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Top Pakistani Trends in Women’s Western Wear Dresses 2021

Top Pakistani Trends in Women’s Western Wear Dresses m

In modern times where lifestyles are changing, the tilt towards western wear is not just picking up, but in fact, is the new norm. Owing to this preference, designers and fashion houses are focusing more on western wear for women and hence it is easier to find all kinds of western outfits at our top brick and mortar stores as well as when doing online shopping for Pakistani clothing. Here we are sharing the top Pakistani Trends in Women’s Western Wear Dresses.

A Trend Here to Stay

It is common to see the youth adorning tops, pants and western attire more than ever, often mixing it up with eastern ensembles to create their own style. Some find western clothes for women more fun and interesting, while others think they are more comfortable and practical. Whatever the reason may be, this is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular and is here to stay for sure.

Comfy Fashion & Trendy Winter Clothing for Women for All Occasions

Western dresses for women are easily available! You can see women and young girls wearing them not only as part of their daily wear but also preferring these at parties and formal events. Even at offices, women feel at home wearing pants or trousers with formal tops and shirts. Noticing the preference for western clothes, designers are also coming up with exquisite and stylish collections in all kinds of styles and for all kinds of tastes. The result is healthy competition and countless choices for women.

Top Pakistani Trends in Women’s Western Wear Dresses 2021

This year too you can check out all the interesting collections unveiled by top brands for next-level winter style. There are endless choices available for tops, bottoms as well as coats, sweaters, and shoes. To stay on top of the latest trends in women’s western clothing this winter, read on and start updating your winter wardrobe.

Mountain Jacket

Twill jacket with a high neck and front zip-through closure. Adjustable hood and waist with drawstrings. Long sleeves with belted cuffs. Matching lining. Welt pockets. Dropped back hem with V cut.

Chunky Knit Sweater

Knit sweater in chunky yarn with a grown-on neck self-color pattern. Long sleeves and ribbed trims.

Slouchy Belted Pants

High-waisted belted trousers with front button and zip closure. Angular pockets and pleat detail. Rare faux pockets and knee seam detail.

Color-Blocked Sweater

Loose-fit sweater with a round neck and long sleeves. Color block pattern and ribbed trims.

Silky Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt in silky fabric. The fixed waistband and side zip closure.

Short Wrap Coat

Two-way fastening belted wrap coat with long sleeves and pockets.

Mix it Up!

The interesting thing about winters is layering. You can do so much with it and create unique looks every time with limited pieces. The art is how to use different items and pair them up creatively. You can use light clothes underneath like a turtleneck and then top it with a smart sweater or coat. If you want, add a scarf too for the extra style. Wear a trendy bomber jacket over a sweatshirt for the casual street style trend that will keep you comfortable and warm. Another option is to play with different shades of the same color when layering.

Something to Keep you Cozy

In the cold season, you will need lots of sweaters, ladies winter jackets, and trendy sweaters. Yes, it is important to be warm in winters, but you do not have to sacrifice style and end up in bulky, oversized clothes.

Opt for stylish ladies winter coats in solid colors that can go with many outfits. These will give you instant cool points. Winter coats come in beautiful shapes and lengths and can have quite an impact when worn with stylish pants or trousers. Long coats always look dramatic, sophisticated and will also keep you cozy.

Classic Sweaters – Must-Haves

When it comes to sweaters for women, the choices in styles, designs, and colors are quite diverse. You can go for open button-down cardigans with or without pockets if you want to flaunt the shirt underneath or go for a high necked sweater for a chic look. Oversized long cardigans also look hot on top of tight-fitted shirts and bottoms or even with skirts. Cropped knitted sweaters can be worn with skirts or leggings/pants and look quite fashionable. The trick is that when you wear loose tops or bulky sweaters, balance them out with tight bottoms. With oversized jackets or sweaters, you can throw a belt to emphasize the waist.

Get Scarfs, Wraps, Capes, and Ponchos to Have Some Fun

In winter it is so easy to style a ladies western dress. You can have a lot of fun with some smart ponchos or wraps that you can use to jazz up any outfit. What you wear underneath does not make much of a difference because the wrap or scarf will be the focal point of attention. So it makes sense to invest more in outerwear. Get some nice scarves in eye-catching colors to make your outfit more attractive and add some color.

Winter tops for Women to Rock the Season

Discover loads of cute variety in tops from long sleeve sweatshirts for a casual day out to elegant high necks for a formal look. You can pair them with jeans, leggings, trousers and go for sneakers or boots whichever you prefer. T-shirts with turtlenecks look very chic and are perfect for layering. Loose-fit swing tunic tops also sell hot in winters because they never go out of style and look extremely elegant, especially when you pair them with a tight-fitting lower. For a more structured look, go for a button-down top that can be topped with a cute jacket or sweater. At times, you can skip the tops or wear just a vest to top it with a nice, cozy sweater.

Invest in Some Winter Shoes to Survive the Season in Style

To get the cozy look right, you have to get the right shoes. For everyday wear go for mules, sneakers, loafers, boots in suede, and leather. Full boots always look hot and are available in different lengths and materials. When it comes to a formal look go for stilettos, block heels, and wedges.

A mix of Traditional Clothing with Western for a Unique Look

Modern women today are bold enough to create their own style by going for what they like and are comfortable in. They have never hesitated to mix up traditional wear with western pieces to get the look they feel confident in. It is common to see women wearing traditional kurtis and embroidered shirts or frock-style shirts on tights, jeans, and trousers or going for a complete western look. Another popular trend is to wear a western outfit and top it with a traditional shawl – it looks chic and also keeps you warm.

Pants for Women

There is no dearth of pants in western fashion in Pakistan. Find the most flattering fits and stylish designs in winter pants. From wide-leg pants, dress pants, cropped flare leggings, culottes, jogging trousers to corduroy pants, and more, every cut is easily available. Some pants also come with slits or embellishments on the sides.

Party Wear Dress for Girls

We covered all kinds of casual outfits for you to check out this season. Now it is time to explore ready-made dresses for formal wear. There is no shortage of winter dresses for ladies to wear at parties or dinners. These glamorous dresses are guaranteed to impress. You will find an amazing variety of skirts with irresistible design details, printed dresses in flowy, luscious fabrics, and maxis in solid colors that can be accentuated with a statement accessory or a nice belt.

These chic and warm pieces will make you look stylish and keep you cozy at the same time. So start having fun with layers and create a new look every day.

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