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How to Get Smooth Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin

How to Get Smooth & Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin

Fairer and glowing skin are always a dream for women and girls of all ages. A fresh and fairer skin give your face a ravishing and alluring look. To acquire smooth and shiny skin, many of the ladies go to expensive beauty products. Many put extra efforts in visiting parlors and beauty salons. But all you need to do is to follow a skin care routine. A healthy and balanced diet with extra skin care can keep you glowing round the year. It is considered as the most sensitive part of human body and also the most exposed part, to outer dust and dirt. Therefore, it needs special attention and care. Here we are sharing tips to get fresh smooth fairer skin in winter season.

How to Get Smooth & Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin (10)

How to get Smooth Fairer Skin in Winters- Homemade Remedies to get Rid of Dull Face

Skin type greatly varies from oily to normal and to dry, but each of the skin types needs to be nourished and moisturized. However, in winter, this can be an issue. The wintry frost forces your dermis to get dehydrated and flaky. It is the reason we lose our natural glow and fairness in winters. Dehydrated skin can lead to many related disorders, which is the real concern of women these days. Let’s break the barrier of all skin’s type issues and get a complete knowledge in this article about how to keep your face fairer in winters. This article is full of tips and techniques that you can follow to keep your skin as glowing white as snow in this wintry frost.


Dry, dead skin cells in winter make our face look dull. Therefore, we need to exfoliate every once in a while to rub off these dead cells. One thing should be kept in mind while exfoliating that be gentle with your dermis. Rubbing or scratching it hard will simply agitate your skin that can have some serious consequences.

How to Get Smooth & Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin (13)


One of the many reasons that our skin’s loses its natural color in winters is we never keep it hydrated well. Less intake of water and more exposure to sunlight or gas heaters in homes causes great damage to our skin. So it’s highly essential to keep moisturizing your face with a good moisturizer. Prefer body lotions as they are light and soothing for all skin types. Even ladies with oily skin’s type also need to moisturize well in winters.

How to Get Smooth & Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin (15)


Instead of going for expensive and artificial market beauty products, homemade masks from natural products should be used. After moisturizing, our face wants to be nourished well. Therefore, there are plenty of masks available that you can make at home with ease, and these will surely have great results in few days. These masks include honey and egg mask, milk and oatmeal mask, almonds and honey mask, potato and curd mask and many others. The various combinations of these ingredients carry all the water, proteins, and vitamins that your skin needs.

How to Get Smooth & Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin (19)


Direct exposure to heat is the one major issue that our skins faces in winters. So, do protect your skin’s from direct heat or sunlight. At least, keep your face safe from the heat, as the facial dermis is most sensitive to heat. If you were going out on a sunny day to take a nice sunbath in winters, then don’t forget to wear your sunscreen. It will keep your face safe from harmful and damaging ultraviolet rays.

How to Get Smooth & Fairer Skin in Winters- Get Rid of Dull Skin (20)

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5 Reasons Why You Need Essential Oils Diffuser For Wellness

5 Reasons Why You Need Essential Oils Diffuser For Wellness (3)

Feeling as healthy as possible is something that is going to take effort and time for you to be able to achieve. While it can be a bit of work to really sort out what it is for you to accomplish, you are going to find that there are a lot of things that you may be working to deal with to take care of this whole issue. How can you know that what you’re doing is going to make the most sense possible? Here we are going to share the reasons that why you need Essential Oils Diffuser For Wellness.

5 Reasons Why You Need Essential Oils Diffuser For Wellness

When you start looking at things on the web, you are going to notice that there are a lot of different reasons that people utilize essential oils in order to get things done. Why does a diffuser work? Are there reasons that you should use a diffuser instead of other methods? Here are some ideas that you should consider when it comes to making this sort of thing happen. Here is the list of reasons to use the essential oils diffuser.

1. Diffusers help to evenly distribute the oils.

When you look at sources like this page, you can learn a lot about how CBD oil and other essential oils need to be distributed evenly and over a period of time in order to provide you with the most benefits and that will allow you to feel most healthy over time.

2. It allows you to blend multiple oils to get the most effective results.

When you only have one essential oil, you will see results – but put multiples together, and it will increase the benefits in a variety of ways. Consider looking at a diffuser and putting multiple oils in there to make a difference with all of it – it can be advantageous.

