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Latest Trouser Pants Designs Styles 2018-2019 Collection

Latest Trouser Pants Designs Styles 2018-2019 Collection

With the ever-increasing rise in the fashion trends, you often find yourself perplexed with latest fashion ideas. You want to go with the style yet love to keep your amazing distinctive outlook. Which top to pair with which bottom, what contrasts to pick and what cuts to carry, these questions almost consume every woman out there. Trust me that can be a bit too exhausting when you have to stroll around from market to market, to get the latest pick of the trend. When it comes to bottoms especially, there are just too many cuts and designs, which are prevailing in the fashion trends all across the country. From the smart fits of Bootcut bottoms to the alluring bow tie style, these bottoms look ravishing with both the trendy chic tops and the desi rich shirts. Frilled and ruffled style trousers are also back in the game with their lovely voluminous look around the ankles. Flared bottoms are another option to keep it all glamorous and stunning. Here we are going to share the Latest Trouser Pants Designs Styles 2018 Collection.

Latest Trouser Pants Designs Styles 2018-2019 Collection

The most added advantage of these trouser designs is that they suit best both to your casual and formal wear. Go for pure cotton, when it comes to casual wear, while for formal party dresses, design them using silk, jamawar and net for the frilled ones. However, these styles are already so appealing in their designs, that even without gleaming embroideries, they look absolutely mesmerizing with your embellished tops and dupattas. Fresh from the latest fashion catalogues, we have narrowed down some of the most admirable trouser designs which are going to be the hit for the season, so scroll hard and find out Latest Trouser Pants Designs Styles.


Bellow below the knees, these pants have one of the smartest fit among all the trousers. These pants are perfect to carry with peplum tops and angarkha shirts, but the length of the shirts must be shorter than the knees. Create a contrast using these trousers, white and beige are much in common whereas you can go with any color according to your dress.


Funky chic style, bow tie pants, are the latest buzz in the fashion world. These are literally everywhere, from the top-notch fashion ramps to the streets of Pakistan, girls are indeed loving the bow tie style in trousers. These trousers are available in varied lengths, most of them prefer to carry the ankle length trousers, but short Capri length bow tie pants are equally in demand.


Puffy and voluminous, frilled pants have indeed moved our hearts with their enchanting outlook. For formal wears, these pants are good to go with peplum tops and frocks, as they nicely complement their cuts and stitches. Frills in most of the trousers are lined with beautiful lacework, which adds an extra charm and elegance to it.


Another emerging bottom trend which has gained much popularity due to its old-school outlook is tassel pants. One can never get enough of tassel pants with hanging tassels, as they go with every top type, from short tops to knee length frocks. Bottom tassels on hem are most sighted style. You can also detail the tassel on the front line.


For quite some time, straight flared trousers were completely out of sights and stores, but these smarties are back in town with their bottom flare and fit stitches. Unlike bell bottoms and boot cut pants, these trousers do not spread across the lower length but they are given a sharp curve around the ankles. You can try these with side cuts and with simple side motif embroidery, to bring more charm to it.

6. Embroidered Cigarette Trousers:

This is the most popular fashion in Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Where women pair frock, shirts, tops with embroidered trousers.

7. Bell Bottoms:

Bell bottoms are very much in fashion these days. You can wear them formally as well as casually. For formal functions you can pair peplum along with embellished bell bottom. For casual routines pair a funky top with plain bell trouser.

8. Culotte Pant Trends:

Culottes are mostly used casually. For attending the fashion events, hi-tea parties and street style. You can pair culotte with a blazer and statement necklace.

9. Churidar Pajamas:

Churidar pajamas are mostly worn with long shirts and frocks. Girls in India and Pakistan love to wear them. You can wear them for weddings, mehndi functions and sangeet nights. Add chunri dupattas and khussas along with colorful shirts to compliment the look.

10. Traditional Shalwars:

The shalwars can never go out of fashion. They are the sign of our traditions and national dress. Shalwar kameez is worn by the most of the population of South Asia. There are many types of shalwar like Tulip shalwar, dhoti shalwar, pataila, sindi, balochi, punjabi, samosa, pathani, etc.

11. Gharara Pants:

The era of 90’s is back with trendy gharara bottoms. Many designers and brands are presenting the wide range of gharara trousers. They can be paired with shirts, frocks, tops and jackets.

