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Top 10 Findings

Top 10 Women Best Winter Hair Color Shades 2019-2020 Trends & Ideas

Top 10 Winter Hair Color Trends for Women 2016-2017

The trend of hair colors has become so much popular from the last few years, coloring your hairs in different hues are good for opting a change in your personality but if you want to make sure if it’s a good change you must go for the perfect shade. As celebs are our source of inspirations when it comes to fashion and trends, similarly one can have a guide from their hair colors too, as they possess the most updated trends. Here you go with the top ten hottest Women Best Winter Hair Color Shades trends for this season.

Top 10 Latest Women Best Winter Hair Color Shades 2019-20 to Try


Bronde is a mixture of brown and blonde hair. Chrissy Teigen is blissful to have such pretty base color of hairs if your hairs also possess the same then you can add highlights to give the perfect blend that will help you look chic and gorgeous just like her.

Bronde hairs

Honey Blonde:

It is the 2nd among ten best Women Best Winter Hair Color Shades. Beyoncé is an inspiration of all time just like her hairs are a perfect example of honey gorgeous blonde hair color. This color fits when one’s not ready to go dark for fall nor her blonde to be bright either, you can look for the term like “medium honey blonde” on your kits.

honey blonde hairs

Buttery Blonde:

Mostly blondes want to change the feel of their blonde being then you must go for the color that is light with golden buttery tones. Look for “Light buttery blonde” or “Honey blonde” on at-home box kits if you want a shade like Gigi Hadid’s.

buttery blonde

Champagne-Y Red:

Isla Fisher, a sexy siren, her personality highly recommends going for champagne-y red shade. This color is best for darker blondes, also if you are changing your hair color than this color will not give you strange vibes. Terms like “strawberry” and “copper” are searchable for this color.

Champagne Red hairs

Cinnamon-Y strands:

Bryce Dallas Howard has perfect red hair color that is loved by everyone. The fiery and vibrant yet deep red color is perfect for fall. “Cinnamon” and “copper” are its searchable terms.

Cinnamon-Y strands

Medium chocolate brown:

If you are a brunette and looking for a subtle change, then chocolate brown is a perfect shade as of Natalie Portman’s. Search for “medium to light brown” on at-home kits to get this shade. Lets discuss some more Women Best Winter Hair Color Shades.

Medium chocolate brown

Brown with red accents:

Lana Del Rey, an all-time favorite singer and beauty queen, she is no doubt an inspiration just like her hair color here in this image. If you have a dark base, then go for shade that is part brown and part Auburn. “Dark Auburn” and “deep brown/auburn” are the searchable terms for this color.

Brown with red accents

Deepest warm brown:

Well, while speaking of shades of brown or the desire of dark than having a look on Kendal Jenner. To add instant dimension, add super subtle caramel highlights in here and there. “Brown-black” or “deepest brown” terms are used for this shade.

Deepest warm brown

Cool Chestnut:

You can mix up with your brunette look by going a little darker with your blonde. Light chestnut brown just like Jessica Alba’s shade gives a perfectly chic look for all time. You can look for “medium brown with golden tones” or “light chestnut brown” shades on your at-home box kits.

Cool Chestnut

Strawberry Gold:

Emma Stone has amazing strawberry gold shade with the hint deeper than that of the summer; it’s a perfect winter color. “Golden red” or “rich golden strawberry” are the terms for this shade.

strawberry gold hair colors

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Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines

Lifestyle and fashion is more than just clothing. But though footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or hairstyle are appreciable yet fashion gossips more generally involves clothing. Masculine or feminine, fashion world has no limit. Fashion magazines are being the routine of fashion-forward women since a very long time when the first fashion magazine was established back in 1586 in Frankfurt, Germany. Though India is mostly known for its ancient cloth design tradition yet fashion Industry of India is taking air all around the fashion globe. Similarly, if we talk about fashion magazines than we are talking more than just fashion like celebrity, relationship, lifestyle, tours & travel, shows, sex, beauty tips and much more. Here we go with the list of Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines of the Year!

List of Top 10 Best & Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines in India


VOGUE India is a total foreign owned magazine which was first released on 20th September,2007. Conde Nast India Pvt.Ltd which is a 100% owner of Conde Nast International first published VOGUE India.If we talk about the best magazine in India than VOGUE supersedes all others. It is like a pioneer of Indian women regarding latest vogue,trends, accessories, styles & all other aspects of fashion.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (3)


Other than updated fashion, SAVVY is known for the global knowledge it provides to women regarding well-being of a women. A women can be more is the hub of concentration in this magazine, as it provides the best tips so a women can re-shape its life just according to her will.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (9)


FEMINA an Indian magazine, first published in JULY, 1959.The magazine covers fitness, beauty & health tips. Other than beauty it also discusses on cultural flanks of Indian women. Celebrities, their relationships & lifestyles are being discussed in the magazine.Articles on cousines gives the handy tips to women via Femina as it is mostly run by women.The magazine also sponsored Femina Look of the Year contest, way to long time back in 90’s. Also Femina Miss India beauty peagent has been organized by FEMINA since 1964.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (7)

