Latest Indian & asian Anarkali suits Pishwas Dresses & Long Frocks for women 2015-2016 (5)

Asian ethnic wears have their incredible charm of flared dresses, glittering embroideries, and traditional designs. The trends that never fade up and the designs are never out of fashion and keep on popping out with a new style every time like Anarkali suits, angarkha dresses, pishwas, ka lidar frocks, saree, and lehngas e.t.c. Some of these are often combined like angarkha in Anarkali style; kalidar pishwas suits and many other cuts and designs combined with hottest trends. One style name, which can cover up many others in it, is Pishwas. Widened bottom and extensive fall in long length are the dresses called One style name, which can cover up many others in it, is Pishwas. All the dresses we are posting are by the famous Indian designer brand ANJALI MAHTANI. We are sharing New Indian Anarkali Suits Pishwas Dresses Collection.

Widened bottom and extensive fall in long length are the dresses called the pishwas style that is best executed combined with Anarkali theme of clothing.  Women of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bengal, Syria, and South Asia love to wear decent fancy long played frocks, gowns, and Maxis on their religious festivals like Eid, Diwali, Holi, etc.; and for ceremonies like engagements and weddings.

Best part of this type of dressing is that it is amazingly suitable for both healthy and thin ladies; no one would look bad while wearing it. Being a versatile dressing theme Anarkali Suits pishwas dresses, if lightly or non- embroidered are good for casual or outdoor activities and if heavily decorated are good for formal purposes. Now, let’s discover about fresh trends of this clothing type for years as well.

Latest New Indian Anarkali Suits Pishwas Dresses 2018-2019 Collection

Peeping into the hottest trends for this year, you’ll find the Anarkali Pishwas dressing theme for women’s casual and formal wear, as alive as it has always been in the past years. As this theme is the has biggest audience and demand in South Asia, Pakistan and especially in India, so much of the work on it is done in India, and main designers of this style are in India and Pakistan. The Latest Indian Anarkali suits Pishwas outfits for women feature delicate neckline, full front, back, hemline, sleeves, cuffs, collars or bans, and border embellishments with embroidered patterns; ornamental motifs; sequin, dabka, Zari, Gota, net, and stone work along with wide and big velvet and jamavar patches on front cuts, cuff, and especially on bottom border of the flared outfits.

A variety of designs of Anarkali pishwas suits are in fashion for the current year like front cut pishwas, tailed anarkali pishwas frocks, front open long gown, double shirt pishwas, anarkali Angrakha style; jacket styled Anarkali pishwas, double shirt anarkali frocks, and simple Anarkali frocks, gowns, and shalwar kameez, etc. Executed on pure silk, chiffon, crepe, crinkle chiffon, khaadi chiffon, Georgette, Velvet, jamavar, linen, lawn, Charmeuse Silk, net, and chikan chiffon in both darker, and softer hues with graceful new and innovative cuts and techniques these dresses are stunning enough to make the eyes roll when you enter and elegant enough to pour into you a beautiful divine grace of style!

New Indian Anarkali Suits Pishwas Dresses Designs Collection:

We’ve brought some of the hottest styles of this clothing with new and trendy embellishments; troll into them and drive out the best idea for you to fill up the ethnicity gap from your style!

Image Credits and Ownership: Anju Mahtani

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