Latest asian Mehndi designs for women 2014

Mehndi Designs

Best and Suitable Mehandi/Heena Designs For Girls


Mehndi is a ceremonial art and used for different Occasions.It is also called heena derved from the special leaves of a plant that is cultured in special areas. It is Our Tradition to Use Mehndi on Every EID. Mainly During the Last Ashra Of Ramazan its is used the most popular. Mehndi Designs for Hands and feets are very Famous among all. Every Girl Want to apply Beautiful Desgin on her hands and feets on the happiness of Coming EID. Channd Raat is the previous night to EID and is special Night that has its own charm, may be more than EID for Girls. The Girls among their friends and fellows Gathered at Homes and different places like palours, saloons and beauty shops for applying the heena. There is a trend in Pakistan and in different Asian Countries to apply Mehndi on Bridals on their weddings. There is a Special Mehndi Night Known as Rashm e henna on which Bride’s Hands and feets are put into use by it. Every Girl wants the Best Design to wear and apply. Its use is more popular on events such as Eid, Wedding or any other celebration.


Stunning Asian and Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Girls

Every women want to Look the perfect and wants something more perfect to apply reagrading heena designs, they want to select the best and suitable one. Today this article is shared here for you to help you in this matter while selevcting the best heena print for any enet. The images below below are some of the very awesome designs of heena/mahndi for you to enhance the beauty of your hands. Here i am posting some designs for you.Check the images below.


Stylish and Delicate Mehndi Collection For EID




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