HUM TV Presents the 1st Hum Short Film Festival 2017- Test Your Skills

HUM TV Presents the 1st Hum Short film Festival 2017- Test Your Skills

Pakistan’s finest media platform, HUM Network, has been proving its name and repute through young fresh talent. It has never lagged behind in providing a perfect pedestal to polish and nourish rising stars and able youngsters. HUM network views our youth as the potential pillars and future representatives of the county in all walks of life especially from the cultural point of view. As only young talented individuals can promote and present our cultural identity in everywhere in the world. Keeping such aims in mind, the Network has laid the foundation for the First ever HUM short Film Festival 2017, with the sole purpose of acknowledging and promoting new film makers. These films can bring our cultural heritage close to the modern filming techniques and will create an everlasting bond. Anticipated to commence in September 2017, it will be the first ever event of such kind to be broadcast on Pakistani television

The debut edition of this festival will be held on the subject “Aik Kahani, Pakistani” and will be kept open for all genres of films. HUM Short Film Festival is another great move to aid to the glorious Pakistani Cinema which has been working in the region for about eight decades. The festival will exhibit new films by bright young film makers from all across the country. Thus it will create an encouraging environment for the emerging artists, writers and film makers of Pakistan. There is a panel of eminent jury members, who will select the best 14 films from all, by their unique ideas, the art of depiction and creative work done by the makers. All these 14 films will be screened by HUM networks in the first week of September 2017. Each film of 14 to 16 minutes will be aired on the HUM TV. 14th August 2017 is the last date for submission of your work, so mark this date.

HUM TV Presents the 1st Hum Short Film Festival 2017- Test Your Skills

There is a panel of eminent jury members, who will select the best 14 films from all, by their unique ideas, the art of depiction and creative work done by the makers. HUM networks will screen all these 14 films in the first week of September 2017. Each film of 14 to 16 minutes will be aired on the HUM TV. 14th August 2017 is the last date for submission of your work for Hum Short film Festival, so mark this date on your calendars and don’t miss the chance.

HUM TV Announces 1st #HUMShortFilmFestival – “AIK KAHANI PAKISTANI” #HSFF For Details log on to:

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President and a proud owner of HUM Network Ltd, Sultana Siddiqui said: “Pakistan’s 70 years are being celebrated, and as Pakistanis, we should all participate in its celebrations and work towards our goals diligently. HUM Network has always kept Pakistan’s image in mind and the betterment of its society. This time, too, in September we are presenting a short film festival for young people who aspire to be good directors. This opportunity will allow them to showcase their talent. The selected participants will get financial incentives, and it will also give the winners an opportunity to work with us. HUM Network has always encouraged upcoming directors and also other entrants in the field of showbiz so that they can show their talent.”

HSFF is a great initiative to promote the ever growing and progressing Pakistani cinema with the intent of celebrating its existence with pure Pakistani content. As Media ought to play its vital role in flourishing the film industry in the country, President of HUM network has therefore laid foundations to explore and discover new talent and the revival of Pakistani cinema in the light of latest filming techniques.
For entries submission and rules and regulations, please visit
The official hashtag is #HSFF.

HUM TV Announces 1st #HUMShortFilmFestival – “AIK KAHANI PAKISTANI” #HSFF For Details log on to:

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Pakistani Super Hit Film Yalghaar Review- Fits & Flaws

Pakistani Super Hit Film Yalghaar Review- Fit & Flaws (1)

The movie we all had been anticipating for months, Yalghaar had made a big buzz in Pakistani Box office. Written and produced by Hassan Rana and Waqas Butt, this war epic is a classic action film will leave you spellbound for hours. It is the first ever Pakistani movie, which was screened internationally in many big cities like New York, Los Angeles and others. After the big success of Waar, the makers of the movie have nailed the idea yet in another movie which is based on Pakistan Army’ Swat Operation. In this film, Hassan Raza portrayed the lives of those young soldiers who are involved in the operation and how their lives were altered altogether including the lives of the militants. We are writing the yalghaar review that will contain our opinions as well as the views gathered from the people that have watched the movie.

