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Best & Easy Christmas Holiday Nail Art Designs 2018 with Tutorials

Christmas  Nail Art designs & Tutorials

Hey, girls! Hope you all are doing fine. We all know that Christmas is few month far away. It is a festival of fun, celebration & novelty. Where it is a treat for everyone but women especially enjoy dressing up ad stuff in this festival ad that just not include clothes but also the accessories, bags and even nail art. Women have so many choices and ideas to decorate their nails as Christmas nail art has become a trend. The most painted nail art is Santa Claus regarding Christmas, and there is a variety of ways through which one can paint this lovely styles. Here we are sharing the Best & Easy Christmas Holiday Nail Art Designs Trends & Tutorials.

It can be painted using red and white colors. One can also use a black horizontal strip and make a belt buckle that will also give an appearance of Santa. You might be thinking that it will take an effort to make the gorgeous designs with perfection but believe me, its way too easy. You can make any Christmas designs using only three pigments, red, white and black. It’s your choice that if you don’t want to create patterns, you can just paint your nails either in combination or separately. Give a twist to your nails by using only one unique pattern like if you are taking advantage of fresh red color, add white glitter to look more stylish and trendy.

Latest Christmas Holiday Nail Art Designs Trends & Tutorials 2017-2018

Well, all this was about the typical Santa designs, let’s talk about designs related to other Christmas stuff like gifts, sledge, winter season, reindeer, snowflakes and many more. You can give a natural look to your snowflakes by creating it on a nude or neutral background. Paint Christmas tree with green nail polish having a red background, other than this create lights and other things related to the event. An incredible nail treat also includes an amazing reindeer on your nail accompanying with other designs. Now, what about green holly leaves against a red or white background. Let’s discuss the Best & Easy Christmas Holiday Nail Art Designs.

Now when you have painted your nails with any of these designs, what about decorating it more with glitter? Glitter is always the best idea to bring in the festive mood. Though mixing the main Christmas colors red, green & white is great but there are no limitations, one can use any color she wants to make it look like some of the Christmas gifts or whatever. Furthermore, the images below will help you a lot in getting the proper idea of these designs. Hope, you will get a big help for your festival preparations:

Newspaper Nail Art:

In this type, you will form an image of the newspaper on your nails. It is done by different methods, and the most simple is to create newspaper prints by putting a paper into the water jar and placing and pressing them into nails. Which then leave impressions of paper prints.

Newspaper Nail Art designs & Tutorials (3)

Stained Glass Nail Art:

It is one of the easiest and time-saving type which is so simple to practice. If you’re in the hurry, then go for glass nails. Just you have to mark a glass line then paint the boxes with different colors of your choice. Further, you can take help from the picture tutorials just posted below.

Image source:

Stained Glass Nails Art Designs & tutorials with steps (2)

Water Marble Nail Art:

Do you want your nails stylish and shiny this Christmas? Then I suggest you to do this one. Water Marble Nails are created simply but with a great care. Wash your hands and apply a base coat to nails. Take a jug of water and spread different paints on it. Make a design in the jug with the help of a toothpick. Place your hands in the water for some minutes and take it off. At the end apply shiner and remove the extra paint from nails. You will get an incredible marble nails.

Water Marble Nail Art designs& tutorials (7)

Flower Floral Nail Arts:

This is the most familiar type of nail art that girls usually practice on daily routines. You can make it marvelous by making unique patterns and designs. You can make romantic roses, tulips, lilies and different types of flowers on your nails that lead an appealing impression. Follow the pictures posted below.

Floral Tulip Nail art designs & tutorials (1)

Simple Christmas Nail Designs:

Nail art is a wide topic it consists of so many patterns and designs varying from style to style. For your baby girls, you can create polka dots patterns on nails that seems easy and stylish. If you’re a teenager then you must love tattoos; you can make different tattoo on nails with the help of nail paints and accessories. If you a fond of casual lifestyles then go for decent designs like lining prints, ombre nails, French, rhinestone and many more. It’s just up to you that in which way you design your nails, and we are here to help you in this matter. Enjoy the lovely Christmas holidays by making these spectacular Nail Art Designs!

Lines and Polka Dot Nail Arts designs tutorials (7)

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