Marie Claire

Marie Claire, an International magazine has its disparate editions published in different countries & languages like U.S, England, Belgium, China, Australia,India & many others. It was first published in France in the late 1930’s.Other than beauty coverage, fashion updates, celebrity styles & tips the magazine negotiates different issues faced by women worldwide at daily basis.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (8)


Verve an Indian published magazine first launched in 1995. The magazine covers Bollywood, National & International fashion, celebrities, spotlights,photography,travellogue & all aspects of fashion & new trends.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (4)


Elle basically a French word for ‘She’. Elle was first published in India in 1996. The magazine was spawn to be as local as possible & not publishing too much International content. A complete women magazine aimed at ‘updated-metro women is the best selling women magazine all around the world. It covers fashion, beauty health tips & entertainment.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (3)

Harper’s Bazar

An American based women’s fashion magazine, first published in 1867 but also discusses the daily lifestyle needs of Indian Divas, celebrities.Harper’s bazar is a weekly magazine which covers fashion needs of the upper class & upper middle class women. It provides with different views on trends, photography, artists,writers, designers & the creative people providing their expert views on fashion.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Selling Fashion & Lifestyles Indian Magazines (5)

  New Woman

New Women is an Indian magazine with charming Hima Malini as its editor.This booklet covers topics about entertainment, news latest fashion update, styles & trends. It also discusses the women health issues, fitness & body re-shaping.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (4)


It is an International women magazine, published way to long time back in America in 1886.The magazine includes articles regarding relationships, sex, health tips, celebrities, women issues, clothing, styling,makeup, self-improvement,careers & well being of a women.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (2)

Woman’s Era

Woman’s era was first published in 1973.The main purpose of the magazine is to cover the lifetime of a women covering all aspects of women’s life including fashion’trends,clothing, trends, daily tips, stories, cooking, behaviors. The magazine also includes entertainment, poetry & much more daily life stuff.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines (1)

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Women Top 10 Best & Popular Summer Hair Color Trends 2019

Top Ten Best & Most Popular Summer Hair Color Trends for Women 2016-2017

Great hair with appealing color and magnificent hairstyle, all adds up to a woman’s beauty and charming persona. Keeping your hairs healthy and full of life or fine texture is an essential element of your beauty routine. Without perfect hairs, your whole effort on the makeover will simply go in vain. As summer is just around the corner, most of the girls do not only seem worried about how to tactfully keep their hair healthy but what color they should carry for the season. Selection of perfect hair color for yourself can be a tricky business as experts may say. But with the perfect hair color, you might end having the best outlook you have ever imagined. Today we will share the top ten best summer hair color trends 2019 with you.

Top Ten Best & Most Popular Summer Hair Color Trends for Women 2019-20

Down below, we have gathered here the top ten most alluring and fascinating summer hair color collection that girls should try for the coming summers. These colors are surely going to be the delight for this season.

1. Chestnut brown with golden highlights:

This combination looks great as it does not look too bold on the whole and the chestnut brown color seems to create a balance with the golden highlights. It can go with both the eastern and western outlook. Therefore, it is loved by many.


2. Balayage highlights:

These highlights give a soft and pastel effect to your hairs, yet it looks funky enough. These highlights can be tried in the variant of shades and colors. Either long hair or short hairs, these highlights enhance the shine of your natural hair.


3. Light brown with subtle blonde highlights:

Here is the fusion which can give an immense pleasure once you’ll try it and look yourself in the mirror. It is the best summer hair color to be selected for casual routines. It is that amazing contrast that is kept in the low tone which is why it looks so refreshing when you carry it. Especially in summers, such fresh look of your hairs will bring you loads of appraisal from everyone.


4. Honey gold brown with brown ombre:

Brown ombre is might be something common, but to have it blended with the honey gold brown is something unique and distinctive. As the brown descend to the tips of your hairs, it gradually blends with the honey gold shade which looks stunning.


5. Brown with golden highlights:

For years, this hair color combination has been in trend for summers, and still one cannot get enough of it. No matter how many folds the trend will evolve but the use of brown with golden highlights will never go out of the fashion.


6. Dark brown with caramel highlights:

For girls with naturally dark brown hair, this hair color trends is quite easy to follow with a little addition of caramel highlights. The perks of using caramel color in highlights are that it gives a natural outlook. Many of the Bollywood stars are even seen carrying the same hair color combo.


7. Red Black:

If you want yourself something chic style or funky, then you probably should try Red black. Girls of young ages love to carry it. It has that bold and strong outlook. But try to keep it natural and avoid too much otherwise it might spoil your entire persona.


8. Blonde highlights with brunette lowlights:

It is something distinctively tempting for a summer makeover. Blonde highlights look cool, and brunette lowlights give an extra weight and depth to your hairs.


9. Brunette with melted butter highlights:

Melted butter highlights are not so prevalent, but its combination with the brunette base color looks a lot prettier than you imagine. It is great to try for mid summers as the light tips add a refreshing effect to your hairs.


10. Ombre sombre Hair color:

Last but not least is the most famous ombre sombre hair color style, whether you want to try the same shades of brown, dark brown and light brown or you want to try a combination of lighter shade, all looks great in the ombre style.