Pakistani Super Hit Film Yalghaar Review- Fit & Flaws (3)

Produced by Mind works Media house, Yalghaar is starring some of the top notch actors of the country with Shaan Shahid in the lead Role and others including Humayun Saeed, Armeena Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Umair Jaswal, Ayesha Omar, Aleeze Naseer, Bilal Ashraf and Sana Bucha. It is one of the highest budget movie ever produced in the country. It features about 150 characters in written, perhaps the most extensive cast line ever. According to the director, Hassan Raza, the film is a tribute to the victims of the APS Peshawar Attack, and ever since that heart-wrenching incident took place, he had this idea of producing such a film in mind.

The story mainly features 76 hours long successful military operation, which was conducted in the Piochar area of Swat District. It also focuses on the lives of young, determined Pakistani Military officers at a personal level and also highlighted their levels of patriotism for their country.

Released on this Eid Ul fitr nationwide, the movie made a business of 1.75 crores on the very first day and 2.4 crore on the second day whereas on the third day it earned 2.2 crore. On Eid only it earned the gross total of 6.35 crore. Whereas the first weekend screening of the movies made a business of approximately 11.9 crore, now that is some striking figures.

Pakistani Super Hit Film Yalghaar Review- Fit & Flaws (2)

Goods & Bad- Yalghaar Review:

Pakistani Army lovers are mostly loving and enjoying the Film.  As it shows the emotional tale of the Pakistani army’s courage and action with romance. The humour is thrown in to lighten the mood. The movie happily achieves it’s aim of highlighting the spirit of Sacrifice, Jazba, Junoon and above all, the Emaan (belief) of officers and jawans of Pakistan Army. It successfully brings forth the experiences that the family members especially the army wives go through on daily basis.

The Cinematography, Graphics/Editing, Action, Thrill, Gadgetry/Weapons, Costumes/Uniforms, Acting all is good.  The music is really good to hear. All 5 songs got the attention. But most of the people are saying they are out of the script. The purpose of the movie was to display Pakistan Army’s effort in the war of terror. And Yalghaar gives you a good dose of patriotism and shows exactly that.

Some funny scenes/talk sequences were good enough to laugh about for a bit but will not give you laughter. On the other hand, the overall army interaction (which by the way gained this review a 4-star rating) reminded me of a good ole’ Alpha Bravo Charlie Days of PTV.

A bit compromised and somehow weak story, lack the depth. Didn’t show the true picture of army family lives back at home. The Sequence of events, Excessive military operations throughout the film. Some people resemble it with the WAAR (2013) Movie. The story is not properly summarized. You cannot just start 5-6 different stories within a movie and leave them without a proper ending.

Pakistani Super Hit Film Yalghaar Review- Fit & Flaws (4)

May be Yalghaar isn’t Perfect, but have enough to provide solid Entertainment.

Best & Worst Acting by the Characters:

Lets first talk about the best acting. Bilal Ashraf and Shaan Shahid won the game. They both perform brilliantly according to their roles.  Gohar Rasheed and Ayesha also good. Umair Jaswal tried hard to be funny but failed big times. Sikander Rizvi didn’t do the justice. Humayun Saeed a good actor with romantic sense was not suitable for Villain type of role. Someone else then him can perform better than him. Well he tried his best to give the role a genuine touch.

IMDb Ratings:

According to IMDb ratings, the yalghaar movie is rated 7.8/10. Which means it gets a good piece of attention.

IMDb ratings- Yalghaar Review

Yalghaar Review According to Others:

Well, these figures have spoken a volume about the movie, but now let’s put these into some words. we are now writing up the yalghaar review collected from different bloggers and publishers.

Pakistani Super Hit Film Yalghaar Review- Fit & Flaws (1)

Yalghaar Review by The Express Tribune: The Rafay Mehmood is of the view that the film had its “heart in the right place” which portrayed “what an average soldier goes through in order to serve his country while taking care of his friends, love life and family” while “engaged on two different fronts with two different kinds of enemies; external and internal.” On the other hand he also criticized some loopholes of the script and plot. He also pointed out forced use of English dialogues, which seemed completely unnatural. According to him the director romanticized the “posh side of the army lifestyle”.
Writing for Bolo Jawan, Areebah Shahid gave the movie 3 stars while admiring the great cinematography and rightly filmed war sequences. But she also criticized the loose plot, poorly written script and editing.