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Latest Phulkari Dress Designs 2018-19 Dupatta, Trousers, Jackets

Best Latest Phulkari Dress Designs, Duppatta, Trousers, Jackets

Eastern embroideries are the emblem of its rich cultural heritage. As we are walking more towards the fashion revolution, the craving to reach out to our roots and foundation are becoming more evident. Infusion of traditional embroideries into our dresses or attire makes it extremely exotic and exquisite in its style. Phulkari, per say, is one of the finest work of art done in most parts of Pakistan. Phulkari shawls and dupattas are especially popular in the region for the diversity of colours used and detailed Floss silk work in intricate patterns. Phulkari means “Flower work” which was used to glorify the bridal couture of ancient times in India, but now it is more of a fashion statement which is turning into the latest trend. Now it’s not just the shawls, but the trousers, tops and jackets are also much in demand. The beauty of this particular style is so tempting that even simple dresses are printed with special phulkari designs to amplify their outlook. We are going to share Latest Phulkari Dress Designs Collection.

Latest Phulkari Dress Designs & Styles Collection:

What new designs and styles are brought forth regarding the Phulkari trend this year is still left to find out? So scroll hard and get the latest insight of upcoming hits of Latest Phulkari Dress Designs Collection including phulkari shawls, dupatta, trousers, shirts and trousers.


This one is not new to many, has ever been loved ardently in every season. Plain dresses in white or black are paired with richly embroidered phulkari shawls to spark a lovely mesmerizing display of colors. A number of hues are paired in embroideries to create a set off combination, like tones of yellow, blues or red. For fancier shawls, specialised phulkari work is crafted using beads or shimmering thread work. You can try these with matching shalwar kameez, kurta pants or any other attire of your choice, as these look equally ravishing with each.

Latest Phulkari Dress Designs Collection Duppatta, Trousers, Jackets (10)


For summers, where you can’t go for heavy phulkari shawls, and you need to carry something light and easy, well you can get yourself pretty colourful embroidered dupattas, which are embroidered using the same work but on chiffon or georgette dupattas. Basic black or white is used which are then embellished with colourful work all over. Floral patterns in traditional style are crafted all over while the borders are lined with special work. Another emerging trend is to alter the heavy embroideries with the printed phulkari prints in chiffon. These give the same effect and outlook, except these are more comfy to carry anywhere and serves best for casual wears.

Best Latest Phulkari Dress Designs, Duppatta, Trousers, Jackets (22)


You might not wear a heavily embroidered shirt in phulkari, but a contrasting touch of a phulkari jacket will definitely inspire you to the core. These are waist length sleeveless jackets which are intricately embellished with phulkari embroideries in the variety of colors.
The jackets we have brought here are the ultimate delight, and you might have seen many like these worn by your favourite divas on various occasions or screen. You can try these on almost every other attire, either its pant shirts, shalwar kameez, or tops with trouser, as long as Phulkari is on it, the jacket can complement any of your dress. For a fancier touch to these jackets, you can use shiny silk threads in the embroideries. Use of uplifting colours is a must to for these.

Best Latest Phulkari Dress Designs, Duppatta, Trousers, Jackets (11)


The trend we all have been anticipating for is nowhere to amuse you with all the mesmerizing hues. Phulkari trousers or pants are to dazzle you up with the charming display of its twisted floral embroideries. These adornments are not confined to the bottom but cover the entire plain of the trouser.

Best Latest Phulkari Dress Designs, Duppatta, Trousers, Jackets (3)

Phulkari’s Embroidered Dupatta, Trousers and Jackets

Have a look on the below-posted image gallery of wonder designs. You can also design your favourite look out of them.  They are so colourful and best to wear for sangeet events, weddings, mehndi functions and much more.

Hope you have loved viewing this beautiful and latest phulkari dress designs collection. Keep following us and get updated with the latest fashion trends.

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Latest Pakistani Fashion: Trend of Medium Shirts with Cigarette Pants

Latest fashion in Pakistan

As the sun shines brighter and flowers blossom, you know it’s time to gear up for your SUMMER wardrobe. In this modern age, it has become so important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles because fashion lovers never compromise on designs. It is the wish of every woman to set the benchmark by being the first one to get her hands on the latest fashion and styles. As winter is already gone so here today, I will DISCUSS the latest Pakistani fashion and trends while keeping in mind the summer fabrics i.e. lawn, cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. We have cooked up some trends recipes for you ladies to give you a head start in this summer fashion race and upward Eid festive and winter trends. Previously the trend of wearing long shirts had bought the fashion market but as we know that by the time fashion changes. So, what’s new?