Top Ten Best & Most Popular Summer Hair Color Trends for Women

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Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers – Hit List

Top 10 Best Pakistan Fashion designers of all Time

A very well said by Mark Twain an American author “Clothes make the man. A naked man has little or no influence on society.” Fashion is a language of mind, body and soul. It is not just wearing clothes, but yet it’s a lifestyle which means celebrations & one should celebrate everything. We see a lot of faces serving in fashion industries all around the world. Pakistan no doubt is the country with the fastest growing fashion industry. Here we go through some of the top known faces of Pakistan Fashion Industry which are known by people interested in changing their lifestyles and trends all around the world. They rank out not only national but also around the whole globe, countries such as America, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Malaysia and much more. Have a look at the short description of their fashion career, how they get started and how they are reached to glories? Today we will discuss the Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers list!

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers

  • Hassan Shaharyar Yasin – HSY:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (3)

Hassan Shaharyar Yasin, really a big name in the fashion industry. He was born in Lahore & still his residence place is Lahore. The man started his career as a fashion choreographer and had been working in fashion & style since 1994. Graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design in 2000, yet holds affiliation with La Chambre Syndicate De La Couture Parisienne, France. Not in Pakistan HSY is a very well known fashion designer all around the world. HSY is topping the list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers.

The man is known as a king of the fashion industry.He worked as both a choreographer & a fashion designer in many shows.HSY, one of the most recognised famous South Asian fashion label was first launched in 2000 starting as bridal wear and formal wear couture house, but yet HSY brand jewellery line is also introduced. He is a bridal couture expert. Hsy outlets are successfully running all around the globe. HSY clothing has approximately 14 display centres worldwide, in Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, UAE and Pakistan. That’s why it is known as the top fashion designer brand of Pakistan. HSY has also started show Tonite with HSY at HUM TV.

HSY- QMobile HUM TV Bridal Couture Week (3)


  • Asim Jofa:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (2)

           Another big name of Pakistani fashion industry Asim Jofa. Asim Jofa started his career by carrying the legacy of his ancestors as a jewellery designer for 12 years. He established a highly exclusive diamond boutique. The star has been certified in design by Central Saint Martins. He achieved great acclaim for his various collections like bridal, party wear, summer, winter, pret, etc. International Asian Fashion Awards also praised this star by awarding him as the best designer in 2012. Not only in Pakistan but Asim Jofa Signature Pret Line is prized in London, Canada, US and UAE. Jofa’s handcrafted masterpieces are getting air in the fashion districts all around the world.


  • Deepak Perwani:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (9)

Deepak Perwani is not only a well-known fashion designer but an actor too. He is also one of the most prominent members of Hindu Sindhi Community in Pakistan. His collection is a name of elegance. The industry is blessed with the most amazing varieties of clothes by him. Initially, he started to design luxury dresses, and his bridal dress line got a huge success. He participated in several national and international fashion shows. He is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers.


  • Fahad Hussayn:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List -Fahad Husayn

          Fahad Hussayn was born in Faisalabad. He first started his designer career from his home by designing clothes for his family.  He did his O/A levels from Beacon House Faisalabad and then joined Beaconhouse National University as a student of textile designing. His clothes are modern, traditional & based on simple cuts. He is known as the youngest designer with great potential. He is specialised in bridal wear, and his creations depict art, contemporary motifs and zari work. Fahad Hussayn is also planning to launch men’s, and kids wear.

Fahad Hussayn- Latest Bridal Collections at QHBCWjpg (2)

  • Maria. B:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (13)

       Maria. B is a very famous name for dress collection in a fashion world these days. Her dress collection is unique, trendy and up to date just according to the latest fashion trends. Maria. B designed an excellent collection of lawn in the year of 2014 for the fashion lovers girls. Beautiful Maria also introduced simple lawn prints with fancy, elegant necklines which add extra volume to the simple suits. The brand is famous for its different three suits traditional salwar, kameez, dupatta design. She is one of the leading and Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers. She has its labels as M.KIDS, M Girl, M Brides, Maria B Cotton, Linen, Evening Wear, Maria B Lawn, Casual collection and much more.


  • Bunto Kazmi:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (8)

         Bunto Kazmi is one of those top amazing designers of Pakistan whose collection are highly demanded and ranked in the industry. The lady has the inspiration of Mughal Empire fashion and so her creations often depict the reflection of Mughal era. Her designs represent Pakistani traditions on national and international ramps. The most fascinating fact about her bridal collection is that they are so uniquely designed as well as easy to carry. She knows the art of enhancing the beauty of a color with a perfect contrast.

 bunto kazmi - Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List

  • Shamaeel Ansari:

For three opulent decades, Shamaeel Ansari — more fittingly known by her sobriquet, the Czarina of Style — is among a handful of pioneering designers who continue to forge South Asian fashion’s esprit de corp.

Shamaeel’s signature couture collections are possessed with a quality of luxury and grandeur that trace their provenance, through her background and ancestral heritage, to the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. Contrast that with Shamaeel’s seasonal prêt collections where the quality and spirit of the brand is presented to clients in a more value-conscious way.