Yalghaar Review by Galaxy Lollywood: The Momin Ali Munshi, has termed actions in the film as “wonderfully executed” and said that it those actions have “definitely set the right motion for the film”. However he criticized the use of multiple characters and discussed how it weakened the entire plot, it simply made the film a “star studded hot mess”
From Dawn, Faraz Talat wrote an extensive review about the movie and admired the acting of Sana Bucha, Ayub KHoso and Adnan Siddiqui. He too, was of the opinion that the film suffered from the incoherent weak storyline. He also pointed weaknesses in dialogues, production, and choreography and character development. He said that “film industry needs more than just patriotism; it needs a will to explore new artistic territory.”

Sana Gilani while writing for Daily Pakistan, termed Yalghaar as “one of the most promising movies of the year and mentioned the fact that all the critics have missed the point that movie is the portrayal of the real events, hence the storyline used is obvious.

Yalghaar Review by Brandsynario: Omair Alvi appreciated the good work and called Yalghaar as a “better option” for Pakistani viewers to watch. He positively approved all its action stunts, patriotic appeal, its cast and epic war them. But he also criticized the technical problems and poorly used dialogues.

Review Written by Fazeela Hussain & Kanwal Ilyas

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RB Compaign Hoga Saaf Pakistan by Reckitt Benckiser & Hum Network

hoga saaf pakistan

RB Pakistan has set out on a mission to create a work environment where people are acknowledged for their skills and potential rather by their gender, race, age or ethnicities. With the greater focus on DARE, they brought this ideology in effect by bringing talented women in the workplace, purely on the basis of merit. Newer policies and effective strategies were designed to make the workplace inclusive for every individual. Hoga Saaf Pakistan is a campaign run by RB in partnership with Hum network.

As Pakistan is a fastly growing country with a huge population. Many people including most of the children in Pakistan dies due to different diseases that are caused by dirt. The major among all is diarrhoea. Many of the population lacks the facility to wash their hands with soap. That leaves the unhygienic conditions spreading different fatal diseases and illness.

On April 29th, 2017 at Hum Awards, the Reckitt Benckiser (RB) and Hum Network announced their partnership on a national initiative “Hoga Saaf Pakistan” a commitment to a healthier and cleaner Pakistan.

saaf hoga pakistan 2

However this year they are moving forward with another great initiative where people with disabilities will be invited to work together. Researchers have shown that diversity of people at workplace creates a pool of innovative ideas and a healthy environment within an organization. Many other big corporates in Pakistan like HBL, KFC and Shell, have also started hiring new employees with disabilities.

Hoga Saaf Pakistan- A Commitment to a healthier and cleaner Pakistan.

RB have always been after the talent and skills. Therefore they always hire people purely on merit. In future, they also promise to continue the same. Their initiative of Inclusive Workplace will equip the company with all the right kind of tools, and lesser limitations will attract more talent towards it.

For better outcomes and to make their initiative more fruitful, the company has collaborated with many other institutes to find talented and qualified candidates with disabilities. These candidates are invited to become the part of this organization. In Q3/4, they planned to initiate an internship program to hire and train candidates with disabilities where they will be given short-term projects. These projects will allow better exposure towards a more professional work environment. These projects will also help them to identify candidates who are more diligent and can successfully fit into their system.

This year in April, NOWPDP organized a session where Mr Shahzeb Mahmood, MD Reckitt Benckiser RB Pakistan was invited as a guest speaker. In the light of his professional and personal experiences, he helped persons with disabilities and acted as guides for their future endeavour.

Addressing the audience, Mr.Shahzeb said: “We are all born with certain strengths & weaknesses and have the power to choose or make our decisions so don’t say ‘This was my fate’ because you can always make progress and will eventually be rewarded for it.”
Given his struggles and hardships, he discussed the process through which one needs to recognize his strengths, weaknesses and interests to consider the right path for one’s career. His guidance and tips were greatly praised by the audience. His speech was followed by a Questions and answers session, and people asked questions regarding opportunities in different sectors and also at RB.
“We will open positions at RB for you all (persons with disabilities) to join our team”. With these lines, the session came to an end. Mr.Shahzeb was appreciated for his speech, and the team of NOWPDP thanked him for his inspirational words.

Saaf Hoga Pakistan

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Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies

Zain, Mira Sethi and Yasir-Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies

Redmi 4X – unique and distinct in features and design, new smartphone brand comes to Pakistan in an event hosted by Mooroo

One of the leading technology company of the world, Xiamoi launched its Redmi 4X in Pakistan on Saturday 20th May 2017, in collaboration with its distribution partner Smartlink Technology. The launching ceremony was however held at Ava Gardner, Faletti’s hotel in Lahore on Friday. This event was hosted by none other than Taimur Salahuddin, or as we all know him by the name of Mooroo.