Origins Fancy Dresses Eid Festive Collection

This time trendsetters and fashion designers have finally decided to bring back an old friend i.e. short or medium length shirts. Right, kurti style shirts and palazzos are kicking off the fashion market and instead trend of flared, pencil, cigarette pants is setting up that gives contemporary yet fashionable chic look. Imagine when you wear a medium length shirt with cigarette pants how wonderful and different you will look after wearing long shirts for a long period.

Trend of Medium Shirts with Cigarette Pants/ Trousers: Latest Pakistani Fashion 2018-2019

Now when we have already gone over some basic INFORMATION about the latest trend of this year, let me tell you furthermore about latest colors and prints among these dresses. There are so many prints circulating in the market but as this is summer season, so TRY to keep your eyes open for French and STRONG bold prints. Also always choose the color according to the skin tone and body type. If you have DARK skin, never make a choice of such colors that won’t compliment your complexion, similarly, there is a huge range of shades available for lighter complexions.

All the popular fashion brands of Pakistan are including medium length shirts and cigrette pants/ trousers in their latest collections of summer and then upcoming Eid, festivals and winter saeson.Digital prints have become so popular in the fashion market. Also, it is known not to fade after washes, etc. Always make sure that you wear the THING that suits you doesn’t matter whether you are chubby or skinny, it’s all about the right choice. Well, in all this RECENT trend,

Digital prints have become the latest Pakistani fashion.  Printed suits are getting more popular day by day.  Also, it is known not to fade after washes, etc. Always make sure that you wear the THING that suits you doesn’t matter whether you are chubby or skinny, it’s all about the right choice. Well, in all this RECENT trend, designers are launching ready to wear collections with medium length shirts and cigarette trousers. Furthermore, we are always here to keep you UPDATED about the latest styles and trend. So stay tuned and have a blessed life. THANK you.

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed- latest Pakistani Fashion

Nishat Linen

NL- Latest Pakistani Fashion

AlKaram Studio

AlKaram -Latest Pakistani Fashion

Amna Ismail

Latest Pakistani Fashion- Amna Ismail



Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan



Maria. B

Maria B Latest Formal Wedding Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (14)

Origins-Ready To Wear

Ladies Summer Kurti Designs by Origins Spring Collection 2016-2017 (20)

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (17)

Junaid Jamshed

Latest Pakistani Fashion- j.j

Sana Safinaz

Latest Pakistani Fashion- Sana Safinaz

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Latest Best Party Wear Frocks Maxi Gowns Collection 2018-2019

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015  Fancy Embroidered Collection  (13)

Greeting the fashion freak ladies of the overwrought life and modish world! Better to start the discussion from the age group you belong. If you are a youngster, it’s hard for you to resist the festivity, soiree, and functions; and if you own the prestige of being a grown-up mature lady you probably have a strenuous and boring life. O come on! Inside you, you never want it to continue this way. A vital need of change, get together, and celebrations are present in everyone’s life! Updating you on the top trend Styles Gap understands the needs and desires of its loyal and valued visitors and has followed its norms of providing the leading and latest of what is demanded. So is being continued about the party wears through this post. Today we will post some designs of Best Party Wear Frocks Maxi Gowns. This assortment is best for every type of lady belonging to the eastern world, like Pakistani girls, Indian women, and other Asian ladies can opt these designs and trends for your formal events, functions, and parties.

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (3)

Making the looks glamorously beautiful, there are numerous designs and styles of dresses for women that keep on changing, increasing, and improving day by day. You must understand the fact that Fashion is what the designers disclose many times in a year but the style is what you pick! The fashion industry has introduced a hell of assortments like long and short shalwar kameez, Anarkali dresses, saree, long front open double shirts, umbrella frocks, pishwas, angarkha style dresses. Other than this floor-length frocks, gowns, lehengas, maxi, kaftan, sharara, and much more to make your closet full off but at the end of the day, it’s your choice to choose the best one. Taking into consideration, the most trending ways to dress up.

