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10 Surprising & Interesting Nail Health Facts You Must have to Know

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There are many gorgeous nail styles out there right now, so it’s not a surprise that women enjoy experimenting with their nails. Apart from the aesthetic purposes, they are actually very important to us all. Nails protect our fingers and toes. They can also indicate how healthy we are at the moment. 10 Amazing & Interesting Nail Health Facts One Must have to Know.

10 Surprising & Interesting Nail Health Facts You Must have to Know

Here we are sharing the amazing and interesting nail health facts.

1. Keratin

Our hair and nails are made out of the same protective protein, Keratin. It’s just that Keratin is differently put together in nails, which is why they’re thicker than hair. We all have different nail types depending on the amount and quality of Keratin we have.

2. Nail Growth Rate

Fingernails grow 3,5 mm per month and toenails grow only 1,6 mm per month. Women’s nails grow faster than men’s, especially when they’re pregnant. Also, you probably noticed that your nail’s look better in the summer. That’s because they grow faster and stronger at that time of year.

3. Onychophagia

Onychophagia is a medical term for nail biting. Some people only do it when they’re nervous, while for some people it’s a type of OCD. If you think you have it, don’t worry, there are many effective treatments out there.

4. Nails Are Health Indicators

People with some medical conditions have different kinds of the nail than healthy people. For example, people who have lung problems have blue-ish nail’s. If you notice some changes in the color, shape or growth rate of your nails, you should tell your doctor about it.

5. White Spots

Many people believe that white spots on nails indicate either zinc or calcium deficiency. You might be surprised that their belief is not true; we can’t recognize vitamin deficiencies from looking at our nails.

6. Half Moon

Contrary to popular belief, having a nicely shaped white half moon on your nails is actually an indicator of a good digestive system and good thyroid health.

7. How Many People Have Nail Issues

Surprisingly, around 10 percent of people with dermatological problems consult their doctors because they have different, or abnormal nail types. Those changes happen because of sports injuries, nail fungus, skin cancer melanoma, or other conditions. Also, as you get older it’s more likely you’ll have some kind of a nail issue.

8. Why Do Our Nails Sometimes Fall Off?

Our nails need blood in order to survive. If you have an injury which involves disruption of blood flow, then they won’t be getting their nutrients. If your nail falls off, you shouldn’t worry, it will grow back quickly and it will be healthier.

9. Nail Thickness

There’s nothing worse than having fragile nails that break easily. We all want thick. There are many treatments and supplements that can make your nail’s thicker over time. But, you should know that nail differences are the result of genetics. Because of that, your nail’s are more likely to be strong if your parents’ nails are strong.

10. Cuticles

We all hate having to constantly remove our cuticles. It can sometimes be a painful process. Many doctors actually say that they should be left uncut. That’s because we have cuticles for a reason: they provide moisture to them, and they prevent the germs from getting into our fingers.

Now that you know all of these surprising facts, we’re sure you’ll appreciate them more and give them extra care.

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