RB Compaign Hoga Saaf Pakistan by Reckitt Benckiser & Hum Network

hoga saaf pakistan

RB Pakistan has set out on a mission to create a work environment where people are acknowledged for their skills and potential rather by their gender, race, age or ethnicities. With the greater focus on DARE, they brought this ideology in effect by bringing talented women in the workplace, purely on the basis of merit. Newer policies and effective strategies were designed to make the workplace inclusive for every individual. Hoga Saaf Pakistan is a campaign run by RB in partnership with Hum network.

As Pakistan is a fastly growing country with a huge population. Many people including most of the children in Pakistan dies due to different diseases that are caused by dirt. The major among all is diarrhoea. Many of the population lacks the facility to wash their hands with soap. That leaves the unhygienic conditions spreading different fatal diseases and illness.

On April 29th, 2017 at Hum Awards, the Reckitt Benckiser (RB) and Hum Network announced their partnership on a national initiative “Hoga Saaf Pakistan” a commitment to a healthier and cleaner Pakistan.

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However this year they are moving forward with another great initiative where people with disabilities will be invited to work together. Researchers have shown that diversity of people at workplace creates a pool of innovative ideas and a healthy environment within an organization. Many other big corporates in Pakistan like HBL, KFC and Shell, have also started hiring new employees with disabilities.

Hoga Saaf Pakistan- A Commitment to a healthier and cleaner Pakistan.

RB have always been after the talent and skills. Therefore they always hire people purely on merit. In future, they also promise to continue the same. Their initiative of Inclusive Workplace will equip the company with all the right kind of tools, and lesser limitations will attract more talent towards it.

For better outcomes and to make their initiative more fruitful, the company has collaborated with many other institutes to find talented and qualified candidates with disabilities. These candidates are invited to become the part of this organization. In Q3/4, they planned to initiate an internship program to hire and train candidates with disabilities where they will be given short-term projects. These projects will allow better exposure towards a more professional work environment. These projects will also help them to identify candidates who are more diligent and can successfully fit into their system.

This year in April, NOWPDP organized a session where Mr Shahzeb Mahmood, MD Reckitt Benckiser RB Pakistan was invited as a guest speaker. In the light of his professional and personal experiences, he helped persons with disabilities and acted as guides for their future endeavour.

Addressing the audience, Mr.Shahzeb said: “We are all born with certain strengths & weaknesses and have the power to choose or make our decisions so don’t say ‘This was my fate’ because you can always make progress and will eventually be rewarded for it.”
Given his struggles and hardships, he discussed the process through which one needs to recognize his strengths, weaknesses and interests to consider the right path for one’s career. His guidance and tips were greatly praised by the audience. His speech was followed by a Questions and answers session, and people asked questions regarding opportunities in different sectors and also at RB.
“We will open positions at RB for you all (persons with disabilities) to join our team”. With these lines, the session came to an end. Mr.Shahzeb was appreciated for his speech, and the team of NOWPDP thanked him for his inspirational words.

Saaf Hoga Pakistan

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