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Top 10 Most Popular Lipsticks of all Time – Best Selling Brands

Top 10 Best & popular Lipstick brands

There is nothing prettier, sexy and feminine than the best lipstick being wore by a women. Cosmetics are important to all of us but lipsticks play the role of backbone to look perfect ready.Lipstick is basically a cosmetic product which contains oil, waxes, pigments to apply colour, texture, and protection to lips.Dress your lips with smooth hold, full coverage and sensational effects by using the lipsticks of top best brands you ever know.

Top 10 Best & popular Lipstick brands

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Lipstick Brands of the year – Hot selling Top Tens

  1. MAC:

MAC name is enough for us all, as when it comes to buy cosmetics MAC is the one which is always been providing us with extraordinary glamour and fine quality. Initially MAC’s products were specified for makeup artists but now it is being sold worldwide. MAC products first got famous among celebrities but then other people were available to buy these products. The brand provides a wide variety of products for everyday consumer like lipsticks, eyeshadow, all types of liquid and stick foundations, nail polish, concealers, mascaras, eyeliners etc. Not only these products MAC also serves skin care products, makeup brushes and fragrances.If we specify MAC to lipsticks than it is the one with the most amazing shades ever providing the lips with beautiful shades increasing the beauty of a women. The best MAC lipsticks shades are true classics to the MAC cosmetics line.

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Basically Lancome is a french luxury cosmetics and perfumes house which sells products all around the world. After successful launch of its first five fragrance products in 1935. it launches the other cosmetics in 1936. L’oreal being the parent company of lancome, as it is l’oreal derived. The brand has introduced many products which are aimed to improve skin textures. The good thing about the brand is that emerging fashion designers have collaborated with the brand and it is represented by super models, actresses, makeup artists and perfumers. Lancome lipsticks are most famous due to their smoothest touch and one coat fine work. Almost every shade is available suitably for all kinds of complexions. Velvet matte finish lipsticks and luxurious pumping lipsticks in a variety of shades are available by lancome.

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  1. NARS:

NARS cosmetics line started with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then the brand has created various multi-use beauty products including blush, lipsticks,eye shadow palettes, bronzers etc. NARS products are being sold at differents stores in United Kingdom and United Stated. Rather they are available throughout the world. Where other products are widely used and liked by the people everywhere NARS lipsticks are the ones which stand by the top of the list among cosmetics gossips.

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  1. CHANEL:

Chanel, name needs no introduction as it is known as the top most brand. First founded in 1909. This high fashion house specializes in haute couture, luxury goods, ready to wear and fashion accessories. Chanel products are not limited to make up accessories but the other various varieties in clothings, fashion etc are highly favoured and used by the customers. The brand is usually famous among the celebrities or high ranked people as it is a little difficult afforded brand. Like the quality in other accessories, lipsticks are not left behind in any way. The elegant products of the brand inspired women so much that to abandon the other brands and highly prefer chanel. How far chanel lipsticks are concerned it is one of best colour shades collection and high quality and long lasting ones. One who is going to buy this product is going to love it

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  1. DIOR:

Dior is a french luxury goods company, it designs and retails ready to wear,fashion accessories, footwear, leather goods, jewellery, makeup, skin care products and fragrance as well. Dior has many stores opened at different places of different countries which shows that it is one the most popular worldwide brand. Women usually prefer dior cosmetics, watches and perfumes. Most of all the lipsticks offered by the brand are way too awesome.

Top 10 best lipstick brands of all time

  1. Estee Lauder:

From 1946 till yet the company has been serving us with make up, fragrance, skincare and hair products. Headquarters lie in New York where as its stores can be seen worldwide like in Hong Kong, UK. Estee lauder cosmetics are day by day getting air among women around the globe. The speciality of its lipsticks are that they make ordinary colour to extra ordinary. The spectrum of fade resistant, long-lasting shades gives perfect stunning look to your lips. Their lipsticks are enriched with lip-loving ingredients that leave lips creamy and soft smooth.

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  1. Makeup forever:

Another french cosmetics house being airing its cosmetics all around the world. The fine and best suitable skin products are launched by the brand. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and intense so that you can get perfectly pigmented lips at one core. Each shade comes in the seductive, lasting finish that suits its perfectly.

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  1. Guerlain:

Guerlain is the name which continues to innovate and create high quality products. It is one of the oldest French perfume house. It is traditionally been held in high ranked brands for perfumes and now for other accessories as well. The brand has been the marker of luxury, skin care, cosmetics, accessories etc specially its lipsticks lie in the list of top 10 ranked lipsticks. The lipsticks are elevated to the absolute symbol of femininity. Red or pink, orange or maroon or any other it satisfies all the colours so perfectly.

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  1. Bobbi brown:

Another big name Bobbi Brown, it is a world-renowned beauty experts who thinks and believes that makeup is the way women feel like herself. This amazing fashion house has been serving us with a huge so huge number of cosmetics majorly being used by celebrities and super stars but it does not mean local people can’t afford it in fact it has a big fan club of daily users all around the world. Bobbi Brown motivates that by wearing makeup a woman can feel more feminine and confident. Bobbi brown lipsticks are fully pigmented and mostly bright and shining. Other than that the lip glosses are available in various colours, shimmers and grace.

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  1. Yves saint laurent (YSL):

The beauty house has been founded way too long time ago where it’s founder also died in 2008. The brand is aimed to provide the best beauty products including cosmetics, accessories and perfumes etc. As makeup showcases highest technology in featuring colours and jewel giving a perfection to one’s face and making a simple fade look pigmented with the best suited fresh colours. YSL lipsticks being famous are sheer,pure colour and are silky radiant. These are also easily available from stores at different places or various countries or one can buy it online through shipping.

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