tips to make your makeup look flawless

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Tips to Make Your Makeup Last Longer & Look Flawless

Tips to Make Your Makeup Last Longer & Look Flawless

Hey, girls! Going out to school, college or university? Or going to a party or wedding! Party and events are easy, you can go to the parlor have a make-over and attend the event. Going out daily is a challenge, makeup shouldn’t go over or smudgy, and the biggest issue is that it should last and stay in place all day. Common problem is usually that girls apply too much on their face and think it will make it stay longer, and other is the problem of makeup turning tan because of sun exposure or dust.

Best & Simple Tips To Make your Makeup Last Longer & Look Flawless

So here we are discussing some basic but effective techniques of guiding you about your makeup. Let’s start from the party make-overs. Usually party looks are done by using condense foundations which long more itself because of its composition, secondly we use primers, concealers and apply very fine face powder and keep on tapping it again and again and this does not let the makeup fade. And one more important thing is we do facials and cleansing right before the makeup, that’s why our skin itself is fresh enough to make us stay fresh longer. So party looks are not that hard to maintain. The main issue is with the daily looks. We can’t scrub and cleanse daily, nor we can have facials daily, and our skin faces much pollution all day which snatches the glow and clarity of our skin. But still we have some very useful tips for u to look fresh throughout the week and stay fresh all day. Let’s make sure these simple steps to maintain your look.

First of all, prepare your face with the simple steps.

  • Wash your face properly to flake away the dirt from it.


  • Exfoliation is very helpful, do it few times a week. But be careful and don’t press too hard, it may damage your skin. Never forget your lips while exfoliating.






  • Moisturize your skin, and make sure to use any product containing SPF to protect you from sunburns. If you are older, use a moisturizer with the anti-wrinkle properties.






  • Choose the right products. According to your skin, event and weather.

Tips-4 Tips-4(b) Tips-4(c)

  • Use a matte foundation, it lasts long. And if you don’t want to use a liquid foundation, go with a mineral powder base. This provides less coverage and blocks fewer bacteria but allows the skin to breathe.


  • Use a translucent powder for setting the makeup firmer and natural.

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  • Use matte lip color and apply lip liner to keep your lipstick in a shape for long time. Use a lip balm if your lips are damaged but it can cause slick of lipstick from your lips.


  • Use powdered eye shadows and waterproof mascara. They smudge less.

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  • Last but not the least, Tips to keep things in place.


  • Wait for at least five minutes to let one layer of makeup settle down and then apply the next one.


  • Avoid touching your face too much in a day. And try to keep your hair off your face. Use valid makeup brush of every type according to your need.

Tips-11 (1)

  • You may apply eye-shadow just below your eyes to give a bold layer. In this eye eye looks more darken and prominent.

Tips-11 (1)

  • Thicken your eyebrows with the help of a solid eyeliner pencil. This will be a plus to your look.

Tips-11 (3)

  • An appropriate hairstyle must be chosen according to the event you are going to attend.

Tips-11 (4)


  • Applying perfect flawless foundation is always necessary.

Tips-11 (6) Tips-11 (7)

  • A general tip is fresher your skin, better the makeup stays and look and a very simple way for it is drinking a lot of water in a day.

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Hopefully, this article will be helpful for many ladies worried about the issue.

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