Ahmed-Butt-Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies

Laughter and giggles hit the roof, when Mooroo gave the dose of his hilarious comedy to the audience. Moreover the exhilarating performance by our most beloved music band, Noorie amazed the audience up to the core. Altamash Sarver also added the melodious charms of his voice along the Nescafe Basement Band and made everyone dance to the beats. Mira Sethi also graced the show with her stunning appearance and praised Redmi 4X for its latest features and technology, all in extremely affordable price.

Noori - Redmi4X launch

Mooroo and Sufiyan

Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- A Great Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies

Marketing Director of Smartlink Technologies, Ahmed Butt also gave his views on the upcoming smartphone by saying, “”Majority of the Pakistani consumers prefer to purchase smartphones remaining in this price bracket and thus this bracket has always remained a key market for all brands. We have confidence that Redmi 4X will be a hit within its own price bracket, as the smartphone surely outperforms its competition in the market.”

YASIR and Ahmed Yasir and Ahmed-Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies2

One of the striking feature of Redmi 4X is its full metal body which is framed in the slimmest design possible, measured to be just 8.65mm thick and carries only 150 g of weight. This makes it extremely handy to carry with you, all the time. It has 4100mAh battery which gives the set a lasting standby time of 18days. Au revoir! To all those battery time issues, which all the smartphone users definitely experience. Interesting of all is its storage capacity of 32GB and a RAM of 3GB. So you can use multiple applications all at one and can enjoy enough space to download more and more. From Saturday onwards Redmi 4X is available in the market in alluring black color, just in Rs 18,900. You can also buy the set online through or through online shops at and

Redmi4X launch

With MIUI 8, Redmi 4X promises to run multiple accounts on the same set or phone. It can clone apps, which means user can use two corresponding accounts for a single app without the inconvenience of logging in and out all the time or if needed to. Xaimo’s MIUI 8 allows the user to split a single mobile set into two different accounts, which enables a wider user interface. You can have access to both the accounts using different passwords or fingerprints, leading to different home screens and entirely independent data for each app, installed on that particular account. And if needed, user can merge the data of any application like address book or call log.

Mooroo - Host - Redmi4X launch

Since May 1, 2017, Redmi 4X has already been available online on the Smartlink Technologies web portal.
This year Xiaomi has created much wave in the tech market with its three latest smartphones Mi Max, Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4A, all of which were unveiled in February. MI band 2 and Mi Power Banks, covering a range of 5000mAh to 20,000mAh, were also launched with their unique features.

As the graph for clientele in Pakistan is ever on rise, Xiaomi with the collaboration of Smartlink Technologies has laid a sound foundation to provide better technical services and innovative devices. Smartlink Technologies is currently providing great services through its Mi Customer Care Centers, being operated in all the big cities of Pakistan.

Key features of Redmi 4X:

• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 with (Octa-core 1.4GHz)
• Battery: 4100mAh
• Camera: 13MP camera with PDAF; 5MP front camera
• Display: 5-inch HD
• SIM: Dual SIM
• LTE support
• Built in Storage: 3GB RAM+ 32GB Flash
• External storage: Up to 128GB microSD expandable storage
• Rear fingerprint sensor
• Color: Available in Black

Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies

Established in 2010, Xiaomi was founded by Lei Jun with the ideology of bringing “innovation for everyone.” They believed that quality products and latest technology should be available for all. Every section of the society should have easier access to the cutting edge technology of this era. At Xiaomi, they promise to manufacture quality hardware installed with remarkable software and internet services. Mi users and fans, has always been a big support for the company as their feedbacks are greatly valued and are taken to notice. Resultantly the company launched range of products encompassing the demands of its customers, like Mi and Redmi Smartphones, set top boxes and Mi TVs. In 2015 alone, Xiaomi has sold almost 70 million of its handset worldwide which reflects the wide expansion of the company throughout the world and marking its name as one of the leading global brand.

Redmi 4X- Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies

Smartlink Technologies started its journey back in 2016 when it was established by skilled and talented professional. Its partnership with Xiaomi has proved to be remarkable for the success of the both the companies. The company promises to reach both the high and low end customers through ensuring quality services and products with warranties in affordable prices. In the digital world of today, Smartlink Technologies is competing big names in the market through its latest innovations and unique sales techniques which has earned it levels of success in such a short span of time.

