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Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time – Best Selling Brands

Top 10 Best & popular Lipstick brands

There is nothing prettier, sexy and feminine than the best lipstick being wore by a women. Cosmetics are important to all of us but lipsticks play the role of backbone to look perfect ready.Lipstick is basically a cosmetic product which contains oil, waxes, pigments to apply colour, texture, and protection to lips.Dress your lips with smooth hold, full coverage and sensational effects by using the lipsticks of top best brands you ever know.

Top 10 Best & popular Lipstick brands

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Lipstick Brands of the year – Hot selling Top Tens

  1. MAC:

MAC name is enough for us all, as when it comes to buy cosmetics MAC is the one which is always been providing us with extraordinary glamour and fine quality. Initially MAC’s products were specified for makeup artists but now it is being sold worldwide. MAC products first got famous among celebrities but then other people were available to buy these products. The brand provides a wide variety of products for everyday consumer like lipsticks, eyeshadow, all types of liquid and stick foundations, nail polish, concealers, mascaras, eyeliners etc. Not only these products MAC also serves skin care products, makeup brushes and fragrances.If we specify MAC to lipsticks than it is the one with the most amazing shades ever providing the lips with beautiful shades increasing the beauty of a women. The best MAC lipsticks shades are true classics to the MAC cosmetics line.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (1)


Basically Lancome is a french luxury cosmetics and perfumes house which sells products all around the world. After successful launch of its first five fragrance products in 1935. it launches the other cosmetics in 1936. L’oreal being the parent company of lancome, as it is l’oreal derived. The brand has introduced many products which are aimed to improve skin textures. The good thing about the brand is that emerging fashion designers have collaborated with the brand and it is represented by super models, actresses, makeup artists and perfumers. Lancome lipsticks are most famous due to their smoothest touch and one coat fine work. Almost every shade is available suitably for all kinds of complexions. Velvet matte finish lipsticks and luxurious pumping lipsticks in a variety of shades are available by lancome.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (5)

  1. NARS:

NARS cosmetics line started with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then the brand has created various multi-use beauty products including blush, lipsticks,eye shadow palettes, bronzers etc. NARS products are being sold at differents stores in United Kingdom and United Stated. Rather they are available throughout the world. Where other products are widely used and liked by the people everywhere NARS lipsticks are the ones which stand by the top of the list among cosmetics gossips.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (6)

  1. CHANEL:

Chanel, name needs no introduction as it is known as the top most brand. First founded in 1909. This high fashion house specializes in haute couture, luxury goods, ready to wear and fashion accessories. Chanel products are not limited to make up accessories but the other various varieties in clothings, fashion etc are highly favoured and used by the customers. The brand is usually famous among the celebrities or high ranked people as it is a little difficult afforded brand. Like the quality in other accessories, lipsticks are not left behind in any way. The elegant products of the brand inspired women so much that to abandon the other brands and highly prefer chanel. How far chanel lipsticks are concerned it is one of best colour shades collection and high quality and long lasting ones. One who is going to buy this product is going to love it

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (2)

  1. DIOR:

Dior is a french luxury goods company, it designs and retails ready to wear,fashion accessories, footwear, leather goods, jewellery, makeup, skin care products and fragrance as well. Dior has many stores opened at different places of different countries which shows that it is one the most popular worldwide brand. Women usually prefer dior cosmetics, watches and perfumes. Most of all the lipsticks offered by the brand are way too awesome.

Top 10 best lipstick brands of all time

  1. Estee Lauder:

From 1946 till yet the company has been serving us with make up, fragrance, skincare and hair products. Headquarters lie in New York where as its stores can be seen worldwide like in Hong Kong, UK. Estee lauder cosmetics are day by day getting air among women around the globe. The speciality of its lipsticks are that they make ordinary colour to extra ordinary. The spectrum of fade resistant, long-lasting shades gives perfect stunning look to your lips. Their lipsticks are enriched with lip-loving ingredients that leave lips creamy and soft smooth.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (7)

  1. Makeup forever:

Another french cosmetics house being airing its cosmetics all around the world. The fine and best suitable skin products are launched by the brand. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and intense so that you can get perfectly pigmented lips at one core. Each shade comes in the seductive, lasting finish that suits its perfectly.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (1)

  1. Guerlain:

Guerlain is the name which continues to innovate and create high quality products. It is one of the oldest French perfume house. It is traditionally been held in high ranked brands for perfumes and now for other accessories as well. The brand has been the marker of luxury, skin care, cosmetics, accessories etc specially its lipsticks lie in the list of top 10 ranked lipsticks. The lipsticks are elevated to the absolute symbol of femininity. Red or pink, orange or maroon or any other it satisfies all the colours so perfectly.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (4)

