Latest Bridal Gowns Trends & Designs Collection 2017-2018


Asian bridal fashion is very famous in the whole world due to their unique trends of decorating the bride in all ways she deserves to be decorated. The fashion trends in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. are well popular and adopted in the whole globe. The are many types of wedding wear dresses for women including, Anarkali frocks, lehenga Kurti/ Choli, shararas, ghagras, double shirts, fancy gowns and much more. Recently in Asian fashion, the bridal gowns are introduced by many designers of our country. Sharing too many posts related to wedding dresses for men & women. Now here is another fantastic post for you people to make your big day more memorable & elegant by delighting it with the best outfit. Today we will discuss the latest bridal gowns trends for barat, walima and mehndi functions. Gown in bridal dresses is now becoming a very popular trend & young girls are very interested in gowns for weddings so this collection I am going to show today consists of different designs of gowns.This post includes a variety of wedding dresses for walima, barat, mayun, mehndi functions. Many famous fashion designers of Pakistan fashion industry took part in bridal fashion weeks and displayed wedding dresses, so I took the idea from their presentations that gown is becoming very popular among bridals.


These outfits are work of different creativity. The bridal outfits displayed by designers were of mayon, mehndi, barat & reception outfits; all are included in this collection. If we see the brides usually wear lehengas & shararas but these days we see brides wearing gowns along lower lehnga adorned with different embroidery works of Dabka, beats, zari work. The color combination is of mix one, consisting of both dark and light colors like Red, Orange, peach, green, sky blue, off-white, light pink, etc.


Latest Bridal Gowns Trends & Designs Collection 2017-2018 for Wedding Brides

My personal liking about wedding dresses work is the work of zari because they are unique, elegant, and a few people know about it. If you are the girls who are near future bride, then you must know about all this information about Latest Asian fashion bridal gowns collection and see the pictures I am displaying.

Barat Latest Bridal Gowns


Walima Latest Bridal Gowns


As wedding day is the most special day in anyone’s life. And she has to look breathtaking and different than anyone. So, why not make the beginning of new life a charming start. So, bridal has all rights to look gorgeous than anyone on this day of her life and be the center of everyone’s attention. Indeed, there are many other things that play a major role in bridal look as jewelry, makeup, shoes, etc. also are important, but bridal dress plays the most dominating role.


These latest bridal dresses consist of colors like red, green, peach, skin, off-white, purple, etc. but I like red color in gowns or lehnga the most. So, have a look at these fabulous dresses from Latest Asian fashion wedding gowns collection.  See the latest designs to make your wedding amazingly beautiful. So, young girls! Want to become a stunning bride? Here is the key to your beauty. Just have a look at the image gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest designs. Hope you will love these eye-catching bridal gowns. Thank you.


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Indian Wedding Saree Latest Designs & Trends 2017-2018 Collection


Saree in India is the dressing that symbolizes prestige, high-end clothing, married life, and sophistication as well for them. It is thought of as a customer yet elegant wear for the elite class society and ethnic yet feminine for the rest. In such a region there this dressing has its fame and adoption when a today’s lady is about to get married. She would desire a dress that makes her clear identity as Indians yet keeps her the best. And definitely what can be more ethnically modern than the saree style? As Bengali weddings are so centered on this dressing theme, they also have an influence over the Indians. You might have seen celebrities of India wearing sarees at their wedding events as well as at others being attendants. The constant presence of sarees in the fashion designing magazines and wedding albums is what that beats the wearing of other dressing somehow. Today we will discuss the Indian wedding saree designs that are trending now. They include jacquard, silk, georgette, net, chiffon and banarsi sarees.

Indian Wedding Saree Latest Designs & Trends Collection 2017-2018

The Indian wedding saree  collection is what we have got for you this time. Collected from various top fashion magazines, online selling brands, and other top brands of India including the top websites that sell Indian wedding sarees; we have asserted some of the fine, latest and highest rated pieces of designs of this bridal wear.

You’ll be glad to know that the stuff here is just a representative of many high profile fashion houses of India. Sarees in different things like crepe, chiffon, net, silk, satin, banarsi and many other.  With a huge variety of styles and embroideries are all included in this array. A few design from famous fashion designers and few local ones with customized tailoring are also here. A lot for a woman to finalize her bridal dress is posted as pictures with this post.