Launch Of Redmi 4X in Pakistan- Event by Mooroo & SmarLink Technologies..

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Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi (4)


You all are well aware of our renowned morning show host Shaista Lodhi, for years she has been actively hosting great shows for all, on leading entertainment channels of Pakistan. Through her interactive and spontaneous style of hosting she has garnered great fame and huge fan following. Now she is all set to appear on your television screens, as she is going to host Pakistan’s first ever global themed “Ittehad Ramazan Transmission” on A-Plus. The host along with other celebrities will be travelling to 30 different cities from the Muslim world and will share the diversity of cultures and core Islamic values which all the Muslims share worldwide.

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi (1)

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi

Quite recently, Ms Lodhi was spotted travelling to Kenya; it was assumed that she might be on vacation. But the fact was later revealed that she was filming for her upcoming Ramazan transmission.
Ittehad Ramazan Transmission is going to be entirely unique and one of its kinds, as it is going to take you to the most exotic locations in the world. The idea is to promote harmony and unity among the Muslim fraternity of the world. Even few glimpses of its promo will move your heart with fantastic visualisation of ancient Muslim Mosques, breathtaking landscapes and people of various regions.

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi (3)

To add more spice to this big exciting news, the latest musical sensation of Pakistan, Momina Mustehsan will be recording an OST for the transmission. Well, now there is nothing more left to raise your level of excitement and expectations.

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi (5)

So let us all wait for the most auspicious month of the year while anticipating for the incredible journey A-plus TV is promising to take you.
Ramazan Mubarak!

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission on A-Plus to Host by Shaista Lodhi (6)

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We Saw these Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017

Hareem Farooq- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017

While anticipating for the biggest Award show of Pakistani television, we not only look forward to all the electrifying performances or the winners of the season but also expect to visualise all the great outfits our stars and celebrities carry to the big event. We may see them on our TV sets all the time, taking different roles but it is a whole new experience when you get to see them in some fancy designer outfits with alluring makeovers. Every year Hum Network bring you the best of the opportunity to see all our fabulous celebs in style and glam. That’s right, HUM Awards is like a citadel full of television stars, as soon as you see them walking on the red carpet, you do put a lot of thoughts into their looks while gazing their apparels. Who nailed the style, who wore a gorgeous outfit of the evening, who was the most handsome of all, these are the questions which create a lot of buzz in all the fashion circles of Pakistan once the ceremony is over. We will discuss the top 10 best dressed celebrities at Hum awards 2017.

Well giving answers to all your queries, we have rated the top best dressed celebrities at HUM AWARDS 2017. Nobody could agree any less with this list, as we all have witnessed how greatly these celebrities pulled the style.

We Went to the Show & Selected these Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at Hum Awards 2017

We went to this amazing night full of fun and thrill and noticed the people. It’s hard to decide and select the top ten out of all. Because each and every celebrity was looking fabulous. But we have to post the top ten list. Hence we have selected these top 10 best dressed celebrities at Hum Awards 2017. Have a look!

10. Ahsan khan:

The man of the evening, who bagged two awards for his amazing acting and did an exhilarating performance along with Kubra Khan, was also noted for his classic outfit. Slim fit pants with a classic black jacket coat from Amina Yasmeen was highlighting his charismatic personality.

Ahsan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017

9. Hareem Farooq:

Her fine beige gown for the evening worth all the admiration it can get. From the House of Elan, her outfit was an exquisite work of art created using delicate net and work in ivory. The wrap style with an ivory belt was making the dress even more delightful.

Hareem Farooq- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (1) Hareem Farooq- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (2)

8. Feroz Khan:

It was certainly this man who took the style to a whole new level. This shiny blue blazer, the check vest, stripped tie and sleek hairstyle, all were the winner of the day. Feroz khan’s personality and charming prince outlooks need no mention, but this outfit is speaking a volume about his ultra-cool looks.

Feroze Khan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (1) Feroze Khan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (2)

7. Sanam Chaudhry:

This emerging talent of our television industry has earned so much name and fame in such a short span of time. She won the award that night, and she certainly won many hearts with her alluring outfit from Masroor Akram. It was one classic gown with lovely drapes and decent embroideries around the waist giving the dress a smart fit.

