4 Best nail art tutorails for christmas and new year

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Best Christmas Nail Art Tutorial To Spice Up Your Christmas and New Year Eve

Top Christmas Nail tutorails to spice up your eve

Hello friends! Hope you all were enjoying the holidays and going to prepare yourself for the coming new year. Christmas nail art is a perfect approach to exhibit your own festivity mood and holiday spirit as well, Today i am going to share this article with you to help you in this manner,for selecting and making a perfect nail art on this Christmas eve. There will be candy cane nails, a little Rudolph, The bearded man Santa, a Christmas tree with micro beads and plenty more.Have enjoyment by using and applying these sort of designs and styles of plus I expect you all have a very wonderful Christmas filled with great fun and joy.

4 Perfect Nail Art Ideas and Tutorial To Make your Christmas Eve Ideal

Here i am sharing the four perfect nail art tutorial for you to try this Christmas. They are given step by step and their method of applying is also mentioned.Check the 4 Superb Nail Art Ideas and Tutorials to spice up your Christmas and New Year Eve.

Candy Cane Nails Tutorial

  • Start with the red glitter polish.
  • Paint three green strips across the nail.
  • paint thin white strips between the green strips.
  • finish with a good layer of top coat to smooth any bumps.

4 Best Nail Tutorials for Christmas-Candy cane nail Idea


Snow flake Nails Tutorial

  • Start with a colorful glitter paint like red,black or dark green.
  • Then paint a white cross on a dry base
  • Paint “V” shaped extending from the lines.
  • Add a similar X in the center of the cross
  • Make small lines on the end of the X
  • Add V shapes of the top of the lines
  • Finish with top coat

4 Best Nail Tutorails for Christmas- Snowflak nail ideas - Copy


Holly French Tip Tutorial

  • Start with the white french tip and stick a red rhinestone with top coat
  • Put little V shaped on each side of rhinestone, you can use any color, here green is used
  • Add a little dash on the middle of V and finish the top coat
  • Variation: Use red polish and center the holly

4 Best Nail Tutorials for Christmas- French Tip Nail


Rudolph Nails Tutorial

  • Paint a brown circle on the 2/3 of your nail.
  • add a large red dot for Rudolph’s nose.
  • Make two large white dots and add small black dots to make the Rudolph eyes.
  • Finish it with some”Y” shaped alters and glitter the nose.

4 Best Nail Tutorails- Rudolph Nail Art Tutorial - Copy






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