  1. Bobbi brown:

Another big name Bobbi Brown, it is a world-renowned beauty experts who thinks and believes that makeup is the way women feel like herself. This amazing fashion house has been serving us with a huge so huge number of cosmetics majorly being used by celebrities and super stars but it does not mean local people can’t afford it in fact it has a big fan club of daily users all around the world. Bobbi Brown motivates that by wearing makeup a woman can feel more feminine and confident. Bobbi brown lipsticks are fully pigmented and mostly bright and shining. Other than that the lip glosses are available in various colours, shimmers and grace.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (3)

  1. Yves saint laurent (YSL):

The beauty house has been founded way too long time ago where it’s founder also died in 2008. The brand is aimed to provide the best beauty products including cosmetics, accessories and perfumes etc. As makeup showcases highest technology in featuring colours and jewel giving a perfection to one’s face and making a simple fade look pigmented with the best suited fresh colours. YSL lipsticks being famous are sheer,pure colour and are silky radiant. These are also easily available from stores at different places or various countries or one can buy it online through shipping.

Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time - Best Selling Brands (8)

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Top 10 Most Popular Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men & Boys

Top 10 Most poular Men Celebrity Hairstyles

Research shows that the most noticed feature in a Males personality is his hairstyle. It’s our common observation that stylish and unique haircut attracts our attention. Hairs have great impact on our personality. Hairstyle is considered as an aspect of personal grooming and style, but it is influenced by cultural and social norms. If we go back and have a look at history we see a difference in hairstyling around the world. People of Greece, Egypt, and Rome have their own styles which differ from each other. Italian were the first who started daying their hairs. In 15th and 16th centuries males from Europe shortened their hair length almost to shoulder length. In late 20th century male hairstyles changed almost dramatically, there was a huge variety of styles was introduced all over the world. People adopt these styles weather it was for long or short hairs.

Celebrities are always followed around the globe especially by youth, everybody want to copy his favorite stars look. Obviously they can’t copy their features but hairstyle is one thing that can be copied. Celebrities also changes their hairstyles on regular bases, which becomes fashion around their followers.

Here I’m gonna tell you about 10 celebrities, who are followed because of their hairstyles.

Top 10 Most poular Men Celebrity Hairstyles

Top 10 Most Famous Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men & Boys to attain a Superb Look – Hair Trends 2014-2015


No one around the world have been followed more than Beckham because of Hairstyles. This British footballer has introduced iconic hair styles, for past 18 years. Beckham started his carrier as a football player at the age of 17. From the very first appearance on global stage he impressed every one with his game as well as his stylish hairstyles. Although he has introduced retirement from game, yet he has huge fan following around the world. Beckham is still at top of our list, because you can easily get appreciation by copying his style.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (5)


John Christopher is an American actor and director. John have won many acting awards including golden globe award for best actor. Johnny have won hearts of millions due to his unbelievable versatility in movies. Depp’s looks especially his hairstyle makes him a teen idol around the world. 51 year old Johnny has introduced unforgettable styles, for you he is a person to look up both for long and short hairstyles.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (3)


When it comes to hairstyles Canadian pop star Bieber is most followed celebrity among teen agers. Bieber got fame in his early teens, and have been followed by many since then. Yet he isn’t go to long hairs but for you who are interested in short and cool hairstyles Bieber can be the man to follow.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (7)


Real Madrid and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo is most talked about footballer in our times. Ronaldo with his magical game has inspired all game lovers, but in our list he is at 4th spot because of his love for hairstyling. He currently is having a gelled faux hawk look, which doesn’t get disheveled even when he is playing football. So in smart hairs he is one to look up.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (2)


When you hear about Decaprio, first thing comes in your mind is TITANIC. Dicarpio got fame worldwide because of his Oscar wining acting in TITANIC movie. Since than he is also a style guru, whom people love to copy. Dicaprio introduced many popular hairstyles for last 20 years. Among you who are looking for decent and mature look Dicaprio’s hairstyle is best.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (8)


Brazil’s most loved footballer at present Neymar comes in this list at 6th spot. 22 year old star is also playing for his club Barcelona. Nemyar loves his life, that’s why he spends time on his looks specially hairstyles. His current hairstyle accentuates his youth with a longish fringe look with no hair on the sides. Specially in south America Neymar’s following is unbelievable.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (9)


Hollywood Actor and Director Brad Pitt is enjoying successful carrier for many years. Brad has an impressive look,with attractive haircuts he impresses all his fans. Brad has done movies with both long and short hairs. I think he can be selected as ideal by you who are looking for long or short hairs.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (4)


Lead vocalist of his band akcent Adrian comes at 8th spot. This Romanian singer has introduced hairstyles in short hairs which are popular around the world. Adrian currently have new look with no hairs on sides which suits him. In Europe and Asia Adrian’s hairstyles are adopted by many of his fans. For a cool look I suggest you should have a look at his haircut.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (1)


33 year old Timberlank is an Americian singer and actor. Since his appearance on tv in late 90’s Timberlank have been talked by many mainly for his stunning haircuts. For healthy faces his hairstyle is ideal, it suits best on such faces. For you who have silky thick hairs can follow his style.