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (5)

The snazzy and stylish and best party wear frocks & maxi gowns in chiffon, crepe, silk, net stuff with heavy jamawar border or embroidery and choori bazu paired with churidar pajama in chiffon, silk, and Georgette; and light or heavily embroidered maxi or gowns. Usually open with long tail flattering behind your feet are famous, favored and most adopted style that renders to feminine sparkle, a divine as well as classy beauty to come up with the real gleam!

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (15)

Best Party Wear Frocks Maxi Gowns Designs 2018-2019 for Girls

In this era’s trends Frocks are increased in length stitched on different cuts like kalli and umbrella cut e.t.c, have massive and lovely falls,  stone and sequence work on neckline, and borders. Same way the gowns and maxis have motifs and embroidery on both front and back, some have it more on the back while the front of the outfit is open cut. These dresses are nourished with stones, glass work, zari work, dabka work, sequin art, motifs, color patterns paired with dyed dupatta.

They are embellished more with incredible length from backside forming a tail, or they can be without this tail-extension as well. Keeping in front of you, the closer view of these wears, it’s time to unveil some outstanding and glamorous pieces of Party Wear Frocks & Maxi Gowns ready to snatch your heart and to let you be perfectly dressed up for your parties Because of life… is a party! 😉

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (41)

Best Party Wear Frocks Maxi Gowns Designs By Jannat Nazir

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (45)




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Dolce Vita Home Winter Exhibit Top Designer Brands 2017

Dolce Vita Home Winter Exhibit Top Designer Brands 2017 (6)
Winter has just started and the shopping fest is at its peak. The new season calls for new wardrobe & cozier home. Here today we are going to share the greatest news for you. A great event is coming soon. Dolce Vita Home is going to present the biggest exhibit having notable fashion designer and brands.  As Dolce Vita Home loves to bring the best lifestyle choices to its customers, continuing with this idea, it proudly presents The Winter Exhibit 2017 happening on 5th of December 2017 at Rose Marquee & Zafar Creative Marquee where you’ll be able to shop from over top 50 designers under one roof.
Discover the latest winter collection of top clothing brands, designer jewellery and high-end home interiors for your home.  If you’re planning a wedding for you’re going to be a bride soon then don’t forget to go. Shop each and everything according to your choices. Shop the best furniture in the town having amazing designs. Here you will have everything under one roof. So get ready for the biggest exhibit of the year.

Dolce Vita Home Winter Exhibit 2017- Top Designer Brands

This largest exhibit will have your favourite top brands. Including the Karma, Samah & Hamayal, Farida Hasan, Rema & Shehrbano, Rema Luxe, Farah’s Gulkari, Henna Mendhi, Arjumand Bano, Mulaye, Lulusar, Reese, Anam Chaudhry, Heritage Home, House of Aphrodite, Natasha Kamal, Maison D Lace, Cheezain etc, BOHO, Sash and co., Paper Clip, Ink Factory, Ananya, Ethnic by Asma Khurram, Aura Art, Quirky and co, Magicosmetix, Cosa Nostra, Mishel’s Cookies and many more!!
The exhibition must be mindblowing. Come along with your family & friends to shop the trendiest designs of this season & flaunt your look all along the winter. I hope you will not miss this greatest event. Don’t forget to shop your favourites.
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Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants 2018-19 Trend


This season the styling trend has just begun to get funkier with all the latest bell bottom designs. You heard it right! Bell bottoms are back in the game and going to excite you with the variety of designs being launched with all sorts of tops and shirts. Whether we admit it or not, but bell bottoms do have a unique decent outlook, bringing out the real smartness out of you. Gone are the days when you only used to see plain bottom flared bell bottoms in cotton and silk, today our most eminent designers have taken these to a new level of style. The latest series of bell bottoms crafted are full of decent alluring embellishments, bordered tussles, floral side prints, side embedded motifs, silky shine and laced with net work. Today we will discuss Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants.


Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants 2018 Trends

The range of embellished bell bottoms is perfect to pair with your party wear dresses. These are either designed in silk or Jamawar. Either of them is moreover adorned with work of Zari or threadwork in ivory or white. Popular luxury pret collections by Maria b. and Zainab chottani, show the wide range of vibrant colors in bell bottoms. All the embellishments are kept contrasting to the base colors, black over maroon, silver over black, ivory over purple, which indeed look magnificent.


Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants by Designers:

The casual pieces of bell bottoms are much more simple and plain in outlook, with little or no embellishment at all. These are crafted in cotton, linen, silk or soft velvet. Some are beautifully printed with prominent floral patterns around the borders and the sides. Some of these comprise of parallel net laces or broad border laces at the bottom ends of the trouser. Crochet laces are also attached in white series of bell bottoms.

Here is the sneak peak of all the latest cuts and designs of lovely bell bottoms, designed by Pakistan’s Top notch fashion artists.


Asim Jofa’s pret collection is full of exciting yet soft hues and designs. Its bell bottoms collection consists of two different varieties.  One for formal party wears and the other is somewhat simpler. But all are entirely designed in silk, which looks appealing to sight with any type of top you carry.



Sania Maskatiya bell bottoms are unique in their styling, due to the simple touch of pastel shades in white, light brown and faun. These are more fanned at the bottom while around the knee there is a sharp curve which makes these look smarter.



Maria B bell bottoms collection is full of richness in terms of designs, the entire collection carries adornments, printed flowers and lace work.



Like always, Zainab Chottani fine fashion sense reflects well through her latest bell bottom designs. These have certain royal and regal touch in terms of their embellishments.



Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants by Sana Safinaz’s is full of bold hues and designs. On one hand, you can see soft golden work over white base while on the other there are heavy golden embellishments seen over a combination of black and dark blue.


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Khaadi Winter Collection Cambric Dresses Designs 2017-2018

Khaadi Winter Collection Cambric Dresses Designs 2017-2018

Welcome the preparatory days of frosty winter and yellowish Autumn in your very own style! As you all know that the sun’s heat is getting lighter evenings and mornings are getting colder which means the season of warm assortments has turned its way towards our region. Put on the shawls and use the wintry hues blending’em with autumn shades of yellow, peach, brown and many more. This season has its own joys and has the tradition of bringing out the thick woven, weaved and knitted clothes. And so is the specialty and expertise of the tag I’m here to serve you with, today with Khaadi Winter Collection Cambric Dresses Designs.

Khaadi, meaning “hand-woven”, is the brand operational since 1998, has stayed factual to its label and proceeds to produce a distinctive and fresh blends of numerous styles to balance both the east and west, while still using hand-woven fabrics on select products. Customer satisfaction level has always been a top interest of this one of the top designer brand names. Having a reach over the globe  it has opened its stores in Dubai(UAE), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), London (UK),  and in all over the Homeland Pakistan, Almost all the big cities have a Khaadi store located, like in Karachi Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Azad Kashmir,Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Hyderabad, Mirpur, and Gujrat.

Khaadi Winter Collection Cambric Dresses Designs 2017-2018

As it is the custom of every season that all the designer names rush to present some products to their buyers, talking about what gift the brand has for its loyal customer this winter/Autumn; it has recently launched the undefeated Khaadi Winter Collection Cambric Dresses Designs 2017-2018. The well embellished assortments with unique and breath-taking cuts, designs, and prints possess intricate, exquisite and sophisticated embroidery patterns is executed over high quality cambric cotton and linen. These outfits are finalized in striking color shades like yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, parrot, red, maroon, white, blue and brown that fully complement the uniquely attractive and flawless designs. So get your quality outfit with an amazing perfection in an affordable range as the qualities of pure products by this brand are worth spending for!

The brand has fulfilled the absolute needs of its customers and this site is now going to fulfill the utter desires and needs of its visitors, yes! You guessed it right. Visualizing need is a fact that cannot be denied! Here exhibited in the images of this post are the latest cambric trendy wears for winter by Khaadi. The best part of this collection is Cotton Printed and embroidered Shalwar Kameez!

Khaadi Winter Collection Cambric Dresses Designs

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Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights

The Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 was Powered by QMobile Brought to you by Kashmir banaspati and Cooking Oil. Most highly anticipated the evening of the year came on display with the setting Sun in Lahore on April 29th, 2017. The star-studded cascade of glamour was more promising than ever. Many things came as a big surprise this year at PEL 5th HUM AWARDS 2017, and it moved our hearts to the core. Lahore Expo centre became the center for the greatest ensemble of television celebrities, fashion divas, music artists and entire broadcast community. As HUM has laid the building foundation for Pakistani Drama and film industry, it is that one roof which has dug out great talent and brought into the light the brightest gems we all see on our television screens under the Mentorship of Sultana Apa.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (20)

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Highlights & Winners

After the historical event it set last year, this year’s HUM Awards was another triumph for the television history of Pakistan. Bringing all the big names in the industry down to a single platform is the goal only HUM television can score. From fashion gurus to stylists, top notch directors, writers, composers, everyone was there to witness this extravaganza. Let’s go through the main highlights from the Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017.


