Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips 2017-2018

Going out for shopping, attending school, college, university, Going out with friends, Or on a Family holiday or getting ready for a party; Every woman has the same particular tension, what makeup will look good ? Which will not smudge and make my look stay me fresh till the last minute of the party? And many more questions that are nodes of Makeup. Well makeup is something that varies with skin type, complexion, and, of course, the occasion.If we see the western people, they are blondes and fair. When we talk about their makeup we use tanning creams and foundations, different shades of lipstick and different eye makeups as well.And when we talk about our Asian girls we find a huge variation in the complexions and skin types. We have Oily skin, Dry skin, Smooth and rough skin and both dark and light complexions.So here in this post we are going to discuss the Asian makeup as they have to be very protective about our makeup. Lets discuss the Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips.

For a semi-formal event casual, Light Foundation just One tone lighter than your skin, with light lipstick and no eye make-up, with the thin liner would go fine. And then Let’s move towards the topic that is the bold party makeover for Asian women.

Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips

  • In the makeover for this chilly season when skin gets dried and needs something moistened to make it stay at place; use liquid foundations or lotion base, use a primer and apply shimmery face powder to give a glossy fresh look to the skin, If it’s a night event, and if it’s morning use a dull cake to smoother the complexion.
  • Apply any lip color according to your dress or desire. Orange, peach, and nude lipstick tones are a part of hottest trends of 2017-2018.
  • Use matte to make sure it stays for long.Use eye makeup matching to your outfit but don’t make too  much contrast as its totally off fashion now.
  • Smokey eye makeover is something that goes right with every dress and every season especially with lighter colored outfits. And if It’s summer make it very sure not to use any of liquid product in tour makeup, it will smudge and  mess up your look all the way that you will end up the day looking like a Guyana. And also the whole time you will stay so uncomfortable adjusting your makeup all time.
  • There is one very important thing in our region; don’t go with a too fair foundation, just select a one tonne lighter, foundations aren’t made to make you look fair, they are to make your skin smooth and even.
  • And you must mind your eyes if you have small eyes use darker makeup and for large eyes, stay light or else it won’t look good.

Latest Asian Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Looks & Tips

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