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles - Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles for Men


Those who are not known to this guy, he is a British television and Radio presenter. Because of his impressive hairstyles he is in our top 10 list. George has unique and attractive hairstyles which looks good to him. 35 year old George started his carrier as Radio presenter. For professionals as well as those who are interested in long hairstyles he can be the person to follow.

Top 10 Most Popular & Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men (6)


Well as I have said already that hairs are most noticed feature both in male and females. A hairstyle can completely change our look, so always choose a haircut which suits your personality. It should also matches your face type weather it’s is thin and long or small and thick. Because good haircut increases your confidence and groom your look. I have tried to give you some idea which might help you in selecting your new hairstyle.

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Top 10 Most Popular Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time – Hit List

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time – Hit List

A big hello to my intimates! Here I have another article of great consequence, yeah it is pertaining to the best Indian fashion-designers. As the time is eluding, trends are changing and we’re getting slaves to fashion! It’s an era of style and vogue, where dressing well is considered a form of good manners! Therefore every year , in every season fashion designers launch their prêt-line. Designers endeavor to design dresses that are both functional and aesthetically satisfying. The fashion-industry of India is flourishing by leaps and bounds and has got successful in achieving fame and popularity through the world as a fashion-centric-nation! Previously , not many people knew about India and it’s fashion but it’s emerging and mounting industry has made it’s mark not only in the neighboring countries but in the international fashion-industry as well! And it is because of it’s designers that India is now in the top list of countries. Specially Indian fabric and it’s attire called “Saree” is well liked and admired throughout the world.

List of Top 10 Most Famous & Best Indian Fashion Designers of all the Time

India, a diverse nation though, has no typical or standard dressing style now a days. With the diversification of dressing-style, the style mavens have created a variety in dressing styles. Now people even wear shalwar qameez, sarees, churidars, kurtis, frocks, gowns, long shirts, trousers, jeans, capris, puffed sleeves, deep necks, in fact there is a fusion of western and eastern culture! In India fashion is put forward by the film-industry. In this day and age , Bollywood is considered a trend setter of Indian-fashion that revamp the top Bollywood celebrities. These mavens have not only fascinated Indian public but have also grabbed the attention of the world towards it.

Here we round up the faces that have taken Indian-Fashion and Indian-Fashion-Industry to the climax!

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List

  •  Manish Malhotra

The India’s dearest and beloved designer, known & appreciated not only by Bollwood’s-leading-ladies and men but also designs for Hollywood-superstars like Reese-Witherspoon and supermodels Naomi-Campbell nd Kate-Moss. He’s the one who brought vivacity, energy and colors to blockbuster movies like kuch-kuch-hota-hai, Dil-to-pagal-hai….He was also asked to design-clothes for Michael Jackson. He’s linked with the top international companies of Thai-Gems & Jewellers Association, Deutche-Bank, American-Express-Bank, Wizcraft, Moet and Henessey..

He entered Bollywood at the age of 25, by designing a dress for Juhi-Chawla and now at the age of 47, he’s the heart of Indian-industry!

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (6)

  • Wendell Rodricks

A prominent name in the Indian fashion-industry from the western-Indian region of Goa and is amongst the top ten India’s designers. He started as a catering graduate, later on moved to fashion-designing. He was the foremost Indian who was given invitation by IGEDO(World’s largest garment fair). He’s well-known for his passion for white and his modest chic style is a kinda rage among Indian-cloth lovers. In major Indian-news media, this multi-talented person has written exclusive features particularly for Goa Today, Apparel, columns for Femina and free-lance fashion journalism. He does the tasks of advertising styling, theater-designing and forecast portfolios. The ministry of culture , in 1994, exhibited his shiva temples compilation in Canton, Peking & Shanghai ,at the Festival of India. He’s eager at art-patron and puts forward the artists of Goa through special promotions at the Endell Rodricks Couture Salon. He did intern at the Fashion institute of technology , New York to learn how to preserve and conserve costumes.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (3)

  • Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

These boys Abu-Jani and Sandeep Khosla, as a duo are legendary in the fashion-circuit and earned success, hype, fame and attention. They were the first and the foremost to exhibit their work at Harrods, the UK luxury store. Though they lack in pro training, yet their designs are exclusive, distinctive and remarkable. All the time, they travel to the distant and remote areas in quest of the hidden-styles that are yet to be exposed. This creative coalition exudes talent and attitude!

  • Tarun Tahiliani

A most notable Indian-fashion-designer. He’s identified for his work in fashion-industry since 1987, and is another Bollywood-dearest. He got his degree from New York institute of fashion technology, and when came back, realized that there is a huge appeal of designer-wear in India, so he opted for being a dress-stylist and revolutionized the field of fashion in 1987, by opening his very first boutique in India with a name “Ensemble”. His own label is named as ”Ahilian” and in 1990, established his design studio “Tahiliani Design Studio” in New Delhi. This brand is well-known for artistic and perfect styles. His clothes are sold not only in India but also in London, New York, Tokyo, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (10)

  • JJ Valaya

Full name is Jagsharan Jit Singh Ahluwalia. JJ Valaya needs no introduction. Another eminent name, a couturier from New-Delhi and has an incredible bridal collection and master of hand-embroideries! He originated the “House of Valaya” along with his brother TJ Singh, in 1992, a lifestyle and luxury fashion house. It has revived and redefined age! In 1994, Valaya became 1st Indian couture-label to have a SOLO SHOW in India. He’s celebrated world-wide in London, Dubai, NewYork, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. It is said about him that he has combined future with past in the present. His pioneering and innovative designs guarantee that the majestic epoch of regal India will remain in power even in the present!