Sanam Choudhry

6. Gohar & Anam:

One of the most beloved couple in the television industry, who always get into a fashion news whenever they walk into an event. Their outfits for the evening worth to be mentioning here. It was a blend of bold and sparkly, entirely a combination jazz outlook. Anam’s golden saree from Fahad Hussayn was creating a lovely contrast with Gohar’s dashing black outfit from Munib Nawaz. 

Anam & Gohar- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017

5. Mikaal Zulfiqar:

One of the most handsome players in town, Mikaal Zulfiqar is known for his cool, smart outlooks and fine acting. For this year’s 5th HUM AWARDS the star taken his looks to another level by carrying the classic combination of black and white. That, neck bow, white dress shirt, marbled coat and black bottoms were simply reflecting the grace, sophistication and class this star owns.

Mikaal Zulfiqar- We Saw these Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017

4. Momina Mustehsan:

Her soulful performance was not the only thing which made the audience crazy for this lovely lady. Her pretty light pink ball gown has made her win everyone’s, heart. From her auburn locks tied into a wonderful hairdo to the soft pasty makeover, she enthralled everyone with her gorgeous appearance. Her outfit was a decent ball gown from Saira Shakira with draping chiffon and intricately embellished bodice on top.

Momina Mustehsan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (2) Momina Mustehsan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (3) 18222716_1606291739411327_3462924649936936545_n

3. Fatima Khan:

Fatima Khan’s inner creativity and aesthetics always let her choose the best of the outfits for Award ceremonies. Her choice for the 5th Hum Awards was also perfect to the core. She carried a lovely mermaid gown from Asifa and Nabeel in green with motifs of embroideries around the shoulder. Her draping side sleeve and flared gown bottom were making this outfit mesmerising.

Fatima Khan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (1)

2. Mawra Hocane:

The Barbie doll of Pakistan’s Drama Industry, Mawra Hocane again nailed her cute and pretty outlooks with her pastel pink outfit from Daniele Carlotta. The dress was the epitome of elegance in which the multi-hued bodice was coupled with the plain, puffy and voluminous maxi. Those curls, her makeover and inspiring smile certainly added more charm to the dress. It was all light and simple yet stunningly beautiful. The contrast of the colourful bodice and the soft pink maxi was tying every sight to it.

Mawra Hocane- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (3)

1. Reema Khan:

They say the true beauty never gets old; this holds to be true whenever we see Reema Khan on the screen. After years of working in Pakistani cinema, she still looks as ravishing as the day she first stepped into the industry. This year her looks were boosted with this classic outfit, shimmering in silver from Nomi Ansari. The fancy peplum top was paired with decent printed embellished skirt. It was just as bright as the personality herself.

Reema Khan- Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (3)

Hope you will love knowing the top 10 best dressed celebrities. For more updates on fashion & entertainment keep visiting us. Follow us on social media platform. Have a good day!

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Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights

The Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 was Powered by QMobile Brought to you by Kashmir banaspati and Cooking Oil. Most highly anticipated the evening of the year came on display with the setting Sun in Lahore on April 29th, 2017. The star-studded cascade of glamour was more promising than ever. Many things came as a big surprise this year at PEL 5th HUM AWARDS 2017, and it moved our hearts to the core. Lahore Expo centre became the center for the greatest ensemble of television celebrities, fashion divas, music artists and entire broadcast community. As HUM has laid the building foundation for Pakistani Drama and film industry, it is that one roof which has dug out great talent and brought into the light the brightest gems we all see on our television screens under the Mentorship of Sultana Apa.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (20)

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Highlights & Winners

After the historical event it set last year, this year’s HUM Awards was another triumph for the television history of Pakistan. Bringing all the big names in the industry down to a single platform is the goal only HUM television can score. From fashion gurus to stylists, top notch directors, writers, composers, everyone was there to witness this extravaganza. Let’s go through the main highlights from the Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017.


An archetypal red carpet with celebrities lined up in gorgeous designer outfits is the first eye capturing sight to experience at HUM Awards. As the stars walked down the carpet, they made their glittering appearance on the screen, flaunting the charms of their personalities. From lovely Maya Ali in dusty yellow to Sajjal Ali in the chic black outfit, celebrities were adorning the reception with their alluring appearance. Big names like Reema Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Meera, Ayesha Khan, Mikaal Hassan, Kubra Khan, Hamza Ali, and Momina Mustehsan also donned in the Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards.

