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Cotton and Silk Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2023 Eid Pick

Cotton & Silk Embroidered Kurtas Shalwar Kameez Collection for Men

If you have been craving for a new style and a hint of grace in your life, then this is the right time to check out the latest collections from your favorite brands. Cotton and Silk, One of the leading brands of Premium Eastern Wear Wardrobe for Men, is all geared up to lead the Men Fashion in eastern wardrobes yet again. They have launchedCotton and Silk Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2023-2024 Eid Picks

Offering designs curated with perfection. Where fabric holds no match with any, and style so elegantly modest, you just need to go back to the traditions of fashion that has a class of its own.

Adored by masses as most look up a brand for the traditional and ethnic menswear, it’s no question to ask when you need to style up with a collection that gives a premium look, you just need a wardrobe from Cotton and Silk. With festive celebrations around the corner and owing to the importance of the Kurtas and Kameez Shalwar,  Cotton and silk are not staying back to lead the festive fashion for men yet again.

Cotton and Silk Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2023 – Exclusive Eid Picks

Introducing their much-awaited Eid Collection 2023 with their most diverse range in both style and colours for every category Cotton and Silk has to offer. Be this in Cotton Kurtas, Traditional Kameez Shalwar, Designer Kameez Shalwar, Embroidered Kurtas, Embroidered full suit to even in plain waistcoats and designer waistcoats. It’s an Eid celebration that calls for a premium look. And you can’t compromise on that. So keep scrolling as Men’s wardrobe now hits a new benchmark in an ethnic fashion masterpiece, which is best represented under the name of Cotton & Silk.

Cotton Kurtas

The brand has brought out a mesmerizing range of colors in the Cotton Kurta collection. Which is perfect for carrying as casual wear.
Each Kurta in this collection is designed with a basic minimalist style with no embroideries. It has a mixture of soft and vivid colors, giving the collection a much-needed diversity. You can carry these Kurtas with plain pajamas, with Shalwar or even with jeans. Their light to carry and quality fabrics make them a perfect fit for men’s wardrobe this season.

Traditional Shalwar Kameez

When it comes to Cotton and Silk, their traditional Shalwar Kameez collection has so much to offer. Firstly because it is a perfect way to style yourself with the plain and decent Kameez Shalwar. These suits are designed in a variety of soft and dark hues that ensure diversity of choice. The light in touch and comfy fabrics of this Shalwar Kameez are perfect for all the seasons. If there is anything you should carry this Ramazan, it is these simple yet attractive traditional Kameez Shalwar from their new collection.

Designer Shalwar Kameez

Yes, you can also pick something as classic as the Designer Shalwar Kameez from the extensive range of varieties by Cotton and Silk. , which is designed with a mix of colours and special designs. There are Kameez, which are paired with contrasting and elegant borders around the collar and collar line. The same then is kept through single apparel, which gives them an elegant and formal outlook. They are neither too fancy nor too casual. So, you can carry them to your get together and how can one forget especially when its Eid!

Embroidered Kurtas

Cotton and silk extensive varieties in embroidered Kurtas are a must to checkout. With premium fabric for summer and mid-summer season. The lightweight comfy Kurtas are available in most trending colors, and in other soft hand dark hues, which are must try this Eid ul Fitr. These embroidered Kurtas are a big catch for the elegant style you need to carry this Eid. Something that we say to you all ‘A must buy’. Carry these pieces to all the formal functions while enjoying complete comfort and ease. Style with comfort is the new buzz for Men Fashion this Eid.

Embroidered Full Suits

One of the most exotic designs comes from the creative teams of the Cotton and silk, where they have mastered the art of turning every type of fabric into a masterpiece.  With its unique full suits variety, which is studded with intricate and sophisticated embroideries. These apparels are perfect for carrying on festive occasions you always wanted to dress up for. This men embroidered full suit collection from Cotton and Silk is known for its minimalist designs something you will find really hard to pick one, from so many options.

You can directly buy the Best Pakistani Kurta and Shalwar Kameez online from their official website and get your favorite design delivered right at your doorstep in 2 to 3 working days. Or for further information, you can contact their support team by visiting

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