3. They are portable and easy to use.

If you’re someone that travels a lot, a diffuser could be just the thing that you need in order to stay healthy on the road. They’re usually small enough to be portable and they’re really easy to use in your hotel room or wherever you may be staying.

4. It can help with every aspect of your health needs.

No matter what sort of health needs that you may have, you will find that using essential oils can be incredibly advantageous for you to consider. It can help with physical and mental health, making it that much easier for you to deal with pain and other struggles that you may be trying to work through with your health.

5. Essential oils are affordable.

A lot of people turn to many different options when they’re looking at dealing with health and wellness, but some of those things can be really pricey if you aren’t careful. The fact of the matter is, essential oils are a really affordable option that you can use to maintain wellness in an effective fashion.
Consider looking at the diffusers that are out there and see what one is going to meet your needs. Having a readily available selection of oils can go a long way and help you to work out what needs to happen so that you can get the best results and see what is going to make the most sense as well.

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10 Surprising & Interesting Nail Health Facts You Must have to Know

Nail Health

There are many gorgeous nail styles out there right now, so it’s not a surprise that women enjoy experimenting with their nails. Apart from the aesthetic purposes, they are actually very important to us all. Nails protect our fingers and toes. They can also indicate how healthy we are at the moment. 10 Amazing & Interesting Nail Health Facts One Must have to Know.

10 Surprising & Interesting Nail Health Facts You Must have to Know

Here we are sharing the amazing and interesting nail health facts.

1. Keratin

Our hair and nails are made out of the same protective protein, Keratin. It’s just that Keratin is differently put together in nails, which is why they’re thicker than hair. We all have different nail types depending on the amount and quality of Keratin we have.

2. Nail Growth Rate

Fingernails grow 3,5 mm per month and toenails grow only 1,6 mm per month. Women’s nails grow faster than men’s, especially when they’re pregnant. Also, you probably noticed that your nail’s look better in the summer. That’s because they grow faster and stronger at that time of year.

3. Onychophagia

Onychophagia is a medical term for nail biting. Some people only do it when they’re nervous, while for some people it’s a type of OCD. If you think you have it, don’t worry, there are many effective treatments out there.

4. Nails Are Health Indicators

People with some medical conditions have different kinds of the nail than healthy people. For example, people who have lung problems have blue-ish nail’s. If you notice some changes in the color, shape or growth rate of your nails, you should tell your doctor about it.

5. White Spots

Many people believe that white spots on nails indicate either zinc or calcium deficiency. You might be surprised that their belief is not true; we can’t recognize vitamin deficiencies from looking at our nails.

6. Half Moon

Contrary to popular belief, having a nicely shaped white half moon on your nails is actually an indicator of a good digestive system and good thyroid health.

7. How Many People Have Nail Issues

Surprisingly, around 10 percent of people with dermatological problems consult their doctors because they have different, or abnormal nail types. Those changes happen because of sports injuries, nail fungus, skin cancer melanoma, or other conditions. Also, as you get older it’s more likely you’ll have some kind of a nail issue.

8. Why Do Our Nails Sometimes Fall Off?

Our nails need blood in order to survive. If you have an injury which involves disruption of blood flow, then they won’t be getting their nutrients. If your nail falls off, you shouldn’t worry, it will grow back quickly and it will be healthier.

9. Nail Thickness

There’s nothing worse than having fragile nails that break easily. We all want thick. There are many treatments and supplements that can make your nail’s thicker over time. But, you should know that nail differences are the result of genetics. Because of that, your nail’s are more likely to be strong if your parents’ nails are strong.

10. Cuticles

We all hate having to constantly remove our cuticles. It can sometimes be a painful process. Many doctors actually say that they should be left uncut. That’s because we have cuticles for a reason: they provide moisture to them, and they prevent the germs from getting into our fingers.

Now that you know all of these surprising facts, we’re sure you’ll appreciate them more and give them extra care.