Shamaeel made fashion and history in the 1990s with a series of shows that were performed on location against historical backgrounds. These include the resplendently intricate Hindu Gymkhana, and, possibly the best remembered and most imitated show to date, The Orient Express, held at the City Station, Karachi.

Shamaeel pioneered the designer lawn market in Pakistan through her collaboration with the Crescent Group of Industries. From 2009-2012, she was a leader in the lawn industry for the international supply of Mass Apparel Fabric (Shamaeel-Sitara Premium Lawn), and was ranked for three consecutive years among the Top 5 in the lawn market.

Shamaeel is also the only designer in Pakistan to have chartered international markets and resources. She has worked across a network of international trade fares such as Market Week NYC, Heimtex Germany, and Magic U.S.A which led her to bring Donna Karen to Pakistan while developing products for companies such as Club Monaco, Canada and Eddie Bauer. These, among other associations, continue to catapult her brand both as a highly exportable product and, for countless international clients, a highly revered occasion.

Winner of the Lux Style Award 2011 for Achievement in Fashion, Shamaeel’s reign has evolved from the regal to the truly iconic. In her role as a mentor, Shamaeel serves on the board of directors of the Asian Institute of Fashion Design and Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design where she conducts lectures on the technology of fashion and the business of fashion merchandizing.

A graduate in finance and corporate law from the University of California in Berkeley, Shamaeel was the Chairperson of the Fashion Pakistan Council from 2010 -2013 and is now the advisor where she continues to cultivate the national narrative on fashion.

  • Zara Shahjahan:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (1)

           Zara Shahjahan is a fashion graduate of National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, just after that she started her design career in 2004. Sara Jahan is one of those people who successfully learned from the fashion ramp. A very talented, sophisticated fashion designer of Pakistan whose work is renown in the field of fancy and formal attires. After the success of her pret wear she introduced her own brand with the name of Coco.

 Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (12)

  • Nomi Ansari:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (15)

            The young shiny star has dominated the upscale fashion market with his sizzling design style since 2001 when he graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design. The young star is famous for his pret dresses and party wears. The man is also known for beautifully merging the eastern style with modern touch. His designs are ramped by most famous models like Nadia Hussain, Tooba Siddiqui, Iraj Fatima, Vaneeza Ahmed etc.

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017

  • Umar Sayeed:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (10)

           Umar sayeed needs no introduction, a name of ultra chic and glamour. His creations comprise of luxurious looks and dazzling patterns. His design empire has grown throughout the world that the demands of his romantic bridal collection is day by day becoming more. He is so creative that almost embellishments, motifs, palette work literally bow in front of Umar Sayeed.

 Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (6)

  • Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer (Sana Safinaz):

Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers - Hit List (17)

             Here we come with the most famous name “Sana Safinaz”, a joint collaboration of two gorgeous ladies Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Munir. The internationally acclaimed fashion brand is serving fashion business since almost 25 years. the couture, bridal wears, lawn by Sana Safinaz is the highly demand of market these days. Specially the lawn prints are way too awesome and preferred by most of the women. They both are included in the hit list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Fashion Designers.

Sana Safinaz Best Summer Lawn Dresses Latest Printed Embroidered Collection 2017-2018


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Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dress Designers – Hit List

Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List

A bridal dress is no charm if it is not well designed under the signature label of a famous fashion designer. A dress turns into a masterpiece if it is crafted by a fine expert. No bride would want to ruin her big day look by experimenting something new. Every girl goes for the original designer wear or designer inspired apparels. As many eminent designers are out there. So it gets a pain in a neck to decide for one. So today we have narrowed the bridal couture pieces designed by India’s finest fashion designers. Who have skills not less than any marvel. Let’s check out the Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dress Designers.

Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dress Designers- Hit List

Below we will discuss the top ten most famous and best Indian bridal dress designers who design the perfect wedding outfits. Let’s go.

Manish Malhotra:

Manish Malhotra is the king of Indian fashion. His latest bridal dress designs include all range of styles, be it lehengas choli, wedding gowns, shararas, sarees or gararas. His collection of fabrics worth of all appraisal here, as he always goes for something vibrant yet mellow and elegant. The work in zardozi, dabka, sequin, tilla, applique in gold, beige, and silver all is magnificent to try as a combo.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1) Manish Malhotra-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2)

Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Being traditional was never been this charming before, Sabyasachi selection of brilliant red, crimson orange and fresh pink shades always give her bridal couture a traditional Indian outlook. It’s tons of sparkling work all over it.

Sabyasachi-Mukherjee-Top 10 Famous & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers (3) Sabyasachi-Mukherjee-Top 10 Famous & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers (1)

Ritu Kumar

a burst of colors and volume is another name for Ritu Kumar’s latest bridal collection. All of her bridal dresses are enriched with royal pink, red, orange and faun. The volume of banarsi and jamawar fabric is making these lehengas luminous and vibrant. The jamawar patterns in gold are unique in themselves which are enhance by the embossed embroideries in dabka, zari, and zardozi.

Ritu Kumar- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2)

Ritu Kumar- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (3) Ritu Kumar- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

Neeta Lullu:

if any bride gets to wear Neeta’s latest collection she is surely going to take home all of the praises. As exquisite as it looks, Neeta’s latest collection provides ease with style. All these embellishments in dabka and zardozi are quite light in weight though concentrated more on the lehenga and lesser on the top.