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (5)

  • Rina Dhaka

A leading name who embarked on the world of fashion in 1980’s. She won the Yuv Rattan Award and is counted among the modern-designers of the country. Best known for her theme collections, and focuses on silhouettes and is always busy in experimentation and introducing new trends! Rina-Dhaka has arranged shows in Paris, London, Singapore, Hong-Kong, New-York, Jakarta & Dubai . Rina’s Singapore shows in 2001 nd 2002 were her major victory! Even “Vogue” and “Elle” (International megazines) have featured ‘er work and fashion-designing is now her family business as her brothers Shantanu and Nikhil also joined her in late 90’s.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (4)

  • Manish Arora

He was born and brought up in Mumbai, and was studying to graduate in commerce whilst decided to alter his field and therefore applied for National-Institute-Of-Fashion-Technology New-Delhi. After graduation won the Best Student Award! Launched his label ”Manish-Arora” & started vending in India. Manish symbolized India at HongKong Fashion Week, in the year 2000 and also participated in the first Indian-Fashion-Week held in New-Delhi. In the next year he launched his other label “Fish Fry” , it was shown in six topmost Indian-cities. His future in our space stimulated line at Wills-India-Fashion-Week fascinated many international viewers, in 2007. Arora is an industrious man who’s always on the go! Because of his intellect and beautiful sense of styling, MAC has enrolled him to team up on a new project, the Raj-inspired-beauty-range. He also introduced his jewelry collection in 2012 that was much loved. He’s recognized for his eccentric amalgamation of western&Indian clothing that assemble perfectly!

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (7)

  • Rohit Bal

Another India’s old hand and expert designer, from New-Delhi and designs both for men and women! His outfits are worn by Bollywood-actresses and has been in the field since 1980’s. He was given a title of “India’s-Master-Of-Fabric-And-Fantasy”, in 1996 by Time magazine. He has quite perfect sense of creativity & each of his invention is crafed to excellence. He did his graduation from St. Stephen College of NewDelhi with a first class(hons.) degree in history and created his first traditional line for men back in 1990. His client celebrities include Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Cambell, Anna Koirnikova nd Uma Thurman and most of his fashion-shows are done in Singapore, NewYork, India and Paris and also is the brand-ambassador of Omega-watches since 2001.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (9)

  • Ritu Beri

A New-Delhi based stylist and was the first one to lead Jean-Louis Scherrer, a French-Fashion-Brand. Her collection is matchless! Her designs have drawn attention in Mumbai, Delhi, USA, London, Bangalore and Paris. It was 1987, that she did ‘er graduation from Delhi-University & then joined fashion-industry. In1990, Ritu started her distinguished career by launching her clothing-line named “Lavanya” that was a big hit! She signed up the National-Institute-Of-Fashion-Technology in 1988 that is linked to Fashion-Institue-Of-Technology in newyork.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (2)

  • Ritu Kumar

One of the reputed & primitive style-diva and is the most esteemed Indian-designer. Her dressing line has a diversity from traditional to the western! For the first time in India, she introduced the culture of “boutique” under the name of “Ritu”, Ritu has developed a unique style of her own depicting the Indian-ancient-traditions! Her outfits are worn throughout the world.

Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Designers of all Time - Hit List (8)

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Top 10 Best Men Watches of all Time – Hit List of Famous Brands

Top 10 Best Men Watches – Hit List of Famous Brands (5)

Wrist watches for men are strictly in top table when it comes to appearance besides DRESS and PERFUMES. Initially, the watches may design to show time of the day, as time being the wrist watches have become something men take pride on wearing, there is hundreds of watches in the world, yet only few are noted as best watch brands in the world which everyone feel some pride to wear it on special occasion. Choosing a new watch that fits your needs, style and budget at the same time is NOT a simple task! And that’s a fact.

Of course, there is tons of different things to discuss about wen it comes to picking up the BEST MEN WATCHES possible. And each person will have his own definition, ideas and thinking of good time piece. This top products will give you a best opportunity and definitely help you in achieving your personal goals. Below posted is the top 10 list, just look them if you really want a master time piece with elegant designs and cool features!

