Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Tutorial 2018-19

Asian girls and women with no doubt are famous for they’re amazingly charming beauty and enchanting attractiveness all around the world. Their Wheaties skin tone coupled with prominent features make them look more beautiful. But whenever it comes to going out for an event or a party, every girl seemed to be more considered about her outlooks. What to wear? What to put on? And how to put on? Are few of the questions that we all keep asking ourselves. Isn’t it too much? Seems to be the biggest fear when you get yourself a makeover. Well! Here is an article to put an end to all your worries. Whether you want to play with your eye shadows or to have a perfect contour, Here ywe are sharing the Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Complete Tutorial

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Complete Tutorial

This Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks & Complete Tutorial takes you from the basic to the next level. Following these techniques will not only give you a great makeover but will give you a pattern to setup your makeup routine. As parties vary from occasion to occasion, so does your dress and makeup style. One thing that all girls should keep in mind though the basic format of your makeover should be kept same for every party you can bring changes to your eye shades, the style contouring and lip colors. For instance if it’s a night time function, the shades should be bold and dark and if it’s a daylight event, then you should have soft and elegant shades.

Face Preparation & Cleansing for Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup:

Before moving to any step forward, you need to cleanse your face a little to scrub off all the unwanted dirt. Otherwise putting on foundation without cleansing will give you nothing but pimples and acne. Use a gentle cleanser then wash your face and let it dry. You can also wipe off excess oils or dirt with warm washcloths.

What comes next is applying few drops of primer on your face, this will give a matte look to your makeup Moreover it allows your makeup to last longer. Put a few drops of primer on your nose, cheeks and forehead then blend it gently. Avoid applying it around the eyes and over the lids.

cleanisng face steps

Now your face is all ready to put on some foundation. Remember one thing, you need to apply it on the centre points of your face, like a nose, forehead, and cheeks and then blend it from centre to the outwards.
Compare the shade of your jaw and neck, blend it accordingly.
Use a concealer according to your skin tone and apply few dots of it over your blemishes then blend. You also need to apply it underneath your lower eyelid to highlight them naturally and to conceal your dark circles, if any.

Apply some compact powder over your foundation as it gives a smooth and matte touch. Keep the makeup to stay.

cleansing face in winters

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Eye Makeup Tutorial & Tips:

Eyes are the epicenter of the women beauty and perhaps should be more focused while you were putting on your makeup. A well-applied blend of eye shades can give you the best appealing look.
At first what you need to do is add a little primer on your upper eyelids. Then you need to decide the suitable hues of your eye shadows. Keep your shade grey or browns if you are to a formal function or a party. Your preference should also match the eye color you have or color of your lenses. As brown is a neutral color, therefore, you can apply shades of copper or purple or even blues.
If the eyes are hazel in color, then you should opt for the metallic and pastel shades as they will make your eyes sparkle.

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (4)

Applying eye shadows can be bit tacky, darker shades should be applied on the crease lines whereas neutral and light shades at the center. Blend them together gently.

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (3)

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (2)

Now highlight your eyes with the touch of eyeliner. Again do not apply too much. Keep the shape of your eyes in consideration. If you have small hooded eyes then applying much of the liner will make them look smaller, apply it along your lash line and then extend it outwards.
Apply Mascara at the end to give volume to your lashes.

Party Wear Eye Makeup tutorial & Tips (1)

Best Face Contouring:

The art of perfect contouring compliments your makeover. Keep in mind your face shape and features while you contour. Blush is important as it highlights our cheekbones. Locate your cheekbone with a smile then swipe on blush with a brush. The shades of your blush vary according to your skin tone. For fairer skins, peach suits the best whereas for medium skins pale pink or pale brown should be used.Contouring Face

Party Wear Lip Makeup- Best Lip Colors:

Moisturize your lips well then put on any of the nude shades of lipstick to conceal the dark areas around the corners. Then you need to apply a lip liner in a colour that would suit your eye makeup. If the Eyes are dark and bold, then go for lighter shades of lipsticks. At the end apply lip gloss to give yourself a shiny, glamorous and glossy look. Blot your lips a bit with tissue paper and here you go with a complete makeover for your party.

Formal Asian Pakistani Party Makeup Looks


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