Neeta Lullu- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) Neeta Lullu- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

Tarun Tahiliani:

Tarun Tahiliani is another name of fame of India’s fashion industry, Tarun creates magic when he put together his mind and creativity to design any bridal collection. His latest bridal collection is full of diverse shades of red, either in silk, in chiffon and jamawar. His silk lehenga collection with embellished dupattas are tempting.

Tarun-Tahiliani-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (3) Tarun-Tahiliani-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (4)

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla:

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are presenting this year one of the finest bridal collection with the extra twist of variant color combinations and diversity of embellishments all mixed together into single pieces of apparels.

Abu jani & Sandeep Khosla- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) Abu jani & Sandeep Khosla- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (3)

Shantanu & Nikhil

Shantanu and Nikhil are included in the list of top 10 best Indian bridal dress designers. always manage to create something high profile, pretty gowns with fancy glaring embroideries. The gowns in their latest bridal collection are magnificent with multiple panels and flares with shimmering cut and sequin work all over.

shantanu-and-nikhil-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) shantanu-and-nikhil-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

J J Valaya

Valaya’s bridal collection is full of variety, gowns, rocks, lehengas and sarees all is fused into one collection to present you the best of the choices. These are embellished with heavy border work and thread work over delicate net fabrics and work of tilla in gold.

J J Valaya- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1) J J Valaya- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2)

Rocky S

Rockey’s designs even amaze the great Indian celebrities so much that most of them love to carry his label to their weddings. Rockey’s bridal dress designs are worth opting for your big day. As they upgrade your look with shinning lively colors.

Rocky S- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) Rocky S- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

Wendell Rodrick

Wendell is included in the list of best Indian bridal dresses designers. that one Indian fashion designer who is acknowledged on the international pedestal for his different and unique designs of bridal dresses. His designs are far from traditional, his taste is heavily inspired from western fashion trends. His collection, therefore, contains fancy gowns in net and chiffon with layers of fabrics and sparkling light embellishments. White and soft peach or beige these are the hues which remained under the focus.

Wendell Rodrick’s (2) Wendell Rodrick’s (1)

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Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers- Hit List


Dresses designed for brides are not mere apparels but the emblem of our culture and tradition. Especial skills are required to turn such apparels into the must haves for all the girls out there. Therefore some of the most skilful designers bring out the best in them to design an entire range of mesmerising bridal dress. So don’t get caught up in your thoughts deciding for the best bridal apparel by the best fashion label, as we have narrowed down the list of top ten Pakistani bridal designers dresses and brought their latest bridal wear collection for the year. Let’s check Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers.

Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers List

Below is the list of Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers. That includes Fahad hussayn, sana safinaz, maria b, Nomi Ansari, etc. This list will help you in selecting the appropriate designer to design your bridal outfits. You can also copy the designs from this designers, customize your wedding dress.

10. Fahad Hussayn:

Fahad’s bridal collections are never seen in monochrome, always a splash of variant colors is there to amaze you. Even those bridals lehengas he crafts carries several panels in contrasting colors, purple with rust, orange with pink and hazel etc. If it is as soft as white then such Valima bridal dresses are coupled with colorful embroideries in thread and pearl work.


9. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer (Sana Safinaz):

Is there one thing for which Sana Safinaz is famous for, is the fine intricate unique embellishment thrown all over the bridal apparels designed under this label. The latest of their bridal dresses are again sparkling with the shimmers of zari, dabka, zardozi and cut work.



8. Asifa & Nabeel:

Asifa and Nabeel have given new name to simplicity special when it comes to bridal dresses. Their new bridal collection is simply more than awesome. This pastel faun dress with white silver and ivory embellishments will make you skip a beat when you see it with pretty red chiffon dupatta. Similarly green is coupled with the same soft touch.


7. Maria B:

Maria.B’s bridal collection are among most bought bridal apparels in the country. Her designs are close to more traditional Pakistani outlook. Heavy long lehengas with the bunch of flares and heavily embroidered shirts in red, pink and other refreshing hues are all there in her latest bridal couture of this wedding season.


6. Deepak Perwani:

Deepak Perwani ultimate creativity is again the highlight in his latest bridal dresses. These dresses are crafted in pure elegance. Peach, pink, ivory, faun and crimson red these are hues you can look for in this collection. Unique floral embroideries over good quality chiffon and georgette are making this collection even more exclusive.Unique floral embroideries over good quality chiffon and georgette are making this collection even more exclusive.



5. Mehdi:

Mehdi’s bridal dresses have always remained the pride of the fashion ramps. He even started his fashion career with the bridal wear. As of today his experience and skills speak for themselves through the crispy bold bridal designs of his recent collection.


4. Karma:

Yes, Karma is another big name of our fashion world. Maheen Kardar the real brains behind the label has always been creating magic out of those fabrics. The latest bridal collection by karma is again complementing the diversity of fashion designs with the range of sarees, heavily embellished lehengas, shararas, gararas, and gowns.

karma-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-2 karma-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-1

3. Umar Sayeed:

Umer Sayeed always goes for something out of the box, he uses the same combination of embellishments but always creates variety. The bridal wear theme for this year is always different from the rest, magenta, burgundy, plum, grey, pista green and tea pink are kept under the focus for traditional style shararas and gararas. He is one of the Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers.