An archetypal red carpet with celebrities lined up in gorgeous designer outfits is the first eye capturing sight to experience at HUM Awards. As the stars walked down the carpet, they made their glittering appearance on the screen, flaunting the charms of their personalities. From lovely Maya Ali in dusty yellow to Sajjal Ali in the chic black outfit, celebrities were adorning the reception with their alluring appearance. Big names like Reema Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Meera, Ayesha Khan, Mikaal Hassan, Kubra Khan, Hamza Ali, and Momina Mustehsan also donned in the Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards.

Hum Awards 2017

The show was lit to a blaze with the electrifying performance by an international dance troupe BNF from UAE taking the stage by storm. It was one exhilarating performance which boosted the levels of energy and excitement in all. Up next entertainment was taken to the next level when Yasir Hussein stepped on the floor, doing what he is best at. There were giggles and laughter all in the air due to his classic humour.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (7)

Mikaal’s poised personality and Hareem’s repossessing looks made the audience spellbound for hours when they both appeared as the hosts for the evening. Their chemistry on the stage was worth admiring. There was a slight mix of humor with eloquence in words and their style. The tv hot guru & queen Nadia Khan was also seen hosting the award show. With her chic look and tasty gossips, she captures audience full attention.


The award for best Music Single Popular category was presented by the beautiful Hadiqa Kiana and Azam Mirza, to the soulful music of Saiyaan by Qurat Ul Ain Baloch. Whereas the award for best Music Video Popular was bagged by Suhaib Akhtar and it was presented by the talented Zoe Viccaji and HSY.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (9)

OST’s byHum Drama’s has been recorded as hits for years. Each Ost better than the next made the competition tougher than ever, but the captivating music and soulful lyrics of Mann Mayal’s OST earned the title for best OST of the year


In the evening studded with gleaming starlight, the void of all time music legend and a true human at heart Junaid Jamshed was greatly felt. His sons and his beloved friend Salman Ahmed altogether paid tribute to the legacy he has left behind after his death, the passion or the inspiring examples he left behind to follow.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (10)


Award for Best New Sensation was bagged by the gorgeous Kubra Khan who is nailing her art of acting in every other drama serial these days. The best child Star award was earned by Zebo of Udaari, Arisha; the kid did nail the drama with her fine and realistic acting. The best telefilm award was achieved by the telefilm, Chaman Ara.


Moving further, the show paced to some high volt performances with the appearance of Sehrish Khan & Shehroz Sabzwari. After that the sizzling hot performance by Mehwish Hayat on the stage. Perhaps the most invigorating performance of that night. Up next was the smoking hot performance by Reema Khan, she comes back on the stage was admired on every other platform. Her lifting and energetic moves added life to the show. That Desi thumkas and heart melting jhatkas were making everyone go Woah that night.


To praise and pay tribute to the lifelong services of our senior television or music artists, HUM TV has set a tradition to mark their services with a Life Time Achievement award. This year, the award was truthfully earned by the well deserving Fareeda Khanum. For decades her majestic voice entertained every Pakistani soul who craves for classical music.


The Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role male was earned by Paras Masroor while for Female; it was earned by Sania Saeed for her role in drama serial Sang e Mar mar. Speaking about negative roles, the award for Best Actor in Negative Role was achieved by none other than Ahsan Khan for his amazing performance in popular drama serial Udaari.



To revive the spirit of the show, the mood was set to light with heart touching melodies presented by a Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar. Their duet for the Ost Mann Mayal was one fine performance. Moreover, they also performed along the music legend Sajjad Ali, singing his hit songs from the past. Ali Sethi’s inspiring voice was also the part of this Musical Ensemble.


