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Comfort In Your Own Skin with Capri- MM Project by SZABIST Students


Ayesha Ajaz is a Pakistani beauty blogger, studying business from a renowned business institution. Talking about makeup and beauty absolutely enchants Ayesha. She will feel contented and fortunate to help you all beauties with my reviews and tutorials. 


Ayesha and her group has started a media management project that includes a beauty brand, Capri. The campaign is about to aware ladies and young girls about their skin. Every girl is beautiful in her own ways. Just you have to do a little care of your skin to be beautiful. Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin- MM Project by Ayesha Ajaz is a good step to make the women courageous and comfortable in their own skin.


The real brain behind the campaign, Ayesha, is the same view that “Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are.” Being a beauty blogger, she has been spreading the message through many platforms including her beauty blogs and Instagram. Even her prescribed makeup techniques are close to natural outlooks. Her motive is only to keep it simple and close to reality.

Comfort In Your Own Skin with Capri- Media Management Project by SZABIST Students

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

One’s individuality defines the diversity and beauty of nature. Looking pretty and alluring doesn’t really demand layers of foundation and tons of makeup but it all lies in mere simplicity. It is however quite saddening and unfortunate that as we are advancing in development of cosmetic products and techniques we are more deviating from the natural ways of attaining beauty, girls spend hours putting on several layers of foundations, primers, contours, blushes, shimmers and much more, just to attain that confidence to move around in the society. What most of us aren’t aware of, is that confidence is built within, it is admiring you that way you are being created.


Propagating same message and idea among the people of Pakistan, a team of students from Szabist has set out on a mission to help you believe in yourself and your natural looks. “Comfort In your own Skin-Capri” is a great initiative to make you believe in yourself. They have been carrying out major interactive activities in this regard to instigate the use of natural beauty soap “Capri” bringing live to your natural skin. Stop listening what the world tells you or what media demonstrates through those fashion walks, magazines, and shows, it is all a part of reality which is nothing but mediated and fake.

Open up your mind and embrace your skin, it is beautiful and perfect. No one needs to lighten it up using those skin damaging, whitening, vanishing creams. Trust me! All those cream can make vanish, is your own individuality. Either it’s dark or tan, your skin color doesn’t require alterations, it is perfect the way it is. Let the world shine with your glare and do not hide it behind the covers of your makeovers. Nourish it well and keep it hydrated, that is all you need to do. And what could be more suitable than using Capri soap to hydrate your skin, it fairly smoothens it while keeping its natural moisture.


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