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Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Tutorial 2018-19

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Tutorial 2018-19

Asian girls and women with no doubt are famous for they’re amazingly charming beauty and enchanting attractiveness all around the world. Their Wheaties skin tone coupled with prominent features make them look more beautiful. But whenever it comes to going out for an event or a party, every girl seemed to be more considered about her outlooks. What to wear? What to put on? And how to put on? Are few of the questions that we all keep asking ourselves. Isn’t it too much? Seems to be the biggest fear when you get yourself a makeover. Well! Here is an article to put an end to all your worries. Whether you want to play with your eye shadows or to have a perfect contour, Here ywe are sharing the Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Complete Tutorial

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Complete Tutorial

This Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Complete Tutorial takes you from the basic to the next level. Following these techniques will not only give you a great makeover but will give you a pattern to setup your makeup routine. As parties vary from occasion to occasion, so does your dress and makeup style. One thing that all girls should keep in mind though the basic format of your makeover should be kept same for every party you can bring changes to your eye shades, the style contouring and lip colors. For instance if it’s a night time function, the shades should be bold and dark and if it’s a daylight event, then you should have soft and elegant shades.

Face Preparation & Cleansing for Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup:

Before moving to any step forward, you need to cleanse your face a little to scrub off all the unwanted dirt. Otherwise putting on foundation without cleansing will give you nothing but pimples and acne. Use a gentle cleanser then wash your face and let it dry. You can also wipe off excess oils or dirt with warm washcloths.

What comes next is applying few drops of primer on your face, this will give a matte look to your makeup Moreover it allows your makeup to last longer. Put a few drops of primer on your nose, cheeks and forehead then blend it gently. Avoid applying it around the eyes and over the lids.

cleanisng face steps

Now your face is all ready to put on some foundation. Remember one thing, you need to apply it on the centre points of your face, like a nose, forehead, and cheeks and then blend it from centre to the outwards.
Compare the shade of your jaw and neck, blend it accordingly.
Use a concealer according to your skin tone and apply few dots of it over your blemishes then blend. You also need to apply it underneath your lower eyelid to highlight them naturally and to conceal your dark circles, if any.

Apply some compact powder over your foundation as it gives a smooth and matte touch. Keep the makeup to stay.

cleansing face in winters

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Eye Makeup Tutorial & Tips:

Eyes are the epicenter of the women beauty and perhaps should be more focused while you were putting on your makeup. A well-applied blend of eye shades can give you the best appealing look.
At first what you need to do is add a little primer on your upper eyelids. Then you need to decide the suitable hues of your eye shadows. Keep your shade grey or browns if you are to a formal function or a party. Your preference should also match the eye color you have or color of your lenses. As brown is a neutral color, therefore, you can apply shades of copper or purple or even blues.
If the eyes are hazel in color, then you should opt for the metallic and pastel shades as they will make your eyes sparkle.

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (4)

Applying eye shadows can be bit tacky, darker shades should be applied on the crease lines whereas neutral and light shades at the center. Blend them together gently.

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (3)

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (2)

Now highlight your eyes with the touch of eyeliner. Again do not apply too much. Keep the shape of your eyes in consideration. If you have small hooded eyes then applying much of the liner will make them look smaller, apply it along your lash line and then extend it outwards.
Apply Mascara at the end to give volume to your lashes.

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (1)

Best Face Contouring:

The art of perfect contouring compliments your makeover. Keep in mind your face shape and features while you contour. Blush is important as it highlights our cheekbones. Locate your cheekbone with a smile then swipe on blush with a brush. The shades of your blush vary according to your skin tone. For fairer skins, peach suits the best whereas for medium skins pale pink or pale brown should be used.Contouring Face

Party Wear Lip Makeup- Best Lip Colors:

Moisturize your lips well then put on any of the nude shades of lipstick to conceal the dark areas around the corners. Then you need to apply a lip liner in a colour that would suit your eye makeup. If the Eyes are dark and bold, then go for lighter shades of lipsticks. At the end apply lip gloss to give yourself a shiny, glamorous and glossy look. Blot your lips a bit with tissue paper and here you go with a complete makeover for your party.

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks


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How to Make DIY Acne Masks To Treat Skin Problems

Acne is an issue a lot of us face on a daily basis. It can affect us a lot more than we think as it can cause discomfort as well as other physiological problems. The problem, although associated with one’s teenage years, may persist well into adulthood. There are reportedly millions of cases of acne each year, each case with its own set of problems accompanying the acne. For a lot of people, there seems to be no way out of the nightmare, however, the way out is actually quite easy. Here we are sharing How to Make DIY Acne Masks.

In order to get rid of acne, one must first understand what acne is. Acne is caused by bacteria living under the skin. What often happens is that our oil pores get shut down due to hair follicles blocking them or due to dead skin cells or white or blackheads blocking the entrance to the pores. This causes all of the extra oil to be stuck inside the pores for longer amounts of time, and with no outlet to let the oils to the skin, the skin on the outside dries up without sufficient moisture causing wrinkles, acne scars and other such skin problems. Inside the pores, the bacteria start breeding, giving rise to acne. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria can be spread all over ones face very easily, giving rise to acne outbursts.