The Award for the most Impactful character was bagged by the very talented Bushra Ansari for her magnificent role in Udaari and Nouman Ejaz for his role in Sang e mar mar. However, the Best Writer Drama award was presented to Mustafa Afridi for his screenplay Sang e mar mar. The brains and muscles behind the drama serial Udaari Muhammad Ehtishtam Uddin earned the title of Best Director Drama.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (26)

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (27)


While there were all the top notch celebrities in the show, Pakistan’s Information Minister Marium Aurangzeb also graced the evening with her appearance. She presented the special recognition award to the last year hits by HUM films like Actor in Law, Jaanan and Mah e Mir. To promote Pakistan’s film industry and cinema, she also announced to certain microfinance schemes and give exemption from the taxes for Filmmakers.

PEL 5th Hum awards 2017 (1)


Giving the night an intense dose of fun, the Khan’s dashed on the stage with their exciting performance. Ahsan and Kubra tied the audience with their energetic moves.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (31)

The last dance performance was done by the most talented heart throb of Pakistani films Reema Khan. She performed on traditional Sufi music and make the night more enchanting.

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (3)


Our most beloved couple on screen Manno and Salahuddin nailed the best on screen Couple Award for this year. This is not the only award Hamza Ali bagged that night he also won the award for best actor Male. Whereas the best Actor female award was awarded to the latest Bollywood sensation Mahira Khan. The award for Best Popular drama serial was won by the famous Udaari.



On behalf of Jury, Awards for Best Actor Female award was presented to Sajjal Ali. While for best Actor male jury had nominated the very talented Ahsan Khan. The best couple on screen was Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane for their roles in Udaari, the chemistry is indeed great on the screen and off the screen. Udaari won the best drama serial jury award.

Best on screen couple award at Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 (2)

The Final Selfie 🙂

Best Award Show of the Season PEL 5th Hum Awards 2017 Full Highlights (6)

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Pakistan’s Cultural Capital Lahore to Host the 5th HUM Awards 2017

5th HUM AWARS 2017

Karachi April 7, 2017: Pakistan’s premier entertainment channel HUM, organised a press conference at Avari Tower, Karachi to announce the date and the most anticipated Viewers’ Choice categories nominations of the country’s biggest and most glamorous television awards show, the 5th HUM Awards 2017. The prestigious awards show, slated to take place on April 29, 2017, in the Cultural Capital of Pakistan, Lahore will have the crème de la crème of Pakistan’s entertainment landscape under one roof.

Pakistan’s Cultural Capital to Host the 5th HUM Awards 2017 (1)

The 5th edition of HUM Awards promises epic grandeur and will boast exhilarating performances by the heartthrobs of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. With productions like Udaari, Bin Roye, Mann Mayal, Sang-e-Marmar, Gul-e-Rana and Choti Si Zindagi to name a few in the past year, one will witness a tussle between the best of Pakistani dramas for the coveted HUM Award. This year, HUM Awards will include 7 Viewers’ Choice categories, divided into Best Actor Male (Popular), Best Actor Female (Popular), Best on Screen Couple (Popular), Best Drama Serial (Popular), Best Music Video, Best Music Single and Best Original Soundtrack (Popular).

Pakistan’s Cultural Capital to Host the 5th HUM Awards 2017

Speaking on occasion, Sultana Siddiqui President HUM Network said, “Our aim is to make every new awards ceremony better than the previous one and to continue introducing new and realistic topics in our serials to make them interesting and relatable to our viewers and thus highlight them in our awards ceremony. We put in a lot of effort and time to present the best, and we hope that viewers and media like what we are doing.”The glittering awards ceremony is held every year to acknowledge and honour the contributions of actors, singers, writers, directors and producers associated with the channel’s plays/productions along with awards in the categories of music and fashion. The award show also includes special segments to honour all those who have played a vital role in shaping the entertainment landscape of Pakistan.

Sultana Siddiqui

The glittering awards ceremony is held every year to acknowledge and honour the contributions of actors, singers, writers, directors and producers associated with the channel’s plays/productions along with awards in the categories of music and fashion. The award show also includes special segments to honour all those who have played a vital role in shaping the entertainment landscape of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Cultural Capital to Host the 5th HUM Awards 2017 (2)


Here presenting the viewers choice nominations for 5th Hum awards 2017. This include the following categories of most popular dramas and videos.