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (5)

List of Top 10 World’s Best Luxury Men Watches designs – Most Famous & Hot selling Timepiece Brands


Founded by LOUIS BRANDT in LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland, in 1848 with over 150 years of history. 21 times nominated as official time keeper for the Olympic games. Chosen by NASA as official chronometer in 1965. This brand of watch is the first watch to land on the moon with NEIL AMSTRONG. Omega watches are highly collectible and have such things which capture people’s interests and admiration.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (9)


Rolex is often termed as watch of luxury and passion, is next best brand for men in our list. Rolex is a most popular designer, manufacturer of watches luxurious watch brand int the list by forbes. ALFRED DAVIS and HANS WILSDORF founded Rolex watch brand in the year of 1905. In fact, Rolex is the first watch brand to produce water-resistant watches in the world enduring pressure up to 100 meters in water.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (1)


It is one of renowned designer, makes of watches and fashion accessories for both men and women. TAG HEUER is a Swiss watch company, which began their manufacturing since 1860. This watch brand produced many models of watches including timepieces to address racer. This watch brand has won many awards for its spectacular design and innovation, they are famous for their elegant models of wrist watches.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (2)


Citizen started back in 1924 with over 90 years of history. Citizen pioneered some of the world’s most well-known technologies used for creating, manufacturing design of highly quality watches. Innovation citizen watches have always been a top choice for every kind of people in fact, it is famous and best brand for ordinary people around the world. Now a days, this brand introduce a thinnest and light weight powerful timepiece in the world of watches and its most famous for that.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (5)


This brand has been running since 1875, 130 years in the history to date, All the company put their efforts to compete one another and make themselves as a world best brand. Like this, accutron marked a turning point in watch making for bulova. This company was once respectful rival to OMEGA in the race to become a first watch that lands on the moon during 1960s. In 2008, citizen holding bought Bulova and they’re now the world’s biggest watch manufacturer.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (4)


This luxury watch brands has traveled a really long way since the day one it was founded in GIOVANNIS as a little watch shop. Although its headquarters still operates in FLORENCE, it’s manufacturing plants are located in NEUCHATEL, SWITZERLAND. It offers a nice mix of swiss quality and Italian design, best of the 2 worlds. There is some most famous, precious and notable wearer which wear this exorbitant brand like SYLVESTER STALLONE, BILL CLINTON AND ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (7)


This awesome watch manufacture has headquarter in GENEVA (SWISTZERLAND). They design and manufacture watches including complicated mechanical watches there most achievable item is the manufacturing for HENDRY GRAVES, which is known as super complication, After the death of henry, this design sold for 11 million usd. This watch was the most expensive watch at that time. This brand consider as the most PRESTIGIOUS WATCH BRAND in the world to wear even the queen VICTORIA worn the PATEK PHILIPPE TIMEPIECE pinned to clothing and because of these qualities, this watch brand is termed as the one of the best watch brand a men could have.


Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (10)


This renown brand breiting was founded in 1884. This luxury swiss watch brand pays their attention in three main categories AVIATION, DIVING and LUXURY and there usage materials of Breitling watch is only Swiss components. One interesting fact of this brand for men is EMPLOYEE will receive a breitling timepiece  when they work and leave from the company. The model, they are about to receive is based on their position and other factors. When employee leaves the company they gets an opportunity to buy a Breitling watch at some discount’s prices.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (8)


This is swiss brand, manufacturers of watches and well known for its most expensive luxury $5 million watches today. CARLO CROCCO founded this famous brands in the years of 1980. This brand spread over 160 different countries around the world. Hublot have gained fame all over the world for its spectacular watch design and luxury. These watches are well known for its unique and attractable style. One more thing I wanna tell you about this brand is that Hublot brand is also serve as the official watch for FOMULA 1 and FIFA WORLD CUP. This is one of the most expensive and luxurious best brand for men in 2014.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (6)


Lange uhren GmbH’s trade mark ” A. Lange & and Sohne” was founded in 1985 by FERDINAND ADOLPH LANGE. There headquarter is in Germany, After the administration of Soviet has taken over the properties of this popular brand. Lange sohne is termed as one of the world’s leading timepiece manufacturers for producing high-end watches for men. There collections is designed by mechanical movements rather quartz movements. A Lange sohne has distinct collection of timepiece which are made of GOLD and PLATIUM ESCHEWING swiss features. This make that things which is absolutely suitable to wear in grand parties.

Top 10 Best Men Watches - Hit List of Famous Brands (3)

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Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time – List of Hot Selling Brands

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time – List of Hot Selling Brands

Without a perfume a gentleman’s personality is regarded as incomplete. Who said that only women can be seductive? Men can also to bring out that amazing and magnetic charm in them, so that’s why in this case approaching towards a good suitable perfume is the best way to do that. Being graceful and feeling like a celebrity shouldn’t be a secret anymore, since with these top 10 Most Selling Seductive Perfume Brands and Best fragrances for men, any man can complete his look.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands

Hit List of Most Seductive Best Men Fragrances & Hot Selling Perfume Brands of all Time

1: Guerlain home by guerlain for men eau de toilette Spray:

