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How to get Dandruff Free Shiny Hairs-Most Easy Tips

Dandruff Free hairs

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder or condition that is caused by wrong eating habits, poor hygienic conditions, environmental effects, and due to the excessive use of hair products and shampoos that contain dangerous/harsh chemicals. It is very Common hair Problem Now a days.Dandruff falls off in the form of white or yellow flakes (dandruff flakes are dry and dead skin cells that fall off) and is accompanied with several hair problems such as hair loss, hair fall, and gray hairs itching in scalp skin. It must be treated before it gets chronic. During the winter season we tend to drink less water and due to lack of moisture dandruff begin to fall on the shoulders and back, this type of dandruff is called loose dandruff. In this article I will discuss some effective natural dandruff removing home remedies.

Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff & Get Shiny Healthy Hair

Now here i am discussing few home made remedies and Techniques for getting rid of dandruff and to get healthy shiny hair, use these techniques you will get good results in few hours as well. Enjoy the Healthy shiny and dandruff Free hairs.


Curd and turmeric mixture

Required ingredients:

  • Half cup curd
  • Little bit turmeric powder
  • One tablespoon apple cider/vinegar
  • Two tablespoon olive oil


Add all the ingredients mentioned above in a small bowl and mix thoroughly. Apply this  mixture on your scalp and leave for about one hour and then wash your scalp with lukewarm water using any shampoo that suits your hair. Application of this mixture  not only removes dandruff but also improves overall hair health because curd used in the mixture removes dandruff, olive oil works as a moisturizer and helps in removing dandruff as well, turmeric stops itchy caused by dandruff and apple cider works as an effective dandruff removing agent.

Hot oil therapy

Required ingredients:

  • Three tablespoon olive oil
  • Three tablespoon almond oil
  • Three tablespoon mustard oil


Mix all the three three oils in small bowl and heat. Massage lukewarm oils on your scalp, take a towel, soak it in warm water, squeeze out the water and wrap the hot towel around your head at least for 15-20 minutes this will increase absorption of oil in the scalp, now the towel and wash your head after two to three hours with shampoo that suits your hair. Repeat this oil therapy at least twice a week. By applying this Technique you will obtain better results to get dandruff free hairs

Egg yoke and vinegar mixture

Required ingredients:

  • Two egg yolks
  • Two tablespoon vinegar
  • Two tablespoon olive oil
  • Four tablespoon curd


Add all the above mentioned ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Apply the mixture gently on your scalp and leave for two-three hours. Wash your head with lukewarm water using a shampoo that suits your hair best. Apply this mixture twice a week to get dandruff free shiny healthy hair because the egg yolk is very much beneficial for hair growth, curd and vinegar helps getting rid of dandruff, vinegar make your hair shiny as well and olive oil works like a natural moisturizer that not only nourishes hair but also lock moisture in scalp skin.By using this method you will obtain good results in few hours.