Homemade DIY Acne Masks To Treat Skin Problems

Before sharing the DIY acne masks. First, discuss what causes the acne. Sometimes hormones are to be blamed for it too, as an excess of hormones may cause inflammation in the skin. This can be due to high levels of stress; however, this might also be genetic in some people, or due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Whatever the case may be, in the end, it is the skin that suffers the wrath of our negligence.

There are a number of solutions to this problem, the easiest of them being a regular shower to clean out all your pores and to get rid of the layer of dust and dead cells accumulated on the skin. However, if the condition of your skin seems to be worse, it is important to see a dermatologist as professional help is always good. You can also check does proactive really work.


Most of us grew up around old wives’ tales of magical home remedies for any and all ailments, ranging from using garlic scrubs to eating more sugars, however, most of these are simply myths. There are ways to get rid of acne that doesn’t necessarily require you going to a cosmetic store and spending money on facial scrubs.
Cucumber as a mask

Following are a few routines you could follow at home to achieve the same results as any good scrub:
One of the best ways to curb breakouts is to use cucumber.

  • Grating an unpeeled cucumber and mixing it with half a tablespoon of baking soda will give you a very efficient home-made alternative to facial scrubs. Apply it to your skin and let it rest for 20 minutes.
  • After the skin has absorbed it, just rinse it off with warm water. If applied regularly, this solution can help curb outbursts of acne to a great extent. This also helps balance the pH levels of the skin, which is an important contributor to acne problems. The cucumber in the solution is essential for providing vitamins to your skin, whereas the baking soda helps in exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface. There are a lot of similar remedies found on the internet, such as:
  • If you have oily skin, there is another remedy that might help with that. Grating an unpeeled cucumber and juicing it will give you some cucumber juice that is very rich in essential minerals but is not very absorbable.
  • Mixing it with protein-rich egg whites can give you very good scrub. Apply this to your face and let it rest for 20-30 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. This will help purify oily skin, which would reduce the acne and help curb outbursts. Regular use can bring about a drastic reduction in acne outbursts.


So far, we’ve only worked on the skin itself, but as you might remember, acne is caused by bacteria, and in order to fight off those bacteria, one needs some form of treatment. Inability to find such treatment would mean you must resort to home remedies. Luckily, garlic and olive oil make a very good combination to fight bacteria. Take 3 cloves of garlic, mince them and mix them with olive oil. After that, use a cloth to apply the mixture (not directly) to the problem area and leave it for a while. Once it is washed off with cold water, it will take most of the bacteria with it. Prolonged or repetitive use would result in a reduction in outbursts.

Hope these DIY Acne Masks have helped you. Keep visiting us for more skin care remedies.

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Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips

Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips 2017-2018

Going out for shopping, attending school, college, university, Going out with friends, Or on a Family holiday or getting ready for a party; Every woman has the same particular tension, what makeup will look good ? Which will not smudge and make my look stay me fresh till the last minute of the party? And many more questions that are nodes of Makeup. Well makeup is something that varies with skin type, complexion, and, of course, the occasion.If we see the western people, they are blondes and fair. When we talk about their makeup we use tanning creams and foundations, different shades of lipstick and different eye makeups as well.And when we talk about our Asian girls we find a huge variation in the complexions and skin types. We have Oily skin, Dry skin, Smooth and rough skin and both dark and light complexions.So here in this post we are going to discuss the Asian makeup as they have to be very protective about our makeup. Lets discuss the Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips.

For a semi-formal event casual, Light Foundation just One tone lighter than your skin, with light lipstick and no eye make-up, with the thin liner would go fine. And then Let’s move towards the topic that is the bold party makeover for Asian women.

Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips

  • In the makeover for this chilly season when skin gets dried and needs something moistened to make it stay at place; use liquid foundations or lotion base, use a primer and apply shimmery face powder to give a glossy fresh look to the skin, If it’s a night event, and if it’s morning use a dull cake to smoother the complexion.
  • Apply any lip color according to your dress or desire. Orange, peach, and nude lipstick tones are a part of hottest trends of 2017-2018.
  • Use matte to make sure it stays for long.Use eye makeup matching to your outfit but don’t make too  much contrast as its totally off fashion now.
  • Smokey eye makeover is something that goes right with every dress and every season especially with lighter colored outfits. And if It’s summer make it very sure not to use any of liquid product in tour makeup, it will smudge and  mess up your look all the way that you will end up the day looking like a Guyana. And also the whole time you will stay so uncomfortable adjusting your makeup all time.
  • There is one very important thing in our region; don’t go with a too fair foundation, just select a one tonne lighter, foundations aren’t made to make you look fair, they are to make your skin smooth and even.
  • And you must mind your eyes if you have small eyes use darker makeup and for large eyes, stay light or else it won’t look good.

Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips

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Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Practice

When you are struggling with unwanted body hairs, it can sometimes be all you can do to keep your patience. It might seem like the hair grows back too fast no matter what you do, but you might just need to try a different hair removal procedure then you’re familiar. Here are some procedures and treatments to work. Here we are sharing the Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow.

Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow 1

Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

We are discussing here the top producers to remove the unwanted hairs permanently or temporary. Follow these Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods which suits you the best.

You Can Shave Your Unwanted Hair

You can shave your unwanted hair away, as you know. But you have to use the proper procedure if you want to keep it from growing back for a  while. By shaving against the direction in which the hairs are growing and using a shaving gel you can avoid ingrown hairs and get a closer shave, which will delay regrowth. Nevertheless, even a perfect shave usually won’t keep hair away for more than a week, and many people find their hairs are invisible again within only a few days.

Shaving- Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

Waxing and Sugaring Can Also Get Rid of Hair

If you desire to keep the hair away for a longer period then another option you have open to you is waxing or sugaring. Both methods work better than shaving because shaving only removes surface hairs. Wax or sugar attaches to each hair and rips it out completely in most cases. Since the hairs have to grow back from the follicle instead of just below the surface, the time it takes can be extended from the few days you would get from shaving all the way to a few weeks. In some cases, it might disappear for six or more weeks between treatments.

waxing- Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

Try Clinical Treatments to Say Good-Bye to Unwanted Hair

There are also many clinical treatments you can try to say goodbye to unwanted hairs. Among the most popular hair loss equipment found in clinics are laser machines. Each hair can be traced by the laser, and the beam can penetrate through every skin layer. While techniques like razors are limited because they can’t go below the top layer of skin, lasers have no such limitations.

laser- Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

Another unwanted hair removal technique done in clinics often that has no such limitations is electrolysis. It uses electrical currents to destroy the entire hairs, even the part not visible to the naked eye. As the name suggests, electrolysis uses an electrical current on the hairs. It isn’t harmful to the rest of your body at all, but the treatment is not among the most comfortable hair loss techniques, which is part of why it is rarely used on larger sections of skin. It is only meant for stubborn individual hairs or small areas.

electrolysis- Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

Maintaining Hair Removal with Depilatory Creams

Another way to get rid of unwanted hairs is by regularly applying something called a depilatory cream to your skin. Depilatory creams have special ingredients designed to make treated hairs fall out eventually. As an initial hair removal option depilatory creams are very slow to work. So, you should dodge them if you want to say goodbye to body hairs instantly. However, they can be quite useful as a maintenance method after another form of hair loss treatment, such as shaving or waxing. By applying the cream regularly, it can slow down hairs regrowth even further, or sometimes prevent it entirely.

hair removal creams- Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

You can use one or many of the hair removal methods on this list. They do not interfere with each other. In fact, some of them, such as depilatory creams, can be used to enhance the results of the other procedures. It is up to you to test and find the hair loss method or the combination of methods you prefer.

Most Popular Best Unwanted Hair Removal Methods to Follow

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Bold & Beautiful Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

The saying “As deep as black” is quite true when it comes eye-makeup that women carry on formal and casual evening occasions. Adding the glints of Smokey black to your eyes, enhances the beauty and depth of your eyes. Eyes are the index of your face, so you can’t spare them from good outlook and matching hues of shades. Makeup artists from around the world do a great research to bring out the best of the eye-makeup that could be carried out with any dress and any color. Black Smokey eye makeup is so amazingly popular and prevalent in all the fashion circles these days because it not only gives depth and boldness to your eyes but also it can be put on easily at any time you want. So ladies! If you have this craze for the bold and glitzy makeover, then stay tuned as we present you a complete tutorial about how to give yourself a bold, glamorous black Smokey eye makeup as good as professionals. Let’s discuss the Bold & Beautiful Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (15)