Hum Awards 2017

The show was lit to a blaze with the electrifying performance by an international dance troupe BNF from UAE taking the stage by storm. It was one exhilarating performance which boosted the levels of energy and excitement in all. Up next entertainment was taken to the next level when Yasir Hussein stepped on the floor, doing what he is best at. There were giggles and laughter all in the air due to his classic humour.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (7)

Mikaal’s poised personality and Hareem’s repossessing looks made the audience spellbound for hours when they both appeared as the hosts for the evening. Their chemistry on the stage was worth admiring. There was a slight mix of humor with eloquence in words and their style. The tv hot guru & queen Nadia Khan was also seen hosting the award show. With her chic look and tasty gossips, she captures audience full attention.


The award for best Music Single Popular category was presented by the beautiful Hadiqa Kiana and Azam Mirza, to the soulful music of Saiyaan by Qurat Ul Ain Baloch. Whereas the award for best Music Video Popular was bagged by Suhaib Akhtar and it was presented by the talented Zoe Viccaji and HSY.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (9)

OST’s byHum Drama’s has been recorded as hits for years. Each Ost better than the next made the competition tougher than ever, but the captivating music and soulful lyrics of Mann Mayal’s OST earned the title for best OST of the year


In the evening studded with gleaming starlight, the void of all time music legend and a true human at heart Junaid Jamshed was greatly felt. His sons and his beloved friend Salman Ahmed altogether paid tribute to the legacy he has left behind after his death, the passion or the inspiring examples he left behind to follow.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (10)


Award for Best New Sensation was bagged by the gorgeous Kubra Khan who is nailing her art of acting in every other drama serial these days. The best child Star award was earned by Zebo of Udaari, Arisha; the kid did nail the drama with her fine and realistic acting. The best telefilm award was achieved by the telefilm, Chaman Ara.


Moving further, the show paced to some high volt performances with the appearance of Sehrish Khan & Shehroz Sabzwari. After that the sizzling hot performance by Mehwish Hayat on the stage. Perhaps the most invigorating performance of that night. Up next was the smoking hot performance by Reema Khan, she comes back on the stage was admired on every other platform. Her lifting and energetic moves added life to the show. That Desi thumkas and heart melting jhatkas were making everyone go Woah that night.


To praise and pay tribute to the lifelong services of our senior television or music artists, HUM TV has set a tradition to mark their services with a Life Time Achievement award. This year, the award was truthfully earned by the well deserving Fareeda Khanum. For decades her majestic voice entertained every Pakistani soul who craves for classical music.


The Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role male was earned by Paras Masroor while for Female; it was earned by Sania Saeed for her role in drama serial Sang e Mar mar. Speaking about negative roles, the award for Best Actor in Negative Role was achieved by none other than Ahsan Khan for his amazing performance in popular drama serial Udaari.



To revive the spirit of the show, the mood was set to light with heart touching melodies presented by a Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar. Their duet for the Ost Mann Mayal was one fine performance. Moreover, they also performed along the music legend Sajjad Ali, singing his hit songs from the past. Ali Sethi’s inspiring voice was also the part of this Musical Ensemble.


The Award for the most Impactful character was bagged by the very talented Bushra Ansari for her magnificent role in Udaari and Nouman Ejaz for his role in Sang e mar mar. However, the Best Writer Drama award was presented to Mustafa Afridi for his screenplay Sang e mar mar. The brains and muscles behind the drama serial Udaari Muhammad Ehtishtam Uddin earned the title of Best Director Drama.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (26)

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (27)


While there were all the top notch celebrities in the show, Pakistan’s Information Minister Marium Aurangzeb also graced the evening with her appearance. She presented the special recognition award to the last year hits by HUM films like Actor in Law, Jaanan and Mah e Mir. To promote Pakistan’s film industry and cinema, she also announced to certain microfinance schemes and give exemption from the taxes for Filmmakers.

PEL 5th Hum awards 2017 (1)


Giving the night an intense dose of fun, the Khan’s dashed on the stage with their exciting performance. Ahsan and Kubra tied the audience with their energetic moves.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (31)

The last dance performance was done by the most talented heart throb of Pakistani films Reema Khan. She performed on traditional Sufi music and make the night more enchanting.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (3)


Our most beloved couple on screen Manno and Salahuddin nailed the best on screen Couple Award for this year. This is not the only award Hamza Ali bagged that night he also won the award for best actor Male. Whereas the best Actor female award was awarded to the latest Bollywood sensation Mahira Khan. The award for Best Popular drama serial was won by the famous Udaari.