No matter how much you dream of and make up your mind for how you dream dress for that big day is going to be. It’s somewhere before ordering it for you must know how the recent celeb had it for her wedding or how the latest trends have turned the Indian wedding saree saree to be. So if, with all these issues, you have crashed here; you’re in the right place and right point to scroll down and get the up to minute Indian bridal stuff through the design images attached. We hope it would help! For more stuff over bridal wears and sarees, stay connected with Styles Gap wedding corner.

To Shop these trendy wedding sarees visit:


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Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses by Maria B Brides Collection 2017


Who’s that blushing cheeks lady surfing the web? Getting married? Or a relative of the future bride is here? Well, you’ve got to the right place. StylesGap is right here to serve you with all the latest trends and designer wear even for your wedding too. So keep trolling through the writing. Here’s the name for you with  Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses by Maria B Brides.

Yes! It’s Maria B, the name of a worldwide renowned, preferred, and distinct designer brand. Which has always been working to provide excellence to its customers through garments that meet international standards under the observation of well-trained fashion tailors? Weddings and festivals being an essential part of the life need some exclusive assortments for the girls to get dressed up. Focusing on a woman is more important as she is the one who gets all the attention on a wedding day.

Almost all the famous designers launch their newest bridal collections every year serving the brides with a nice and qualitative array and so has always been done by famous and all time working Maria B. Launching casual collections for girls and kids and formal embroidered ones.


How come your wedding can be left ignored by Maria .B. Bridal studio of the brand is located in Lahore, but you can place the order by appointment. So let’s explore this season’s Wedding treasury by the famous untiringly working Brand!

Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses by Maria B Brides Latest Collection:

Maria B is popular for creating the mind-blowing wedding dresses for brides all over the world. The latest Pakistani designer dresses trends by Maria B possesses the tremendous pastel hues amazingly.

These dresses are combined and contrasted with a few other tints with heavy stone and beads work. The nice exotic embroidery is done on both front and back of the dresses. It lets you indulge in pastel hues to have an incredible look in soft colors of high-class tradition.

Being a MARIA.B Bride is more than any other one, and this is the way you’d look stunning and best of bests on your special and big day. Shown in the pictures below, is the amazing array of Maria B Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses presenting soft and dark colors for events of a wedding ceremony. That are adorned with the enrichment of the dabka, zari and motifs along with the stone and fancy embroidery.

This collection has long-tailed gowns, frocks, maxi, long shirt/kameez and lehengas featuring sequin works and sober embroidery but all of this is best driven out by Maria as when it’s about her designs, we can’t expect any usual way of executing the dresses.

Top Shop our to book appointment visit: Maria B Official Website


Amazing beads work especially on the back of the outfits and borders with jamawar chiffon and silk fabric boost up the exquisiteness and allure of the dresses making this party wear/ Bridal assortment a “must have” for the upcoming brides. Have a look at the beautiful image gallery posted below and get inspired by the Pakistani designer bridal dresses!

Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses

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Latest Mens Wedding Sherwani Trends by Top Pakistani Designers


Talking about the wedding season. One cannot simply refrain himself from thinking about the latest trends of Sherwani for menswear. Especially for grooms. It gets hard to decide for the brand, suitable designs, and latest style in fashion. Well to start with, the designer label holds the most of the significance, the better the designer the most exclusive collection it will be. Keeping that particular idea in mind, Stylesgap today has brought you a fascinating range of latest mens wedding sherwani trends by Pakistani popular fashion designers. These Sherwanis are crafted under the eminent clothing labels in Pakistan. This fashion insight is covering the latest Sherwani collections from all the heartthrobs of Pakistan’s fashion industry including HSY, Deepak Perwani, J., Amir Adnan and others. Their mesmerizing designs will open the world full of options for you. Let’s have a glance at the recent showcase of colors in style.


Latest Mens Wedding Sherwani Trends by Most Popular Pakistani Designers

Here we are discussing the latest mens wedding sherwani collection by Pakistan’s most popular designers. It includes plain designs, cutwork, embroidered, printed and ethnic ones. Have a look at these favorite collections and get inspired.



One of the most conspicuous features of HSY’s collections is the use of soft and low tone hues. Such taste is evidently visible in this latest collection where off white is infused with gold and tint of dull ivory work. The entire collection is a mixture of dark and light, dull and bright. One hand you can see, dark black sherwanis embellished with golden and silver work on the shoulder, neckline, and front.  Whereas on the other, light brown or white are kept in the preference with the elegant piece of embroidery over the Jamawar fabric.



