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Arabic Bridal Party Wear Makeup Tutorial & Ideas Step By Step with Pictures

Step by Step Arabic Party Wear & Bridal Eye & Complete Face Makeup Tutorial with Pictures

Another day for girls where they are going to get amazing tips about their makeup. There is a huge number of makeup patterns and styles and so various terms are associated with it. Also, a different type of makeup trend is seen in different parts of the world like Arabic makeup, Asian makeup, Western-style makeup, etc. Today we will discuss one them i.e. Arabic makeup and In fact, we will give you girls a proper step by step tutorial through which you don’t need to go to beauty expert but you can easily apply makeup by yourself through this handy approach. Here we are going to share the Arabic Bridal Party Wear Makeup Tutorial.

Arabic makeup usually comprises a mixture of dark and shimmery shades like black, golden, silver, maroon, etc. Arabian women are famous for their beautiful big eyes and the way they decorate it with amazing makeup skills. So, let’s start this exciting makeover stepwise!

Step by Step Arabic Bridal Party Wear Makeup Tutorial with Pictures

Let’s discuss the Arabic Bridal Party Wear Makeup Tutorial stepwise.

  • Step 1:
    First of all, cover up all the patchiness around your eye area. You can use your foundation as a concealer or if you have a dark circles issue than first use a corrector before applying the concealer to avoid rough look around your eye.
  • Step 2:
    Next, you need a windshield brush to apply medium brown matte eyeshadow on the crease in a wiper motion. A precautionary tip for this step is careful while application and don’t go beyond the crease area or move inside the lid area. This will help to give an illusion of deep-set eyes.
  • Step 3:
    Next, take a dark black eye pencil and apply it to the outer corner of the eye over the eyebrow in ‘C’ shape and then extend it to the winged shape according to your desire.
  • Step 4:
    Now carefully pat the golden eyeshadow over the central part of an eyelid instead of sweeping it as this is a big mistake usually girls do while applying makeup, so be very careful. The advantage of putting motion is that it helps to maintain uniformity of the colour. For this step use the flat eyeshadow brush to achieve maximum color intensity because a creation of maximum color intensity is required here.
  • Step 5:
    Now pat a bronze shade over the third corner of the eye while not going far outside but just right at the place where eye socket ends. Use a flat brush for this step. Now your eyes are given transition of colors from gold, bronze to black. Make sure that it will not look like three different shades used and make a perfect blend of shades merging into each other. But it doesn’t mean to swipe too much that the metallic shade will get mixed and lost. Create a soft gradation.
  • Step 6:
    Apply a dark thick line on the upper and lower lash line. You can use a gel liner, liquid liner or else, the one that creates the maximum intensity.  Extend, the liner to an outer corner of an eye, to creating a winged look.
    A classic Arabian eye look is now ready to take the breadth of viewers. You can complete your makeup by soft pink blush in matte on your cheeks and peachy lipstick to lips. Hope this tutorial helped you girls. Thank you.

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