Guerlain home is one of the most popular perfumes for men, being a representation of classic fragrance combined with masculinity and style is a non-aggressive scent. Because of that, many of the men consider it to be the best perfume ever created. Given the fact that it also last very long, there is nothing any man could ever fing wrong about it. It was presented in 2010 as an ice-fresh fragrance which opes with citrus accords of bergamot, grapefruit and mint, adding geranium, rum and lime. This perfume, this fragrance is created by perfumer THIERRY WASSER.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (10)


It’s actually a summer perfume it used by men during summer who dressed casually. It is very popular in every class of men even it utilize in middle class family. Even though this perfume was launched recently. It had a great impact on men and it became very popular because of that fragrance. Its had awesome gift for men due to interesting combination of notes, its fragrance resembles the fresh seaside air.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (4)


Many people know the success channel has enjoyed due to its perfumes. When it comes to the allure sports though, this is one of their most popular fragrance for men and it combines mandarin, aquatic, orange and Atlas cedar notes to offer a balance between woodsy and sweet fragrances. The fresh, sensual men’s fragrance gets a burst of energy from an infusion of sparkling citrus. The sporty scent, noticeably lighter now, exudes a new found freedom, a sense of spontaneity, non-stop vitality.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (8)


To impress a wonderful women, men don’t really need to be rich. Challenge is a freshly scented, versatile and affordable perfume that can attract women like magnet. This is very seductive fragrance and women will be attracted to man wearing it without him even having to utter a word.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (2)


Boucheron present its wide range of fine fragrances for men and women. From its superior tones to its packaging bottle. Boucheron is an award winning and very attractive fragrance for men. It has some really interesting signature scents, including verbena, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, moss, orange, juniper berry, heliotrope and geranium just to name a few and it’s a perfume that’s practically crafted for style and distinction. Jaipur home takes inspiration from the marvelous garden of the MAHARADJAS and bears all of the precious codes of MAISON BOUCHERON.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (7)


The Gucci brand actually known for its elegance, fashion and style but whenever it comes to their perfumes it also holds true. Men who want to remain unbelievably seductive and also maintain a casual style will certainly want to consider using this perfume. Their notes profile includes bergamot, violet, calone and cypress, while its middle and base notes include jasmine, black pepper, sweet tobacco, amber and cedar wood and warm incense of leather accord respectively.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (1)


This classic fragrance for men is design for men who are looking for lingering, yet at the same time not an overpowering perfume they can wear on casual or evening wear. Contradiction has some pretty amazing masculine scents combined in one bottle and some of them are sage, vetiver, lime leaves. Sandalwood and nutmeg.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (3)


Men who have an actively lifestyle and want to always stay fresh will lobe the scent of hugo boss. This is basically a perfume that combine the finest and manliest ingredients, including green pear, patchouli and must to create fragrance that exudes an enigmatic sex appeal. Any women attracted by that men who are wearing and magnets.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (6)


By spraying this perfume either on the skin or outfit will instantly make others turn their heads, especially when it comes to the ladies. There is one perfume in MONT BLANC LEGEND COLOGNE BY MONTBLANC which a truly seductive perfume fragrance that will linger in ladies mind because of its unforgettable, elegant and fresh scent. There are different notes which is more famous by the men just like as pineapple leaf, bergamot, sandalwood and tonka bean.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (5)


This perfume is a bestseller and it’s generally considered by men who love appealing and sexy perfumes. Modern men who love chic, yet natural fragrances for formal or casual occasions will immediately fall in love with L’EAY D’ISSEY’S amazing scents. As like other, there also some notes include yuzu, musk, coriander, geranium, nutmeg, lily and tangerine.

Top 10 Most Seductive Best Men Perfumes of all Time - List of Hot Selling Brands (1)

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Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time – Hit List of Hot Selling Brands

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time – Hit List of Hot Selling Brand

Hey Girls! Going somewhere out? Want to look bonnie and more attractive? Yes you want to make your makeup to look perfect. Makeover is the part of approximately every girl’s routine whether she is an office girl or a college girl, celebrity or a party girl or else. So girls are too sensitive regarding accoutering, one can say that the most favorite job of a girl is shopping, getting ready, clothing, cosmetics and shoes. And seriously if I talk personally than I do love going to shopping specially the most favorite shopping spot of me is cosmetics shop where I can see the number of new products of various brands lipsticks, eyebrow bars, skin care, blush, eyeliners, mascaras, foundations, nail paints, concealers In fact a huge number of beauty enhancements. Hey girls by the way we talk so much about cosmetics but actually what’s inside it, cosmetics are actually the care substances which we use to enhance the odor of our body, generally the mixture of chemical substances which may derived from natural resources or synthetic.But choosing the right ones is the matter of masterliness as its about skin. Cosmetics the appearance without affecting body’s functions or structure.There are numerous leading brands offering a range makeup. For Example Luscious, Maybelline, Max Factor, MAC, Revlon, Lakme and many many others.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brand