As far as menswear is considered. Deepak Perwani always remains at the top of the list with his ultra-unique designs full of rich traditional outlook. His latest Sherwani speaks the volume about that taste. Intricately woven patterns in golden over black, blue or off white Jamawar look amazing. The collection comprises of both the monochrome series of sherwanis and also the dichromic versions in which white is paired with maroon, red and brown whereas black with rust or shades of crimson.


J. Junaid Jamshed is the style emblem of the industry. It has gained a center stage for men wears, and a lot of people opt it for all sorts of formal wears specially for their wedding couture. The latest Sherwani collection by J. is again full of its charms of decency. Unlike before this one is even more exquisite in the selection of the color palette, choice of the fabrics and motifs of sparkling adornments.


Fahad Hussayn is one of the latest mens wedding sherwani designers of Pakistan. Its recent assortment is also an extravagant fashion treat for all the men out there. It is a mixture of bright and refreshing hues which are beautiful embellished with traditional delicate embroidery work. Which is covering the fronts of the Sherwani. The colors of light brown, faun and off white gives the soft outlook to the grooms for the special day.



This collection is completely regal and royal in its essence. Once you gaze upon it. It will take you back to the Mughal’s era. Its shahi outlook makes it a must have for the wedding season. The Sherwani in graphite silver is the most amazing piece of its collection. It is embellished with heavy work in cut all over the Sherwani.



The level of sophistication is taken to the whole new level with this latest Sherwani collection. Amir Adnan chose the perfect blend of modern with traditional. The use of fabric and colors is quite trendy.  Whereas the work these sherwanis carry is completely classic.

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Sania Maskatiya Best Bridal Dresses Trends Latest Collection 2016-2017


Sania maskatiya has nailed it again! We wonder how she manages to create magic out of everything she touches. Perhaps her super creative ideas bring life to every color she chooses or any fabric she tames. Her latest bridal collection is reflecting the same. Creating such an appealing piece of dresses by using just soft mellow hues is indeed something worth acknowledging here. Her taste reflects the certain elegance and a regal touch that mesmerizes every other fashion lover. Well! This new collection is a lot more to love, for not just the hues, but the cuts, designs, the combination of styles, embellishments and fine intricate use of embroidery works. While the whole collection has already hit the market and out of business, here is some exclusive insight highlighting the best bridal dresses, the masterpieces of this collection.

Best Bridal Dresses

Sania Maskatiya Best Bridal Dresses Trends- Most Recent Collection 2016-2017

Sania Mustakiya recent bridal collection 2016-2017 consists of best bridal dresses trends with amazing patterns. The assortment contains pure ethnic taste with some western cuts and curls. Long floor length gowns, crop tops, long shirts, lehengas, etc. Have a look on some of the trends.


This dress is something not ordinary regarding its design. A cocktail top with lehenga is an entirely new venture to explore in the fashion world. Yet Sania has crafted with such skills that it has significantly amplified the beauty of that faun hues lehenga with fine work of embroidery. The floral patterns designed in long beautiful long whorls over the lehenga are complementing the contrast with the shirt. Whereas the delicate work in Zardozi and Dabka, using shimmery cut work over the shirt, says a lot about the expertise of the designer.

Best Bridal Dresses


When it comes to bridal dresses, red is a must to add in. But the way Sania added red to her collection is not something usual. The dress with red lehenga is the finest piece of the collection, with heavy embroidery work in ivory, gold, and bit of silver. The entire bottom is covered in ivory, giving this lehenga a more royal touch. Whereas the shirt carries the mixture of various soft shades of faun, beige, gold and ivory. The border work on the shirt also carries tint of red color in its floral embellishments.

Best Bridal Dresses


This dress has the most charming and mesmerizing shade of blue which is so refreshing to look at and amazing to carry. Moreover, the work in graphite and silver over the gown and dupatta is magnificent. The entire dress is crafted using mellow shades of gray, silver and white whereas the dupatta in sky blue is greatly complementing those hues in the dress.

Best Bridal Dresses


Other pieces of this collection include the variant styles of long shirts with lehenga, the very own traditional Pakistani Outlook. These dresses are also designed in mellow colors which mainly includes pastel peach, faun, and soft beige, etc. the work over these dresses carries shades of ivory and graphite.

Best Bridal Dresses


The White has its unique appeal. Hence keeping the significance of white in mind, Sania has also added white to the collection, in this fancy traditional style gown which has a bit of red in front whereas the rest of the dress is embellished with antique gold embroidery work. The lower half is double layered; the out light net layer is split from the front.


