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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Recovery: What You Can Expect

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Recovery What You Can Expect

Most people nowadays are contemplating making the switch from conventional hair removal, methods, and moving towards Brazillian laser removal. If you are one of those people who are considering it, but first trying to do some research and trying to find out if the cost and pain are worth it, this article will be extremely helpful for people who are not entirely sure what to expect, and how recovery works for this procedure. Today we are going to look at recovery time, and overall what happens after you’ve had a Brazilian laser hair removal, the overall procedure, and what you can typically expect.

How long does recovery take and how can I help the recovery process?

According to wikiHow treating the initial discomfort, with Aloe Vera or Ice packs can increase the rate of recovery.  Recovery normally takes up two days, after each session, and in most cases only causes mild discomfort. The whole recovery process doesn’t affect your daily activities like work, university, or school. It’s important to limit your exposure to sunlight, whilst in the case with Brazillian laser removal treatment, unless you’re an avid nudist the more you get exposed to sunlight the longer rehabilitation takes. If the aloe vera and ice packs are not helping you with releasing some of the pain, what other alternatives can you use? Good, old painkillers, will definitely help ease the pain, if the pain is still unbearable after one day, seek medical attention, but in most cases, painkillers usually end all the discomfort. As mentioned above avoiding sunlight is very important, the biggest factor is not necessarily the sunlight, but the heat. If you’re a fan of taking hot steamy showers and saunas, the procedure already uses heat, adding any kind of extra heat can make the level of skin irritation so much worse. It’s recommended to wait at least 48 hours before you even can consider returning to your normal bathing routine. People that are addicted to exercising, exercising, or doing any strenuous activity can also cause your body to release too much heat which further hampers your recovery period. Walking is not seen as too strenuous, so walking can be an alternative for exercising rather than going to the gym.

What can you expect after the procedure?

With regards to your skin, it causes some mild thermal damage, you can compare it to a mild sunburn, with regards to pain is totally bearable, and easily treatable. Most clinics will provide you with numbing cream, an excellent substitute is aloe vera, it doesn’t only help for the pain it helps with the healing process. On a cellular level, it takes up to two weeks to heal properly. After the procedure, you will see spots similar to goosebumps that are red, some discomfort, and in most cases swelling that is not even noticeable, these side-effects shouldn’t last longer than 48 hours. It is also important who you choose to execute this cosmetic procedure because choosing inexperienced professionals can seriously hamper your recovery time, the staff at Ethos Spa told us that you don’t have to worry about long recovery after the Brazilian hair removal procedure. With regards to Brazillian laser hair removal, it’s important to understand that you won’t lose all of your hair down thereafter one treatment, it takes multiple sessions, depending on how much hair you have,  if you are worried about excess hair between sessions you can trim the hair or shave, however, you shouldn’t use tweezers or pluck your hair, using bleach or even using creams is very bad for the hair follicle and it can in worst cases affect your results, and recovery time between appointments.

How long before you start seeing results

After the first treatment or appointment, it takes around ten to twelve days for the follicles to entirely die. This type of cosmetic treatment can easily be one of the best treatments out there for hair reducing, but it’s important to understand that in most cases it removes seventy to ninety percent of your hair. Permanent hair removal is still not attainable.

To conclude:

It’s important for everyone to realize that recovery will vary between patients. People have different levels of how much pain they can endure, and also how quickly your body can recover. As mentioned above, 90 percent of patients recover without any pain or side-effects. Listen to your clinic, and follow the guidelines, and you will recover quickly and easily without any complication.

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