Hit List of Top 10 Best & Most Selling Liquid Eyeliners Brands of all Time

Though beauty products has a limitless discussion but if we chew the rag specifically about eyeliners than there are various types for e.g cake liners, liquid, gel etc. and styles and ways of wearing eyeliners i.e thick volumetric, thin or depends on choice of a women. There are so many top used eyeliner brands which mostly women purchase. Here we go with some of the liquid ones or you can say top 10 of them:

  1. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner:

The very popular and highly demanded one in the market since it is launched. It gives an intense shiny black colour to your eyelashes boundry having a really precise brush ensuring you the most thin and neat line that you desire.As the brush is ultra-thin so maybe one can have hazards in making a best thick line but definitely all the other liner problems are sorted out by using this amazing product. Oh Dear God! yes a little sad thing is that it is in very tiny quantity so fears of it getting over sucks but don’t worry purchase as many as you want to because what’s important is to look sexy and attractive.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (7)

  1. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner:

Ok now let me review the ultimate eyeliner by colorbar, the most interesting fact about it is that it is long-lasting and does not flake, peel,smudge or crack. It is easy to use for those people who wear contact lenses as due to its no side effects. Other than black it is available in two other basic shades i.e brown and blue. It has highly defined flexible tip applicator. Another advantage that it is a handy perfection for the beginners.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (2)

  1. Lakme Insta Liner:

Another amazingly used liner with a very benefit of being water resistant and affordable for all. Let me be clear girls, there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant means no smudging or smearing. It is a lightweight product so damn easy to carry. The drawback of the product is that it takes a little time to dry so you cannot wear it when you are in hurry for going somewhere in just a time so it may spoil the other makeup you have put on your eyes, also the bristle and texture needs improvements but overall its a fascinating one.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (4)

  1. NYX Liquid Eyeliner:

               One of the most favourite by makeup artist because it provides the bold and intense color defining and amplifying the eye. It is a long lasting formula, it remains fresh all day long. Its thin brush applicator allows drawing the thinnest lines on your eyelids.A very easy to handle eyeliner with fantastic collection of shades.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (8)

  1. Colorbar Color Intense Liquid Liner:

               Colorbar launched liners in different shades back to a few time before. The most favourite among shimmer lovers. It has thick opaque consistency providing an ease in applying, another advantage is that it is so easy to remove also it is not irritating. No streaking hazards as it glides evenly.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (2)

  1. L’OREAL Paris Super Liner Luminizer:

              L’oreal itself a very popular brand with its amazing products and if we talk about this one than its a very fine sleek tube with a golden handle. It is best for the thick making of eyes but can create trouble for the thin flicks using its slightly stiff tip yet quite pliable and easy to work with it..

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (1)

  1. Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner:

               Lend a mesmerising look to your beautiful eyes by applying Lakme Fantasy Shimmer. The liner has very smooth texture, a gel like consistency so no blobbing and running facing. No coding required as its one layer gives enough intense strong line. A really really best one among eyeliners.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (6)

  1. Revlon Fabuliner:

             Maybe not one of the darkest blacks but one more coat can bring to depth to accentuate the appearance of eyes.Using its slender precision brush you can draw a very fine neat line along the eyelash on the upper eye lid. It has a bulky packaging with in a cylindrical form with long holder.Another good about it is it dries very quickly and is very smooth to apply but its not waterproof.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (9)

  1. Elle 18 Blackout Liner:

               Elle 18, a water resistant as it does not budge after putting it in water but can easily be removed by rubbing it with water hence it is not waterproof.It is so easy to carry as it comes in a very attractive and cute small pot size bottle.It is easy to apply and certainly hot favourite mostly among teenagers.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (5)

  1. Maybelline eye Studio Hypersharp Liner:

                 Maybelline an all time favorite and famous brands is providing this fine tip eyeliner so handy to apply.A true hero product with ultra fine brush tip, easy to apply, dries up quickly and non-smudging. Another fring that if you are looking for something affordable than you are at the best place. It is beneficial for those who wear contact lenses. It creates an ultra thin and sharp lines, in short a choice of perfection for girls.

Top 10 Best Liquid Eyeliners of all Time - Hit List of Hot Selling Brands (3)

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Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time – Hot Selling Brands

Top 10 Best Branded Ladies Perfumes of all Time – Hot Selling Brands (10)

Hello all and sundry! Hope you guys are booming, glowing and doing great. Today I’ve brought for you something really effective and stupefying. You know each year with the change of seasons, fashion trends also change, whether it’s clothes or accessories, jewelry or perfumes! There are a few matchless and inimitable things that can let others know about us without utterance. And for sure PERFUMES lie in such category! All of you must have heard of this quotation: “You are never fully dressed without a perfume”! Wearing a fragrance is not less important and imperative than wearing clothes and accessories. Perfumes are foremost items in a women’s wardrobe, taking that into consideration, I’ve decided to write an article about 10 BEST AND SULTRY SELLING LADIES-PERFUMES. Hope you will all admire it and don’t forget to give a sociable feedback! Also this list of aromas lead the world’s fragrance chart.