Sania Maskatiya Latest Bridal Collection:

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Red Bridal Dresses Latest Designs & Trends Collection 2016-2017

Latest Styles of Red Wedding and Bridal dresses for Women..

Hey, Girls! The red color is always among the most traditional, prominent and popular color wear regarding the Pakistani and Asian Wedding Trends. So today I just decided to bring some of Red Bridal Dresses Latest Designs & Trends. It’s hard to select an appropriate dress for bridal. The dress must be suitable and according to the modern fashion trends so that it must look elegant. The red color is always considered to be the perfect and vintage for barat or walima day. Mostly this color is worn on Barat day and suppose to be the sign of good luck and love for the bride.

Red Bridal Dresses

The Bridal dresses Published below is the collection of the latest designer fabricated which includes different styles of Bridal Sharara, Lehenga, Frocks, Gown styled frock, Gowns and much more. Just have a look on the inspiring attires and get yourself inspired. They will help you in selecting an ideal dress for your/ yours loved  one’s wedding day. These inspiring and red bridal dresses are photographed by Irfan Ahson photography. These clicks and the bridal outfits in them will truly win your hearts.

Red Bridal Dresses

 Best Red Bridal Dresses Latest Designs & Trends Collection 2016-2017

Red is always the most demanding and trendy color. When it comes to a bridal dress, the red color is always preferred for barat functions. Now in this era, Red has the same place as it got in the recent times. Designers are using different shades of red in their designs.

Red Bridal Dresses

We have gathered some of the most latest designs of Red Bridal Dresses for you. They mostly include the bridal barat dresses. I hope you will love each and every piece of this collection. Have a look on the image gallery just posted below and get choose your bridal outfit in shades of Reds.

Red Bridal Dresses

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Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs 2016-2017

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (7)

Mayun marks the significance of our traditional eastern rituals and wedding customs. This day is celebrated to amplify the beauty of a bride to be, before her big day. Splashes of yellow, green and orange set up a refreshing and ravishing theme. So does the dress of a bride has to be. It should be simple and elegant with the hints of bracing hues. What designs to wear? What sort of combinations and contrast has to be kept in mind while opting for a Mayun dress? Which cuts will perfectly suit your makeover? These questions are must hover over mind during your wedding days. But here is good news for you all. We have narrowed down the top trending styles and trends that will make your Mayun outlook entirely unique and distinctive.

A bride in a mayun rasam.

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (1)

The trends for Mayun dresses and designs for the year 2016-2017 are much more than just being striking and eye-captivating. The emerging trends are going to provide you the world full of choices, where you can opt for lehenga or frock or shirts with trousers. The form of the dress depends on entirely on the nature of the event. For a fancy celebration, the dress also has to be up to the mark with heavier embellishments and adornments whereas on the lighter you can keep it simple too. What do you need to understand what looks good on you? The answer to this will lead you in the right direction.

Mayun Bridal Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (2)

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends Collection 2016-17

From the selection of the latest bridal collections, the trend shifted towards the use of lehenga cholis, with the cholis crafted in the monochromatic style where the lehengas are sparked with loads of colors into one. Dupattas are also crafted in monochrome to keep up the balance of the dazzling colors. The embellishments are created through the work of tilla, dabka, zardozi, pearls, stones, Kundan and gota. Another variant that evolved these days is the garara styled mayun dress with the amalgamations of the modern touch. It usually carries the work of gota and lace work over the shirt, Dupattas and the over the knee band of the gharara.

Aiza Khan the famous Pakistan actress and model during her mayun event at her parents home

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (17)

Frocks also never got out of the use. Still plenty of the girls prefer to wear them for the ease and comfort it provides.  Angarkha frocks, multi-layered frocks, flared frocks in yellow, orange, rust, pink and combination of all can be used. Lime yellow coupled with green is the most loved tone of hues for a Mayun dress. Eminent designers of Pakistan also brought these colors over the ramp and into the spotlight. Where the work in copper, beige or gold is seen in delicate patterns over the base fabric in chiffon. Motifs over the borders, fine ones scattered over the front and back of the shirt and heavier ones over the sleeves give the fine outlook. The border of the dupattas is specially adorned with heavy embellishments. Use of Jamawar in the dresses is also getting common and loved by girls of all ages. Down below are some of the latest designs merged into an exclusive Mayun Bridal dresses.

Mayun Makeup Looks:

Sharing the hottest as well as simple mayon bride’s makeup looks. Mostly brides keep that event simple while some go for a smooth makeup. If you’re going to be a bride soon, then have a look at them. I hope this will help you.

