifs, french patterns. Guaze, net, silk, chiffon, lawn, jacquard dupattas are added.

Pastels colors, as well as dark colors, are present. White kameez with paste printed Indian bootis combined with a heavy floral worked trellis neckline in deep red and baby blue with a printed running cotton border. Paired with a beautiful floral digitally print silk dupatta and white paste printed cotton pants. Lace finish, printed borders, and floral bunches are the favorite part of this collection.

You can wear these dresses for a day out functions as well as evening parties. They will make you stand out in the crowd. Each and every piece by the designer Sana Safinaz is a masterpiece. Every design speaks its own charm and beauty. I hope you will love this collection and will definitely go to buy.

Shop these lawn suits@

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Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2020

Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2020

Hey, Ladies! today I am here with another enchanting lawn assortment of the season. The name itself needs no introduction. Asim Jofa, a shining star of our Pakistani fashion industry is one of those big names who has earned huge fame in a very short period. The brand was introduced in 2009 & shined like a diamond, as a diamond is shining, attractive and enhances the beauty of the person wearing it. So wearing Asim Jofa will definitely show your status symbol and elegance. Since then, it’s collections has got a huge response from the customers. Not only nationally but also at international level. Today we will discuss the latest Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2020. Asim Jofa Lawn Collection is now released and has made the biggest splash all around.

Asim Jofa Lawn is a very reliable and sincere product line that is why it is highly appreciated by the women. Asim Jofa is famous for its unique luxury patterns and embroideries that look very interesting to wear. Rejoice your summer spirit with this dazzling combo of monochromatic color tones and tastefully done digital printing. Pair it with cool accessories to get your look on point.

If royal is the look you are aiming for then you have reached the right place. The beautiful adorned and printed masterpieces with all the warm rustic hues and elaborate embroidery are just the perfect thing for you. Baroque-inspired luxurious prints are also part of this assortment. They are accentuated by delicate embroidery oozing elegance.

Asim Jofa Printed Embroidered Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2020

The luxury lawn summer dresses collection is a combination of fresh colors like white, peach, black, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow, etc. and strong effect of lawn prints that impress every fashion lover. Three-piece suits are available with shirt, trousers and chiffon dupatta.  Asim Jofa latest lawn collection 2020 is full of charismatic touch.  Show your true elegant side with these ensembles of regal colors and remarkable prints that easily evokes the royal era. The shirts have embroidered neckline and border that hits the final nail into the grandiose. Self-indulgence is great especially when it comes in the form of this ensemble rich in ethnic colors and intricate embroidery.

The embellishments with the bold anchor embroidery with Aari Tanka and sequin in harmonious tones make the suits more summery and elegant to wear. A technique which has been given an entirely different perspective to the viewer. Boring technique on architectural elements along with fuchsia floral foliage running over blueberry blue base enhanced with Pani Sitara creates a surreal delicacy that adds exclusivity to this design. Printed pants with complimenting printed border and two-shade embroidered chiffon dupatta add refinement to the suits.

inspired by contemporary pattern and vintage design narrating bold color anchor thread embroidery and Aari embroidery on red colors for those who love fashion at its utmost level. Making a very strong statement for looking fashionable every day.

The creamy off-white sets the ground for this design inspired by baroque elements and floral hints complemented by delicate tracery in thread adorned with pearls and transparent sequins and two-tone dyed knitted dupatta this ensemble will surely have you entranced by its tranquil beauty.

Ravishing light, a must-have designed to your closet, Chic fabric with the opalescent pastel engraved boring technique to combine and create the smoldering style statement for your 2020 summer. Paired with white self-printed pants and all over patterned chiffon dupatta.

These jacquard suits exude elegance with this chevron embroidery with thread and zari combined with anchor embroidery add-ons and embroidered dupatta. This design will surely make you stand out.

Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn 2020 Designs

Comprising of traditional embroideries and floral patterns. While touching the high ends of modernity. These dresses are available in all outlets of Asim Jofa in Pakistan as well as it is available online for national and international customers. Have a look at these incredible luxury lawn designs and get inspired. shop your favourite pieces before the stock runs out.

Mostly Designs include:

  • Shirt front
  • Shirt back
  • Sleeves
  • 2.5-meter dupatta
  • 2-meter trouser
  • meter embroidery borders/ if included
  •  embroidered neckline/ embroidered bunches for trouser/ if included

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Maria B Lawn Collection 2020 Best Pakistani Designer Summer Dresses

Maria B Lawn Collection 2020 Best Pakistani Designer Summer Dresses

Maria.B is the brand name that achieved the hall of fame through its great quality designs and tons of variety in female clothing lines. It has gained popularity equally among many classes of our society. Girl and women of all ages pursue their amazingly distinctive apparels. These apparels do not carry novelty regarding its designs, but it also carries exclusive adornments which keep these attires extremely appealing and glitzy. It has its unique way of the fusing trend with the style especially when it comes to traditional apparels. Maria.B has lifted the standards of trendy outfit for an age of girls. Today we will share the exciting range of best Pakistani designer summer dresses Maria b lawn collection 2020

Summer has just begun its journey, a lot of women seem to be wondering about the latest summer styles and clothing designs. Well! With the latest Maria.B summer collection 2020, all your worries will be gone. Here you can find yourself the range of dresses available in a pure lawn, mixed lawn, and cotton. One of the most prominent features of all the Maria.B collections is it has that formal and glitzy touch which you can carry anywhere special. It creates a balance with the delicate and elegant embellishments packaged with amalgamations of soft and dull hues.

This Maria b lawn dresses collection also seems to be having the epic collection of lawn chiffon and net dresses. The apparels are specifically designed for all sorts of formal occasions; these define the embroidery work in the thread, tilla, and decent applique work. This grey number is amazingly beautiful.

Embroidery is also done on tissue patches that give a superb look. Such dresses carry more distinct and bold hues with amazing sets of contrast. Embellishment around the neckline and use of motifs over the shirts look fascinating. The chikankari is seeking all the attention. Designed with all the sophistication.


Printed Shalwars/ Bottoms:

Maria B Lawn Collection 2020-2021 Best Pakistani Designer Summer Dresses

Medium length shirts with trousers and printed dupattas create a novelty in these attires.