Feroz Khan for Gul-e-Rana
Meekal Zulfiqar for Sang-e-Marmar
Humayun Saeed for Bin Roye
Hamza Ali Abbasi for Mann Mayal
Usman Khalid Butt for Sanam
Ahsan Khan for Udaari


Sajal Ali for Gul-e-Rana

Urwa Hocane for Udaari

Iqra Aziz for Choti Si Zindagi

Mahira Khan for Bin Roye

Maya Ali for Mann Mayal

Aamina Sheikh for Pakeeza


Feroz Khan and Sajal Ali for Gul-e-Rana
Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed for Udaari
Meekal Zulfiqar and Kubra Khan for Sang-e-Marmar
Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed for Bin Roye
Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mayal Ali for Mann Mayal
Shahzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz for Choti Si Zindagi



Choti Si Zindagi


Mann Mayal

Bin Roye



Humza Yousaf for Koi Ruke Mujhay
Zaw Ali for Nakhun
Soheb Akhter for Khair Mangda
Humza Yousaf for Saaiyan
Kamal Khan for Ho Jao
Saqib Khan for Jind Jaan


Qurat ul Ain Baloch for Saaiyan

Atif Aslam for Khair Mangda

Sajjad Ali for Nakhun

Shehzad Roy and Zoe Viccaji for Jind Jaan

Azaad Noorie for Pinjra

Farhan Saeed for Koi Rukey Mujhe


Sajna Ve Sajna Ve (Udaari)
Sang-e-Marmar ka Dil (Sang-e-Marmar)
Naina Rehtay Hain Kahain (Bin Roye)
Tere Naal Mein Layan (Man Mayal)
Chali Simt e Ghaib (Deewana)
Zara Yaad Kar (Zara Yaad Kar)

Celebrities at 5th HUM Awards 2017 Press Conference at Avari Tower, Karachi

To vote for your favourite actor, actress, drama serial, on screen couple, OST, music video or singer, please visit

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QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 Styled by Sweet Touch

QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 Styled by Sweet Touch

The big news is here! Get Ready Guys, QMobile HUM bridal couture week 2017 styled by sweet touch is going to happen very soon. Where the country’s most prominent designers will showcase the latest trends and bridal collections. The 14th Edition of QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week will be choreographed by former supermodel Vaneeza Ahmed. Twenty-one of the country’s best and burgeoning bridal designers will present their latest collections on the runway, along with The Classical Red segment featuring the gurus of Pakistan’s fashion industry.

Vaneeza Ahmed

Karachi March 20, 2017: Pakistan’s numero uno general entertainment network HUM Network Limited is pleased to announce the names of participating designers, makeup artist, models and choreographer in the 14th edition of its most anticipated fashion event, QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 styled by Sweet Touch. Slated to take place from March 31 to April 2, 2017, the latest Edition of Pakistan’s biggest bridal extravaganza will be choreographed by former supermodel Vaneeza Ahmed and will showcase bridal collections of the country’s 21 leading and emerging designers, along with the Classic Red segment featuring the gurus of the country’s fashion industry.

Participating Designers at QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 styled by Sweet Touch

The Classic Red segment of QHBCW will feature prominent names in our industry such as Ali Xeeshan, Faraz Manan, Adnan Pardesy, Elan, Farah Talib Aziz, Karma, Sania Maskatiya, Shamaeel Ansari, Tena Durrani, Maheen Ghani Taseer, Mehdi, Misha Lakhani, Zaheer Abbas and Zara Shahjahan. The designer line-up includes Amir Adnan, Ahsan’s Menswear [UK – International], Annus Abrar, Asifa & Nabeel, Arsalan Iqbal, Ayesha & Usman Qamar, Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram, Emraan Rajput.  Fahad Hussayn, Faika Karim [UK – International], Hassan Shehryar Yasin, Impulse by Aisha Farid [USA – International], Naushad Imdad, Nickie Nina, QMobile Star Gogi by Hassan Riaz, QMobile Star Ahmad Sultan, Rizwan Ahmed, Saadia Mirza, Sonya Battla, Umsha by Uzma Babar and Yasmin Zaman.


Makeup Team at QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017

N-Pro and N-Gents will be grooming over 48 male and female models over the course of three days, along with a long list of showstoppers to walk the ramp this season. #QHBCW will also present two international models to walk the ramp this year. Jewelry partner for the QHBCW is Shafaq Habib.

All public relations operations and media liaison will be carried out by the in-house PR team of HUM Network Limited. Along with show production and execution by the special projects and events team at Hum Network Limited. Q Mobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 Styled by Sweet Touch with backstage management by Muneera and Aamir of Production 021.

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