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What to Wear: Tips on Dressing & Styling for Your First Date

What to Wear Tips on Dressing & Styling for Your First Date

First dates can pile on a lot of pressure and one cannot help asking themselves if they will make an excellent first impression. You may wonder if your dress is too short, revealing too much, or will seem out of fashion, just to mention a few of the concerns. But you can still make a grand appearance if you observe a few things. We will share some special Tips on Dressing & Styling for Your First Date.

Here are some tips on what to wear: Dressing & Styling on your first date:

Optimize your current wardrobe

Though preparing your clothes to wear on the first date may be a perfect excuse to go shopping for new outfits, it is not mandatory to have new clothes. It is even better to get the best from your current wardrobe, and the collection that you have can say a lot about you. So make the most of what you have unless you have to shop for a few new clothing items.

Guidelines for choosing first date outfits

As you plan your first date wear, you should observe two basic rules: pick something that you will be comfortable wearing, and no matter what you wear, make sure you are yourself. Sometimes you may not be sure which outfits will look good on you. To know which ones to pick for that big day, consider those that often earn you compliments. You can also select those that you wear frequently because you like how you look in them in the mirror. You may also shop for a new item if you feel that it will complement some already perfect clothes. For example, you can buy a tie to match a great suit that you intend to wear for the day.

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The outfits for a first date during the day

Day dates tend to be naturally a bit casual and comfy to allow for some activities like a stroll. Some essential items to consider are comfortable shoes that can allow unplanned walking and a fitting coat or jacket if the season so demands. Some elements of a perfect outfit for women include a well-fitting pair of jeans, blouse, and trench. Leather loafers and silver jewelry can complete the look well. Some light natural makeup may also come in.

Men would not go wrong with a pair of denim or khakis together with a polo shirt, and for footwear, a pair of trainers would be perfect. That way, you will be ready to do almost any activity.

Clothes for a first date at night

Night dates are more well-defined concerning activities that will influence your choice. If you do some drinks at a pub before dinner, the woman may not be perfect in a cocktail dress. But if you will be going to an upmarket bar or restaurant, some attention to the outfit is necessary.

Women will be perfect in a fitting date dress. Fashion should be disregarded a bit and the focus put on something that fits like a glove and accentuates their best features and portrays their signature style. A pair of heels or embellished flats and some accessories like a chunky necklace would be great to complete the look.

Men would have a choice between a suit and some casual wear. A pair of smart jeans, a white buttoned shirt, and brogues are a good match in a more informal setting. For a formal setting, a tailored suit and smart shirt would be great. A tie is optional, and details may come in the form of a pocket square. A color-matched belt and shoes can crown the look.


It is critical to ensure that if your clothes are not brand new, they are freshly washed and ironed. The suits need to be professionally dry cleaned. Additionally, polish your shoes well and have well-trimmed nails. You must also ensure that your hair is well-styled and use a mild cologne or perfume.

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