2. Nomi Ansari:

Being one of the Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers, Nomi’s bridal wear collection also worth several praises. He crafts masterpiece for your big day. The latest of Nomi’s bridal collection comprises of multi-layered lehengas with long shorts or heavy gowns, all covered in heavy work of zari and zardozi.


1. HSY:

HSY’s unprecedented fashion career has indeed moved us all greatly. His latest bridal couture is going to move you more. Jamawar, chiffon, silk, georgette and velvet there is a combo of all dipped into gold and silver and adorned with heavy work of banarsi, zari, dabka, zardozi, pearls and cutwork.


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Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Models- Hit List

Top 10 Best Pakistani Models

Flaring up the ramp, Pakistani Models are second to none. They have always been representing the country at higher pedestal through their sheer potential and unflinching determination. Within the country, there are some great models who have been working in the fashion world for years and has significantly boosted the levels of productivity of Pakistani Fashion shows and events. Out of these outclass models we have narrowed down the top leading fashionistas of Pakistan who is loved and admired by all for their impressive outlooks and killing persona. We will discuss the list of Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Models of all times.

Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Models- Hit List

It’s not just about the looks and beauty but the way they have carried their talent of representing great masterpieces up at the ramps.
Down below are the top 10 leading Pakistani models of Pakistan with a little insight regarding their accomplishments in the fashion world. We are sharing the list of Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Models of all time.

10. RUBAB:

Rubab had accomplished great success in the fashion industry through her mesmerising looks and on ramp performance. Her delicate feature has made her the most demanded model for TV commercials and most of the music videos. She has now spent most of the years of her life working for the industry.



The heartthrob of Pakistan fashion industry, Jia Ali started her career at the age of 19 where she amazed her audience through her extraordinarily good looks and amazing style of ramp walk. And now she has become an international entity representing Pakistan in several other countries. Long before she entered into the industry, she used to work at depilex where her talent and beauty was first acknowledged.

Jia Ali- Top Pakistani Model


A great actress and a dancer, Rubya Chaudhry is one of the most talented and versatile Models of the country. Besides modelling, she had been the part of several TV dramas and shows. Tall height with dusky complexion has always made this model being highlighted under the spotlight and makes her different from the rest.



Hira Tareen is a born model, an eminent VJ and the most creative art director and a host. He was married to Ali Safina, who is also a popular figure of Pakistan fashion industry. She has a sharp feature with such a charismatic personality that it mesmerises her audience so deep and put the ramp on fire.

hira tareen hira tareeen.. hira tareeen


Another well-known figure in Pakistan’s media industry, a great actress, and a model, Sunita Marshal has married to a renowned model. Her first performance caught everyone by breaths where she appeared in the commercial of Garnier Fructis. She was later appointed to endorse a number of famous brands including Lux, Revlon, Pantene, and Sunsilk, etc. On the international pedestal, she also went to participate in Milan fashion week.

sunita sunita-5


The emerging eastern beauty of Pakistan, Amna Ilyas has gained much popularity in few number of years. She has not proved her modelling skills but also took her audience by surprise through her superb acting skills in a number of great acts. At a very young she started off her career, and now she made it through her natural boldness. She has also worked to endorse some brands such as Chenone, Khaadi, and HSY. Whereas currently supporting many others.

amna amna ilyas


The sweetie and the cutie of Pakistan Fashion industry, Cybil Chaudhry has the charms of killing her audience with a mere appearance. She has a very humble and peace loving nature, but she on ramp performance and confidence makes someone incredibly talented. Vaneeza Ahmed helped her to get into the industry from where she took the start, and now no can deny her success and popularity.

CUtkhAZUAAAAe1K cybil-chaudhry1


Next, comes the very talented Nadia Hussain, who in spite being the 35 years old mother of two looks as young as ever. Her personality still didn’t lose its charms, and she still has the potential to capture the gaze of its audience while walking down the ramp. Now she is also a successful TV actress, entrepreneur, and a professional dentist.



Mehreen Syed is someone who had been remaining consistent over the years, and gradually she has earned herself great respect and fame. She is tall, smart and designed to perfection. She now becomes the most expensive figure in the fashion industry due to her sheer popularity. She is also running an institute named International Fashion Academy of Pakistan IFAP. In 2007 she also had won the International model of the year award. Mehreen is at a 2nd number in the list of Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Models.

mehreen syed


Ayyan Ali stands at first in the list. She took an early start at the age of 16 and shortly became popular in the industry. She is famous for her professional attitude, politeness, and utmost efforts. Her popularity level has hit the bar due to her perfect height and figure. Ayyan is topping the list of Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Models.

ayyan ali -Ayyan-Ali

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Top 10 Leading & Best Female Indian Models of all Time

Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India

Indian Fashion industry has accomplished more than just representing famous brands and clothing lines; it has carved its individuality and novelty over the face of history. Same is true for the Indian fashion models who are not just mere faces with beauty but an icon, a celebrity with sheer skills and potentials. By far they continued to work with such diligence that the fashion industry was forced to push itself to a newer level of success and progress. In its long era of fashion history, many came, and many went, but some earned d fame with their great names.

Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India

Today’s article is all about to discuss the pride of Indian fashion industry, the top ten leading models of all time.

    1. Jesse Randhawa:

At number 10, we have the stunning Jesse Randhawa. She brings magic to the ramp with her presence. She is also named as the “runway Tigress.” Married to the choreographer Sandeep Soparkar, Jesse also proved to be an excellent dancer. She has her way of excelling in everything she does. Her mere presence over the ramp quickly overshadows others.

Jesse Randhawa

            9. Carol Gracias:

“Classic elegance” these words come to mind when you gaze upon the gorgeous Carol Gracias. Strutting down to the ramp she earns much appraisal and admiration for her appealing complexion. She also earned for herself India’s L’Oreal/ Elite Look of the year title. Besides modeling, she also made her appearance in many Bollywood movies like bluff master and few others.

Carol Gracias- Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (3)

             8. Ujjwala Raut:

Miss Raut happens to be the most successful supermodel of the country. She walked the ramp for the number of famous brands including Hugo Boss, Roberto Cavalli, Cynthia Rowley, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta and Victoria’s Secret, at some fashion shows. She was only 17 when she first won the award of Femina look of the year, from there she took a great start of her career.

Ujjwala Raut- Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (1)

             7. Nethra Raghuraman:

The great Indian beauty, another name for Nethra RAghuraman, won her first contest for the Femina magazine in 1997. In 2000 she also won the Best female newcomer title a Star Screen Awards. She is also won the most popular TV shows Khatron ke Khiladi hosted by Akshay Kumar.

Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (7)

            6. Bipasha Basu:

The hottie of the Indian Film industry, Bipasha Basu, still stands at 6th in the top leading models of Indian for her alluring looks. She has now become one high profile celebrity in India and among the paid actresses. She had a successful career in modeling before her acting career initiated, as of now she still walk for a number of runways for famous national and international brands.

Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (2)

           5. Diandre Soares:

Diandra Soares is not only a famous supermodel but also a talented designer of the industry and also a television host. It is the reason she earned more popularity and fame in such a small period. She started her modeling career at the early age of 20. Her first ever show for McDowell’s.

Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (4)

          4. Sheetal Mallar:

The Face of Maybelline, Sheetal Mallar stands fourth on the list. She initiated her modeling career from the first shoot for Danabhai Jewellers. Also worked for Armani and Fendi. In the year 1994, she had won the Elite look of the year along with the title of Femina look of the Year.

Sheetal Mallar- Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (10)

          3. Madhu Sapre:

Madhu Sapre needs no introduction, as she won many fashion titles and prestige in the industry. In 1992 she had won the Femina Miss India pageant. She is not only a great model but also made her appearances in several movies.

Madhu Sapre

      2. Nina Manuel:

The multi-talented supermodel of the country who also plays her role as host and the VJ. She hosted many shows like Nina at 9, after hours and Midnite Manuel. She first started her modeling career with the show for Ensemble from where she caught the attention of all the eminent designers. Very soon she was approached by a number of brands including Bausch & Lomb, The Indian Express, and Kodak.

Nina Manuel- Top Ten Leading & Most Popular Female Indian Fashion Models- Super Models of India (8)

  1. Noyonika Chatterjee:

At first, we have Noyonika Chatterjee, who with her unflinching believe in herself and charismatic personality earned herself great success over the past years in the Indian fashion industry. She had been walking on the ramps for the runway of eminent designers like Anju Modi and many others.

Noyonika Chatterjee

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Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Online Shopping Stores/ Websites

top ten online websites in pk

Online shopping trend has become so widespread that no country has left behind out of its impact. Even the country like Pakistan has recently gained new heights in this new trade venture. The whole new arena is established out there waiting for the customers to visit and click it to buy it. Hundreds of such websites are designed to engage internet audience. This web portal provides the wide variety of stuff on deals and lowest possible prices. Few websites serve as the platform to create interaction between the sellers and the customers. Although authenticity and reliability can sometimes be major obstacles to online trade and marketing public reviews, feedback, and comments guide you to the right way.

Top Ten Most Popular & Best Pakistani Online Shopping Stores/ Websites

In the recent decade, Pakistani cyber network has evolved significantly so does the online shopping portals. Out of hundreds of websites currently working, we have selected the top ten online stores and shopping websites in Pakistan that provides you all range of products from apparels to appliances etc.
Following are the top shopping websites in Pakistan:


Though this shopping website seems to be targeting one section of the society but still it has hit significant popularity level among the online buyers and prospects. This website provides all range of products designed especially for girls including cosmetics, apparels, foot ware and home decor products. ten online websites in pk

09. is an online web portal providing great deals which are ideal for shopping online. It covers almost every range and series of product. Apparels are largely focused here. Special discount offers and deals are also available on various electronics and mobile phones or headphones etc.

bytes-top ten online websites in pk


This website stands eighth on the list; it provides a list of options and choices for the visitors which are mainly categorized in to different sections of apparels, household items and appliances, products for home décor, electronics etc.