On behalf of Jury, Awards for Best Actor Female award was presented to Sajjal Ali. While for best Actor male jury had nominated the very talented Ahsan Khan. The best couple on screen was Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane for their roles in Udaari, the chemistry is indeed great on the screen and off the screen. Udaari won the best drama serial jury award.

Best on screen couple award at Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (2)

The Final Selfie 🙂

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (6)

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Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar to Hit Cinemas Worldwide this Eid

Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar

Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar, a patriotic thriller film by Hassan Rana is sure to win the hearts of people. Wth its mindblowing story writing script, excellent production and the senior cast including the industry’s biggest stars and actors.

Karachi April 24, 2017: The HUM Films and Mindworks Media Production hosted an exclusive meet and greet gathering with the star cast and team of the most foreseen and greatest action-packed thriller movie of Pakistani cinematic history Yalghaar. The film has been directed, written and produced by the talented Hassan Rana. He has beforehand provided a box-office record-smasher Waar. Yalghaar is all settled to hit cinema screens universal on Eid-ul-Fitr 2017. The press conference presented the much-awaited trailer of the movie that is seeking people attention. Everyone is now excited to watch this film. The countdown has begun.

Cast and Crew of Team Yalghaar at Trailer Launch & Press Conference of Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar

Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar – A Hassan Rana Film to Hit Cinemas this Eid

Yalghaar possesses a heavenly cast including the industry’s vigorous Shaan Shahid, Humayun Saeed, Bilal Ashraf, Adnan Siddiqui, Ayub Khoso, Atiya Khan. Other than this Ayesha Omar, Sana Bucha, Armeena Rana Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Umair Jaswal, Uzma Khan, Ali Rehman and many others. Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar will highlight Humayun Saeed in an avatar role with the magnificent performance of glorious Shaan Shahid, Adnan Siddiqui and the ever dashing Bilal Ashraf along with the other famous artists of a cast that will stand the test of times.

Humayun Saeed at Trailer Launch & Press Conference of Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar

The press conference arranged for select media personnel, not only gave an insight into the movie but also provided the star cast with an opportunity to share their experiences and memories created on the sets. This film is scheduled to release this Eid. The plot of Yalghaar’s depicts the energetic patriotism, dedication and devotion of Pakistan army in the inferno of war against terrorism. The story of this film will keep the audiences involved until the end. The most awaited trailer of this movie was also screened. After the launch of the trailer, the floor was opened for questions and answers.

Speaking about the film, Dr Hassan Rana said, “Yalghaar is a labour of intense passion, love and pain for me personally. I had to put my life on the line to get that one perfect shot.  The reason was simple, to capture the true spirit of my characters in the film. Some people will fell in love with the movie. And maybe some won’t, but one thing which I am sure is that my bosses (viewers) would not fault the struggles of my team and my artists. They have put their sweat and lifeblood into it.”

Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Rana at Trailer Launch & Press Conference of Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar

Sultana Siddiqui, the president HUM Network said, “HUM Network has always concentrated on giving the best and genuine to its viewers. HUM attempts to improve with each portrayal. The image and attitude of Pakistan play a significant role in our films, dramas and awards shows. We have distributed many films. The Yalghaar is one of the excellent films so far.  A great number of prominent artists are taking part in it. All have done their corresponding brilliant roles. We are feeling proud and pleased to be the official distributor of this film. We must all endeavour to take our films more ahead and make it successful with the masses.”

Sultana Siddiqui at Trailer Launch & Press Conference of Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar

Yalghaar is the Hassan Rana’s second film. His first one being the very famous and well liked Waar and now this major-thriller film Yalghaar.  The film is distributed by the official media partner HUM TV and HUM FILMS in the Pakistan.  Presented and made beneath the banner of Mindworks Media Production. Biggest Pakistani Movie Yalghaar – a Hasan Rana film is sure to win the viewers’ hopes and expectations with its appealing script, excellent direction, wonderful composition, production and the impressive display of acting. It is a one-of-its-kind movie with the largest production crew and highest budget in the history of Pakistani cinema. It will surely blow an everlasting impression on its audiences around the planet and further raise the bar of filmmaking in Pakistan.

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