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (20) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (23) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (25) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (27)

Mayun Dressing Trends:

The dresses trends change from year to year, but some traditions keep the same or repeat themselves. Yes! same here the old yellow and orange color themes for mayon will remain the same still here in this year. Here we are posting the mayun bridal dresses from various designers and brands of Pakistan, Indian, and other South Asian countries. We have randomly selected the best outfits to match your desire and needs. Hope you will love them and give a nice feedback.

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (15)

Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (3) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (19) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (18) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (22) Mayun Bridals Makeup Looks & Dresses Designs & Trends (11)

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Nomi Ansari Latest Bridal Dresses Collection 2016-2017 Ft. Maya & Junaid

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017

Mesmerizing tints of hues, splendid work of embellishments and innovative designs, all are the trademarks of Nomi Ansari’s bridal collections. Each collection brings the far more inspiring set of ideas and novelty on its peak. This year’s most vivid collection of bridal couture has now taken the spotlight, representing the latest bridal wears by Nomi Ansari. He has his own unique and distinctive taste in setting up the combinations and contrasts which are reflected through most of his work. It is the reason he earned great name and fame within the fashion circle of Pakistan in a very short span of time.

The latest Bridal shoot for Nomi Ansari’s bridal collection brought into light the two heartthrobs of the Drama industry, the Gorgeous Maya Ali, and the much Handsome, Junaid Khan. Combined with their magnificent looks and charming personalities the couture earned many appraisals at every pedestal. Especially when it comes to Maya Ali, she already had won the hearts of many with her fine skills and amazing looks. In just two years she has achieved many folds of success and respect. And she looked more stunning in this regal new collection by Nomi.

Junaid Khan and Maya Ali shooting the latest collection for Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (30)

Nomi Ansari Bridal Oudh Collection 2016-17 Featuring Maya Ali & Junaid Khan

Speaking about the collection, it is named “Oudh” representing the traditions of the Bygone era. Nomi has crafted each dress with a great deal of skills and superb ideas. The use of rich, vibrant colors, well-defined motifs, and cuts ensured an everlasting impression. Oudh is simply another name for the festive and alluring piece of a collection which has an infused touch cultural elements, designs, motifs, and silhouettes combined with the bit of a royal finish. Maya Ali is seen adorned in a dress carrying Swarovski embellishment over lehenga choli. The lehenga carries both the digital prints and the motif embroidered over it.

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (1) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (2) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (4)

Lehenga Cholis are designed in beige, green, rust and multiple hues used in its fabrics and the embroideries. The work in gold with hints of multi-chromatic Swarovski embroidery looks magnificent. The lehenga carries great volume at the bottom whereas the choli is much cropped which complements the dupattas in yellow or beige adorned with heavy gold embellishments. What makes this collection more regal and enchanting is that the whole dress is crafted with delicate handwork.  The fine handwork brought more elegance and decency into the suits in spite of the use of bright and striking colors.

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (24) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (19)

The Couture for Men cannot be neglected here, the splendid Sherwanis worn by Junaid Khan in the photo shoot were also exquisite. Whether it’s Crimson Red or Maroon or Green, all were complimenting the looks of perfect traditional Eastern Men. Embellishment over the neck collars and the use of fancy front buttons gave somewhat more traditional appeal to the dress. “Oudh” is already out now on the market and available on the all the national and international outlets including Dubai, UK, Singapore, US, Canada and the Middle East. This collection perhaps has opened up the gates to the new ideas for your wedding plans. For the every festive event of a wedding ceremony, Nomi’s latest bridal collection is a perfect option to opt for the best desirable outlook.

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (22) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (23) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (21)

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (18)

Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (41) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (40) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (38) Nomi Ansari Heavy Embroidered Bridal Collection 2016-2017 (37)

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Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs Collection 2016-2017

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs.

Perhaps the single most event that signifies an Islamic wedding is the sacred ceremony of Nikkah. It bonds the two into an eternal bond of marriage which signifies its importance more than any. Nikkah is either held on the ruksati day or could be held separately. In the recent days, Nikkah has itself became an important and separate event to celebrate therefore it require an entirely different wardrobe both for the bride and her groom. It demands simplicity with beauty. As the bride cannot wear bold and striking colors before her wedding day so the dress has to have that mild and soft alluring touch.