Like plenty of other websites discussed here, ishopping is also one great option to shop online. You can find plenty of stuff here that you desire. It includes all sort of apparels for every section of the society. Moreover it gives you many discount deals and offers to catch your sight in no time.

ishopping-top ten online websites in pk


It is one of the well-known online shopping websites in Pakistan. As it is highly interactive for its users it’s more pursued by customers to buy products related to latest technology, electronics, and gadgets for routine use.

symbios-website-top ten online websites in pk


This is an interactive and user-friendly website for shopping online. It’s mainly covers varieties of products from apple’s products to other cellular phones, laptops and electronic watches. It also provides clothing for both men and women. Not only this, but you can also find various accessories like jewelry, bags and cosmetics here too.

shophive-top ten online websites in pk


This site unlike many other popular websites in Pakistan mainly focus to provide electronics and latest gadgets including mobile phones, laptops, musical instruments, watches and appliances. As there is more demand for such stuff therefore this site covers this range of products.

vmart-top ten online websites in pk

03. is another shopping portal providing wide range of options for its visitors. People find all type of fashion related stuff available here in good quality and reasonable prices. Other than that you can also get electronics and bunch of other appliances for home and offices. Multiple accessories are also available in different price range.

daraz-pk-top ten online websites in pk


Kaymu is one of the most heard and talked about shopping website in Pakistan. Kaymu has various different sections with apparels for men, women and kids. It also serves to provide different deals to its customers more over it has different categories of accessories and appliances available on the website. ten online websites in pk


This is the ultimate web portal providing huge variety of home needed products, appliance and variety of other stuff. The quality of the goods compared to the prices is amazing and attracts customers from various cities of Pakistan. It provides electronics, gaming products, Cds, television cameras, laptops and computers. It also provides musical instruments. ten online websites in pk

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Top 10 Most Popular Best Indian Online Shopping Stores/ Websites

Top 10 Most Popular Best Indian Online Shopping Stores Websites

The emergence of online media or new media has opened many unique doors to completely new platforms. Gone are the days when people used to spend hours and hours on shopping and wandering from one to another. Now, your favorite outfit or favorite accessory is just a few clicks away. You can reach to any product in the world, sitting in front of your laptop. The worldwide web has offered a great platform to sell and buy products. It has provided the ease of accessibility. Online shopping is becoming the part of our routine. In fact, most of the people restricted by their busy routine, prefer to shop online than to visiting the markets.

Top Ten Most Popular & Best Indian Online Shopping Stores

Hundreds and thousands of web portals are acting as shopping website or online shopping stores. And each country has its shopping website and stores. Following is the list of top shopping websites and online stores in India:



This shopping website provides you wide range of products from household appliances to kitchen stuff, apparels, electronics, and gifts online. In 2008, this website earned the title of “best shopping site” by PC world magazine. It was created by one of the India’s fastest growing media network “Network18.” Its headquarters are established in Noida, UP India.

homeshop18-top ten online shopping websites in india


This website scored the 9th position on the chart. Unlike home shop, this website provides the wide range of clothing for men, women and children. Along with apparels, it also provides accessories like jeweler, perfumes, bags and cosmetics. It also has a separate section of home décor.

pepperfry-top ten online shopping websites in india


This shopping web-portal is famous for its exceptionally amazing Jaw dropping deals which attract huge range of customers. This site provides not only apparels but also mobile accessories, computer accessories and gifts.

shopclues-top ten online shopping websites in india


This shopping site is the leading website selling fashion and lifestyles products at best possible prices with high standards of quality. Many of the apparels like T-shirts and shoes or even watches are available at discounted prices.

myntra-top ten online shopping websites in india


It also provides the huge range of apparels from casual to formal wear and products for home needs. All products available on this website are listed at discounted prices. Therefore, it remains under the constant attention of the online customers.

jabong-top ten online shopping websites in india

05. EBay. IN:

EBay is not only famous in India, but it is famous worldwide for online shopping. For the past few months, eBay maintained it position at the 1st rank in rating but with the emergence of few other shopping websites in India, eBay now slipped down to the 5th. It has a wide community of customers across the globe, serving as a platform for many different kinds of products.

ebay-top ten online shopping websites in india


Initially, this website has started with providing the mobile recharge services and bill payment. But now this website provides almost everything, from apparels to electronics, laptops, mobiles and home décor. In a very precise period, this website has received much appraisal and popularity among the customers.


You had even come across various television commercial of this website. Yes! Snap deal is the most popular shopping website of India. It offer almost everything with number of deals, providing discounts and voucher for dinner at restaurants or getting services from any spa. Moreover, it provides products without any shipping cost.

snapdeal-top ten online shopping websites in india


This site was created in 2004, in within just a few years this company has turned into 60,000 Corer Company. This website provides you almost everything including Footwear’s, Clothing’s, cameras, mobile phones & mobile accessories, laptops, refrigerators, computer accessories, movies, music, televisions, air-conditioners, MP3 players, and washing machines.

flipcart-top ten online shopping websites in india


The name of this website speaks itself about the popularity of the site. It is an international web portal for online shopaholics, which is far more popular in India. Electronics, books, Cds and plenty of other products are available here.

amazon-top ten online shopping websites in india

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