Bold & Beautiful Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

There are nine steps leading to a wild funky makeover in a couple of minutes. The things that you need to have the eye makeup are an eye concealer and primer, black liner or black pencil, smudge brush, mascara, lash curler and dark black eye shadows.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (6)

1. Initiate with the Concealer and Primer:

Before putting on anything on your eyes make sure that you have cleaned your lids and the area around your eyes. Now initiate with a concealer over the lids, this will give the area around your eyes a lighter tone and a neat look. Moreover, the concealer and a little use of primer over the lids will act as a base, letting your makeup and eye shadows to stay for the longer period.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (8)

2. Fill up the Lid:

Fill the upper lids of your eyes with the white base or primer and spread it evenly in all the directions. Smooth it out by a gentle rub of the smudging brush and tap it a bit to make the base stay on the lid.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (4)

3. Putting Black Liner:

Now your eyes are almost ready to get all beautiful. At this stage, you need to put on a dark coat of dark black eye shadow, or you can even use a liner pencil above the lash line of your eyes. Keep in mind that you only need to fill in the portion of the lash line and the lid line. Try to keep it dark around the corners. You can also use various dark shades of black overlapping each other this will create a fascinating appeal.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (1)

4. Smudging the Smokey Black:

It’s time to blend the layers of shades or liner that you have applied on, in a smooth manner. Keep the movement of your brush from outward to inward and around the lid line to give more depth than usual. Let it settle on your lid. Avoid over smudging and do not play with the natural shape of your eyes. Try to go with natural curves of eyes.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (18)

5. Highlighting the Browbone:

This step is most vital one in the application of almost all the eye makeups, so you need to learn it with extra care. Highlighting your brow bone gives a prominence to your eyes, makes them more visible. You only need to use some lighter tone of shades like in soft gold with shimmer or a highlighter to apply to your brow bone. And then smudge in too but keep it above the lid line.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (1)

6. Darken the corners:

To add the sharpness and boldness of your eye-makeup now darken up the area around the corners, you can even add more of the shades over the previous layer of shades. Try to use metallic shades this time that will give your eyes shine and glare.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (7)

7. Shadow under the Eyes:

One added advantage in Smokey eye makeup is that it goes all around your eyes to make them more prominent. So you also need to apply black shade or liner over the lower lid of the eye but try to keep it around the corners. Then smudge it out too. This time, smudge from inward to outward going around the corners.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (20)

8. Blacken the lower line:

Now take a black liner pencil and then blacken out your lower lash line. Fill it up with the gentle movement of black pencil over the inner of the lower lash line. It will look blending with your blacken lower lid.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (9)

9. Finishing with Mascara:

Accentuate your eyes by applying the thick layer of mascara over your upper and bottom lashes. But before that try a little curling of your lashes by using a lash curler. Now put on some mascara and let it dry. It will give the final finishing touches to your eye-makeup.

Voila! Here comes the perfect Black Smokey eye makeup that you ever wanted. Practice the above mentioned steps and you can give yourself a fascinating expert style makeover at your home.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (16)

Latest Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Looks

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (2) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (3) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (13) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (14) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (16) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (17) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (21) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (22) Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step (19)

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Comfort In Your Own Skin with Capri- MM Project by SZABIST Students


Ayesha Ajaz is a Pakistani beauty blogger, studying business from a renowned business institution. Talking about makeup and beauty absolutely enchants Ayesha. She will feel contented and fortunate to help you all beauties with my reviews and tutorials. 


Ayesha and her group has started a media management project that includes a beauty brand, Capri. The campaign is about to aware ladies and young girls about their skin. Every girl is beautiful in her own ways. Just you have to do a little care of your skin to be beautiful. Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin- MM Project by Ayesha Ajaz is a good step to make the women courageous and comfortable in their own skin.


The real brain behind the campaign, Ayesha, is the same view that “Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are.” Being a beauty blogger, she has been spreading the message through many platforms including her beauty blogs and Instagram. Even her prescribed makeup techniques are close to natural outlooks. Her motive is only to keep it simple and close to reality.

