Geo Ramazan Transmission 2018 Once Again Proved to be Best


Like previous years this time again Geo TV came with an excellent and unique Ramzan transmission which is known as ittehad Ramzan Transmission. In the moth of blessings Geo TV comes up to support the needy peoples along with this, there is a list of segments which are giving awareness to the people regarding Ramazan and Islam. We Visited and attended the Iftar Transmission and it was a wonderful experience .

From last few years Geo TV is running this successful streak of Ramzan Transmission as in the year 2018 the streak continues, and the management is willing to break all the records of the the previous year 2017.

In the year 2017, the transmission was on-air under the title of Dil Dil Ramazan, and that show was hosted by the renowned actor of Pakistani media industry Noman Ijaz along with the queen of versatility Bushra Ansari.

But this 2018, the whole format is changed as this year the transmission is titled as ittehad Ramzan Transmission. On airing transmission in both Sehar and Iftar with unique and impressive content.It was a wonderful experience being there , The set is really mind blowing.


Junaid Iqbal hosts the Sehar Transmission of ittehad Ramzan Transmission , as an Islamic Scholar, he discusses all the problems under the guidance of Islam and also presenting the solutions.

Further, the transmission of Iftar is hosted by  Sami Khan and Rabia Anum and the performance of these two celebrities as host is terrific in the result of this the rating of this transmission is breaking all the previous records.


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The famous personality in both Sehar and Iftar transmission is Owais Raza Qadri he is a renowned Naat Khawan, and he is famous on both international and national platform for his way of presenting a tribute to Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in the form of Naat.

In ittehad Ramzan Transmission Owais Raza Qadri is present in both Sehar and Iftar , he spread fragrance as he recites his famous Naats in both transmissions along with leading as judge in the Naat competition.

There is a series of different segments which are all related to the different perspectives of Islam along with this some deeds of kindness are also performed in this show to support the needy peoples.

Further, there is a segment of cooking in the Iftar transmission in which the renowned chef Naheed Ansari be the part of this transmission on daily bases and teach new recipes to the people. Along with this, she defines the benefits of all the eatables in the light of Islam in this way people learn that how these things are essential for us.

Large audience is interested to be there so they get registered and attend the live transmission.

At the end of Iftar Trasmission , Iftar Boxes are distributed among the audience to break their fast.


Along with all these factors, Naheed Ansari also teaches people how to mold your eating habits in this holy month of Ramazan, so you’re not going to face weakness due to fasting in this way she guides briefly that which type of food is compulsory for health.


Besides all these segments there is a list of other programs which includes many competitions in which peoples from different societies be the part of this competition and win many excellent prices. Further Roza kushai (breaking fast) of many children also take place on daily bases in this way they encourage the first effort of the children that they had successful full fill their goal.

Here is the list of segments which are the part of ittehad Ramzan Transmission


Qasas-ul- Quran :

Qasas-ul- Quran is one of the most informative segments of this show is Qasas-ul- Quran is hosted by Umair Rana the theme of this segment is related to the historical events performed in the Islamic era or the period of Muhammad (SAWA).

Umair Rana visits different places just like some particular mosques along with this he also visits great countries like Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. The fundamental purpose of this segment is to through light on the historical events of Islamic history and to teach people about the greatness of Islam.


Allah Walay:

Allah Walay is another very informative segment in this segment the host of the program call different Sufi personalities, and there is a secession of debate in which these Sufi personalities discuss the exciting events of their lives.

Along with this also teach people and tell them about the greatness of Allah further the also define the immense love for the supreme Almighty Allah T’alah to the humankind and define that love under the light of Islam.


Jaan Kar Geo :

Jaan Kar Geo is a particular segment for the children which is hosted by Warqah in this segment Warqah play the role of a storyteller and he summaries the different events of Muslim history. Further Warqah narrates these stories to the children.

In this segment, Warqah narrates different story each day, and he also told the children how to adopt these habits in the daily life and what was the hidden message present in the story for the whole Muslim Ummah.

CSR segment:

CSR segment is one of the most significant section in this segment many needy families along with sick people are called on the platform, and these are those special people who are unable to support themselves along with this these sick people are not able to full fill the dues of this medical treatment.

This segment is hosted by the hosts of the evening Rabia Anum and Sami Khan along with these many NGO’s are also involved in supporting these peoples and families, further live callers can also pay their part through call and help these peoples.


Dil Sey kehdo:

Dil Sey kehdo is a very informative segment this segment is a debate segment in which four different participants are sharing the platform, and they are presenting their point on the given topic.

And from these four participants, only one is selected who go in the next round while on the other side the three losing members of the segment are awarded different gifts which are sponsored by different merchandise and these include bikes and various home appliances.


Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma:

Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma is another segment which increases the knowledge of viewers, and in this segment, there are four different teams and these four teams pass through three different stages, and only one is going forward who score the maximum points.

The participants of this segment are also awarded different gifts, to encourage their confidence and to support them for being the part of this segment.



Sada-e-Hassan is another competition base segment, and in this segment, the competition is between the rising Naat Khawans. The total number of participants in this segment is three of these three two were eliminated, and only one will go for the next round, and this round is judge by Owais Raza Qadri.


Iftar/ Sehar:

In the morning sehari takes place, and in the evening iftari takes place in both segments the whole area is turned into a huge dining area where every person enjoy its sehir/aftari and all the food is of superior quality, and different companies sponsored it.


Alim Online:

In this segment different Alims of Islam are called to teach people about the rules and regulation of Islam. Further, the also take live calls along with this they even answer the questions from the audience side and these Alim brief the issues from all the perspective.


Khany me kia hai:

In this segment Naheed Ansari show his talent for cooking along with this she also guides the audience in different perspectives that what are the necessary things for a person how is performing fasting exercise.


Mera Pehla Roza:

In this segment Mera Pehla Roza, those children are invited who perform the first ever fasting exercise in their whole life. Here these children are also awarded gifts along with this they are also encouraged to continue this practice.


In the morning or at the time of sehir the starting time of ittehad ramzan Transmission is 2:00 AM till Sehri.

In the evening or at the time of aftari the starting time of ittehad ramzan Transmission is 2:30 PM till Aftari.