Top 10 Best Branded Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (10)

List of Top 10 Best and Most Selling Perfume Brands for Women of all the Time – Hit List of Ladies Fragrances

  •  CHANEL NO.5

While talking about elegant and classy perfumes&fragrances, then one can’t close their eyes to CHANEL. This was first launched in 1921 by ERNEST BEAUX and is one of the best selling scent in the world! CocoChanel created this enduring cologne with traces of vanilla, jasmine, may rose, aldehydes , lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and amber, a light and fresh combo that symbolizes womanliness and delicacy in every possible way. Perhaps it is worn by many superstars and celebrities which makes it the most renowned scent of all times! The day it entered market and till now, ladies fall for it with same affection and devotion. An iconic item indeed!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (8)



CK has many different perfumes in market but it’s euphoria is possibly an optimal and iconic one! It has pretty good redolence and is economical as well. Most of us for sure have tried it out, or otherwise know how it smells. An elixir of persimmom, black orchid, green orchid, pomegranate, liquid amber, lotus blossom, champacca flower, black violet, cream accord and mahogany wood. It is a distinction between seductive florals and exotic fruits! It is an exclusive product for ladies, available in a charming bottle.

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (9)


When speaking in terms of aromas, then ignoring POISON BY DIOR would rather be inequitable and unfair! This spicy and warm poison is an amalgamation of tuberose and coriander- a matchless and unique odor in the market. Although it was introduced in 1985 by the design house of Christian-Dior, but is still categorized as oriental, luxurious and splendid aroma! It is Dior’s ultimate weapon of persuation. It’s outstanding alchemy is created by a rich mélange of fruity, spicy and amber notes. A true magical combination!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (7)


Bvlgari has been around for over many years. Their distinguishing jewelry designs have differentiated them as one of the foremost suppliers of style & beauty! This brand created a collection of perfumes that are equally as sumptuous & luxurious. It was first initiated in 1994 in the market. An enigmatic and compelling cologne extremely admired by all. Gallant and strongly feminine, a woody-floral combo along with accents of almond and licorice & jasmine, adorned and much loved by many! It has acquired so much eminence as is in the favorite-perfume-list of celebrities as well !

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (1)


Some perfumes are born legends ! For all the daring and audacious ladies, GUCCI has brought a terrific and incredible product for you guys. It is seductive and is a must have thing for all the tender people. A blend of pink pepper, lilac, mandarin, peach, amber, geranium and patchouli having a daring, sexy style. It gives a stylish overall effect with fruity & floral notes. A breathtaking smell that was released in 2010 . To be honest, it’s an out of this world thing!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (5)


In 1925, Jacques Guerlain created Shalimar as an accolade and tribute to renowned love story between monarch SHAH JAHAN and his beautiful wife MUMTAZ, for whom TAJ MAHAL was built. Shalimar is named after the “Gardens-Of-SHALIMAR”! It was mumtaz’s beloved garden. SHALIMAR-BY-GUERLAIN is the most victorious and enduring odor. It is composed of vanilla, iris, amber and bergamot with a classic , romantic and light whiff. It is truly an optimum fragrance out there!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (3)


Another recognized brand-name! It has been introduced as a part of BURBERRY-BRIT-FAMILY. Brit Rhythm is motivated by the power of live music and contains notes-of british lavender. It makes our list because of it’s elegant, light and incontestably impressive scent! Once wearing it, people are surely gonna ask which scent you are wearing!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (6)


A truly romantic fragrance preferred everywhere. It is a banquet for senses! Women wearing this one will certainly receive scores of admiring compliments. A mingle of sweet and bitter scents that lasts for the whole day. The woody touch with a mixture of flowery-notes shows up the sensual side of any lady. It is a best option for all ages!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (4) Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (10)

  • Jimmy Choo

Jimmy-Choo is one of the top and paramount-brand of the world. This product gives off self-assurance and cheering attitude and gives wearer a sensation and feeling of real amusement! It is new and has a sweet fruity chypre & woody depths that you can wear in a multitude of occasions.

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (2)


A woody and citrus perfume unveiled in 2001 and is a creation of Olivier Cresp. It is mainly composed of cedar, bamboo, Sicilian lemon, rose, bell-flower, apple, musk, jasmine and amber making it ideal for summer season!

Top 10 Best Ladies Perfumes of all Time - Hot Selling Brands (1)

Some More Popular Brands of Ladies Frangrances / Perfumes

Above discussed is the list of TOP-10. But there are some other well-known and prominent brands with an exclusively magnificent and fantastic essence. Their names are listed below:

  • Coco Mademoiselle Chanel
  • Daisy By Marc Jacobs
  • J’Adore Christian Dior
  • Chloe
  • DKNY Be Delicious By Donna Karran
  • Opium by Yves SAINT LAURENT
  • Burberry Brit Burberry
  • Classique by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER
  • Armani code by GIORGIO ARMANI
  • La Vie Est Belle Lancome
  • Angel Thierry Mugler

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