Comfort In Your Own Skin with Capri- Media Management Project by SZABIST Students

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

One’s individuality defines the diversity and beauty of nature. Looking pretty and alluring doesn’t really demand layers of foundation and tons of makeup but it all lies in mere simplicity. It is however quite saddening and unfortunate that as we are advancing in development of cosmetic products and techniques we are more deviating from the natural ways of attaining beauty, girls spend hours putting on several layers of foundations, primers, contours, blushes, shimmers and much more, just to attain that confidence to move around in the society. What most of us aren’t aware of, is that confidence is built within, it is admiring you that way you are being created.


Propagating same message and idea among the people of Pakistan, a team of students from Szabist has set out on a mission to help you believe in yourself and your natural looks. “Comfort In your own Skin-Capri” is a great initiative to make you believe in yourself. They have been carrying out major interactive activities in this regard to instigate the use of natural beauty soap “Capri” bringing live to your natural skin. Stop listening what the world tells you or what media demonstrates through those fashion walks, magazines, and shows, it is all a part of reality which is nothing but mediated and fake.

Open up your mind and embrace your skin, it is beautiful and perfect. No one needs to lighten it up using those skin damaging, whitening, vanishing creams. Trust me! All those cream can make vanish, is your own individuality. Either it’s dark or tan, your skin color doesn’t require alterations, it is perfect the way it is. Let the world shine with your glare and do not hide it behind the covers of your makeovers. Nourish it well and keep it hydrated, that is all you need to do. And what could be more suitable than using Capri soap to hydrate your skin, it fairly smoothens it while keeping its natural moisture.


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Beauty Tips to Get Natural No Makeup Look in Summers/ Spring Season

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season 2016-2017

When you get to face that hot blazing sunlight during the peak hours of summer, your skin might get dehydrated, rough and dull. It is perhaps the most significant change that you certainly want to avoid. The drier your skin gets the more it gets all tanned. To achieve that flawless look, girls try to put on plenty of makeup over their face. But this makes us loose our natural no makeup look. So why not try some entirely different steps in order to attain your desired outlook. Yes! We have brought you complete down to the line information that will help you secure “a no makeup look” that will go with each type of summer outfit you carry.

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (8)

How to Get ‘No Makeup Look’ in Summers? Basic Tips & Ideas:

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (9)

The secret of beauty for spring/ summer lies in the shines of your glowing skin. Therefore, this year’s Spring/Summer 2016 ready to wear shows has also created such innovative outlooks for their models. They appeared to look so fresh and natural like the angelic and sweet vibe or low key vibe seen at Christian Dior and Stella McCartney respectively. The fine finish of the foundation, with light dabs of blushes, have given their faces a quite genuine impression. Makeup Artist James Boehmer had skillfully applied the Triple X Gloss over lips, highlighted the bridge of the nose and cheekbones high points.

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (4)

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (15)

Lisa Eldrige’s Makeup Tips :

Beauty expert for celebrities, Lisa Eldridge, has given great tips to create natural appeal to your makeup. Her technique of using foundation to blend well to smooth out your skin tone creates that dewy glow. Covering your blemishes can be tricky, but it has to be done through tinted moisturizer for a lighter coverage. After that, you need to cover the specific point of blemish or any marks with the thick coat of foundation or the heavy layer of concealer. Use eyeliner brush or synthetic flat eye brush to apply liquid foundation or concealer. Use of light layer of powder will help the foundation to stay for a longer period.

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season 2016-2017 (1)

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Tips & Ideas:

Another eminent makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury believes in using Wonderglow outlook for summers. She uses the range of beauty products from her cosmetic line and makes use of Core light diffuser which ensures the absorption of ultraviolet particles. It helps to maintain your glowing complexion. The ever increasing trend of beauty products has allowed you to switch between various makeup trends. MAC’s Barbados Girl and Pink Rebel are perfect for soft accentuating makeup. The latest Dior’s collection named “glowing gardens” consists of shimmery powder which is meant to blend perfectly into the skin and creates a radiant finish.

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (19)

Perhaps the range of products out now in stores are going to give you great results with the type of outlook you ever wished. Once you try a no makeup outlook for your casual events and formal occasions, your summer days will end up feeling more refreshing for yourself. Try to keep it real and fresh that is what makes your makeup novel and unique from the rest.

No Makeup Looks: 

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (10)

Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (5) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (2) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (1) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (3) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (7) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (12) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (6) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season 2016-2017 (2) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (21) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (20) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (13) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (14) Beauty Tips to Get No Makeup Look in Summers Spring Season (1)

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