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Latest Men Summer Kurta Shalwar/ Pajama Designs 2024 Collection

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In Pakistan, the Fashion industry is mainly associated with the female segment of society. But over the past few years, this industry has evolved to bring out the best of style in men. Trends in man’s apparel have resurfaced over the fashion horizon, and as for now, no one can deny the emerging versatility in the men’s wear collection. Eminent clothing lines are working to produce distinctive designs for women on one hand and striking attires for gents on the other. Epic creation of western and eastern apparel is the ultimate objective of all the famous clothing brands in Pakistan, whether it’s J. or Bonanza, Khaadi, Maaz Jee, Gul Ahmad, or Ittihad, etc., all have shown high competence and valued output in the field. We will post the designer collections of Latest Men Summer Kurta Shalwar Designs.

This article is going to unleash the latest summer trends for men. As far as clothing is concerned man’s collection is often seen as less variant or versatile, but this year the whole new summer collection for men is going to change your perception altogether. Gone are the days when shalwar kameez or pant shirts were the only two combinations preferred for eastern or western clothing respectively. Now designers recreate a fantastic fusion of both, gents of all ages now love to wear stylish Kurtas with jeans and pants. These Kurtas are preferably carried in summer, as they are comfier to wear and give a handsome outlook.

Choosing the Right Summer Kurta Shalwar/ Pajama for Men:

For summer, consider wearing a kurta made of a lightweight and breathable fabric such as cotton or linen. Here are some tips for selecting a summer-appropriate men’s kurta:

  1. Opt for lighter colours: Dark colors absorb more heat and can make you feel hotter in the summer. Lighter colors like pastels, whites, and creams will reflect more sunlight and relax you.
  2. Look for breezy fabrics: As mentioned earlier, cotton and linen are both great options for summer as they are lightweight and breathable. Other good options include rayon and chambray.
  3. Choose a comfortable fit: A loose-fitting kurta with a relaxed silhouette will allow for air circulation and help keep you cool. Avoid tight-fitting kurtas that can make you feel uncomfortable in hot weather.
  4. Check the details: Look for kurtas with short or roll-up sleeves to help keep you cool. Also, consider a kurta with a mandarin collar or a V-neck, which can help with ventilation.
  5. Please keep it simple: For summer, it’s best to keep your outfit simple and fuss-free. Avoid heavy embroidery or embellishments that can add weight and heat to your outfit.

Latest Men Summer Kurta Shalwar Designs Collection 2024-2025

Well, the most anticipated Kurtas collections have now hit the stores. Each online fashion portal has a complete men’s wear catalog with the luxurious, regal collection of Kurtas. These are available in a range of colours, designs, and styles. From formal wedding or mehndi Kurtas to casual everyday kurta, variety is at its peak. When it comes to kurtas, you have a world full of choices to carry along with it, either to carry it with Sherwani, with a shalwar, with the waistcoat over it or with jeans.

Plain Summer Kurta Shalwar/ Pajama Designs

Overall, a lightweight, breathable kurta in a light colour and comfortable fit is perfect for summer. Plain kurtas are best for summer season. We have posted some of the amazing designs and styles that you can choose from.

Texture Kurtas

A textured kurta can add an interesting and unique element to your outfit. It can give a little semi-formal look. Perfect or Eid and cultural functions. Here we are posting pictures of the textured kurta to get the idea! You can have a pair of simple round glasses to spice up the look.

Self-Embroidered Kurtas:

Beautiful self-embroidered kurtas are the classic piece of art. They look so traditional and perfect for all type of occasions.

Printed Kurtas:

For a casual and funkier look you can opt for a printed kurtas with plain trousers or pajamas. Mostly youngsters or teenage boys will love them.

Soft Pastel Colors:

In summer mostly soft and pastel shades are preferred. A light-colored kurta looks great with a comfy breathable fabric is the best option.

Kurta Neckline Designs:

we have posted some of the necklines to get the ideas. They will include the buttoned ones with loops. The simple plain bans. Other than this light embroidered necklines also look lovely. You can add some stitching detailed to a simple ban neckline to enhance the look of the kurta.

Formal Men Summer Kurta Shalwar/ Pajama:

If you don’t want a plain look then these are for you. They are heavenly embroidered and best for summer weddings and functions like mayun, mehndi, sangeet, eid, devali, etc. These kurtas have a marked elegance with their distinctive look; formal kurtas are embellished with simple threadwork motifs around the ban gala (ban collar) and at the edges of the sleeve. Traditional kurtas with round neck with no thread work also looks charming enough due to their decent hues in white, cream and black. The monochromatic cotton fabric is selected with self-fabric patterns in check, squares, and crisscrosses.

White Embroidered Kurtas

Here we have posted different patterns and a variety of colors. Some people don’t like the colorful stuff they just stick to the normal gent’s colors like white, black, brown, etc. While some lively boys like to wear bright colors too, like maroon, red, orange, green, etc. It all depends upon the person’s choice what he types of dress he wants to wear. Have a look at the image gallery just posted below. After that, also check the designer series that we have discussed below, including Junaid Jamshed, Bonanza, Maaz Jee, etc. So don’t stop scrolling, as there is more to look at, have a glance at the latest summer men’s kurta collection.


Latest Summer Kurta Shalwar by Famous Pakistani Fashion Designers & Brands

Here we are posting some of the latest summer kurta collections by famous and noble Pakistani fashion designers and brands. That will include J. Junaid Jamshed, Gul Ahmed, Bonanza, Eden robe, etc.

J.J Latest Men Summer Kurta Shalwar

J.J is always a popular brand for designing the ethnic menswear including waistcoats suits, shalwar kameez, kurta, sherwanis, turbans, etc. We can see the elegance and simplicity in Junaid Jamshed menswear collections. Fabric like cotton, satin, lattha, linen, jacquard, wash and wear, blended, etc are used. You can see the little sleek embroidery on the ban-collar or the front. Mostly these days ,men love to wear the plain kurta mostly paired with white pajama/ shalwar.

Bonanza Kurta Collection

Bonanza is one of the oldest brands in Pakistan with a huge name and quality. It launches its seasonal as well as occasional collections. We love the latest styling and designing of fabrics by this eminent brand like how they put ethnic as well as traditional blends together to create beautiful designs. Keeping the prices reasonable bonanza products are masterpieces.

Gul Ahmed Kurta Designs:

Gul Ahmed is also a great name in menswear. It designs pant coat suits, blazers, waistcoats, etc. Danish Taimoor is currently the brand ambassador of this label. You can see the very beautiful colourful range of plain, embroidered and fancy men’s kurta collections. already posted many plain and light color ones so we are posting some the bold and vivid colour kurtas for you to enjoy!

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