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (9)

The year 2016 has brought a number of new designs and trends for the ones who are looking for just the right kind of choice for their Nikkah day. The trend is ever evolving, so it has shifted more towards the traditional outlook. Frocks in fancy, Shirts with Churidar, Angarkhas, and chic style trouser with embellished shirts and adorned dupattas, all can be seen in the latest bridal couture for Nikkah ceremony. Each trend has, on the other hand, has plenty of variants like frocks are crafted in either double fabric style, or the bottom flared style and also in the slit styles. Whereas if you looking to for something simpler than shirts with either trousers or churidar would be a perfect choice.

A couple after nikkah is celebrating happiness, groom is putting ring to bride’s finger

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (29)

Latest Nikkah Day Bridal Dresses Designs & Trends Collection 2016-2017

The work of tilla, dabka, stones and beads looks great over each of the apparel. It has to be crafted in fancy so that could complement the outlook of the bride. Mostly the fronts are heavily embroidered with delicate beads or stone works, and it goes to the side of the sleeves where it connects to a nicely embroidered motif. Work on the neckline and the bottom borders creates the perfect balance in the dress. Bottoms can also embroidered likewise, but you need to make sure to not to go overboard with this.

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (33)

In a nutshell, Nikkah day dresses can be created in the variety of inspiring designs based on your personal preferences and choices but to ensure a perfect Nikkah outlook, each bridal dresses need to be crafted with a great deal of skills and care so keep it up to the mark. Down below we have narrowed down the top most trending Nikkah day wardrobes for brides. So just keep on scrolling as you are about to be amazed at all the latest styles of dress, embellishments, cuts and hues.

Nikkah Bridal Looks:

Nikkah Day Dressing Designs for Brides:

The colors available in the palette covers all the soft hues including the white, beige, ivory, rust, salmon pink and off white. Most preferred dresses are mostly monochromatic, only a single set of color opts as the theme line. Whereas dresses In dichromatic style looks far more appealing and mesmerizing as it invokes a perfect contrast and strikes the sight. Like white dress can go with red or maroon embroidered Dupattas, beige can go with copper, ivory can go with blue and number of other bold and dark hues. This idea is to set a tempting contrast to keep it low, simple but ravishing.

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (37)

Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (34) Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (36) Nikkah Day Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs. (20)

Nikkah Couples


Here we are showing you some of the couples that are together after nikkah event.


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Men DressesWedding

Latest Groom Wedding Suits Designs 2016-2017 Trends

Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (1)

Though women are famous as the choosiest and conscious ones it is not easy to choose a man’s wedding dress too. Of course, it’s your wedding day, and seriously the only bride is assumed to look stunning? Well, no offense to that, the bride is always the center of attention but still groom needs to look especially good leaving an impression of a perfect couple among all those relatives attending the wedding.

Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (2)

Sometimes men go easy about their wedding suits and don’t think much about it until the time comes when they are finding it difficult to choose a perfect dress for their wedding and the way to wear it. Yeah, there are certain ways of arranging thing that you will end up knowing at the end of this article. Not being as easy as it sounds, picking men’s suit can become challenging sometimes for the groom and his best men.

Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (7)

Latest Fashion Men Wedding Suits & Dresses Collection 2016-2017

If one is getting married this year or the next, one must pick a suit that will truly make him stand out from everybody else. Just imagine, they are going to be taking your pictures, the images you will-will see for a long time. So, groom’s suit must be custom made instead of purchased off-the-rack and tailored. The benefit of the custom suit is that you will get the exact fit you want whether you prefer an ultra-slim. More modern one or a little bit more classic one where according to the trends of the upcoming year of 2016, still slim suits are suggested for the groom at his wedding. Pants are made a bit fuller around the legs this year that will help you a quite bit if you are a tall man. Other than that cuffs are also pretty popular on pants, but if you don’t consider yourself on the taller side, you’ll want to steer clear of them. You can also pick fine materials for your suit.

Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (6)

It’s your wedding day, and you want a nice suit so you should splurge on materials. Anyhow as far color scheme is concerned, if you are having a formal wedding, stick with black, deep charcoal or navy & go for standard wool, tropical wool or a blend. For summer weddings, trends of 2016 prefer linen especially for the ones happening outdoor, so if you can pull that off, you can go for it. Moreover, brands like Paul Smith, Canali, Brioni, Armani, Balenciaga and Jon Varvatos are ideal for superior suits for your BIG day!

Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (16) Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (17) Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (20) Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (14) Men wedding Suits Designs Latest Collection 2015-2016 (5)

Here we are posting some randomly selected men groom wear dresses including luxurious suits, blazers, pants, etc. Have a look at them.

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